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 We have a BroadBand harness. It has been great for our big Pyrenees mix. Thank you!

Kristin Tetreau, Andover MA

 I have two of your harnesses from years ago and absolutely love them. I gave one of the old harnesses to a friend with an out of control labradoodle and the dog responded within 24 hours. My friend is no longer at risk for getting her shoulder dislocated. I now have a 12.5 lb. mini Aussiedoodle grand pup (maximum weight expected to be around 25 lbs.) that is 13 weeks old and am getting a Sportso Doggo.

Rae Goldstein, Sarasota, FL

 New Year Greetings! I began looking for a harness for our Pyrenees as he pulls so much especially if he sees his nemesis, “The Fox”. Lots in Nova Scotia! I was afraid he was damaging his larynx, as he had a cough, a weird sound. The vet couldn’t find anything unusual. I Found your site by chance, ordered a red broadband. We are very satisfied with this Harness, Henry likes it, and I believe it has given a chance for his throat to heal by not pulling. Also, your company is out of Massachusetts, that’s where I’m from so that feels good. I highly recommend your broadband harness for big boys!!! Thank You

Patricia Campbell, Malagash, Nova Scotia CA

 Holy barking dogs! You have totally exceeded my expectations. Your harnesses have enabled to walk all 3 of our beagles at once without worrying about them Houdinying or pulling us off or feet and for that we are grateful. Thank you again for your fantastic products and amazing costumer service. We will continue to support you.

Crystal Schroeder, Petersen MN

 This is my second harness. I love it and so does my boy. I wish i had it 25 years ago. Honestly I maybe wouldn’t have needed back surgery. I rescue dogs so a little difficult at first. I've tried every collar and harness they make. Spent over a thousand. No joke. We know all love to walk. No being throw down or drag around . It's such a pleasure. Thank you so much.

Cindy Isensee, Saratoga Springs, NY

 We started using these harnesses to stop our Chow mix and Treeing Walker Coonhound from dragging us on our walks. That was three years ago – we’ve since added the all-in-one leash/harness and zen walking belts to our collection. They really have made our walks so much more pleasant for everyone. We’ve even gifted them to other dog parents! We use a carabiner to attach the leashes to the walking belts for easy release.

Maria Hadley, Warwick RI

 I love your harnesses!! They're lightweight, easy to put on, and offer incomparable control. I train and care for dogs. I am always referring clients to your website.

Robin DeCrane, Glenwood Springs

 Just a quick line to say thanks for harnesses which arrived on Monday and are fabulous as always.

Sharon Jago, Cornwall UK

 I love using the harness to walk my dogs, and I also use them on other dogs when I pet-sit. They are SO easy to put on and the dogs don't mind them at all. I have a yellow lab and a Golden Retriever, and I pet-sit for our local Golden Retriever rescue group.

Daedre Schagh , Las Vegas, Nevada

 Will definitely share how great your harness works on social media!

Lynda Russo, Jamestown RI

 Hi there! I have had one of your harnesses for years now and love it!

Courteney Perry, Highland, MI

 I LOVE IT! I was so skeptical that this was too expensive, and I was prepared to return it. After just 1 walk, I was won over.It really works! Thank You from Pip and I.

Jackie Lindquist, MINNEAPOLIS, MN

 Thanks for the test-drive harness you sent a while back. My clients (four-leggers) each had positive experiences from the first step. PS...I'm gifting away all my easy walks to our town's homeless dog-owning folk! Thanks for a terrific product.

Jenn Scott Pro Pet Sitter/Dog Walker, Prescott, AZ

 Great idea for everyone and every dog!

Carol Shropshire, Chicago, IL

 My crazy Black and Tan German Shepherd walked like a DREAM yesterday with the new harness we received from your company! He was not anxious at all and was clearly enjoying knowing what I wanted from him. I promote your products all over Western Oklahoma.

Vanessa Piedra, Thomas, OK

 The harnesses are so simple, well made and durable, and bring so much freedom yet control to both dog and owner, and I am proud to be able to share the innovative solution with everyone I see having "the problem".

Christina Dunlap, Keasbey, NJ

 I have bought 2 harnesses from you and love them.

Tracy Stewart, Bloomington, IL

 Thank you for your excellent work and for designing the best harness ever!

Doreen Rossi, Angel Paw Dog Training, White Plains, NY

 My dog responds very well to the harness. The company is helpful and i love speaking with their customer service team.

Julie Mitchell, Syracuse, NY

 You are always the only harness I recommend and appreciate everything you do for me!

Karen Mayfield, Decatur, AL

 I Just bought a new one after 3 years of use from the first one. I love these harnesses! Makes waking my boy a dream!!!

Jose Modesto, Monterey, CA

 I purchased your basic front attachment harness for my dog last year on recommendation from a friend to stop her pulling. It has helped, and overall I have been pleased with it.

Lesley Thomas, Cranleigh, UK

 We just recently got our new harness and love it.

Audrey Cook, Taylors, SC

 Thank you for being such an awesome company w/ great product & customer service!

Leah Leavitt, Salt Lake City, UT

 I love your harnesses.

Marilyn Ray, Pittsburgh, PA

 The harness we bought for our previous dog lasted for years. We loved it. She was a puller and this was the only item that would make a walk with her pleasant.

Knapp Hudson, Portland, ME

 I just ordered another extra large harness from you guys. I already have one for my Wolfhound. They are phenomenal, I love them. I tell all my friends about you. My wife got dragged across the street when we used a collar, and of course we hated using a collar on our dog. Your harness is a game changer.

Steve Robertson, Arvada, CO

 The harness you designed is a total game changer. Thank you. We now know we cannot live without it!

Scout and his human Kimberly Jennings, San Carlos, CA

 I am an avid user of these harnesses. I use them when I walk dogs at our local Huntsville Alabama animal services. I have hundreds of pictures posted n our website with the dogs in your harnesses along with a picture of them in their bio to get adopted. The harneess goes home with them when an adoption is completed.

Melissa Congo, Huntsville, AL

 My dog Murphy does great with his harness from you so I bought one for my puppy. He’s a year old.

Jill Gevisenheit, Melville, NY

 A friend of mine bought one of your harnesses. I was impressed and now recommend them to all my clients.

Steve Finch, Wales, GB

 We use your harnsses on all of our future service dogs. We love them!

Will Brunz, Columbia Falls, MD

  We love your harness! Our Easy Walk days are over.

Terry Lachance, Bristol, CT

 I offer your harnesses to clients for free at my first lesson because I really believe in your product.

Angela Marler, Loving Care Transformations Inc, Castaic, CA

  I love your harnesses!

Annette Shannon, Spokane, WA

  I'm always highly recommending your harnesses to my customers and they love them.

Ruth Edwards, Norwich, GB

 Your Harnesses are very effective and I recommend them to clients.

Renee Wrede, Wendell, SC

 I recommend the harness to all my clients! It is a big help with the walking exercise they need to do to as a part of becoming pack leaders. Besides being effective and kinder to the dog, the harness is the easiest to adjust, put on, and take off.

Phil Klien Dog Trainer, Manchester, CT

  I use walk your dog with love harnesses everyday in group classes, private lessons and with rescue work. Fabulous products, seriously!

Callie Loyd, Huntsville, AL

 I will always continue to promote your product

Barbara Piltaver, Schiller Park, IL

 I Love this harness i really appreciate the great products and the workmanship.

Stephine Rogers, San Antonio,TX

 We have used your harness for the past five years with our sweet boy Rocky. He lives large and is full of energy. We love your products, they truly are made with love.

Patty Prencipe, Columbia, MO

 I have purchased leashes and collars from you since 2015 and I want to tell you how very happy I am with all of your products. I would not trust any other brand.

Dawna Winkler Borozny, Winthrop, MA

 We love these safety belts, along with your harness. Sadly, our rescue Newf, Callie died unexpectedly, so we are currently without a dog. I am giving one of these safety belts to my brother, for his new pup.

Kyle Conard, Simsbury, CT

 I just purchased our second all in one, because we LOVE the first one we bought our dog Hatley.

Colleen Whitaker, Westport Island, ME

 UNBELIEVABLE!!! I Ordered a harness for my dog Dahlia - 110 lb 15 month Pyrennes/St Bernard rescue with NO walking manners. I Watched the video and adjusted the harness and right out the door and she walked perfectly!! THANK YOU!! I will be singing your harness to everyone I encounter with a pulling dog.

Barbara Graham, Boulder City, NV

 I'm a fan of your products they last forever.

Kenneth Black, Greenfield, MA

 I have had the original harness for our medium sized dog for 6 years and it is as good as the day it arrived. She isn't huge but she is strong- this harness gives me so much control over our walks together. I recently washed (warm water mild soap) it and I was amazed at how new it looked! Just got the Zen Belt and I love it too. Ordered the Vehicle safety belt today and can't wait to try it out! I love this company and their quality products.

Nicola Ann Spechko, Oceanside, CA

 We really love your products we own collars,harness, and leashes never had any issues.

Joe Diiorio, Tyngsboro, MA

 I absolutely love these harnesses.

Linda Riesgraf, Shakopee, MN

 I got my dog's harness a couple weeks ago in the mail and have been loving it. My dog is currently 70lbs.

John Williams, Pitt Meadows, BC Canada

 Thanks. This is my 2nd one. I’ve recommended WYDWL to sooo many dog owners. Made a huge difference with King Lewie. What a difference your harness made when trying to teach Lewie to “Heal.” It was night and day difference. And they are easy on and easy off. I continue to recommend them to all my dog owning/loving friends. Thanks for the great customer service too. Michael and His Royal Highness… King Lewie

Micheal Blum, Los Angeles, CA

 We have one for our Aussie, Cali, and it has been a life saver! We haven’t even met our little Patriot yet, but wanted to start him off right. We don’t want to have to correct behavior because we waited too long!

Tammie LaPerre, Hudson Falls, NY

 I love your products.

Stephanie Jordan, Gurley, AL

 As a satisfied customer I've already let my vet and friends know about walk you dog with love. Tinker a Jack Russell mix from the pound had a damaged throat most likely from being tied up. She is a escape artist and Velcro harnesses couldn't restrain her. Your product solved the problem of pressure on her neck and she hasn't escaped from it.

Janice Law, Glendale, AZ

 This is the BEST harness to walk our dog!! He is behaving beautifully!! I wish I had bought it sooner!!

Shelly Zinsmeister, New Ipswich, NH

 If there were any dogs who should be your SpokesDogs it's our two! My mom used walk your dog with love harnesses for her dogs, Trixie and Cash, so when we got our dog, Paul, she told us to get one, too. We have a leash, collar, and car lead from Walk Your Dog With Love, and they are great. I also really like having his name and our number embroidered on it.

North Providence, RI, Abbi Sauro

 Awesome customer service.

Lisa Oliveri, Westerly, RI

 I just received my order of a harness and matching leash. The harness works great on my little dog and I’m very happy with it.

Maude McGettigan, East Lansing, MI

 Thank you! You Guys do such an awesome job and both Loki and I love your products. And everyone we meet remarks on his embroidered collar. We just ordered a new one.

Juno Mayer, Princeton NJ

 OMG!!! I love it!! This harness made a world of difference, unbelievable!

Gloria Mitchell, Burlington NC

 The last harness I bought for Argos was the only way I could safely walk him!

Tiffany Vernier, Waynesboro VA

 Cobber’s harness is still in great shape. But Rocky has such a deep chest and he put on a few pounds since he was a pup, so I’m ordering the next size for him. Just FYI, both dogs used to pull like crazy when they spot a critter (squirrel) or if I’m not walking fast enough, and they want to meet and greet. It’s a wonderful harness, and Thank You for creating them!

Evelyn Hennessy, Port Saint Lucie FL

 Our crazy puppy Stella loves the harness!

Jim Jobe, Franklin NC

 I had one of your harnesses for my dear departed over-sized doodle. It was amazing. I told everyone snout it! We now have a 9 month old Portuguese Water Dog and are getting him one.

Diane Murray, Lakeville Corner, Canada

  The harness looks great and the size is perfect. Many thanks for the excellent service provided by your company. I will be telling my dog trainer about you.

Jann Valär, Zurich, Switzerland

  Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

Coral Horton, Heathsville, VA

  I just purchased your Sportso Doggo Dog Harness in Jet black and love it! And I am Absolutely in love with my custom leash — thank you so much!!

Marie Baldauf-Lenschen, New York, NY

  You guys are such a huge part of my business. Every client I see, gets one of your harnesses. I love your harnesses, best ones ever. I am a loyal client and fan of yours. Awesome harnesses.

Brooke Fagel, AKC-CGC, APDT, Palm Springs Dog Training

  I received my harness when I adopted my latest rescue standard poodle from Carolina Poodle Rescue a year and a half ago. I love it and my boy (Kobi the Wonder Poodle) does too. It keeps me safe as an elder walking long distances and keeps him safe too. You folks are the best.

Deb Stirling, Columbia South Carolina

  I love these. I met you at the Big E years ago. I have two Huskies, twins, that I could never walk. With your harnesses I can now walk them both, easily. I tell all my friends about them.

Lenore Orsillo, North Haven, CT

 I purchased one of your harnesses over 10 years ago and now need another one for an additional dog who is the same size. After 10 years my dog is still wearing the original harness, just a little tattered but still doing the job. Thanks!

Lorie Steidl, Breckenridge, MN

  I really like your harness for walking and also we use it in the car with a safety belt. My Ellie Mae has such a woolly fluffy coat. She’s just turning one-year-old and still growing.

Rose Brethren , Crestline CA

  I think your harness is brilliant.

Robin Brown, Greys, Great Britain

  We love your products. My wife Lissette and I have used your harnesses since our current dogs were young they will be 8 on August 2 and September 3. The female is an Australian Shepherd, is wild and looks and acts like 2 still. The male is a Border Collie has mellowed out a bit and put some weight on but used to be a real handful and still likes to pull. Your harnesses are the best we've ever used for walking. I don't know how many we've gone through in the past with other dogs. We've settled on the All in One harnesses because they are light and no metal in the front to rub the dogs. When we bought our first harnesses from WYDWL, our pullers still pulled although less than on other harnesses.

Britt Lagos, Orlando FL

 I purchased a dog harness from the walk your dog with love site for my newly adopted 3 year old Golden, Kobe. I like your harness, it works well.

Regina Costa and Kobe, Riverside RI

 I have been your customer for many years. I just ordered another harness. I also need the cards you send. I live in a large apt complex with many dogs and lots and lots of "COVID" puppies. I will pass them out. Puppy parents are learning just how hard a small dog can pull!

Diana Weber, Alexandria VA

 I have one of your walking belts and that's what I use for B. Leaving me both hands for wrangling Myla. She's a squirmy little thing but walks MUCH better with your harness than without it. I bought it for her when she was learning, and it has helped a lot. She is still pretty distractible and is the quintessential "SQUIRREL!" dog. Short attention span, but she's getting better all the time. Thanks again for all your help!

Dana McKinney, Fort Collins, CO

  Hi, I received the Sportso Dog Harness and leash and it was a game changer. Lucky went from pulling at every step our walks on his martingale collar I was given when I rescued him to very little pulling and actually looking like he is enjoying our walks, even some prancing in his steps. I can not thank you enough for that!!!

Mary Louk, Bunnell FL

  Hello, I recently purchased a Sportso Dog Harness from you and we love it.

Mary P Skalecki, Hales Corners WI

  Great product!! My dogs LOVE IT!!

Frank Acito, Mt. Laurel NJ

  I have been using your harnesses on my dogs for the past 8 years and love them. I’m always recommending them to friends and family. So amazing!

Chrissy Kilroe, Calgary, Alberta CA

  I really like the product because it doesn't choke our dog Aries.

Randy Bevins, Vero Beach, FLJ

  I purchased a harness from you at a pet show ~ 8 years ago. We have used it daily and it has traveled with us all over the world, withstanding any conditions we put it through: hiking, bone dry climates, swimming in both salt and fresh water. I was so impressed, I jumped on here to buy another. Thank you for all the fun!!!

Ashley Head, Columbus GA

  This is my third generation of dogs using your harnesses. What a difference! The rainbow harness is for an older non-tugging walker who is using a 10 year old harness of yours. The pink is for a larger, young everything's-a-shiny-squirrel-on-a-walk dog.

Alex Franges, Livingstone NJ

 I have bought two harnesses for boxers in the past and love them.

Nancy Wood, Newark, NJ

 I have ordered many harnesses and leashes from your company. I first saw Dan at a Pet Expo years ago in Chantilly, VA. I have bought harnesses for my collie and a set for my daughter's Peke. Unfortunately, my dear, sweet collie boy, Charlie, passed away two months ago. I miss him greatly. A new lab mix orphan has come into my life unexpectedly, so I want a new collar for him. I am going to make Charlie's harnesses work for Gibbs. The little Peke is totally blind, and his harness and shorter leash have been invaluable on my daughter's walks with him. The harnesses really hold up well. I think I have some Charlie used for five or six years.

Sharon Dodd, VA

 I use them for all my dogs for over 8 years now. And you still won't make them with leather.

Sammy R, Mountain Brook, AL

 When they said this harness would fit up to 250 lb dog, I was skeptical. My st. is 212 and I have yet to find one. I ordered it Oct 1, 20 and it arrived today, Oct 6th and I live in south Florida, so that was amazing in itself. The harness fit was no less than perfect with room to spare and the adjustments were easy. If that weren't enough, he no longer pulls but stays to my side or in back of me so far. To my astonishment, this harness was everything it was advertised to be and nothing less. Now he will be safe when we travel with him also. Will highly recommend to anyone. Thank you so much. Will send pictures in a few days.

Robert Naples, Fl

 Our dog trainer Dr. Sue Myles highly recommended this harness and leash! You have a big supporter in her and she helps get the word out about your leashes.

Dawn Idstein, Bismark

 I own a few of your harnesses. I originally saw them at a Home Show/Expo. I recommend them to all my clients. Thank you for a GREAT harness!

Annie Huff, Paws And Pillows, Waltham MA

 Fred is 7 1/2 years old, and we probably bought this harness at least 6 years ago. Glad you are a made in the USA company. That’s fabulous. It’s been a great harness!

Melody Siewell, Portland

 I love your harnesses and you can see I've ordered many over the last five years and will continue to do so. Maxx and Luckee are my parent's crazy dogs. And my dog, Juno likes to change hers up so I'll be ordering another for her eventually.

Marla Johnson, Sherman Oaks CA

 Highly recommend your tick repellant. I live in a very woodsy area and I was finding ticks on my dog daily. Came across this product and it’s awesome. It’s not a spray – which is good – because sprays get in my eyes and my dogs eyes.

Sylvia Plint, Petoskey, MI

 I bought two of your harnesses for my Airedale Romeo back years ago. 2 Airedales later, I still have them, and use them every day.

Ken Black, Greenfield, MA

 Love your harnesses.

Cheryl Strick, Manhattan NY

 Hey, I bought 2 of your original Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses about 10 years ago for my very lively pups. The harnesses were a blessing and kept me from getting pulled all over the place by Zane and Zoey! We lost Zane 2 years ago and I decided Zoey needed a new harness although I am still using your first harness I bought 10 years ago.

Lynne Jenkins, Fleetwood NC

 Thank you for my order received it on Saturday. Everything fits great and Ollie seems happy with it.


 Jasper is a 10 month old Elkhound, we have only had him 8 days. We purchased our first harness about 8 years ago for our now 12 year old Elkhound and it worked wonders.

Sherry Ankeny , Glens Falls, NY

 Woofers & Walkers LOVE Walk Your Dog With Love !!!

Catrina Bennett, Woofs & Walks, Ossett UK

 We purchased this harness a few weeks ago. We do love the product.

Brenda Verdi, North Kingstown RI

 We have a Sportso Doggo harness, I love your stuff.

Rachelle Cambria , Barrington RI

 Two dogs ago, I purchased your standard harness at a local craft fair. Getting a new one today. Good product.

Arnold Schwartz, Rancho Mirage CA

 OHHHHH MY GOODNESS!!!! HARNESS= SUCCESS! .......after four years of having my arms pulled every day four times a day....after hearing the neighbors calling out "are you walking Bogie or is Bogie walking YOU?"....after the purchase of FIVE other Harnesses Promising the same but FAILED! WALK YOUR DOG WITH LOVE! .....IT is all what it claims and more! I am a senior Citizen and Bogie is a 4 year old Golden Doodle and now both of us can enjoy our walks! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! & GOD BLESS YOU!

Marcella Asselta & Bogie, Utica NY

 Your stuff is good.

Rich Arenstein, Robbinsville, NJ

 Izzy is growing so fast, she needs a third harness. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful product you make. My dog Sidney of 14 years had your harness, and it was simply the best.

Denise Johnson, Athol MA

 Just got it, looks and works great I love it. Couldn't be happier.

Jason Cortright, Menasha, WI

 Hi there! I'm a veterinarian practicing in DC and I *LOVE* your harnesses! My dogs and my family members' dogs all wear them. I often provide your website address to my clients and am so glad to see these pups walk into their next appointments wearing a new WYDWL harness. I'm more than happy to continue spreading the word and help support your business.

Heidi Heller, DVM, Washington DC

 I find them brilliant for my 4 month old Dalmatian. I lent one which has not been returned. My green one I have lent to the owner of my Gus’s sister. She is a bit of a monkey. Find it so good when getting them to walk. Other harnesses tend to make them pull.

Alison Robertson, Oamaru, New Zealand

 I love how the harness helps our 90 lb lab from not pulling.

Teresa Roe, Ivins UT

 By far my favorite harness. Any help is much appreciated for George and Ion our walks.

Mike Stefanelli, Chicopee, MA

 These harnesses are the greatest for dogs that pull! Ranger and Peanut do really well with them!

Jenifer Garber, Ocala FL

 We got a harness for our puppy and love it.

Ben King, Bee Cave TX

 I am in Australia. A few years ago I bought a harness online from you guys. My dog has been wearing it for quite some time. It has been such a great harness, so I’m going to get a new one.

Lesley Glasgow, Australia

 Our first harness arrived today. My daughter took our unruly puppy out for a quick walk. She returned with a look of astonishment. "No Pulling!!! No Tugging!!! Amazing. We have to buy one for Lucy too!" Thanks so much. Look forward to peaceful walks.

Edna Cooper , Fair Oaks, CA

 Hi there! We love your products. I have used them in the past and have been very pleased. I have shared your video and have always touted the good quality of your products.

Jennifer O’Connor, Durand MI

 Love how they work. Use and recommend them to all my friends. You'd get 5 stars if you had them in teal (Fria's favorite color)

Lucy Peltvon, Fox Point, WI

 I purchased a harness from you in 2016 and could not be more satisfied with it. As you claim, it stops our dog Rocky from pulling and gives us complete control over him. So having had four years of constant use we are replacing it with the same harness.

Len Franklin-Jones, Kent, United Kingdom

 my Great Dane puppy, Huckleberry is now 20 weeks old and weighs 63 pounds. We love our harness (25-65 pounds) and are ready to move up to a larger one!

Lauren Baugus, Milton FL

 Maggie - Golden Retriever Puppy. Love your product!

Linda Schultz , Rockledge, FL

 My 50 lb husky has pulled me with every harness I have tried. So I was very skeptical of this all-in-one leash/harness. But it truly has been a miracle for us. I walk moderate hiking trails with her every day and have always feared falling from her muscular pull. But this product has changed our walks from stressful to enjoyable. I am a 70 year old woman with a very strong, active dog. This product has changed the whole dog-walking/hiking experience for me and my girl, and I can now actually enjoy the scenery! I highly recommend this product.

Pamela A LeCorre, Big Canoe, GA

 Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I made a YouTube video for my readers about how much I LOVE your harness. Lila and I moved to a little village in Mexico last month and believe me, we are putting it to the test: chickens, horses, motorcycles, and cobblestones streets - and not a glitch. You have made something amazing and I wanted to tell my readers about it. THANK YOU.

Laura Lavigne, Mexico

 It works like a dream! What difference walking my dog made the first time I put the harness on her!!! Thanks! I'm so glad the trainer (Peter Gobil of Avon MA) told me about your company. Miss Cora is now a 7 month old Bernese mountain 75% and Poodle 25% She is 50 pounds today (and growing each day like Clifford the big red dog.) But she is supposed to be about 67 pounds as per her DNA markings. Far cry from the 42 pounds we were told she would be! But she is a cutie.

Marie Tennant, Braintree MA

 1st and foremost I just want to say I just love, love this harness. It is so easy to put on!!! I can put it on and off in seconds. My puppy’s other harnesses took so long to get on that my puppy couldn't hold her bladder and peed everywhere before we go outside. On the others the ring that you attached the leash to would not stay in the center of her chest. Yours stays center very well.

Shari Forbes, Laurel MD

 I ended up ordering the car safety strap and I ordered a next size up harness. I will still order the next size up harness as our puppy continues to grow, likely in the next three - four months and hopefully it should be his last. I must say, as great as the product is you fulfill orders promptly to. I will continue to recommend you to my friends and family.

Cathy Lasorsa, Vero Beach, FL

 Our family loves your products & we use the harnesses daily.

Ellen Loreck, Columbia MD

 Like the guys are super fast and I appreciate your service… and sense of humor.

Brenda Robison, Post Falls ID

 Thanks again for helping my son and I pick out a harness for Ringo and Meagan. Ringo looks very dashing in the dark green. Meagan gets tons of compliments on her harness. I will be ordering a purple one soon. I have two little granddaughters who love to walk Meagan with their favorite color. One likes pink and the other purple.

Diana Curfiss, Alexandria VA

 I'm very happy with my order. Thank You for answering all of my questions. You have exceptional customer service!

Alanna Kelly, Philadelphia PA

 I have purchased several harnesses from you - LOVE THEM!

Mary Anne Earls, Mercer Island, WA

 Quick Service!

Sheila Foss, Nottingham NH

 I have a Westie, he is 15 1/2 and going strong, wish I’d found these years ago he’s always been a puller.

Cheryl, Indpls, Indiana

 I realized today I needed to order more of your excellent harnesses. Louie is one lucky old English sheepdog! He loves his walk your dog with love harness that he has and he’s going to love these new colors!

Suad Nsouli, Bethesda MD

 I love your harnesses. Our Hound mix pup we rescued is named Rooster (Roo) and he is almost 5 months old. We currently have the Hunter Green harness for him and he is doing so well with it! Your company is awesome and I recommend you guys to all of my other dog lover friends!

Jenna Mafale, Plainville, CT

 Walker loves his Walk Your Dog with Love harness so we are sharing them with Tucker and Sydney. Hope they both love theirs just a much.

Julie Roberts, Alexandria Virginia

 This is the second one dearest Lily has had. Our dog trainer insists everyone in the class use your harness.

Nan Medevic, Huntington Beach, CA

 I love this harness, Cashew walks so nicely with it on!

Cynthia Phuphanich, Redondo Beach CA

 The harness fits fine. Cooper has made tremendous improvements. We are up to a one mile walk now where as before we could not even walk him down the street!! He is a year and half year old Lab who we adopted and was lacking some training and walking on a leash was one. Just wanted to say thanks for the great harness. We have the same harness we purchased a few years ago for our 4 year old Lab mix.

Joe Poulin, Albany, NY

 I am a return buyer for my new puppy and thank you for the harness. The only one I've ever bought that did the trick.

Karen Puckett, Florence KY

 Thank you for the great customer service and fast response.

Robin Rubenstein, Bloomfield NY

 Our boys are doing very well using your harnesses.

Susan McNaughton, York Haven, PA

 I LOVE your harnesses and your customer service!

Elizabeth Boehlke, Washington D.C.

  This is my second harness. I love your harness. It’s great for me. I had knee surgery and my dog is strong.

Adrienne Bahm, Chagrin falls, Ohio

  Duke loves his new all-in-one harness and I love that he loves it!

Victoria Blaho, La Jolla, CA

 Thanks again for literally being the most helpful company I have ever dealt with in my life! Your product and customer support are amazing! I am so happy that I constantly recommend your harness to everyone!

Johnny DelSanto, Dalton, MA

 We have had the original for 5 years now. Still in good shape, but a new one would be nice. BEST dog harness ever.

Sue Figg, Timnath CO

 My puppy's name is Zora. She is a 15-week-old Australian Labradoodle puppy and is growing out of her 9-18 pound harness and I am purchasing a harness in the 18-35 pound size. I love your harness--we used a 25-65 pound one with our full-size Standard Poodle; wish I had started her on it as a puppy!

Ilene Kantrov, Lexington MA

  I bought a harness from you in July of 2020 for my new puppy! Love it!

Karen Nolan, East Islip NY

  We’ve used your harnesses for years and love them.

Jen Paragas, Winchester MA

  We love the harness!

Maryann Harnica, Alpharetta, Georgia

  Instant difference. Easy to fit. (Bought the original at the BigE about 10 years ago).

Derek Peabody, Winchendon MA

 I love my new harness for Maddie!

Annabelle Hoffman, Stephentown, NY

 We love your harness. We have a Siberian Husky and he was a big puller. We put the harness on and it was like he read the package!! He knew not to pull, even when a squirrel crossed the street in front of him! Thank you so much.

Barbara Davis, Storrs CT

 Love your product, have 2 and had purchased one for our child's dog as well. Every time I hear someone talking about collars I give them your website.

Michael Griffin, Tulsa OK

 I ordered from your site. We love the harness.

Julie Molinare , Valencia CA

 I bought one of your harnesses after a recommendation from a dog trainer. We love it, and it worked on our dog after trying almost everything! I then recommended it to a friend whose labradoodle pulled her down the sidewalk every time. She was skeptical, but I wanted to send you what I just received from her this morning. Your harnesses should be the first "go to" for dog owners! Have a great Christmas! From my friend: Hello! Want to let you know that our Levi and my hairdressers’ dog are enjoying their harness (and the walks). My hairdresser’s dog is a puppy and over 60 lbs. now so she is glad to be able to walk him without pulling. (Plus, she is pregnant with her second child)

Gina Emerson, Franklin TN

 Yelis is a Siberian Husky who likes to pull and we are fans of your product as it reduces considerably his ability to pull.

Craig and Jo, Gateshead, Great Britain

 YWe just got a new puppy and have owned one of these in the past. Getting another one now. Love it

JoAnne Rippee, Las Vegas NV

 hi Walkyourdogwithlove, we have just received our harness from you, it took a while to get to us in the UK (christmas post), but well worth the wait, it is fantastic!

Tanya Linch, UK

  I recommend your product to my patients all the time. It helped me tremendously with my yellow lab.

Julie Unk, Chesterfield, MI

 We have received the order and are very happy with how easy it is to walk our puppy!

Brenton Robinson, Gladstone MO

 Your harnesses are the most comfortable for a dog in Florida! Other harnesses are bulkier, hotter and heavier--not comfortable for a wooly poodle living in the tropics. Thank you. Not to mention that your harnesses are well constructed of quality materials. And my arthritic thumb can easily handle the plastic clasp. I am unable to unclip most others.

Cara Cobb, Cassadaga Fl

 Billie is an 8 month old Cockapoo (10 pounds) and we love her rainbow harness! It corrected her crazy walking in a day. We bought the harness from your website. FYI- We love your harnesses. As a matter of fact, we have two other cockapoos- Belle and Beauty- who have been using your harnesses for at least 8/9 years! We bought their harnesses at the Big E years ago and I recommend them to everyone! Belle, Beauty and Billie- they love your harnesses and so does their Mom!

Shawneen Buckley, Granby CT

 I have been using these wonderful harnesses since i met the owner at the Columbia county (NY) fair in… 2010, Best harness ever. They last *forever*

Kathy Feuerman, New York

 Ten years ago I bought our dog, Patches, a Walk Your Dog with Love harness ar the Big E in West Springfield, MA. We had just rescued him and training him to the leash and he was a puller. Your harness was perfect. That harness has been in service ever since. Thank you for a great, helpful product.

Deborah St. James and Patches , Newington, Connecticut

 Thank you so much! I have been spreading the word about your amazing harness!

Yvette, Chardon, OH

 My pups are big pullers and sooo much stronger than me. I couldn't walk them until I got your harness many years ago. You saved us! Thanks for all the work you do! Both with your products & for helping needy pups.

Leah Leavitt, Salt Lake City UT

 My girl is so comfy in her harness. Weighs so little compared to other harnesses.

Terry Vinocur , Beaverton OR

 I have ordered many car seat belts, yours is the best car seat belt I have ever found in 18 years


 My puppy walks so much better with the Walk Your Dog harness, that I want to order the next size up before he completely outgrows it.

Marcy Cady, San Clemente, CA

 I have been meaning to write you to tell you how much we appreciate our harnesses. They have made such a difference with our loves Rufus and Cora. Everything is so much easier now! Everyone is happier. Everyone is more chill and can enjoy the simple pleasure of walking. Thank you for creating them. And glad to be introduced to handsome Teddy.

Rachel, Los Angeles, CA

 My boy Luke was a 160lb St. Bernard German Shepherd mix. He wore your harness with his name embroidered on it.

Tara, Henderson, NV

 I have been using these harnesses for years and want another one.

David Dingman,Robinson TX

 I absolutely love your Neo harness. After I had a (non-WYDWL) leash clasp break while on a busy street and had my puppy race across four lanes of traffic, I will never use another traditional leash. I love your product, it works for my pup and gives me peace of mind.

Eliza Keller, Boston MA

 Hi there. I love your product it has helped me tremendously with my (almost two year old) Labrador. My pup absolutely loves it.

Michelle Perez, Staten Island, NY

 I received my order today without a problem. I ordered the harness and leash combo. Our golden doodle is 60 pounds. This is probably at least the fourth harness that we have ordered from your company

David Lange, Valdese NC

 I have ordered quite a few items from you all over the past few years for my grand-dogs, and now our puppy. Have been pleased with them. Our grand-dog, Gill is a big fella that we have had great success with this harness. I’m sending a photo of pup, Sage, wearing an harness that suffered her earlier puppyhood.

Debra Rice, Egegik, Alaska

 Thank you so much for your kind and personal letter. My son got Elliott and Brooks all nicely fitted in their new NEOS. I chose the All-In-One because this mattered with a hook being extra weight on my tiny ones. Congrats to your company and I am happy to own your quality products. I will save your kind letter forever!

Angela Brunson, Mt Pleasant SC

 You are literally the best customer service. For real. Thank you. Hollywood's harness actually fit perfectly with no adjustments needed! Overall, the WYDWL harnesses are great. Great construction, great materials, you guys are SUPER thorough and prompt, even a great shipping envelope. I can't say it enough, you have offered stellar, SUPER attentive customer service and I thank you.

Lisa C, Princeton, New Jersey

 Love your products. Great local company!

Rosemary M, Methuen MA

 I've purchased 2 front lead harnesses and absolutely love them. They work beautifully. Thanks again for your wonderful products!

Kathleen Bogan, Cornish Maine

 Love your harnesses, we've been using them for several years now and wow what a difference walking our 100 pound lab/Dane mix. There was absolutely no learning curve, it works the instant you put it on. Thanks for all you guys do!

Victoria Etheridge, Fairmont, West Virginia

 I met you guys at a fair in NYC YEARS ago. Love the product. They have always worked perfectly

Alyce Carrelli, Atlantis, Florida

 We love the harness we got a few months ago. Zoe is a 1 year old rescue dog

Cole A, Norwalk, CT

 I love your products. New puppy coming soon….

Paula West, Aguila, CO

 A friend recommended the NEO All In Wonder dog harness. I am enjoying it!!


 AWe love the has really helped her to stop pulling. Our dog is 8 months old and 40 pounds.

MJamaica Thatcher, Minneapolis MN

 I have purchased 2 harnesses one for each of my dogs. The first one I purchased was for my Saint Bernard puppy and is has been a game changer. After that success I decided to buy one for my smaller dog (a small mixed breed - probably boxer/terrier mix) She weighs about 30 lbs.

MTammy Morgan, Saranac Lake, NY

  Multi time purchaser! What a great product!

Bob Bigler, Framingham, MA

  It's the best harness that I ever bought and I recommend your items to my friends.

Sharon Sakrzewski, Queensland , Australia

  I just want to tell you all how much I am impressed with your harness and customer service!

Kathryn Jordan, Art, TX

  Found this harness 4 years ago would never consider any other I'm In the UK shipping is fast and the harness is fab. Well done Dan, our cocker spaniel loves it this is our third purchase.

Stephanie Bateson, UK

  I am actually an old customer and have recommended you to many neighbors.

Ronni Kern, Santa Monica, CA

  I definitely will order another harness. It is a wonderful product. Your customer service is a spectacular, a rare thing these days. As I have in the past, I will recommend the harness to everyone.

Joy Sullivan, Bayville, NY

  We are delighted with the harness we already have so decided to buy one for our youngest dog. May I just say that we have tried many different leads and harnesses but yours is definitely the best and I recommend it to my friends who have dogs which pull.

Bill Muldrew, Haverfordwest, GB

  I have a miniature AussieDoodle puppy, and the back clip harnesses just made her behave like a husky and wanting to pull. As she's little, something that is going to pull back on her was a concern. Stumbled upon the Walk Your Dog With Love harness through a blog post I had found on Pinterest, and it was worth a shot. What a difference it made in the first walk! Because it clips to the front, it greatly minimizes the pulling because she can't pull against it. And it is so much easier to get on her than her previous harness.

Meredith Mundy, Versailles, KY

  I have two English Mastiffs. One will walk nicely next to you, but the other is a bit of a puller. We just tested our harnesses and they are the best! My puller walked next to me with a loose leash right away! Thank you for such an awesome product! My big girls seem so comfortable wearing them!

Jenny C, Lancaster, CA

  This has been a complete game changer for our puppy. I was dubious when I ordered it as I didn't think anything would stop our pup from practically choking himself while out on our walks. I was genuinely pleasantly surprised and shocked as it literally worked from about 5 mins into our 1st walk using it and now 2 days in he doesn't even attempt to drag on his lead. I will definitely be buying this again when he needs to size up and I will be recommending to others.

Kathy, Kinsale Ireland

  Your harnesses do make a huge difference.

Betsy Brooks, Ann Arbor

  I have purchased one of these harnesses and matching leashes for every one of my dogs. I love them. They love them. I especially like them not being able to pull, and they are so easy to use and wash up great as well! Anyone who asks on social media in the dog lovers groups who asks for ideas for harnesses I tell them to check out Walk Your Dog With Love!

Deborah Caudill, Ronda, NC

  Like the other reviewers, my dog, a Pit/Terrier mix spent her entire walk pulling at full force. For the most part, I was able to walk with some control. Enter our new dog, a Black Lab/Great Dane mix. Now I had no control and my arms would ache after walks. I was miserable and our daily walks left me very frustrated. I finally broke down and bought the NEO harness. Why did I wait so long??? I will definitely be ordering another harness for our other dog in the future.

Jeanna, Killington, VT

  Just wanted to tell you we have really liked this harness. Our 4 1/2 month old St. Bernard puppy, Daisy, has learned some very nice leash manners while wearing it. Thanks for making a great product.

Janet Kalkstein, Missoula, Montana

 Our Bichon free pulled and choked himself on a collar. Your front lead harness stopped him from pulling straight away! I have told many dog owners to use it and all have been amazed by it. Thank you, we love walking our dog now.

Joanne, Montclair, NJ

 We have 2 harnesses for our other dogs that we got from our old dog trainer and LOVED them so getting more for our new dogs.

Cheryl Hoogstad, Lake Hughes, CA

 Last year you made a harness for Palmer with a back attachment. It works perfectly and with the Zen walking belt. It is a joy to take him for walks. Thank you once again for your kindness and willingness to find a solution for my strong puller.

Cindy Neil, Pittsburg, PA

 Love your products!

Mice Bucci, Venice Beach, CA

 I've been using these harness for years on my Brittanys.

Shelley Witkin, Davidson NC

 Maggie (my beautiful dog) has 3 harnesses and leashes. The harnesses were specially made to fit her because she needed additional length in the front. We just got our harness/ leash " all in one" and I am thrilled because I can adjust it to fit her!! I highly recommend Walk Your Dog With Love because they are the best!! Thank you for caring about my " furbaby"!!! We will be ordering more to match her wardrobe.

Candace L, Pensacola, FL

 We just love our new harness!!! Thank you so much for the upgrade! The thicker fabric is way better for our fuzzy buddy… Thank you so much again!

Catherine White, Long Beach, CA

 Wow! I had to write to you to say THANK YOU!! We have 2 rescues-husky/Shepherd mixes that have LOTS of energy and are constantly lunging on walks. I was at the mercy of my husband because I couldn't handle both dogs on a walk by myself due to their pulling. Now I can comfortably walk both dogs this is life changing-thank you!!

Gina F Toledo, Ohio

 It has almost been a year since I purchased my harness, it was used First, for my wedding last October (our dog was the flower girl and we needed her to match the bridesmaids!) We love it!

Brittany Blumer, Gaithersburg, MD

 I recommend WYDWL to lots of folks as not only is the product good quality it works too. I was recommended to you by a fellow dog walker who saw me struggling to hang onto my 70-80lb Labrador puppy (15 months now) I tried head harnesses and although they worked he hated them & constantly try to remove them. With your harness he is a lot more controllable and I tell everyone I meet who have similar problems about them. My dog trainer who came over from America herself about 5 years ago hadn’t heard of your products but was very interested to see them. Thanks again

Ian Copping & Merlin, Nottingham GB

 I am pleased with the collar in that it helps me control my dog much better than any other harness or collar.

Christina K. Petrlik-Siegel, Berlin, MD

 All of the harnesses I have gotten from you all are perfect and we love each one (about 6 so far we have a great pyranees, husky, and a dachshund).

Adam Eric Salinas, San Marcos, TX

 I LOVE these and so do my Huskies. They feel right at home in their 'walk your dog with love' harness. This is the second set I have bought. Not that the first has worn out yet. Just like to have an extra for emergencies.)

Yarrow Pallo, Santa Ynez, CA

 This is our 4th harness from you & we are very pleased, these are absolutely very best!

Magdalena & family, Aliso Viejo, CA

 Your products are sturdy, well made and attractive.

Sharon Dodd, Carlisle, PA

 This is our fourth dog who will be using the harness and we have been so grateful for them for over 7 years.

Susan Florczak, Denver CO

 When they said this harness would fit up to 250 lb dog, I was skeptical. My st. is 212 and I have yet to find one. I ordered it Oct 1, 20 and it arrived today, Oct 6th and I live in south Florida, so that was amazing in itself. The harness fit was no less than perfect with room to spare and the adjustments were easy. If that weren't enough, he no longer pulls but stays to my side or in back of me so far. To my astonishment, this harness was everything it was advertised to be and nothing less. Now he will be safe when we travel with him also. Will highly recommend to anyone. Thank you so much.

Robert, Naples, Fl

 I just purchased the Sportso for Sweetie. My last dog also used one of your harnesses and I tell people all the time how great they are. I am sure I will not be disappointed when the next one arrives.

Deb Hansen, Arvada, CO

 This is my second order. These harnesses are wonderful!! I love them and my dogs love them. I have 2 boxers and with their deep chests, they can be hard to fit. I've been using these for 8 years. I walk my dogs every single day. Easy to put on and take off. Can't wait to get our new ones!!

Jill Walls, Virginia Beach, VA

 I loved my Walk Your Dog With Love harness. Even I could walk him without being dragged—what a pleasure.

Anne, New Mexico

  I already told MANY people about it! Appreciation from Maine!

Landon Cougle, Maine

  I can't say enough about the WYDWL harness. It just works. Our 140 lb. English Mastiff is a gentle giant. He'll gently lick baby bunnies, let young deer walk by him in the woods without frightening them and carefully step over frogs and toads. But when it comes to predators he turns into a different dog. We have a horrible coyote problem where we live. He would drag me across half a hayfield before I could get control of him when he caught a scent of them. The WYDWL Broadband harness has totally changed that. I now quickly gain control and his powerful bark chases them away without putting him (or me, mainly me) at risk. I also can't say enough about the company. They stand behind their product and provide great customer care and service. If your reading this because you think this harness is to good to be true (I know I did) and you're on the fence in trying one rest assured, it's not hype. It's truly the best dog harness out there and I've tried more than a few.

Christopher Jacobi

 Very satisfied! Works great for my cats too!

Robert Rauer, Hawaii

  All I can say is WOW. The best dog harness backed by the best customer service. In these troubling times you have no idea what it means to do business with a company that still takes pride in their product. Bravo!

Christopher, Long Beach, CA

  This is, BY FAR, the best harness and leash I have ever used! I highly recommend this model with the built-in leash as it prevents the metal leash snap from swinging. The NEO, all in one is the way to go! It stopped the pulling and immediately and changed our walks forever. We've tried other leashes, but nothing compares the WYDWL!

Angie, Hazel Green, AL

  This is my second harness. Brilliant for my black labrador!

Claire Lehain, London GB

  You guys are doing great things for our canine buddies.

Mike C, Gurley, AL

  I’ve been using WYDWL products for my 110 lb. Black Russian Terrier, Alex, for the past 8 years. A trainer recommended their website. I have used these products since and highly recommend.


 I purchased the harness online and love your product!

Nichole Brunelle, Lowell, MA

  Always used your harnesses when out on the trails (and talked them up, too!).

Robert F. DuBois III, Austin, TX

 I'm so happy my husband found your company as we were searching for a way to best walk with our Mowgli.

Kim Way

 Your company is fabulous! love love love your product and your amazing customer service! woof

Melissa. Pennsylvania

 We & Our Dog Hendrix love your products!!


  I have been using these harnesses for 3 other dogs so this is my 5th time buying from you!!

Pam Frey

 We love our harness, and our doggo Minnie clearly loves it, too.

Deanna Piscitelli

 My Cecilia is a GSD at 78 lbs and wears your 55- 120 size harness in pink and red already.  I snapped a photo of my gorgeous girl in your pink harness if you ever need a model, lol. 

Stephanie Wishko, DVM

 Meagan looks great in her harness.


 We love this harness! I think my dog Waylon (108 pounds) thinks he can put it on himself because he puts it in his mouth.  He does still pull me, but I have much better control!

Lisa Segelbacher

 I purchased the harness in May 2020. Jazzy is three and we have used several harnesses over the past few years, and this is by far the best! She is a mixed breed with a deep chest and the harness fits perfectly and we both love the low-profile styling and front connection. 

Kay Duplissie and Jazzy, Brewer Maine

 We tried out the new harness and new leash on a walk last night. Worked like a charm. Love your product!  

Linda Riesgraf, Shakopee MN

 I’ve purchased several of your harnesses over the year for my 4 dogs as I consider them to be excellent quality and long lasting.

Pauline Barnes, UK

 I have genuinely never had customer service like this before in my life! I work as Head of Data and Customer experience for a global advertising agency and if it's ok I am going to use you guys as a case study for surprising and delighting your customers and bluntly being a brand I will now talk about to anyone who will listen because  you made my life easier and were so very kind. Your letter was written from a person not a robot and what you guys did for me is genuinely is what I try to persuade banks and insurance companies to do every day. Be nice to their customers and go the extra mile! 

Lucy Acheson

 I have used your products for two dogs. Have to tell you this: I bought a Ruff harness and our Standard Poodle, Sammy, took to running away from me whenever he saw it (after two walks). It’s 93 degrees here and I think Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses are just plain cooler and more comfortable.  I do have your Neo that makes our walks thru woods and small town easier. Your harness makes the perfect walk.

Cara Cobb, Cassadaga FL

 I wanted to send you a big thank you as I have been using your harnesses for years and they have been a life-saver for me!  But, not only do I use them, everyone in my neighborhood does too!  I live in East Falmouth, MA also known as Teaticket, MA and friends met the owner at a dog show when you first started.  And, by word of mouth, your harnesses are the most popular here.  Thank you for doing such great work!  I have a 165 pound Newfoundland who I adopted and is extremely reactive to other dogs, but because of your harness, I can control him and am able to walk him three times a day!  Thank you again!!!!

Jennifer Deangelis, Teaticket MA

 I have 2 of these harnesses and love them.

Jerilyn Wirsch, Crystal River FL

 I have a Walk Your Dog With Love harness for my lab mix and it is a God-send! I love it so much, that I bought another one for my Beagle.

Anna Meeks

 LOVE the Neo all-in-wonder. We already had a Walk Your Dog with Love harness for our pup that dramatically improved his pulling, but we wanted a lighter solution that didn't have the metal clip/ring. This was absolutely perfect and could tell my dog loved it, too! Also, had the best customer service to answer all the questions I had before purchasing (Thanks, Mark!).


 Been using your harness for years and they are by far the best around!

Colby Pou, Huntersville NC

 This harness is excellent!!! Teddy my Labrador is a puller, I was unable to control him with a normal collar or a traditional harness where the lead attaches at the dogs shoulders. I could just about manage him with a halti but it hurt his face and he fought it all the way. Another dog walker suggested a walk your dog with love harness as it worked for their dog. I ordered it but wasn’t expecting much success as Teddy is so strong. I put the harness on him yesterday and I hardly know there’s a dog on the end of the lead! He’s so happy to be free of the halti, he doesn’t pull at all! Walks were an ordeal and a chore as he used to pull my arm nearly out of its socket but not any more! It’s amazing, I will recommend this harness to everyone and I look forward to lots of happy, stress-free walks with Teddy in the future!

Louise Dordoy, Tyne & Wear Great Britain

 I just would like to say that our family LOVES your products! We have two dogs and when we took in our first dog Dixie, a German short haired pointer, she was horrible on a regular leash. We purchased this at the Big E in West Springfield, Ma. Dixie is now 6 years old and we still use the harness and when we adopted Duke we purchased the same one.

Christie LeDuc

 Don't ask me why we did it (design, cuteness, sales pitch of another company) but we switched from your harness to another a couple of months ago, With all the scents calling to our beagle/harrier Haemish as spring came at last to Wisconsin, we've been at wit's end trying to walk with him. My balance isn't always the best and he's got a mighty pull. This morning we switched back to your harness and could not believe the difference! No regrets, but we've learned our lesson and now know that you are the best for pups and humans!

Patricia Lynch

 Zeva and Quinn loooove their WYDWL harnesses! Much appreciated! 

Rachel Robyn

 Thank you!!!! Not only did I receive my harness 3 days after ordering but I was able to walk my 80lb retriever without pain or fear of falling!!!!

Jennifer Hemming

 I ordered the Sportso harness for my elkhound Koda and want to thank you for your replies to my emails a few weeks ago. You were prompt and informative.  Again, I am very happy to purchase something made in the U.S.

Ruth Hay, Hyde Park Vermont

 We love the one we had bought before but, Bella has gotten to 80 lbs. in the last two years. Thanks, you have a great product and service.

Pat and Barb, IL

 We just got two new harness are for our fur-grandpuppies.  Since the one we have had for 7 years have work so so much better than the metal choke chain. Which I  feel messed up my baby's neck and is having issues now in his old age. He will be 14 on Aug 17, 2020.  Thank you for creating the perfect harness!

Cheryl F, Glendale AL

 This is the BEST!!! I looked all over for a harness that would fit my English Mastiff. He has a HUGE chest and has grown out of 2 other harnesses. This harness not only fits but he still has room to grow. He doesn't pull when he walks, no underarm rashes, and super easy to fit. He and I both love our walks. Thank you for a great product! Also, I got the orange and I love how bright it is.

Laura Hogan, Decatur Illinois

 I love your harness and so does my dog. I walk my dog three times a day. The only thing he will walk with is your harness. He is an English Setter and we would never walk him by his throat because their throats are so sensitive.

Vicki Williams, Essex MD

 Hello, last week we purchased a harnesses and leash from our dog trainer, Jay Kraus. We Love the harness, it has helped a lot.

Charlie Ginex, New Jersey

 Replacing my larger dog Carl’s old model of the original with the sportso! I loved the one I got for Harlow so much. My best friend Jenna met Erin and got a harness for her Shiba Inu and we were going to get one for Carl then but forgot. So here I am again! Xoxo

Alicia Holmes , Sheffield MA

 I got my new "Walk Your Dog With Love" harness/leash on Friday, and can't tell you how much pleasure Maisie and I both get from our walks now!  No Pull is totally right!  It was easy for us to fit the harness and adjust to walking with it!  Well worth the money for the attached leash...great idea!  Many thanks!

Connie Aichele, Adrian Michigan

 I purchased our first Neo harness for puppy Gracie, and now she needs the next size  up, the 55-120 pounds. I am also going to order a second one for our older lab and the one outgrown is going to our third lab! We love these leashes and it makes walking so nice! Our neighbor even ordered one for her new puppy! Thank You!

Aimee Jones, Moore South Carolina

 The harness I’m currently using is from my last doggie. She wore it for 9 plus years. Only reason for replacement is because this new girl we adopted should have her own.

Elaine Beim, Columbus Ohio

 Goldie is doing so great with her Harness.  

Sarah Blumenfeld, Bexley Ohio

 I have a Walk Your Dog With Love harness for my Best Friend. I’m grateful to you for creating it.

Helen, Florida

 I LOVE the NEO harness leash combo I recently got for my standard size male dachshund. He was quite a puller as I had not been a good pack leader and not taught him to heal previously. However, the NEO has cut down on over 90% of the impact of his pulling, even when we see other dogs walking. It IS like a miracle as so many people say. This is amazing. I am no longer dragged down my driveway or the sidewalk. I have also begun more consistent training with super all liver treats I made myself and my Doxie is really improving. Thank you to Dan and Mark and everyone at WalkYourDogWith Love for talking with me by phone, not only on how to measure and order my harness, but about training ideas as well. You guys are great!!! I have been singing your praises to my family and friends. Thank you again.


 You are an amazing team! thanks so very much for all you do and for replying so promptly. I appreciate it - we couldn’t get our dog into any other harness that fit properly and they all looked really awkward and uncomfortable. This design is amazing!

Melissa, Pennsylvania

 We're big fans of your leashes and harnesses. Our Beedo has 2 harnesses (with matching leashes) and we're excited to try the NEO AIO.

Lei, Hawaii

 Thank you so much! Great product & incredible customer service! Will spread the word!

Andrew, Philomath Oregon

 This is the 5th or 6th harness we have bought. Thank you! Love you guys. MORE DOGS MORE LOVE!

Adam Salinas, San Marcos TX

 Hi there!! Love you and your do my girls. The pup with the safety belt looks just like my Mystic!!

Gaylen Fernandez. St Petersburg Florida

 We look forward to Darla's second harness and will continue to tell other dog lovers about your company.

Laura Czarniak, Pentwater MI

 I’m delighted to say the harness has arrived. My dog tried the harness, his third from you, and we’re very happy.

Lorraine Glencross, Martock Somerset Great Britain

 You have no idea what a lifesaver this harness has been. I broke my wrist and couldn’t walk the dog so Andrea from Bullmastiff Rescuers sent me this harness to try. I can walk my 100 lb. Bullmastiff with one hand and no trouble. I’ve told my friends with crazy big Bullmastiff dogs like me, and they too have had good results!

Kristin Hunter, Pottersville NJ

 We know of you from going to the Big E - that's where we purchased our older dog's harness. Our younger pup did great with her harness on her inaugural walk yesterday. LOTS less pulling and craziness. These harnesses are fantastic!! I posted to Instagram and Facebook about you guys yesterday and included a picture of both of our doggos with their WYDWL harnesses on. Thanks again. Love your product, and love supporting a local business owner!

Rachel Zink-Kavey, Pittsfield MA

 I want to say this is the easiest , lightest harness we have tried. I have a 2 year old boxer and when I say hyper it’s a understatement. When I use the regular collar she’s choking and hurting her neck. She has many many harnesses but I have to say this is the easiest and makes her behave as soon as it’s on. Good product and definitely would recommend to people.

Tina Smith

 I was just about to (re)order a neo all-in-wonder harness for my beloved Huckleberry. He loves the one he has now, so I wanted to spruce him up a bit. He is a 3 1/2 year old lab who weighs close to 60 pounds. His current neo is perfect. I have recommended your harness widely. Huckleberry and I both love it.

Tricia Welsch, Brunswick Maine

  This harness has been a savior since I got it as August used to pull us on walks. And I need this harness everyday. 

Melissa Bonds, Tomball TX

 We love the harness and it has worked great with our puppy for the last 4 months. He is almost 10 months old now, around 35 lbs.

Donna Tran, Bradenton Florida

 We love our harness and so does our 55lb golden doodle.

David Silbert, Austin Texas

 I have this awesome harness of yours.  I foster puppies. I love this harness....

Connie, Madison AL

 Wow. What an amazing product. My golden did not pull once—which is a miracle. Looking forward to new harness for other dog. Thanks so much 

Susan Snell, Los Angeles

 Pippy is a nasty little puller and this thing really works I'm sure she could pull me on a sled if there was snow.  Maybe she'll get better and not pull so much - typical terrier, she goes nuts over smells and gopher holes.  Even with that, the walks are waaay better with this harness.Thank you for your help –

Sharlene LaRance, Helena Montana

 Your boy, Teddy, and your harness have made my great walks with my Maggie awesome. She comes running for the harness whenever we go out, even just to play in the yard! Thanks for the great product

Mike Fragala

 Maggie is our fuzzy daughter and sister to our grown up kids. She is a nutcase on a regular leash but is a good girl walking on the harness/leash that you invented with love for Teddy. Thank you.

Karen, Saskatchewan Canada

 Well, I love the harness and it ROCKS for  1 yr old Great Pyrenees, RAGNAR. . .

Turtle Wilson, Colorado

 Hello first of all I would like to tell you how much I love your company and products ! The zen walking belt is the best thing EVER!! The difference in my dog is amazing using this belt ! I also use your harness and my latest item is the safety belt . After trying many car barriers this little belt is so so much better.

Jan Tinella, Cape Coral FL

 Let me say that I really appreciate the top notch customer service that all of you wonderful Woofers at Walk Your Dog With Love provide.  I will share your cards with my DogMama friends and be sure to let them know you are top quality in every way.  And Remy says Thank You, too!!

Lorraine & Remy, Granger Indiana

 We can only walk our Lab with this harness. She is terrible when the leash is attached to her collar.

Jennifer, Springfield MA

 As always a fantastic product. Original harness purchased years ago is still going strong. I’m getting a new one for my pup, and giving my Original to a friend with a Malamute / Border Collie.

Ginette, Calne UK

This is my third harness. Can't live without it...really. Plus I have the waist walking belt. Thank you for a stellar product.

Lynne, Lenox MA

 Yogi loves his new harness for walks.

Carylu, New Albany IN

 I really like having the all in one harness/leash, its very light on the pup and its great at the beach since there is no metal to rust.

Rebekah Michaels, Brighton Massachusetts

 Love your product and always recommend them

Lillian Winkler, Orlando Florida

 I recently purchased the NEO harness/leash and love it!! Maggie is my 6 year old "adopted" fur baby. We have had her since she was 3 months old. When we first got her I thought all dogs "just knew" how to walk on a leash:) I got a lot of advice from "friends" about the type of collar she needed because she pulled; one was the "choker" ( the person told me it would choke her but she would learn not to pull, REALLY??) I did try it, she pulled once and I quit!! The next "friend" said the "spiked collar" was the way to go; again the rationale was she would learn not to pull because the prongs would pinch her but "it didn't really hurt". REALLY??? But since I was new I thought I would try it, put it on her and took it off because it LOOKED painful. I tried various other suggestions that were not pain based. Then I found Walk Your Dog With Love. The name was the first thing that attracted me because my Maggie is very loved ( spoiled maybe???) I got my first harness and was so sad because it didn't fit her body. I contacted the company and sent a picture; they agreed I had it on correctly. We talked and decided she needed a specially made harness with more length in front; they said I could donate the other one. So I gave it to a friend at work for her dog ( and she loved it) Maggie got her new harness and it fit perfectly!! I ordered 2 more; all with matching leashes ( I did mention she is a bit spoiled:) Then I discovered the NEO all in one. We now own SEVEN ( 2 special order colors) NEO all in ones!! ( Did I say Maggie is spoiled??) So the moral is...if you want the BEST for your fur baby buy from Walk Your Dog With Love!!!
Candace Letcher

 I bought a harness from you at the CT Flower Show in Hartford several years ago. We love it! I recommend it to all my Weimaraner friends. We are getting a new pink one today!

