Featured Stories

Some people send more than 'just' a review! We thought we would share their fun stories with you. We welcome yours too. Woof!

Bernards Huckleberry & Oliver In BroadBands

St Bernards are bred to pull carts. Now 1 person can walk 8 paws attached to 250 pounds of dog, simply and easily.


Eugenia’s Vizsla Pack

That's Dolly (96 years old human) and Gabby (just turned 2 years, wacky Viszla). Read their story, and more...

Marisa And Maid Of Honor Tessie

This is the sweet story of Marisa and her Maid of Honor Tessie. Take a look at these great wedding photos!

Jean A. And Her Granddaughter

Jean's granddaughters can now walk her passel of Poodles with no hassles.