Kathleen Olson, Milford CT

 The Sportso harness is a revelation. We use them for both our dogs, having been recommended them by our dog trainer. We have strong dogs - a labrador and a spaniel, both of whom are very strong but these harnesses give us much more control, in a kind way for the dogs. We wouldn't use any other harness now! Well done Dan and the team and thank you.

Clare Smith UK

 I ordered my 4th harness from you guys about a month ago and wanted to share a pupdate. Yogi Bear is 8mths old and came to me because he was pulling his owner all over the place and basically too much to handle. We got his harness and fixed the problem in seconds. Yogi weighs at least 35kg if not 40kg and he is now being walked by my 9yr old who is just learning lead skills. Not a pull in sight. I’ve known your harnesses are amazing since the original and have many friends now using them including my original still going years later.

I've tried every no pull product out there and this is the only one that works.

Ginette Alexander, Caine Wiltshire Great Britain

 I absolutely LOVE these harnesses, I foster rescue dogs and most have no clue how to walk on a leash, this harness makes life for them so much easier and for me too.  Keep up the good work!

Lorna Kelley

 Thank you!  I am a long-time customer.  I met the company owner at a fair/festival in Gloucester, Mass probably 10 years ago?  He put harnesses on both my dogs, Yogi & Louie, and encouraged me to take my time walking the dogs around the fair to test them out.  Of course I returned and bought both of them!  One of those dogs (Yogi) is now gone, but we have Daisy now. 

Victoria , New Jersey

 Of course the Sportso Doggo Dog Harness is great...I bought it before (for another dog)...loved it then and love it now. Beautifully crafted, straps nice and wide, easy to adjust. A quality product. 

Lynn B

 Many Thanks for all your help at Walk Your Dog With Love. I would certainly recommend the harness. I am happy with the control the harness is giving me and I am happy my dog Joshua seems happy with it. I have been really pleased with the progress my 1 year old boxer dog has made.

Beverley Bardsley, United Kingdom

 We are repeat customers and use your products every day. 

Tonya McCown, Fairhope AL

 I am a long time dog owner and foster for animals, I have tried more harnesses and collars then I care to admit looking for quality, true control and ease, all of which you have brought to the table. We have used your harnesses for several years now with joy. They are not only easy to put on but are visible with definite improvement in control on long hikes or city walks. Both pack members know that the harness means time to move. Thank you for a great product. We have told many of the joys of your harness and the ease of use, hopefully it has brought business your way. Thank you again for the quality product.

Eric, Maine

 Unfortunately we had lost one of our harness/leashes and needed to replace it. We absolutely love them! We love your products! 

Heather Buxton, Litchfield NH

 I can only control Athena when using your harness.

Amanda, Turgeon VT

 Freakin amazing! The instant I put It on her, I could walk her. Thank You Thank You Thank You… Second dog I’ve ordered this for.

Pam Aaronson  

 I love the effectiveness of the vehicle safety belt and the other items I have purchased from Walk Your Dog With Love. Thank you....!!!

Joni Granard, Las Cruces New Mexico

 I recommend your harnesses to every dog parent I know.  Remy is my Sheltie and, had I known what a talent he had for escaping every collar and harness bought for him since he was a puppy, I probably would have had to name him Houdini.  Until I found Walk Your Dog with Love! Although I'll forever label him a flight risk and am always on guard with him on a leash, I will never be without your harness for him.  He's not escaped your harness.  Thank God.  And Thank God for you! Sending best wishes, gratitude and Woofs to all of you at Walk Your Dog With Love!


 Maggie ( my beautiful dog) has 3 harnesses and leashes. The harnesses were specially made to fit her because she needed additional length in h front. We just got our harness/ leash " all in one" and I am thrilled because I can adjust it to fit her!! I highly recommend Walk Your Dog With Love because they are the best!! Thank you for caring about my " furbaby"!!! We will be ordering more to match her wardrobe.

Candace Letcher

 With Ringo’ snazzy new harness is amazing. And, more importantly, he’s more responsive on the leash. The incessant pulling has dwindled to nearly nothing. I’ve already ‘advertised’ your harness to interested neighbors. I’ll continue to tout both your product and excellent customer service. 

Nathan C

 We are real happy with sports doggo harness that we recently purchased. It’s really amazing that Jake took to it so quickly. It did take time to get used to putting it on the dog; but now it is a breeze! Walks are better! We’ll continue to use it and learn more about how to control Jake when we meet distractions like other dogs and people. The main reasons we’re glad we got it, is that it works, it’s simple, and made in USA. Very satisfied.

Mike B, Pennsylvania

 I met the company founder at the Columbia county fair in Chatham NY 11 years ago, in 2009. I bought 2 harnesses. I now have a 2nd pair of dogs, puppy’s still.  I’m waiting dancing on my toes for my order to arrive.

K Feuerman, Newtown PA

 I have recommended ‘walk your dog with love’ to so many of my dog walking friends.

Clare brown, Bedfordshire GB

 Treble is 40 pounds. We do love the harness. It is so much easier to walk our dog and he doesn't pull.  

Melissa S, Dunmore PA

 This is the only type of harness Link loves to wear. She has a long history of fear aggression, and being able to find a harness that keeps you out of the bite zone (She's a korean jindo so her bites seriously suck!) is really difficult. I still remember the first time we got her this harness, which was four years ago. I think I was more scared then she was to put it on her, but with the ability to put it over her head, readjust the size to her fit AND have it be a front lead, this was a godsend. Over the years I've bought a few of these, mostly because I want her in a new color. This never rubs for her and in the beginning she had to wear it all the time until we both were able to trust each other enough to put on and off. I can definitely say I'd recommend this harness to anyone. IT WORKS! I also love the hipster belt too!

Meagan Schoeff

 Thank you for your help with my bulldog puppy Meagan and my son’s little Ringo. I just love this harness!! You helped me six years ago with my English bulldog Bree who I adopted at 3.

Diana, Alexandria VA

 We will certainly spread the word about your harness, we were sitting in the pub a few weeks ago with our lively English Springer Spaniel, Alfie and chatting to someone at the next table who also has spaniels and it was her who told us about your amazing harness, so chatting does work.

Karen Iles, Bristol UK

 We’ve used your harness for our ~90lb lab mix rescue for almost 3yrs with no issues.  We couldn’t be happier with both the quality and success we’ve had using it with our big dog!

J Manohar, Uxbridge MA

 I purchased this harness for my dog at a camper show at the Big E. We love it.

Michelle Combs

 I received my dog harness this past week, I really like the concept and I believe it really works well.   I really like it versus other harnesses out there.  

Althea, Jeffries and Bridgette, Douglassville Pa 

I love your products! The Original has been perfect, so I put in an order for another. Thank you again!

Greg Baldwin, San Diego CA

 My best friend bought me two of your harnesses and they are the absolute best ones I've ever used! I have 2 boxers who are very active and also love to pull a little too much!


 My dog is a Newfoundland at 59 kilos. I’ve had several of your harnesses since she was a pup and they are Fab.

Amanda Rooney

 Brady, my 2 year old Havenese pulls less when we walk. Brady loves it! I love it!

Kathleen Colman

 Just purchased a new harness and a couple leashes. Greatly appreciate your help. We love your products!

Hudson & Indy (and Jen and Nick!)

We have two lovely rescue dogs.  One who has had a bunch of professional training but remains a very nervous dog and the other who is much calmer but has taken to barking and chasing other dogs and golf-carts (we live on a golf course).  Your harnesses are great. Easy to adjust, easy to put on and have greatly reduced pulling even on this our second day of ownership.  We also thoroughly endorse and recommend the Zen Hipster walking belts – what a wonderful and simply idea.  Hands free to take a phone call or stop and bag the you-know-what. We live in Mexico and we had some issues with getting some products to arrive… I cannot thank you enough for how responsive and generous you have been in your response.  But I can tell you that you will continue to enjoy great success because of your fantastic customer service – thanks from the bottom of my heart.  The fact that you love dogs shines through everything you do.  We wish you all the continued success and blessings for helping us help man’s best friends. 

Roger and Ileana Sherman, Puerto Aventuras Mexico

 I received my order and it’s wonderful.  Thanks so much for the excellent customer service and incomparable product. 

Eric Elvanian 

 The harness does seem to stop the pulling as I have tried many other harnesses with no success.

Patricia Tracey

 I have to tell you that your harness has worked brilliantly with George. Purchased it a few weeks ago, and it has done exactly what you said it would.

Norma Padley

 We rescued a golden several years ago and were searching for a safe harness to train her for walking as she had never been trained before. And walk your dog with love is amazing. After wasting money and time searching and buying numerous other unsafe and totally useless harnesses. We thankfully found this website. Now we share info w everyone!  Our vet is impressed with the concept of comfort and safety of this design and so are we. Our golden loves her walks searching for rabbits and birds and this allows her to still do this but we have some control too without hurting our Molly.

Leah, Phoenix AZ

 Never thought it would be this easy. After two years and four types of walking gizmos.... your harness works.... remarkable. 

Rob Lord

 The harnesses are great and sturdy.  We learned about your harnesses in dog training class.  They suggested we get one with the hook in the front where the chest is and showed us your brand.  They have never failed us yet!  I also wanted to thank you for your prompt reply to my email question before my purchase and for getting the items shipped so quickly.  I ordered around 1:30 pm on Wednesday and got them around noon on Friday of the same week.   I was delighted they came so fast! 

Piper Phillips

 I’ve never seen anything work so fantastically in my whole life. I don’t believe it! It’s amazing.

J R Greene, Arlington WA

 Our dog, Sid, used to pull dreadfully and I found it difficult to walk him. Thanks to your harness, he now walks like a dream! It is really amazing and I would recommend this harness 100%

Kate Smith, UK

 We have had ours for 5 years now and I've love it. I'll never buy another kind of harness again, yours are just too easy to use!

Melissa D, Athens AL

 I love the one harness I got from you guys. My dog loves it too. It is so easy to put on and walk the dog

S Henderson, Houston TX

 I recently bought your great halter and leash for Kaepi, my 18 pound Schipperke. I adopted him almost a year ago. He is very strong, as most Schipperkes are, strong in the chest area. Now he doesn’t pull quite so much. I like the idea that it doesn’t have a lot of hardware on the dog. And he is happy that he doesn’t have to put one leg at a time in harness. I love the fact that everything is made in the USA! Thanks for doing what you do!

Penny R, Sacramento CA

 We bought one of these harnesses at the Big E. Your harness works, the proof is my wife is not walking Bear unless she has one of your harnesses to walk him. They do hold the dog back and keeps the owner in more control. 

John Butterfield 

 I really love these harnesses. Amazing products. I have sent many friends to your site and everyone has made a purchase.

Marc, Peoria AZ

 Now both my Kids (dogs) have Walk Your Dog With Love and I cannot say enough at how great they work I picked up my 1st one at the Big E and was  thinking that it would not work so good I'm so glad I gave it a shot. Thanks for making such a great harness

Kevin B, Pittsfield MA

 Recommend this product to every Dane owner I meet

C Dufresne, Palm Harbor FL

 Walker loves his Walk Your Dog With Love harness so we are sharing them with Tucker and Sydney. Hope they both love theirs just a much.

Julie, Marshall TX

 We welcomed Sadie to our home last January. At the time she was 6 months old, 50 lbs and still growing. My wife had major back surgery the year before and was having difficulty walking our new Lab puppy. Our neighbor highly recommended and let us borrow their WalkYourDogWithLove Neo leash. One walk in we saw a difference, and it was truly a life changer. We are all so much happier on our walks now. Our little girl has grown over the last year and recently hit another spurt. She is now just shy of 70lbs and as an 18 month old Lab, not fully grown. We love the Neo and are looking to purchase the next size up.

Seth Cutler

 Success!  The new harness works great!  Thanks for your quick and polite customer service.  Holly is now a happy girl!  

Debbie N, Monrovia CA          

 I bought the harness because I could not walk my new rescue Dolly. She would always pull on the leash on her regular walks and during her training. I could hear her choking herself but that did not make her stop. When I first saw the videos of the dogs on the leash, I could not believe it, I thought it was too good to be true, but I was running out of options with Dolly so I decided to give it a try. When it arrived I placed it on her and for the first time in the 4 months that we have had her I was able to walk her without her pulling. It was a strange feeling for her because she no longer was in control. She kept moving her head downward like when she would pull and nothing happened. She looked confused but I was able to relax and walk her without my hands getting hurt. Furthermore, as we were heading home a dog got loose and she reacted aggressively towards it, had she not had the harness on, she would probably had pulled me in the directions of the dog but I was able to handle her well and no one got hurt. I truly recommend this product especially if you have a beautiful strong willed Border Collie like my Dolly!

Lulu Iniguez

 I love your product. Zoё is 7 months old. Happy New Year and have a great day!

Cathy Gould

 Hello! I have two dogs currently and we only buy this harness for our dogs.  

Christie LeDuc

 Thank you so much for the Harness with embroidered SF 49ers!!! We’re really ready for the Sunday game AND victory. We also LOVE the recycle bag. Again, thank you for the extra effort. 

Karen Linda and Shiloh and Stella

 Until I purchased this harness I was no longer able to walk my dog. Reason is, he's about 70 lbs and has a big chest. Now I can walk him everyday with no problems whatsoever. Even when other dogs approach I have my dog in control. I highly recommend this product and have actually recommended it to others that I have seen walking their dogs.

Marianna Meyers

 I received my car safety belts yesterday for my beagles. I’ll feel so much better knowing they will be safe in case of an accident. By the way love love the harness It makes walking them so much easier

Lynne Yates

 I foster for national Great Pyrenees Rescue out of New York and my walk your dog with love harness is invaluable when I get new dogs. Thank you.

Elizabeth Gragnolati

 I love your harnesses

Thomas McHale

 My 18 week old Labrador puppy is much better on it than she was on an ordinary collar but she still rushes ahead of me usually in a straight line which is better than before. I really like your harness and the principle behind it so do not really want to try anything else such as the Halti or Gentle Leader which people recommend. She is also very strong already and is a very hyperactive puppy. She will walk around the house or garden off lead with me in a 'heel' position but as we live in a suburban area of London, then I need her to walk well on a lead. I do feel that your harness is a fantastic way to go.

Sylvia H

 I purchased a new harness for Little Girl who was still a pup when I rescued her almost 3 years ago. She and Leo (6 year old miniature poodle rescue) are very well behaved in their “Walk Your Dog with Love” harnesses. I feel they are very safe with the car seatbelt also. Thank you!

Leslie Ann Webster

 My sweet, 8 month old chocolate lab loves his harness! It’s been a game changer on our walks.

Brianna Wilson & Duke Toppenberg

 This is the only harness that fits my dog perfectly. Thank you.

Estella Farnsworth

 This is my 3rd one since the dog was a pup I have had from you, I could not walk her without it, its brilliant. Thanks again.

William Robb


Karen Lawres

 Superb Customer Service! Thank you so much! I recommend your harnesses to everyone!!

Jan Kurtz

 I absolutely love this product. I bought one for each one of my dogs. I have a French bulldog, a Bullmastiff, and a Great Dane.

Robb Bunde

 My husband and I truly appreciate you. We just ordered our 4th harness. I posted on Facebook about how terrific your products and your company are! You guys are THE BEST.

Donna, Frank and "Wally"

 Lola is a 14 month old Jack Russell. We started in your harness this past summer and LOVE it, and We LOVE your company! 

H Wallace

  Loved the fragrance and no oily feel to the dogs fur. We use it on every hike. My dogs also didn't try and rub it off as they have with other organic flea sprays. Kept fleas away.

Kat Grindell, Grafton VT

 Our boxer, Bolo, loves his harness. We needed to get a harness as he is too rambunctious for walking on a collar when squirrels are nearby.

Doug Owens

 We bought this harness a couple years ago from you in person at the BIG E. We sure do love this harness have bought for two of our dogs and gotten many others to but it too. We are even ordering for another dog today.

Coreena Pestano

 This harness is amazing. It doesn’t choke Onyx, gently guides him enough so that he can adjust the speed. It reminds him to slow down, (and of course that means treats for him now) so happily comes back to my side. Easy use for my daughter to take him too, super child friendly.

Sara S

 I bought the harness from my dog trainer, Dee Wilkie of Clever Canidae. They are her preferred training harness. We have discovered that it helps calm her almost as well as her Thunder Shirt when we are at home (she is a rescue who was returned to the shelter 3 times and anxiety aids are great) - and here in Georgia every layer you can skip in our heat is a good thing. hank you for this wonderful, simple solution to my sweet girls issues. 

Sharon Menear

 I am here to tell you that the WYDWL broadband harness is the very best one I've ever had! You wouldn't think that such a seemingly simple design would work, but it absolutely does! I have more control during walks and he responds instantly when prompted. We've had all shapes & sizes of dogs, from a Jack Russell to Basset Hounds. We now have a 147lb Mastiff mix. The 1st harness we bought was marketed for XL dogs. It didn't last 6 months + I don't think it was so comfy for Drizzy to wear. Do your beloved pet & yourself a favor, buy this harness! It's easy to fit, & easy to take on & off. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Cheers

Penny Shepherd

 Good idea, good product.

G Howard

 You’d think from looking at this dainty 10-lb. girl that she’d be easy to walk. But don’t be fooled- she has pulled her 6’4” daddy down to his knees! So unfortunately I gave up on walking her, which broke my heart because she loved it so much. Then we got your harness and it was life changing! Immediately I was able to not only control her, but also my two other dogs, all by myself! I can now walk them anytime I want- which makes me a very, very happy fur mama! We had tried others that promised to stop the pulling but nothing worked like yours. Thank you so much for creating this.

Cheryl H

 This is my dog Winston’s favorite harness.

Brad Crusco

 The tick stuff is great – I think it’s more effective than other natural flea repellent, because it’s more concentrated; it’s just the essential oils and no fillers. So it’s totally worth the price. Lasts for hours even on a hot summer day when walking through streams or after a sudden rainstorm. Smells good too, not chemically.

Archie K, Guilford CT

 Kane is the type of dog who we were told might not react well to any type of harness. He came from a horrible life of abuse, neglect, and was nearly part of the Cambodian meat trade. Being restrained in any way was difficult for him, and getting used to a regular leash was hard enough. But honestly, within minutes of agreeing to let us put the Walk Your Dog With Love harness on, he acted as if it wasn't even there. It took us under a minute to adjust to his body type, and after 2 or 3 uses it was a breeze getting it on and off. He's reached the point now where he actually pokes his head through the harness to help us put it on! It's amazing! Walks are SOOOOOO much better now, he intuitively knows with just a gentle pull which direction we're headed. I can't thank you guys enough - it's made all the difference for our Kane.

Jared & Sadie G

I love my Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses! I have one very excited dog, and one fearful dog, and this harness gives me the control to deal with each of their individual quirks with ease and comfort.... even being on the same leash! Easy to put on and adjust as needed. Great harness. Thanks for your magnificent creation!

Kim R

 I love your harnesses -  so easy to use and it does stop the pulling on this Pomsky who has more Husky than Pom in his blood!

Rita Ricciardi and Baxter

 Product works well, my dog walks much better with the new harness

Irene Brouillard

 I refer your harnesses to all of my clients.  

Lisa Lonergan DOG WALKER in Mendham, New Jersey 

 Bought one of the your harnesses about 9 years ago for my previous sweetheart who recently passed away. We just rescued a new girl who fits nicely into “Cassie’s” harness. Tried to walk her in the harness that the rescue group gave me. TERRIBLE! Put the “Walk your dog with love” harness on her and while not quite trained after 3 walks, the difference is amazing. You have the best product and I thank you for it.

Elaine Beim

We've used your harnesses for a number of years and LOVE them! I think I've referred a number of friends & strangers to your site - they are so easy to use!

Karin Morgan

 I put it on over the dog’s coat this morning (16 degrees outside at the time), and it fit perfectly.  He doesn’t have time to fight me putting a harness on him due to it going over the head and not having to put his feet through it.  It was exactly what I needed.

Diane Birstein

 We love your products!! We are currently on our second harness for my husky, Max.

Marla Harbour

 We bought an All-In-Wonder Dog Harness for our English chocolate Lab, Annie. We love it... I have recommended this style of leash to many dog park friends... it's such a clever design! Thanks so much!


 Loki is 98 lbs. We just love our harness.

Catherine White

 Hi - love your harnesses! I recommend these to all the dog persons I meet!

Tessa Lero

 Thank you again for your great products! I do love them!

Cahris, The Healthy Dog Walker

 I purchased this harness at the Big E this year and I must say it really helped my Weimaraner Jackson. Thanks!

Tom Nelson

 Before I got your harness, I fell twice on ice last year because my dog pulls so hard. I can't believe how this changed his walking instantly!

S Senterfit

 Harness is great and he really does better walking with harness than his regular collar.

Jamie C

 Darcy’s harness arrived yesterday just as I was leaving the house!  We used it this morning after a few minor adjustments and the walk was PULL FREE!!! I am 72 and have osteoporosis in my spine and I am always concerned about falling. Thank you so much for all your help and I will let all my ‘doggie’ friends know how wonderful your dog harness is.

Lynne Spry

 Used it on puppy Tito this am. Worked great and he liked it much better than his collar!!! 

Hanna Calcagni

 Teddy is a very anxious boy. He weighs 35 lbs and has enjoyed his harness since he came to live with me in April 2019. Your harness is the best thing I have ever found for my 3 dogs.

Rita Franklin

 Our dear old Misty had the soft & sweet embroidered & it worked so well for her 💓 This sort of harness, with its level of comfortableness & quality just isn’t available in Australia. We will soon be welcoming a rescue puppy into our lives, she is a German shepherd x Kelpie x Rottweiler, and we are going to be getting her one of your harnesses. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your attention to detail in your response, you addressed all my questions, excellent customer service. Thank you & I hope you have a wonderful day.  

T Easterbrook, Henley Beach Australia

 Best things I have found for my three dogs.

Lisa J 

 We LOVE our walk your dog with love harness :) no other harness would do !!

Stacey C

 It might be a coincidence that our loony Pyrenees mix is the best leash-walker we've ever had, but I don't think so! My parents recommended these harnesses--they use them with their Decker Rat Terriers--and we got one for Melody as soon as we adopted her. It's easy to get on and off even when she's excited and bouncy, and she responds well to any gentle correction while walking. We just bought her the next size up. Love the fact that it's made in the USA as well. Keep up the good work!

Katherine L, Vancouver WA

I bought this harness a few years ago for our other dog, Cutie. I love it and it works so well! No more pulling, and getting almost knocked to the ground when Cutie would be pulling so hard as with a traditional harness. I'm so glad you had your logo on Cutie's harness! I went right to your website and ordered a harness for our other dog, Vinny. Love your harness! Thank

Paula, Munster IN

 I recently bought a harness for my puppy at the Big E. I love the product

Du Vong

 Murphy and I love the hunter orange leash and sports doggo harness

Anna Casey

 First let me say that I love love love this harness. I’ve gone from dreading walks with my 6 month old Lab to loving them!

Elyse Rhead aka Mesa’s mom

 I have spent a lot of money on other harnesses and leashes. I am so pleased. I just can’t believe it, the leash was loose and I was relaxed! I am used to him pulling me down the street, not me walking him. The first time I put it on him I couldn’t believe the difference. 5 stars! 

Cindy Seymour

 I first got the original harness for our rescue dog Rolo, she was a black and white springer, and because of past circumstances, she had to be on a lead at all times when out walking. While walking she pulled strongly and because of I had a normal collar and leash, it was difficult to control her. When I got the original harness, it was such a pleasure to use, it gave me more contol over Rolo and more importantly it allowed her more head movement, to siff around her, as all springers like to do. Unfortunatly Rolo passed away over a year ago, but 3 weeks later, I got another rescue dog Phoebe. a brown and white springer, and straight away I bought her a new original Harness and lead. This is an excellent product, I can't recommend it high enough, I am currently minding a friends springer (another rescue dog) and I'm just after ordering another original harness and lead for him. Delivery is quick, the product is well made and durable, that is why I'm giving a 5 star rating.


 I have used the original harness with my 4 yr old Standard poodle since he was 6 months old, after giving up on some other harnesses: too heavy, too overdone, too pokey. Instantly a hit with my dog and me! Now I have a 3 month old Moyen-sized poodle (a smaller standard) and am buying her first harness. This time I know what to get: Walk Your Dog With Love's harness!

Linda Zielinski

 This is the easiest time I have walked any puppy I’ve ever had.  It’s actually a pleasure going out with him....  even though I’m training him at the same time for possible dog therapy work.  Proper positioning next to me is key, and this harness has allowed me to accomplish a lot in much less time.


 Wow! I had to write to you to say THANK YOU!! We have 2 rescues-husky/Shepherd mixes that have LOTS of energy and are constantly lunging on walks. I was at the mercy of my husband because I couldn't handle both dogs on a walk by myself due to their pulling. Now I can comfortably walk both dogs this is life changing-thank you!!


Great harness! Luna, my 1.5 year old lab would pull like a freight train. What a difference now! The guarantee is awesome as well as the customer service from Erinn! This is our second harness, as I keep one in our camper too. I can’t wait to try the flea and tick prevention also.

Michelle Wright

 Thanks so much for all your help. I needed the harness quickly to see if it would help, as my dog recently pulled me down and gave me a concussion. I will tell you, your harness is fantastic and I am going to make sure I spread the word. 


 I bought a WDWL (actually many for Peppertree Rescue a number of years ago) for a previous dog. My new friend Fergus is a 17 month old Labragolden doodle. I am embarrassed to say we used other harnesses on him initially. But, I'm back! all the issues we had with the other harnesses disappeared with the WDWL. Should have known! Thank You

Deborah M

We love your harnesses and recommend them to all our friends.

Lisa Lees

 I was a little apprehensive about buying a harness as I’d bought several from different companies in the past which had all snapped fairly quickly. The walk your dog with love harness has lasted almost a year so far and is still going strong. I have a big golden retriever, and it stops him from pulling with ease and I have the comfort of knowing that it’s not choking him or pulling around his neck at all. A very worthwhile investment which I am more than happy to recommend.

Freya Chaney, Norwich UK

 It fits my pup well and our first walk has already been an improvement.

Julie M, Valencia CA

 Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product.

Diane Mobley, Ware MA

 This is the only harness that makes her walk correctly. Thank you!

Heather and Lola

 All as advertised and expected. Delivered well ahead of schedule.


 This item exceeds all expectations. After four years of struggling with a strong dog on a lead this item has transformed our walks. I don’t Know how it works, but it does!


 Stopped the dog pulling on the lead immediately. Made of extremely strong webbing like material. Guaranteed not to break by seller. So far it hasn't although we've got a really strong young dog.


 Every dog owner should have one.


 Great product.


The harness has worked really well in stopping my strong, willful retriever from pulling. 


 Have used these before and would thoroughly recommend, (in fact I have done many times). A friend of mine had neck surgery and was unable to walk her 3 male Golden Retrievers. I recommended these and the boys walk beautifully by her side, she has full control and was able to walk them within 4 weeks of the surgery without worrying that they may pull her. Excellent harness

Alison UK

 Nothing to complain about the products and the service. Thank you!


 Great harness. Have used one for four years with great success.

David, TX

 Arthur loves the harness from WYD. I got him one from Pet Smart to replace the chewed up harness and he wouldn’t even move with in on. Can’t wait to get my replacement. You are awesome


 Our Snow loves his harnesses

Marie and Snow

 The pink was very bright and i needed to exchange. Customer service was great. 

Chad Todd

 Received as gift after seeing you at Big E. This is the best & only harness for our Addie!!

Judy Cyr

 I’m speechless and thrilled!! My husband and I have both sustained serious injuries while taking our two, now 11 month old golden doodles outside 😩. They have gotten so strong that taking them out was creating some serious stress! Not to mention pain. Our harnesses arrived yesterday. I had gotten to the point that I wouldn’t even consider taking them both out at the same time, but after getting Lucy’s harness on her and watching how she was behaving, I decided to be really brave (or stupid?) and take them both. What a total shock!!! They walked along beside me like they’d been in serious training. This morning I took both of them for a long walk down our dead end road and the three of us had a fabulous time. My only regret is that I didn’t find you 8 months ago!!! THANK YOU from mom, dad, Charlie and Lucy!!!!!

Judy Davis

 Hi there! I have one of your harnesses for my dog and love it!


 On a friend's recommendation, I bought your Sportso Harness It solved the pulling problem as advertised.

Lesley Baier

 I am now always excited to take my big boy out for a walk two times a day. He is a pitbull mastiff and 140 pounds and before I got this harness he was a challenge to walk (pulling, lunging at other dogs etc). Now, walking with my boy is the highlight of my day! It couldn't be easier to put it on and take it off. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for rescuing the walking relationship I have with my best bud

Debra Waselyshen

 I have ordered from the company in the past and needed a new harness for my new pup, who chewed on my other dogs’ harness, so may be ordering again in the near future.  I love your harness and the change it brings to walks.  I have recommended your harnesses to many and have received a bunch of thanks on the recommendation.  I hope you guys keep doing what doing in keeping our dogs happy and safe!!

Judy Corniel

 I purchased the No Pull Front Attach Harness in March, and it works wonders for my dog - no more pulling!

K Fornash

 I have two of your all in one harnesses. Love them. So relaxed and comfortable for my 2 Aussies. Thank you!!

Brigitt Peckham

 We bought two of these harnesses for our dogs. This is a really good harness.

Gillian Norris

 I am so in love with my harness that I tell everybody!

S Faggiano

 I walk my 95 lb Golden Retriever 2-3 times a day for 0.5 miles each and while a very obedient dog she just loves people and does strain at the harness to greet friends. Your harness holds her steady and allows me adequate control without putting damaging pressure on her neck. It is easy to put on her and she readily walks in it.

Dave D, Robinson TX

 My clients are loving them!

Chris -The Healthy Dog Walker, Alfred Cove, Australia

 The custom size harness is perfect!  My dog responds much better and there is room for him to grow. Also, the collar is a good size. I’m very happy with both.

Anne and Henry

 You all know the true meaning of “customer service”. I will pass info on to other dog owners that come to my restaurant.

Bo- Docs Riverside Grille, MD

 You have no idea how amazing it is to get such great customer service. Thanks.  I'm afraid that most companies today do not provide that kind of service that you provide. I very pleased that I found your product and have been telling all my friends about it. Looking forward to getting the new harness.  Thanks, again for taking such good care of my puppy.


 Hello, I have four dogs and have purchased your Sportso Doggo harnesses and leashes for all of them. I love your products. A loyal “Walk Your Dog With Love” customer-

Tina D

I’ve been using your products for years - I loved them on my old dog and I just recently got a puppy and got them a new harness. It’s been working great.

C Needham

 Never enjoyed walking my dog as much as I do now. Walk time with my dog was always frustrating and not fun but the Walk your Dog with Love harness has changed all that! The first time I put the harness on my dog, he became submissive right away. I would not have believed that it would be as life-changing as it has been! I would always watch other people walking their dogs and be so envious that they seemed happy and enjoying their walk. Now with the Walk your Dog with Love harness, I am thrilled to be one of those happy people! My dog and I both look forward to our walks thanks to the Walk your Dog with Love harness!


 This harness really works! My dog would literally drag me around when I would take her outside. The first time I put this on her, the difference was amazing. She walks beside me now, not tugging and pulling. I highly recommend this product. Also, customer support is very responsive.

Paula, Spring Hill FL

 Great product… This harness is the best I've used. I highly recommend them.


 My 65lb. Aussie is strong and determined and quite the puller when he wants to check something out. Other than that his walking manners were fine. We have used the harness twice and he doesn't pull at all! I'm not sure how or why it works but I'm singing its praises. Wish I had purchased this 3 years ago when he was a puppy! The harness is easy to adjust and a breeze to put on. Straps are softer than most and don't seem to bother him, It's lightweight and cool. Spendier than many other harnesses but worth it in my mind!


 Works like a charm! I bought many famous brand harnesses for my dog, because she pulls a lot. She either chew through them, or kept pulling. This is the only one that makes her walk properly! I love it. I actually enjoy my walks with her now


 We do love these harnesses!

Amanda Stevens

 We have four of your harnesses and absolutely love them.  Thank you very much for a great product!!

Frank A

 Don’t let your dog jerk you around. This harness is great! It's easy to put on my dog. I use it when I'm driving to keep her in the behind the drivers seat in my jeep. When walking, she naturally walks beside me now instead of constantly pulling. Other similar harnesses chafed her behind her leg; this one doesn't. Other similar harnesses had two clips to fasten and she didn't want to be in them. That made it more difficult to put on her. This harness is much simpler to put on and she actually walks up to it. One clip and we're ready to go.


 It works!!! Great design.

Michael, Atlantic Highlands NJ

I absolutely love your products and recommend them to lots of dog owners.

Jean Boardman

 You folks have an amazing product

Martha G

 I really enjoy your products. I have a 140 pound Newfie.

Claude O Jones III

 Greta turns 1 next week and another new harness is the pawfect gift for her. We love your products and can't say enough about them. We also own another Walk Your Dog With Love harness and the walking belt and would not hesitate to order a WalkYourDogWithLove harness again.

Andrea Kegelman

 LOVE your harness! It's like night and day when walking my very bullheaded, strong 65lb. Australian Shepherd. We have only used it a couple of times but OMG its magic!

Janet Frazier

 It’s the only harness my dog can’t escape from.

Christina Clements

 I have used the harness with the ring in front for the leash for over a year and love it. We have a new puppy so I went to order him a WYDWL harness. I loved the idea of the leash being included in the harness (NEO). I tried it on my 2 year old pup today and it worked well. 

Jerri Jacoby

 I've been buying your harnesses as gifts after I discovered how great they are. Simple to use and controls the toughest dogs.

Aimee Sprogis- Dog walker

 We LOVE these harnesses! We have 5 dogs...Three goldens, an Aussie and a Great Pyrenees. All use your harness. We tell everyone who asks, these are the only harness you'll ever need or buy again. Thanks for such an awesome product

Audrey Charlton

 This harness works and I recommend it to many people

Barbara Wade, UK

 I have been so happy with your harness and Brennan walks without pulling. Which, after 5 years of pulling, has been amazing.

M Gentry

 Hello! I have a harness for my golden retriever, Louie, and we LOVE IT! I had great reviews from friends.

Haley Booker

 Hello, I'm the proud owner of 2 walk your dog with love harnesses! I bought the first one for our first rescue in 2014 and our second for our second rescue in 2016. I love the harnesses!

B Flanders, Canandaigua NY

 Hi I bought your harness at the big e expo last fall our dog is 55 lbs. We love the harness, no more pulling!

Inês Burek

 I have two 80 pound English Labs and your harness design is the best.  And I have tried EVERYTHING out there!!!  I can't wait to try the leash combo!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Heidi Oline Pruett

 I have had fantastic service from Walkyourdogwithlove. They went over and above to answer all my queries, literally responding to every email immediately. The harness has literally been a life saver My dog spent his first 4  years pulling my arms out. That changed immediately after we put the harness on him. I am still not sure how it works, but my god it


Carolyn Kenny

I love your harnesses and have tried many! Many thanks!


Gail Moya Australia

  Your harnesses are THE BEST….Much appreciated!!!!”

D Karlsson, Pearl River NY

 Could not be more satisfied

Bamon in UK

 Excellent- got these for my whole pack.

Terry Kiz

 The harness has been a Godsend, I’ve recommended to so many people!

Carolyn K, Cheshire UK

 Best harness around for my big dog

Henry Vum

 Trixie – 180 lbs of love Loves your BroadBand. Just got one for her brother Moby Dane.

Keith, Hartford CT

 I have just received my new harness. This is our second harness from you and we really love how our dog walks on it. We do love this harness....and  the fabric is lovely on this model.

Carol Turpin

Works great for my petite Mastiff. Only comfortable thing I have found for her.

Frank B

 So glad I tried this. My neighbor has one for her Golden, so I tried the Big Dog style for my fat Rottie. Try it you will love it.

Joe Von

 Yesterday l gave this new model harness a serious try with my 68 lb Golden -doodle Sparky. At my medical appointment Sparky met 8 new people (medical workers & office employees).  I had permission to bring him with me since it was so hot outside.  Sparky was as friendly as usual but the new harness is strong enough for me to control him...after a few pats everyone who met him was a fan. And l am delighted

Shirley C

 I have a Labrador who is a big guy who loves his front leading harness. I have recommended to lots of friends.

E Hetterley

 I LOVE your 'walk your dog with love' front leading harness - it is the BEST -

Fief Van Rossem Cranston

 I do not know how I would walk my dog without, the walk with love. I have been a customer for many years and am very happy. Would recommend to anyone.


 Thank you for your first class service.   

Berni Mcintyre, Scotland 

 I LOVE your harness, have one for my adult dog and makes walking so much easier and fun!


 I am a customer from the UK. I had met a lady on my walk and as the dogs played we chatted. The usual complaint about pulling came up and after I said I have no problem with my big boisterous Labrador who walks gently beside me as soon as the harness  goes on. So we exchanged emails and I sent her the details. I first found the amazing harness 3 years ago, Like many others I found it was amazing.

Eileen, UK

It worked for a while but my dog lost weight and now it is too big and doesn’t work because it doesn’t fit right.

Jesse B

 I've had these harnesses for at least 5 years now, if not older and still in great shape even with daily use.

Jill Walls

 Wow! What a difference the front attached harness made in walking our rescue Newf! She is a leggy 110lbs, and had spent the first 2 years on a farm, with no leash training detected. While I made progress, the sight of a squirrel, bird, or just goofy Newfiness gave us a workout that no gym could replicate. The first time we used the broad band harness it was a whole new walking experience! Thank you!

Kyle C

 Placed my order with extra help from your company in the A.M. We are the people that asked for the special leash. Order arrived yesterday and is wonderful. Thank you for quick delivery!

Susan and PoppyBlubell

 Thank you for your great harnesses, they really do work well to stop the pulling.

Allyson D

 Have been so amazed with the dog harness I bought, it has made such a difference to me and my dog, our walks are so pleasurable now, no pulling, my dog walks calmly and happily beside me. Wish I had had this for my previous dogs. And thank you for the replacement leash you sent me after my dog chewed the first one. Unbelievable service, I am so impressed , would recommend Walk Your Dog With Love to everyone.

Sue Jagger

This harness really works. It stopped our 1 year old Beagle from pulling like a sled dog. We tried several other no pull harnesses that didn't work before this one. Would buy again.

Beth, Crystal MN

Every dog owner should have one.

J Sykes, Cheshire UK

 Thanks for designing this leash. It has been the one that has worked the best with her.

Christiane M, Vernon BC


Anna, Philadelphia PA

 The harness looks great on my dog! Thanks

B Wolfe

 Dogs walked. Their harnesses arrived yesterday from WYDWL - same place Duke’s harness came from all those years ago. Normally we have lots of spinning, jumping, pulling, and general dead arms on a walkies because they get crazy excited, but today i had 2 sane dogs. 2 tired happy dogs and 1 much less tired happy human. I knew they worked having had 1 before but i forgot how massive the difference is. Buy one you won't regret it! The original has been passed on as it was too big for the dogs i have now so they really do last a lifetime and beyond.

Ginette, Wiltshire UK

 I just placed an order to replace the original harness my son misplaced; I hate being without it. We recommend your harness to everyone we know that gets a new dog. There is such a difference with your harness, it's amazing.

J Hoffman

 Terrific product for the largest dogs. I think it is perfect for my Saint Bernard.

Rubin Vex, Toronto Canada

 We've had a WYDWL harness for several years! This will be our 2nd WYDWL harness - highly recommended! I know that a number of people locally have been impressed by it, including a dog walker who uses the harnesses for most of her dogs. If you’ve seen a few orders from Leicester, England, you can see how popular it is here. The harness is for my German Shepherd who has just had surgery on her leg and mustn’t run yet. The WYDWL harness is perfect as it makes it easy to manage her during her rehab. 

Jo Cooper, Leicester UK

 So glad my trainer turned me on to the Broad Band harness. My dog acts so calm now.

David Cow

 This thing is nearly perfect. Anyone can now walk our dog. Old, young, etc. Great product. Nearly perfect.

JP Sizzle

 It works! I couldn’t be happier with this leash. My 54 pound labradoodle was horrible on his leash. He walked me most of the time. This leash has changed everything. Buy it you won’t regret it.


 Fabulous..!!!! You can't even imagine how wonderful this harness is until you put it on your dog and go for a walk....!!!! So easy to put on, especially after watching the youtube video.....Makes walking with your dog a pleasure and not a owners really need to think about not attaching a leash to the dog's neck.....!!!! I immediately could feel the difference in having the control I needed with my dog on our walks.....The harness made a huge difference in my dog understanding what I needed her to do....!!!

Joni D

I have bought two harnesses for our Ridgeback puppy. We love the harness and it works well.

Zoe Lee 

 I love this harness for my mini Bull Terrier. PS this is the only thing that keeps him from pulling, this item is a God-send!!

Jennifer and Bodhi 

 They are the only harness that work with my dogs. My sister used to have a pet sitting business and she recommends your harness exclusively to everyone and now I do as well. 

Brooke N 

 The green is really bright. Exchanged for blue so I am happy.

Bob Stevens, New York NY

 It was my lucky day indeed when I met Dan while out walking my dogs near San Diego CA. He introduced himself to me and my dogs and recommended I visit his website. It looked promising so purchased a WYDWL harness for our 45 pound 4 month old lab-mix puppy. He is strong and used to persistently pull with a collar and leash and walking him was hard work. Immediately - yes, immediately - the harness was fitted he walked without pulling, and better still close to heel and easy to control and direct. The hard work and frustrations of training him to walk on a leash are now over! Everything your website says about the benefits of these harnesses is true. I highly recommend these harnesses. A big thank you!

Bill Dixon 

 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-your harness was life changing for us I wished I had known about it years ago-but glad we have it now (have a couple!) and will be the only harness we use. 

Connie, Magnolia DE 

 Your Walk Your Dog with Love harness is life changing for us. So easy to walk our dog now. And we have no worries about his neck. I’ve recommended it to many. 

Joan Casby 

 We adopted a Border Collie puppy nearly 2 years ago. We are in our 60's and 70's. We started classes but struggled with his pulling. And then my husband had a stroke. I purchased your harness, leash etc. and it has made a lot of difference. My husband can walk him without fear of being pulled over. 

K Robertson 

 Best thing i ever tried for my big lunk. It makes us both look good!

Body D 

I love the Walk your dog harness. My headstrong Corgie that constantly strains on the leash, now walks calmly by my side. The harness is easy to put on and does not pull on the dog’s throat.

D K Eddy 

 I am in the process of buying another one if your harnesses. They are just fantastic I might add.... but I need the next size up a Bertie has grown out of his first one.

Patty C 

 This is my third purchase. I am so pleased with this wonderful harness that I have referred you to my family and friends, whom have also purchased your harnesses. An excellent produce at an affordable price.

Sheila, Jeannette PA 

I have 2 of these for my dogs. LOVE them

Angela Jobe 

 Finn is 18 months, and 90 lbs. This harness has performed as advertised in every way-he is a very strong pup.

Kurt, Londonderry NH 

 This harness has been great in improving my dog and stopping her pulling on the lead.

Emma Gilpin 

 Awesome unit for my Irish Wolfhound. Gives great control and makes a nice leash training tool.


 We love your harnesses and have been using them for about a year.

Bethany Snow 

 Have used these before and would thoroughly recommend, (in fact I have done many times). A friend of mine had neck surgery and was unable to walk her 3 male Golden Retrievers. I recommended these and the boys walk beautifully by her side, she has full control and was able to walk them within 4 weeks of the surgery without worrying that they may pull her. Excellent harness

Alison, Le Tallud France 

 I love both the harness and the leash, we are taking a hike today. Thanks so much -they are a great product and I will be telling people that!

Tracy and Watson 

Simply ingenious, ingeniously simple.  I would not have thought it, but it really works. Walking is fun again!!! I can only recommend it.

Elge, Düsseldorf Germany 

 The Walk Your Dog with Love Harness has always made walks for my dogs and I so much enjoyable in many ways. Thanks for a wonderful product and great service!

Kyle and Gunnar 

 The tick and flea oil worked great on my dogs. Lasts as long as 12 hours. I buy it every year.

Paul Trudeau, Waynesville OH

 Thank you! My Golden gets SO excited for walks that she chewed through the last harness as we were filling up water bottles. We can’t walk her without your system or she walks us! So excited to get a new one. Sorry to see that you lost Teddy recently, I loved seeing all the posts of your walks. Thank you for inventing this harness system, I tell everyone about it!

Amber P, Spokane WA 

 I have used a Gentle leader and a Gentle harness for my 85 pound Bernedoodle. The harness just didn't fit him correct. I found the Walk Your Dog With Love fits him best. He is better behaved and walks with me better with the harness. Also their customer service is very good. I am very pleased and highly recommend them.

John Ariatti 

 Let me say that your harness has changed our lives!  I could not be happier with the results we have gotten walking Bernoulli with your harness.  We have tried a few front clip harnesses that claimed to reduce pulling but none of them really seemed to help.  Your harness literally has saved me from being pulled to the ground!  I have tried it in different situations from neighborhood walks, hikes and setting Bernoulli up knowing he would pull to see how much it helped.  He is a pleasure to walk now and I’m no longer embarrassed to even walk into a store with him!  I am happy to tell everyone about how much we love your harness!

Michelle Jones 

My neighbor got this for me after they watched me struggle with my Puggle. There are a lot of rabbits around here. It does help me and my back aches less after a walk.

Sally, Voorheesville NY 

 Love your product!

J Sherman 5/6/2019

 My Huckleberry and I are happy customers of yours.

Tricia Welsch 5/3/2019

 We absolutely love our dog harness!

Stacy Sand 5/3/2019

 I have 2 of your harnesses for our Rat Terrier, Chase.  He is now 10 years old and loves his harness.  

D Zorbaugh, York PA

 I am a customer of your products and swear by them (reason I got your email) and always tell new dog owners about your harnesses and other products.

G K 5/2/2019

 My Luna is never outside our house without one of her WYDWL harnesses, because she deserves it. 

Karen 5/2/2019

 What a great story how you created this product. I used the harness on my dog Duncan and he did great with it, no more pulling.

Pam Foster 5/2/2019

 We purchased a walk your dog with love harness and love it. 

Jeri Altman 5/1/2019

We have 2 GSPs that I would not be able to walk if not for your harness.

Diane W 5/1/2019

 Our sweet girl Jolie loves her Walk your dog harness and it is so much easier to walk her. 

Glenda T 5/1/2019

 I bought one of your harnesses some time ago for one of my cocker spaniels and it really transformed our walks. I will be ordering another within the next few months, I have recommended it to others who have the same pulling problems with their dogs.

Lesley Brookman, UK 5/1/2019

 My beautiful Bailey is the love of my life. You guys help us become the way we are by giving us a harness that made walks together a joy rather than a constant struggle. 

Mariana & Bailey 5/1/2019

 My dog, Blu, wears one of your bright pink harnesses. I wouldn’t walk her without it . 

C J McElwee 5/1/2019

 We love using your harnesses and leads on our chocolate Labrador Harvey. 

L Parker, Dublin Ireland  5/1/2019

 Best Harness we’ve ever used.

Rich Silvia 5/1/2019

 This was amazing! On our first walk, a big difference was noticed. I can now walk my 76 pound furbaby without fear of him pulling so hard that I would fall. Thank you! We had a Pug Life harness and he'd pull so hard, it sounded like he had breathing problems. I love it!

Paula M, Reston VA 4/30/2019

 This is the best thing I have tried in a very long time. I am happy with the purchase.

N Quell, Montreal Canada 4/29/2019

 Terrific Product for my big dog, giving me great control.

FE Hist 4/25/2019

Love your harnesses!

J G Walker 4/25/2019

 My wife and I LOVE the harness we purchased from you all! We got a green one from online after meeting you at the Big E a few years ago. Our dog, Luna, loves the harness as well.

Tim & Sheri Lambert 4/25/2019

 Amazing customer service!! Thank you!

Dawn B 4/24/2019

 I have the soft and sweet harness for my pit bull mix, who has sensitive skin. It works great, as she can get a bit “focused” on squirrels and lizards!

Debbie, Monrovia CA 4/22/2019

 I already have two, walk your dog with love harnesses and leashes. They’re for my Airedale and Border terrier. I love them. The dogs don’t pull with them, and they’re so easy to put on and take off. I’m ordering my third one for my Yorkie. Thanks for a great product.

Lisa Gonzalez 4/22/2019

 No one is a bigger fan of Walk your Dog with Love than I am. I have referred many people, both friends and strangers. Your wonderful harness has been life changing!

Gwen, Kenai AK 4/22/2019

 All of our gear we’ve bought in the past for our boys from Walk Your Dog with Love has always been lime green for Buddy Love and Sapphire blue for Salvy Love, our Airedale Terriers. Your gear has thus far been top notch and the only acceptable in our household at this time. I would like to comment on your zen hipster belt. It’s fantastic, and we’ve ordered several for friends that have enjoyed them. That type of belt makes a world of difference, producing a peaceful and trustworthy communication.

C Long 4/21/2019

I love mine got it a few years back. Just love it. I tell everyone I meet to get one.

Janine Sherman 4/21/2019

 Our dogs have your harness and my 11 year old is walking her Golden Retriever (on her own).

Tania Monge 4/20/2019

 Purchased my all in one harness with integrated leash 1 year ago! Still love it. Holding up well... has many miles on it! I love the fabric. Dirt and sand brushes right off and it dries quickly. 

Carol M 4/20/2019

 We love the harness!  We have used front clip harnesses before but Walk Your Love Harness really did cut down the pulling tremendously! We are very excited about it.

M Jones 4/19/2019

 I can't say enough good things about your products, particularly the harnesses and the flea and tick repellent, which by the way helps to prevent midges bites on humans, whilst being walked by their dogs!!!! I really love all of your products and use them on my furry Bairns with no side effects, as the flea prevention has been really great for my Bairns, Teddy Boo and Freddie Mercury. Thank you for your great service.

Pam, and the Furries in Great Britain 4/18/2019

 Brilliant harness would definitely recommend.

Anne C, Renfrewshire UK 4/18/2019

 Thank you for your prompt attention. We really love your products, and we thank you again.   

N Hume, Levittown PA 4/17/2019

 Incredible customer support!!

Scott 4/17/2019

 My wife is happy with the all-in-one harness and leash together, my dog seems to do well with it.

Bob K, Apex NC 4/16/2019

 Great products and helpful staff. I tell all my dog friends about you.

Greg, Port Henry NY 4/16/2019

 Our Hamish is a quite rare Irish Red and White Setter, 25 kilos. We do like the harness as he has a very sensitive trachea.

Lynn L, Great Britain 4/15/2019

The harness has been wonderful. My Dog is Lincoln, age 21 months, 70 lbs, Shepherd/Husky mix. He has been wearing the harness since September 2018. I bought the harness at the Big E in Springfield, MA at your vendor booth. I love the harness and it has helped so much. 

Sheryl M, Hyde Park NY 4/14/2019

 I LOVE these harnesses. I weigh 100 pounds, and I foster large breed dogs for my local rescue. These harnesses have been a life (and shoulder) saver!

Casey Jo 4/14/2019

 This is truly the BEST harness...not too tight - fits just right - seems very comfortable on my Borzoi!

Janice, Grosse Pointe Shores MI 4/14/2019

 You run a good business and have good products. So glad we found you many years ago at Lincoln Center. We'll be back. 

Elaine B 4/13/2019

 We bought one for our 80 lb dog and love it!

Ruth E Mac 4/13/2019

 I've bought 3 or 4 of your harnesses and love them.

Mark, Winchester VA 4/13/2019

The harness looks great on my dog! Thanks

B Wolfe, Nanticoke PA 4/12/2019

 We enjoy our 5 mile walks every day. She is a great dog, but your harness is lifesaver. I am so happy I found this.

J Studebaker 4/11/2019

 These are great. We have had one for our dog at every age. He walks like a dream.

Heidi P W 4/10/2019

  I have this harness for my dog, and it is a total game changer. She pulls without it, walks like a dream with it.

Mara Schiffren 4/10/2019

 These are great! I’ve used these for the last several years. Turned my walk with my golden from a pulling contest to a pleasant experience.

Nina B O’Connor 4/10/2019

 We have one and love it! So easy to put on and stops the pulling!

Teresa M 4/10/2019

 I bought the 3ft x 1in leash in purple a couple of months ago and loved it! I love the length of the 3ft because every other seller only has 2ft (which is too short) or 4ft (which is too long), 3ft is just right for me!

Matthew G, West Hartford CT 4/10/2019

 Love this harness!! I use it on my Golden Retriever. It really does work!

Stephanie 4/10/2019

 Best ever for product and service. And SCOUT (the pup) loves products, too. The harness is the best of all harnesses ever tried for ease of use and dog control. And add the ZEN belt and you have it made. Totally amazing! We just cannot gush enough about the WALK YOUR DOG WITH LOVE online site.

Nancy and Scout 4/9/2019

 This harness literally changed my dog’s behavior in minutes. He can now go out in public and not look like a banshee!

Kristi Brown 4/9/2019

 I use them on all 4 of my rescues, shelties (escape artist) and Bichons (who love to walk me) and I have been a fan forever. I have tried every kind of leash/collar option out there and can’t say enough about WYDWL gear.

Buddys Blankets 4/9/2019

Your customer service is on a very high level. Thank you!

B Halpern, Brooklyn NY 4/9/2019

 The leash is nice and well made but it is too long for me.

Carla N 4/9/2019

 These front harnesses are fabulous! My parent’s Lab was horrible on the leash and, unlike my GSDs, didn't have the sense to stop jumping and pulling even when she was choking. I was afraid that she would seriously injure herself and that I wouldn't be able to hold her. A trainer suggested this harness would do the trick. I'll never forget the look on her face when she took off after a deer and suddenly found herself looking back at me instead, lol. Walks like a dream now!

Shelly Mategko 4/8/2019

 These are wonderful… got one for my Papillon Sassie… she was such a puller and this helped tremendously.

D Andrade 4/8/2019

 BEST. HARNESS. EVER. I have two large Labs, and it was impossible to walk both at one time. They are well-behaved and well trained, but still pulled on a leash. With a Walk Your Dog With Love harness on each, I can walk both with one hand! They love them as well, because they are not being pulled at the neck. It is so easy to put on and take off. You will NOT be disappointed with it!

Maureen Muldowney Finn 4/8/2019

 My 125-lb Great Pyr walks very nicely on a leash... until “danger” arises! And there is a lot of danger here in bucolic Cape Cod. This harness has been a god-send for me. It's the only thing I've tried that keeps him from dragging me behind him as he saves me from danger.

Marsha Finley 4/8/2019

 I bought one of these harnesses during the last BFDR fundraiser for my 80lb Husky and it does help, doesn't stop his pulling completely but it does help.

Elizabeth M 4/8/2019

 Use these and love them.

J Lambertz 4/8/2019

 We invested in this for our BFD adoptee. She is a hyper-dominant, startlingly strong Basenji mix. Honestly made a huge difference! The pulling and lunging have almost completely stopped.

KSG 4/8/2019

 I love this harness!

Jennifer O 4/8/2019

 Love your products and I order often.

Sue R 4/7/2019

 My wife and I really appreciate your Company and products. We switched from the Sportso doggo harnesses to the Neo's recently. The Neo has been a great answer. Lighter, and no metal attachments to rub on the dogs’ shoulders.

Britt and Lissette Lagos 4/7/2019

I have purchased two front leading harnesses one in purple and a bright pink one with a collar to match in the past ,and we love them I would not be able to walk my golden retreiver without the harness it was a god send for me. I am looking through the beautiful colours you can order now for another one for my lovely Chloe.

J & W Robb, Irvine GB 4/7/2019

 These harnesses are TRULY a Godsend for our family. We have purchased 2 for both dogs!

Marti Lococo 4/4/2019

 I LOVE the harnesses.  For the first time is 8 years, I’m not being dragged on a walk or down stairs!  Even though they are 10 lbs, they are strong!!  I’m so sorry I didn’t know about you guys sooner.  I’ve already referred a few people to you.  Hopefully they purchase.

Jo-Anne P 4/2/2019

At long last walking my dog is a dream, as much as I love walking Lulu, it was always a struggle and not enjoyable. I received the harness two days ago and am amazed at the difference it has made in walking Lulu. I have bought many different harnesses for her, all tie from under the neck and none of them have been successful, mostly a bad fit, and she was still pulling. The WYDWL harness is so so simple to put on and absolutely no pulling, just love it! Great quality product also. Would recommend this harness 100%.

Linda Ulyatt 4/1/2019

 I just wanted to let you know that the person who's doing some training with my Sweet Annie who is 17 lb of terrier Chihuahua Dachshund craziness loves the walk your dog with love harness and I think somebody from their retail store may have contacted you about getting one some weeks back when they saw it on Annie. It's perfect it does everything it's supposed to do and she's comfortable and walks like a princess.  Glad to be able to spread the love a little.  

Tracey C 4/1/2019

 Tiki is 10 years old today and loves his harness!

B Henderson 4/1/2019

 My nutty dog is happy with the harness, seems comfortable, walking as well as I can expect. 

S Cramer 3/31/2019

Fantastic! Been using the original for a year. Walking my strong cattle dog is a joy - no pulling at all and she hasn't backed,out of it either! I tried regular collars and other harnesses, she,managed to get out of everything until WYDWL! Ordering the soft and sweet harness today so I have a backup when it needs cleaning or gets wet.

Kathy, Cornish ME 3/30/2019

 A friend who is a dog groomer was given this harness by one of her clients. I tried it on Penny and talk about a world of difference… even first trip out.

Patty P 3/30/2019

 We received our order yesterday and appreciated getting it so quickly. We ordered the Zen belt and love it, so would like to get another now that know first hand how great it is. Thanks again for your great service and great products.

Nancy Jo and John Keegan 3/29/2019

 Really loving the harness for my little puller. Lime green is awesome on my little black doggy.

Emma Jean, Forest Hills NY 3/28/2019

Arrived promptly. Good quality. Perfect for my Springer Spaniel.

Lynn J, Oldham GB 3/28/2019

 I purchased your harness that you hook a leash to and love it. I am considering buying the NEO with the leash already attached. Thanks for making a great harness - you eliminated everything I didn’t like about them and made a great version!

Kim, Hebron CT 3/26/2019

 This works super for my energetic and friendly Lab mix. He is a big derp and needs as much help as he can get.

S Neil, Ottowa Canada 3/25/2019 

I purchased 2 harnesses and a leash in 2016. We have absolutely loved them! My dog now needs a little bigger size.

Deidre Morris 3/25/2019

The Sportso harnesses have been a game changer for our easily-excited puppies! We are so impressed by your customer service and generous replacement policies. Thank you for making our walks so enjoyable!

Carrie, Palm Harbor FL 3/24/2019

 Our golden doodle Maxine has outgrown her first Original Dog Harness and we attempted to walk her from just the collar and it did not go well. We love how well your harness works so we will be getting her the next size up.

Dillon L 3/23/2019

 Best harness ever!

Jennifer Ainslie, Pittsburg PA 3/22/2019

 We love this NEO leash it’s the only saving grace we found that lets us walk our dogs without any pulling!

Linda Steinman 3/22/2019

 Love, love, love these harnesses! And most importantly so do my two puppinos! I recently ordered a harness with the add on matching leash. Great company and amazing customer support! I recommend them to everyone I see with a dog.

Chelsea 3/21/2019

Your harness is the only one that will stop her from pulling us.

Ms Wright, West Midlands UK 3/20/2019

I purchased your harness and it has made a big difference with a pulling dog. He is a rescue and very, very friendly.

Anita Bartell 3/20/2019

I love my harnesses. 

Lillian 3/19/2019

 Our black lab has been using this amazing harness for the past few years. We use this daily for our dog’s walks.

S B, Averill Park NY 3/18/2019

 My daughter bought a harness at the Springfield MA Exposition in 2018 and we like the harness very much. Snoopy is a beagle and we had problems with her escaping out of her harness and run away. This harness has been much more dependable! The only way she has run off lately is by sneaking out the door when it is open!

Phyllis Tower 3/18/2019

 I love your harnesses... nice to have one that isn't smarter than I am ;)  So easy  to use.  I've gotten other pups in our litter wearing them, too.  my pup Tashi loves them too! 

Janis 3/16/2019

 My dog has had one of these harnesses for 4 years now. We both love how light and comfortable they are. 

Katherine H 3/15/2019

 Our dog is a 70 lb Bloodhound with no chest “whatsoever”. We love our harnesses and would not use anything else.

A Kerklin, Quincy FL 3/15/2019

 This invention changed my dog's walk completely & I can't thank you enough!

Linda E 3/15/2019

 Was amazed! This truly works on my husky. She loves to pull you and she doesn’t at all with this. We love it and why didn’t I get This sooner! Thank you!

Brian Cutter 3/15/2019

 I have no idea why this harness works when none of the other front pull harness have, but it was an instant transformation for Townsend!

Andrea D 3/14/2019

The harness is the second one we have used with my dog, we have found it very easy to use.

Douglas S, Cumbria UK 3/13/2019

 The harness is outstanding in quality of build and really, truly works as you advertise. Thanks for keeping product quality and customer satisfaction your top priorities!

B Wilkerson, Sykesville MD 3/12/2019

 I have an 8 year old Bassett Hound from Golden Gate Bassett Rescue. He is my third dog with your harness. I met you at The BigE years ago. I am truly a "Raving Fan"! My dog is perfectly behaved and was NOT when I got him at 3. I walk him 5 miles per day in town with his 6' leash simply draped over my hand.

G Weiss Jr, Sonoma CA 3/11/2019

 This was the only harness that worked for our Weimaraner. We tried harnesses, choke collars and even Cesar Milan’s no pull collar. It was this product which allowed my youngest daughter to walk our dog safely.

C Pierce 3/10/2019

 I ordered one of your harnesses awhile back and we love it!

Joan H 3/10/2019

 No problems with this leash.

Ken D, Port Washington NY 3/10/2019

 My dog loves her harness.

Nannette, Chagrin Falls OH 3/10/2019

 I bought one of your harnesses 9+ years ago at a farmer’s market type of event for my dog Baby, and have loved it ever since.

Kris C 3/9/2019

I bought one 4 years ago for my Aussie. Now I'm buying one for my Saint. Love this harness the first time. Expecting same result. My Saint hates the gentle leader.

K Ross, Mallard CT 3/9/2019

 We sadly lost our beloved pooch and proud wearer of your harnesses Tucker, last summer. We now have a little fella, Murphy, who isn't big enough yet to inherit Tucker's old ones, so I'm back again for a new size. Thanks again for making a great product.

Kathleen Nash 3/9/2019

 It's the ONLY harness I've tried that stops Stella from pulling!

D Nolan 3/8/2019

 Good harness- works well.

Tina M, Chula Vista CA 3/7/2019

 Amazing! My husky loves it! Stylish and no pull or choke. I’m in love!

Amber Rose, Rockwood MI 3/6/2019

 Easy to adjust and fit to the dog, and worked great on the first try. It just seems so light and simple and makes walking easy breezey.

Samantha, Malone TX 3/6/2019

 Great Harness for your dog. Very well made. Good choice for your dog.

Ann D 3/6/2019

 Used our harness for the first time today...was like walking a different dog ..... amazing!

Mitzi Moo 3/4/2019

 I have only ever used your harnesses for my dogs. They are the best. Excellent quality and my dogs love them.

Helen 3/4/2019

 My Beagles love the World’s Best Harness

Lynne Yates 3/2/2019

 We love our older dog’s harness more than any we have ever purchased!!!

Jann H 3/2/2019

 Fabulous..!!!! You can't even imagine how wonderful this harness is until you put it on your dog and go for a walk....!!!! So easy to put on, especially after watching the you-tube video.....Makes walking with your dog a pleasure and not a owners really need to think about not attaching a leash to the dog's neck.....!!!! I immediately could feel the difference in having the control I needed with my dog on our walks.....The harness made a huge difference in my dog understanding what I needed her to do....!!!

Joni, Las Cruces NM 3/1/2019

 This harness works great! This is my second order. My daughter borrowed ours for her pup. Loves it so much she never gave it back. I kind of figured that was going to happen. Her German Shorthair was a major puller! Not anymore.

K Peters, West Bend WI  2/27/2019

 Love the harness and leash, but there is no purple in the rainbow.

Karin G 2/25/2019

Thank you so much. We love your harnesses and all three of our dogs wear them! 

Jim and Nina 2/23/2019

 I received it today! This harness has worked wonders for my husky! Now for the chihuahua mix...

Alice Chan, Eagle ID 2/23/2019

 I love this harness and it really humanely controls him.

ME Knotwell, Milford 2/22/2019

 This is the third harness we have bought from you. It does work really well on my golden retriever

Mrs A Haseler, Cheltenham U K 2/22/2019

 Great- was able to hike for 2 hours with my cagey Vizsla without my torso being yanked around!

Ashley, Santa Fe NM 2/19/2019

 This is a great company! We have several harnesses. We use them for running, swimming, paddle boarding and biking.

Piper 2/19/2019

 This was life changing and made it a joy instead of painful to walk my pulling dog.

Sheila Mariet 2/17/2019

 Does the job. It has greatly reduced my dog's pulling.

V P 2/15/2019

 We recently made some great quality of life improvements with some of the best Giant Breed items currently on the market. One is the snazzy Walk Your Dog With Love harness (and matching leash!). We weren’t sure if it was going to be better than our current harness, but felt it addressed our comfort and pulling factor. It was easy to size and order. Great harness for a dog that doesn’t pretend he can tow small cars. What surprised us most is how much it changed our walks. It wasn’t bunching up on one side from him pulling on the leash, he was easier to control, and he seemed overall happier. He still pulls on the lead to try to say hello to humans, and occasionally runs in circles to be a jerk, but walks aren’t nearly as back and shoulder jarring. We also get lots of comments on how nice it looks! The best thing is how easy it is to clip in without hunting through chest fur for the leash ring, and the bands are nice thick and smooth, and doesn’t rub itself into fur. And and and.. I could talk forever about this amazing product.

Fezzik 2/15/2019

 I love my "walk your dog with love" harness, lead and especially the hands free belt. It's been a tremendous help in having pleasurable walks with my Porkchop.

C N Gaines 2/14/2019

 Great for my big lunk of 120 pounds loveable but stubborn. People in my neighborhood notice that his manners are improved using this device.

Zach and Charlie 2/14/2019

 Let me say that your harness is fantastic.  I absolutely love it. 

Randall, Lawndale NC 2/14/2019

 This will be my third harness as I feel I need the next size up. My dog is a four year old Golden Retriever, who had it not been for Walk Your Dog With Love, would have had to be rehomed as she was just too strong for me even as a puppy. I have since recommended this harness to countless others explaining its virtues.

Margaret Hullin 2/14/2019

 We bought your harness after a recommendation as we had tried everything else to control our very rambunctious 70 kg Great Dane. Needless to say, it absolutely transformed dog walks for us.

Laura 2/14/2019

 Love my bright pink collar and harness! 

Bailey the Wheaton 2/14/2019

My 3 dogs only wear your collars, harnesses, leashes & car belts.

Sharon Morty 2/13/2019

 Love my bright orange harness and bright orange leash, especially at night!

Gogo 2/12/2019

 The BEST harnesses I’ve ever used! My pups love them.

Kelsey Morris 2/12/2019

 Love it!!! This halter has made my wild man a lot more controllable and my lady more comfortable walking around cars.

V Maze 2/12/2019

 Love this product

Laura Griffen 2/12/2019

 Love your harnesses!

Jodi S 2/12/2019

 Have been a satisfied customer with every product purchased and with this excellent level of service, you’ve exceeded my expectations. I’ll continue to spread the word among all my friends and family members.

Kathy Gosselin 2/12/2019

 I purchased my first two harnesses in Oct. 2017 when my dogs were not grown. They now have outgrown them. I thought I had read somewhere that you offer a discount when purchasing again in a larger size. Is that true. I am ready to order two more harnesses now! They are great! Thank you.

Wanda Allen 2/11/1019

 Strong harness and sturdy leash, the purple is brighter than i like. My dog seems comfortable and is walking well, even my neighbor asked if we got training!

G C, Yorba Linda CA 2/11/2019

 I’ve been using your harnesses since my first dog was a pup. My second pup received the hand-me-downs as I loved the concept of your harnesses. I appreciate the business I've done with you for the past two years.

Michael M 2/10/2019

 I have bought from your company before.  Love the product.  Thank you.

C Newbill, Pensacola FL 2/9/2019

 I have used walk my dog with love harness on my big girl for years. It is good to know they have this. She is 13 years old.

Kimbery Rao 2/9/2019

 We got one on vet recommendation for our 67 lb Golden. Good product would recommend it!

Mark & Laura 2/8/2019

 Great for leash training, my puppy has been so good on the leash now, been about 6 months. Just got the bigger one with embroidery since he is almost full grown now.

Freddie, Key West FL 2/6/2019

Love your product!

Phyliss B, Huntsville AL 2/4/2019

 I was given a harness for a Christmas gift for our dog. Today was the first day we had tried it out for a walk, and it was great.

M Piazza 2/4/2019

 Fabulous harness to get dog under control! This harness is the best! I’ve been using one since 2011, when I adopted my “wild & crazy” rescue dog. It worked like a charm to get him under control! After 8 years, the clasp broke, so had to buy a new one. But hey, 8 years....

Ima Furry Critter 2/4/2019

 I wasnt expecting the Pink to be so bright, baby pink would have been more my dog's style. It seems to be working, the dog likes the harness. 

Tamara, St Antonio TX 2/4/2019

 Great Item!

J M, Norfolk UK 2/3/19

 We have a 4 year Yellow Lab who has used your harness since he was a puppy and we love it! Thank you so much for making a great product.

Kayla, Opie and Dakota 2/3/2019

 The service was excellent, I needed help with sizing. The harness fits great and works to control my dog. 

Jorge T, Mission TX 2/1/2019

 I have a very energetic 1 yr. Old lab mix. She is a puller and in order for us to both enjoy our walks a no pull harness is necessary. The only problem being that she also likes to chew and was chewing through her harnesses. This harness has a very simple design and doesn't look like much but it is the only harness comfortable enough for her to wear, that she doesn't bother chewing it off.

Michelle, Saskatchewan Canada 1/30/2019

 Arrived quickly, nice packaging. I like the Lime green. Works well on my Puggle.

G Werner, The Villages FL 1/30/2019

 I am running a private puppy class for one of my clients and the puppies from her dog’s litter. It is really sweet, I made sure to equip them all with the bright harnesses I recently purchased.  These harnesses are simply magical!

Angela Marler, Loving Canine Transformations 1/30/2019

 I just wanted to let you know that many of my clients are purchasing your harness. Julie just bought one for Karma, her 5 yr. old English Mastiff. I am dog sitting her for a week and I am so thankful that she took my advice. I don't think Karma has been walked a lot. She responds very well to the harness. Julie also mentioned how helpful you were and she liked speaking with you personally.

Ann Barnes, Adventures with Ann, Dog Training & Walking 1/28/2019

 I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!  I have two dogs, and the harnesses have helped with training, walking, and overall care.

David Kucher 1/28/2019

 I was a little skeptical at first, but after giving it a try, I am excited to say.....IT WORKS!!! We have a 60 lb lovey that pulls your shoulder out at times!! Not any more!! Praise the Lord! The first try was interesting....she was not sure how to respond....but the second try was beautiful! As if she is a well trained doggie. LOVE This!! Thank you for the invention! Highly recommended.

Claudia C 1/27/2019

Easy to use and easy to walk with. Helps a lot.

Sierra L, Seattle WA 1/27/2019

 Superb product and superb service. So good I ordered another harness from them! This harness really does work and the customer support - videos and prompt reply to emails - is exceptional. Thank you!

Lisa B, Lancashire UK 1/27/19

 What a wonderful invention..... I cannot believe the difference I am actually beginning to enjoy walking my dog again!!

Amanda, Manchester UK 1/26/2019

 Love your outstanding customer service and deep discounts for the puppy upgrade AND your generosity with the Chew Relief!  Walk Your Dog With Love is woof-somely awesome! 

Kelly and Sassafras 1/25/2019

I highly recommend products from this company. The collar was easy to adjust and easy to put on. Instructions are provided, both written and in an online video. Everything comes with a replacement guarantee.

Judy, Jamestown NY 1/24/2019

 I really like our new harness as it's simple to use, yet very effective.  I had tried some others for our Standard Poodle and this is the best.

Jane Taylor 1/24/2019

 Thanks so much for the new harness! It fits and Eddie is so happy! (So am I). I am spreading the news. We really appreciate your great commitment to your customers!

Norah K 1/24/2019

 I knocked out 3 miles with a 6kg baby strapped to me. So much easier to walk Ron with his new harness! A whole different experience!

Nikki, UK 1/24/2019

 I love your product and the business name is perfect!

I Richardson 1/23/2019

 This is a brilliant design for dogs who pull. I have one for my large Doberman cross and she's brilliant on it. I have recently bought one for my very excitable Border collie as the next step from a nose strap (happy leader) he is excellent on it.

LFW, North Humberside UK 1/21/2019

 You have a great product that has really worked for us, and we will continue to be customers in the future!

Beldan K 1/21/2019

 I sprayed my dog with it a few days ago and so far, I don't see any fleas. She’s susceptible to getting fleas so I'm glad it's working.

Lorraine Jacobs, Ithaca NY 1/21/2019

 Makes a positive difference whether the dog pulls or not. Both my dogs have great manners while using this harness. I Recommend.

Dell, San Antonio TX 1/20/2019

 This is by far, the best harness out there! My 130 lb. beast is now a pleasure to walk. It changed our lives.

L Bianco 1/19/2019

 Took 5 days to get to me in Arizona. Have not tried it yet. My dog is really difficult in general. Hope it works.

Sal I, Yuma AZ 1/19/2019

 I recommend these harnesses to everyone, we have found them to be great.

Karen 1/18/2019

 We walk to the lake most every eve over cobblestones and avoiding street dogs. I love how easy it is to steer him in his harness and how soft the leash is. Ollie just turned two, my precious little man! Thanks for a great product!

Judy and Ollie, Mexico 1/17/2019

 Thank you so much for the harness, I just received it today in Nairobi. It changes my life, so much easier.

Severine H 1/17/2019

 I have 5 harnesses for my dog and this one is the best! Easy to put on and it doesn’t rub him raw under front legs. Love it

Barbara, Pensacola FL 1/16/2019

 Excellent, no complaints at all! It “just works”.

Antonia, Burlington VT 1/15/2019

 I have spent a fortune on different leads and collars over the years and this is the only one I've found that is kind and doesn't allow her to pull!

Olivia L 1/15/2019

 They are amazing harnesses, they changed my life and dog walking has become a pleasure rather than a pulling battle.

Karen W 1/14/2019

 Thank you for such excellent customer service. This is a unique experience in today’s world.

J Null 1/14/2019

 We received our harness today and I was pleasantly surprised at what a difference it made on our walk! Though I think I still have some adjusting to do in order to get the right fit, I am very impressed!

Michelle 1/13/2019

 Terrific harness, really making leash training my nervous rescue much easier. We thank you.

B Gervais 1/11/2019

 This is the best solution for a dog that pulls on the leash. We have tried so many other things and this actually worked. Dog walks are so enjoyable now where they use to be a struggle. Is easy to put on and comfortable for our 70lb dog. Love it!

E R 1/10/2019

 I have been using this harness for my three dogs, for two it is working great, one still pulls but not as much. I am pleased and satisfied with the product.

Jamie R, Newcastle AU 1/9/2019

 Our dog, Connor, is a 9 month old lab mix. He is energetic and strong. I had been using a top-attach harness for our daily walks. The larger he grew, the stronger he became. It was becoming difficult to reinforce good walking form---when he reached 60 pounds, it was all I could do to hold onto the leash with two hands. Training was difficult, and I didn't want to resort to a choke or pinch collar. I heard about the Walk Your Dog With Love harness during the Stephanie Miller show and decided to give it a try. What a game changer! Once I got the fit right, it was a night and day difference. He now walks nicely without forging and pulling. At first, he would start to forge ahead, but the pressure of the harness on his chest would turn him toward me. After a few walks he has made a habit of walking by my side with a loose leash! Now we can enjoy our walks and I can focus on praising and reinforcing his good behavior, and that's really the way I want to train. It's also super easy to put on, no more rolling and bucking puppy to struggle with while picking up paws and fastening buckles like a cowboy in a calf roping competition. 100% recommend.

Michelle Burgess 1/8/2019

Best harness ever! Walking a 71 pound Goldendoodle can be challenging and we own a plethora of harnesses, collars and leads. I bought WYDWL harness after my daughter recommended it and wasn't expecting a huge difference. Took our first walk with it yesterday and O M G what a difference!!!! Frankie was a different dog with this harness! NO more hanging on for dear life! We encountered several dogs along the way and Frankie was a gentleman the entire time. We even recommended it to another dog owner we met with a young, energetic doodle of his own! Super easy to put on, even too easy as I kept thinking "it can't be that easy". Great quality halter and matching lead. Wish I'd gone with the brighter color because the jewel tones are gorgeous in person. 100% recommend!!!

Angie, Easton PA 1/7/2019

 I cannot believe how wonderful this harness is! I have tried other harnesses with no luck, but this one...Wow. I have a 6 year old German Shepard, Brutus, who I adore, but when we go for a walk he will bolt and lunge if he sees another dog or God forbid, a cat. This harness seems to keep him calm. I have walked him a half dozen times since receiving this harness and Brutus hasn’t pulled on the leash once. I am so glad I heard your commercial on the well spent!

Susan and Brutus, La Mesa CA 1/7/2019

 I tried various non-pull harnesses and was recommended this by a dog trainer and WOW I can now walk my Cocker without dislocating my shoulder!

KJ 1/7/2019

 I received my brand new harness for my German Short Haired puppy VERY quickly! She is a monster on a regular leash.  I really cannot walk her properly without your wonderful product. She is a big puller when walking on free lead (i.e. not walking at heel) - and I like to let her have free lead walks to sniff and enjoy the world....but not if she is pulling me off of my feet! Thanks again for this fabulous product. WE MUST HAVE YOUR HARNESS!!!

L Erb 1/6/2019

 We bought our first WYDWL harness for our 12 yr. old Sydney probably 10 or 11 yrs. ago now and love the comfort and ease of the fit. 

Larry, Litchfield CT 1/6/2019

 Using this harness was like walking a different dog. No more pulling!

S Thomson, Saskatchewan Canada 1/6/2019

 This product does exactly what it says it does. For 9 years my husband always had to walk the dog because he pulled so hard. What a joy it was to finally be able to walk him myself after we got this harness! Now we have a very excitable puppy, who is impossible to walk on a leash without the harness. I recommend this harness to everyone who has a dog!

J A B, Jamestown NY 1/6/2019

 Never thought this simple thingy would make such a big difference in my dog walking. We are all much happier now, and enjoying walks again.

John D 1/5/2019

 Feels like walking a new dog!

Ricky, San Jose CA 1/4/2019

Great product. My dog is very strong and this product makes walking my dog more enjoyable.

Laura Garvin 1/4/2019

 Jake is a Great Pyreness puppy, very large breed. Just turned a year and I estimate him at 115 lbs or more! The leash has helped the pulling issue so much considering I’m only 5’2” and 130 lbs. Best harness ever. My husband was skeptical, and he was like, “well I was wrong, it does work.”

Chastity 1/4/2019


 Walking my newly rescued young big strong dog is sooo much easier now thanks to the Zen Hipster Belt! I ordered a second one to keep in my camper so I have one available at all times.

Elfi 1/4/2019

 I have one of your harnesses (I love it). I have had it on a few of my dogs, my newest puppy is a Lab-Mastiff 90 lbs and still growing. Customer for life! 

Christy Brewster 1/3/2019

 My dog Rondo and I are more than pleased with his no-pull/no-choke harness. I do believe he walks with a sprightlier step and a merrier twinkle in his eyes! We love your company. He wants to add: "Woof, woof.  And Arf!"

Sasha and Rondo Moore 1/3/2019

Labrador puppy was pulling on her lead. This harness was recommended by a friend who uses one for her dog. It works! What a difference. Would recommend this product 100%

Carolann 1/3/2019

 Fantastic!! I can actually walk my dog rather than him walk me. Changed our lives.

Tori R 1/3/2019

 This has actually been great for my dog's leash training.

H LeFevre, New York NY 1/2/2019

 I purchased this harness for my yellow lab. When I first tried it on him, it seemed small. After emailing with the company about a return, they encouraged me to adjust the fit based on their suggestions. After doing so, I think the harness fits much better. My main concern was that it doesn't rub under his armpits like other front-clip harnesses do. So far so good!

M M, Drums PA 1/1/2019

It works fantastically well. My wife and 9 year old can actually walk Rusty now, he walks right beside them.

Waylon K 1/1/2019

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the dog harness I recently bought from you. The best I have ever bought, it really does work. My dog walks happily beside me now instead of pulling me along. I wish I had had this for my previous dogs. I will definitely be recommending this to other people. Also impressed with how quickly it arrived. Thank you very much.

Susan Jagger, UK 12/31/2018

 Just wanted to say thanks. I will definitely order from you again.

Ray 12/31/2018

 This is the best harness for my big growing 7 month Husky! It is such a pleasure to walk him with this on, no more pulling and a lot more secure. We bought the harness in September and he has been growing with it.

Maria Herrera 12/30/2018

 Great product, has really helped reduce pulling.

R Lodge, London UK 12/30/2018

Yesterday, we received our 55-120lb harness my wife purchased for our 10 month old, 100lb Newfie. We made all the adjustments and got him situated in it and then took him out for a test run. Immediately there was a difference. He used to constantly pull his leash taut and choke himself with it while trying to get to the truck or even just to go out and potty. Months of attempting to teach him not to pull had not made a dent in this behavior, but we stuck this harness on him and instantly he was a new dog. Today was more of the same. He was very well behaved on the harness and was learning very quickly. We were super impressed!

B Neff 12/30/2018

 I recently purchased your world’s best harness and I have to tell you this is the best I have ever had. My dog is 82# and a real sweetheart but extremely strong and likes to run me and its ok in the nice weather but winter is a different story. She is a completely different dog with this harness on. I was prepared for another one that did not solve the problem, but this is all that you said it was, thank, thank very much!  I will certainly recommend your harness to everyone I know.

Donna Ellefson 12/29/2018

 Very happy with this product!

Denise 12/28/2018

 We love our harness. Amazing customer service is hard to come by these days and it is appreciated, I will be telling everyone I know to get one.

Anne and Abby 12/28/2018

 We love the Sportso Harness and it works tremendously with our 9 month old grand-dog, Hope! Your product, customer service and team are exceptional.  Kudos to all of you!

Steve & Lynne 12/27/2018

 Misplaced the harness for a couple days, went back to the old system. Wow! What a huge difference! I couldn't believe what we were dealing with before. Made us realize how good this harness really is. We found it thankfully!

Carol S 12/26/2018

 I love this NEO harness. More important, my Furkidz love it. I'm owned by two Basset Hounds, and I'm handicapped. Had to hire a dog walker. I enjoyed our walks. Then I discovered this harness and we go for walks again! They outweigh me by 30lbs. but I have the control. No pulling, no choking, no harming their necks. They're SO happy that we go for walks again. I like the all in one harness, but you may prefer the more traditional leash attach one. If you have a question about putting on the harness, just call the manufacturer and they are very helpful and pleasant.
Pam, Lucy, and Frankie 12/26/2018

 I have 3 beagles that wear your harness. I wish I could give you a hug. I have shared your website a number of times on my Facebook page.

Brooke T 12/23/2018

 Love your dog harness, second one we bought.

Kathy H, Hudson FL 12/22/2018

 Fast delivery, love the harness.

E C, Richmond, VA 12/21/2018

 I continue to recommend your company frequently. 

J Neeb 12/20/2018

 This harness is awesome. I got mine yesterday and walked my dog with it right away. I felt like I was walking a toy poodle instead of a 90 pound Doberman. Amazing.

Sean Mele 12/19/2018

I have two big Chows that can PULL. Not anymore. It's a breeze to take them for a walk.

G Bower 12/18/2018

 Best harness you can buy!

A Bushnell 12/18/2018

 Love your products. Will order few now. Wish we knew earlier but happy we found your product:)

Michael, Miami Beach FL 12/18/2018

 We have a number of your products and love them. We have also recommended and gifted them to a number of others, they all like them also.

Peter and Diane 12/17/2018

So far, I am more than pleased with my purchase! Out for a walk right now with Cooper and he’s not pulling it all! Thanks for a great product!

Jennifer M 12/17/2018

 It is by far my favorite leash.

Brenda and Finn 12/17/2018

 I am a long time dog and horse owner. My dog, Henry (Border Collie/Lab/Rotti X) only pulled because I goofed around with him running on the leash and playing 'Sled Dog' when he was a puppy. He is a smart dog. In this case, owner who was not thinking long term. Henry has never been the problem. It has been my training errors. Henry is still an intelligent, beautiful, well trained dog but who sometimes pulls when on leash. I have recently had surgeries and don't have much strength/balance. Got this harness. Zero pulling. Am still mystified. Worked wonderfully for me.

Kim Stuart 12/16/2018

 Best walk ever!

C C, Montreal CA 12/15/2018

 I am a nationally recognized and published dog trainer and writer as well as pet product spokesperson and on-camera pet expert and have purchased quite a few harnesses over time from you. I like yours for the smaller dogs since your main competition (Easy Walk) has very thin straps for smaller harnesses that are not as comfortable for the dog and the clasps are small and hard to work, especially for older hands. 

Amy Robinson, Drool School 12/15/2018

 Got it today!  Wow what a difference!  Best our puppy has walked in weeks.

Blake, West Reading PA 12/13/2018

 Only tried it once so far, but not sure if it's working. My dog pulls less but I feel like I have to steer him.

Sally G, Walla Walla WA 12/13/2018

 My daughter adopted a dog in May, he is 60+ pounds and she is 110! He was pulling her and causing her to fall a few times while walking because he was not trained well on a leash. The harness we got from you guys is amazing!! She has total control walking him now and she enjoys walks instead of dreading taking him out! Thank goodness I found this product for her! Thank you!

Koren Robinson 12/13/2018

 I got this harness for our Golden Retriever and it is the best. In the past we had to get her to "step " into other harness but no more! It is secure, easy to use and makes long walks more enjoyable for all! Thanks for a great American made product.

M Colvin 12/13/2018

I love this harness and company. I have a mini Aussie who is out of control, and I got the sportso doggo harness and it controls his crazy need for herding and playing with other dogs when we are walking and on the road! Thank you walk your dog with love!!

Marissa G 12/13/2018

 I use your harness for my 80 pound Lab and I love it. Second order is for my daughter’s Pittie for Christmas.

Barbara A 12/12/2018

 I love your products and I am happy to be a repeat customer! I would never put Noel in a different harness to walk her in because she loves it so much. Thank you for your great products and I am so impressed with the technology and how it works perfectly for her.

K C 12/11/2018

 Well- made, sturdy product. Works good.

Frankie, Berea KY 12/11/2018

 Great for Puppies. Easy to get on and off puppy. Great quality. Can scoop young puppy up if have to without hurting her.

Catherine Larsen 12/10/2018

 I have two large Chows that love to pull when I take for a walk. The Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses stop that pulling. It was a breeze to take them for a walk. I highly recommend this harness.

Gene, Tucson AZ 12/10/2018

I feel so much safer in the woods with this harness on!!

M Lydon 12/9/2018

 Just wanted to start by saying the harness is amazing. As far as a training tool for not pulling it worked amazing for my 6month old Great Pyrenees/German Shep. Mix. Without a doubt. 

Michael Z 12/9/2018

 Seems to work ok. easy to put on my dog.

M Gikas 12/8/2018

 We have been using your harnesses since you began and they are the best! You let me try the harness at a dog show at the big E many, many years ago and have been sold ever since.

T Pearce 12/8/2018

 I actually bought a second harness for my 12 yr old rescue. He really was comfortable too.

H K T 12/8/2018

 I purchased a harness for my dog at the Big E in West Springfield in September of this year. This harness revolutionized walking my dog!  (the cheap one we had didn’t come close to this harness)

Michelle Bouchard 12/7/2018

 Great Lead. This works great for a dog that needs some control from pulling. Use on my Husky mix and it is great.

Cher 12/7/2018

 This harness was wonderful. Both of my dogs has a tendency to pull but with this harness on it is a pleasure to walk them. I would highly recommend this harness to anyone particular if the dog tends to pull when walked

P L, Bethel Park PA 12/6/2018

 My partner says this harness (NEO) is the best thing since cinnamon toast!

Lara F, San Antonio TX 12/5/2018

 This is our second purchase from this company. We purchased a harness for our pup after using one with our other dog. Both r pullers but not with these harnesses. The company offer lots of advice as well as access to videos and have a great policy for damaged or out grown harnesses. Wouldn’t use any other style of harness and I always recommend the walk your dog with love harness

M Green, UK 12/5/2018

 Just had to tell you how pleased I am with this product. I heard your ad on the Howard Stern show. This is by far the best harness/leash I’ve ever used. I have a King Charles Cavalier and have used a neck collar for his first 2.5 years. Your product does everything you advertised that it would. Great job with manufacturing this collar, it truly has been great. We go on longer walks now since I’m comfortable with this fine harness.

Chris, Fort Worth TX 12/4/2018

 The best harness ever! No more pulling...very gentle.

Sandy R M 12/4/2018

 We got our new harness today and I can hardly believe the difference. Thank you for creating an easy to put on comfortable, harness that keeps my dog from running after crazy things!

Tracey, Oklahoma City OK 12/3/2018

 I like the walking belt, it is a sturdy woven nylon belt with plastic clip. Simple but effective. Use it all the time to have hands-free control of my dog.

Kara 12/3/2018

 A life saver for me and our dog. Thanks

C Mack Robbins 12/3/2018

 Found this online and thought I’d try it. It has been good for my dog.

Ray G 12/2/2018

 My dog (Coconuts) does not go quite as nuts when he sees other dogs, but it is not perfect. No miracle, but a good solid product.

Sam G, Richmond VT 12/1/2018

 It works like a dream with our golden retriever.

Jaco 12/1/2018

 I have an Anatolian-Pyrennes puppy (Bandit), 6 months old, who now weighs 97 pounds. The vet told me Bandit will put on, perhaps, another 40-60 pounds of weight. He has incredibly powerful, massive rear legs and hind end. Think of a tractor with huge rear tires in the back and two small tires in the front; it is that ratio that gives the tremendous pulling power to the tractor. Now, imagine that ratio on a BIG puppy. Yep, that's Bandit.
Walking Bandit was a nightmarish experience. The key word in that last sentence is "WAS." I believe he could easily pull an Iditarod sled all by himself. Easily. Very easily. That said, I walked Bandit the same afternoon the harness came in. For the first block, he tried his usual Iditarod mode...but it wasn't working. Not one bit! WooHoo! YES! YES! YES!
By the time we finished the second block, Bandit was walking by my side. No pulling, no chasing other dogs, squirrels/cats, or people down. By the time we finished just about two miles, Bandit was walking slightly behind me at my heels. By golly, Bandit was heeling!
Many people, who also walk their dogs and greet us as they walk by, mentioned how surprised they were with the rapid improvement of his walking skills, commenting with great amazement that the difference is like night and day. I concur. I wish I could give this harness 10 stars--it's that good.

Kathleen Williams 11/30/2018

I got the harness on and it’s perfect and works great.

Jamie Keller 11/28/2018

 My husband and I have been big fans of your company ever since we discovered it a few years ago. Your harness was the only one that worked for our 75 lb Pitbull mix, Stringer Bell; so when we adopted another Pitbull puppy last month we naturally had to buy one for her too (and matching collar & leash)

Cait, Andy, Stringer Bell, & Lilly 11/28/2018

We have an American Staffordshire Terrier (in the family of Pitt Bulls). 55 pounds of determined muscle that was brutal to take out on the leash. We were looking at harnesses and when I saw this one, I was skeptical. I didn't think there was any way that would work on my dog. When my wife saw it on the table when she got home, she told me to return it. "It has a plastic buckle and it won't hold him." Then again, the video made it look pretty easy so I took a chance. WOW! Hard to believe it's the same dog. He walks at a calm pace and you would swear that he's been professionally trained. Even when he starts to pull away, light resistance on the leash and he drops back into place. When I picked up the pace to a jog, I thought sure that would be his green light to take off. Surprisingly, he kept pace with me without pulling away. I'm a believer. I'm a fan. I'm a customer for life. I will spread the word.

Jeff J 11/25/2018

 Very satisfied with this product. 

Sara,Trenton NJ 11/25/2018

 This company is awesome. They stand behind their product and support their loyal customers. Their leashes, harnesses, and collars are all top quality and the harness makes walking your dog so much more enjoyable.

Tricia B 11/24/2018

Just got back from my first walk with the new harness. My guy is strong and has been a total pain in the butt to walk. Typically, I drive him to an off leash park, so I don’t have to walk him. He was a perfect gentleman with the harness. We just had the nicest walk ever! I don’t know if it will be the same for you, but this was a game changer with zero effort on my part. 100% would recommend this to anyone tired of being dragged through your walks.

Marc Czarkowski 11/24/2018

 We love the harness (since 2016). It really helped.

D Childress 11/24/2018

 As a dog trainer, I am always looking for the best training equipment to use with my clients. The dog training school I attended over a decade ago used pinch collars, choke chains and force to train dogs. I started out using these methods but have moved on to using less harsh methods. Nobody wants to jerk and force their dog, and neither do I. I've tried many, many harnesses with little luck. It's difficult to figure out how to put them on correctly. The size is never quite right. My clients are confused with how to put it on their dog, so they never take them off the dog. In most cases, the dog figures out how to get out of the harness - which can sometimes be dangerous. A big problem too is that they can still pull. The ones with the ring on the front seem to work better, but still, the dog can pull, twist and get loose.

My dog is a rescue. He is strong and low to the ground with an unusual body type. He is also an escape artist when it comes to harnesses, and they never seem to fit him right. As a result, he is my go to when I try a different style harness to see if it will really work. I am thrilled to say that your harness is the first one I've been used that works well with my dog, and I absolutely love it. He likes it too. I have been using it with my dog for several weeks now. The fact that I don't have to measure my dog and figure out which harness will fit correctly made knowing which one to order easy. There's just the piece that goes over the head. No stepping into one side then the other, etc. It's easy to put on. If you adjust it exactly like demonstrated in the video, it's simple to do, and the harness is effective. He has not gotten out of the harness once it's was fitted correctly, and he does not pull. He just stops and looks at me if I stop walking. If I need to move him quickly, I can pull gently, and he comes. He can't pull me the way he used to.

As part of my training program, I provide the leashes and collars because I want my clients to use the best and most effective equipment. I would like to know if there is a discount you provide for trainers and professionals working with rescue dogs. Most of my work is with rescues, and it can get costly to keep purchasing these harnesses for them. I want to provide the best equipment when I train. Thank you for your excellent work and for designing the best harness ever!

Doreen Rossi, Angel Paw Dog Training 11/23/2018

 I like the harness itself, but I think the labels are too colorful and obvious. I do not like advertising on products I use.

Lucindia, Mesa AZ 11/22/2018

This harness is truly nothing short of a miracle. I was so impressed by it when using it for my 84 pound Golden Retriever that I purchased one for my parents to use on their dog who can pull like crazy. My dad is 94 and had mentioned he was having a knee issue and the dog had almost pulled him down a few times. Given the success I had with it for my 84 pound Golden, I knew it would work well for my folks. When he finished the walk, he was very impressed. We both were!

Anne Jeltema 11/21/2018

 Our girl Storm-Trooper looks great in her Walk Your Dog with Love personalized harness. Thank you for such a wonderful product! It has literally changed our lives! Walking our big girl is now a pleasure instead of a pain!! No more pulling! Have recommended your harness to family and friends.

Wendy A 11/20/2018

I love this harness! It makes walking my St. Bernard easy. She is about 88 lbs right now, but will grow to be bigger. She doesn’t pull at all with this harness. I feel much better with this than a regular collar where she could choke if she pulls. Thank you so much for developing this great product!!!!!!

Beth, Baltimore MD 11/19/2018

 We love the harness!

Danielle H 11/19/2018

 If you have a stubborn dog like myself, get the walking belt!! I use it for every run with my Husky and I have never had a problem!

Mr LK 11/18/2018

 So let me start this off by saying I ordered your collar and a leash for my dog who is a Shi poo. After receiving it the other day I took my dog for a walk. My dog, although small, was a real puller. Your leash worked. It actually worked. Can't tell you how much better the walk was.

Nancy Mccomas 11/18/2018

 We heard about this product from our neighbor. We love it for our 180 lb Mastiff, and getting another for the new puppy. We tell neighbors, friends, other large breed owners; even our breeder got them for her Mastiffs on our recommendation. You've got an excellent product here.

Mario and Sharon, CT 11/18/2018

 My dog, Bubba, is a problem walker and does not see size, so he is constantly growling at the bigger dogs and pulling on the leash. His demeanor changed immediately when I put on his new harness. Thank you for that!

L Rock 11/18/2018

 No more pulling. Much more pleasant dog walking with this harness.

Buckley 11/15/2018

The WYDWL harness is great for dog who pull! It's the only harness I use.

Desiree 11/14/2018

 I have bought 2 harnesses from you and love them.

Tracy Stewart 11/14/2018

 I love this harness!

S Campbell 11/13/2018

I have been walking my 70 lb lab/Great Dane mix, Luna, with one of your harnesses for over a month and it’s really been helping to stop her from pulling. 

Amanda G, Vancouver WA 11/13/2018

 I always recommend your harness to my fellow giant breed people because it’s such a great harness, I will be happy to add what a great company you are to stand by your products. I’m Mom to 2 large and 1 extra-large dog, all rescues!

Michele and Lucie the Newfie 11/13/2018

 Love my new harness. Rachel never walked so easy. Great invention. 

Robert, Haverford PA 11/12/2018

 I think it works, my husband said "it's OK" and that's a big compliment from him! Its better than the regular harness or the prong collar so I'm happy.

Val Herman 11/11/2018

 I misplaced my dog’s harness and could not find it anywhere. I panicked!  I just found her harness. I promise, I will never purchase any other harness other than yours if and when I need one. I’ve have been very happy with her hiking all over the Virginia trails with me. 

Marcia V 11/11/2018

 Omg! This is a game changer for me and my Dax! He is a rescue dog 70lbs is strong pure love. I have fallen a few times walking him. This leash and collar changed all that! Today was pure joy! Thank you thank you, I am so happy!!

Lori Kaplan 11/10/2018

 What amazing customer service thanks! I have been recommending you lots in my Facebook groups. I’ll be sure to keep tagging you on social media when she’s wearing it.

Tracy & Boogie UK 11/10/2018

 I have a Neapolitan mastiff who weighs nearly twice as much as me and after battling with collars and harnesses and making life very stressful for both of us someone recommended this to me on our local park. Never have I experienced a change like it, my back no longer aches and my shoulders feel like they are in place when I come home!! it’s like I’ve got a different dog on the lead! Also delivery to the UK was faster than expected, very impressed. Thank you so much for creating this product it is a god send! If I could give it 10 stars I would!

Izzie T 11/08/2018

 Our dog walks the best on this harness.

E Clarke 11/7/2018

 Works great for both my Vizslas. They chase everything, too.

Sally F 11/6/2018

 She pulls like crazy but it works like a charm and my hands nor my back hurt anymore. The walking belt is great for hands free walking! I also can tell my dog is calmer when I use this because I'm not constantly adding stress to the leash. It is even better for running!

Luna 11/6/2018

 Awesome! Maxine is so much easier to walk!

D Larkins 11/4/2018

I appreciate the discount you gave me on shipping, why don’t you ever do more specials?

Candice, Framington MA 11/4/2018

 This harness is gold to me. I just bought a new one for another dog that is bigger, she outgrew this one so it was passed down.

Christina, Springdale AR 11/3/2018

 I am using the standard harness. It works great - many thanks.

Andrew C 11/3/2018

 Thank you! I love your product! I just came back from the Association of Professional Dog Trainers conference in Memphis TN, and they had a wide variety of brands and styles of harnesses there, but none like yours! I swear by it and have told everyone how great they are. My little GSP is learning to walk better on lead every day, and when she does pull it is ineffective with this harness - such a great training tool! Thanks for your help! 

Linda Erb 11/2/2018

 We’re loving our new “Walk Your Dog With Love” harness that we received in the mail today. Thank you, it’s the best!

D Prime 11/2/2018

 I love the harness it’s the first one that has actually stopped most of the pulling except for his crazy moments because he is still a puppy.

E Rielly 11/1/2018

 Got my first harness 3 days ago and am so pleased I just ordered another for our second dog. And I am a tightwad and don't spend my money foolishly.

Bob P, Mounds OK 11/1/2018

 Received harness. Put on 7 month old GP/Anatolian pup. Like different dog! No pulling, no side trips. Almost perfect heel position. Made believer out of this skeptic.

Lynne Packer 10/31/2018

 Amazing product and amazing customer service!! I highly recommend to anyone who has a dog that likes to pull - no choke, better control - better walking experience all around.

Lisa Allen 10/31/2018

 Prompt delivery, put on our Bichon Frise took for a walk no pulling didn’t quite believe harness would work but we are converts now. Thank you- happy walking from now on.

Mike, Wales UK 10/31/2018

 Love the product!

Dave and Wendy, Pinellas Park FL 10/30/2018

 Thanks so much for your excellent product. The front leading harness we tried from the pet store didn't work! Your harness does!! Completely solved our problems with pulling! We highly recommend!!

DD, Portland OR 10/30/218

 Great harness for dogs who tend to pull.

Marlene, Columbia SC 10/29/2018

 This takes time to get used to, not an instant miracle, but with practice my big doofus is starting to get it. My shoulder hurts less, that's for sure.

Pippa Moore, Dallas TX 10/29/2018

 Great product.

J Mclain 10/29/2018

 Once I figured out how to get it on and adjusted, it worked like a charm. No more pulling, nor walking on 2 back legs. When I pull a bit towards me, I have his full attention. He is a very active year old Havanese.

Ruth Renkenberger 10/28/2018

 While my dog still pulls, this is by far the best harness we have ever used and it makes it possible to walk Jack where I was unable to before.

Alicia, Southgate KY 10/28/2018

I have tried so many different “no pull” harnesses/products. Walk your Dog with Love is the only one that works! I was so amazed I told my sister. Both our dogs immediately walked without pulling. Cookie and I Love Walk Your Dog with Love!! So does my sister & her dog. Highly recommend

Nancy Molnar 10/27/2018

 Better than any I've tried and my dog is tough.

Betty S 10/26/2018

 Total game changer in walking my dog. No more lunging!! Love It!!!

Shawn 10/23/2018

 These are the 3rd harnesses we have bought for our dogs, we love them.

Debbie 10/22/2018

I've purchased two of your harnesses (an original and all-in-one) on the recommendation of my dog's trainer. It immediately stopped my dog from pulling. When she has a regular collar and leash on she pulls full steam ahead. I am loving her new all-in-one.

H Anderson 10/21/2018

 I got the dog harness today put it on and went outside so he could do his business I couldn't believe the way he walked with me the first time I think this harness will the best thing we bought for the dog.

Henry G 10/19/2018

 I have posted about the company on Facebook and will continue to do so, as well as recommend the company to all my dog friends in person.

G Rosman 10/18/2018

I absolutely love this harness and so does my dog. We got the Original harness when he was a puppy, he was having issues with pulling while on his leash. Once we used this harness the first time we knew it was much better than any we had tried before. He stopped pulling and taking him for walks was a lot more comfortable for us and him! This company is amazing and they stand by their product 100%, dealing with them is always a pleasure. We just ordered our third harness from them because my dog got sprayed by a skunk. They were super helpful and even provided us a discount. I cannot recommend this company and their harness enough! Definitely worth every penny!

Amanda Pettograsso 10/18/2018

 I am so, so happy with this product. We have a one year old GSD who is amazing in so many ways. However, dog walking has been miserable for both us of due to her constant pulling, despite endless, repetitive training. I was literally at the end of my tether and Maddie wasn’t having the fun she should have. We live in England and whilst on holiday recently in Wales, I noticed a Labrador walking beautifully, wearing one of your harnesses. The owner told me all about your product and how amazing it was. I ordered the all- in -one harness and lead that day!
After fast delivery, the order arrived two days ago-we have total transformation on our walks!!
My girl now walks beautifully, I have only needed to tug very gently to correct her once and she instantly responds but without the head jerk or discomfort of a traditional lead pulling her neck.
She is calmer around other dogs on this harness and seems so much happier. I am over the moon with this item, so simple to use but unbelievably effective! (I’ve already placed a second order for another harness- without the lead attached so we have a choice of the two on walks)
I will be sharing this will friends and colleagues who struggle with dogs who pull on traditional leads. Also love your website and the no fuss returns policy. It’s clear you genuinely care about customer and doggie satisfaction! Thank you so much for a fantastic product which genuinely delivers on its promise!

Sharon, Nottinghamshire U K 10/17/2018

 This leash/harness helps a lot.

Trish C 10/17/2018

 Love your Sportso Orange. The best by far! 

G Adams 10/17/2018

 Thank you so much for your help. Your harness really works unless your dog eats it! I have a loveable, chewy, terror! I am going to recommend your company to all! I am so grateful you offer a replacement service. 

Rosemary P, Maine 10/17/2018

Ranger still loves his harness. 

John A 10/16/2018

 Amazing service! Thank you.

RW 10/16/2018

 This simple looking device has made such a difference that I cant even believe it. We enjoy walks again, simple as that.

Sally C 10/15/2018

 Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product. I have the original WYDWL harness and can't wait for the updated version (Embroidered NEO). Olivia will appreciate it even more. Thanx again for a great product.

Lynne, Lenox MA 10/14/2018

 My dog’s behavior and personality has not changed at all. I really wanted this to work!! Darn it!

Sally Caldwell 10/14/2018

 I am writing about the harness I purchased this past July. I bought it for my Lab. He is one years old and 85 pounds. He is a strong guy. He walks so much better with it!

R P, Woolwich, ME 10/14/2018

 Thank you for making such a great product.

Laurie G 10/13/2018

 Good product, works as described.

Samha Farra 10/12/2018

 Twee jaar geleden kwam Credo bij ons wonen. Een kooikerhondje van 9 maanden oud, dat een nieuwe thuis zocht. Wij hebben hem geadopteerd en hij had toen zo een harnasje. Het is een super handig en goed voor de hond te dragen. Na 20 jaar honden houden eindelijk iets SUPERGOED. Nu hebben we een nieuwe kooikerhond en van daar onze bestellingbij jullie. Hartelijk dank voorde service, de vlugge reacties en de opvolging.

Two years ago, Credo came to live with us. He was a 9 month old Kooikerhondje that looking for a new home. We adopted him and he came with one of your harnesses. It is super convenient to use and gentle on the dog. After owning dogs for 20 years it was nice to finally find something SUPER GOOD. Now we have a new Kooikerhondje and have placed our order with you. Thank you very much for your fast service.

Moniek, Credo en Matti, Belgium 10/11/2018

My 85 lb dog is horrible to walk without it! 

M M, Kamloops BC 10/10/2018

 Appreciate no harsh, harmful chemicals (Tick and Flea oil). Thanks for a dog living company!

Candace F 10/10/2018

 My dog and I (her momma) are really looking forward to her new harness, for those nice comfy walks again with WYDWL.

C Chiodo 10/10/2018

 Totally love the harness and I'm spreading the word. 

M Guthrie, Ayr UK 10/9/2018

 Years ago now I got a harness for my German Shepherd who could pull like a train and it worked. Now he’s passed on and the harness was too big for my other dogs. I gave the harness to my Aunts dog and it is still going strong. It’s not often you get something that outlasts the original animal. 

G Alexander 10/8/2018

 I want to thank you for your amazing harness! I can finally enjoy my walks with my girl.

Melody W 10/7/2018

 Thank you for having the most awesome customer service!! It is a gesture of service that is so very much appreciated. Abby also wants to say thank you for helping her momma get her a new harness. She also wanted me to relay to you that no other harness is as comfy and easy to walk with as the ‘Walk Your Dog With Love’. She is so looking forward to her next walk …

Caryn C 10/7/2018

 Love this site!!! The goods they sell are the best quality you will find. Lovely, lovely people.

P W, U K 10/7/2018

 Miracle harness! I dreaded walking my Mini Schnauzer because he pulled so bad. However, first try with this harness and he was like a different dog. He now walks at my pace and is paying attention to me.
I highly recommend this product!

Christi 10/7/2018

 Just want to say I love this harness! We rescued a lab hound mix and he was so strong and pulled me down 2x and got out of every harness we tried. I saw this harness and thought why not try. He is a different dog. He is calm and no longer even tries to pull. I will recommend to anyone to use it.

Michelle and Gronk 10/6/2018

 I love this product (Ounce of Prevention)!!! It does exactly what it says on the bottle, makes your smell great to AND it also repels midges from biting you if rubbed on yourself… We holiday in Scotland and the midges are vicious, and I noticed that I was left alone when I rubbed my hands on each other after rubbing my Bairns fur!!!! 

Pam W, Great Britain10/5/2018

 These really are the best! Our other harnesses were wearing out when we found these at the fair. I can walk both our 80 and 50 lb pups together with ease and confidence. So glad I made the purchase, thanks for a great product.

Happy Big E Customers, Meriden, CT 10/5/2018

 You guys are the best! I’ve sent several of my friends your way because these harnesses really work and you gave the best customer service!

Amanda Fee 10/5/2018

 We love this leash for our dog Max. He took well to it immediately. I think he is even smiling more with it on. Thank you for the great product.

Judy Font 10/3/2018

 It is the best harness available. Never a pull or tug. Awesome.

Susan Hart 10/3/2018

 I’ve been using and promoting your harness since the beginning. Thanks for a great product.

Stella 10/3/2018

 Thumbs up to your tick and flea. Works well

Jordan Lattimire, Paonia, CO, 10/3/2018

 Several years ago I bought a “Walk Your Dog with Love” harness for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I live in the U.K. & sent to America for it. It soon arrived & I was thrilled with it & so was my dog. I have never seen another dog with a harness like it, I recommend it to everyone as it is so good. Just recently I told a friend about it and she would love to buy a couple of harnesses for her dogs.

A Bushnell, UK 10/2/2018

 So I originally found this brand after adopting my dog who has relatively sensitive skin and also loves to pull. After some research I chose this brand and it was just what we needed. When my mom's newly adopted dog chewed my dog's original harness to smithereens, I knew I had to buy another. If it weren't for that accident, I'm sure the original would have lasted for many more years. A great product!

Jaime K 10/2/2018

 Thank you for making such great products! 

Mary C 10/1/2018

 My 80lb German Shepherd was a total jerk with the choker. My husband didn't want to go to a prong collar, but I did. Luckily, someone at our dog park recommended "Walk Your Dog With Love" because I knew of no other option. I can't believe the night and day difference walking him into and out of the park, where he used to do so much pulling. He's too big for me to really control when he pulls. BUT with this harness, he DOES NOT PULL. He walks like a perfect angel. I might have to tug a little if he's fallen behind and he's sniffing but it just takes a gentle tug from any angle to redirect him. Once you figure out how to size it on your dog, it is really easy to get on and off, watch the YouTube videos. I wish I could give this 10 stars.

Kristi G 10/1/2018

 This is the best designed harness for dogs. Lightweight, no metal clips or buckles, washes like a ribbon, doesn't stretch in water. doesn't dig in to your dog’s legs or body. It’s great, save your money and buy this front leading dog harness as it helps to stop your dog pulling you off your feet.

Jax M 10/1/2018

 You guys are awesome and thank you for helping Nylah be the best dog she can be!! (She also wears her walk your dog with love harness when she visits nursing homes and assisted living facilities as a Canine Good Citizen with an organization called Caring Canines) 

Kim and Nylah 10/1/2018

 Beedo is a bull terrier mix that we got as a rescue. She's a wonderful dog, but has behavior issues. Our Canine Good Citizen instructor had been given one of your harnesses earlier this year and loaned it to us. It made such a difference, I ordered one right after class and we received it last Friday. The harness has made it possible for all of us to walk together calmly and safely.

Lei 10/1/2018

 I really like the way the harness works, but neither my dog or my husband like walking with it.

Joan, Mount Laurel NJ 10/1/2018

 These harnesses are the BEST! 

D S Enfield NH 10/1/2018

 This harness really is magic!! I can't believe my devil turning into an angel! Thank you.

Kristy, Afton NY 10/1/2018

 Amazing harness. I wish I had known about these harnesses years ago! It is wonderful. My dog doesn’t need to wear the noseband anymore which she hated and now walks beautifully without pulling at all. My dog is happy, I am more than happy as we now have enjoyable times out. I initially bought the wrong size but my daughter bought it from me for her dog. She is thrilled with it too!

K, Cornwall UK 10/1/18

 Lovely colors and materials, well-made. My dog was always easy to walk unless another dog is nearby. This helps me control her though she is still stronger than me, and still trys to jump and charge ahead.

Millie, Prince Edward Island 9/30/2018

 This harness has been a saviour for me as Bailey may only be a medium sized dog, but he is a ball of muscle who had a tendency to pull quite considerably before we swapped to your harness- especially if a squirrel was in view! Since using this harness his walks have been so much more pleasurable as I am no longer left with pulled muscles in my shoulders!

Mrs S Baugh, UK 9/30/2018

 One week ago, we adopted our pup Tully from the breed rescue Adopt-a-Golden Nashville.  He came with a Walk Your Dog With Love harness and it has been great!

Amanda K 9/30/2018

 This harness has been great for my dog.

Ronica 9/29/2018

 Just wanted to let you know I am thrilled with this harness!!!. No more worry about dew claws getting stuck in the O ring. Also this style is less likely to get caught under my pugs legs when I let her leash out for her to do what dogs do on the grass, lol. I am keeping the original to use in the car as the seat belt clip will attach to the O ring. Again, thanks and also for the speedy service

Jeanne Ann Farrell 9/29/2018

 We love our Walk Your Dog With Love harness

S Olsen 9/29/2018

 Just received the Sportso harness and matching leash. I was so excited to try it out I quickly and easily adjusted the harness with the great instructions to a link on how to adjust it. My Maltipoo who only weighs in at 9.5 lbs.but has a big chest area from under her body. At first, I thought it was too small but after seeing the helpful link provided inside my package it was a perfect fit!! I took Bela out for a walk and she was extremely calm, walking at my side as if she had gone to training school. She was not pacing ahead of me as before with her other harness I had bought at the big box store, and really seemed to enjoy her walk as much as me. Thank God for this simple technique, and now we both can enjoy the walk especially with the cooler weather coming. I really wish that I had purchased this months ago when I first saw the video on my google searches but I decided to wait. So glad on my purchase. I will now buy again for my daughter's pup. This company truly knows the dog sizing and it fits perfect!! Wish that I could have uploaded a picture of her wearing it to show how perfect it fit and mostly how cute she looks in it. Thanks again for such a great product. 

Diana Woods 9/27/2018

 Thanx so much for letting me replace the harness!! They are the greatest!

D Barkasy 9/26/2018

 Thank you so much for allowing me to buy a new harness at half price for my FAT dog that had to move up a size! You and your product rocks!

Denise Merck 9/25/2018

 We now have three dogs who have used these harnesses and we and the dogs love them! Thinking about the kind that has a leash attached. Amazing products!

Susan, Denver CO 9/25/2018

 Innovative product, helpful & friendly staff; product performs exactly as promised.

C Goad 9/24/2018

 Just the other day we were giving info for your website to someone who asked us about the harness. Love it.

Bonnie J, Colorado 9/24/2018

 My neighbor has one and it worked miracles, you would think they spent 1000 dollars to train the dog. Mine, not so much. Walking is better but she still wants to hop around and act silly especially when kids are around. Dogs will be dogs I guess.

Sarah G, Woodbine TX 9/24/2018

  Finding your company was the best decision I made several years ago. Your customer service is exemplary and I love your products. Thank you!

Wendy M 9/24/2018

 Paisley loves her harness so much that we're getting her new little brother the same one! It really helps with the pulling and I feel so much more at ease knowing there are no rings on their sides pinching their skin. Thank you for such a great product!!

Casimira V 9/23/2018

 The harness arrived and we followed the fitting instructions on line and used it for the first time with our 4 month old German Shorthaired Pointer. It was great, she trotted along beside us and only rarely pulled. We all loved it. It was easy to put on, looked smart and meant that she walked rather than pulled.

Claire H, UK 9/23/2018

 I bought the Original harness from Amazon after a friend recommended it, and we love it. I also have the Zen Walking Belt and don't know how I survived all these years without it.

S Drane 9/23/2018

 Fabulous harness for my 75 lb Irish setter. It is soft and no metal rings so he is comfortable. if it is loose I simply pull up on one side. He accepts it totally and heels quietly next to me. Best harness ever for walking with your dog.

P Jenkins 9/22/2018

 Our dog trainer recommended these for our dog who is a terrible puller. These are so easy to use, adjustable and the material adjusts nicely to our dogs body. He almost instantly stopped pulling, it has made walking so much easier for us.

EJK 9/21/2018

 Best harness ever. These are great, they just make sense. It's keeping my Jack Russell Terrier in line (amazing!). I've purchased three so far. Nice videos can be watched at the manufacturer's website.

M Michael 9/21/2018

 I ordered the largest size possible of the Walk Your Dog With Love-Sports Edition Nylon Front-leading Harness for an Anatolian Shepherd mixed breed dog I am currently fostering. The harness arrived ahead of schedule in a large mailing envelope. I was a little unsure if the lightweight of it would hold up to Lucy's estimated 125lbs. Prior to using this harness I was using a nylon collar with a martingale chain. I felt I had control of her although she would of course tug on the leash. I love the harness. It's amazing that something so lightweight works better for a dog of her size. She is more confident and obedient, and I feel I have great control of her. It is so much easier to put on than other types of harnesses. I just slip it over her head and clip it under her left front leg. We walk an average of 3 miles per day

Bethy and Lucy 9/21/2018

 Great harness. We are happy that International delivery was possible. It's the best front leading harness we tried. Very light but strong. And a lady-like colour in purple.

Daniele, Luxembourg 9/20/2018

 Can’t go wrong with this. Well worth the money. My Pitbull went from pulling to walking like a pro.

George G 9/20/2018

 Absolutely amazing! I was so thrilled to receive this before the due date. I immediately put it on my very over active Springer, hoping it would stop her pulling like crazy. Off we went walking up to the fields so she could have a run. She walked beautifully beside me and didn’t pull once! A fantastic product and one very happy dog as she will never have to wear the dreaded face harness again!

Kay, Great Britain 9/20/18

 The harness is well made. It has helped some with pulling but not all. Will keep working on it. My dog tolerates it better than a traditional harness.

B McGruff 9/19/2018

 Good customer service and I appreciate that.  Love your products and so does Betts, my 2 y/o Yellow Lab.

Paulette 9/18/2018

 Purchased this harness yesterday at the Big E. It’s absolutely a miracle. We have a King Charles that we haven't been able to walk without our arms being pulled out of their sockets. Walked him last night and it was amazing. Couldn't wait to walk him this morning. Same results!!! Thank you for this wonderful invention.

T J Ruberti 9/18/2018

 Customer Service was very helpful and made my choice on a harness very easy.

Deb and Scout 9/18/2018

 Look forward to the joy on owners face when they put them on for first time. The harnesses are so simple, well made and durable, and bring so much freedom yet control to both dog and owner, and I am proud to be able to share the innovative solution with everyone I see having "the problem" Love to you, Dan and all the team. 

Catrina B Dunlop, Woofs and Walks UK 9/17/2018

Very pleased so far.

Justin Fox 9/17/2018

 My dog, Levi is an Aussie, high energy, chases every leaf. This has reduced the battle, and walk are more relaxed and less stressful. We can walk through town and I am not as embarrassed at my lack of control. He just has better manners.

Helen and Levi, PA 9/16/2018

 This is the second harness I've Bought; I was so pleased with the first that when my other dog broke his collar I treated him to a harness as well. Very pleased that I did.

Rona, Berks UK 9/16/18 

 We splurged and got Lola this type. It was a bit pricey, but she really likes it; and so do we.

Alma, H 9/14/2018

 This is a terrific product. It's the best front-lead style harness we've ever used for our big boy. It's well-crafted, durable, has sewn-in reflector tape. Our dog is very comfortable because of the very customizable fit, and it does wonders eliminating his pulling. Makes walks far more pleasant for both of us! And Walk Your Dog With Love stands proudly by their product! You will love them. They're good people.

Valeria 9/14/2018

 Yes, this is a fantastic product! 

S Hale 9/13/2018

My husband said that the Neo was GREAT on their walk last night! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for everything - I got the extra cards too and will pass along! Great to exceed customers' expectations!

Annie 9/11/2018

 These are amazing!! Went from a dog sled type walk to controlled peaceful stroll with my 2 dogs and it happened on the first walk.

J Grande 9/11/2018

 Great service item exactly as described

J C, Merseyside UK 9/11/18

 Works great!

Kim Williams 9/9/2018

 So glad I found this harness, it actually works

G V, Maine 9/8/2018

 There’s always magic in the air and I also use walk your dog with love harness, it’s brilliant!!!!!

J Byatt 9/8/2018

 We are having a great time now with the new harness. Taking strolls with both dogs together, and enjoying some sniffs, but I am the Alpha. Can’t beat it!

Derrick, Suzie and Bobo, NY 9/8/2018

 I love using your product and it makes our walks much more enjoyable.

Abby, Bangor Maine 9/8/2018

 It's amazing how well it works! Seriously, I couldn't walk my boy anymore but this harness actually WORKS!

Patti Travis 9/7/2018

I bought one for my grand pup. It’s fantastic! She’s a puller but this has stopped the problem!

Jane Eliot 9/7/2018

Its a great company. I have bought 4 of the no escape harnesses they worked out beautifully. YOU can walk your dog and there is no way they can get out of the no pull no escape harness. 

Diane Q 9/6/2018

 These are the most awesome harnesses. The broadband works especially nice for our big goofball!  He's four years old now and a bit broader in the chest.  He's the joy of our lives.

Jackie and Ollie 9/4/2018

 Great product!

Debbie, Worth IL 9/4/2018 

 This is my third order with this seller...excellent every time.

Daphne, Hants UK 9/3/18

 Great speedy service!

Angela, Great Britain 9/3/2018

 The harness arrived early and is excellent.

Lynn, Suffolk UK  9/3/2018

 I really like the harness. In fact, I'm ordering one for my dad's English Bull, Hitch.

Stephanie S 9/3/2018

This is a great harness and it is indestructible!

K Sinclair 9/2/2018

 I got my harness today for a very bouncy 8 month old lab who pulled really badly. It was an absolute miracle worker! He was like a different dog and we both enjoyed our walks so much more. Wish I’d had this for my previous dog - a Great Dane!! Thanks so much for this amazing product. 

Karen Moore 9/2/2018

 I really feel like this is helping my Lab. He is such a bull in a China shop. I have less difficulties. Let's call is a work in progress... 

Susan A, Oregon 9/2/2018

 Second one I've purchased

Karen, Manteca CA 9/1/2018

 Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. I found the harness to be the best for walking Elsie Mae.

Christina S 8/31/2018

 These harnesses have been an absolute lifesaver for our family. My boyfriend and I are taking our dogs way more places because the time is finally enjoyable. We have a blue harness (in the same size) for our other dog as well. The dogs do not pull anymore. Your products are a miracle!!!!! :) Many thanks to you! 

Marti, Berkeley CA 8/31/2018

Walking was so difficult with my dog while pushing my son in the stroller, it was not something I looked forward to. But my friend Alexandra had one for her dog and I asked how it was and she recommended it. I bought it without hesitation and can say that walking him is so nice now and I’m not worried about him pulling my son and I. By far the best harness!

Erin Kiteley 8/30/2018

 Thanks again for all the great products! Leela and I are loving walks even more and I really like using the belt. She’s calmed down on pulling but still can’t resist chasing lizards every once and a while. We appreciate it very much and use it daily!

Nate Warwick 8/30/2018

 Love this harness!

A Koerten 8/30/2018

 Tried the harness last night and the results were immediate, no more pulling! Not sure why it works, but it does!!

Chris, Whitby Canada 8/30/2018

 Excellent leads. Have bought before but just adopted two more dogs so needed more.

Jane, Nogaro UK 8/30/2018

 I bought one for my Saint! It works wonders! I love it! 

Crystal S 8/29/2018

Just got one- love it!

Judy B 8/29/2018

 Walk Your Dog With Love is my favorite for the skinny-chest pups like Bennie. Stays fit nice and close and doesn't stretch out. The Walk Your Dog With Love harness really is nicer fit.

K Newton 8/29/2018

 Best no pull harness for dogs. I had one for my Cocker spaniel and ordered another one for my Sproodle puppy. Works wonders with no pulling whatsoever. Highly recommend to anyone.

J C Knox, MA 8/28/2018

 Okay so now 1 week since my harness arrived, at first I thought, "are they not pulling with it being new to them ?", well I’m so pleased to say it is fantastic, we are out everyday and everyday is as good as the last, like others have said not sure how it work but who cares, it bloody well does. If you have a dog that pulls this is the best harness ever.

C K Manchester UK 8/28/2018

 We have a massive collection of harnesses and collars we've bought for Rocky, our Boston Terrier, but nothing was quite right until we found Walk Your Dog with Love. The no-choke harness has been a revelation. It's easy to put on, with no complaints from Rocky (a minor miracle in itself), and daily walks have become a pleasure. Rocky is easily controlled, and pulling is a thing of the past. On top of all this, the red harness looks great on him. I want to say a word or two about customer service. When we bought the original harness, it didn't quite fit properly, since Rocky is right on the cusp size-wise, a bit too big for a small and a bit too small for a medium. When we contacted Walk Your Dog with Love and explained our problem, the customer service rep walked us through the sizing issue to ensure that we were adjusting the harness correctly, and when we established that adjusting wasn't the solution, she offered to replace the harness with a customized size--problem solved! This is a great company that truly cares about our pets. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Tom Dellicicchi 8/28/2018

 This harness is a lifesaver for me when it comes to walking Annie!  She’s such a strong dog and with the harness, I’m walking her vs her walking me!!!  So appreciative that you’re so understanding about her chewing her way out of it and replacing it!!! 

Linda K, NY 8/27/2018

 HELLO!  my dog and I love your great invention! I have a very strong American pit bull, when I put it on him he gave us a look like, “what is going on here?”  thanks again!

J G, Lansing MI 8/27/2018

 I've referred your product too many people in my neighborhood very happy with everything

Lisa M 8/27/2018

 Great invention, works better than the vest style one we had, dog seems happier.

Lynn S 8/27/2018

 These are the best harness i have ever used for my dogs, and I have had a lot of dogs over the last 60 years. They are easy to put on, kind on the dogs, and stop you from getting sore shoulders. Love all their products for dogs and I have recommended them to loads of owners.

Pam W 8/27/2018

 It works good but i wish i could get a pattern like plaid or polk dots or something more fun. 

Pat T, Burlington VT  8/27/2018

This is my sixth, yes, count them, sixth dog harness to try on my 15 month old English Field Setter, Stuart. He was bred to be a bird dog and is very excitable so my shoulders and neck are constantly aching from his pulling. My WYDWL harness arrived yesterday, and we tried it out last night. Remarkably, on the first trip out, Stuart did not pull. I don't know if it was because it was new or the technology but I am encouraged. Will report in after we have more successful walks, but so far, it looks good.

K Jarrett 8/27/2018

 I was somewhat skeptical about the no pull claim to this harness but I bought 1 for my Tucker and was simply amazed that with little to no effort he walks so much easier on this than he did on the regular collar the pulling stopped immediately. makes walking him so much more enjoyable!

Calvin Ashman 8/27/2018

 I use this with my own dog and we use them to walk some if the harder to walk shelter dogs and I recommend this to every one of my dog training clients! Best harness ever. Very easy to use, highly adjustable.

Rita Schrecongost, Dog Training-101, Islip NY 8/27/2018

The change on my 85-lbs heavy-puller lab was instantaneous!

C Jurak 8/27/2018

I purchased a Walk Your Dog With Love Sportso Doggo harness from you. I have found it invaluable since my dog Molly pulls quite heavily on a normal leash.  

Jan R, Australia 8/26/2018

 Walk your dog halter has helped me walk a senior huge dog that was never trained, we have wonderful walks together, his name is Buddy.

Jane Bachman 8/26/2018

 Bought our first basic harness when Yogi (Goldendoodle) was small it worked a treat so purchased next size up when he got older and again great and have told so many people about the theory of leading from the front with no strain on his neck.

Amanda, Great Britain 8/26/2018

 Great item that was delivered very quickly. Dog looks good so owner is happy.

Camilla, Machynlleth UK 8/26/2018

Love it.!

Natalie M 8/25/2018

 This is our 3rd dog that we have used your harnesses with! We LOVE walkyourdogwithlove!!

C Gordon 8/25/2018

 The second one I’ve bought -first my Frenchie, now my new Great Dane puppy. Perfect for teaching not to pull. Great collar -made In America

Betsy B, Texas 8/25/2018

 Smells amazing. Helps in the fight against ticks and crawly things.

Drew Nathenson, Narragansett RI 8/25/2018

 My Black and Tan German Shepherd walked like a DREAM yesterday with the new harness we received from your company! He was not anxious at all and was clearly enjoying knowing what I wanted from him. My most difficult dog (pit/husky mix) seemed like a completely different dog as well. She was definitely enjoying the walk. I tried the harness this morning with the dog that pulls the most, out of all my customer’s dogs, and I had her owner walking her holding the closest leash handle by ONE finger within 15 minutes. I completely believe in your product and love that they are gentle. I hate seeing dog owners resorting to collars with spikes because they can’t effectively communicate to their dog what they are wanting from them. I’m hoping, with the help of your harnesses, I can get people excited about walking their dogs again. Even if it takes away from my booming business, it is so important to have a healthy and happy connection between dog and owner. I recently acquired customers in the next town over and I cannot wait to show them their dogs’ potential!

Vanessa Manley, Parade of Paws Dog Walking Services 8/23/2018

 My treeing walker coonhound mix, Seven, and I have been very happy with his harness since receiving it in February. It instantly corrected the pulling we'd been struggling with for three years.

S Rowley, Alabama 8/23/2018

 Amazing, can’t believe how good the harness is, it’s a real pleasure to walk my Springer now, the customer service from the company was fantastic, I asked lots of questions before buying and they responded immediately, certainly not the cheapest harness but worth every penny.

Carolyn, Cheshire UK 8/23/2018

 I took Ash on her first walk with the NEO harness. She loved it and so did I!

Marcilina M, California 8/22/2018

 Best harness ever to stop pulling.

Julie S 8/22/2018

 I could barely believe how easy my daily strolls became after purchasing these harnesses for my two pups! It just makes perfect sense, though!

Lindie M 8/22/2018

 Just received mine today, delivery very quick considering coming USA, it’s amazing, just had my Springer out he didn’t even attempt to pull once, took him on grass where he normally pulls terrible to stiff everywhere, he sniffed but didn’t pull, he got a big treat when we got back.  3 walks in one day, not sure who’s happier.

C Kenny 8/21/2018

 Second one of these I have bought as puppy is now fully grown. Easy to fit, excellent quality and really helps my very strong dog to control his pulling on lead. Would recommend it to anyone!

Linda, Colchester UK 8/21/2018

 I am buying a new one, as a friend whose puppy I just babysat desperately NEEDED my old one.  Gotta tell you they work like a charm....trying to spread the word!  

Patricia W 8/21/2018

We totally love our harnesses

Y Y 8/20/2018

 What a relief! I just adopted a 75 lb Golden Doodle and it was a challenge for me to walk him if we encountered another dog or human and to keep control. I am a 66 year young female and don't have as much strength as I use to. Received the harness and watched the video for the fit and off we went. It was wonderful. We did encounter a dog and a human and it was so easy to control my Bentley. Love this! Definitely will be bragging about this to my friends.

Susie Campbell 8/20/2018

 Front lead harnesses make all the difference!! Especially for power pullers And... you can more easily train them to walk with you nicely WITH the harness!

A Murray 8/20/2018

 Stops the Pulling. Great for a dog that pulls or barks at other dogs

AC 8/19/2018

 I am delighted with the product and the service provided.

Jill, Benfleet UK 8/19/2018

Love mine I’ve had it for years just ordered a new one

Kathy M 8/18/2018

Thank you so much! Our first successful walk with both fur babies! No choking, pulling or tug of war!! Thought it was too good to be true but totally amazed the first time using your product! After our walk we celebrated with snacks!

Heidi H 8/16/2018

 1st of all they are good and wide bands. The embroidery is perfect. Putting them on is the best (I must have gone through 3-4 different harnesses, that we’re great and secure, but I was the only one that understood how to put them on). Now everyone can attach them quickly and when you have two monsters that love their walks, it’s a blessing. Thank you and so glad they are made in the USA!!!

Kathleen Shalhoub 8/16/2018

 I got the NEO for jogging with my dog.It's working out pretty well.

S Baird, North Carolina 8/16/2018

 First bought one at the Big E (state fair for New England) for a 70+ pound Golden rescue that pulled like crazy. This thing was amazing - almost instantly we could walk this dog with little pressure or grip at all on the leash! We have since bought 4 additional harnesses (2 new dogs who are smaller and the need to put the extra harnesses at a second location.) We can't walk our 2 new 45 lb rescue puppies without the harness - they pull way too hard! LOVE LOVE LOVE these harnesses. And love the customer service even more! Our latest rescue, a black lab (first non-golden we've owned) has garnered herself the title "black ninja pup" b/c she has managed to chew not one but two harnesses - once while wearing it and I turned my back for 5 minutes! Cannot say enough about this product and this company!!

Michelle 8/16/2018

 It works! I received the leader yesterday. It took me less than 5 minutes to adjust to a basic fit for my 50 pound Australian Shepherd. He is constantly pulling with a regular leash. I put this on him and went for a 2 mile walk. It worked within 30 seconds and he stopped pulling.

Keith, Cincinnati OH  8/14/18

 Wonderful product.

Tony, Huntsville, AL 8/14/18

 I had a boxer for 12 years that was difficult to walk until I purchased your harness. He became a pleasure to walk. My daughter just got a Golden doodle and I am interested in your harness for her puppy.

J Bower 8/14/2018

 U r absolutely awesome; your company is doing such a great thing for pups with your very efficient & effective harness!!!! I will not use any other harness but yours! It’s awesome!!!

Kerri C 8/14/2018

Your customer service was great and I always felt like you guys wanted to make sure the product work for me and my dog.  I love that. I really am a fan.

M M 8/14/2018

 Product worked as described. It took me under 5 minutes to adjust to the dog. It worked instantly in stopping our Australian Shepherd from tugging. (even in the presence of squirrels and rabbits.

Keith B, Ohio 8/14/2018

 It doesn't come near the throat on my dog. But she's a large dog. It works great! 

Matthew Love, 8/14/2018

 Bought my harness 3 years ago, on the day I rescued Opie. He was a real puller. I could see a difference right away and today he walks next to me perfectly.

Myrna and Opie 8/13/2018

 We love this harness!

A Rice 8/12/2018

After trying so many other harnesses and leashes this is the best. AWESOME! Great customer service also. Ordered wrong size and was able to return and exchange within a weeks time. Love it!

Janis R 8/12/2018

 I ordered a green no choke harness from you in April this year for delivery to the UK and have to tell you that it is the best product I have ever come across for my dog;  it really works and I now want to buy another (in case I lose the original one!) and one for my daughter’s dog. Congratulations on a great product!

Katie Whitmore 8/12/2018

 Great product -very good -thank you

Mark, Rugby UK 8/12/2018

 I have the Original harness for my Golden Retriever and LOVE it. Was thinking of trying the NEO…

V Johnson 8/10/2018

 This harness has been so useful on my two big golden retrievers. It seems comfortable on them and very easy to use.

Gregg and Lynn, Reno NV 8/9/2018

 I have tried a million and one different ways to make my Beagle pull less. This is the best so far. He still pulls, but I guess he is a hunter. This one was the easiest to use and he seems comfortable.

William Brown 8/9/2018

 Love this harness!

Marilyn, Concord CA 8/9/18

 Wow, already got my order in the mail. The harnesses are perfect and I didn't even have to adjust the size.

K Cooper 8/8/2018

 Over the 5+years that I have had Shiloh, I must have 5-6 harnesses. They’re very soft under her legs and adjustable. Use them every day. If you have a pup that constantly pulls you along while walking this is for you.

Michael C 8/8/2018

 I bought the original walk your dog with Love harness for my dog Max several months ago, WoW what a difference. Much easier to walk him. When he had just the collar he would on occasion pull out of his collar. It is no longer a problem. It is so much easier walking.

Marti Paige 8/8/2018

 It’s the greatest, my dog loves it! Thank you

Holly 8/7/2018

 It really works! I now look forward to walking my one year old Yellow Lab (and not getting dragged down the road!)

C Thomas 8/7/2018

My puggle LOVES her harness. Her neck is the same size as her head and she kept slipping out of her regular collar. 

Carolyn Y 8/7/2018

 I purchased the all in one harness for 91 pound Golden Retriever, Duke. Being just 14 months, he still has a lot of energy and is pure muscle. This has made walking him just a delight!!. We will be adding another Golden Retriever (8 weeks old) to our family in about 2 weeks and plan on ordering another harness for Duchess. Want to start her out early with a harness to get her used to walking on a leash. Have recommended this product to several friends and family members.

Marcia M 8/7/2018

 I love walking my sweet lil Lulu again with this harness. Thank you, thank you!!

Nana LRC 8/7/2018

I've got two of these for our two beagles. Love walking them with it. Our younger one still can't get it used to and she is trying to pull sometimes but older one is absolutely great!

Monika V 8/7/2018                                         

Very amazing!!

Charlice W 8/6/2018

 This company is the best.  I love the product and the service!

K Stevens 8/5/2018

 I bought one of these harnesses for my 75lb Shepherd mix two years ago and have loved it!! Very durable and makes walking a breeze. We got a mutt puppy 6 months ago whose collar worked fine for a while, but who has gotten unexpectedly stout and strong for a lil guy. It was time to invest in another harness, so I’m happy to buy another from Walk Your Dog With Love!

Emma Fiandt 8/3/2018


J E Sullivan 8/3/2018

 This works good but, the pink is very bright. if you had a lighter softer pink i would be happy. 

Charlene H, Las Vegas NV 8/2/2018

I think these are great, no pulling on their necks.

Marilyn H 8/2/2018

 Tycho’s custom harness arrived and looks so cool! He outgrew his last one and it was the largest size we could find. The guys at Walk Your Dog With love customized one and even embroidered Tycho’s name into it. Goodbye muffin top, hello fries!

Alex 8/2/2018

 We love this harness, although Oscar still pulls a bit, and can’t do without!  He pulls out of excitement: he’s an Airedale, so he has a lot of it!  

Courtney T 8/2/2018

 Stops all the pulling. Love having control of my dog without having to do a lot of corrections.

Joyce M 7/31/2018

 I just love my harness when I walk Shadow.  She is 70 lbs. & so so strong!!   I am only 5' & 105 lbs.  This really works for me. 

J B Kujawski 7/31/2018

First of all, we just want to say we love your products!  We placed an order for our 2 chocolate Labrador puppies, who were a little over 1 and 2 years old and very hard to walk together.  Well the one-piece NEO AIO Wonder Harness combo Leash with Big Nor’easter Handle did the trick, as my husband and I now enjoying walking our Labradors without the dogs pulling.

The Whitakers 7/31/2018

 I am hard to please. Good for my mid-sized dog, he's about 50 lbs. I am pleased with this purchase.

Phil Murphy 7/30/2018

We just received ours, and it is amazing. This product is perfectly described. When we put this on our golden doodle, she actually was so comfortable she laid down. We love this harness!

Debbie F 7/29/2018

 Just returned from our first walk with the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness. My husband asked me how it went and I replied, " It is a miracle. " We got our Rescue, Reacher, 5 years ago; he had been badly beaten and chained up for two years. As a result, his muzzle is very tender and he has collapsed cartilage in his esophagus which causes him to cough with any pressure on his chest. We tried every harness I could find; none worked, so we ended up with a Gentle Leader as a last resort, even though it hurt his face. (I take my dogs to the mountain as often as possible so they can run free, but some days we have to walk in the neighborhood. Then we come home and massage Reacher's face because it is sore.) He was so happy today; it was like he was free! He walked right by my side and never pulled! Reacher and I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful harness. (And yes, he is named after the Jack Reacher character in Lee Child's books because he is such a survivor.)

Kaye Hunt 7/29/2018

 Our pulling Walker hound instantly stopped pulling. Thank goodness!!! Don’t know if it works on a young dog but great on our 8 yr old. Loved it!!!!

Carol Mac 7/27/2018

I have been using this harness for 6 years with my cattle dog and it is the BEST!!!!

M Calderwood 7/27/208

 Thank you so much for your personalized service. This just confirms my belief in your product! And my husband, who tends to be a tough customer to sell, has seen the benefits of using your harness on our pet versus other harnesses. I look forward to working with your company on future purchases for our beloved pet, Sallie.

The Schoppes 7/27/2018

 I was sure I would love your products from my 1st visit to tour website - and I was right!  I recently adopted an abandoned dog and needed really good, safe and secure walking accessories. I ordered a  NEO harness and a Sportso Doggo collar, both embroidered.  Love, love, love them! 

David F 7/27/2018

 I bought one for my Wheaten Terrier. It works great.

Paula D 7/26/2018

 Hi from the UK. I bought this after my neighbour recommended it. Until then I'd been using a head collar on my German Shepherd, but it left marks on his velvety snout, plus he didn't like wearing it, and it didn't stop him attempting to pull (it just prevented him pulling too hard). I was a little skeptical, but I watched the video and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did. The WYDWL harness is a beautifully straightforward concept that works like magic - you don't need a PhD in buckles and straps to put it on your dog! It goes on easily (over the head, label to the left shoulder, strap underneath the chest where it clips below the left armpit), is secure, lightweight, clearly comfortable for my dog and NOT ONCE has he tried to pull whilst wearing it. I'm really impressed and pleased with it. So much so that I've just bought the NEO all-in-one version. I would recommend this harness to all dog owners, not just those with 'pullers', because it really is a loving, humane way to go walkies. But if your dog is powerful and/or a puller, then it is a must. I wish I'd known about it sooner.

Heather Court, UK 7/26/2018

 I find these leads and harnesses the best for my Irish Setter.

R Holt, UK 7/25/2018

 I am doing great with this new harness!

Rufus P 7/25/2018

 I ordered the NEO thing by mistake, but it is pretty cool. I didn't know you could get the leash as part of the harness. I can't take it apart that's the only downside. My dog is responding positively so far.

John M, Ireland 7/25/2018

 I love this harness once I got the hang of it it is simple and so much lighter than the ones i was using.

Wendy P 7/24/2018

 I have two lab mixes and they stopped pulling.

Amber W 7/24/2018

 There’s a world of difference when I walk my dog with this harness.

Carol E 7/24/2018

 I have been recommending your harnesses all over Sydney!

Sunny, Australia 7/23/2018

 The whole family is pleased with how easy this is to use. I really love the Lime green color too on my Golden. I think the dog likes it too.

PJ 7/23/2018

 I am so happy the ‘Walk your dog with Love’ harness arrived today- perfect. Now I need a Forest green color leash to match. I love the color.

G Neff 7/21/2018

 These Leashes are good!

David M 7/21/2018

 I recommend this Harness to everyone I know!

Barbara H B 7/21/2018

 Works so well for my 7 month old Golden Retriever. Excellent harness.

Sonia Reynolds 7/20/2018

I bought a harness years ago at the Old Deerfield Craft Fair for our Golden. Fast forward to 2018 & our new Choc Lab puppy. Hope is 53 pounds & tried it on her & LOVED!! What a difference in our walks.

Emily G 7/19/2018

 this is pretty awesome but it got dirty real quick.

Ron C 7/19/2018

 You have no idea how much I've missed this harness. We have a semi-similar back up but it is not as wonderful as this one!

Christine M, 7/18/2018

 I purchased a harness, leashes, collars, & auto safety belts about 4 years ago; they have held up very well!  Great quality and US-made - thank you!

Barbara, Columbia IL 7/18/2018

 Best $50 I have ever spent. A godsend!

Maria E 7/17/2018

Wanted to give the new harness a little bit of a workout before writing back to thank you for your outstanding service! Not only did you go off the program to make us a Chocolate NEO, but you did it the next day! I am so blown away and appreciative. There are three of us who routinely walk Hudson and we all love the NEO. The all in one is very convenient and so very lightweight. Thank you again for going above and beyond!

Cathy Hall 7/16/2018

 I have this and it is wonderful!!!

L Scardigno 7/16/2018

 Very good product.

Paula D 7/15/2018

 We have one of your wonderful harnesses. We will certainly recommend your products to our friends.

C Young 7/14/2018

 I LOVE my dog harness!! 3 weeks in and what a difference! And I am not a paid spokesperson.

Ilan K 7/14/2018

  Our new harness is a MIRACLE! Tonks is a 75-pound, 9 1/2 year-old Lab, and for the first time in her life she is not pulling. She likes the harness and politely ducks her head to put it on. No arguments, no yanking, no useless corrections. Sigh. Thanks so much!

C Losch 7/13/2018

 We just used our new broadband harness on Andra - our Anatolian Shepherd - for the first time and it is wonderful. She has been able to escape all other harnesses we have tried but not this one. She tried as soon as we turned our back to her but soon found it was pointless and hasn’t even tried to get put of it again. It is also so easy to put on and adjusts to fit het very nicely I highly recommend this harness.

Susan 7/13/2018

 Thank you again for the great service!  Quick and Easy and very pleasant and helpful. Great job on all points!

L Caprio 7/13/2018

 Bought the harness for my 10 pound dog who pulled like he was 150 pounds and now with the walk your dog with love harness he walks like a well behaved dog, very happy with my purchase.

Rosemarie M 7/13/2018

 I received an orange all-in-wonder harness and it is AWESOME! I don’t think I will ever use a regular leash again!

Kat A 7/12/2018

We have a schnauzer mix puppy that we rescued about a month ago, around 5 months old. He was a nightmare to walk! He pulled everywhere like crazy, zigged and zagged back and forth in your walking path, and had a tendency to randomly take off at a sprint in any direction. He also has a very long and lean build, including his neck - traditional collars and harnesses seemed to be really hurting his neck as he would frequently stop to choke and hack while on walks. This harness has helped us a lot! He still doesn’t walk perfectly by any means, but he does pull less and is way easier to control when he does pull. He completely spins around when he takes off at a sprint, which gets him into shape real quick! The choking has stopped, which makes me feel much better!

Lyndi 7/12/2018

 First let me say that this is an AMAZING harness! I have 2 Yorkies which many people would probably think don't pull very hard. Let me tell you they are small but very strong. My male is also very stubborn, so he would pull or even lay down when he wanted to go the way he wanted to go. I would literally be dragging him backwards nails dragging on the cement to get him going the way I wanted to go. Yesterday I had 2 people comment on what well behaved dogs I have! All I could reply is "It’s this amazing collar!"

C Cantu 7/12/2018

 Best harness - happy dog happy owner!

Michael Smith 7/11/2018

 The collar worked great, I was amazed how Captain did not pull.

Betty J 7/11/2018

 Gordon is a 9 years old Aussie and weighs 74 pounds. We have used your harness for his whole life. It is still in great working condition. The Harness has helped us greatly with our dog. 

David, Stella and Gordon 7/10/2018

 Wish I had found this earlier. A Godsend.

JMB 7/9/2018

These are great. I use them on several dogs I walk.

Emmie Whysall 7/9/2018

 The harness has worked brilliantly for my dog as she previously pulled and always tried to get out of collar. With the harness she walked beautifully with no pulling or anything.

Kerry, Western Australia 7/9/2018

Walk your dog with love, harnesses, leads etc, I would thoroughly recommend, has helped my 10month old puppy so much to walk without pulling and it’s the kindest harness your dog could wear, comfortable, soft and you can alter the size as your puppy grows. More very kind control when walking your dog on the lead, no lead attached to your dogs collar hurting your dogs neck, choking itself with pulling etc, the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness is the kindest for your dog to wear and help with non pulling. Marvellous for your dog and yourself!!!!!

J Byatt 7/7/2018

 I love them, it stopped my boys from pulling me and my German shepherd stop having anxiety on walks and my boy walk calmly. Best harness I have ever bought!!

K Webb 7/6/2018

 Our pups love your product and I have recommended them to no less than a dozen Dog lovers, all of whom thanked me for the referral. Nice to see great product, made with care and support from wonderful people such as yourself. Our neighborhood if full of “Walk Your Dog With Love” harnesses.

Les 7/6/2018

 My sister's dog was a Houdini before I tried this harness! It really fits well, is comfortable and most importantly, it stays on him.

Susan 7/5/2018

 The Neo Harness is great.

Ziv 7/5/2018

I have one of these great harness with her name and service dog put on it. I love it thank you!

Holly 7/4/2018

 This is the lead we got for Syd, it’s transformed his walks now, not pulling my arm off, love it 

Clare Lake 7/4/2018

 I have this got at Scallop festival several years back best harness EVER

Tracey B 7/3/2018

  My dog is really hard to walk no matter what.Tried every harness, ever magic leash- this one ranks up there.

Derrick, RI 7/2/2018

 This harness/leash combination is something of a miracle! I truly don't know why it works, but boy does it ever! My 115 pound Leonberger stopped pulling the minute it was on!! I got the "all in one," but plan to order a separate harness & leash as well! LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

B S Stock 7/1/2018

 These are wonderful. I feel a much more respectful relationship with my Golden Retriever with this harness. He's instantly a different dog.

D Cron 7/1/2018

 I have 2 of these. One for our cockapoo and one for our standard poodle. We have tried all different harnesses but none worked until we got these ones. They are amazing!

Sam D 7/1/2018

My dog Rondo and I love your website and harness and leashes we purchased several years ago. This is just to say "Hi", keep up the good work and soooo glad you are here for us.

Sasha and Rondo 7/1/2018

 My Scout wears this and we love it.

A Lipscomb 6/30/2018

 This harness made a huge difference in our walks. So much easier!

Joy P 6/29/2018

 I was advised to get one for my little terrier because she was pulling me everywhere but now I have got one we have tried it and yes it works brilliant thank you I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone who needs help to get the dog under control and happy.

G Bickers 6/29/2018

 Love the harnesses. Makes a huge difference on our walks. 

J C 6/29/2018

These are great leashes, harnesses and collars!! We have a staffie and an older mixed breed and this makes all walks fun and so much less challenging!!! Thanks !!!

Debra W 6/28/2018

 I love the Walk your dog harness. My headstrong Corgie that constantly strains on the leash, now walks calmly by my side. The harness is easy to put on and does not pull on the dogs throat.

Deanna K Eddy 6/28/2018

 Lola is doing great with her harness, and I can finally walk her myself.  It’s awesome.  I am able to walk them both and not get dragged down the street!! I love being able to walk them together now! Sometimes even with just one hand. Your product is simply amazing!

Lee D, Missouri City TX 6/28/2018

 Works great!

Ashley Stetts 6/28/2018

Must say, these harnesses really are brilliant. Your company is amazing and the harnesses really are the best. I’ve recommended to lots of people and they are amazed at how effective they are.

Elaine, W Sussex GB 6/27/2018

 I found this harness nearly 3 years ago and it has been one of the best pet purchases I’ve ever made! We still use it every day and my labradoodle and I have wonderful long walks — no frustrating tugging anymore. I tell everybody I know about it!

Chris Petrie 6/26/2018

 Love the harnesses, the difference in my dogs is remarkable.

Frank Z, Spanish Fort AL 6/26/2018

 I live in Florida, flea central. I really love this flea and tick repellent for my 3 standard dogs. I like natural methods, organic is even better. It smells good with a eucalyptussy (is that a word?) scent. It’s also very gentle, a few drops rubbed on my dogs and it is off to the races.

Mary Longo, Sanibel FL;6/25/2018

 The collar worked great, I was amazed how Captain did not pull.

Betty J 7/11/2018

 Finally a harness our little 16 pound Doodle will tolerate! After trying three other expensive harnesses unsuccessfully I decided to give the NEO a try after doing some research on harnesses for small dogs. It is amazing! Goes over his head so easily, no hardware clunking against his legs, he seems comfortable and no protesting anymore when we bring out the harness, and lightweight for a lightweight dog. It has totally changed the way he responds when we say “Let’s go for a walk.” He is happy and we are overjoyed. I don’t usually write reviews but this was the best purchase we have made in a long time.

M Keller, Lyme NH 6/23/2018

 Thank you so much for the fast service. We love the new embroidery collars.

R Jenkins, Manhattan IL 6/22/2018

 Best investment EVER for my 65 lb Labradoodle. Much better than other similar harnesses from pet store chains! Particularly love the fluorescent colors! A matching leash is a must!

D T Goodman 6/22/2018

 I received the harness 2 days ago and can’t believe the difference it has made! Our lab mix Duff has a lot of energy and used to pull on the leash. He would choke and at 70 lbs he was really starting to hurt my arm! He would also go crazy when he knew he was going for a walk, making it difficult for me to get the leash on him. The first time I put the harness on him he immediately calmed down and walking him is now a pleasure. I highly recommend!

Jeanne Grady, NJ 6/22/2018

 Wow! We've tried so many things for our 18-month-old chocolate Lab. Andy weighs 85 pounds, and I've had to leave leash walking to the men in my family. I've suffered ankle sprains, a dislocated finger and tennis elbow from being pulled off my feet trying to walk Andy. From the first time we tried the WalkYourDogWithLove harness, things got better. Way, way better. Andy is responsive, calm, and even if squirrels or his canine besties cross our path, Andy is controllable and attentive. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I will recommend your harness to friends for their own 'beast on a leash.'

Lecia, Alberta Canada 6/22/2018

 This leash has actually helped our walking experience. I have a 80 lb lab and it has saved my arm.

Hollysan Mills 6/21/2018

 I was very conflicted about the size for a slightly plump Yorkie. I ordered the 12-23 and then panicked and left a message for customer service. Erin called quickly and we discussed my concerns. Bottom line, she solved my problem and I am a very happy customer with a harness that really works.

John G, Marietta GA 6/21/2018

We got ours last week for our Vizsla who is 5 months old. Harness works great!!!

Joann C 6/21/2018

 I’ve ordered harnesses and other items directly from this company before and been very satisfied with quality and customer service.

Karen, Manteca, CA 6/21/2018

I have a 90 pound lab and this harness has helped tremendously. He still pulls a little and when he does I turn him around in a 360 then begin walking again. This harness may not have stopped the pulling 100% but it has 90%. I would recommend this harness.

Nonda Ford  6/21/2018

I have this harness on my Bouvier works well

Bob Allen, Canada 6/20/2018

 I have unconditional love for your products! Our family has 2 large dogs. Our pets are family members and get treated as such! For Christmas last year they all received one of your harnesses and leashes and we adore them! We get compliments on the collars at the dog park all the time. We will only buy from you from now on.

Jen Z, Ada MI 6/20/2018

 This works, no stress on your dog! Safe!

Tammy Stearns 6/19/2018

 This works good, my dog doesnt know how to act. Party time is over

S Griffen, Brownsburg IN 6/19/2018

 Met a couple who told me about this harness and they let me borrow there’s to walk my chocolate Labrador! It was a miracle, absolutely amazing! Husband couldn’t believe the difference either so ordered one this weekend and cannot wait for it to arrive, it will change my life and my dogs, fantastic!

J K Johnson, Great Britain 6/18/2018

 My clients (four-leggers) each had positive experiences from the first step.  PS...I'm gifting away all my easy walks to our town's homeless dog-owning folk!  Thanks for a terrific product.

Jenn Scott, Pro Pet Sitter/Dog Walker 6/18/2018

 I have one of these for my spunky little Min Pin/Pug mix. He was constantly choking himself with just a collar and leash, pulling every which way whenever I tried to take him for a walk. With the "Walk Your Dog With Love" harness, the pulling immediately stopped. Miraculous!

Gina Osborn 6/18/2018

 I have ordered this harness for many of my clients. I taught my own dog to walk on a slip lead and he is an excellent walker. I often bring him to Hampton Beach NH on Friday afternoon and evenings. He sometimes gets a little nervous when the noise picks up and starts to pull. I had been switching him over to a "Halti" to stop his pulling and it works well, but he hates "the thing on his nose". Last Friday, I decided to give the "Walk Your Dog With Love Harness" a try. It worked great! Just as well as the "Halti". I decided to get him a "Walk Your Dog With Love Harness" of his own. Thank you again for making such a great product.

Paula J Mears ABCDT - Certified Dog Trainer 6/18/2018

 The results have been outstanding.  I have 2 miniature schnauzers 9 & 8 years, the younger being a new addition and a puller.  My older dog Zander is good on the leash with occasional melt downs.  I tried him in his harness first and it was an immediate look of being comfortable after having a neck collar all these years. Zero, my new addition came from a home with a privacy fence and no walking so he reacts to everything. He was at first somewhat bummed that his party was over but the difference in just under a week is amazing.  Every time he turns and responds, I can hardly believe what I'm seeing.  Instead of being in a frenzy to get to everything, he's slowing down, and looking much more relaxed and happy. And I sure feel more comfortable in my arms & shoulders.

K P, Florence KY 6/17/2018

 This is the only harness that Bailey won’t run away from when I put it on her and the only one that stops her from pulling. We love your product!

Brittany, Oceanside CA  6/16/2018

 Got the harness...Easy to adjust, works well. Simple and elegant design.

Bob Bertram, MO 6/16/2018

 This harness-leash combo could not be any more awesome!!!!! I just purchased the Neo for my frisky 3-year old Vizsla mix rescue. She had always pulled like a sled dog on every walk, so I began investigating harnesses with the lead in front. The first two brands we tried helped somewhat with the pulling, but neither could be adjusted to fit well. They were either too stiff or involved too much hardware and too many adjustments. My dog did not like them and continually got her front legs tangled in the slack that hung down the front. A friend recommended the WalkYourDogWithLove site. We ordered the Neo style, and our walks have become hassle-free, comfortable, and easy! Super easy to fit and adjust, she loves to put it on and parade around the house, and no more getting tangled up in the heavy hardware hanging down in front. Just today, I lent the harness to my neighbor to try on her young hyper lab. She was amazed at how much easier their walk was and can’t wait to get a harness-leash too. And, like my dog, her dog loved wearing the harness. This product is genius!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Linda  Shakopee MN 6/16/2018

 Bought one for my Pitt/Mastiff mix because he pulled so hard....within minutes he was walking beside me without pulling!

JoAnn 6/14/2018

 This is a great product. Easy to fit, easy to put on, and works great to limit pulling. Also, the customer service here is wonderful. Quick responses with every question or concern!

A S, Rochester NY 6/14/2018

 You would think a 30 lb little Beagle/Jack Russell mix would be easy to control - but certainly not when he gets on a scent while hiking in the woods - he is very powerful with intent to hunt !! This harness has saved me from sore hands and given me a much more pleasant hiking experience with him!
Really great design, and so easy to slip on! Most difficult was getting the right fit and adjustment, but the instructions helped a lot and the end result couldn't be any better!

Lisa, Scott Township PA 6/14/2018

 We adopted another Great Dane and this harness is a must. Love your products!

Kerry R 6/14/2018

I have bought 4 of these harnesses now. They are the best I have ever had. They are strong, light, no buckles to rub your dogs legs, they don't stretch in water and they wash up like new. I have had one of mine for 4 years now and it is still perfect.

Jacqueline M, United Kingdom 6/13/2018

 I’m giving five stars for this product because of the customer service I received. We originally ordered a harness for our girl based on weight alone. I tried using it for months with little improvement. I decided to measure her girth and discovered she was way too small for the size we bought. We were sent the proper size without hassle and for only the cost of shipping. I highly recommend this company!

Lorraine 6/13/2018

I am happy to rave about your service and your products.  Both of our dogs are outfitted in Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses and they have been total game changers for our walking experience.

Cathy 6/13/2018

 I LOVE this harness. It instantly transformed a dog who pulled constantly to one who walked gently by my side as if trained to heal with weeks of obedience training. No more choking and gagging, but rather a doggy and mom who love walking together. Great design and easy to put on. Thanks hardly covers my gratitude for this humane and safer way of walking with my dog.

P Cegan, NC 6/13/2018

 I posted a review of 4 stars almost a month ago when I received the harness only because my 85 lb Great Pyrenes walks fine on a leash, he just is prey and leash aggressive with dogs. I was super happy to see he was much easier to handle when a bunny or squirrel ran by. The main reason for purchasing this harness was to get more control over him when he sees another dog. Well, had my opportunity this morning. He reacted as I knew he would, but was able to control my "Kujo" way better than when he was on a gentle leader and a prong collar. This harness is worth every penny and so happy to give it 5 Stars!!!!

Jeri P,  Tx 6/13/2018

 Good concept- Harness works as advertised- my dog is walking not pulling. But if it came in a red white blue or patriotic pattern i would like it better. Boring colors.

Bob Malik, USA 6/13/2018

 I really like this line of halters,  It’s easy to put on and remove once you get how it works. And with older dogs, it’s nice not to have them lift their legs to get into a harness. Appreciate your suggestions.

Rosemary Furfaro 6/12/2018

 Recently purchased one of these because my 80# yellow lab is awful on a leash. Pulls the whole time (and yes, she’s been to a reputable trainer who suggested one of these btw). With the first use she was a whole new dog. Walks are enjoyable again. Can’t recommend this product enough!!

Jen O, Warners NY  6/11/2018

 I really like the Walk Your Dog with Love Fun and Fancy Harness. It has provided a life-changing experience.   Lincoln is walking like the well-behaved dog he really is. We walk a lot each day.

Susan S 6/11/2018

 I had just about given up on finding a harness for my girls they are 100 pound labs and can and have pulled me to the ground before. That makes for a miserable walk. We had bought several different harness that claimed to help with the pulling issues and nothing worked. I bought the walk your dog with love harness and at first they would still pull some but now pulling is not an issue. Thank you so much for making this wonderful harness. I am getting ready to order them another harness just so they can have a spare.

Kelley, TN 6/11/2018

 I have purchased a broadband harness for my 95 lb Alaskan Malamute and it’s been great.

Curt Bender 6/11/2018

We love your harness for both our dogs. Will recommend you whenever possible!

B Jenkins 6/10/2018

 That best investment! I’ve been telling everyone! What a difference.

J Sepich 6/9/2018

 I DO like the design and quality of what I’ve seen.  It is much better for us, I get the concept.

Glenn Dria, Orrville OH 6/9/2018

 Best harness ever. Wish I knew about it with my first Vizsla who uses the gentle leader.  Love this harness.  

T D, Keizer OR 6/9/2018

 Just got your harness today. We have a 5 month old German Shepherd/Australian shepherd/Newfoundland pup. She's a great pup but when I walked her with a collar she was choking herself silly as she tried to run ahead, when I put on the harness with the back ring, she pulled like a sled dog...almost pulling me off my feet and she's only 40 lbs at this point. I worried about how I would possibly walk her as she gets bigger and spent the whole time trying to drag her backwards. I did some searching and came upon your system. It seemed sensible, guiding from the front, like a horse is guided. I thought, well, might as well give it a try. Our walk tonight was so relaxed. When we came upon two gentlemen, she started wagging like crazy and went to go toward them, and I just guided her in the other direction. And that was that! We didn't come upon any other dogs tonight, so we will see how that goes tomorrow, maybe. But I have to say, I am impressed! I thought you should know. My daughter has a big husky/shepherd cross who pulls so much and so she uses a pinch collar. He walks nicely with it on, but I've asked her to look at your video. I hope she gives it a try. Again...thanks!

K R, Saskatchewan Canada 6/9/2018

 Best purchase EVER. My dog was a nightmare to walk. This has been a life saver.

Heather P H 6/8/2018

 As for the harness my beagle dog willow is now totally under control for the first time. She is only 14 months old and as you can imagine is strong minded, my dog walking friends are really impressed as so am I. In fact there maybe more custom coming your way! Thank you! no more arm breaking walks with a demented kangaroo on the end if a lead. I don't normally leave a comment but this time it deserved it. 5s tars all the way. Brilllllllllliaaaannnntttttttt.

Stephen, Cirencester GB 6/7/2018

 Excellent! High quality, excellent customer service - perfect! Who could ask for better?

Lee 6/7/2018

 I heard this was an awesome collar for walking. I think it is too big for my 4 lb dog.

C H, Illion NY 6/7/2018

 The new harness and leash is great! QUALITY seems to be so much better. THANKS for the advice.

Ken and Rufus, Ft Lauderdale FL 6/7/2018

I have an 85 lb Pyrenees mix who is a handful when he sees another dog or rabbits/squirrels. I am 5'2", 125 and love my boy, but can't begin to tell you how many times I have fallen because of his power when he sees any of the above. I have tried several harness', prong collar, and gentle leader. The gentle leader was the only thing I could handle him with but it was always a struggle. Always looked for other dogs etc., to avoid his craziness. He is Teddy (In the video) times 10! My sister actually told me about the WALK WITH LOVE HARNESS. I figured I would give it a try even though he has had front control harness' before. I am giving this harness a 4 only because I haven't had a full on dog to dog within 10 feet away event yet. BUT, saying all this...I am a believer! We have encountered a few dogs about 20 feet away, he barks and pulls but nothing like he did before. So much easier to handle. Hard to believe that little piece of material that you clip the leash on makes such a difference! Feel much better walking him and man...when we do finally come on a close encounter of the 4 legged kind, I think it will go pretty well! Then I will give you guys 5 Stars plus!!!! But so far, pretty happy I got this harness!!!!  (see Jeri's 5 star update 6/13/2018)

JPenland, Plano Tx 6/7/2018

 Thanks again for the great customer service and the incredible harness. My niece called me today to tell me that she was walking Willie and a nearby resident who has a Bull Mastiff came along. Willie is overly friendly with all but two dogs in the area….the Mastiff being one. Willie will get on his hind legs and try to go towards the Mastiff. Today she had your harness on Willie and she could not stop raving about how easy he was to control compared to the previous harnesses we have tried. Willie is a muscular Lab 36” chest, 102 lbs and is 26’ at the Cockles. Not an east pup to control when he gets fixated on something. Thanks again for making an awesome product.

Micky, Whitby CA 6/6/2018

I currently walk four Danes daily. I read the reviews and thought it may a bit hyped up. My order arrived today so I got to try it on one of my male Danes on the walk. I was surprised how well it works. And good lookin' too with the lead. No problems even on release and run. I have owned big dogs for thirty+ years and your product is everything you say. Of course, my three other Danes are a little envious so I'll be ordering again real soon. Thank you for marketing a great product. I'll be back!

S Z , Hanover PA 6/6/2018

 Great Customer Service

J A, Warwickshire UK 6/6/18

 My 70 lb lab is so much easier to walk with. We have only used it 2 days now, but what a difference! We previously used the Thunderleash which worked ok at first (no choking her), but she then began to pull me around since it’s a behind the shoulder leash, not leading from the front like WYDWL. It is great to finally have control and have us both be happy walkers!

B Pellicori 6/6/2018

 I was just walking my labs this morning and was thinking how grateful that I found your product! I can safely and comfortably walk both of my boys and enjoy every minute!

R Crowe 6/6/2018

 Love the harness!  Thank you so much.

Cathie H 6/5/2018

 I have a 14 month old beagle who pulls and pulls and drags me around to the next interesting piece of grass to sniff!!! She is small but extremely strong willed, I've tried everything and almost came to the conclusion that my dog walking days will be the same.... being dragged from one clump of grass to another, after purchasing this harness after viewing some clips on utube it arrived today.
Put in on her and took her out today, I got to be honest I was expecting the worst with another failed purchase. OMG I'm so wrong, soon as she got out if the car I was dealing with a different dog. As soon as she pulled I gave the lead a little correction and that was enough and she stopped in her tracks and looked at me in disgust. She did it again and I corrected her gently with the same result.
Normally when I meet up with my dog walking friends it's me being pulled behind with a self willed dog, no more. It's amazing product that works!!!!

Wooders 6/5/2018

I love it for my puppy. No more flying through the air. Have total control of my puppy… 10 months old, 70 lbs. My pup, Cooper loves it. I was a skeptic until I tried the harness… as advertised, amazing results.

Darlyne R 6/4/2018

 You’d think from looking at my dainty 10-lb. girl that she’d be easy to walk. But don’t be fooled- she has pulled her 6’4” daddy down to his knees! So unfortunately I gave up on walking her, which broke my heart because she loved it so much. Then we got your harness and it was life changing! Immediately I was able to not only control her, but also my two other dogs, all by myself! I can now walk them anytime I want- which makes me a very, very happy fur mama! We had tried others that promised to stop the pulling, but nothing worked like yours. Thank you so much for creating this.

Angela M 6/3/2018

So I never leave reviews but I just had to on this product because after countless harnesses we have finally found one that works for our rescue dog... not sure what exactly she is part spaniel/St. Bernard. Anyway I’ve been walking her for about 3 years now and she has always been a “puller” to the point where it was a chore to walk her... well after a few walks with this she doesn’t really pull because she can’t and it’s not uncomfortable like most no pull harnesses!!! Great product and great price!!!

Ryan D 6/3/2018

 This works good on Sophie. No pulling on her neck.

Alonnia Cox 6/3/2018

 This is an amazing harness and we are buying a 2nd for when one is soaking from a mud puddle play session! (We already have 2 of your collars for this reason!) We get a lot of comments from dog owners on the harness and always recommend Walk Your Dog with Love. It works beautifully, is well made, and your customer service is outstanding. We are looking forward to trying out your tick repellent.

Sarah Y, Ottawa Ontario 6/2/2018

 I'm still in training with my dog Pinga, a Siberian husky, she's 3 y/o. We rescued her at 1 y.o. We always have had nice walks, but she tends to pull and it always ended up a very engaged walk for me attempting to tell her to walk beside -- she'd always pull. She does excellent at skijoring as you can imagine. But I just didn't know how to do the walking thing with her. I tried different dog training techniques including a local dog trainer and Cesar Milan's suggestions, and both were extremely helpful!!! However, we just never got it down between us. I LOVE YOUR 'WALK YOUR DOG WITH LOVE' collar/leash combo. We just had a wonderful walk, she stayed by me, no pulling, and it was just pleasant for both of us. It's like it offers her and me expectations/commands that we both understand. BEST WALK EVER! Thank you!!

Molly McNally 6/2/2018

 I'm an older lady who pet sits for friends’ Boxer. Walking him was a nightmare until they bought one of these harnesses. I told them the difference is like night and day. It's a miracle!

Joan P G 6/2/2018

 Love this.... Axel walks so much better on it

J Cooney, Manchester NH 6/1/2018

 A neighbour's visitor asked about Henry’s harness and we told her it was WYDWL she came over last week to say she had bought one and how pleased she was with it.

E Bond, South Molton UK 6/1/2018

 I am so happy to have found your walk your dog with love harness. My 80 lb pit/cur mix has pulled me down several times when he sees a squirrel, dog or person. I was afraid to take him  out. Now the strength of his pull when he gets excited and lunges ahead is a fraction of what it was with a regular collar. We thank God for your harness. Thank you so much!

Barbara W, Florida 6/1/2018

 I love WYDWL products. I use with all foster dogs and resident dogs. I always recommend to my dog friends.

Ann Oliver 6/1/2018

 This harness is amazing. It doesn’t choke Onyx, gently guides him enough so that he can adjust the speed. It reminds him to slow down, (and of course that means treats for him now) so happily comes back to my side. Easy use for my daughter to take him too, super child friendly.

Angela Marler, Loving Canine Transformations, Castaic CA 5/31/2018

 I honestly just have to say this harness changed my life with walking my big boy he doesn’t even pull or anything everyone needs your harness.

D Bradley 5/31/2018

 Dobby’s new harness came today; she finally wore out her first one (it took three years of daily use). We’ve had lots of people comment on how calm she is during our walks and hikes and I always give credit to WYDWL

Barbara G 5/31/2018

 Great harness!! I used this harness for years on my last dog.  The harness is easy to apply, and made our walks easy and fun.

A Mattice, VT 5/31/2018

 Perfect Harness! I bought this from their website, but I wanted to post a review here as this harness fixed 100% of all pulling issues with my enormous 143 pound Bernese Mountain Dog. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

Casey Evans, 5/31/2018

 Arrived quickly, works as promised.

A Gorman, New York NY 5/30/2018

 I really like this harness.

Sonja, Tulsa OK 5/30/18

Love this product so much for my lab mix Mario! What a tremendous difference in walking him now. He would pull so hard he would choke himself and I stopped trying to walk him because of it. A friend mentioned the harness to me and I’m so glad I bought it! Highly recommend this product!

Jodi G Gour 5/29/2018

 Tried lots of harnesses before this was recommended by a fellow dog walker. Highly recommend, it stopped my dog pulling immediately.

Kindle Customer 5/29/2018


Roger Coombes 5/29/2018

 I recently purchased a Soft and Sweet Harness, Leash and Collar. My dog, Lincoln has very sensitive skin, so the soft, smooth yet strong material allows him to have a comfortable walk. The No Pull , No Choke front harness has changed our walking experience for the better. While Lincoln is a very well behaved English Pointer, his one vice was pulling like a freight train while walking. The harness has curbed his pulling and allows both of us to have an active yet relaxed walk now. We are walking further during our usual walks -mainly because it is a joy to walk with him. Now, Lincoln not longer has any vices.

Susan S 5/29/2018

 Intelligently designed, thoughtful materials and immediate change with my nose driven, cat and bird chasing, playful clown. First, I followed instructions for introduction to his new harness. Now, our walks are truly pleasurable. I was astonished that even "no", means "No." We are both smiling, literally smiling. Thank you for your ingenuity!!

Janice 5/29/2018

 Great for training my puppy on the leash. Graduated to the next size harness, and the good waking manners are developing nicely. I feel that we started him out right with this product.

K Kelty 5/28/2018

 I was skeptical, but it does seem to be doing the job. My 9-yr-old, 52-lb stocky dog is a strong puller, and the old harness I used was attached to his back. He has been quick to aggressively lunge at squirrels, joggers, and other dogs, and my shoulder was starting to give out. Two weeks have passed and when we encounter things that used to trigger him, he gets excited, but I don't feel much of a pull at all. He even heels or walks behind me a bit, which he never did in the past. So I'm very pleased so far.

T Brooks 5/27/2018

 Ordered the harness on Monday and it arrived on Thursday!  Today was my trial run with my very exuberant 16 month old beagle, Maggie Mae, who has a nose like a bloodhound.  She is notoriously terrible on a walk.  Tugging, pulling, constantly darting in and around my feet this direction and that.  Her favorite thing to go crazy over are squirrels...and I think our neighbor has more than usual.  My previously injured back couldn't take anymore of the constant pulling.  Every day this week my neighbor has commented that she is "taking me for a walk".  Last evening I watched the video on how to adjust it to her body and how to train her in it...  today our morning power struggle  turned into a really nice walk!  We covered twice the ground in the same amount of time we usually walk.  We still have some tweaking on behaviors but I am confident that this harness will do the trick after a few more walks and training sessions.  Thanks for helping me gain my role as "lead dog" back.  This harness is a game changer.

Kathy Cole 5/26/2018

 This is a great dog harness!

J Owens 5/26/2018

 I use this and really like it. So many harnesses seem to do MORE rather than less damage and pain. I use the Neo all in one version. The concept of the front clipping harness makes sense, over the back clipping brands. Also, I recommend the Neo all in one on that site because there's no weigh to dangle. And since hes a pup still, he just drags it when indoors. No problem. Another thing about the Walk Your Dog With Love's flexible in the front like a t shirt. So when you slightly move one way, the dog feels your intention. A clip close to the chest wouldn't do that, if you know what I mean. The company's site has a video that explains this visually.

M O, Annapolis MD 5/26/2018

 Works well for Jackson.

Carroll D C 5/26/2018

 Poppy really enjoys the integrated leash because there is no hardware banging against her little knees. I'm really glad we heard about your company from the going to dog training. The instructor talked about it and a German Shepard that came to class was wearing one.

L Gomes, Peabody MA 5/25/2018

 I love this product!!!

Valarie, Hamilton VA 5/25/18

 Finally a simple thing that does what it says. My dog is easy breezy, walking calm and nice. It's great.

Milo  5/22/2018

 Good customer service, great leash!

Ashley H 5/22/2018

 So far this has been great- wishing i had it 7 years ago!

Kelly Smith 5/21/2018

 I love my all in one leash harness for Mia now that she has grown into it a bit.

D Bykowski 5/21/2018

I like this Harness!

Cathy H5/21/2018

 I tried all the harnesses for dogs out there only Walk Your Dog With Love worked for my dog Ragnar.

Thomas V 5/20/2018

 I just got the neo walk with love leash and love it!

Pat S, Arlington Heights IL 5/18/18

 Great harness. I got the Sporto Doggo from the website. This was a great transition from the prong collar training I was doing on my boy Nate. Hes 7 months and has become a delight walker with patience and training daily! He lets me lead walks. Nate loves the front lead and so do i! Great product.

 Amanda Wright, Nashville TN 5/18/2018

 Ordered this a week or so ago and it’s brilliant! My Cockapoo used to walk me....... now he walks with me, no pulling and definitely more comfortable for him too, as well as me!

H Gritt 5/18/18

 The harness is amazing! I used an Easy Walk harness previously which was good but my Lab did not like to wear it. No issues with him wearing your harness and he is more manageable with the new harness. Great product.....delivers exactly what you said it would.

Micky G, Whitby Canada 5/17/2018

 Recommended this harness, as I have a Blue Healer pup , who was pulling on another harnesses. But this one- wow!

Roz Toscan, NSW Australia 5/17/2018

 Using this harness is like having a different dog. Can't recommend it enough.

Terry Walker 5/17/2018

 I love dealing with you guys..... professional and on your game!! 

Suzi Hill 5/17/2018

 I believe this is most humane dog leash made as I have used many other leashes and this one definitely is superior to all of them to date. 

Harvey Shaner 5/16/ 2018

 This is an AMAZING harness! I bought the Broadband Big Dog harness for my one year old Newfoundland after reading all the positive reviews and success stories folks have had with their dogs’ walking issues. Axl is 115 pounds, a lovable pup who always wants to ‘do the right thing’ whether walking, playing with his canine and feline siblings, greeting strangers, etc. Our problem wasn’t with his constant pulling but was with sudden lunges and straining iniated by encountering his biggest fears:  bicycles, skateboards or golf carts, triggering his fight or flight impulse.  From the very first time walking Axl with this halter it has been bliss! He is so confident and relaxed, making me more so as well....I’ve been using this halter for two months now and we usually walk a minimum if 4-5 days a week - problem eliminated. Now these encounters are not even noteworthy; we let them pass on by without incident or even better, he gets to meet the nice people attached to his former foes. I’m a 63 yr old woman, 5’ 2” tall and 105# so if we’ve had this kind of success chances are others will also. Thank you thank you!

Robin Cartledge 5/15/2018

 I have bought many harnesses from you & is the only one that I will put on our dogs.

Sue Pino, Derry NH 5/15/2018

 I have found the harness to be very beneficial as I suffer with a back problem and I am unable to walk the dog without this.  I have recommended your product to family and friends and also the training class I attend.  

Tracey Jones 5/15/2018

 Our wire fox terrier would not tolerate this type of harness before... he stood completely still, refused to move & then threw his rear end up and front down in complete defiance. We just knew this one would work.

Frances Merrell 5/14/2018

 Thanks for all you do! Your leashes are literally life changing :D I couldn't walk my dogs before (2 strong pitbulls), and now we do 2 walks a day!!

Leah L 5/14/2018

 We LOVE your product and will not use another harness again. I’ve recommended your product many times because it truly is the best. We have tried imitations, but yours is the only harness that is super easy to put on, the only one that keeps its size, the only one that is so light it feels like you’re not hold much of anything. The all-in-wonder harness is awesome!

Cori McCabe 5/14/2018

 After giving us 13 years of delight, Josie finally wore out. Thank you for helping make her life as a tri-paw better, and for helping her aging owner enjoy her.

Anne Haehl 05/13/2018

 I really am impressed with the product, and have recommended it to family and friends. I wish to thank you, for just the best customer service I have come across!  it’s been seamless and fully focuses on the customer and more importantly the dog. I will promote this fantastic product and the even more wonderful after care.

Berni and Winnie, Scotland 5/13/2018

 I got 2 of these for my beagles, love this harness. Once you get it adjusted for your dog it so easy to put the harness on my beagles. No choking them and no hurting my back or shoulders from them pulling!

Lynne Yates 5/13/2018

 This has been great over the years. Got it at a craft fair.

Ben A, Albany NY 5/12/2018

 Best leash ever...! I’m glad I bought it...! I tried 4 harness leashes- plus two other leashes. Yours is the best- my neighbor even bought one for her pit bull also. She lives on my same street. Her dog use to pull her so much- she loves it too. Thanks- I love walking my dog now...!

Debbie Karkoska, Denver PA 5/12/2018

 We hyped one of your harnesses today! Only thing I'll walk one of my dogs with!

Amanda Garlock, Leesburg GA 5/12/2018

 Works great ! Every dog should have one. Thank you thank you thank you

Barbara Ilavsky 5/12/2018

Things were getting so fraught with the lovely Monty, either pulling forwards to get to people and dogs or moving backwards and pulling his collar off.  I was amazed at how it worked from the minute I put it on him. He seems to enjoy his walks more now, as he's much calmer. It's such a simple design and yet none of the harnesses I've looked at here, fasten at the front! You deserve a lot of success with this product and I wish you well for the future.

Petra Payne, UK 5/11/2018

 Wow, please tell who ever invented this, is simply a genius. Boy do I have a testimony for your company. I am the one who was walking my dogs on the sidewalk, right by busy US 2, well a dog ran across to see my dogs. My dogs pulled me right on US 2 and I fell right on this busy highway. My friend sent me your link, so I ordered these, wondering if they would really work, after some adjustments, they work so well, it is really a miracle. Had 2 great tests in the last couple of days. Same dog came running in a different area, what a difference no pulling and today another dog, hardly any pulling. I wish I would of had these years ago. I am a retired RN and now don't have the strength to hold them back, now I don't have to worry. I absolutely Love them and is so easy to use. Thank you thank you thank you.

Mary Kay 5/11/2018

 My two Aussies are fantastic walkers in your harness! They don’t pull and I feel I have complete control (even though they out weigh me!) The harnesses look wonderful and are much lighter weight then previous versions from other manufacturers. Ease in adjustability and use is a foolproof with two VERY excited dogs. Thank you for making walking fun!

Kelly Wilson 5/11/2018

 You do have the best product out there. That's why I bought a 3rd harness for my Wolfhound. And I always tell people about your product. So, Thanks for everything

T Stewart 5/11/2018

 Ranger loves his new harness.

John DeArcangelis, Hudson MA 5/11/2018

 I do like this item, especially the bright yellow.

Anne-Marie K 5/10/2018

 Best one I have found so far. 

Fred B, Hadley NY 5/10/2018

 This leash has worked awesome!

Ken K, Carthage NC 5/8/2018

 I'm always happy to refer people to your site.  I tell them that I watched the video with skepticism when the "uncontrollable" dog suddenly became angel-perfect once in the harness -- until the exact same thing happened with my own dog!  I've tried it on various other dogs and the results are the same each time.  So now my new pup is getting one of his own too!

Alexa, Phoenix AZ 5/8/2018

Thank you for your high quality doggie products.

Evelyn Hennessy 5/7/2018

 LOVE the harness I bought my dog! Best $ I've spent on dog equipment.

Anne G 5/7/2018

 It works great!! My husband received one for our dog on his Birthday! He loves It! Our Golden is a joy to walk now!!

Toni Greaves 5/7/2018

 I've got to say this is the best thing I've ever purchased after 5 years of being dragged down the road by my 2 Labradors. I was recommended this product from a friend- thought I'd give it ago after spending loads of money on all sorts …and she was right!!!! It's stopped my dogs pulling altogether I cannot believe it thanks for a fab product.

Emma Gillett 5/7/2018

 What great service! I look forward to getting a new harness as it made such a difference to our daily walks.

Donna P, Cheshire UK 5/7/2018

You guys are terrific. I have recommended you to any number of people and they have bought your harness and are thrilled with it. Thank you so much.

Jane J, New York NY 5/6/2018

 Great collar and love the colors! Best part is it is made in the USA!!!! We all need to support our country companies making their own products! Woof!!! 

Rhonda , Thompson PA 5/6/2018

 Give it a try and you will see that it works as promised. I am hard to please.

Walter P, Valatie NY 5/6/2018

 I love this harness. So much easier to walk my dog with it. He loves to walk with it now. He will put his head through the harness himself to get going sooner

Lorrie Long 5/6/2018

This harness is just completely magical. Our 42kg Golden Retriever Finlay has at times pulled us both over at worst or nearly dislocated our shoulders at the best!! We have tried other "restraining" harnesses with no success, but within five minutes of wearing your harness he was walking to heel and pulling like a train was a thing of the past. Thank you so very much. We will recommend to everyone!!

Pauline & Terry Walker 5/04/2018

 I am so excited to carry these, I love them and will be easy for me to promote!

River DeLiso, Hippie Dog Shop, Ennis MT 5/4/2018

 Love my harness! Made the world of difference.

Sue Wildley, Grand Rapids MI 5/3/2018

 We LOVE the harness!!!

K Gilmore 5/3/2018

 This is the best! We have spent so much on other harnesses, leashes etc. that didn’t help or was just painful for our dog. This harness works and walk-in our dog is a joy now. Thank you for making this.

L L, Lisbon NY 5/2/2018

 I am very pleased with this harness on my 78 pound Airedale. 100% better than the choker I had been using. Walks are so much better!!

Norma , Wadsworth OH 5/2/2018

 We didn't think anything would stop our 8 year old Border Collie from pulling. We have tried many things over the years and nothing has worked until we got this harness. We couldn't believe the difference it made. It is now a pleasure to walk our dog. We would highly recommend this to anyone.

Lynn 5/1/2018

 We just got one for Maggie to support BFDR and she's like a new dog. We are beyond impressed.

Heather Honiss Salsich 5/1/2018

 These are awesome! I have one for my 165 lb. Newf and walking her is much easier!

Kristin Conway 4/30/2018

 Finally, a harness that performs! Thanks.

Paul R,  Land O Lakes MI 4/30/2018

 My Family and I love your products and it has made walking the dog way more enjoyable!

S Heneveld, Enosburg Falls  4/30/2018

 This is great!

Nancy Santi, FL 4/30/2018

 This harness works great. My lab shepard mix would pull me all over before.

Diane Box 4/29/2018

 Made our daily walks enjoyable. I am no longer frustrated with her and her crazy pulling. Just before I got the harness she pulled so hard to get to another dog I fell and as I am on in years it wasn’t pleasant. I highly recommend this harness and wish I had bought it sooner. 

Karin B 4/29/2018

I am a happy owner of the NEO All-In-Wonder Harness - works very well - walks are so much more enjoyable.  

G S, Leverett MA 4/28/2018

 After trying everything (trainers, collars, harnesses) this harness transformed my active puller Lagotto Romagnolo into a relaxed walker.
Worked from the 1st walk!

B  Halfin, New York NY 4/28/2018

 I’ve tried several harnesses and this is the best. I advertise for you!

Jerri J, Carlsbad CA 4/27/2018

 I just started using these on both of my very strong labs...and oh my what a difference! I highly recommend!

Rhoda Crowe 4/27/2018

 I have an 11 year old Golden Retriever that has been impossible to walk since he was a puppy. He pulls so hard he has knocked me down. The WYDWL harness is amazing and I can walk him!!!!  I also have a 3 year old Boykin Spaniel that was trained with a choke chain that I really do not like using. He also walks beautifully on the WYDWL harness!!! My dogs and I thank you and Teddy from our hearts!!!

Mary B 4/26/2018

 I find that training is more effective with the harness on. Satisfied.

Sally G, Loon Lake NY 4/26/2018

These harnesses are the best!! I wouldn't use anything else.

Pat R Outbridge 4/26/2018

 I have a Leonberger and have the Harness for Giant Breeds... great fit and my big guy likes it!!

J Wood, Santa Barbara 4/26/18

 Very fast shipping - great harness! This is my 3rd one. I just adopted a 67 lb Coonhound with a stubborn streak. One day with this harness and it's like a whole different animal. 

Jacqueline, Scotia NY 4/25/18

 Think I’ve tried every harness there is and none stopped the pulling until i tried this front leading harness from walk your dog with love. It works. Both my Dalmatians walk to heal. No more pulling. It’s a pleasure to walk them. Thank you so much

P Watts, Norwich Great Britain 4/25/2018

 Thank you, great product by the way.

Bill Featherstone 4/25/2018

 Thanks for making this amazing harness for our baby lab!

Matt and Steph Oster 4/25/2018

 We have one and love it!

Lori Hill 04/24/2018

 Love this harness so much — buying two more for the spare leash we keep in the cars. Worked like a charm from the minute I put it on Ginger.

Michele, Portland OR 04/24/2018

 What a great company to work with. My puppy outgrew her harness and I was able to take advantage of their Puppy Promise guarantee. I love the harness. It is so easy to get on and off. My puppy is an aggressive puller. I still have a problem with her pulling but it is so much easier to get her back into control. I would highly recommend this harness. Love the product love the customer service.

Ellen Scott 4/23/2018

 Truly excellent customer service

Edith Stone, N MANCHESTER IN 4/23/18

 We love his harness, Eli a 2 year old golden doodle walks great on it, no pulling.

Kris Browne 4/22/2018

I just got mine last week and had the best walks with my 5 month old, 75 lb, King Shepard. She looked confused at times but was feeling exactly what I wanted her too. So excited for the rain to stop and get some more walks in

M Thurman, Oklahoma City OK 4/21/2018

 This harness really works!

Deanna R, Fernandina Beach FL 4/21/2018

 Grace and I just wanted to say Thank You for making our adventures more comfortable.  Grace is reactive to bicycles or maybe I should say was.  With your harness, I have been able to have much more control and thus more productive training sessions.  We have been working on her reactivity for a long time and your harness was just the missing piece we needed to bring it all together.  I can’t explain exactly why the way yours works with the straps towards the top works better than others but I can guarantee it does.  It is so light weight and easy to take off and put on, it has everything we have been searching for.  Grace also has VERY sensitive skin and I have had no sores or hair loss with this harness.

Teresa Burger, Arlington TX 4/21/2018

 My 4 yr Doodle has one. It successfully eliminates his pulling.  I think your harness is the best. It is easier to put on and off than any other harness.  Great useful product.

Patricia, Taunton MA 4/20/2018

 Quality product and fast shipping.

Mary Ann Thurmond,  Gainesville FL 4/20/2018

 I have had Dakota’s harness for 4 1/2 years now. It is the best front leading harness made. I think it may be time to get a new one!

Linda, Grand Island FL 4/20/2018

 This is working out great. Happy to have it.

Freddy O, Duluth MN 4/20/2018

 We rescued a great pup, but walking him was a nightmare. He pulled so much we were afraid he was doing real damage to his neck, nervermind what it was doing to us-- like getting pulled by a sled dog! We purchased the original Walk Your Dog With Love harness which we were thrilled with, especially after purchasing THREE other different brand expensive harnesses that not only didn't work, but were extremely difficult to get on the dog. When we found the Walk Your Dog With Love harnesss, we thought it was too good to be true. Finally, a harness that not only worked, but was so easy to get on and off too! One click! What a difference in our lives this harness has made. Walking our dog used to be such a challenge for us, and for our beloved pup. Not anymore! Having this harness has been a real game changer, and it's reasonably priced too! We have just ordered another, the NEO with the leash built in. Can't wait for it to arrive! We have no doubt we are going to love it just as much as the original, and our pup will too. These harnesses WORK! Thank you making such a great product!

Donna Karlsson, Pearl River NY 4/19/2018

 Super harness, my wife agrees.

H Macaffey, Queensbury NY 4/19/2018

 Our Labrador, a fit and healthy and very strong willed dog was instantly calmed by this harness. It really does offer you great control over what direction the dog goes in. I should think that smaller dogs would not benefit but certainly the larger and more determined dogs would be brought under control by a lighter owner. We purchased this because my wife struggled to stop our dog taking off when ever he felt like it, dragging my wife along. Matters came to a head when she was dragged onto the road. This harness stopped all of that instantly. We remove the harness by one click and let him run at an appropriate place. Harness goes on easily, once you get the hang of it. We loved it and now we are buying another one, not because it is damaged, but because it is now looking scruffy, having been washed endlessly. It is now three years old, as old as our dog.

Happy Amazon Customer 4/19/2018

 Just received my WYDWL harness this week. Already improving and so much easier to use than the other brand! Thank you.

Michele Sabatier, Portland OR 4/17/2018

 I’ve finally found a harness for my pups that actually works.

Denise 4/17/18

 Works well on our Puggle. Head halters sure don't work.

Sharon Gray 4/17/18

 My dog does not like the idea of not pulling, she knows that really hard pulls will only cause her to turn back toward me.

Brittany, West Sussex  4/16/2018

This harness has been a game changer when walking Daisy our 2 year old Great Pyrenees. She constantly pulled hard and would drop anchor on interesting smells regardless of how she was connected to me. She also lunged at other dogs and cars while walking. My back and shoulder were not tolerating taking her out. The Broadband fits her well and she gives me a slack leash now. She still drops anchor on the smells, but it's easier to get her to come along with me and the lunging has dropped off significantly. We both are enjoying our outings a lot more.

Chris Michalec, Covington WA 4/16/2018

 This harness is awesome. Always love seeing something that is kind, gentle to the dog and also promotes positive energy from the walker!

Linda Robin 4/16/2018

 I ordered 2. It does work! My shoulder no longer hurts and they walk 90% better! I was very skeptical but now very satisfied.

Roxanne K, Yardley PA  4/15/2018

 Love this harness!!!

Jackie Sassa 4/15/2018

 The best ever.

Debbie K, Denver PA 4/14/2018

 The harness is truly a miracle! It’s a true life-saver!

T Bobbitt 4/13/2018

 Great. Doesn’t stop chocolate lab pulling completely but still much better than before. Speedy service from the USA as well. Would recommended.

Mrs Rox, U K 4/13/2018

 Love your harnesses! Was just going to order 1 for my foster dog then saw the Friday the 13th special :) Lucky us! Thank you!

J Schott, Interlaken Switzerland 4/13/18

Has definitely changed our walks! Thank you soooo much!!! I love my harness!!

Teresa Duley, Colonial Beach VA 4/13/18

 Got one for my Dobie boy, Nick and it works great. I am anti-collar...too much damage can be done to their trachea and spine...and this harness keeps Nick from jerking me around and easily turns his head and body into me and away from whatever is distracting or threatening him. We give it 4 paws!

Rose Cauldron, Madras OR 4/13/2018

 Just purchased one and I truly LOVE it! It actually works!!!!!

Kathy Bishop, Massillon OH 4/12/2018

 Home grown Brand, International Appeal and Standard. Great Product

Snr Wahid Mounir Hage 4/12/2018

 I’ve had so much trouble walking my 80 pound dog in the past. I bought this reasonable priced harness and it works GREAT! Now I’m in charge when Howie and I go for a walk. Thank you so much.

Torph Roseman 4/12/2018

 We bought this. No more pulling or choking from pulling

Todd and Donna Weaver, DeBary FL 4/12/2018

I did order a harness and it works great w my dog Sandy. He was a puller, and now walks more relaxed. He's a small dog but stocky, it was exhausting for me. Good buy for him. thank you!

Maria Marinakis, Eddystone PA 4/11/2018

 This is the best dog harness I am so glad that I ordered this. I received it within just a few days of ordering. our first outing was to Lowe’s , tractor supply and Sportsmens den which are all dog friendly stores. The worst part for my dog is walking across the parking lot to the store cars noise and he gets frightened and wants to pull but absolutely no problem with this harness.

Jeri Price, Mount Gilead Ohio 4/11/2018

 This will be Rosie's second harness as she has outgrown the first one.  We really like how much better she does while wearing her harness and we like the “no choking” feature.  Our walks are much more enjoyable as she is a very active Golden and knows no strangers.

Peggy Todd, Mckenna WA 4/11/18

 Leo loves his and such a better walker now! 

Lori Pratt, Cary NC 4/10/2018

 Fantastic product. THE best ever dog harness

Jo, Suffolk UK 4/10/18

 I wanted to love it but it just is too small. my dog needs to lose weight so i thought it would work.

Sarah B Frost 4/9/2018

 Your harness is the best in the world.  We've chewed through many brands but yours is easy to fit, comfortable on my dog and is made of very durable materials. Thank you for a great product!!

Sheila Rankin, Auckland NZ 4/9/2018

 What amazing customer service and an even more amazing product. THANK YOU!

David Taylor, Spring Lake NC 4/9/2018

Would highly recommend this product.

Miss A E Gillies, Tyne and Wear UK 4/9/18

 I don’t even know how to begin to thank you.  I ordered your harness and went away on vacation.  I returned today and decided to try it out.  I have never had a more enjoyable walk with my dog.  Every situation that could happen, did.  In the past, he would jump out at cars, pull when he came in contact with dogs or humans, pull to the side hard when he saw something that he wanted to sniff or take off if a leaf blew in front of him.  Today, all of these scenarios occurred and I had to contain myself!  My joy and excitement was overwhelming.  How can such a simple invention be a total game changer.  I can’t wait to try out the hipster too.  I am sure you will be hearing back from me on that as well. 😊  I will be recommending your product to every dog owner I know.  Thank you for including additional business cards.  I will be sure to pass them out. 

Lisa Young, Orange CT 4/8/2018

 Great harness, makes our walks much easier

Susan, Beaverton OR 4/7/18

 We bought this harness at the Big E and it surpassed my expectations!! It is very easy to use and it completely stopped Bubba from pulling.

K Evon 4/7/2018

 LOVE IT! I was so skeptical that this was too expensive, and I was prepared to return it. After just 1 walk, I was won over. It really works! Thank You from Pip and me.

Jackie Lindquist, Minneapolis MN 4/7/2018

 Excellent! From the moment I put this on my 18 month old Cattle dog the pulling completely stopped! Great product!

Kathy Bogan, Montclair NJ 4/7/2018

 This is great! My dog enjoys her walks more too!

Valerie Studer, Mckinney TX 4/7/2018

 My only complaint is that I didnt try this sooner. So far it is working.

Taylor S, Schroon NY 4/7/2018

 Amazing service and an amazing harness.

Eliza Bond 4/7/2018

 Just purchased your NEO AIO harness with integrated leash. It arrived promptly and I was able to adjust it easily using the video! I wanted a light, responsive front-leading dog harness. This is it! My dog hated our old front leading harness, which never fit properly and drooped in the front and chafed under the armpits! We took our maiden voyage last night and rescue dog Squirt loves his new NEO AIO! The material is soft and strong; easy on hands and dog’s body. Worth every penny!

Carol Michalski, Venice WI 4/6/2018

 Love these harnesses ... Have bought 5 now and tell everyone we know. 

Michelle Taylor, Middletown CT 4/6/18

 Just ordered one for our Pyr pup who was pulling my husband down and it worked from the 1st use.  Easy off/on and Kodi stands politely while we put it on him.  WONDERFUL!  Now going to get one for our older, larger Lab (Tank) since even the pronged collars don't control him without pulling.  LOVE THE PRODUCT!!!!!

Sandra Z, Milwaukee WI 4/5/2018

 I am completely blown away how great this worked. I have 2 dogs who walk great separately but together are impossible. Put on the harnesses and they have not pulled since.

John Grande, New Smyrna Beach FL 4/4/2018

 The best harness I ever had, and I have had many.

Patti K, Coos Bay OR 4/4/2018

 Riley seems very happy with it, walking much better not pulling and a bonus we have better control and are enjoying walking him again instead of battling with him. Thank you again for speedy service

Colleen and Riley 4/4/2018

Why don’t you make a butt lifter? I need something that will be both the harness and that I can use to help my German Shepherd up the stairs.

Ollie, Alexandria MN 4/4/2018

 You have a wonderful product.

Christine R 4/3/2018

 I just walked our Penny with her new harness, and the change in her was INSTANTANEOUS! She was a puller, and now she's a complete joy to walk! Thank you for the great harness.

Elizabeth Herhold, Fenton MI 4/3/2018

 I was skeptical, tried several others including a choke collar. My lab pulled me for an hour. This made a huge difference! Over 90%. I am loving it and I am sure she is also.

Johanna Mills 4/3/2018

 Love our harnesses - one for each of our large German Shepherds. I can get my boys to go where I want, instead of them dragging me to where they want to go.

Lisa S Woodruff, Harding PA 4/2/18

 Thank you so much. I love the harness. I bought my first one a few months ago and it worked great so when I got my second rescue dog I wanted one for him as well.  Great product, great customer service.

Loveit Baumgardner, Greeneville TN  4/2/2018

 My Dog Monk and I THANKYOU!

Denise and Monk 4/2/2018

 Thank you SO much for designing these! I bought both the collar and leash for each of my Golden’s-they are walking with us, not pulling us for the first time!! Wish I would have purchased them sooner...

Amber Parviainen, Spokane WA 4/2/2018

 Love this Harness .

Barb Anderson 4/2/2018

Got one for my little Pom. She walks so much better, and it is so easy to put it on hers. The others were so hard to put on her. It’s a great harness.

Mildred Jensen 4/1/2018

 We have a German Shepherd -Husky. Love it, no pulling or choking. Makes walking on leash so much easier.

Tonya K C 4/1/2018

 I recently purchased a harness and leash for my Labradoodle to replace a similar product from a National pet store chain! This is so much better! Much stronger and I love that it is reflective. Highly recommend!!

Debbie Goodman, Pierce City MO 4/1/2018

 Totally changed the atmosphere of walking my dog to a pleasant experience.

Sandy Rebel 4/1/2018

 I absolutely love this product. I used it today when I got it out of my mailbox. My dog did not pull me all over the city like I'm a rag doll. Thank you. This product really works.  

Nancy Andrzeicik, Nashville TN 3/31/2018

 We have a Collie x German Shepherd and even after lots of training she still pulls on the lead when she’s out and about... we bought one of your harnesses and can’t believe how great it is! She doesn’t even try to pull when wearing it, it doesn’t restrict her movement at all (including when she’s running around off the lead) and it’s a lot smaller and more discreet than a lot we’ve seen on other dogs! Thank you!

Alison Sawers, Cheltenham GB 3/31/2018

 Have just bought one of these harnesses for my 2yr old dog and it's like a miracle. After being dragged around for almost 2 years, despite training sessions and various headcollars and other harnesses, this has worked immediately. She doesn't even try to pull now. I let a friend try it on her springer spaniel, who pulls really badly, and she couldn't believe the difference. She's going to order one for her.

A Gillies, Gateshead UK 3/30/2018

 I’m Debbie, the human partner to Seamus, the English Mastiff pup, weighing in @ 200lb...(oh, he wants me to tell you it’s all muscle). I’m writing to you on his behalf because he says the keys are ridiculously small, for his big beautiful paws.

“My little owner weighs maybe 100lbs. soaking wet. To top it off, she has only one leg and wears this other weird looking leg. When I go out to patrol the yard, and do my business, it used to just be hell. Every time I increased my pace, I felt as though I was dragging something behind...and Guess what? I was. I kept turning around to see my human, face first in the mud or worse. Other times she’d be bare knuckling the porch...wanting me to come in. I felt bad, but I didn’t know...a slight tug on my neck this way and that, meant nothing to me. Especially if that cute bitch across the street was outside. (I think she digs me). Well one day, to my surprise, she put this thing on me. Its very comfortable. My human loves the bright orange color, the workmanship and the name WALKYOURDOGWITHLOVE.

Now let’s get one thing straight: I LOVE my human! I always want to please her. After all, she loves me so much...I’m her baby you know! Really, I would do anything for her, but for the life of me, before your walkyourdogwithlove harness and leash, I didn’t know what the cat, she wanted...I thought maybe she WANTED to flounder around in the mud. She sure seemed excited about it.  I felt so bad for my little sensitive human, because some unfriendly humans said that she had no right to rescue me because of my size. They wanted me instead. That made her cry, and THAT MADE ME ANGRY!

Humans, lets be serious for a minute here...when my precious human put your almost magical harness and leash on me, she told me we needed to go out and practice.. Now, I’ve got to tell you, anytime with my human is fantastic, but this sounded like work. I already sit, stay, lay down, shake hands, and kiss on demand. What else do you need? (Oh man, if my brothers saw me, but oh, when she rubs my belly after, oooh...I get tingly just thinking about it)

Oh, but this harness is amazing, for her and for me, and it’s so natural! I feel so secure now. I know what she wants me to do. We go everywhere together now. I’m no longer left at home. And you should hear all the ‘Good Boys’ I get. Oh and the treats..the treats...It’s actually the harness that does all the work...but that’s our secret!
I know my human is especially pleased when we happily and in a controlled manner, strut by those humans who said she could never handle me. We both smile. However, I still want to pee on their roses. Mom says no.
Your magnificent harness design WALKYOURDOGWITHLOVE brings a REALLY BIG GUY like me, even closer to my human. I don’t get nervous anymore, because with this comfortable harness, I know just what my mommy wants of me. I no longer turn to see my human floundering in the mud. And even though that looked like a lot of fun to me, she didn’t seem to care for it.

So all my furry brethren out there, tell your humans to get you the WALKYOURDOGWITHLOVE harness and leash. You’ll get out of the house for walkies a lot more. You’ll hear a lot more Good Boys, and trust me you’ll be in treat Nirvana.

Really, for more pats and snuggles from your human, for way more time with them...and to see the world...tell your human to get you this harness.

Thank you so much for changing my life for the better and making my human very, very happy! Some day if I see you, I’ll let you hold my bone for a while...well, for a can touch it...I’ll let you look at it! Until then...great walkies... We’ll meet you in the nearest dog park."

Seamus the English Mastiff + Debbie, his human 3/29/2018

 It is absolutely magical. No joke. We both love it. 

Tashua Malino 3/29/2018

 Best thing we have found so far....

H McGillis 3/29/2018

 For the past 6 months I have walked my two dogs, one a 70lb Weimaraner who literally pulled me around the neighborhood. I went through three different harnesses, choke chains until I noticed she was coughing a lot after the walk. I was so scared I was hurting her neck. I purchased the Walk your dog with love harness and I cant tell you how amazing it is. Like day and night. Now instead of the neighbors laughing as I got pulled by, I'm so proud to be walking..."look at me now"! Best ever!!! Thank you!!

Bobbie Sculley, Fresno CA 3/28/2018

 Excellent quality harness.

William, LONDON KY 3/28/18

 I have this harness & love it! Used it with my 170 pound bloodhound & now use it with my 78 pound tree walker hound. These breeds follow scents so walking was impossible until I found the original harness. Now walking is easy.

Susan Brooksher 3/28/2018

 Got the harnesses today and the dogs passed the "talking to the neighbor while a cat walks by" test. The harnesses are wonderful. Thank you!

Deb Murphy, Warren OH 3/28/2018

 Best purchase ever for my pup! 

Suzanne Siok, Elmwood Park NJ 3/28/2018

 Hands down this is the best system EVER!

Heather Hansen 3/27/2018

 My dog walks much better now on leash. Appreciate the great customer service.

Jaime R, Greenville NC 3/26/2018

I just got my harness, works great as i have a 4 yr old Husky and if you ever walked a husky you know how they pull. I took him 3 times already, no pulling! It was a wonderful relaxing walk.

Linda MacDonald, Pittsfield NH 3/25/2018

 We purchased our first WYDWL Harness for our dog Sydney about 11 years ago. (It's still in excellent shape). We then purchased a second harness for our dog Butler about 6 years ago. These harnesses not only make it difficult for dogs to pull forward and be out front, but rather walk right by your side. They also look and seem comfortable for our dogs and so easy to put it on them. Great design!

Larry Romer 3/25/2018

 Needed a good quality 3 foot leash for use on camping trips. Excellent quality. Looks like it will do the job.

Randall, BEAVERCREEK OH 3/24/18

 Absolutely love Walk Your Dog with Love products

Fief Van Rossem, Kingston Ontario  3/24/2018

 I purchased your harness for my 4 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Hank who is impossible to walk. The harness was easy to put on and adjust. Hank was a totally different dog wearing this harness, walk with a bounce in his step at a very pleasant pace. No more pulling me down the street! Thank you all for making our walks enjoyable.  I am tell all my family & friends who have dogs about your harness. Amazing!!!

Kathleen Hetzel & Hank, Henderson NV 3/24/2018

 I can't believe it took me this long to try this harness! I walk my two dogs at the same time; my 45-pound heeler mix is a nightmare to walk since her strong prey drive has her pulling constantly, tracking the scent of rabbits and squirrels. My 70-pound lab is easier to walk but with their old harnesses they were definitely walking me, or pulling me, often in two different directions. I can't tell you how often I was asked "who's walking who?" The first day I put their new harnesses on them was amazing because we actually walked instead of me walking super fast to keep up with prey-drive girl pulling. Every once in a while they may smell something and pull in a particular direction but with a gentle tug I can get them back on track. I really can't believe the difference these harnesses make; I'm kind of sad my arms aren't getting the resistance exercise they were with my old harnesses.

Lori Cowan, LeClaire IA 3/24/2018

 I have a 6 month old golden doodle. She is so full of energy and was killing my arm. I received the harness yesterday and walking her was much calmer and easier to handle!

Cindy P, Murrells Inlet SC 3/23/2018

 Makes walking my 60lb pup a pleasure.

K Falco, Easton PA 3/23/2018

 Hands down this is the best system EVER! 

Heather, Waukesha WI 3/23/2018

 I love this harness! I got one for my grown kids' dog too!

Kim Hunter 3/23/2018

 It worked extremely well with our 110lbs German Shepard.

M Broe, East Haddam CT 3/23/2018

 I bought one for my overgreeting lab, and it worked great.

Kate N 3/23/2018

 Could not be more pleased- fantastic product.

Sherry, San Diego CA  3/22/18

Cocoa walks well with this. No more prong collar.

Terri Creager, Maineville OK 3/22/2018

 I have a five year old golden retriever that has pulled me around my neighborhood on walks for years! I have tried every method and device known to man and finally settled on the gentle leader. She still pulls with it, pants, and head bobs all the time which I attribute to anxiety. Anyway, I saw your ad and decided to give your harness a try. OMG!! It's a miracle! Last night we took our first walk using it without any pulling! No panting and no head bobbing! I can't thank you enough for your wonderful product. I am looking forward to many more years of peaceful walking and I will be ordering for my other dogs as well. Thanks so much!

Carol Beakley, Lamar CO 3/22/2018

 I’ve tried so many harnesses, collars, etc. this works the best on my 80 pound, strong Lab

Mary Ann Ondy, Milford CT 3/22/2018

 Liked the first one so much, purchased a second! Best harness I've had, and I've tried several.

Bonnie, OOSTBURG WI 3/21/18

 Best harness ever!! I highly recommend it. I use on several of my pet sitting dog clients. Happy dog and easy on my back. Easy to adjust and put on. Worth a try since I’m sure what your using isn’t doing the job !!

L Lonergan 3/21/2018

 I use my walking belt to bike with my dog, works great. The front clip is the best harness.

Linda Crouse, Port St Lucie FL 3/21/2018

 Amazing! Just got mine. It’s night and day how much better my pup is on the leash. Wow!!!!!

Tricia B, Kettering OH 3/21/2018

 Best leash ever. Makes walking such pleasure!

Ann Meyer 3/20/2018

 Highly recommend! Walking our Terrier mix is soooo much easier. The pulling is extremely better and I have way more control. 

Ailey Babcock, Davenport IA 3/20/2018

 Miracle leash!! No more pulling!! Makes our walks much less stressful!

Mary Ann Ellis, DeWitt MI 3/19/2018

 Love these harnesses. I have tried so many different kinds of harnesses and muzzle restraints and these are the only ones that genuinely work and still work years later and are not uncomfortable on my dogs!

D Johnson, CORNWALL UK 3/19/2018

Got George's in the mail today, and wow what a difference. I am so excited about our future "no tug" walks!!

Cindy L C 3/18/2018

 We struggled for the first year with our chocolate lab really pulling us about on walks. I saw your lead on the internet, ordered it and tried it out. Its been incredible, a complete change in his behaviour. So thank you, your product really has made a difference.

Andrew Bowen, Haddington Scotland 3/18/2018

 Wonderful harness. Easiest walk with the dog first time I put it on. Very very pleased with this harness

Michael Ganz 3/18/2018

 This is the best harness I've tried. I have a 110 lb shepherd and he was always dragging me. I just took him out and he walked beautifully the very first time.

Kathleen Ward, Indiana PA 3/18/2018

 Better than any other we have tried. My trainer likes it.

B Normand, Fair Haven VT 3/18/2018

I got this harness and it’s amazing. Would recommend.

Kate Turner 3/18/2018

I have ordered other things from you and have enjoyed them; and have appreciated the quality, ease of use and the effort put into the products for the dog's comfort and safety.  But I must say, I am so surprised and grateful that you and your company would do this special order.  I believe customer service is a very important part of a company and yours, like your products are top-notched!  Thank you so much.  The neon green is going to look great on his chocolate coat.  

Robin P, Livonia MI 3/17/2018

 Yes, very happy with service and product

Janet, Kent UK 3/17/2018

 I use this harness it is fabulous

Trish Hoad 3/17/2018

 Tried his harness for the first time today, I highly recommend it.

S Hale 3/17/2018

 Just received my harness, walked my jack Russell- best harness ever!!!!

B Decker, New Windsor MD 3/16/2018

The new harness fits Nina like a charm!  She's very touchy about having anything around her belly because she had a huge tumor removed, but she doesn't mind the "Walk your Dog with Love" harness and doesn't flinch when I put it on.  Thank you again!

Nancy Gordon, Annapolis MD 3/15/2018

 Hi, just been spreading the word about your amazing harnesses. I am passing the discount code over to a friend. It has transformed my dog walking and I cannot thank you enough. Honey is a beautiful beagle but just pulled so much when she smelt anything interesting...she hasn't done it once since wearing your harness. Big, big thank you.

Sarah W, UK 3/15/2018

 Very happy with product, it does what it says, and doesn’t harm the dog. And a happy dog is more important.

Myra, East Sussex UK 3/15/2018

 Good harness, has certainly helped with the pulling.

Miss P Wade, East Yorkshire UK 3/14/2018

 I have a tall Labrador and I also tried many different harnesses and head leaders . I find this the best it does what it says.

M Pitcher, St Columb UK 3/14/2018

 We have an 8 month old Golden Retriever and use a Walk your dog with Love harness. People remark how well he walks. There is still some pulling but it’s controllable and we would recommend it. 

GrandPa John 3/14/2018

 I have two labs and works wonders, I’ve bought one for a friend and another friend has got it for their lab, they both love it. 

Carol T, Plymouth GB 3/14/2018

 From an engineering standpoint you should make your harness have a rear hook up on it too. I know you sell a front leader – and it helps walk my dog well enough, it’s a good idea. But you could’ve made the option to attach a leash at the back.

Joe G, Wisconsin 3/14/2018

 Don't hesitate!! I've got 2 German shepherds (40kg each) and can walk both with one hand. The youngster (1yr old) pulls ever so slightly but not with the force he has done. My cupboard is full of harnesses and gadgets but this is the only one that's worked for mine. 

Dee 3/14/2018 

 I have two labs and works wonders, I’ve bought one for a friend and another friend has got it for their lab, they both love it. 

Carol Tabb 3/14/2018 

 I have a tall Labrador and I also tried many different harnesses and head leaders. I find this the best it does what it says. 

Moya Pitcher 3/14/2018 

 I love this product, swear by this product and tell all my friends about this product. I think my dog feels the same way too!

C Hanesbury, Collegeville PA 3/13/2018

 Luke wants everyone to read his (embroidered) harness. Very proud Setter puppy.

Thomas M 3/13/2018

What can I say but... it works!

Jason Smith, Duluth MN 3/13/2018

 Harness fits and works great on my Chihuahua. Thanks for the helpful advice and a great product!

David Barasch, Wilmington NY 3/12/2018

 It has really made a difference with training this BIG dog.

Linda Joiner, Wheaton IL 3/11/2018

 Love, love it...what a difference from standard leash!! Did take me a while to figure out how to use...but when it FINALLY clicked in my brain...easy as can be!!!

Diane Steinmann, Atlanta GA 3/11/2018

 I use it and got my neighbors to use it as well. They love it. So easy to control my dog. Best Harness ever!

Kathi Doroshenk 3/11/2018

 Just received my halter & leash yesterday! Love it

D T Goodman, Pierce City MO 3/10/2018

 Just received ours and did a short walk! Love it!! Get one.

Debi McBride 3/10/2018

 We have a golden, Gus, who was a Turkish street dog before we adopted him; somehow, over there, he developed an aversion to airplanes and large flying birds...go figure. Your halter is the only one which has really helped me control his attempts to drag me with him during his efforts to rid the neighborhood of this scourge. Thank you so much!!

Peg Zoll 3/9/2018

 I'm leaving 5 stars! And don't get me going on how ineffective and harmful the prong choke can be. Their customer service is great and they've been so helpful and understanding in my plight to control my happy and energetic Mr. Cooper! the harness attaches easy.  By all means please try this company because they will back their product with a questions asked.

Carl Sedon 3/9/2018

 Thank you so much for a product that does what it says it does and is so easy to use.  You certainly have saved my neck and shoulder and may have saved my relationship with my dog and my husband as well!
Melanie S, Austin TX 3/8/2018

 Have had this product for a couple of days now and compared to the choker chain that I was using on my dog, this product performs 100% better than the choker chain. My dog really pulls (especially if she sees another dog) and this harness really seems to reduce the pulling and more importantly, it doesn't cause choking of the dog. So far - So good

Richard, Winnipeg, Manitoba 3/8/18

 This front harness works perfect. My Golden is much calmer with a totally different attitude. No more pulling.

M J Greaves 3/7/2018

 Satisfied Customer, happy dog.

Valerie Putman 3/7/2018

I have to say that I have 2 English labs who drag me all over the place. I have spent hundreds of dollars on harnesses. Just hooked the boys up to their new harnesses and not a single pull. Not sure why they work so well as I have had other one similar to this one in the past. love the items.

Tina Buehler, Vernon VT 3/6/2018

 Been a proud owner of this product for 4 harness EVER!

C Clancy,  Blackwood NJ 3/6/2018

 Reduces pulling, easy to fit. Lots of adjustment possibilities to get a good fit. I previously used a Halti harness which is front ranging and is better at preventing my Boxer from pulling. This does not have the clip that attaches the chest-piece to the collar like the Halti harness has but I have found that by adjusting the harness as directed in the instructions the chest-piece does not fall down. I am pleased with this product. I bought the rainbow webbing harness so my dog looks very gay- particularly now he has a matching collar!

Widget 3/6/2018

 Love the harness! I am actually able to walk Rudy, our wild 2 year old Golden Retriever!!!!!

Victoria R, Gibson City IL 3/5/2018

I have an 85 lb Lab/Pit that loves to pull on her leash, This harness is amazing. so easy to put on, and your control is at the chest, not at the throat. Yes, it is very easy to put on, over the head, and click on side.

Kathy Brown 3/4/2018

 Gentle on the dog and the handler. It is a great controller for the dog.

BigDog 3/4/2018

 I love the harness, she stopped pulling.

Karen McGowan 3/3/2018

 The dog learned how to walk with it without tugging in a short period of time. Makes walking the mutt easy and less of an ordeal.

Matthew Love 3/3/2018

 Highly recommended this harness, I bought one for my crazy beagle who used to pull me all over the place when a nice scent attracted her - the difference is amazing and she loves wearing her new harness too. THANK YOU 

Sarah Wass, Cuddington UK 3/2/2018

And now I love walking Big Mike!

Barbara Petersen, Tallahassee FL 3/2/2018

 Great choice!

Joseph, Cheshire CT 3/2/18

 Thank you. Great product and great service.!!

Linda, MEDFORD OR 3/1/18

 These are brilliant. My 10 year old can walk two Great Danes using them.

Jessica Stephens 3/1/2018

 Love mine! My retriever used to pull me to other dogs as though all dogs love him!!!. My poor shoulders used to go through hell...all is brilliant now... full control when needed. My life saver!!! Love walking him now!

Carol Larking, Faversham UK 3/1/2018

 Thank you! I use my harnesses all the time and love them.

Penny Ellsworth, Glen Ellyn IL  3/1/2018

 I received the harness a few days ago...and I am AMAZED!!! No sled dog behavior trying to PULL me everywhere. Every time she even tries, it's a gentle reminder that the lead is in front of her, and immediately slows her down. For the first time in a year, it's a JOY to walk her outside. That being said, we have not encountered a squirrel or something to make her lunge forward, but I really do not anticipate any issues. This is a GREAT HARNESS!!! 5 STAR!!!

Cindy Randall, Spartanburg, SC 3/1/2018

 Maizee loves hers!

Michael K, Chicago IL 2/28/2018

 Fab lead, really made a difference. I have 3 large dogs and I can walk them all together and none of them pull.

Lynne Walker, Driffield UK 2/28/2018

 Great product for large pulling dogs. I ordered 2 of these - one for our large pulling dog and one for a neighbor who I noticed also had a large pulling dog. This is not the first time I purchased these so I knew it would work for my dog. My neighbor was very thankful and said that it was a godsend.

Kindle Customer 2/28/2018

I got one in red because I am a big Red Sox fan. Where are your logos? You make these in MA for goodness sake!

Kyra, Holyoke MA 2/28/2018

 I bought this harness at the Massachusetts State Fair. We had recently rescued a Maltesse/Shih tzu mix. Like many rescue dogs, he had grown up with mixed signals in his training. His idea of going for a walk was full speed ahead, as if he was an Alaskan sled dog. I was skeptical at first thinking it was expensive if it didn't work. I am now pleased enough with this product that I recommend it to anyone not enjoying walks with there dog. Instead of pulling Cooper walks right beside us and enjoys his outings without having to be constantly corrected. The price can be totally justified by the money saved on professional training lessons.

Marc Page 2/28/2018

 So far so good. I am skeptical but hopeful. Small strong dog is a work in progress!

Julie Peters 2/28/2018

 I was hopeful when I ordered this for my dog Rokko. He gets so excited when he is on a walk that he pulls and makes both of us miserable. He was using a gentle leader that didn't really help. When I put the NEO harness on him (so much easier then the gentle leader!) we went for our walk and I was SO happy! He still pulled some but it was so much better!! Now we both enjoy walking! Thank you so much!

Claudia Hufman, Greensboro NC 2/27/2018

 Awesome. Truly can not believe how quickly my ox pulling 80 lb golden adjusted to the new harness. Within in 5 minutes we were both walking from tree to tree, not him dragging me from tree to tree. We even saw someone with a pulling young black lab who commented how well behaved my dog was. I tried to tell him that my dog used to pull like his until the new harness. I do not think he believed me. Just wish I had bought the harness sooner.

Karen LaTona, North Kingstown RI 2/27/2018

Do yourself and your dog a favor and buy a walking harness. I bought the Original which performed way beyond any expectations I may have had. My new rescue dog who obviously had horrible walking experiences in the past became a calm and enjoyable walking companion wearing the Walk Your Dog with Love harness. Get one !

Philip Debski, Everett PA 2/27/2018

Easiest harness ever and works perfectly!

Tessa, IMPERIAL BEACH  CA 2/26/18

 I have TWO Labs, one 80#, the other 100#. Four months ago, I bought your halters for both dogs, and Oh MY, what an AMAZING difference!!!! I can walk them TOGETHER, easily, with only a little hand jiggle correction!!!

Laurie Stevens 2/26/2018

 My 70 lb pup pulled me down on ice 4 times in a month. From the first time on this lead, she has not pulled and the lead was slack! Love it!

Marla McNabb, Akron OK 2/26/2018

I volunteer at our local no-kill shelter working with some of the less adoptable dogs to help them with training and exercise. The shelter was using these plastic loop-around-the-neck leashes to walk the dogs and they were horrible!! Dogs got loose, it hurt the hands of the walkers who also they choked out the dogs). It was an all-around bad experience for what was supposed to be a nice walk for everyone. I had used Walkyourdogwithlove harnesses and I knew they worked.  I told the head trainer at the shelter about these harnesses.  It made all the difference in the world. Now energetic dogs could be walked safely and people could see them in a better light.  I love your product, I know it works. Every day when I'm walking my dogs I run into people that are getting walked by their dogs. I beg them to google “Walkyourdogwithlove” and watch the videos, I say “I’m telling you it’s real!!” Thanks!!

Tina L Dal Santo, San Antonio TX 02/26/2018

 Came quickly as described, nice package. I just have not got to use it yet because it is so darn cold. We’ll give you 5 stars if it lives up the hype.

Ruth, International Falls MN 2/25/2018

 We got Sadie one, its super! Sadie is 155 lbs. Works great no more collar around her neck.

Richard Simonsen, Campbell NY 2/25/2018

 Just walked my dog (90 lb Golden)...he is very strong, as he grew up in country and I never would clip him. Have had to use a choke collar on him (which I hated doing) and that still didn't work well, a friend wanted to use a shock collar, somehow that got I guess his neck got strong, as he would chase almost everything and just had a near constant pull unless he had been walked several miles. Now, the pulling is almost totally absent, he starts and then stops, unless he sees an animal, but he's still easier to control. GREAT HARNESS...I love not having to choke the heck out of him and he walks. I hope this effect lasts...

Steven Regester, Syracuse NY 2/25/2018

 Fab harness for our rescue Otterhound puppy Teddy. Never had a home and came to us as a bouncy year old 25kg bundle of fluff, and we had to teach him lead walking was not for tripping us or pulling us! He’s a 40kg lump now too! Everything changed the day we bought our WYDWL harness. He’s wonderful on the lead (and harness) now and just moved up to the larger size. Fantastic simple idea it just works ! If you have tried them ALL like us, once you try the Walk Your Dog With Love harness your life walking your dog will change! Best decision I ever made buying ours Thank You!

Shelley Haggerwood, Holkham UK 2/24/2018

 I have the most hyper dog I have ever seen. Walking him was impossible. I bought one of these. It is amazing!!! Great Product! I highly recommend it.

Pam Lattea 2/24/2018

 I adopted Luna back in Oct. I have a really bad back & her slight pulls hurt. I tried 4 different harnesses. I finally saw an ad for this one & I absolutely love it. If your dog is a puller this is a great purchase!

Christal McCollim 2/24/2018

 Best dog purchase ever! Stops my two 40kg German shepherds from pulling, they are a pleasure to walk now so thank you!

Dee Sheppard, Rugby, GB 2/23/2018

 Great harness. Makes walks with my Springer much more manageable!

Jane Purcell, UK 2/23/2018

 It’s good, I take her out with my bike and I have better control of her.

Julie 2/23/2018

 We have this leash and couldn't be happier with the results.

Zoe-Elizabeth Andrews 2/22/2018

Much better than a collar. Better control!

Patty Grzegorek 2/22/2018

So, I actually just received mine in the mail today, and headed straight out the door with the pup. We'd been using an "Easy Walk" harness, which I could NEVER get adjusted correctly, and it was so heavy in front that it always sagged and then it started pulling on her shoulders painfully, and I was worried about doing some long-term damage to her shoulders...awful contraption, avoid, avoid, avoid. Now, the Walk Your Dog With Love harness, however, is simply a COMPLETELY different design and absolutely WONDERFUL experience! I think me and the pooch just had the most enjoyable walk EVER! No pulling, no sagging, easy on, easy off...FANTASTIC design. I can't recommend this product enough. Five out of five stars. Really, really happy with it, and thank you SO much for designing such a wonderful harness!!!

Victoria Laurie, Bloomfield MI 2/22/2018

 I was skeptical at first when a coworker referred this harness to me. my challenge is I have a strong willed 60 lb pit bull girl who loves to pull and was killing my shoulder. The package arrived followed the setup instruction and how to get her acclimated to the harness. It took some patience but she got it. It took some initial adjustment but now it works like a charm and our hikes and daily walks are a pleasure and controls her impulses to pull, except if she sees a squirrel haha

Edward 2/21/2018

 Excellent- walks are a lot more enjoyable. It's the first time in ages I have been able to walk my dog Maisie (a Staff's) without being pulled.  Made our walks so much more enjoyable, thank you to walk my dog with love harness and lead

Ann, Manchester UK 2/21/2018

 My Ruby has this harness. It’s awesome!! Today I forgot to use it and used the regular collar for a walk. Ruby almost pulled me down! I forgot how hard it was to walk her before the love your dog harness. It’s wonderful!!    

Kristin R Livesay 2/21/18

 I was initially wondering if this harness was going to really make my 72 lb lab/pointer not pull. I thought about it 48 hours and looked at the site twice before buying. I can't think of a time when my money was so well spent! I actually look forward to walking my dog now. I've tried a few different devices designed to make dog walking a pleasure, and this is the first one that's actually worked.

Tamara Bobbitt, Trinity TX 2/21/2018

 This harness has improved my walks with my 60 pound pit bull/boxer grand dog 100%!!!! We have fun rambling around now instead of power struggles!

Judy K, Prairie Village KS 2/20/2018

 Thank you for our beautiful new harness. Yogi happy to be walking again!

Joan Baum, Roslyn NY 2/20/2018

 Stops pulling instantly! Brilliant ...stopped our Sharpei pulling instantly would highly recommend!

Diane Lee 2/20/2018

 Walking our 50 lb. Basset hound and 90 chocolate Lab has been challenging. Everything we tried they had more power to pull us. Finally we found the solution that works for both dogs. Walk Your Dog With Love gives the power to the owner. It just takes a gentle correction to have control over where we walk and how fast we walk. No more pulling us along. We love our new harness!

T Roe, Ivins UT 2/19/2018

 I love walking my dog with this new harness.

Lisa, Des Plaines IL 2/19/18

 Please don't hesitate to buy these special harnesses. worth every penny. i really like to know something will actually do what is STATES it will do. i haven't see this type of harness anywhere else, in stores or online. my dogs really pull me around w/o this harness and i could end up w/ an injury. this harness is much better than any other i've tried, even one's (like "Sprenger"-designs) that said they would prevent the dog from pulling but really didn't. after hours of searching online, i am so relieved to have found Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses. much love and respect to you for designing and providing them for us

Sharon Mulkey, Oceano CA 2/19/2018

 My Cocker spaniel is just over 11kgs and has the 18 to 35lb one. After trying every harness on the market this is the only one that stopped her pulling.

Jac, Great Britain 2/19/2018

 My dog loves his. Best thing ever!

Carla G M 2/18/2018

 Nike loves his and so do I.

V Talucci, San Pedro CA 2/18/2018

 I love mine. I had 85 lbs of chocolate lab to walk. Ummmm or should I say walking me. I now walk her. No training with this harness needed. Put in on and it’s like magic.

Jan Kelly 2/17/2018

 This is a great harness to discourage pulling. We have a 70 lb Doberman who is very determined to lead the way. Much more enjoyable walk.
Lynyrd 2/17/2018 

 I have been using your harness system for well over ten years now. I absolutely love them and now, as a professional dog walker, I recommend them to my clients all the time, especially when they have a dog that pulls. I have two big dogs of my own that I use them on, in fact, I took their harnesses and use them for my dog walks, and bought them new ones.

Barbara P. Schiller Park IL 2/16/2018

 This harness completely changed the way my dogs walk and I enjoy walking my dog now without my shoulder hurting from the constant pulling. Ordering  2 more for my other 2 dogs.

William Bain 2/16/2018

This new harness is a total game changer for me and the dog.... we have had northern breed dogs for over 25 years, and this harness is great.... nice for me nice for the dog... Pretty much able to walk the dog with a couple of fingers!!!

Martin Turner 2/15/2018

 We already have 2 harnesses for our 2 adult dogs and just purchased another for our puppy. The best harnesses we have ever used for our Akita's who used to pull like crazy. Will not be using any other type of harness from now on, definitely a life changer for those doggie walks.

Joanne O'Donoghue 2/14/2018

 Yes, my big incorrigible Dobie can still pull, but not nearly as hard. And I like not putting pressure on his neck vertebrae, so this is a success for us.

Holly Y 2/14/2018

 This was purchased for my nephew dog as my pup has been using this harness for 5 yrs and I thought it was well worth getting another pup a happy healthy walking experience.

Dawn, Plainville CT 2/14/2018

 Could not believe what a massive difference that this would make to the dog walking. Much more pleasurable to take her out now.

Malcolm, Co Durham UK 2/14/2018

 This lead has change my life - amazing - telling everyone on my dog walk. I am walking my dog with love now.

Hayley, London England 2/13/2018

 I love this harness. The design makes walking my dog much easier.

Linda Fuller, Lake Stevens, WA 2/13/2018

 The change in the dog while walking is unbelievable, it’s now more of a pleasure to take him out. Excellent product.

Anne C, Lancashire GB 2/13/2018

 Great product - works fantastically well

N Hawthorn, Lutterworth, Great Britian 2/13/2018

We have two and these are the best.

Christine S, Ludlow MA 2/12/2018

 I bought this harness and it really does make walking our dog easier. Instead of pulling on the leash to get her to walk beside me, she moves towards me without hesitation now. Easier to control too. our dog is not aggressive, just nosey and wants to go everywhere, sniff everywhere. Now, she stays at my side most of the time, just have to give a little tug and she comes right to the side.

K Brown, Lake Ridge VA 2/12/2018

 This is the only harness that I like because it is so easy to put on and she walks so well with it.

Sherrie B, Monroeville PA 2/12/2018

 My Mr. Murphy had one of these harnesses. I loved it! I had saved your card that shipped with the harness. I am adopting Tucker and he will be with me next Saturday! I have to purchase one of these in his size because he dislikes his collar that the foster mom is using....well, I don't have to...your harness is a must for walking a dog! Thank you for creating such a fabulous product!

J Reeves, League City TX 2/11/2018

 This harness changed my dogs world and saved my back. Best purchase I ever made for my huskies. I bought my first one over 5 years ago and have recommended to every adopter I interviewed.

Kaye Adams 2/11/2018

The best harness, make a big difference. l have a lab and 3 Pitbull mixes !!!

A Reyes, El Paso TX 2/10/2018

 Bought one for my lab best thing I have ever bought wouldn’t be without this!

Linda, Redruth UK 2/10/2018

 We really like this front - leading harness for our 60 pound Boxer. It seemed to help prevent him from pulling us on walks. Training is still needed, though. Positive reinforcement training would help your dog learn what you are asking of it. 

Steph J  2/9/2018 

 This harness gives me more control over my Pug as I couldn’t put anything around his neck or nose. I suggest that when he pulls, you stop walking, wait til he looks at you, and resume your walk. Good buy. 

Karin G 2/9/2018 

 Fab Harness! This is my second 'walk my dog with love' harness. Such a simple design, easy to put on and effective for dogs that pull without causing discomfort.

Sally Scott 2/9/2018

 This is a great halter. I have one on my Golden and one on a Beagle. The Beagle was constantly pulling with as collar. Highly recommended!

Jackie 2/9/2018 

 These are the best leashes, made a huge difference in our walks. No more yelling, yanking, fighting... just a leisurely stroll now.

Robin C 2/9/2018

 Thank you for making this, my arms are already better!!!!!!

Gail L, Mequon WI 2/8/2018

 Our German Shepherd pulled us constantly making it extremely hard to take her on a simple walk. My husband ordered this amazing new harness. Surprisingly we are now able to walk around the block! I am so excited for spring, by then she will be ready to explore the whole neighborhood! Thank your for such a wonderful invention. I would highly recommend this product.

Shalon Thomas 2/8/2018

Really great product, tried and worked well.

Grant Henderson, UK 2/7/2018

 I ordered a Walk Your Dog with Love for my 90 plus beautiful lab mix dog. We have tried Easy Harness, SENSE-ation Harness. Both worked "okay" but neither was perfect. They rode up on her neck or chafed her "armpits". I thought I would try WYD harness, IT IS PERFECT!! We just went for an hour long walk/run, it stayed in place and I (and Maggie) are thrilled we finally have the perfect harness for my perfect puppy!

Candace L, Milwaukee WI 2/7/2018

 This is the only harness our cocker spaniel will walk without pulling its fabulous

Babs D, Great Britain 2/6/2018

 Our Goldendoodle puppy is 6 months old. I have been walking him everyday for 3-4 miles for the past few months. The harness, which attached at the top, I was using hurt my shoulder and there was so much pulling to keep him by my side, I came home worn out. With the Walk your Dog with Love harness, I cannot believe how well behaved and easy it is to walk our puppy. Having him sit by my side, when people and other dogs approach, is so much easier. I have to admit, I hesitated to order this product because it seemed expensive. It is worth the price! This is the real deal, folks! And I love that it is made in the USA! Love walking my dog!

Rebecca Eckhoff 2/5/2018

 Went out on a leash (lol) and purchased 2 for the under 1 year pups - one weighs in at 60lbs of squirrel chasing love and the other I call my little pony as she is currently 116lbs of cuddleness. I was tired of great off leash behavior but pulling in separate directions on leash. These were the best investment, no more knock me off my feet walks, easy to put on or take off, I look like a professional dog walker with my so well behaved young ladies. Thank you - and yes I recommend your product to alll I see being dragged around by a choking fur kid...woof woof

Cheryl G 2/5/2018

 Thank you for good customer service and thank you for being easy to deal with. I rescued Bronte from a breed rescue club in the UK and she has had behavoural issues but we are getting through them now and after reading your website it would seem that you want to put the dogs first as well. I have told the coordinator about your products and also posted my experience on a couple of Newfoundland forums.

Giselle and Bronte, Northumberland 2/5/2018

Good quality product & pup has stopped pulling.

Sarah D, Great Britain 2/4/2018

 Just took my boxer Rousey for a 2 mile walk....first time in 6 months. As she grew it was impossible for me to take her as I was not strong enough to control her. Walk your dog with love has made it possible to walk her again. Best money I ever spent and I get to spend time outside with my pup again!

J Cefaratti, Newington CT 2/3/2018

 I love your dog harnesses. I am almost 64 years of age and was having a difficult time taking my sons huskies for a walk at the same time. With your harnesses I am able to walk both dogs simultaneous. I always tell people to go onto your web site. Plus I tell them made that they are manufactured in the USA. Thanks again for coming up with this wonderful harness. Now I can take my two year old huskies everywhere by myself.

Lenore O 2/3/2018

 Thank you so much for this product! Your product and service is fantastic! I ordered one for my puppy a year ago and ordered the next size up and you charged only half price...what a happy surprise! I also ordered one for our other dog too. They are big dogs and this harness is just wonderful. Thank you again!

Elayne Taylor 2/3/2018

 WOW! I got my harness yesterday for my 5 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback and OMG - it's like I have a completely different dog, I was actually smiling as I walked down the road with her. Rather than wrestling her pulling as we walk down "Chicken-bone Alley" - lots of chicken shops in Hackney (London), I breezed down the road, proud of my well behaved pup! It's hard to find front fastening harnesses in the UK, but this was well worth the search and I'll definitely be getting the next size up when she's fully grown. Walking has become a pleasure again for both my and my dog, she is infinitely happier and so are my arms/shoulders!

Zoe Lashley, London 2/2/2018

I just purchased a harness for my dog and it is amazing!! I actually want to and am able to walk my dog now! great, great product.

Sharon N, Southington CT 2/2/2018

 I ordered one for my puppy. On our first walk with it we happened to be out with my mom and her dog. She begged me to order one for her.

Holly, Virginia Beach 1/31/2018

 Just received my order of the custom cut harness, Zen belt and short leash. THANK YOU!!!!! Your company is a rarity and I, as many, very much appreciate your care for our dogs and us.

C Cobb, Roseland, FL 1/31/2018

 Got the harness today and it works well.

Bill H, Kulin West Australia 1/31/2018

Never wrote a review before, but these harnesses are fantastic. I used to get pulled over by two strong dogs when they were wearing traditional harnesses. Now, I can control them- no pulling or lunging- they even passed the “staying-put-with-deer-running-by-them ”test. Thanks for a great product.

Patti, Fort Mill SC 1/30/2018

 Absolutely brilliant! I have two 40kg GSDs and there is NO pulling! I have a big bag of useless other non-pulling gadgets but these actually work! I can walk both of them with one hand, no pulling!

Dee 1/30/2018

 Buddy, my pit, is wonderful but was as stubborn as they come on walks. I gave your harness a shot and it was an instant success, no more pulling. He still wants to pee on every object during a walk, but it is light years better than before. If you invent a harness that also cuts down on peeing, let me know! 

Tom Zapf 1/29/2018

 Very pleased , good quality. Ordering next size up and 2 car harnesses soon puppy growing fast 

Julie, Essex UK 1/29/2018

 I have tried every harness and leash out there from vest style harnesses to whackywalkers and bungees. My dog is only 25 lbs, but pulls like crazy. Especially if there is a bird or squirrel or cat! This neo thing looks like such a simple bit of strapping, but it is light and easy, and my dog just responds as if I am magical. People actually think i have a well-behaved dog. She still gets excited about cats and birds and squirrels, but she cant yank my arm out of its socket anymore.

Ronnie, Old Bisbee AZ 1/27/2018

 I bought this harness for my 60 pound Goldendoodle. Every other harness or collar I tried on him he just pulled me down the road. This harness is truly remarkable he walks next to my side now and even when we go running he’s not pulling me down the road. I love it and highly recommend it! Thank you!!

C Slimmer, Pine Hill NJ 1/26/2018

 Wow! A front leading harness is what keeps my dogs from dragging me in the snow/ice.

Tara Lee 1/26/2018

 Love my harness and leash in fact I bought an extra one for when we foster a dog.

A Brooke Portland, CT 1/26/2018

I have this and it has helped!

Deanne, Satellite Beach, FL 1/26/2018

 Wilbur is a 120 lb white golden and he and I could not be happier with your awesome Broad Band Harness. We have tried so many different store bought XL, XXL and XXXL harnesses, and this one finally fits and is comfortable, easy to adjust and put on, and doesn't pull on any part of him at all. We are thrilled!! He's a little... heavy... and broad in the chest and nothing else fits without pinching or restricting his walking. As the goal is to increase his exercise and decrease his mass (although, to be honest, he's always been a big boy) this was a problem. Tonight we walked and walked and he didn't pull, hesitate or seem in any way restricted by the harness. And it's so bright and reflective it can be seen from neighboring states! : ) Thanks so much for making such a great product, I'll be recommending it to all the big dog owners I know!

Abbi and Wilbur 1/25/2018

  I bought a size too big. My fault. But otherwise all good.

Sally, Lancs UK 1/25/2018

 I just received mine. Best experience yet. No far!

G Banlowe Sr, Land O Lakes FL 1/25/2018

 My pup Petie is my service dog who is proudly wearing your harness in rainbow! He helps stay on my feet with my prosthesis and does deep pressure therapy by lying on my legs during kidney dialysis. He is my guardian angel- my goal is to get every color in your wonderful harnesses- so simple yet so wonderful. Thank you for a fine product.

Francine, Kissimmee, FL 1/25/2018

Callie and our family love your harnesses & They Are Pawfect!

Kevin C, Camp Hill PA 1/25/2018

We found these to be extremely helpful in controlling our two pups on walks!

Samantha, Dracut MA 1/24/2018

 I just received mine a couple of days ago. I bought the harness for my 6 month old jack Russell after only a couple of minutes she would sit and allow me to put her harness on and walked like a pro! it was so easy to fit my puppy and she did great learning how to walk with a leash! Thank you for making this easy system! And its made in America. Also bought the seat belt safety strap. Just watch the 1 minute videos before using. Very simple to put on and adjust. I can’t say enough. My order was shipped the very day I placed my order and arrived within a couple of days. Awesome. Try it you will not regret it.

K Reynolds, Enterprise OR 1/24/2018

 I bought one for my German Shepard. I love it, he walks perfect, no more half dragging me.

Ronda O 1/24/2018

 We have a VERY strong, small on the inside, 100# Bernese Mountain Dog, “ Bear Dog”. This harness is the ONLY way to not get dragged down the street until he gets to run in the open fields. I literally tell EVERY one who asks the same thing and this is the BEST. This is the ONLY thing that works!!

Sara, Hatfield MA 1/24/2018

 This harness is a game changer! Awesome!

R Ruby 1/23/2018

 We tried all sorts of harnesses for our Alfie who just did not take to walking on the lead. Without a doubt, the "Walk your Dog with Love" harness has been the best we have used. He doesn't pull at all now, and is happy to trot alongside us when out walking. It is so easy to put on and take off. Simply slip it over his head, pass the strap under his chest and clip it up, job done, unlike some that you need a degree in origami to fathom out.

R Martin, Stafford GB 1/23/2018

 Great harness, works as advertised. Wish there were more colors/ patterns to choose from. Telling my friends with dogs about this company!

Fred Dulmer, Tucson AZ 1/23/2018

 This worked for Freddie!

Marney C 1/22/2018

 This really does work!

G G Gorgan 1/21/2018

 More than happy.

Peter, Eastbourne UK 1/21/2018

Best purchase ever....we have a 94# Labradoodle who is a good guy, but not so much fun to walk. He is amazing with this harness and we have tried everything...highly recommend!!!

Gayle Burchett, Vancouver WA 1/21/2018

I just bought my second harness from you and I love it. Thought I would treat my dog to a new one for his birthday. He is a Beagle-Jack Russell and he loves his walks. 

Elaine F, Palm Coast FL 1/20/2018

 I was skeptical because I use an Easy Walker before. Now I use this great harness! My Goldendoodle is a Therapy dog and it is so nice not to have the patients fool with a leash around the neck. Thank you for a great product! I also have my Phone# on it!

M Santaniello, Peachtree Corners GA 1/19/2018

 Thank you Walk Your Dog With Love - World's Best Dog Harness we bought 3 of your no choke harnesses! As a puppy parent I’m very pleased with your Products! And I highly recommend you to my friends and family! Thank you very much!

Josephine Casasanta 1/19/2018

 This harness does all it was hyped up to do. Our feisty leash pulling Husky has been much easier to walk now that she used the Walk Your Dog with Love harness. They stick by their guarantee. I will continue to use the Walk your dog with love products.

Cheryl L 1/18/2018

 Such a joy to walk my pup now.

Tina R Diebner 1/18/2018

 Just bought my labradoodle puppy this harness and walked her this morning - amazing! She didn’t pull, twist or choke! Love this!

Teri T, Massapequa NY  1/18/2018

 This harness really does work. I bought 2 of them. My dogs used to pull but now I can walk them both at the same time without pulling. The walks are relaxing.

M Arnold, Riverside CA 1/18/2018

We are delighted with our new harness and leash - great products‼️

K Porter, Jacksonville NC 1/18/2018

 Fantastic dog harness, that is super strong and robust, and really stops even the strongest dog from pulling and choking itself. Used on both my Golden Retrievers, easy to put on the most excited dogs before a walk. Plus the customer service is fantastic. Top recommendation for any dog owner!

Sarah East 1/17/2018

 Best purchase! Changed my life walking my pup!

Suzanne S, Elmswood Park NJ 1/17/2018

 Thank you Walk Your Dog With Love,  we bought one for one of our dogs and it worked so well we bought a second for our other dog! Highly recommended!

Lindsay, Hookset NH 1/16/2018

 This harness was a game-changer for me! I've been using them for years and wouldnt ever use anything else!

Karen Zimmerman 1/16/2018

 We LOVE our WalkYourDogWithLove harness.

K LeClair 1/15/2018

 I purchased a harness this Christmas for my "granddog" who is over 80 lbs. and full of energy. My daughter would not walk the dog because there was so much pulling, even with a regular harness. My daughter would end up exhausted and the dog would end up panting and choking. I was determined that this big, lovable dog would walk properly, as both the dog and m daughter needed the exercise! My daughter used the new Walk Your Dog With Love harness I had purchased. What a wonderful experience they had! They walked for over an hour with no pulling, and both had a good night's sleep that day. Thank you for such a wonderful solution to a very common and frustrating problem. I can't wait until I dog sit and can walk the dog myself.

Louise Roberts, Dallas PA 1/15/2018

 I bought a harness for my 8 month old Golden before Christmas. It is probably one of the if not THE best investment that I have made for her (and me) since I brought her home at 12 wks.! Still a bit too cold for us to take serious walks but I'm sure come warmer weather we will be out a lot!

C Stair, Bennington VT 1/15/2018

Your harness makes it so easy to get our dogs out the door and on their way to walks, grooming or a joy ride

Margaret K, Hereford AZ 1/15/2018

Our Lab Lulu pulled so hard when we first got her from the shelter at age 4, she would drag me down the street. I tried other types of harnesses and collars, and the only thing that worked was a prong collar. It helped, but I felt like I was torturing poor Lulu. Then I found you folks, and our whole world changed. We all love her new harness, and with the tether, it keeps her safe in the car as well. Thank you so much, from Lulu and her entire family!

Juliet J, Austin TX 1/14/2018

 I have this and love it!

Jerri Patterson 1/14/2018

 Good quality product, has stopped my dog pulling on the lead.

J20 1/14/2018

This is an absolute must when training a pulling dog and eliminates damage to their throat.

Sheri, HUNTLEY IL 1/13/18

 We have a 135 lb Newfoundland/ Standard Poodle mix and he loves his walks. We took him to obedience school so walking him would be an enjoyable experience for both dog and human... did not go as planned! Jake's excitement to meet new dogs and people made walking him a terrible dragging embarrassing chore. We tried training collars, harnesses, the head harness and the list goes on. I stumbled across the Broadband harness made for big dogs and wanted to give it a try. SO HAPPY with this harness!! It truly gives myself and my husband security knowing it's durable and made for big dogs. It is not flimsy, it fits perfectly and is so simple to get Jake into. My husband enjoys his daily walks with our big brute and Jake is a very different happy dog while walking. This product is a definite 5 star!!

Hayley, Ontario Canada 1/13/2018

 Not only did I order the super red leash to match my little Zara’s harness, but I ordered her a matching collar and also one for my other dog Lola. I am very appreciative of your help and customer service. I live in a very tight-knit community of dog-loving people and will most certainly pass your information along.

J Adams, Corona CA 1/13/2018

I was given this sport harness as a gift several years ago and it still looks like new. We use it every day, and I cannot even imagine how I could walk my dog without it. I will never go back to a regular harness. It is easy to use and easy for my dog, comfortable and simple. I recommend it to everyone I see walking with a collar.

Carol Blue 1/12/2018

 These are the only leads that help with our 1 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback pulling – I do not like walking him without one of these leads.

Lisa W, Derbyshire, UK 1/12/2018

 I don't usually review, but since I love dogs i will. I have a 75 lb Greyhound Shepherd mix who would pull when walking. Not anymore. I love it.

Connie Lantz, Evansville IN 1/11/2018

 We LOVE this harness and it works like a charm on Gilmore. He is a 2 year old Wheaten puppy and is a sled dog!! This harness helps us to walk with LOVE!!

Rochelle, Bluffton SC 1/11/2018

 We absolutely love the harness. It completely solved his pulling issues. He is so easy to walk while using it. When we walk him with a standard harness he would drag me everywhere! You would think he was a sled dog! Zeus is an 11 month old 100 pound German Shepherd by the way.

Tommy and Zeus, Spanish Fort AL 1/11/2018

 I have ordered this harness before it is excellent for a dog that pulls

Eileen, Welling UK 1/11/2018

Good customer service, harness does help to stop my dog pulling

Wendy, Winchester UK 1/10/2018

Love the harness. My arms didn't hurt after our walk. No problem walking 2 dogs at the same time.

Carrie B 1/10/2018

My sister has one of these harnesses for each of her two dogs and highly recommended them to me. I bought it for my dog and its really works. My dog would go to walk ahead of me and then stop and stay to my side. I have a small dog so she didn't put me hard, but she often would choke herself into a coughing spell. I'm glad this is no longer an issue. Its easy to take on and off.

Amber Wilk 1/10/2018

 JJ is a 70 pound lab and I love using this harness. I Am impressed with your service and will continue to recommend WalkYourDogwithLove harnesses.

P Jones, Geneva WI 1/10/2018

 This is the harness that my Teddy has. My aunt got it for him....I really notice less pulling.

Heather 1/10/2018

 Harness is so easy and hassle-free to put on the wiggly little critter. Plus i think it’s comfortable for her to wear.

Margaret T, Toronto Ontario 1/9/2018

 Being 75 and disabled i have a job to walk at a certain speed, but taking my 11 month Cavapoo for a walk has made life so much easier with his harness. He doesn't pull any more. And when i stop he stops. Brilliant whoever designed it- you are a genius.

Eira J, Bolton GB 1/9/2018

I just got one for my Pyrenees. Got the largest size to be on the safe side since he already weighs over 125 at barely a year old. I have less pulling with the harness than a training pinch collar.

L Cline, Wilkesboro NC 1/9/2018

 I used this front attaching harness on my last two dogs. Works like a charm.

J Morse 1/8/2018

 Even though you are better than the other front leaders, I wish that you could make it so that the leash could be snaked around to the back but still lead from the front. Then I would give you a better rating.

Elwin S. Los Angles, CA  1/8/2018

 I have done rescue & fostering for over 40 years. Mainly with BCSPCA (in British Columbia, Canada). Now I do Forever Home, 2 dogs. The 2 litter mates, I have now, are 70 lbs each, Sis & Brother. Started training in the Harness with lead and extension for waist. After years of training with collars, I am so comfortable and feel better about my dogs care. The halters are terrific. Could not do without them. Two trained dogs on the waist attachment: hands free is such a bonus.

Louise Ross, Kamloops BC 1/8/2018

 I bought these harnesses for both my Bernese mountain dogs! We have tried everything, collars, martingale collars, regular harness, front clip harnesses, dog training, etc. Our dogs still would pull us on our walks and walking them was not enjoyable. It’s in their nature to pull after all that was what they were bred for. These harnesses have been a miracle. Our dogs no longer drag us on our walks, I enjoy walking them and they respond to my tiny taps on the lead when changing direction. They still pull when they see a bunny or pick up on a scent but it’s much more controllable. I’m a believer and highly recommend for others with the same struggle.

Melissa m, Arvada CO 1/7/2018

 My Huckleberry loves his new harness—and so do I! I recommend it to everyone we meet out walking.

T Welsch, Brunswick ME 1/6/2018

 Best thing we ever bought for our 75 pound black lab, Abi. It made all the difference in walking her from the first day. Have had it four years and it still looks and works like new. EVERY dog should have one!

Sara T Adams, CT 1/6/2018

 A great product. I love mine for all my foster dogs. I’ve got different sizes to fit the size of my fosters. And my phone number embroidered on it!

Cynthia K, Houston TX 1/6/2018

The lovely pink halter i ordered for Daisy Mae has been delivered. It's such a good fit and so easy to put on an excited and wriggling puppy. My other dogs walk beautifully on their halters and soon I will be able to take them all out together. I will always recommend your great products to other dog owners and I have handed out your cards to a lot of people.

Pam and Daisy Mae, Great Britain 1/4/2018

 We were a bit skeptical about this harness, but have to say after a few months use, we are very impressed! We have a 4 year old rescue Labrador who used to pull really hard (so much so that she pulled my 10 year old over). We used a back-fastening harness previously and she still pulled so we did some research into harnesses and found this one. We put this harness on her and she's like a different dog! Walking her is a pleasure now - no more being dragged along behind! Would thoroughly recommend to anyone who has a dog that pulls. We have had the harness for a few months now and it is still in great condition. Worth the money and the short wait for it to arrive from the US.

Great Find 1/4/2018

 I was very pleased with the product when a friend showed me theirs. Our puppy loves it and our walk last night was already better. I will continue to recommend it to other people.

Bryan, Windsor CO 1/3/2018

Works on small dogs too. Stopped my 18 lb Pekingese from pulling & the other behaviors that i see in your video. It makes our walks much more enjoyable for both of us.

Christine H, Bradenton FL 1/3/2018

My girl Vivian has been sporting her new bright green harness and is getting so many compliments! We love WYDWL!

K Ketchel-Bain, Portland OR 1/2/2018

 I am a customer of yours and love your products for my great Pyrenees cross lab. I have 3 of the broadband harnesses and love them.

Lori T, Winnipeg Manitoba 1/2/2018

 I use walk your dog with love harnesses everyday in group classes, private lessons and with rescue work. Fabulous products, seriously!!

Callie Loyd -trainer, Such A Good Dog, Huntsville AL 1/2/2018

 I am going to tell the dog walking community here in Toronto about your wonderful harnesses and other products. Oh, and the gold standard you provide in customer service. Love your company!

Deborah and Ridley, Toronto Canada 1/1/2018

 This has been a fantastic product and the best harness we've had in 6 years.

Phil F, King of Prussia 1/1/2018

 Five Stars. Tried them all. This one works!

JCL 1/1/2018

We got these for Tank and Charlie a couple of years ago and they are incredible! We have since purchased 4 more for the grand dogs and I recommend them to random strangers on the street. We'll never use anything else!

Lori S, Greensboro, NC 1/1/201

The BEST harness!! I have 2 English cream golden retrievers and they pulled me off my feet until I got these!! Now we just enjoy nice walks, even with distractions and other dogs or people

BG Siegfried Wildwood MO 12/30/2017

 My harness is my savior walking my doggies. I will be a forever customer!!

Robin R, Johnston RI 12/30/2017

 After trying numerous harnesses with little success, I decided to try this one on my very happy eager boy who loves our adventure walks. I can't even express what a difference this harness made on day one! I HIGHLY recommend this harness.

Carol, South Setauket NY 12/29/2017

I just returned from my first walk with both of my dogs using the NEO harness. I can't believe the difference! Instead of being pulled down the road by my two hound mix dogs, I am now in control. The harness works really well. I cannot recommend this harness enough! Thank you for making walks so much easier and pleasant!

Gladys 12/29/2017

 Love this harness- My pit mix walks great with it.

Trish in NYC 12/28/2017

I bought one of your harnesses several years ago at a dog expo in Timonium Maryland. I absolutely love it and want to buy another!

Shirlanna C 12/28/2017

 Got this for my big 2 year old English Bulldog. Works great!

SS Henderson, Spartansburg, NC 12/27/2017

 We really love it - it works like magic, our walks are so much more fun now!

Donna Lee, Florida 12/27/2017

 This harness is really great for my big dog. She responds well, she is usually pretty mellow, but I think it is more comfortable anyways. If it came in pink camo I would be really happy.

MMM and Brownie 12/27/2017

 I already have one of your harnesses for my dog Teddy (a Staffie) and find it very good. I have some disabilities, and found your harness has made walking my older dogs so much easier than traditional methods, so much easier on my shoulders and neck.

Pam Wilson, Jarrow UK 12/26/2017

The handle on the leash is too big for me. Recommendation: make another version with smaller handles. That might be helpful for the northerners who wear gloves, yet I live it Florida, and I don’t like it.

Dalia, Palm Coast FL 12/26/2017

 What a great harness. No choke is the most important. Their trachea can't take the pulling.

Karen Fels 12/26/2017

 We purchased a Walk Your Dog With Love harness and we are loving it. Thinking of getting another for backup.

Louise H 12/24/2017

Best harness along with the "Zen hipster"--my rescue walks like a champ now!

P Sullivan 12/24/2017

 I love the walk your dog with love harness and have recommended it to my friends who have dogs that love to pull. My Golden Retriever has a easy walk front harness that is ready to be replaced and I will definitely be betting her a WYDWL harness!

Norma M, Texas 12/23/2017

 Works great on my Corgi.

B Williamson 12/23/2017

 I can’t recommend this product with enough enthusiasm! My 4 year old, 80 pound lab has always been a puller on leash, and I’ve tried SO many other harnesses and leashes to try to correct this. This is the only harness that has worked and I couldn’t be happier about the purchase. I will definitely be buying another for my other dog. Absolutely satisfied!

Maria 12/22/2017

WOW after trying several leads and harnesses I didn’t hold out much hope that this would work on my 5 month old Cockapoo the instant I put it on him no more pulling. Super easy to put in and take off.

K J 12/22/2017

 Best walking harness ever !! "Thank you Walk Your Dog With Love " I have a beautiful sweet 7 year old, 93 pound pit/mastiff mix, she is very strong, I'm 70 years old so she was a handful when we went for walks, it for sure was not fun. Since I put the harness on her walking is a pleasure, we go to the park and we walk in my neighborhood. I have full control and walking is fun again. Thank you.

Rose, Fort Edward NY 12/22/2017

Thank you so much. I received the replacement harness. Your speedy response and attention to guarantee means so much to us. While I was waiting for the replacement, I had to use our old style harness. What a difference in comparison! There's no turning back after the success we've had with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness. It really works. We'll be sure to recommend your products to our friends and family.

L Atchinson Paos Robles, CA 12/22/2017

 Very pleased with this product and would recommend.

Marilyn Conroy 12/22/2017

 I am a Skeptic no more! I actually didn't think this would work, but it does. My big dogs don't pull me down anymore. 

A C 12/22/2017

 I love it! It helps a lot with my big girl who loves to pull!

Ashlee Johnson 12/21/2017

 This thing works! I can now enjoy my walks instead of a pull & tug match!

Bill Camay 12/21/2017

 I will recommend Walk Your Dog with Love to my friends and fellow dog lovers - great products and exceptional customer service.

Shelley, Jacksonville FL 12/21/2017

 I can tell you this has been the best customer service experience I've ever had & definitely give your company high ratings.

K Bremen, AL 12/21/2017

 Thank you for the kindness & helpfulness from your company on helping my mother in law with the harnesses she bought, they fit Buster & he is very happy with them…he says woof woof ( thank you ) & woof woof woof (Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year)

K Knott, Bedfordshire UK 12/20/2017

 This is the only harness/leash we use with our bull terrier, Rosie, who loves to chase rabbits. Easy to put on and fits her body perfectly. She’s 45 lbs.

G Paris, Bonita Springs FL 12/20/2017

 My name is Halo the dog. Don’t allow your parents to buy this leash. You will never be allowed to drag him/her down the road again. You won’t be allowed to chase squirrels or pee on the neighbor’s mailbox post. It’s awful!!!!

Halo Jones, Warrenton VA 12/20/2017

 We bought this for our 65 lb Husky - FANTASTIC - can't brag on it enough.

Jeff, College Park MD 12/20/2017

Bought one for my dog Forrest who was always pulling and jumping. A week later he now stays at my side. I had a similar one and they would always fight it. Just ordered one for my other dog and 2 car restraints as well.

Kevin B Scappoose OR 12/20/2017

 Though the harness and leash are great, the package you mailed the harness in was sure beaten up when it arrived at my house.

Victor, Worcester, MA 12/20/2017

Really thrilled with this harness. I have rheumatoid arthritis and taking Ellie (our 11 month old Cockapoo) for walks was getting harder and more painful on my back as she is a puller. The difference on the first use of this harness was nothing short of remarkable as the pulling stopped immediately and now walks are a pleasure. Wish I had ordered one sooner.

Janet Bowring, UK 12/19/2017

 My dog is very large, polite on the leash, but strong. She is comfortable in this harness as it is built for her size. It is great quality and has held up well. I like the wider material and bigger latch.

PS, Tempe AZ 12/19/2017

 We have a 100 lb lab that used to drag me down the road. I’ve tried several leashes and YOURS is the only one that works. Thank you so much!!

Nicole Jones, Warrenton, VA 12/19/2017

 I was very hesitant to order this. There are less expensive harnesses at pet stores. My husband told me to just order it and not worry about the price since it's better than the others. So, I placed the order and we tried it out. I was shocked at how great it works. Jack doesn't pull at all. We had such a pleasant walk. If you are leery about ordering it, don't be. Get it. You won't regret it. Plus BFDR benefits from your order which is pretty awesome.

Lorri Pilarski Yeingst 12/19/2017

 I have one, great while we needed it for training!

Marie Banick Gadell 12/19/2017

 I purchased one for my Leonberger... It works.... Love it... Highly recommended!!!

Shirley Marsh 12/18/2017

 Lola used to weigh 94# but is now a svelte 84# girl who loves squirrels. She will be 6 next month. I hated using a prong collar. Your harness works better and is a much much safer choice!!!!

Ilyse, Urbana IL 12/18/2017

 I am amazed at the difference that this harness has made! It really does all that it says and makes walking my dogs easier and so much more enjoyable. I originally bought a sportso harness, and it is great. I decided to try the NEO the next time I ordered and it’s even better. With the harness and leash all in one, I think it fits a little better and it definitely is lighter which I think makes my dogs more responsive to my movements. I have absolutely nothing bad to say, great product, great customer service!

Kamille, Atchison KS 12/18/2017

 Yes to this tick and flea, it works. So glad I found this. I have tried others. I particularly appreciate that it’s made in the USA. The company is legitimately interested in helping dogs.

Kathy Fingresse, Richmond VA 12/18/2017

 Thank you so much for sending my new harness so fast! I was able to walk my dog Layla today without her trying to run away. I will tell all my dog loving friends about your great customer service.

Pam W, Stanley NC 12/18/2017

Lost our first wydwlove harness about 10 days ago. Walks aren’t the same without it. Glad to have a replacement. The hot pink should Increase visibility on our Charlotte’s jet black coat. We appreciate your product. I carry your card in my wallet to share with others. Thank you again for your excellent product.

Linda S Louisville KY 12/18/2017

 This makes walking our 120 lb Lab and our 65 lb Lab a pleasure!

C Marie 12/17/2017

 This harness really works. We've had one for about 3 years and love it.

Sheryl F 12/17/2017

 We enjoy the 'no pull' way of walking. Love our Walk Your Dog with Love leash and harness!!

K Ashbrook, Glenolden PA 12/17/2017

 Love the front lead!! Works great with my Boxer puppy!

Janet K 12/16/2017

 This harness and the short leash I purchased from you was a lifesaver. I can finally enjoy walking my Pit mix and also going for runs with her. Great product!

R Klein, Mahwah NJ 12/16/2017

 Nice design and product. 

N. Dauernheim 12/15/2017

 Excellent product - your pet will be enjoyable to walk, mine just puts his head into the harness, I click and we are good to go!!

Joyce D 12/14/2017

You have a great product!

Robert O’brien, Vienna VA 12/14/2017

 We purchased your harness from the Big E for our boxer Champ last year. We loved it so much that when we got a second dog, we purchased one for her too!

Laura Fargione 12/14/2016 

 Just got back from my first walk with the new harness, and I am amazed, my 7 month old lab cross who pulls all the time behaved perfectly. I would not have believed it if i hadn't of felt it with my own arms This is an amazing product, after 5 different lead harness combinations that did not work, From now on this is his harness and anyone that asks me about it as well.

Jan, Alastair and Danny 12/13/2016

 The BEST WAY YO WALK your dog!!!! Makes training to heel after only a couple of walks!!! I wouldn't use any other way to walk my dogs no matter what size.

Sharon S. NC 12/13/2017

It Makes Sense! I love my harness that holds my Rudy from the chest! It keeps him under my control 100%

B. O’Neil Surprise AZ 12/13/2017

 I bought the sport harness and leash and my dog is suddenly a miracle to walk.

J Lemoine, Exeter NH 12/12/2017

 Wanted to saw how AWESOME your extra thick embroidered harnesses and matching collars are for my 2 pups!! EXCELLENT QUALITY!

Tanya M, Bryan TX 12/12/2017

 Using the harness has provided relief for everyone involved in daily walks.

Kristin F, Sacramento, CA 12/12/2017

My Gordon Setter loves his new harness, it’s the only harness that works for his walking!

C Dorr, Moline IL 12/12/2017

 First and foremost CAN NOT live without my harness for our "Big Bruno" Bernese mountain dog. Since he's been 8 weeks old this has been the only harness used and has never disappointed!! I need to give a big "shout out" for the great customer service received when I had a question on replacement /upgrade needed for Bruno. Going above and beyond by not just replying to an email but was personally called to remedy my situation. It's what "customer service" is all about and will always recommend your products/company and will forever be a loyal customer!!!

Cathy Johnson, Petoskey MI 12/11/2017

 I absolutely love this harness, totally takes care of our young golden retriever.

P Bauhaus, Pacific Grove CA 12/11/2017

 Wow! This harness works! My husband was skeptical, and after one walk with our dog, he is a believer. The harness is well made, easy to use, and works!!

Gwen Bennett 12/10/2017

 Best harness I've been able to find anywhere!!

SMB, Driftwood TX 12/10/2017

This harness worked instantly on my 2 dogs. As soon as the dog starts to pull it instantly turns them sideways so they get it straightaway. I would recommend.

Rachel, Great Britain 12/9/2017

 We have been so happy with this harness, I can't live without it.

Laura, Paso Robles, CA 12/9/2017

 We have a 6 mo old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy that we’ve been trying to leash-train for 4.5 of her 6 months. She’s very energetic, super cute (and knows it), and very willful. She learns verbal commands rather easily but has been a terror on the leash since day one. We had our 1st walk in her new WYDWL harness today and the difference is almost unbelievable. She’s still very energetic, but quickly realized she’d have a better time if she walked along with me until I gave her a “break” command. The walk was a breeze, and I can now look forward to them with pleasant anticipation instead of dread. More fun for our puppy, too! GREAT PRODUCT.

Carmelita Britton, Sackets Harbor NY  12/9/2017

This is the second harness I’ve tried for our 3 yr old Australian Shepherd rescue. She’s 55# and all over the place. It’s made a huge difference! Taking the stress out of daily walks is helping with training all around. Thank you!

Michele Miller, Baltimore MD 12/9/2017

 I have one and love how easy it is to walk my dog.

Kathi Dennis 12/8/17

 These really work! made walking Loki MUCH better!

Betty Nelson, Somers MT 12/7/17

 I recommend the harness to all my clients! It is a big help with the walking exercise they need to do to as a part of becoming pack leaders. Besides being effective and kinder to the dog, the harness is the easiest to adjust, put on, and take off.

Phil The Dog Listener Manchester CT 12/7/2017

 This made a great difference for me and my dog! Walking so much easier!

Linda H, North Providence RI 12/7/2017

 It was exactly 1 week ago that I made my order from Sweden & today I already received it!!! How did you do that? It’s wow amazing! It was my 2nd purchase from you & I am completely pleased with everything I bought! Top quality, super nice & simply the very best harness! Of course I share you everywhere we go - it is not that difficult as most people knows our Sasha here: how it WAS to walk with her without & how it IS walking her with your harness... they ask if it is the same dog. Again, thank you so immensely for your wonderful products & service!

Magdalena, Lerberget Sweden 12/6/2017

 I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! A great investment!!!

Deanna, San Diego CA 12/6/2017

 I have 3 dogs- (3 harnesses, car safety belt & waist belt) - YOU ARE AWESOME ‼️ It's so much easier to walk them with the belt so I have 2 free hands to keep them untangled.

S Spates, Salem MA 12/5/2017

 I've got a " Walk your dog with Love" harness for my dog, best harness I've ever seen.

Audrey May, Essex GB 12/5/2017

The fact that you can have the harness pretty loose--and still have it stay on the dog and work so well--is a fabulous feature!! My gigantic fluff ball (Great Pyrenees) won't tolerate anything tight--he chews himself out of it or sits down and refuses to budge. I made your harness nice and comfy for him -- and he walks easily with me, and no longer tries to escape by twisting around and backing up and all that silliness--because he just can't get out of it!! Best design ever.

E Denny Florence MA 12/5/2017

 We have a 70 lb Weimaraner and she has been pulling with every harness EXCEPT this one!! I have a bad back and I am thrilled to be able to walk her without being dragged around my neighborhood!!

Lee, Missouri City TX 12/4/2017

We just got this harness last week. Absolutely love it. My Lab is much happier with this harness than the our gentle leader!!!

S Ryan Hatboro PA 12/4/2017

Works better than any other I have tried.

R. Heede, Parkville MD 12/3/2017

 Just tried out my new harness on my high strung little schnauzer/pug mix...and NO pulling. Of course she still screeches with excitement for the first part of the walk, but the final leg was absolute bliss. Thanks for this great harness, I truly did not think I would ever enjoy taking Ms. Gabby out ever again.

S Ellis, Billings MT 12/2/2017

 This harness is incredible. My dog is no longer pulling me and choking himself on our walks, and I have control of him and where we go. It is a totally different experience walking him now. Brilliant! Thank you thank you!

Christina, Sugar Land TX 12/2/2017

 My English Golden pulled like she was in the Iditarod. She needed this harness to understand what the walk was all about. Now she heels with no leash. My son's dog is a puller. Put this harness on him and he was perfect before we got to the end of the driveway. Great harness! Fits better than some others on the market too.

Gay, Bellaire MI 12/2/2017

 Just received Hudson’s new harness and I am thrilled that it works. OMG I am annoyed with myself that I waited 8 years to find something other than a pinch collar to walk my super friendly, puppy-like, strong Great Dane. He was so good that I can’t believe it. He is 8 years old and finally found something that I can control him in case an animal runs by or anything that might excite him. I am shouting to all my friends on Facebook. Thank you for the BEST harness for dogs.

Janet T, Florida 12/2/2017

I have one of these halters for my puppy and love it so much, I have to have one each for my other dogs. Makes walking a PLEASURE – what a great idea and thank you so much for this creation. I will be sure to pass it on to my dog friends!!

R S Phoenix, AZ 12/1/2017

 It makes buying a Walk Your Dog With Love harness even better knowing you have the back up of such a great guarantee. Many thanks for your excellent service and speedy replies to emails

Denise Lee, UK 12/1/2017

 Stopped the pulling on my great-grand dog Golden Doodle. This is the only harness I use. Also washes well in the washing machine.

Brenda, Knoxville, TN 12/1/2017

 We love love love these harnesses!!

T Flood 12/1/2017

 We now have a harness for both of our dogs and it has made a tremendous difference in our walks. I now walk them instead of them walking me! This picture just made me question if I’d been placing it on them correctly- thanks for reply!

Jonna B, Oklahoma City, OK 12/1/2017

I got Charles one of these. I like it and it does not choke him.

P Thomas, Greenville SC 12/1/2017

 Love this harness! i have a 85 lb Lab and she walks great on this! need to get one for our Springer who pulls harder than our Lab

L K Melbourne FL 11/30/2017

Works even for my houdini 30# dog, Lucy.

Eileen Ewing 11/30/2017

 I love this harness for my huskies! Best ever.

Lisa Purdy 11/30/17


Michelle A, NJ 11/29/2017

 After Soph pulled so hard on our old leash my husband had to have hand surgery, we decided enough was enough. We bought the no pull harness with matching leash and are so happy. We think Soph is happier too because she no longer uses all her energy clawing her way down the trail. We would highly recommend this harness.

D D 11/29/2017

 Best dog harness ever ..for both owner and dog!

J Davy New Zealand 11/29/2017

Love my harnesses. I have the "one" for both my Aussies.

Brigitt, Hayden CO 11/28/2017

 I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you so much. The embroidery is such a nice touch.

Grace 11/28/2017

I bought one of your harnesses when I first had my rescue dog two years ago. Shimmy was unwalkable on lead and very overweight. The harness was an instant hit and she was walking properly in a very short time. My problem now is that she is now the right weight and the harness is much too big and unusable. I was offered a Dieter’s Special discount for a new one.

Anita P, Great Britain 11/27/2017

 I have this harness for my Pitbull and it is awesome.

Deborah J, Standish ME 11/27/2017

 This is a great harness and I highly recommend it. My son's beagle would pull and strain and it was awful walking her. I got her the harness and right away I was in control and walking Lola was sooo much better. I got one for my Golden Retriever, Summer, as well! Great product!

Karen, Milford CT 11/27/2017

 Just received the harness and the change was instant!

Marilyn in Maryland 11/27/2019

 I use it for my dog who is large breed and have recommended it for others with large breeds. They have also been using it and it is great. I also walk dogs and have passed it on to some of my owners, some of which have purchased, too.

TES, Dedham, MA 11/26/2017

Best harness for dogs that just love to walk YOU!

D Gann, Ocala FL 11/26/2017

  We have a 17 week old Golden Retriever who hates walking on the lead, he pulls, chews the lead, sits down etc. We bought a walk your dog with love harness- what a difference. He still wants to hold the lead but he doesn’t pull any more and we really enjoy taking him out now. Would not believe the difference this has made to all of us. Thank you so much

Eliza Bond, Great Britain 11/26/2017

 This harness is GREAT! Very easy to adjust and fit, light weight and super easy to put on and remove! Very well designed and constructed too! No more uncomfortable or injurious walking apparatus on my dog! She LOVES it! Their quick email advice and recommendations to my questions concerning sizing were spot on the money. I also purchased their Safety Belt, as I hated having my dog unsecured in the vehicle. The headrests in my truck are one-piece with the seats, so I hook the belt from her harness to the upper shoulder belt tether at the door post. She can move around and even lie down, but she won't be flying into the dash/windshield/me in the event of an accident! It also prevents her from moving over to my seat when left alone in the vehicle, which is an added bonus! Simple, but very effective. Thank you for producing these fine pet products, and doing so in the USA, from USA materials! I sincerely hope you get rich from your efforts! The only negative here? "WHY didn't I think of this?"

Rob Frye Kingston WA 11/25/2017

 I Love Walk Your Dog With Love! Wonderful results with my dog Oki, 11 months small mixed breed. Walking is a pleasure and he seems very comfortable and calmer...well made too.

Gail, New South Wales, Australia 11/24/2017

It really saves your shoulder!

D Ley 11/24/2017

 Love this harness I have a 90 lb German Shepherd and she walks wonderfully on this harness. I also might say I am 77 years old and before I got the harness I could not safely walk her. Also their customer service is the best I have ever seen in a company. I highly recommend them.

Margie B, Lacenter WA 11/24/2017

 We got that harness for Khalee last week. It really makes a difference walking her!!

G Shanahan 11/23/2017

 We have a 70 lb Weimaraner and she has been pulling with every harness EXCEPT this one!! I have a bad back and I am thrilled to be able to walk her without being dragged around my neighborhood!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

L Eosso 11/23/2017

 I love your harness for my two young dogs, but you don’t make anything that helps my old dog Jack with his back end problems.

Margaret, Bismarck ND 11/23/2017

 I really love the ease of applying this harness as opposed traditional harnesses. It helped my 5 month old lab mix to better walk on a leash. It does help give me better control and we are working on training and obedience with classes but the trainer advocates prong collars and I am totally opposed to their use.

Patty L 1/23/2017 

 I have this training, no adjustment period for the dog...I put it on him and walked without him thing I ever purchased for my crazy wild child doggy...thanks for an incredible product! My dog is 48lbs with long legs and lanky body...and found his fit by weight.

P Haws, Charleston, MO 11/22/2017

I have a German Shepherd that used to hate walking her because she would pull me everywhere but after I got her the walk your dog with love she’s an entirely different dog. She doesn’t pull anymore she’s perfect at walking right by my side.

Cathy, Topeka KS 11/21/2017

 I never would have believed it fully until I experienced it with my own eyes when I was walking my 90lb American Bull Dog. Wow! It worked from the first try.

Mary P 11/21/2017

 Not only does this totally work and I now enjoy walking my dog but the customer service is excellent. I was super impressed.

Brigett, Louisville KY 11/21/2017

 I have two golden retrievers and these harnesses and leads are great for them. They are very easy to control and redirect when lunging for squirrels (or blowing leaves)! I still struggle walking them together, but it’s getting easier. Thanks for a great USA made product!

Michelle S Dearborn, MI 11/20/2017

 Awesome dog harness, no pull, no hurt. I have a pitbull and this fits her perfect and holds onto her under all circumstances. It's comfortable and washable and I love it.

Traci Santillanes 11/20/2017

 This harness is the best thing ever. ELIMINATES her pulling!

A Marin, Eden Prairie MN 11/20/2017

 I have been with my Bart since puppyhood. He is a 150 lb teenager that has been impossible to walk. Bought the WalkYourDogWithLove harness and leash and what a relief! We can walk and I am in control. Thank you for being so kind to me when I called. You have a great product and I will spread the word!

JNA, San Bernadino, CA 11/20/2017

 I have used my new harness for the past two days and all I can say is wow! This makes our walks fun and comfortable for both my pup and me. Great product!

Holly, Eastlake OH 11/20/2017

 I used mine for the 1st time today and it was great!!!

D Rhodes, Maryland 11/20/2017

 This is an amazing product. My 110 pound GSD was always pulling so hard that he gave me a tennis elbow! Since using this product, he walks nicely at my side. It has made our walks a pleasure!!

L Parker, Las Vegas NV 11/19/2017

 I just got my harness yesterday! And my chocolate lab Roxy has never walked like this. I’ve tried all harnesses. And we were using the prong collar bc she wouldn’t listen. It’s amazing!!! Thank you so much I’m glad I found you guys!!

Steph, East Greenville, PA 11/19/2017

 I have used my new harness for the past two days and all I can say is wow! This makes our walks fun and comfortable for both my pup and me. Great product!

Holly A, Eastlake OH 11/18/2017

 Imagine if you will...5 years of struggle, tug of war, patience evaporating every time it was walk time...or the confusion my dog felt whenever her route and mine differed! I have an entire dog box filled with halters, videos and clappers..none which have worked to allow my dog or I to have a calm, peaceful walk together. Whalaa!!..along comes your harness! I have almost been in tears of joy as I guide her...and I also believe, she is pretty excited too! PLUS..I now like taking her for much longer walks as we can BOTH enjoy them. Giving you all lots of kisses! I fell sooooo thankful I didn't give up and finally found the one product that entirely changed "the walking routine" for my dog and I.

Bree G, Florida 11/18/2017

 Pepper looks so much more comfortable and move so much more freely than other harnesses. I have shared your website with the rescue community where I adopted her. There are many pits/pit mixes who have odd proportions, like my girl, and find it difficult to properly fit for a gentle harness. These dogs are strong and playful which makes it hard to sometimes walk them. I was so impressed by your service and continued support and of course your product that I had to share.

Stacy and Pepper, NJ 11/17/2017

 I have these and love them!

Teena T 11/17/2017

It fits. He loves it. Thanks again for the GREAT service.

Webb F, New Jersey  11/17/2017

 Best harness ever. I've been using them for 4 years with my girls.

Tanya T 11/16/2017

 This style lead has dramatically decreased the amount of pulling by our dog during walks. It’s actually kind of funny because the first several times our dog couldn’t figure out why he kept getting pulled toward us whenever he tried to run ahead. He kept looking at us like we were doing something when it was his own pulling that would turn him toward us.

Mr. KR 11/16/2017

We love the harness. It is without a doubt, the easiest to fit and the most effective leash/harness we have ever used with our pulling Aussie puppy.

Jim N 11/16/2017

 I love the new all in one leash/harness, especially for running. We did our first 5K for k9 cancer this fall. I have used your harnesses for 10 plus years with 3 different dogs ranging from 120 lbs down to my current 60 lb. lab mix. They work great and keep my dog comfortable and safe. I tell people about them all the time.

J J 11/15/2017

 I love it!!!! I got it yesterday and could tell right away. Thank you!!!!! This company not only has a Miracle product but they have the best customer service!

DMB 11/15/2017

 This works very well on my compact muscular Lab!

Candace D 11/15/2017

I like the harness because it is so easy to put on. Buddy is an 8 month old Newfoundland.

G Kaman 11/15/2017

 As soon as I put it on my 9 month old Cockalier, Sammy it was like he totally forgot how to pull!! I enjoy much longer walks with him now!

Priscilla C 11/14/2017

I Just ordered my second harness, somehow left the first behind while on vacation. The harness make a WORLD of difference walking my GSP! My back is killing me right now, can't wait for the new harness to arrive!!!!

Lolly V 11/14/2017

 I am using this now. My dog likes this much better.

K Hendrix 11/13/2017

I have these and the dogs are good in them.

Terry Holland 11/13/2017

 Does what it says. You will have complete control of your dog. I recommend it.

Tommy Champeaux 11/13/2017

Best. Harness. Ever.

Valerie P 11/12/2017

 We love this harness, just try it today. Our 70 lb boxer lab pulls us, not now. he walks great now.

David and Max 11/12/2017

 Best harness!!! I have a very strong Pitt mix. I can control him with this harness. We enjoy our walks now!

Susan B 11/12/2017

Brilliant harness!

A Ayling, France 11/11/2017

 Hey, it's a game changer. WOW!

Azure F 11/11/2017

 I love this harness. I bought it a couple of months ago and what a change it made. My big girl can now go on long walks. Thank you for this product.

Collins Family 11/11/2017

 Though the harness is great, the package you mailed the harness in was sure beaten up when it arrived at my house.

Gina Sheridan, WY 11/11/2017

 Being proud parent of four rescues, I have used these harnesses successfully. So, I can definitely, without hesitation recommend your product. It appears to be better made and easier to use then older step through styles. So I say buy it you are going to like it. Oh, this is not a paid endorsement. 

Bob M 11/10/2017

 Really love this harness, the change was instant, never had such an enjoyable walk with my dog before this.

C Kubash 11/9/2017

 Sandy is a 40# mixed breed--husky, keeshond, and who knows what else. She's a docile, mellow dog--until she goes for walks. Then, she's hell on wheels! Your dog harness really works great. She doesn't yank or pull.

Francesca A 11/9/2017

 These harnesses are simple and quite amazing! They will guide rather than pull on the dog's strongest part of his body his neck and chest. Pulling on their necks just doesn't work but this harness did very quickly and very simply! Try it!

Conrad 11/9/2017

 Your dog harnesses are the best- absolutely no pulling from my 2 Labs now

S Shaw 11/9/2017

I just wanted to tell you about my precious Border Terrier called Kizzy. Last summer I purchased one of your harnesses. Recently Kizzy had major surgery on her neck. Your harness was just wonderful , as at no time was her neck touched whilst it was healing. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't got it. It's a great product.

A Hodgson 11/9/2017

 We have a 70 pound Pitbull and our first walk with the Sportso harness was a significant improvement. From the moment we left the house, there was no pulling or tension on the leash. The harness is easy to adjust and simple to put on (thanks for the helpful video). Awesome product, well made (love the bright color and reflective stripes). I will definitely recommend to others.

Melissa W 11/8/2017

 We have just been for our first walk with Nellie wearing her what a transformation !!! No pulling and a lovely walk. What an excellent product and amazing service and fitting instructions. We will be buying another one as a spare.

Tim Freer 11/8/2017

 We just got ours yesterday and it made an instantaneous difference in walking our dog Gypsy!! She loves it and already gets excited when it comes out of the cupboard!

Laura H 11/8/2017

I’ve used this harness for over a year with my 33 lb Corgi and my miniature 30 lb Poodle/Terrier. I mention this because I was unsure this halter would work on my smaller dogs It definitely does. This is the ONLY harness of the many I’ve tried, which has given me easy control with my little beasts so they end up walking quite nicely. There is no buckle rubbing at their arm pit…which was a big Issue. AND terrier mix is no longer being Houdini and leave me walking with the leash with no dog

E Ewing 11/8/2017

 Amazed at how well Dexter was on his first walk with this yesterday! I didn’t have to drop everything, grab his harness, and plant my feet when he wanted to say hi to neighbors. My back is very grateful!

Lee and Dexter 11/8/2017

 This harness works. Theo is a very high energy dog and I can't believe the difference. So AWESOME!!!!

Laura D 11/7/2017

 My dog Memphis and I love this harness! Anyone who needs a harness, collar, leash or other dog products by them from Walk Your Dog With Love and you won't be disappointed!

Ernie W 11/7/2017

 When we got him, our rescue had been trapped as a feral dog and would need to be introduced to a new way of life. At our meeting Shallbe reacted to the animal control slip lead around his neck about the same as you'd expect if he was a wild coyote. With our Walk Your Dog With Love harness we take Shallbe on at least 8 separate walks a day so that's how many times his harness is going on and off. The latch and all parts are still working great. This harness has held up to some VERY determined escape attempts in the beginning and it is what we have used exclusively for all of Shallbe's obedience training. Thank you for a great product.

Mary Huth 11/7/2017

 I bought this as a last resort for a friend's 1 year old, 50 lb GoldenDoodle that I frequently walk. Previously I dreaded walking her. After reluctantly buying the harness, I watched the video to put it on her. It was pretty simple. I loved that there was no training process necessary to use it. Now I enjoy walking her and my relationship with my friend has been saved. This harness is really great! It's a great product and I will be buying one for my dog

Jill 11/7/2017

The best harness for sure- easy on easy off and never need to readjust it!!

Nadia J 11/6/2017

 I have been using a choker collar for years. This Harness is by far the best harness out there. I just give a little tug and my 75 pound lab stays with me!

Geno P 11/6/2017

 I just love your product! Getting a second one as a backup- I won't walk my dog without it. Thank you so!!

K N 11/6/2017

 I have two of these for my Westies. I bought them 4 years ago. I was also able to order matching collars. They still look and work great. I throw them in the washing machine when needed and they look and smell great. Thanks for a great product!

S Reeder 11/5/2017

 I have it! What a difference!

Fran A 11/5/2017

 Love these harnesses! We teach all of our Puppies loose leash walking and beginner obedience on a WYDWL harness. Thanks for making such a great product!

Mo Welch Pawsitive Steps AZ - mobility assistance dogs 11/4/2017

 We are loving the NEO! I only use the walk your dog with love harness on my girls, no other harness comes close. We just received the new NEO all in one today. It is fantastic!! We walk about 5 miles daily. Both my girls love birds, squirrels etc, this harness is like having power steering and keeps us very safe.

T Anderson 11/4/2017

 Just got my second one for my other dog who is a Cocker with brakes in her feet. When she decide she isn't going here or there then unless you pull the leash on her collar hard which is scary to do for fear of hurting her. Got her pink harness and now when she puts the brakes on I can pull her to start walking again and know she is safe!!! The first harness I got for my Dalmatian made it possible me to walk her at all. She is too big for me to walk otherwise!!! Both Walk You Dog With Love harness' have been a blessing to me and both doggies. They don't mind having it put on them or walking with it! Love them!!!!!

D Hodges 11/4/2017

 I have to say, I was skeptical since I have a 100 lbs Alaskan Malamute that by her breed alone, wants to pull. It was tough on anyone who walked her. Your harness has changed all that from the very first walk! Pretty amazing. Well done and thanks so much!

Curt Bender 11/3/17

 Perfect! I've tried several similar type harnesses which did not keep my dog from pulling. ONLY this one does exactly what the description says it will do and I'm using it on a 45 pound Siberian Husky.

Cathy Jane 11/3/2017

 These really do work. My mom got one for her dog and can now walk her safely with no pulling. Awesome!

T Honeycutt 11/3/17

 We have purchased a 2nd one recently and our Tucker does a great job using his harness and gets excited to go for a walk when he sees us pull it out of the drawer. We would use nothing but the “walk your dog with love harness

Darlene Rowe 11/3/17

 Bought one a few years back at the Big E fair. It’s wonderful

Loralee 11/3/2017

I bought one of these a few weeks ago for one of my dogs to try. It works so well I bought another one for my other dog. Its easy to put on and remove and comes in so many beautiful colors. I bought the solar yellow ones so they will be seen by cars when we walk. Thank you for inventing this. It really does work. My dog walks much more gently when I use it. No more pulling!

C Bering 11/2/2017

 Just received my first harness and leash. Wow! Love it! Looking at another for my small, very wild dog.

Barbara D 11/2/2017

 I got it and what a difference, I love were right! I love this style both of my kids are so much calmer on their walk.

M Little 11/2/2017

 I cannot believe that this harness could make such a difference to walking my 2 Labradors. It took them 10 mins to get used to it and after that no more pulling and much better behavior than walking them with a collar can’t recommend them highly enough.

Sue Barbarino 11/1/2017

Unbelievably fast service! I happened to have my grand-dog here when it arrived and was able to try it out. He’s a one year old, 70# Australian Shepherd who pulls like mad. I had surgery recently and have been afraid to try to walk him because of how strong he is. Well - I slipped the harness over his head - with ease, might I add - and the two of us went for a nice, leisurely walk! What. A. Difference! Thank you, WYDWL!

Julie W Huber 11/1/2017

 Immediate change! My Pittie used to walk me, not the other way around. I bought this harness and it was like magic. We can now go anywhere and he doesn’t pull and tug and make a fool of himself. Worth every penny and then some!

K N Brown 10/31/2017

 I love mine!

Sue H. UK 10/31/2017

 Love my harness. My 60 pound poodle loves everyone and everything. This makes controlling her much easier, as does your wonderful walking belt.

Sydney V 10/31/2017

I love the ease of the harness on and off.

Dottie A 10/31/2017

 Thank you so much!! I really love these harnesses and recommend them all the time!

J Campbell 10/30/2017

 I got 1 for my male Cane Corso. He was very unruly with walks. It works very well, so well in fact I got a second one for my female too.

Ron S 10/30/2017

We’ve used our Walk your dog with love harness quite a bit for a few weeks and the harness has definitely helped with pulling

Scott and Libby 10/30/2017

 Just got my second harness and lead. Walking both dogs together beautifully now. The difference is amazing. The dogs just seem to know it and want to be lead!

Gillian A 10/30/2017

I am a dog walker, I use it and I love it.

Carly T 10/30/2017

 This harness is AMAZING. From the moment I opened the garage door to begin our always dreaded walks, something unbelievable happened. Instead of the usual pulling to the point of wheezing and choking himself (to the point of my concern for potential damage to his windpipe), he immediately walked calmly next to me. I actually said aloud, “Who IS this dog and what did you do with my Henry”?! I simply - key word, simply - put the harness on and began walking, no training, starts and stops or frustrations for either of us. I don’t know how you finally got into his adorable little head, but it was truly a miracle. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you. My walks with Henry, a 20 lb TToodle (Tibetan Terrier/poodle), are now drama-free and enjoyable after almost a year of trying and failing.

Cinda S 10/28/2017

 Love ours for our three rescued hunting dogs.

Joan S 10/28/2017

Tried one of these today. I was shocked that it truly worked!!!

Lori Mendoza 10/28/2017

 This is my second harness for my 70 pound Vizsla -who is not slowing down with age. It works better than anything I have tried to counter his pulling.

Deb L 10/28/2017

 I am a customer who needed a lot convincing that this harness would work. All I can say now is: Wow, it is a miracle. It works wonderfully and our walks are a real joy now. Thanks!

Jamie C 10/28/2017

 I love this harness! I have brought every leash on the market for my 90 lb Doberman and he would pull me all over! I started to hate walking him, I got this harness and everything changed! This has been the best thing ever! Thank you

J Henderson 10/28/2017

 Love ours for our three dogs. 

J Specking 10/27/2017

I bought one of the Walk Your Dog with Love harnesses. I have to say that I really like it. My foster dog doesn't pull constantly, but will dart if she gets excited by a squirrel or kid on a bike. The harness quickly pulls her around sideways and she stopped pulling immediately. I like this a lot better that a halti. And, it supports rescues. What could be better?!

Kit Mueller 10/27/2017

I bought one and it works on my Old English Sheepdog.

Scott W 10/26/2017

 I've been walking my dog (7 year old English Springer Spaniel) on WYDWL harness for the last 4 years (I think!). It made such as difference as my dog and I could finally go on walks together without me being pulled over and without the need for him to have face restraints that made the walk stressful and upsetting for us both.

Laura, UK 10/26/2017

 Just purchased because we welcomed a second rescue dog to our family. Walking two was not an enjoyable experience but that has completely changed with these harnesses. Money very well spent and many many thanks!

D Meyers 10/26/2017

 Just bought two for my two German Shepherds after talking with my trainer who had nothing but good things to say.

Cassie S, NY 10/26/2017

I use it for our 80 lb German Shepard she's a year old and a hand full it's a great way to stay in control.

Debra Tall 10/26/2017

 I have this leash. Works great Buddy and I are both happier!

M Milton 10/25/2017

 We received ours today and went for three walks. I am amazed at the difference it makes and she seems to like it as well. We are happy dog walking customers. Thanks

WCR 10/25/2017

I am so glad I found your harness! I pet sit, and with two of the yellow labs I walk, I end up at the chiropractor after a week. My hubby found this harness online, and we took a chance. Best thing we ever did! I used it for the first time on my large female lab, and I was shocked. I had quit walking her except at night when no one was around, because she knocked a lady over in the street even though I still had hold of the leash! She so far has walked by squirrels and people and I was able to control her. You are right that it is easy to slip over head, but if you have a hundred pound dog who is a jumper, squirmer, roller, completely out of control, it is hard to get them to stand still to slip it over the head! Amazingly, even though the harness doesn't seem to fit just right, it still worked. Am hoping to work out the kinks. Thank you for a great product!

Suzy 10/25/2017

 Get it!!! Worth every penny and then some!

C Benjamin 10/24/2017

Best thing I’ve gotten all year. My Golden is happy too.

J Getty 10/24/2017

 I couldn't even walk my Lab mix, she just wanted to run and pull. I saw you at a camping expo and decided to try this harness. It has been a blessing! I cant even start to tell you what a difference this makes. Thank you, we are walking nicely now!

Gavin Domingos 10/23/2017

  I've tried several no -choke - no-pull harnesses which did not work. THIS one is the only one that does exactly what the video says it does!

Cathy H, Scotland 10/23/2017

  Perfect! Thanks so much for your prompt attention -especially on a Sunday. This is such a good product and I will have no hesitation in recommending it. All the best for the company's continued success.

Clare S. Great Britain 10/22/2017

 I bought this for my sister's pit bull who seemed to hate his over the nose no pull. This harness has worked out very well to keeping his pulling under control and he seems much more comfortable.

Sober Boss 10/22/2017

  I purchased 1 of these for our Bull Terrier. Walking before the use of this harness was a nightmare. Now we love it so much we even use it in our obedience class. With a collar it's simply not a happy time for us or the puppy. I highly recommend this product & have told many about it that I see struggling. Thank you again!

Tonya L 10/21/2017

  I have a Mini Schnauzer who always wanted to be leader of the pack even after obedience training and much practice. It took about three days for her to walk with me without putting some pressure on the Walk Your Dog With Love lead. Now, as we near a turn/intersection she will slowdown and watch me to see which way we’re going. We both enjoy our walks so much more

Lo Nygard 10/21/2017

 I can finally walk my dog around the neighborhood by myself lol! And it's life-time guaranteed! We've had it a couple weeks and I'm so happy! Thank you!

Brittany Gilbert 10/21/2017

 I tried the harness for Gracie and the harness works great. My friend purchased one from you last week. And she'll be purchasing two more from you soon for her other dogs.

M Wolf 10/20/2017

  I just ordered this harness and leash. It is literally unbelievable! Previously, my fur baby literally drug me around, and I couldn't walk him at all. He had even pulled me down several times when he unexpectedly took off after something he saw. I put this harness on him, and it was an instant transformation. No pulling! We went on a walk for the first time ever! He was even in training for about six months. He knows all his tricks and commands, but I still couldn't walk him until this!

Monika A Cottingham 10/20/2017

  We have had our harness and leash for about a week now - WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! We LOVE IT!! Our 1 year old 90 lb Lab walks like a true gentleman - wish we had bought it when we first brought him home!! I highly recommend this

Michele Rodosevich 10/20/2017

  I want to give you a big shout out! I was on a social media site and saw your ad. I was about to have major surgery, and at the time my fear was not being able to walk my 95 lb yellow lab for weeks because he walks me, not the other way around. I have tried other non-pull collars with no luck. I received this collar two days ago and finally took the time tonight to watch the video of how to fit it. I put it on him, and he was fine. Then put the leash on, and stood there scared to open the garage door for fear he'd pull me too hard and hurt me. But as the door went up this time something magical happened! He stayed right next to me! We walked down the driveway, and down the sidewalk a bit, and OMG--no pulling! In fact, he stayed by my side! It was like my dog was replaced with another more obedient one! I can't thank you enough! I am overjoyed with my purchase, best money I've spent in a long time! You guy's are angels in disguise! Thanks so much! So happy I saw your ad!

Kathy, Australia 10/20/2017

  I hated taking my year old boxer(50 lbs) for a walk. Really, she took me for a walk. I weigh 105. She pulled me for two miles. All muscle.. now, after I got this harness, I look forward to our walks.

Linda P 10/19/2017

 Much better than the one we had from Petsmart. It doesn’t twist when my Foxhound starts to pull. I got the leash with it. Very sturdy quality.

John D 10/19/2017

  Bought the Sportso all-in-one dog harness for my 5 mo old lab/ golden pup. Have had 2 dogs prior to this pup, and it is simply, the best I have ever used.

Lisa Shockley 10/18/2017

  I just received my harness and tried it out with my dog Sam. It is the best product!! I have a neck injury that causes chronic pain and a 60# border collie mix that chases everything that moves. I’ve tried several different products on him and training but yours is the only one that passed the test of seeing a squirrel run past and not getting my neck hurt. Thank you. Best value ever

Debbie Curtis 10/18/2017

  Best Harness especially for very large dog

Sue Bottch 10/17/2017

  This has been awesome for our dog Leo! What a difference!

Lori Pratt 10/17/2017

 I absolutely love your product. My girl had gotten off her old harness and I am happy with the security and ease with how your harness works. The clip is so much better! My daughter liked it so much she purchased one for her pup. I recommend it to everyone. And I love the bright colors and reflector strips too!

Anne Lalonde 10/16/2017

The harness works well. We have a 60lb golden and are trying to train her not to pull. This gently correct her as she tries to pull us.

Michael R. Yawn 10/16/2017

  Love mine

T M Woodstock 10/16/2017

  This harness works great!! I have tried lots of things for my Rottie and he definitely is much easier to walk now.

Lisa Weber 10/15/2017

  We have this for our Golden mix and it works. Our Golden was a rescue and never given any leash training. This has worked wonders for us. PS - he’s 86 lbs.

Marilynn Magnus Martin 10/15/2017

  Awesome harness. Love walking Hazel now. Thanks!

J Holloway 10/15/2017

 Just received our second one a few days ago. Went to the "sport" model and like it so much. Our Lexie has gotten so used to it, she gets upset when we take it off! Although she still pulls (being a very strong Pittie), she doesn't pull us off our feet anymore and is a pleasure to walk. Thank you.

Marian L 10/14/2017

 You will love this harness! The BEST harness around!!!!

Furry Critter 10/14/2017

Love the NEO for both my dogs.

B Peckham 10/14/2017

This is THE best. Recommend it to every dog owner I see. Wish I had free samples to hand out!

Rick Paul 10/13/2017

  I no longer have to pull my Lab off the path when another dog approaches. He would pull so hard and lunge to play with other dogs as they passed, it was all I could do to hang on to him. I was skeptical when I first saw this product...but it is a lifesaver. I LOVE walking my dog now. Thank you!!!

Beth Bolen 10/13/2017

  I have this harness it's brilliant.

E Jones, UK 10/13/2017

I bought one of these a few weeks ago and the transformation was unbelievable. Thank you for this product! My dog is calmer on the leash and NEVER pulls; he didn't even try pulling, which was not what I expected.. He used to be a handful and a safety risk. And unlike other harness types, this one is so easy to put on and take off. Worth EVERY penny!

Keith Lucas, Ireland 10/12/2017

  I have this for my Bernese Mountain Dog and he is like a different dog now!!! Absolutely love this and would highly recommend it for all dog lovers

Shannon Z 10/12/2017

  The Walk Your Dog With Love harness has changed our walks with our Olde English Bulldoggie! We had tried numerous harness varieties as well as choker chain collar and the collar that pokes into the dogs neck if he pulls. Nothing worked well. This harness is like magic and our strong guy walks right by our side, every single time!

K lewis Hatler 10/12/2017

  We have used this product now for two growth sizes with our current 6 month old English Creme Golden Retriever. I am happy with it and it has helped some, but Carson still pulls in his excitement to see people and new places. Not sure what else to do except keep training…

Sandy Wyman 10/11/2017

  I tried what you suggested for fitting Gracie and the harness works great. My friend purchased one from you last week. And she'll be purchasing two more from you soon for her other dogs. Thanks Again for all your help!!!!!

Michele and Gracie 10/11/17

  We bought this for our for Cocoa , a rescue dog. He was 11 when we got him, he is now 13. He is a “Deer” Chihuahua. The harness is the PERFECT THING to be genial and protecting at the same time.... Buy it !!

Lancer R 10/10/17

  Just walked my 12 year rescue Lurcher ANNABELLA on Jazz's new harness and lead. She was a little confused at first as to why her 'pull' was ineffective, but then relaxed into a beautiful pace lead by me. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Feel a third purchase coming on!

G Adams, UK 10/10/17

  I have this harness for my English lab who is a puller & she walks really good w/ it on -- a different dog -- I highly recommend it!

Laurel Anne M 10/10/17

  We got one today for our Yorkie. She always pulls when taking her for walks. About 5 minutes after putting harness on her she stopped pulling and walked between us for the rest of the day. Love it!

Kaliope Allen 10/9/17

  Received our harness today! Posted a pic of your business card on my FaceBook because I know that this product works. Bringing your business cards with me to my vet next week. He really needs to start recommending this harness for his clients!

Dana B Alaska 10/9/17

Thank You so very much!!  It has been a pleasure doing business with you...Both times I have placed an order it has been processed in record time.  Sasha still pulls but nothing like she did before I started using the Walk Your Dog With Love harness.  Nikkie stopped pulling at all.  They just turned a year old in September so I hope they continue to do better and better. Thank You again!     

Teresa, Sasha and Nikkie 10/9/2017

Some fab walks, so much more enjoyable, with the harness. I have one 

Christine Spear 10/9/2017

  My German Shepherd Jemma was very excitable. This was fantastic. My boyfriend even walks her now!!!

Melanie Head 10/8/2017

  Best best best harness ever!

M S Medoff  10/08/2017

 Let me 1st say that I love this harness! My dog is small but they have lots of sizes. I would think it would work on a standard poodle! My dog is a rescue and scared of everything. Once I started with this harness she was relaxed and could enjoy our walks....even approaching other dogs and people. 

Lisa Nichols 10/8/2017 

Just wanted to let you know I know have the harness and it is amazing! I don’t know why or how it works but my French bulldog has gone from constantly pulling to not pulling at all. I shall be telling everyone about it

Mrs J Brandon 10/8/2017

  I just bought 2 of these for my Husky /Whippet and Shepherd /Bernese mountain dog. I love them!

Debbie S 10/7/2017

The ONLY WAY TO WALK YOUR BIG DOG !!!! Not on the neck, not on the back but under the chest. Works!

Judith Conigliaro 10/7/2017

  I just purchased this harness at the Big E. I'm not really sure was on a total whim. I was very skeptical to say the least. I LOVE THIS HARNESS!!! I've purchased similar ones, but for some reason this one works. I no longer feel like my arm is going to become dislocated or that my coffee is going to spill all over me. I barely have to hold on to the leash. Unlike the death grip with prior collars or harnesses. If you need a spokeswoman... Give me a call  I'M A BELIEVER.... WORTH EVERY PENNY AND THEN SOME♥️

Terri Sheridan 10/7/2017

  We just got one of these for our Boston Terrier mix yesterday. It really makes a difference in the way Skye walks. She used to pull and just be all over the place. We put this harness on her and she walks right by our side - doesn't jump or pull. Great product! I'm going to tell every dog lover I know!

Linda Ketchum  10/7/2017

  Hi, I'm Oliver and am a Newfie. My mommy promised she would never give up on me (I've been a handful from the get-go) and she hasn't. I thank my lucky paws. The big truck was coming weekly with packages addressed to me. Each time I got so excited I drooled all over the place. Then when mommy opened the boxes I became sad. Just another collar, harness, or walking aid of some kind, but, occasionally it was a box of treats and toys from Chewy. My mommy swore she would never buy another walking device EVER! The only thing that made her feel a tad better is that she was able to donate the zillion she had given up on. day, she saw the advertising from "Walk Your Dog With Love, and once again said "this is LAST time EVER!!! It actually was her last time, even though I was as stubborn as could be and she gave up on it within a week or two. Then, just today, she sat me down and said "Oliver, I love you more than life and I always will, but I'm feeling a little sad. All I've wanted since the day we got you was go on walks, take rides to the park, and have you in the car with me whenever possible". I knew she was sad because eyes were leaking again. I'm know almost 1.5 years old, and I've been working with a private trainer and I'm slowly catching on. Remember I am a Newfoundland and most of us are slow, lazy and STUBBORN! Just about an hour ago she approached me with the last walking device she ever bought and I knew what I had to do. Mommy put on my harness that has been put away for 6 months and I was a true gentleman. I cooperated and when she nervously took me outside I didn't make her trip or fall down!!! She smothered me with hugs and kisses and we were both so excited and happy that I dribbled. She said she almost did too. I'm writing to you to thank you for making THE WORLDS BEST DOG HARNESS ever!!!! It is the last one she ever bought and the only one she didn't donate. Maybe now she'll stop calling me her "Hairy Monster".

Oliver and Mommy 10/7/2017

  I received my walk your dog with love halter after doing a lot of research. My husband told me "it won't work!" Well guess what. He took our whippet for a walk this morning and came back saying unbelievable! I would never have believed that it worked if I hadn't seen it for myself. He now b believes in this great harness. Thanks

Diane Carroll 10/6/2017

  Amazing! Amazing! My 70 lb. Sammie, Gus, and I used the harness this morning. It was the most pleasant walk ever. He didn't pull, and there were no problems. I couldn't believe it. He had begun to pull all the time whether or not there was a distraction. not anymore!

Sandra K 10/6/2017

  All my dogs have one... they're great!

Margaret Michael 10/5/2017

  Just had our first walk with our new harness I have a 3 year old Staffordshire Terrier who is extremely enthusiastic on walks and I have tried many products to try and improve our walking experience, from the gentle leader to the easy walk, to a prong/pinch collar. We've taken him to many training classes (Where he behaves beautifully but comes home and is right back to his old tricks!) This harness was wonderful, he walked like an angel, or at least like my 1 year old bulldog mix who is always good. I could easily walk both of them together while he was wearing the harness! Thank you for your wonderful design! It fits very well and was super easy to adjust!"

D Sheridan 10/5/2017

  Was so excited to find a harness made in the USA!!!! I will be sure to pass on the word!!!!

Angela Cammarn 10/4/2017

  Thanks for your email and the supporting videos. I understand now what you meant by "scooching"!!! Everything is working well and I'm really impressed!!!! I feel like my dog is also enjoying our walk more! Thank you for the good job!!!

Vera Terzopoulou 10/4/2017

  I am in love with this harness and have stated before how fantastic I think it is. I have a rescue Golden Retriever that came to me at 1.5 years old and 0 least training. It was almost immediate the difference and within 3 days he walks like a show dog on lead.  I've never used a harness on a dog before but I see many similar and they are still plugging away on the lead. Obviously they are not using this one! I suspect many are thinking they could just go to the local Big Box pet store and find this but there is something very different. Thank you in advance and I also do a lot of camping and I'm constantly asked how I walk an 85-pound dog so calmly with a big smile on his face. 

P Bax 10/4/2017

  I love the sport harness. Hazel responded beautifully. It is now a pleasure to take her out. No yanking or pulling. This works!

Jan and Hazel 10/3/2017

  I use the harness on my well-trained dog, but could NOT work with shelter dogs without it. I use it with a short lead for leverage.

Hannah, Ocala 10/3/2017

  Thank you we are walking great more pulling love it

Elke L 10/2/2017

  I'm quite impressed... good design and affordable too!! Kudos :)

Carla Neubert Benoist 10/2/2017

  I have two of these. They really do work!

Terri Dolan 10/1/2017

  Really works. No more pulling from my Newoodle-90lb Newfoundland Poodle mix

Joan Ditges 10/1/2017

  Woof, woof from me and Chica!  ;)  Just to let you know my 4 yr old Chihuahua, Chica, is walking fine on her new harness.  We are both relieved of the constant pulling and tugging from all her other harnesses.

R Mullhausen 10/1/2017

 Love these...our 4th one! Great Harness.

Jackie 10/1/2017

  The NEO harness-leash has arrived in the meantime, and Turtle (my dog 10lb female puppy shitzu-bichon mix) and I love it! we tried it out right away of course :) It's great! I will be ordering a second one in short in neon pink. The harness fits perfectly (not too snug not too loose), the leash is light and most importantly Turtle no longer has a heavy metal karabiner hook dangling between her legs. No more tangled leash feet. I can tell, she does not feel constricted by a leash, which makes "loose-leash walking" so much easier. I can highly recommend this combined harness/leash to all dog owners, who have dogs with shorter legs or a light body weight that don't want to weigh their dog down with clunky leash paraphernalia... its very light... Wishing you continued success with your harnesses. I can promise that I will be heavily promoting it in my "hood". It makes a difference!

A van Winterfeldt 10/1/2017

 The NEO does all it says, a version with shorter leash would be nice. 

Anna, Naples FL 10/1/2017

The Best I ever seen my dog always pulled me. Now its like she walking me no pulling Its Wonderful 

Linda Santore  9/30/2017

This is the best harness I've ever used. Now I can walk our big strong dog easily because it works! Another bonus is it is far easier to put on than any other harness. Thank you for inventing this!

A Westing NH 9/30/2017

This product works pretty good.I have a Great Pyrenees, and walking her has become a pleasant experience so far.Only had it for 3 days, but so far, so good.

Ed Bero 9/30/2017

The last Original harness we purchased was well worth the price and lasted 9+ years.

Julie Alle 9/30/2017

  We have just received our two dog harnesses and we love them!

D Strickland 9/30/2017

  Received the harnesses today- - they are super well made, colors are great & the stitching colors are perfect with the harness colors. Now I need to view the videos. Thanx  Rosebud & Reese will be the hit of the neighborhood.

C Cullen 9/29/2017

 Love these dog harnesses- that's what I use for my Holly girl!

Carolyn Hall 9/29/2017

  I love love love this harness! it is nice and sturdy for my Mastiff male, he is not a huge puller but he has better manners walking with this dog harness. People comment what a good boy he is and it makes me so proud. I had the regular one which was awesome too, but went for the Broad Band because it seemed more hefty. It is really good quality and well made and nice smooth material. It is a really pretty blue color. People ask me about it wherever we go

Pat CT 9/29/2017

Best harness ever                                                                                                                         

Judy Hausler 9/29/2017

  We received our harnesses and the NEO style is perfect! Of course we walked the dogs asap; fit and function were everything as advertised! Thank you for a wonderful product!

Sueann B 9/29/2017

  We previously purchased one of these harnesses for our American Bull Dog / Bull Dog Mix. It was a life saver. This harness is the best for control and comfort!

Susan Stalb 9/28/2017

  The first time I walked Willow with just a collar and leash, I knew I would need something more effective, hence the search ending with buying the Broadband Big Dog harness from you. I have put a lot of money into pets, and that was the best $45.00 I ever spent. I'm really glad you have a chew replacement program, and it will never be in her solo sights again. She responds beautifully in this harness. What a superior training aid

Liz Sadler 9/28/2017

  I am a big believer in your harness. I have two large dogs that pulled all the time and then spent the cash for your harnesses. They are wonderful! They can still pull a bit, but not like they used to. I am now a professional dog walker and I recommend your product to my clients all the time. They are amazed at the difference after I show them the benefits of using the harness. I've had clients that have used pinch collars thinking those would work and then I tried your harness on them and poof - no pulling - totally different dog. I LOVE THE WALKYOURDOGWITHLOVE.COM HARNESS!

B Piltaver, IL 9/27/2017

  I hesitantly purchased the all in one NEO harness and please let me tell you why. I have a challenging 2 year old Husky mix who likes to pull. I wasn't initially comfortable spending 50$ on a harness when nothing else seemed to work. I have tried leashes, harnesses, and even gone to the expense of a personal trainer. The problem I have is that my husky mix pup thinks he should pull me (as he breed does) but I have Multiple Sclerosis and my legs do not have the strength to hold him back. I was at the point of finding him a new home. Until...I found this leash. The very first night we followed instructions given and I was able to walk with him with no pulling. He followed my lead and after a short walk I literally walked back to my house in tears. It was so easy I could only cry because it has been so hard in the past. I cannot believe how easy it was. I give so much credit to the person who designed this because it is allowing me to exercise my dog along with myself. I am now able to walk him on my own with no fear of him escaping from me or of me falling down. I can't explain what freedom this simple harness has offered me. Thank you so much for creating this harness!!

Lisa Jo Girdley 9/27/2017

  I have tried every kind of harness and leash system on the market, from Wacky Walk r to you name it. Nothing helped my dogs to stop pulling. I even took them to training. This harness instantly stopped my dogs from pulling and tugging! I could not believe it! Very rarely have I found products that actually meet and exceed what they say they do. This product met and exceeded my expectations and is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone that has stress, anxiety and frustrations with their dog pulling on a walk.

Brian M 9/26/2017

I do alot of camping.I have been asked and given the web address to many when they ask. i show the difference with this harness, and with other harnesses or no harness.I walk a 90 lb year old black lab. This is my second I gave the 1st to my daughters dog when we out grew ours and plan to order another.

Deby Sue 9/26/2017

 Loved the fit.

Jacqueline Harris 9/26/2017

 I purchased a harness from you guys up at the Big E about 2 years ago maybe three. I took it home and the harness has been great - both my German Shepherd Ranger and I love it. Ranger is a service dog so I take her all over the place to stores or the park or even doctor's appointments and the harness is phenomenal. I would like to send you some pictures of Ranger with your harness on - her vest so you can clearly see the harness and a picture of the harness after 3 years it looks pretty much as it did when I got it !

Joe Tomaso 9/25/2017

After much research, I ordered the Walk Your Dog With Love NEO harness system this week. Hot pink for my Sugar Cookie - so everyone stops calling her - him. Customer Service was very helpful redeeming my gift certificate. Great turn around time too.

Cookie W 9/24/2017

  Walk your dog with love harnesses are everything they claim it is. My Alaska Shepherd responded the very 1st walk. Now walking her is a pleasure.

Joseph Daniels 9/23/2017

As a professional dog walker this is the ONLY harness I recommend to my clients!!!
Thank you so much for making my already Pawesome job even better!!

Suzan Hurtuk 9/23/2017

  This is a GREAT product! It really works!

Christine C-D 9/23/2017

  Bought one many years back at a county fair. It worked as soon as I put it on my dog. Amazing. Unfortunately, it got smelly after awhile. I just ordered another this morning. Decided to give it another try because I know that this harness works. Can't wait to start enjoying walks again.

Donna B 9/22/2017

  It works!!! My standard poodle feels no need to pull - with no adjustment period. Period.

KL Berkeley Canada 9/22/2017

All my questions are answered and thank you for being so kind I look forward to these leads as my animals are adorable but they do not know how to walk on traditional harnesses We three will have a much better time if this works for them Blessings and Woof Woof Woof

Raven, Sedona AZ 9/22/2017

  I would recommend this product to anyone with a strong hyperactive dog. I have a young Husky who I am very wary about with harnesses as her strength can usually easily snap them. But this harness has changed my way of thinking when walking her. It has helped me grow a strong relationship with my dog as i now enjoy walking her

Tracey H 9/22/2017

Just wanted to let you know I have received my harness and it fits perfectly. I can't thank you enough for all your help with sizing etc. I tell everyone with a dog about this so hopefully they will buy from you.

Jaqueline MacFadyn 9/22/2017

  This style of harness is the only way I can walk both of my dogs at the same time. Together outweigh me by 40 pounds and are powerful pullers. Not a problem anymore

Katheryn Savaria 9/22/2017

 I love this leash.. my dog no longer pulls.. I guide her where she needs to go. Easy to put on and take off..

Brenda Mendoza 9/22/2017

 Just received mine Love it. I thought I was walking a different dog. 

T Williams 9/21/2017

  I gave my last card out today. Will be calling for more. I love  this harness & highly recommend. I love this harness & highly recommend.

T Hutchinson 9/20/2017

  Our 3 pups LOVE these

Shevaun W 9/20/2017

  Just got mine last week and my baby girl and i both love it. She really responds well now.

D Joseph 9/20/2017

  I am back to walking my dog instead of him walking me! Got a rescue 70 lb Golden Retriever and one month later ended up with a broken bone leg and hip. He tugged and I did not dare walk him to attempt to train him. Bought this harness for my friend to use in teaching him to walk better. Hardly any training needed at all and today I am pleased to say I walked my Walter. ( who now weighs almost 90 pounds is he is 2 years old) and he remained always by my side with a loose leash hanging with this harness! I should work for this company as I believe in it so much!!

Penny Bax 9/20/2017

  I love this my dogs walk so good now

 Kim Mazzafro 9/20/2017

This was like night and day with my Lab Pit mix. He still tugs every now and then, but with this harness I have much more control than other brands I've tried (even the gentle lead brand)

C Fradette 9/20/2017

  They really are great for great big dogs!!!

J Hinson, Texas 9/20/2017

  I love your product! The best harness for our dog Rosie! I was dog sitting my mother in law's dog and very much disliked her harness. So I ordered her a Walk your dog with love.

Amy and Rosie 9/20/2017

  I was advised to check out your harnesses by friends of ours who knew of our pulling struggles with our lab. Whilst apprehensive about ordering from the UK, I decided it was worth a punt to stop her pulling so bad. The harness arrived no more than 8 days later! I am so impressed by how my darling girl no longer pulls on our walks. It is such a simple yet incredibly effective system! Now whenever we are out and we meet a dog I tell the owners all about you and you're fabulous harnesses! I am such a fan and advocate of your harnesses now it's honestly the best £30 I've ever spent! Thank you so much!!!!

Becky Sims UK 9/20/2017

  First walk I've enjoyed with my dog in over a year! 
I have walked her nightly and can't break the pulling. 
This harness was magic! I did not actually believe it would make that big of a difference! 
And no stress on her - beautiful! Thank you! It's well worth the money 
A'nna Jurich 9/19/2017

 I have been getting these harness for 8 years now. They are the only ones I will buy! I have also donated them to rescue. A insistent puller will still test the product occasionally, but because of the design, its not a problem. I used to get blisters before I started using this harness. I use it for training and walks. I have therapy dogs and good citizen dogs and walking has never been easier. For a short to the ground dog, I agree the front section is a little long if used with a loose leash. I enjoy retractable leashes but understand that they require a skill set many people lack.

Suzie B 9/19/2017

I love this harness! It is great

Patrice Corrigan 9/18/2017

  This style of harness is the only way I can walk both of my dogs at the same time. Together outweigh me by 40 pounds and are powerful pullers. Not a problem anymore

Katheryn S USA 9/17/2017

  Love mine for my 85 lb lab!!

Lucy Levy 9/17/2017

  I bought the Sport model and I also debated the price but it was honestly worth it and totally effective in giving me control of my dog when I need too … I also just use it when walking and take it off him otherwise

S W Patterson 9/17/2017

This works great, my English Setter does not pull me when walking and that is the truth

Vikki Williams 9/16/2017

  These harnesses work like a champ! I was able to have an enjoyable walk with both my dogs at the same time! My fur babies were easier to control when other dogs walked by. Love these harnesses!!

Mitchelle Schroader 9/16/2017

  I have two of these harnesses and love them. One I use for my 68lb standard poodle who walked well with the gentle leader but he hated it. I felt horrible when he would walk away or act like he didn't want to walk. This harness has made walk time so much more enjoyable! He now doesn't hesitate when I say "let's go for a walk". The other harness I use for my 38lb standard poodle who walks well with a collar but will often jump and twirl so I worried about hurting her neck. She walks great on this harness and I no longer have to worry about her neck. These harnesses are east to take on and off. Fabulous product! I will be buying more colors!

Lin Doyle 9/15/2017

  Best dog harnesses Ever

Corky and Baxter 9/15/2017

  It Really Works!! I'm The Boss With This Harness. Mikey Is Not Big He Is Pekinese/King Caviler Mix But When I Adopted Him, I Was Told He Had Been Abused. Later I Found Out He Has ADHD, And Severe Night Terror's So When We Walk He Can Pull Me Over, He Digs In Like He's Pulling A Wagon Up A Hill. And I Fall. But This Harness Is So Amazing I Just Pull Very Lightly And He Turns Around Like It Was His Idea!! So Grateful, He Is My Love And My Sheltie Loves Him. He Is A Snuggle Bug In The House. But Outside He Becomes Devil Dog. So Thanks For Saving My Arm, My Ribs, And My Safety 

J Parker 9/15/2017

  Baylee and I both love her harness :)

Cindy Coleman 9/15/2017

  Just got one and it's great

Carron Smith 9/15/2017

  Great product!! Buying another one for my other dog!!

Lisa Segelbacher 9/14/2017

  Walking two medium to large sized dogs, and only one of me was a tough job before these harnesses. I've tried the gentle leaders (over the muzzle type) walking harnesses previously, but this stresses the dogs out so much, you can't even enjoy the walk. Once we got our new Walk Your Dog With Love Harnesses on and adjusted just right, we were off and walking happily with no tugging! My pups ask me for walk time every evening, no muss, no fuss, no stress. We are working on sitting still long enough to click in on, but it's still great. Highly recommended!

B Joyce 9/14/2017

  When I was a trainer I recommended this to all my customers!

Leslie Orton 9/14/2017

  I have received my Harness and I must say it works perfectly. It was always a struggle to walk Harley as he would always pull me and walking him was an effort. I am proud to say he no longer pulls me and the Harness works fantastically. It is an absolute pleasure to walk now. I can also take my other dog Cara who is only 11 months. It is so exciting to be able to walk them both now as I used to have to leave her at home and it was really sad. I will be letting all my friends and FB friends know about your product and how fantastic it is and works perfectly. Once again thank you so much and making this product.

Jenny E, New South Wales 9/14/2017

  Love mine! My dog was impossible to take for a walk. We both wound up hating it. Now, it's awesome! I was skeptical at first, but this is the real deal. Absolutely works!!!

Melisa M Chance 9/14/2017

  I have one of these for my husky and it works like a charm. Love it

C Tofani 9/14/2017

  I can vouch for this harness. It is the best! No more issues on walks with it!

L Mango 9/13/2017

  My Dog has gained a lot of confidence since we started using this dog harness.

Lisa N 9/13/2017

  I have a 7yr old chocolate lab girl called Bailey. I have tried lots and lots of leads, harnesses, I even borrowed a choker to try and stop her from pulling. I heard about your harness, bought it (harness, collar, lead) all in rainbow colours. I cannot believe the change. It is now a pleasure to take my girl out. I recently took a short video of us out a walk and uploaded it to Facebook and to two Labrador groups. People went crazy - think I have possibly increased your orders in Scotland and the rest of the UK in the last 24 hours - I hope so!!

Pauline Gilfillan 9/13/2017

  WOW! Me and my husband used these harnesses for the first time on our 2 German Rottweilers this morning. BEST WALK EVER!! Our male dog (Rex) was a bad bad puller and I was always worried he would end up breaking his neck (or mine) as he is a big dog pulling me. But today he walked very good and happy instead of choking and stressed, I couldn't believe it. He didn't struggle when putting the harness on him, although I was sure he would because he would always jump and go crazy when we tried to put a collar on him, but this harness is like magic! I am going to recommend this harness to my family and friends who have dogs, because today was the beginning of many many happy and loving walking experiences with my dogs. THANK YOU!!!

Amanda 9/12/2017

We recently purchased two of your harnesses for our 70 lb. dogs. Hurricane Harvey hit and I had to be rescued by boat with the dogs who were wearing them. I could not have done this without those harnesses. Thank you.

Rhonda T, Texas 9/12/2017

Got one of these dog harnesses--it's wonderful, no more pulling and fussy diva-dog is fine with it

P Doolittle 9/12/2017

  I couldn't be happier that I found & ordered a dog harness from this do a lot of great things. Thank you.

KC Weeki 9/12/2017

  I have had my harness for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I got the one that has the attached leash- the NEO dog harness- which is great. My 90 pound German Shepherd no longer pulls me around. She walks calmly at my side . I am elderly with severe arthritis so this is definitely what I needed and my dog likes it also. I can't thank you enough for making it possible for me to enjoy taking my dog for a walk.

Margie B 9/11/2017

Marvelous loves his harness!

Rene R and Marv  9/11/2017

Cisco thanks you for the printed instructions that enabled “Mom” to get my new harness on!! My problem was I was making it far too complicated!!!  Once on – what a game changer. Thank you so much. Only thing is now I have to climb hills under my own steam. No longer getting pulled up hill! This is such a hit in our house that yesterday my husband borrowed it to use on his dog. I suspect there will soon be another order from our house.  

Debra and Cisco 9/10/2017

   I do love this harness design, it works great for my Papillon, but it is too big on my tiny teacup Yorkie and i wish you had smaller sizes for him

Jackie V Ireland 9/10/2017   

  This harness has been terrific for controlling my dog. worth every penny.

D J, Santa Fe NM 9/9/2017

  Hi! I just received our new harness this afternoon. Walked my 85 lb GSD already, and WOW what a difference!!!! He looked a little confused at first, but he / we got the hang of the right vs left side. He didn't pull my shoulder out when someone passed by on a bike!!! He didn't try to take me down for the neighborhood squirrels either!!!! One slight correction with the leash, and he happily kept going! (Who's dog is this!!??) We only tried it once so far, but I am amazed! Hoping it continues, and no more pinch collar for my baby!!! Thank you for making an incredible product!!!

P Lagana 9/9/2017

 My 65 lb. Doodle was a "puller" since a puppy - and still is! Almost pulled me down when he saw a rabbit or bird....bought the harness over a year ago and it still is wonderful. East to use - slips over his head, snaps around chest and we're out! LOVE LOVE LOVE this harness - bought another one immediately "in case" something happened to it but have never needed to use it. Well worth the money.

Jackie S 9/9/2017

  Just got your harness and leash in the mailbox. Watched your videos. Put it on my dog, Baylee, and out we went. She behaved like an angel. NO pulling, running, crouching and barking... I am so happy. I actually enjoyed walking her... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for creating this. I am so grateful that I found you on the internet.....

Shelley L 9/8/2017

Great harness for  making walking my dog easier.

Karingen 9/8/2017

 This harness works! This is our third. Love the colors and the harness.

Lynyrd 9/8/2017

  I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the harness - Humphrey, in his typical Cocker manner, still always wants to be up front, but with the harness, he's just so much easier to manage. I've had a few people remark on it already, so am spreading the good word! Kind regards and woofs!

Jayne & Humphrey in Germany 9/8/2017

   I have this dog harness and like it a lot.

Betsy R Denmark 9/8/2017 

  Anxiously awaiting arrival of our new harness. Been using them for years. Love this model and have tried many others. Love the no-pull concept.

M Virtue 9/6/2017

  Hard to believe the hundreds of 5 star reviews - UNTIL you put it on your dog. You then think it won't work. SURPRISE - it does. My young boisterous black Labrador walked calmly beside me almost right away. I was astounded and so was he. I'm sure he was trying to say - I like this !! He has now progressed to the wider sports one as he is a big lad and it is such a pleasure to walk with him and I know he will behave when we walk along the road. I have recommended to several owners I have met on my walks. One time - meeting a couple trying to walk a very unruly Labrador straining on a choke lead - they apologised for her behaviour. I offered them my 'harness'. They said they had tried everything - !! I put it on her and her owner gently led her away. Again not believing it was possible. They have one of their own now and I meet them occasionally- she is very well behaved now. There are several others now ' walking their dogs with love' now. I gave the first one I bought to my local vet. They commented on how good it I was to see my Kylo walking gently beside me. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY WALKS SO STRESS FREE. So simple and amazing - it is worth it's weight in gold!!

Eileen H, Scotland 9/6/2017

 This product is amazing! It changed my whole dog walking experience. I have much more control now.

Happy Amazon Customer 9/6/2017

 This really works! My golden tugged so much in his last harness it was hard to walk him. I see a huge improvement with this front leading harness. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to cut down on tugging.

MAH 9/5/2017

  Thanks so much for your products! Our newly adopted 3 yr old pit bull is being transformed with this dog harness. We all love it!

Marshall Family 9/5/2017

  Hi just received our new harness today and had our first walk this evening and WOW what a massive difference 100% better really enjoyed my walk with our dog, before it was nightmare with her pulling and dragging us all over.

Darren Beanie, UK  9/5/2017

This harness works great. I have a dog that thinks he's pulling a sled. This harness turns him sideways when he pulls too hard. Love it.

NAP 9/5/2017

Thank you! This is our third purchase. Bought first one at the NYS fair. Love this for our big strong Boxer!

J VanDorp. NY 9/4/2017

  I am so impressed with how quickly my miniature Schnauzer has become a joy to walk after one walking session with this magical harness. All training has been more effective. He is a 10 month old puppy and very strong. No more fighting with him for control. Thanks so much!

Jan Hull 9/4/2017

  I love these, now have two for both my giant dogs. I would prefer them them in leather with metal buckles as I think they would look really smart.

Miss T Bowden, UK 9/4/2017

This harness is incredible...absolutely love it. I was struggling to walk my two dogs...actually they were walking me! I purchased these harnesses and it was a game changer. When they initially started to pull, the front clip would turn them around and they quickly learned that pulling was not taking them where they wanted to go. Yesterday, as I was preparing to walk, one of my gems chewed the harness in eager anticipation of our walk while I was getting ready...I had to resort to an old back clip harness which was a tugging nightmare. I just went on the website to order another one and learned that they will replace a chewed harness...amazing!! This company stands behind their product!

Carol Anton 9/3/2017

 Best thing I have gotten for my dog! I love this front lead! My dog did not like a traditional harness that clipped in the back. She became much more relaxed with the no pull front lead!

L Nichols 9/3/2017

  Wow, I've never seen customer service this good, ever. :) Thank you so much. I will tell all my friends about your company. I bought one of your harnesses for my big lovable Golden Doodle, and it is the only product that actually keeps her from pulling, and I've tried many other products over the years. Thank you for making such a great product!!

Casey in Cali 9/3/2017

 These things really work. We walked our dog for eight years, everyday fighting and struggling with him. Not anymore!!

A Meinke 9/2/2017

It works for both of my German Shepherd's!

Robin Beal 9/2/2017

  Best harness on the market, no more pulling, as it clips in the front, and at least with dogs, they can't pull out like they did with previous harnesses. Plus they come in sizes ranged by weight, every other type of harness I have ever had adjusted with the buckle right under the dogs's "arm pit".

Judy Tatro 9/1/2017

  Thank you so much for the prompt and efficient way my issue was dealt with. These days you rarely get a reply to emails let alone such good after sales service. My daughter was so pleased that I was able to get her dog a harness as well. I will recommend your company to friends and family. Thank you again.

Cynthia Morris 9/1/2017

  I love this dog harness!! I can finally walk my dog without her pulling and choking herself!!

T K Goewey 9/1/2017

  I bought one a week or so ago and finally had the chance to try it today. IT works!!!! My 1 year old lab who usually pulls a lot was so calm on his walk this morning and he didn't pull once!! So now I'm buying 2 more for my other dogs.”

Susan C, Texas 8/31/2017

 I have no words for how grateful we are to have found your company. The harness we bought is a miracle! We have a 3 yr. old rescue dog that we adore, but he had no idea how to walk on a leash. And he is strong! I have recently had some surgeries and could not chance walking him. Your amazing harness changed all that! I walk him with ease! Keep changing the world, one dog at a time! :)

R Frisch 8/31/2017

 NO CHOKE • NO PULL • MORE LOVE Says it all! The NEO All-In-One Wonder gives you the best of both worlds with a dog harness with the leash built right in. By joining the harness and leash into one there is no additional weight for my pet (Jax) or for me. Our walks are a lot more enjoyable and Jax walks calmly alongside us. Quality was the first thought for this product and the 3M Scotchlite reflective material is great for walking at night. So happy we found!

J Berman- NY 8/31/2017

 Received your harness and was immediately amazed how it worked so well . Dog no longer pulled and was more calm . Love your product  

D Branson 8/30/2017

  I LOVE the harness and so does my dog. Switched from another front-hook harness that kept falling down and off. Yours is far superior and easier to put on, as well. Thank you! 

P T Doolin 8/30/2017

  Our obedience trainer recommended your harness & hands out your card to all her clients. Our previous Sheltie was a Houdini when it came to conventional collars & we had to resort to a choke chain to control his flight risk. We’re happy that your harness offers a superior alternative, and we can see a significant difference to a conventional harness or collar when walking our Sheltie puppy. He’s not a puller, but he stays at our side more these days.

Michelle P 8/30/2017

  I received my harness late last week and I feel like I have had a new pup since. I have handed out the 3 business cards that were included and been raving to my neighbors about your product. They in turn have been complimenting me on how nice it is to walk with me and Bentley now that he is not pulling me or choking himself. You have a great product here and I happy to know that they are made in the US! I have had my pup since October and WISH that I came across your product way sooner. I am getting compliments from strangers on how well behaved Bentley is for being/looking like a pup. I will continue to try and sell your product to any and all dog owners that I know for you. or you. This harness INSTANTLY transformed my 11 month old pup into a great walking dog and I believe that his disposition has changed as well. I can't believe how much better he is, everyone sees it, and I cant brag enough.

P Morgan 8/29/2017

  After having tried many "anti-pull" devices on my dogs over the years I can honestly say these are by far the best. Fantastic customer service too, a big thank you to all concerned.

Rosemary Love 8/29/2017

  Woof, woof from me and Chica! ;) Just to let you know my 4 yr old Chihuahua, Chica, is walking fine on her new harness. We are both relieved of the constant pulling and tugging from all her other harnesses. Thanks again for this great new harness.

Robyn and Chica 8/28/2017

  My dog loves this harness, Great product!!!

Chandler M 8/28/2017

  I am so happy that I decided to get this harness for Gypsy. I knew being a local company, who treats pets like the family members they are, that I wasn't going to regret it. I cannot express my gratitude to you and your company. PS this harness is magical! My baby girl never pulls anymore and loves her harness. She does a little dance every time i take it out to put it on her.

Asley Rising 8/27/2017

  Nothing compares to this dog harness

Priscilla P 8/26/2017

  I am pleased with Maggie's harness. I've used it 2 times and it was nice she wasn't choking from her choke chains. She heels so much better which equals happy dog and owner. I plan to show it to my vet and leave her your card.

Crissy Neville 8/26/2017

I have the BroadBand harness , I use it and I  Love it.

C Freeman 8/26/2017

  I can finally walk my Golden! She's 7 yrs young!

L. A. Temple 8/25/2017

  I have four of them for my four dogs. Love them.

B Hill 8/24/2017

  We have been walking our dog, Coco, for the past week using her new dog harness. The changes in her walking behaviour are nothing short of miraculous! Most of the dogs from other testimonials on your website were dogs who pulled ahead on their leash. Our dog never pulled ahead, but was what I call a "reluctant walker". She would stay behind and sniff every blade of grass. Some days, you felt as if you were almost having to drag her around the block on her walks. With her new harness, she walks smartly alongside us. Such a change!

Brent and Coco 08/24/2017

  We have thing! Big dogs don't pull anymore. I couldn't walk my dogs without these.

Martha C. 8/24/2017

I'm pleased to advise that my puppy's harness arrived yesterday and we used it for the first time this morning. Yesterday, our walk was very stressful. My husband and I took Molly (our 7 month old Border Collie) on a long walk (1 hour) and she pulled on the lead the entire time. My husband and I are in good health, but we had to take it in turns to walk Molly as our arms were dropping off trying to keep her walking to heel. I should mention we have owned dogs all our lives, both before and after we married (44 years married) and in particular Border Collies, so we are experienced owners. Today was an entirely different affair and although Molly pulled a little, she walked to heel and our walk was far more pleasurable. Because neither my husband and I were stressed, that transferred to Molly too and we all really enjoyed our walk. As Molly is only 7 months old, we still have lots of training to do, including training to walk to heel without the harness, but at least now her walks are seen as fun rather than constant checking. Anyway, suffice to say on our first outing we were happy with the harness's performance.....happy dog, happy owners! We have never used a harness before and still believe owners need to train their dogs not to pull using a normal lead, but for the sake of our sanity and Molly's happiness, this harness is excellent. So thank you very much.

Patricia and Molly 8/23/2017

  Lllllove ur product, thank you for making my life w multiple furbabies so much easier.

Amy Zen 8/23/2017

Use this dog harness for my Golden Retriever...amazing results. Highly recommend.

Janet G. 8/22/2017

 Easy to put on, easy on my dog.

Angela Weber 8/22/2017

  I want to thank you for making your dog harness. Before I had your harness my two dogs would pull so hard on their leashes I was having pain in my hip and I was afraid I would no longer be able to take them for a walk. The first time I took them for a walk using their harnesses they no longer pulled on their leashes. It is a pleasure to walk them now. It is great to buy a product that does what it says it will do. Thanks again

Larry Fox 8/22/2017

  I have a 2 year old French bulldog that loves to pull, however I'm am finding that it is causing issues with her acid reflux, so off went the collar and on went the search for a dog harness that fits little "Fat Chance" correctly. I have tried many and finally gave up and made my own makeshift harness in the meantime. Finally I came across your site and I purchased a red one for my Fatty Patty! I love the concept and am adjusting as she has been wearing it. Thank you!

Malia 8/22/2017

I bought one of your dog harnesses for my dog (a Staffie x American bulldog) because she is a puller of arms out of sockets!!!! It has worked wonders. No more sore shoulders and neck for me and I assume no more sore neck for her. Thanks a million times .

Pam Wilson 8/21/2017

  My girl wore her dog harness today on our walk. No pulling!!

G Dudley 8/20/2017

 I got one of these for my Lab when he was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his neck and the neurologist wanted me to go from a collar/leash to a halter. He already walked fine on a leash but this works really well to keep strain off his neck and is the easiest thing ever to put on.

Paula G 8/20/2017

 Changed walks for me and my dog. Best dog harness ever.

Anne Marie 8/20/2017

 Walk Your Dog With Love has made a huge difference in the walks I have with Lolly. She hits the pavement with one agenda - to GO! She is only 13 lbs, but her enthusiasm for being on the go far exceeds my ability to keep up with her. This dog harness has made the walks much easier for me. She still has the energy, but she doesn't pull as much. I tried other manufacturers’ models, but none of them fit quite right. She was either able to get out of them easily or they hampered her walking in some way. Part of the trick to this harness is the fit. Following the instructions to make sure it was adjusted correctly made it work. Thank you for this opportunity to give feedback.

Joyce n Lolly 8/20/2017 

  My pup still tries to pull when we pass certain dogs BUT it does not jerk me and I have control AND it does not choke her. My hope is she eventually realizes she gets nowhere and gives it up. Best dog harness and I have tried several.

Anne W 8/20/2017

  This is THE BEST thing ever! I can walk my pulling machine w/ my pinky now!! Great dog harness!!

Linda C 8/20/2017

We purchased two dog harnesses for our Irish Terriers as they were pulling a lot and our shoulders were becoming painful. These new harnesses are simply amazing. We had tried everything over several years so we're delighted to discover your harness. Well done for coming up with a brilliant idea. Thank you.

Tony in Cambridge England 8/20/2017

 Even though you have the Zen Walking Belt, I wish you had something that would go around my waist and be the leash too. 

Alex, Hot Springs SD 8/19/2017

  Thankyou for the prompt delivery of Harley's new dog harness and lead- excellent quality and it has stopped Harley pulling and made walks much more enjoyable have given your cards to family and friends, again thankyou, we will defiantly come to you for any more doggie needs

Ron in Darby GB 8/19/2017

  ...Loving the dog the harness and now find that my dog/puppy walks perfectly is more than happy and no longer pulls me every way but which. Thank you so much for your customer care and wonderful service...

P Potter 8/19/2017

  Don't know why anyone would not fall in love with this dog harness! Obviously haven't tried it. Works great with our pulling 80 lb Basset. LOVE IT. This is the 1st harness to work with her!

Natalie 8/18/2017

  I bought one for my Morkie. I had been using a prong collar on him so he wouldn't go after other dogs. This dog harness is fabulous and he likes it! So easy to put on 

Lori A 8/18/2017

  Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new dog harness I just bought for my new dog. Great quality and great price! I purchased one from you last year for my other dog, what a pleasurable difference it has made in our long walks .

Ocean Lover 8/18/2017

Wow! I just got my dog harness and leash and after a few minor adjustments (great video, BTW) it fits my guy perfectly. Just walked him around the house a bit with it, but already there's a huge difference. He's a feisty little Min Pin mix with a pull that makes me suspect he's crossed with a Clydesdale, but in your harness he walks just as calmly as a lamb. I couldn't be happier!

Gina Furmomma 8/18/2017

T his dog harness made a high difference with my Shepherd and me.

Rose Marie 8/17/2017

 This is the world's best dog harness, and I've tried many of them and collars and leashes and treats for our Boxer. I am thrilled with it!

JSH 8/17/2017

  My sweet boy Murphy loves his new WALK With LOVE dog HARNESS

Murphy the Dog 8/17/2017

 We have these dog harnesses for our two Pit mixes. They used to pull but once we started using these harnesses they don't pull.

Cindy S 8/17/2017

  Just purchased this dog harness for our 4 yr old Terrier "puppy". He seems to be more behaved during his walks - so far so good.

D Roundtree 8/16/2017

  Thank you. My dogs and I are so pleased with them that I've just promoted your dog harnesses on my Facebook page. Now the winter of our discontent is made glorious summer by the sun of ''!

Tricia B 8/16/2017

  It works miracles! No more tugging!

Pam Harper Meyer 8/15/2017

  I just want to thank you for your very prompt delivery of my dogs leash ,collar and harness. Roxy is a Goldie and weighs 100 lbs. The dog harness fits like a glove. She doesn't even notice that its on her. I needed something like this as she is shy and needs to be led around. I have tries others and by far this is the BEST. I thank you and so does Roxy.

Philip J and Roxy 8/15/2017

  This dog harness is working wonders with my Eurasier boy! My new 4 yr rescue boy Jazz is definitely more Chow like, stubborn strong and determinedly fixated! I have been to emergency room after being pulled through the air onto my shoulder! Also if he doesn't want to go in a certain direction, he backs up and rotates, spinning me into the road more than a few times. I understand I need to learn to handle him also, but this harness helps me manage his behavior. He now knows I am in control and even tests it but soon concedes. We are enjoying wonderful walks together and both our confidence is growing. Thank you very much for designing it!

Gillianne 8/15/2017

  I ordered this dog harness for my Husky pup, Dakota. Between puppy energy and his strength, I had major problems controlling the pulling. The Walk Your Dog With Love harness is fantastic. Dakota stopped pulling on the first walk! This truly is the World's Best Dog Harness. Thank you! Our walks are much more enjoyable for both of us! I highly recommend this harness for every dog owner.

Dottie and Dakota 8/15/2017

 Love this -- my dog cannot pull ... I am in control!!

Mrs 63NE 8/15/2017

 I bought this for my 30 lb Boston terrier puppy who pulls like a beast with his other harness. On our first walk with this harness he walked much more calmly at my right side without pulling. Like honestly, no pulling. We love it!

Carlene Antonneau 8/15/2017

 Works like a champ on my boxer

Margo Powell 8/14/2017

  Bella's Bright Pink dog harness is fantastic! She is a different dog! I am disabled and my dogs have not been for a walk in over three years. I have been very upset over this. And Gus and I REALLY need to be walking for our health and well being. Thank you for a wonderful, life changing product!!

Susan Gus and Bella 8/14/2017

  Best dog harness ever! It's true! I'm 63 yrs old and have 2 Chow mix rescues that almost killed me lunging after a squirrel. With the Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses, if they try to lunge, they're pulled into me. These harnesses are the absolute best for my dogs and for me. Thank you!!

Donna G. Ocala Florida 08/13/2017

 I love this harness, because if he try to pull he is turned toward you. Best harness I have found.

Laura Flanagan 8/13/2017

  Just a quick note to say thank you. Firstly I could not believe how quickly our dog harness arrived. I ordered it on Sunday night and I had landed on our doormat here in Limerick Ireland on Friday morning. Secondly, this is simply the best harness ever. We have a beautiful but strong Pointer Collie mix and she is too strong for my elderly parents to walk. This has all instantly changed with the Walkyourdogwithlove harness. They are now loving their walks together.

Alona, Limerick Ireland 8/12/2017

  Want to say that I love the dog harness. It is very easy to put on and my dog is not bothered by it at all. And the leash is great.

Nancy S. Sterling Mass 8/12/2017

  I picked the dog harness up from the Post Office, adjusted and put it on Bugsy. I know a lot about "lightness" when teaching mules how to "give" whether it be a mouth piece (bit) or a slight pressure on the mule's shoulder blade to "teach" him to pick up his hoof --- Lightness is "key". THIS IS LIGHTNESS TO A DOG! WONDERFUL!! I LOVE IT!! I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH!! Thank you So Much!!

Sharon and Bugsy, Paulden AZ 8/11/2017

 Love the collar it works very well.

Deann Marin 8/11/2017

  Omg! Your dog harnesses changed our lives!! I have 4 rescues, (2 shelties & 2 bichons) two are scared and timid and 2 are aggressive and very brave. I just took my first walk with two at a time and actually feel like I got exercise and NOT just my arms from the pulling! Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

D. Steen Texas 8/10/2017

I love the dog harness. Another thing that's great about it is that it's soooo easy to put on. Just one click. I'm a pet sitter, and some other harnesses my clients have take me awhile and there's a lot of trial and error putting them on. WYDWL is so easy :)

G G 8/10/2017

  We use this dog harness! Works great with our 130 pound Irish Wolfhound puppy.

M Foster 8/10/2017

  It works very well with our 30 lb Doodle. No pulling and comfortable walk with the doggie. I recommend this dog harness for sure.. Thanks

Jenny Rose 8/9/2017

I have passed out your cards and told all my neighbors about the dog harness and leash. And, I tell others and show it at the Vet's office. Hope this gives you some orders. 5 Woofs to you!

Joyce in PA 8/9/2017

  Daisy and I love your Walkyourdogwithlove harness, no more pulling she's like a totally trained dog now so thank you for making this dog harness.

Chris and Daisy 8/8/2017

  I have this dog harness for my Lab it does not get twisted up works great and much easier to control her...

Evelyn H 8/7/2017

  This dog harness is the only way I can walk my Saluki without her walking me 

Katie B 8/7/2017

 Harness received in 4 days! Totally consistent and well explained! I hope to test other products soon :-) Thanks again!

Mathilde, Nantes France 8/7/2017

These dog harnesses have solved many problems with my 3 Schnauzers!

Susie in Sioux Falls 8/7/2017

Thank you so much for inventing this dog harness. I have a Lab-Hound-Pit Bull mix who loves to pull, run and lunge towards any animal it sees or smells. To say the least, walking her has not been a pleasant experience since we got her three years ago. We have tried all kinds of harnesses and leashes and have had very little success. The most popular ones are up around the neck and throat, but Stella still pulls and strangles herself with these. Now, with this new harness- I have complete control over her and where she can and cannot go. She still pulls some but I still have control over her and that is so key to me. She is a big and strong dog and I am a shorter person, so for me to feel confident and in control of the walk, makes walking my dog a much more pleasant experience. I would recommend this product to anyone else having issues walking their dogs due to pulling. I feel so much better and actually want to get out there to walk her now!

Leilani Brown 8/6/2017

 Your products are the Best ever! We are so glad you are here. Thanks.

Barbara and Jesse 8/5/2017

  I have had several of these for our three fur babies. They work great. I have a little rescue mix that just gets so excited. These dog harnesses are great :)

Phyliss T 8/5/2017

  I love the dog harness, vehicle safety belt and leash that I purchased recently. Your "Walk your Dog with Love" gear would make a great gift. I see a lot of people in my neighborhood walking the family dog "dog sled style." I'll be spreading the word about your great products!

S Weeks, NC 8/5/2017

The dog harness fits perfectly! I adjusted it for his summer wardrobe (t-shirts) and there is plenty of room for his winter attire of sweaters and a coat. I also got a new collar and leash. Not only is this a great, quality product, but your attentiveness and over the top customer service is the best I think I have ever experienced. I have already recommended you to many others and will continue to do so

Dar Kelly 8/4/2017

  I have it, use it, love it! Great dog harness!

Lisa J 8/4/2017

  This dog harness is awesome!

Danee and Daisy 8/3/2017

  I'm not sure why or how, but it works great. Our 1 yr old rescue was always tugging, like a sled dog. This dog harness just seems to do away with that pulling!

Mary Jo and Barney 8/3/2017

  I had used a harness purchased from a pet store, and my 3 month old puppy hated it so much, we would have to hold him down to get it on him. Then he would lay down and not get up because he was so upset. I nearly gave up on him ever walking on a leash. Then I looked on your Web site and purchased the walk my dog with love harness. We didn't have hold him down to get it on him and he loves his walks. Thank you for the dog harness, I recommend it to all dog owners.

Irene in Utah 8/2/2017

 Best investment I ever made. Has revolutionized my ability to walk my high-stress dog anywhere. Lunging after squirrels, trucks, bikes, scooters, other dogs, etc… Is no longer a problem.

Grateful Customer 8/3/2017

 This is the answer to walking our 70lb young dogs after trying other collars, harnesses, etc. and getting worn out from being pulled. What a life saver...

Rhonda Tompkins 8/2/2017

  Love buying from another USA company! Your dog harness works so great we got one for our other dog. I didn't think she pulled till our other dog stopped!

Patty D -Bedford, MA 8/2/2017

  I’m loving the dog harness – what a wonderful product! Who needs to train their dog to walk well when you have one of these beauties!!

Tania- Queensland, Australia 8/1/2017

A lead that really works as advertised. Works like a charm. Wouldn't walk my dog without it.

Amazon Customer 8/1/2017

I just wanted to say how happy I am with your dog harness. Are you sure there no magic woven into your product!!! I have a beautiful, good-natured rescued Lab cross with German short haired pointer, I have had him for 2 of his 8 years on this Earth, I had given up on lead training and spent a fortune on harnesses and head halties, to no avail as each seemed like somewhat of a personal challenge to Ash, I had even embraced this by embarking on canicross and park run with Ash (yes, perhaps it's cheating having a 43 kg dog dragging you around the course!). As soon as I put the walk your dog with love harness Ash was so different, no more pulling, aching back or arms, a truly wonderful product.

Sue Hardy 8/1/2017

I recently adopted a 110 lb, 7 year old German Shepherd. When we tried to walk him he would pull and he would go crazy when he saw other animals, so when I saw your ad I figured I give it a try -what a difference it made! He no longer pulls and when he sees other animals a simple tug and he is controlled- he is now a pleasure to walk. BEST PRODUCT EVER-THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PRODUCT I'LL RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE I KNOW

Frank, New Jersey 7/31/2017

  I am really impressed. Yes! no more sore shoulder as the dog harness really works. I have to keep looking to see if my dog is on the end of the lead. Thank you soon much.

S Frankiln, Surrey UK 7/31/2017

  We received your harness 3 days ago -WOW! About 2.5 years ago we adopted an abandoned, wonderful 4-years-old Husky-Malamute mix, Sasha. She is so perfect as she just can be - but as almost all Huskies, she too, loves dragging & pulling... even us...We purchased first some collars but we stopped using those after some weeks for we didn't want she to be hurt. Then we purchased plenty of harnesses of which she escaped pretty easily. Last we purchased for her a tailor-made no-escape harness - it worked & we were relieved that she can't escape but she pulled & pulled & pulled... towards other dogs, cats, smells, sometimes even without any apparent reason... So we went training & training & training... Coaches, lessons, dog psychologists one after one... But to train a Husky not to pull against her nature... well, it didn't give much result, of course. So you can get a glimpse how glad I became when I saw a Youtube video about WYDWL harness - it instantly made sense - I just wish I would know about it much before! I do not have words to tell you how glad & satisfied & pleased we all are! No more dragging, no more pulling, no more tug-of-war, no more pain in arms... = your harness !

Magdalena,  Sweden 7/30/2017

  I swear by this harness. My Goldendoodle pulls like a sled dog using a collar or regular harness. But with a front lead harness the more she pulls the more she is pulled slightly to the side. Pulling is totally a thing of the past. I've been through 5 or 6 of these because, apparently they taste good and Bella has chewed them up!!!! The fact that I keep replacing them is a pretty good testimony

Bart Moore 7/29/2017

 This was recommended by a dog trainer. This harness is magical. I have an 83 lb 1 yr lab and he is strong! This harness was recommended by a dog trainer. I had been using a chain choker which was not allowing me to control the pulling. This harness keeps him from pulling and I have much more control when we are walking. Walking him is a much better experience now.

Suzanne 7/29/2017

I ordered the dog harness for my grand dog in NY. It works perfectly. I've told several people about the harness. Stopped Spencer in his tracks, and he was starting to hurt my shoulder when I visit him in NY.

Carolyn and Spencer 7/28/2017

 I like your products, but I want my harness embroidered. Why don’t you guys offer embroidery?

Ken Medford, OR 7/28/2017

  Benson is a mix dog of Pit Bull, Boxer and mutt. He is 7 months old and weighs approx. 35 lbs and full of energy. I have better control with his walking with my new front harness and I know take it off each and every time we go inside. Easy to do. Again Thank you for the great invention of the front lead dog harness and for the customer service. Have a great day.

Kathie V and Benson 7/28/2017

   I am so pleased with the dog harnesses I bought for our dogs. Walking with 2 dogs pulling was never an easy thing and while I was hopeful, I was skeptical. The change was instant! I love walking the dogs now!!! Now I'm off to buy the Zen Walking Belt!

Sam, SK Canada 7/27/2017

  We absolutely love your team, company and product. A guarantee like yours is hard to find and a product like yours is even harder. Both our dogs have your dog harnesses, color coded for their genders of course (wife insisted  ) We recommend your product to all our furry family member owning friends. Keep up the great work.

C Martin 7/27/2017

 You need this product if you have a dog! Amazing harness! Excited about going for a walk. My rescued golden retriever calms down immediately as soon as I put her harness on. She walks without pulling! She and I love this product. I've already recommended it to many of my friends.

BKS 7/27/2017

My trainer gave me one of these leashes for my pup. They are fabulous and it's nice not to get their leash tangled under the dogs legs neck etc. it really works. Great product.

Molly 7/26/2017

 I bought one from them a year ago for my GoldenDoodle. Love it!

Holly Sisk 7/26/2017

 I just received 2 in mail. Was taking my dogs for a walk. I quickly opened the bag and put them on!! Wished I would have bought them sooner! Love it!

Judy Moeller 7/26/2017

 I've had one of these for Bacchus, my Pyr, since he got to be about 70 pounds (he's now 6 and 100 pounds). These harnesses are great, made in Massachusetts and I love that they will donate one to BFDR! Time to get Bacchus a new harness!

Laurie Sensiblis 7/25/2017

 Best there is. Been using this for 2 yrs. 

Jacqueline Award 7/25/2017

I just got this dog harness for my 30 lb puppy. It is helpful in our walking training.

Lynda, Sandwich Mass 7/25/2017

  I love this dog harness for my dog. Works great. My dog weight: 78 lbs.

B Snyder, Florida USA 7/25/2017

  I have these dog harnesses for two of my dogs and they work amazing.

Deb, Kennewick Washington 7/25/2017

  I Had to tell you what a wonderful product your dog harness is. I have a 106 lb. male Malmute and 56 lb. female Husky. I cannot tell you how much my walking experience is with this harness. I fell off a ladder about a year and one-half ago and fractured my pelvis and I have not been able to walk them until I received your harnesses. Both of my fur babies pull like they are in the Iditarod. This harness has been a lifesaver. I have total control over both of them when we walk, no pulling, and all three of us are enjoying our walks. Thank you.

Vickie H 7/24/2017

  Your dog harness is a blessing in that I am not "choking" my dog. 95% of the time our walk is the TV perfect version. It's just 2 houses that have attack dogs that we can not walk past. I figure she's being protective because other dogs we pass she pays no attention. After several leashes, collars and harnesses, yours is the perfect one for my pup. Safer for me and so much nicer she isn't choking. And just for laughs, her "job" as she is an Aussie is to keep squirrels off mom's bird feeders. A job she does well. On walks she doesn't care. Thanks again for an excellent product. One I recommend to all my friends  

Ann, David and Bell 7/24/2017

 The clip under her chin crosses over as she walks on my right.  (the others did that too)  It would be great if the clip went the other way.

Pamela, Oakland CA 7/24/2017

  I cannot believe the difference in my dog! He is so well behaved in this dog harness, it is astonishing. Thank you!

C Dennis 7/23/2017

  Happy it! Also love the dog harnesses that I got for my two very happy Mini Dachshunds...impossible to find one that fits over the huge chest bone until now and it is wonderful, can't say enough good things!

Linda O 7/23/2017

 This is my second one and I wouldn't buy any other. I have a large stubborn dog who was always pulled. I used every choker and pinch collar with poor results to the point he had a cough every time we finished a walk. I had immediate positive results on the first walk and it only got better. You have control as you are turning the dogs shoulders away from the distraction. Have him sit and start walking again. He'll understand and there is no pain. Also good if he charges strangers or kids trying to jump on them. You stop the charge and turn him back toward you for a corrective conversation.

Surbs 7/23/2017

Got one for my Lab puppy when she started getting strong & pulling toward people & other dog walkers. The dog harness has been life changing 

Judy H  7/22/2017

 This harness WORKS. At first I couldn’t understand how to get this onto my dog correctly, But after it clicked I realized how easy this was to put on as well as how amazing it worked. No more pulling puppy. This product has changed our walks in the best way.

Asley Stetts 7/22/2018

 I have that dog harness, it works the best

Monika Mcnamara 7/22/2017

  It's a freakin' miracle! Carl's first walk in his new dog harness this evening was perfect. 180 degree difference.

Pricilla in Texas 7/21/2017

 This has worked well for my dog, who is a squirrel and bird chaser. Not only does it turn him around if he takes off without choking him, but it calms him down. He's just much better behaved with it on.

Sharon Van Meter 7/21/2017

 Best thing ever for you and your dog! Our lab mix puppy was getting stronger and our girls were having a harder time controlling him. He loves to pull and explore on a walk. Still in training. No pulling, walking wonderfully and my husband (who didn't believe it would do anything) is sold and says it makes walking a whole new experience! This on is also more conformable for the dog. No metal pieces under the legs!

Happy Customer 7/21/2017

  It really works!

 Nancy Rivers 7/21/2017

  I am in love with the dog harnesses that I’ve ordered from Walk Your Dog With Love. Thanks to you, dog walking is a dream come true (especially when you are walking a 100 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog)

Susan and Rocky 7/21/2017

  We absolutely LOVE,LOVE, LOVE !!! the dog harness & it is the best investment that any dog owner can make.

Jamie and Raven 7/20/2017

  I've bought 3 total harnesses for various dogs and LOVE them! We got a new one is for smaller guests that come to our house. Glad you've expanded and happy for your success.

Aimee, Stratford CT 7/20/2017

  I was skeptical...But now I'm not. This dog harness is magical! My Husky walks have been transformed.

Jana, Dublin Ireland 7/19/2017

  I recently purchased a dog harness for my Golden Retriever and used it for the first time yesterday. Immediate results; no pulling. I am amazed. Thank you so much!

Peggy B 7/19/2017

 I bought one of these harnesses for Remington, my wayward beagle who follows his nose and is all over the place on walks. He took to it quickly and it's made walks more pleasant for both of us. Beagles are all about sniffing and tracking but we're able to compromise on how often and how long we stop with less fuss and greater ease.

Ann C 7/19/2017

  We could not be happier with the harness for our dog! She walks beautifully with it on, without pulling or yanking the leash. This is in great contrast to her prior walking skills, which included running after every bird, squirrel, leaf, and small moving object that she saw. She is a 25-pound terrier mix, so you can imagine that her instinct to chase and hunt is very strong. On the Walk Your Dog With Love harness, however, she is DELIGHTFUL to walk!! Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

Deb Yesu 7/19/2017

    I have this dog harness, I'm very satisfied

Michel P, QC Canada 7/18/2017

 I use this dog harness for our 80 lb German Shepherd-she's a year old and a hand full it's a great way to stay in control.

Deb Tall 7/17/2017

  Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with this dog harness. My 30+ kg Standard Poodle for 6 years has pulled when walking. Have tried numerous walking harnesses over the years. Her NEO all in one harness/lead arrived today. I fitted according to video and oh my goodness, success first walk. So happy with this item that I've just ordered a second one for my other Standard Poodle. She's ok with any walking aid, but I want them both to have the comfort of your harness. I am 70 years old and often balked at walking 60+ kg of dogs due to one of them continually pulling. We've just had a great 2 km walk and I now have an ex puller !! So much better for both of us. I'm totally gobsmacked at how this worked as you advertised. Tomorrows walk, here we come! Many thanks

Mo, Queensland Australia 7/17/2017

  Just got my new dog harness today and I'm a bit shocked at how well it works! I did have to watch the video again while adjusting it on her but once I did that it was easy. I was worried that once you pull on the front it would open up by the arm area and she could slip out of it but that was not the case. Properly tightened across the belly she can't get an arm out. Oddly enough she seemed very calm as if she enjoyed it. I'm going to put it to the test and walk another dog with her and see how it performs when there is competition :)

KR 7/15/2017

Thank you so much for your quick service. Not only do you make the Best Dog Harness, you have the Best Service.

Deb, Kennewick WA 7/15/2017

Works fantastic with my 115 pound mix. The dog harness works for my GSD too.

Carrie 7/14/2017

  I received my order today and am very pleased it came with the "go to video instructions " card. When I first ordered it I didn't understand any of the videos on your website. I've set it up and we've had a practice walk around the paddock. It's really great the way she responds to the dog harness. So thanks heaps.

JR, Auckland, NZ 7/14/2017

  Thank you so much for my harness. I am so pleased with the speed and service received from you. All my friends here in Britain now know about you as this is the best dog harness ever.

Stephanie, GB 7/13/2017

Love all your products! The dog harness saved my shoulder and Jesse walks a "Happy walk"

Barb E 7/13/2017

  Thank you! We have one old harness from you& have another dog (both hounds ). They pull me like crazy and your harness is simple to use. Have tried others, too complicated . My husband says it's like a different dog!  Strong scents out there today but with some fine tuning on Leroy's harness, I think I am a dog walker again!   

Kathleen Mccarthy 7/12/2017

 I hated taking my one year old boxer (50 lbs) for a walk. Really, she took me for a walk. I weigh 105 lbs. She pulled me for two miles. All muscle...and  now, after I got this dog harness, I look forward to our walks!

Linda P 7/11/2017

 I have a Chihuahua and a Cairn Terrier and this dog harness has worked like a charm for both of them. Truly amazing! And I use the harness in the car to attach to my Dog's seat belt.

Nancy N 7/11/2017

 Just bought two dog harnesses for my German Shepherds after talking with my trainer- who had nothing but good things to say.

Cassie, Ireland 7/11/2017

 Fantastic product. Our ever charging forward Cardigan Welsh Corgi walks like a lady instead of a run-a-way train. Amazing! She no longer nearly chokes herself!

Cheri H 7/11/2017

 It does help in controlling your dog.

DeAnna Johnson 7/11/2017

  Thanks so much. I just received my harness, immediately watched the "how-to fit" video and my recently rescued Shepherd and I went for the best walk we've ever had! Immediate results! Wow! Thanks again!

Deb White 7/10/2017

 Works as advertised- met my expectations and the product worked well. 

Dennis Martin 7/9/2017

  I am part of a German Shepherd Pack Group on Facebook. I shared your harness to all my GSD friends! I hope you receive the orders your amazing product deserves!  I had to say how amazing your harness is! I have 2 German Shepherds and I would never dream walking them together but now with your harness I can. You have changed my life!

Rose Hasel 7/8/2017

  Amazing!!!! "Cecelia" and I went for a walk this evening, and it was our best walk ever!!!!!

Sue Wildey 7/8/2017

  The first one worked so well that I am ordering another for my other dog. I did follow the suggestions in your videos and they really helped. Thanks so much. I can now enjoy our walks without fear of being accidentally injured due to my dog's pulling, jumping. Dogs do not seem to mind it either!

Jan Pichler 7/6/2017

 I'll give it 5 stars as of now... We have a strong 70lb Pitbull who loves to be outdoors. I could never walk him alone despite investing in various collars and harnesses and neither could my 21 y/o daughter, sadly. We had the FIRST REAL walk with our buddy a few days ago! He was a perfect 'gentledog' for the first time in 3 years! We had better control, he wasn't choking and wheezing -disastrous- as he does with the collar. My only concern is that it feels a bit thin and I question how long it will last. I purchased red for our red-nosed Pittie and he looks stunning! The reflectors are placed appropriately and the fit is perfect. I'm so pleased with the fact that I can finally walk my mini-horse alone! Looking forward to hiking with my buddy next!

Pretty Painter 7/6/2017

  I just want to thank you for your product. The results just after the first use were amazing. You folks ROCK!!.

John Doty 7/3/2017

  WOW, what a remarkable difference it was, I can honestly say it was a pure pleasure to walk the dog, She is an 18 month old Border Collie and whilst only 16 kg / 35 pounds she is strong, with her old harness I feel now that she wanted something to pull against. Thank-you so much I am still at odds to understand how it can/does make such a huge difference

Rick Stewart 6/30/2017

  I have to say that we are so satisfied with harness. We walk our Mr. Bond with more love now. Mr. Bond says Woof to you :)

Teena Havrda 6/29/2017

  Ok I’m sold.  I squeezed our older dog into the size I just purchased for the puppy to grow into and it was the best walk the 3 of us ever had.  I just ordered the correct size for the older dog.  No Houdini and everyone (mostly me!) enjoyed the walk. Thanks for the personal attention.  I hope your company does very well.

Marie Lawrence 6/29/2017

 Certainly is easy to put on, and not very complicated to adjust but my 110 pound German Shepherd still pulled a little bit.

Bobby H 6/28/2017

  We are delighted with the harness / it makes a huge difference to our walks with our 7 month old German shepherd - he is a rescue dog & so far hasn't had much socialization & training so this really helps. Will be very happy to highly recommend your product - worth waiting for!!

Verina Weaver  6/27/2017

  Wow what a fantastic harness stopped my St Bernard pulling instantly

Carl Wyat 6/24/2017

 Our Australian Cattle Dog Pepper walking and not pulling like the good girl she is. This is the first harness that has worked for us. Thank you for an easy to use, effective product!

Trish, Leander TX 6/23/2017

 Excellent product!! Our dog, Charlie, absolutely LOVES IT!! He does not pull hardly at all wearing this great leash! Plus, they replaced it for me when Charlie chewed through it one time.

Harvey Shaner 6/22/2017

We purchased a harness years and years ago for our Corgi Lucy, and it's the only one we use! However, it's time to replace it; the old harness was VERY loved indeed! 

Connie and Lucy 6/22/2017

  I have 2 and they are the best! No pulling and super easy to put on.

Alicia Salvato 6/21/2017

  I have one of your harnesses and I love it.  

Mary Sue H 6/19/2017

 After trying different harnesses that all rubbed the skin off I gave up. After using prong collars for my 2 English Springer Spaniels for 8 years, I decided to try this one. Walks have been stress free and easy with no skin irritation. Yay!

Shauna 6/18/2017

 I love this item. It is easy for controlling my dog.

J L B 6/17/2017

  Eli walks nicely, his walking is much improved; there has been no pulling like he was doing before. Thank you for a good product.

Susan McIntosh 6/15/2017

  Carl likes his new harness! (And I wont use anything else now!!) I really really love em and  like really fancy products while walking my pupper ;)

 Alicia Holmes 6/14/2017

  I love the harnesses i got for my girls! It's so much easier to walk all three now!"

Abby Howell  6/12/2017

I like the minimalist aspect of this harness and that it does not interfere with the dogs' shoulder motion-when appropriate, my dogs walk off leash, but there are times when i need a good harness

Mollly Moffat 6/10/2017

 We have always had hunting hounds.  We don't hunt; but, live in great wooded area with wonderful ranger roads and trails. I purchased your dog harness to cut back on the strenuous pulling when these dogs "strike" on an animal trail or try to protect us while standing up on their back legs when an aggressive dog has on occasion entered our yard and come after me.   Leading these dogs at the front is not in their nature they like to walk in front to pick up a trail.  I find that with your harness, I am able to at least walk my Bluetick Coonhound by my side so she knows she is not on a hunting trip.  My neighbors have remarked how well she now walks with me by my side.  And, I have no fear of being pulled to the ground and drug along a trail. Just want you to know that even diligent hunting dogs can utilize this wonderful harness without harm to their necks or to their owners.

Irene 6/07/2017

  Love your collar! First walk was amazing! Thank you"

Amber JM 6/7/2017

 This is the best harness to use on any dog! I have Elkhounds and they are great when using this harness. I love it!!!

Gerdi 6/7/2017

Just bought a second harness because the first one made such a difference in walking my boxer. No more straining, coughing, and lunging. Thank you!

Tom E Winter Springs Florida 6/5/2017

  I wanted to tell what great success I had walking my Siberian Huskey with the harness on the FIRST WALK. You have a customer for as long as I have dogs !!!!!

 Lucille Dodson 6/1/2017

  Thanks - the harness for Baby arrived yesterday (Thursday) here in Spain.  Went for first walk with it this morning and it is great.  I have ordered the next size down online just now because it is a bit on the generous side, but will continue to use what we have till the new one arrives, then will probably give the original to a friend or the local dog rescue centre - we are knee deep in strays here, especially after Christmas.In the meantime will be showing it off to anyone who will listen.  Photos to follow, as if you didn't have enough!

Terry & a very grateful Kathy 5/31/2017

  It's amazing!  I just got my harnesses today and went for our first walk.  I couldn't believe the difference.  My 2 year old Australian Labradoodle, Zoey was getting more and more difficult to walk, she pulled so hard.  First time out, she was a different dog. She walked with me perfectly!  Thank You so much!  Now, she and her baby sister Dayz and I are going to really enjoy our walks every night!

Gina, Dayz & Zoey, Hillsboro, OR 5/23/2017

  Amazing, simply amazing! Glad I took a chance with this, it's a life changer now walking with our year n a half old 80lb. bulldog/pit-bull mix, walks have become much more fun and enjoyable for everyone! .. Thank you!!!

Ariel Mae Ragen 5/12/2017

 It works ! took her a minute to get used to , but it works like it claims . I would recommend.

John T 5/8/2017

 Finally a collar that really does the job. We have tried several different collars to stop our 40 lbs energy pulling 5 year old Golden Doodle. It is very easy to put on, she already knows it's hers and doesn't mind just wearing it. It doesn't pinch or hurt her in anyway. but no more standing on her hind legs, choking for 3 miles of walks. She is incredibly friendly, but this slows her up so everyone can get to know her first. So far this Walk With Love, is just that.. Thank you!!

Beach Bum 5/3/2017

 I bought this to go along with the matching leash, for a friend. She loves it.

Marlene W 5/2/2017

  I have purchased this for my own dog so know what a great product it is.  We were leaving his former harness on all the time because he fought so hard whenever we tried to put it on.  Now he just sticks out his head and we slip it right on.  It has been wonderful.

Randy Lamb 5/2/2017

 Best harness ever. My dog stopped pulling immediately. I'm so happy I purchased this! Amazing!

MCBH 4/29/2017

 This is the best lead that I haved used on my 10 month old Pibble. He now walks without pulling me down the street. Wish that I had gotten it months ago

Jimmie Weems 4/26/2017

 Works great.

Raymond Hood 4/25/2017

 My 6 month old lab was pulling and is very strong. This harness changed that and our walks are controlled and enjoyable.

Catherine M Kane 4/24/2017

I absolutely love this harness. It is the third harness that I have purchased for my dog over the last two years and it is by far my favorite. It's a must have for dogs who pull. I have a 60lb pit bull that has walked me until I tried this harness. The days of fighting with her to get a harness on and off is over. It takes two seconds to put it on and she doesn't fuss at all. It's ideal for older dogs and dogs with too much energy. It seems to be comfortable for her and She is a pleasure to walk now. The only reason I gave it four stairs is because I haven't tried it in the car yet. I highly recommend this leash.

Debra Lynn 4/14/2017

 Thank you so much for this harness our 11month old black Lab pulls all the time and is very strong and it wasn't very nice going for walks because of his pulling. But first time out on his harness was so different he did not pull and it was a pleasure to walk him.  I could not believe the difference the harness makes and I shall recommend it to all of my friends and family.

Delphine, Lincolnshire UK 4/12/2017

 Works perfectly! Customer service is grand!

Julie M 4/6/2017

   We needed a harness in each car so just ordered our second. Thanks for making such a GREAT product!

Donna Trebert 4/2/2017

 This harness is perfect for dogs that pull. My pit bull was a puller until I got this. She now walks on the leash like a dream. I walk her now instead of her walking me. This harness seems to be made well and it's made in the USA too. I would recommend this harness if you have a strong dog that pulls on a leash.

Karen Wendling 4/1/2017

 I have a big Alaskan Malamute "puppy" and also a really bad back. This works perfectly to keep my boy from dragging me down the street and I'm able to protect my spine while walking him. We tried the gentle leader, but it bothered him too much to have something on his face. This harness allows him to be more comfortable while allowing me to maintain control. Both of us are very happy with this harness.

COM 3/31/2017

 I'm a retired dog trainer so I have tried several no-pull harnesses and this is by far my favorite. First, it does what it is supposed to do, keeps my dog, a 45 lb Border collie, from pulling in a way that makes her hard to control. Out of all the harnesses I have tried, it is the easiest to fit (see photo of what the proper fit looks like) and the easiest to put on and take off. The fit does not inhibit the movement of her shoulders and legs in ways that are unhealthy and uncomfortable and my dog doesn't seem to mind wearing it. However, I would add that although good equipment can be an important aid, no harness or halter or collar is a substitute for training some loose leash walking skills which teach your dog to pay attention to you and to better understand how to follow your direction, while teaching you how to reinforce/reward that behavior. In addition every dog needs a chance to burn off excess energy via some physical exercise and for most dogs that means having a chance to have a good run or to retrieve some balls or a Frisbee.

Monty 3/29/2017

 I was not pulled nor felt like both my arms were going to be ripped out ... Just tried this collar design on my two dogs. This is the first time I walked both-at the SAME time- my dogs in a calm, relaxing manner. I was not pulled or felt like both my arms were going to be ripped out of the their sockets. Well worth the investment.

KB 3/26/2017

 This is our second Walk Your Dog With Love harness, as our puppy grew out of his last one. It works well and he doesn't pull when he has it on.

T Turner 3/20/2017

 I'm ordering my 3rd harness, really love them. I recommended the harness to my niece & it works great for her energetic dog, now her mother is capable of walking the dog w/out the excess pulling.

Melinda Thomas 3/15/2017

  All-in-all, this seems like a pretty good harness – well-made and seems like it will last. It was a close tie between this and another front-leading harness, but I chose this one because the creator said that all materials to make it were sourced in the USA and it is manufactured in the USA - that is very important to our family. This is a humane, loving way to train your dog to listen and have good manners out of respect and trust for you, rather than fear or pain.

Max Verbosity 3/14/2017

 Great way to walk the dog. Worked very well for my little dog who had trouble using a regular collar and leash. Thanks for a great product. The company has great customer service. My original order arrived damaged by the post office. The customer service answered my email about the issue quickly and replaced the damaged product. Thank you.

The Knitting Lady 3/14/2017

 I have a 90 pound monster that prior to buying this I wasn't able to walk on a leash. He would always pull and pull and I physically wasn't able to hold him back. This is the only thing I've found that works for my psychotic dog. Definitely give it a try if your dog is crazy too.

Kimberly A 3/13/2017

 Bought two of these for my 1-1/2 year old Golden Retrievers. Walks before these harnesses meant I was the one being walked and or pulled. Traditional harnesses just didn't work for dogs with so much strength. My Goldens still try to lead with these harnesses but I am not being pulled at all. Finally enjoying walks with my two furry babies!

Shannon S 3/13/2017

 This leash works like magic!!! I recently adopted a Lab. She was about to kill my back - I could not control her - I also thought I was going to find myself on youtube - yes it was that bad. I had stopped walking my other dog because it was impossible. I got this leash and I promise it was like magic. Its a must, if your dog drags you on a regular leash.

Siya 3/12/2017

 I bought this for my 60 pound puppy who pulls like crazy on walks. He used to drag me half way through people's yards chasing after squirrels, or leaves, or... Someone I know recommended this harness, and I am so glad she did! Thank you for this great produce! Yes, the puppy still pulls a little, but it's very manageable. I feel like I'm walking a completely different dog! I liked it so much, I ended up buying a second harness for my other dog.

Julie Gabella 3/12/2017

Decided to try this dog harness after reading other people's results. It is a simple design and works quite well. It is easy to adjust and fit to your dogs chest and since it leads from the front it does help with your dog pulling . The lead pulls the dog in your direction and breaks his concentration to pull where he wants to go. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and as he is a large dog I would have preferred a harness made of leather in this same design. All in all it was a good buy for the money it comes with good directions how to use the harness and does help with pulling and not choking your dog...Walk Your Dog With Love is a good name for this product !

Gail 3/11/2017

  I bought two for my JRT's who used to run after anything that moved whilst on an ordinary harness, and choke themselves when out wearing just a collar and lead. From the first time we went out, this harness worked like magic. After the first pull, they just stopped! Happy dogs = happy owner

Michelle Cox 3/11/2017

 This design is fantastic even for dogs that pull badly. I am a dog walker and it works like a miracle on the dogs that pull.

Shell 3/10/2017

 Yesterday we took our dog Marley for a long walk with his new harness.  We have tried other types of collars and harnesses in the past with limited success, so while we were hoping for success we were also prepared for disappointment, but the WYDWL seems to be in another class. The improvement in our Marley's handling was everything we had hoped and so much more than we had expected.

Paul & Marley 3/07/2017 

 Good product.

Raj 3/5/2018

 Great actually worked on our 80 lb puppy, actually surprised me , i had a regular harness and it was more of a tug of war, but this actually turns him a bit where he doesn't feel like we are competing for power. Plus I don't care for the choking of a dog for control .

Jaque 3/5/2017

  I love it. It is magical. I have a St Bernard, 122 pound'o'pulling, yet not with your harness. Thank You

Steve Magee  Seattle WA, USA  3/1/2017

 Shipment was as promised. Royal blue color is as pictured.
Instruction sheet easy to follow for putting this on my almost year old Great Pyrenees. He immediately calmed when we began our walk. He still pulls a little, but he's now under control. A great harness!

Jason R 2/27/2017

Excellent. Does what I wanted as to stop dog pulling. Brilliant.

Beverly James 2/25/2017

 I never had a leash that worked as well as this with my very strong pulling dog. we're enjoying our walks again.

Eileen Borrell 2/23/2017

  Bought ur harness at the pet expo in Edison.  i love it! works great.  My Frenchie is happy wearing it and he doesnt even try to pull me now. thank you so much!"

Altaira C 2/18/2017

 This is the best walking lead we've ever owned! We have an active Golden Doodle--this lead works great for him.

My View 2/16/2017

I would recommend it. I like the harness because it prevents my dog from choking herself. I hated hearing my dog sound like she was struggling to breathe & yet still pulling. However, as she is such an aggressive puller, she still pulls. I am still testing adjustments to make it more effective.

Donna T 2/5/2017

 Very nice and fit well. Not yet sure if will work walking my dog.

Suzanne Oxley  2/5/2017

 Love the product. Super easy to attach to pup. I would recommend this halter.

George Fettig 1/30/2017

 This is the only harness that stops my 130-lb Newfie from dragging me if she sees a squirrel.

Awesome Bill from Dawsonville 1/22/2017

 Works perfectly! Used on a 84# Golden Retriever and he now walks beside me beautifully! Highly recommend.

Patoot 1/22/2017

 I have purchased these harnesses for both my dogs. Easy to control a dog that is try's to run after a squirrel. Since its a harness, there is no chocking when my dogs get excited and pull. Having the clip in the front of the harness makes all the difference.

S Kull 1/22/2017

 I really love this harness, especially for this price. Color is great. Love that it has reflector pieces for when I am walking at night. And once you get it fitted right, it does the job well. I will say that I definitely have a dog with his own self directed, stubborn behaviors, and who loves to pull. I mean he can pull hard. This harness definitely deters the pulling greatly. Obviously it's not a perfect solution, as any dog who really wants to do something and is stubborn enough is going to do his own thing. With a lot of training he was getting better, THEN when I got this harness, it nearly completely stopped. I'm able to love my dog walking time, and he's able to enjoy it too!

Andrea L Ellmore 1/18/2017

 Gives us great control!

K Macgregor 1/17/2017

Works great! My puppy pulled a lot and immediately she stopped when we put the harness on her! I highly suggest it! Color looks exactly as i wanted it as well!

Susan 1/15/2017

 I have one for each dog. These are the best harnesses.

Dogskull 1/15/2017

Makes walking and training my Shephard mix easier. Strong and quality is good.

Marine 1/14/2017

 Does keep my dog from pulling so much.

Diane Wratchford 1/14/2017

 I like the way it pulls away from my Pug’s chest. She has tracheal health issues and can't have any pressure against that area, so for that reason it's great.

AZ 1/5/2017

 Works great! Keeps my very strong dog from pulling me and choking himself.

Coffee bean 1/4/2017

Hi! I bought one of your harnesses last fall at the Yankee Peddler craft show in West Springfield, MA.  Loved it, but made the mistake of keeping it on our big naughty pup, a Golden Doodle, while having a friend to lunch. Our dog chewed it in two! I won't leave it on him again unsupervised! I'm tugged all over without it! I bark about it to everyone I know with a dog! Can’t wait to get my new one….

Cindy White 1/4/2017

 Buy this. NOW. My mom told me about this a while ago, but I brushed it off. I have a 50 pound boxer who pulls like crazy when walking him. We have tried choker chains, buzz collars, you name it. I figured it wouldn't hurt to just give this thing a whirl. It showed up today and I immediately threw it on him and went for a walk. This thing is absolutely amazing!!! My dog simply couldn't pull anymore because it would just spin him around! He quickly got the message and walked like a brand new dog. Thank you to the makers of this product. I simply can not be happier with this purchase! was right.....I was wrong.

Dan Meissler 1/3/2017

 Works just as described. I have two dogs with different walking/pulling styles. One dog was trained, unfortunately, on a choker chain. This has left her with trachea damage. Because of this, I do not like to walk her on a collar since all it would take is one distraction to make her lurch & subsequently collapse her trachea. She has quickly grown used to it and walks very well on it! My other dog is a big guy who has always been a puller. For the last few years I've used a Halti on him but I didn't like it because it would pull up and into his eyes. He walks perfectly in this harness! Its amazing how fast they have adapted to the harness. It fits well and is simple to put on. If your dog is a puller, you should definitely give this harness a try.

Kathie Grant 1/3/2017

Love walking our dog with this harness!

Michele Findysz 1/3/2017

 Easy to put on my 9 month old Pit Bull puppy, who doesn't like to be fussed with putting harnesses on. It works great for my strong little puller.

Goldens Home 12/23/2016

 This is AMAZING! I have 2 Labrador retrievers that pulled like crazy....this harness immediately corrected the behavior without the worry of choking them with a choke collar....i got 2 of them!

Amazed 12/22/2016

 She no longer pulls when being walked. I love it.

Cheryl Brooks 12/20/2016

 Our boxer puppy hates going for walks and pulls a lot so we decided to try this harness and have really liked it. We still have to pull him forward a lot to get him interested in moving, but when he tries to get out in front this helps prevent him from pulling and makes me feel TONS better that we're not constantly pulling on a collar around his neck!! As he grows bigger, we've gone up in size and will be getting the next size up as he needs it.

Steph J 12/17/2016

 This harness is easy to put on and it really does prevent the dog from pulling. If we ever forget to put it on, she goes back to pulling on her leash. But when we put it back on, it's like magic, she doesn't pull at all. I recommend watching the manufacturer's video to learn how to put it on. Once you get it, it is very easy.

AZC 12/17/2016

 We have a Great Pyrenees, he is big, strong and stubborn! I bought this leash/harness prior to trying a pinch collar. It is GREAT! It has resolved 90-95% of the issue of him pulling. 5 star product.

Sarah 12/16/2016

 We previously owned a PetSafe Easy Walk harness (similar idea). Our puppy outgrew it, so I finally decided to splurge on this higher-priced harness that I had researched in the past (but I thought was too pricey). This WYDWL is WORTH it & hands-down so much better! We have a medium cockapoo and a stubborn walker/puller (even with training & I formerly used a choker collar as well!). This has really lessened the strain on me. He still tends to pull, but it's almost as if I can't really feel it. I think walking is much more enjoyable for both of us. Great product - thank you!

Lady MDA 12/14/2016

 Excellent product. No need to worry about choking my dog when walking her. Website is very informative. Do not hesitate to order.

Barbara Ruth 2/14/2016

 We had tried other harnesses in the past- even very similar front hook ones like this. However this is by far the best- it is easy to use and adjust, it stays in place and doesn't rub, and the pulling is totally manageable.

Lindsay Barron 12/13/2016

 I really like this harness. I have noticed that my dog walks better on leash and it is much more pleasant taking him for a walk.

E Biedenbach 12/13/2016

 Very easy to put on my dog and actually keeps her from pulling. Good quality. Priced reasonably.

Vincent Bova 12/11/2016

 Amazing. Our Lab was a little unsure with it first, but by the end of our first walk, she was doing great. I will be buying another one for our Dachshund.

Bianca 12/8/2016

  We got our Siberian puppy one of these harnesses last spring. She was a handful then. She is even more of a handful now that she is almost fully grown. We took advantage of your VERY cool half-price puppy promise and just got her the next size up. She rocks it in her bright pink. We LOVE walk your dog with LOVE! Spreading the word on all our social media pages.

Matt S 12/7/2016

 OMG ! No pulling at all on the very first trial! This may be the single best purchase in my recent life. I hope it's forever and not because my Luna felt something different on this first trial. Please, if everyone who reads this helps spread the word about this amazing harness, untold numbers of dog owners will not give up on their dogs, as I was seriously thinking of doing. I would give the WYDWL harness 11 stars out of five if their website had feedback with ratings !!! Thank you so much. My life (and Luna's, too) will be so much easier, less stressful, AND less dangerous.

Actual harness buyer, Karen 12/7/2016

 I have a strong dog who tugs at the leash. This harness stopped it right away.

Fun E Blonde 11/25/2016

 Getting ready to order my second harness. What a difference this made on my lab puppy. But now I need a bigger size. Great product.

Debbie 11/24/2016

 Love love love this harness! My first one arrived yesterday and I walked my eager Schnauzer Poodle mix Samson...he immediately sat and stopped pulling when we walked! Just ordered a second harness for Maddie who is a Corgi and ? Terrier mix...we live on a ranch surrounded by many scents and holes that the dogs love investigating on our walks to the we will be walking with more control and less strain on my shoulders! Thank you.

Linda Truax, Oceano, CA 11/24/2016

 I have an Aussie that I could not get to walk well with a regular neck collar and leash. Pulled terribly all the time. It was so frustrating. I saw this and decided to give it a try. I really didn't expect it to work. But, I thought this was worth a shot. Due to my frustration and he wasn't happy either. When it arrived I watched the video and tried it on him. Made a minor fitting adjustment and headed out with bad expectations. OMG! it was truly like magic. He is so much more happy with this. Doesn't try to grab the leash or harness with his mouth like he did with the normal neck collar and leash. He walks with me like a champ. Just PERFECT. I would totally recommend trying this if you've had problems with normal neck collar and leash without success. I was so excited. I decided to wait a few a days so I could enjoy the euphoria for awhile thinking that it wouldn't work the next time I put it on. my very pleasant surprise it was the same almost perfection. No more frustration for him or me. Been using it everyday now and we have a pleasant and Happy time walking. I hope if you try it you have the same success.

Like Magic 11/21/2016

 This makes walking our French Bulldog a breeze.

Racheal 11/15/2016

 So great. I wish I would have bought this years ago. My dog really pulled before and for the first time in 5 years walks are a breeze!

Minnie V Rind 11/10/2016

 I purchased one of these harnesses for my one year old Husky who LOVES to pull my arms off. I have to say, WOW! It's like they took my dog and replaced it with another who's better behaved on the leash. She still likes to pull when she sees squirrels, but what dog wouldn't? When we are just walking she is perfect, and if she isn't, I can easily get her back on track when I need to.

Lynn 10/31/2016

 I have a 4 year old LabraDoodle, medium sized, who always pulled when I took him for a walk. I had tried everything and basically had just given up. My 2 year old small LabraDoodle does not pull anymore. The harness is like a miracle. I have a harness for each dog and it has totally changed how I view walking them every day. I also realized how much the pulling had strained my back and now it is a pleasure to walk both dogs. They both love walks so now when I get the harness out they wait patiently for me to put it on. I only wish I had tried the harness a lot sooner!!!!

Andrea 10/31/2016

 No longer afraid to walk my 74# grand dog. Of course my son has been working with him as well. Now if I could just figure out a way so that he can't pull the flex lead out of my hand by sheer power I will feel 100% in control of him and not 80%. We're getting there.

CAS 10/30/2016

 Really helped with my puppy pulling. she no longer can lunge at people when she gets excited. very pleased with this product.

Jazz Fan 10/24/2016

 I have tried just about every product there is to help with my Golden Retriever pulling on the leash. On the advice of a trainer, we tried a prong collar. That didn't work and I didn't like using it. We tried the Gentle Leader, that helps when you first put it on but after about 15 minutes he figures out how to position his head and pulls as if it weren't there. It also leaves nasty marks on his face from the strap over the nose. Since we travel and take photos of him this really doesn't look nice. We also tried a Martingale-Collar on the advice of trainer #3. This was OK if you were simply walking in the yard, but overall doesn't work at all. We also tried another shoulder harness, but there were several buckles and latches making it a chore to put on and it would loosen as you walked while chafing on his front legs. The "Walk You Dog With Love" harness is the first time I have been able to walk him without him pulling hard on the leash. He just seems to walk next to me as we walk and so far it has worked out very well. Putting it on and taking it off is very simple and easy for the dog as the head opening is large and it takes a couple of seconds to put on and take off. I only wish I had found this first as we now have a basket of defunct collars and harnesses.

Robert T 10/20/2016

 We have a 32 pound Corgi Terrier mix who LOVES to go for walks. He will carry his leash around the house if we leave it out. However, he is a "sled dog" with other leashes/halters. I bought this hoping it would work and was not disappointed. He no longer pulls and walking is fairly pleasant now.

Rhonda Bailey 10/19/2016

 Best Harness EVER...have used everything and my dog still hated the he walks just fine without have to spend weeks getting him used to a new lead, leash, or guider....nothing worked till now! I would recommend to anyone that has a dog that pulls.

Pam 10/17/2016

Work well with my walking my dogs!

Bilie Jo 10/16/2016

 My Springer Spaniel is 3 years old and we have never been able to enjoy a walk with her, as she would just drag us around, even though we have tried many gadgets on the market.  Within 20 minutes of having her in the Walk Your Dog With Love harness, she was walking like a 'normal' dog. I say normal as she has recently been assessed, by an animal behaviourist, to have Autism, so life is quite confusing for her. Wearing a collar for her to pull and half choke herself was very stressful for her and she would regularly snarl at people and passing dogs.  Her mood is far better since using your harness and she has actually gone up to another dog whilst out on a walk and 'sniffed'.  We are thrilled with this change in behaviour with her.  She will never act as other dogs do, but she is a happier dog walking with us now and that makes us happy too. Thank you for aiding the harmony of our household.

Chris Edmunds, UK 10/14/2016

 Instant obedience! Use on the different dogs that I walk. Controls the dog in a comfortable manner.

Emerald City 10/13/2016

 A must have. Absolutely the best walking collar for controlling dogs that pull.

Cohye 10/13/2016

 Easy to use, works great. dog likes it, and NO MORE PULLING

Rabe 10/12/2016

 Love the reflective tabs and color is true to image. Very happy.

Carolyn N 10/11/2016

 Simply the best device out there.

Charles Bridgtec 10/10/2016

 Love it! It works great! I ordered 3 more -1 for my grand-dog and 2 more in different sizes because I am a volunteer at an animal shelter, and having different sizes will save time in readjusting the fit for each dog.

TM 10/10/2016

 Everyone should have this harness...trainers are not talking about it, since they must think they could lose business. I have trained dogs in obedience through the years, and this solves so many problems...and nice not to choke (choke chain) or pinch (pinch collar) your dog in order to get their attention. My dog, with a choke chain, would still pull like a freight train even if she could not this harness!!!

A E 10/10/2016

 Miracle dog harness. I'm not sure how it works, but this product is amazing. My old harness , my dog would literally pull me down the street. This harness really works. No pulling. It's a pleasure to walk the dog.

Greg Hassett 10/8/2016

 I think all you need to know is it works! If you have a gigantic German Shepherd who never wanted treats to train on a walk this is the thing that enables you to go for a walk in peace and enjoyment. It doesn't hurt the dog and it's not going to hurt any part of their structure. It's incredible and simple.

Jane 9/26/2016

 I have a 65 lb lab & she can't get loose. It works great for my dogs.

Kim Z 9/23/2016

 This harness is very easy to put on but dog can still pull with this harness unless he's properly trained. 

Jennifer M 9/23/2016

 It's the best thing I've ever done for my dog, She was un-walkable before as she would pull so hard it was just a nightmare. Now I can walk her with no problems, even past other dogs. No, they can't back out if it and yes, it's adjustable, however it doesn't have to be tight to work.

K C 9/24/2016

 It works. And I like how easy it is to take on and off.

Patty Hines 9/21/2016

 Our Pit Bull mix likes to pull, and we have tried a number of solutions to avoid getting dragged around the streets. We have been using a head collar for a couple of years, but this did not completely stop the dog from pulling. It also caused a bit of irritation on the top of his nose.
From our very first walk using the Walk Your Dog With Love harness, he was completely transformed. When I open the gate, he usually takes off like a rocket, but this time, he did not even pull. The only time there was even the slightest tug on the leash was when he was playing with other dogs. I have tried to figure out why this change has taken place, but I have to admit I do not quite understand what made it happen. This harness worked like magic for us! The harness is very easy to adjust and put on. The quality seems to be on par with other harnesses we have used.

Ron 9/19/2016

  I have purchased your walk your dog collar and want to tell you that I love it.  I’m so glad that I made the purchase!                                                                                                                                                                      
Jessica Campo 9/13/2016

 Love the harness. I NEED it for my big puppy.  It is great. Thanks for a super product.                                                                                                                                                                    
Carol Miller 9/13/2016

 I am super happy with the fun and fancy harness. I have 2 pups one is 75 lbs. and my little girl is 45 lbs. This harness is like having power steering, also the material is sturdy and soft on them and your hands. Where ever I go we get compliments and people ask for the website. Great product!!!

Tanya Andersen 9/12/2016

 Tried our new Walk Your Dog With Love Sportso harness today- is wonderfully easy to adjust, even easier to put on my Doodle (adopted from SpokAnimal, where I have worked for over 12 years)! He came to the shelter as a 1-year-old that had been kept in a kennel, and had NO manners whatsoever- leash or otherwise. He pulled something awful, and is a work in progress, but is now a very happy boy! I had tried an Easy Walk harness, a YUP! No-Pull harness, along with several other brand name types, and the WYDWL is oodles and oodles superior to all the others! As my Doodle is right at 63-65 pounds (recently shaved down, with a girth measurement of 31 inches), I bought the 25-65 pound harness, which does seem to fit, but there is no more room to make it larger- as his curly coat grows back in, I think he may need the next size up! I am going to order that now!! I hope to be able to order a few of these for the hard-pulling shelter puppers!!

Angela S 9/12/2016

 Absolutely love this harness! It has made such a difference when walking our puppy!

Tina L Flynn 9/10/2016

 This product makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD when walking a dog that pulls. it really really works!

Tony M 9/9/2016

 Just wanted to tell you that I just ordered my second harness from you for my new rescue and it makes walking TWO dogs a breeze. Love this product!                                                                                                                           
Kathleen 9/9/2016

 Thanks for the instructions. It really helped. Used harness last weekend. Best Harness Ever! Woof to You!                                                                                                                                                                               
John Dunn 9/9/2016

 This collar is by far the best we've ever purchased. It is very durable.

Pat Belinak 9/8/2016

 Jazz Got her New Purple Harness Today!!!! She looks good in purple & its her 3rd size. Love the puppy promise                                                                                                                                                                                
Tom M 9/7/2016

 I do love the harness and have told several people about how great they are! Thanks for selling such a great product and standing by it.  I love the fact that it is made is the USA, which is what I look for in all products 

Chris Saloio 9/6/2016

 I adopted my Golden Retriever and this brand of harness came with her. I loved it so much I had to buy another for my 8lb Chihuahua. It keeps both of them from pulling and makes walking them enjoyable. I've been through numerous of different kinds of leashes and harnesses over the years and this is by far the best. Does not irritate my dogs' skin and simple to use. I highly recommend these harnesses!

Amy C 9/6/2016

 Easy to put on. Works great. No pulling or choking. We have two dogs and use thes harnesses every day!

Ladonna 9/4/2016

 Really love those harnesses and my 2 labs are enjoying the walks even more now and it is not a game of tug o war with them.                                                                                                                                                              
Steve Klein 9/1/2016

  My order arrived this morning for my 4 dogs, and they all fit. I am  very pleased indeed. It's amazing how quickly my dogs got used to it. Very simple concept but very effective.

Allan Grieff 9/1/2016

 Fantastic can't believe it's in the UK all ready, we have bought it as we are rescuing a German x husky, but tried it on our German shepherd it was gob smacking can't believe how good it is ,lots of thanks

Timothy 8/31/2016

 We have just purchased your stop pulling harness and the first walk this morning with our dog wearing his new harness was at last a pleasure and not a chore. He still has a couple of other issues but if the pulling stops we can work on them next. I just wanted to say thanks for a great product that does what it says it does. Brilliant thank you.

Colin Burgess 8/30/2016

 Easy to use. And it works! My Chocolate Lab was pulling me down the street and very hard to control when he saw other dogs being walked in the neighborhood. This harness has been a blessing.

Brenda Arias 8/29/2016

Amazing. The difference when walking my dog is night and day compared to all the other harness option I tried. Highly recommended.

Rock 8/28/2016

  We have just been for our first walk with Nellie wearing her what a transformation !!! No pulling and a lovely walk. We will be fine tuning over the next few days but what an excellent product and amazing service and fitting instructions. We will be buying another one as a spare.”

Tim Freer 8/27/2016

 The harness stopped my 90 pound hound dog from pulling. What a relief.

Liz Rubin 8/27/2016

 Great ! We have been using a gentle leader over his snout. This works much better. no pulling at all. He is a 70 pound lab, pitiful and pointer mix. Very strong... This harness works. I use it while running as well attached to a leash that goes around my waist.

Joanne Crowe 8/26/2016

  These dog leads changed my life

Tina Jones 8/26/2016

 You have yet another highly satisfied customer. The harness has transformed our leash-walking and leash-running with Hank.  He's happy, we're happy, because Hank has an outlet for his energy.  It's a win all the way around. So thank you! 

Terri Taylor 8/24/2016

 My 3 dogs all wear the "Walk your Dog With Love" Harnesses, and we can all walk at one time instead of two at a time, thanks to you and your harness!!”

Nancy Gordon 8/23/2016

 I got my NEO yesterday and it didn’t take an entire walkover for me to know this is the perfect leash for my older (20 month old) dog. It completely solves the problem I have had with every front lead harness I’ve used and it does it perfectly because it’s the Walk Your Dog…. harness. No metal, no weight. My dog runs when she sees a harness, partly because all the adjustments required on the other two I tried just wore her out. Also I think the weight of all the rings was too much to ask. I’m already seeing her, and it’s been less than 24 hours, warming up to this harness. 

Ben Sturgill 8/23/2016

 Got my harnesses today and absolutely love them!! Liberty was more relaxed on the leash and it didn't take long till she stopped pulling. I am sure we have more work to do, have to undo 3 years of pulling. Rebel loved hers! She didn't stop to itch near as much with the other harness I used. She still needs training, but seemed more relaxed and enjoyed herself more.

Bridgett P 8/22/2016

 What a fantastic product you sell! We bought the harnesses for our dogs, and they are brilliant - no pulling and a much calmer experience walking to the park!

Emma Harrison 8/21/2016

 This harness was recommended to me by the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. This harness is light (no extra buckles or O-rings) and soft. It needs minimal adjustment, yet can be positioned for a dog of any proportion (bulldogs and greyhounds alike fit in this harness well because of the keeper that holds the chest strap where you place it on the body strap) and the adjustments do not slip or slide over time. I love the reflective tape strategically placed on the sides and front. The front lead is quite effective in keeping my hound mix from pulling. Of course it takes time to get used to the front lead, but this harness has made walking him a pleasure.

Zanne 8/19/2016

 These are AMAZING! All my dogs have one....

Sharon 8/18/2016

 I have just purchased one of your harnesses, (received it Saturday) and have only used it for 4 days and it is brilliant, stopped my dog in his tracks, especially as he is a very strong dog I would recommend this harness to anyone well worth every penny and thank you for getting it here so quick only took 5 days. Many thanks

Gloria Sapstead 8/18/2016

 All my dogs have these...LOVE IT!

Sharon 8/18/2016

 I got Murphy's harness last Saturday. It is amazing. He loves it, I love it. No more choke. Thank you for this great harness.

Debra Golden 8/17/2016

   I used the harness for the 1st time and what a difference. it was a pleasure to walk my best mate. Thank you so much for a great product

Kathy Cashion 8/17/2016

 After buying two of your harnesses for my Boston Terriers walking them no longer raises my blood pressure!

Glenda Pederson 8/14/2016

 We use one of these harnesses on our dog. It is AMAZING! No pulling,tugging,yanking etc. Would highly recommend to everyone!

M Batty  8/14/2016

 The Walk Your Dog with Love harness has worked wonders for our Golden Retriever mix. He used to lunge and pull with a harness that hooked on his back, and he ate through two other front hook harnesses. But with this harness, walking him has become much more relaxing for him and us! It's very comfortable on him and by using a front lead harness, he not longer lunges and pulls. I highly recommend this harness!

Chris Prescott 8/13/2016

  This morning I took a long, loose leash walk with my very muscular and lean powerhouse of a mutt and for the first time it was a joy with our new harness. THANK YOU for developing this product. You have changed our walks for good. 

Amy Lyon 8/12/2016

 I have a border collie with a lot of energy. He pulls until he chokes when I walk him. I tried a halter that goes over his nose and he still pulled until it made a grove on his muzzle. I tried the collar with spikes and it worked but it got tangled in his long fur. This harness works really well. He still tries to pull when we first set off but quickly gives up and just walks without choking and pulling me around. It is easy to put on and take off.

Satisfied Customer 8/11/2016

 Harness arrived this am. After prelim adjustment, I walked toward Mazie expecting her to bolt which has been standard procedure. Instead, she stood still while I slipped yours on and adjusted. Pretty darn good!”

Herb G 8/11/2016

 My tracking showed nothing for days then the harness just arrived in my box.

Steve, Sebastian, FL 8/11/2016

 We have golden retriever who has been a nightmare on the lead. We saw the harness on the Internet, bought one and have just started using it. OMG! What a difference! No pulling or yanking. He now walks with us quite sedately. Thankyou a million times over! Whoever said bought of this deserves a medal. Sheer magic

Mary   8/11/2016

 The best harnesses for your dog. These harnesses are the only thing I've found to get my dog to slow her roll on walks. The front leading harness makes her so much more responsive to a slight tug on the leash. I just bought my third one (they'd probably last forever but I lost one and then decided I wanted another color.) They delivered in 2 days. Awesome!!

K Speidel 8/10/2016

 I am so glad I tried your harness! Walking my dog (a very large and strong golden doodle) is so much easier and so much more enjoyable. Just putting the harness on him seems to calm him. He still occasionally "tries" to pull with the harness, but can't do it! Love it and am ordering another one just to have as a back up!

Beth Kaufman 8/8/2016

 Hey dog owners! I am fairly certain that I am not the only dog owner who rescued a good dog with the intention of walking every day. My rescue German Shepard is a big guy at 110 pounds and his head comes to my hip. He is an excitedly curious boy and pulls and bolts in both excitement and fear. I have balance issues, so a tug of war often ended with me on the ground. On the advice of a friend, and with great skepticism I ordered a harness from "Walk your Dog with Love." I am beyond thrilled. In my opinion every dog who leaves a shelter with an adopted family should have one of these. Most dogs end up in a shelter for "behavioral issues." This harness makes walking my large, excited "fight or flight" boy a relaxing stroll. If you want a calm, relaxed, canine walking companion - do yourself a favor and get this harness

Jan Babbitt 8/7/2016

 Love the harness! And love the Company!

Teddy B 8/6/2016

 This harness has been so great for my three dogs that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to others. The harnesses are very well made and solve the pulling and jumping issues so well that I can walk all three dogs (a puller, an over-reactor and a slow poke) all at the same time without any problems. Quality product, works great, and comfortable for our dogs. Highly recommended!

Kay H 8/6/2016

Best thing I've ever used to walk my dogs! One 90 lb Pittie, & One 65 lb Pittie pup,They walk like pro's on these harnesses! Def recommend.

Sabrina 8/5/2016

Love it . Walking dogs more often now that they arent dragging me down the street. I have 3 dogs all weigh over 60 lbs. This product did what it promised.

Betty J 8/5/2016

 Best harness ever. Both my dogs love it and I no longer am dragged Down the sidewalk. Took about ten minutes for her to get used to it and stop pulling but every time after there's no learning curve. Three very happy customers!!!

Fun Game 8/5/2016

 I have 2 dogs about 20 lbs each and I really like the harnesses, the dogs don't pull like they used to.

Carmen 8/3/2016

 We love it!!!!! I would buy it again.

Cindy Leake 8/3/2016

 I just ordered another walk your dog with love harness . I bought the first 1 a week ago for my 1 yr.old yorkie-poo . It is a true miracle harness. Although she is only 14 lbs. walking her in the park was anything but enjoyable. Now, she is attentive and obebient. I just ordered the 2nd one for our 10lb. jack-Chi, I LOVE THIS HARNESS,and so does Gracie.I cant wait to get the one for JJ. THANKYOU,THANKYOU, THANKYOU

Janet Borganski 8/3/2016

 Worked well with my dog. She is learning to walk without pulling on the leash.
Would highly recommend.

C A 8/2/2016

 Definitely magical--no more Houdini dog with your great harness!

A Shea 7/30/2016

 Just want to say Thanks! Ordered my harness, and it arrived today..great service. I walked my Terrier tonight and he was relaxed and we were both comfortable. Nice harness!

Bev & Jimeny 7/28/2016

 Both harnesses received on Monday and were put to use almost immediately.  After having tried many "anti-pull" devices on my dogs over the years I can honestly say these are by far the best.  Fantastic customer service too, a big thank you to all concerned.

Rosemary Pickles 7/28/2016

 This harness is easy to put on. The company includes a link to a video to watch which explains how to adjust it to your dog. I feel better using it over her collar, as she sometimes got choked when trying to run after squirrels. Now, no choking & she stops as soon as it pulls.

Chickie RN 7/28/2016

 This has been the best harness for my escape artist whippet/shar pei mix. He's an ok walker without a harness, but he has the teeny tiny whippet head, so he can escape collars and other harnesses too easily. This has been the only one he hasn't managed to escape out of (and we've gone through a lot!). I like how adjustable it is too. We adopted a second dog last weekend (somekind of beagle/wild horse mix), and she has literally never been on a walk before. She weighs the about the same, but she's shorter and more bulky than the little whippet. She's a wild horse once you put the leash on her, but I was able to easily and quickly adjust this harness to fit her even while she was bucking around. I like that it's easy to get around their neck and clip around them, because, like I said all the wild horse does is buck around once she sees the leash. She hasn't been able to escape either, which is nice because she's a runner.

Lindsay Evz 7/28/2016

 Absolutely love this item. Worked first walk and he loves it. Thanks a million.

Carol 7/26/2016

 LOVE this harness!  It really works!  Thanks so much for a great product - quality, easy fit, pricing, free & quick shipping .... all good!  Great company!

J Schenk 7/25/2016

I've had a variety of these "no-pull" harnesses and this is the best by far. The muzzle "no pull" leash worked great but I got sick of people thinking my dog was dangerous (because of the muzzle) and she (my dog) was not thrilled about wearing it. My only advice is to make sure you measure your dog for the correct fit. I ordered the larger size thinking better safe than sorry but it kept slipped. Went down a size (still within the weight I needed) and it seems to fit better. Not the miracle I had hoped for but it has helped her keep from pulling so hard.

Janet 7/24/2016

 Thank thank you this harness changed my and my dogs life tried many others but didn't work now we can really walk our dog with love buy it cause it works! ! Thank goodness I took a chance on this one

Tracey 7/24/2016

 This really works!

Wendy Harrup 7/20/2016

 I have made several orders from your company as I really like your product.I placed an order for our newest dog this morning . Your videos were very helpful. I use your collar, harness,  seat belt and the zen belt as well,  The zen belt is great when you are walking two dogs and than add a cane to the mix!

Carol Richards 7/19/2016

 This has helped tremendously with my dog's pulling. I have a 6 month old mini golden doodle who weighs about 40lbs, and he was pulling so hard he was choking himself. The gentle leader didn't fit his muzzle very well - would squish his eye or he'd continuously paw at it, stopping every 30 seconds on the walk. He still pulls some, but it's 85% better than what it was and is so much more manageable. It's easy to put on as well, and is adjustable as he grows.

Dino 7/18/2016

 Easier time on the walks. She no longer makes choking sounds

Holly Wheeles 7/16/2016

 It really works! I have a 70 lb lab that would take me for a walk. It's easy to put on & take off. Within 5 minutes of using it on my lab, she stopped resisting. It's finally not a chore to take her for a walk.

Kim Z 7/16/2016

 Definitely keeps my German Shepherd from wiggling out of it.

Celestine S 7/14/2016

 I really wanted to love this but the smallest one is still a bit too big for my Maltese Yorkie mix who weighs 5.5 lbs.

Sharon Travis 7/14/2016

 I am handicapped. This has allowed my dog to be "polite." It is much easier to walk with him.

Jay 7/14/2016

 This harness is the best! I used it to train my puppy to hike. It is wonderful! The most difficult part is getting it to fit correctly. Watch the youtube video and follow the instructions. It is well worth the time and effort. I have been able to train my 7 month old puppy to walk peacefully over every terrain we encounter using this harness. I only use the harness for walking. I take it of when it is not in use. Otherwise, I think she might be able to chew it if given the chance. My puppy is a lab mix and a very strong chewer. You may not have this problem. This product is the best purchase I made for my puppy as I hike from 2-5 miles each day. If you have a dog that pulls - try this harness!

Lawn Lady 7/14/2016

 This harness works very well with my new 2 year old Border Collie rescue who needed to be leash trained and give me the ability to control him when a wild animal crosses our path in the SW desert.

C Flagg 7/14/2016

 This is my 2nd. one and will order another when I need it, well made.

D H 7/12/2016

 Our first front harness and I love it! We just rescued a 3 year old, 40 lb all american dog. She has a very high pray drive, which made for an unpleasant walk in our bunny infested neighborhood. I thought about getting a top clip harness which we used on our previous dog when she was a puppy, but never liked the "pull" that came with a top clip. After much research, I ordered the "walk your dog with Love" harness.  Putting the harness on is a breeze; just slip it over the dogs head and reach under the belly to buckle. Taking it off is even easier; unbuckle and pull up / off. Walking with the harness has quickly taught my dog that she's not allowed to chase bunnies. Before with just a collar it was a tug of war match ending with me winning, but with my dog having a little choke / coughing spell. With this harness and the front clip, you control the dogs shoulders and they're not able to lurch straight ahead. I'm amazed at how well it works.

Hazel  7/12/2016

Love this product and this company. Support your small business's. Great product, just follow the online videos he has and learn the proper way to fitting the harness and walking the dog.

Mike 7/11/2016

 Use this harness daily. Really easy to fit and put on. Be sure to let your groomer or vet tech know that the leash ring goes on the front (chest) of the dog, if they are putting it on after a visit. It won't stop pulling completely if you have a reactive dog. But it lessens it alot. And if you use quick corrective tugs from the side, it works well to redirect your dog. Awesome that its Made IN The USA too!

Amacust Omer 7/11/2016

 I have a large and very strong German Shepherd who doesn't usually pull during a walk and is by nature quite docile EXCEPT if she sees a small moving animal (think cat, lap dog, or squirrel). Then we end up sprinting across the park or neighborhood or, yikes, into traffic. This harness makes dealing with those situations so much better. I was skeptical at first but it does give me better control and she obeys my command (plea) to "leave it!" much more readily. Additionally, I think Penny likes having her head and neck free from a leash. It allows her to sniff shrubs and rocks to her heart's content without having to yank her walker towards said shrub or rock, etc. Adjusting it to fit was also easy. Will definitely buy another one when/if this one wears out.

J V 7/10/2016

 Wow! Works fantastic! Won't take my dog for a walk without it.

Avid Amazoner 7/8/2016

 Just received your harness a couple days ago, and so far I am really impressed. Big improvement in my dog walking experience!

Judy 7/6/2016

 I really like this harness and also the fact that it's made in the USA.   We are going to be adopting another dog soon and I plan on getting all the products from your company including 2 seat harnesses. 

Lisa Pfeffer 7/5/2016

 It's the Miracle Harness! I have a 105 lb Lab who I could not walk because he's too big and strong for me to handle. I can't even take him to the vet by myself because he's hyper and wants to be all over everyone. I didn't have a lot of hope, but figured I didn't have much to lose when I ordered this harness. It came today, we tried it out. And IT WORKS!!! He didn't try to pull me into the neighbors yard to see their barking dogs. I was able to easily keep him out of the horse poop on the road (Amish country here) I am so impressed/ This thing is worth it's weight in gold. Thank you!!!

Tami 7/5/2016

 It is much easier to walk the dogs with these harnesses. Easy to control.

Tesla Belle 7/5/2016

The harness is a great product!

Lesley Crawford 7/1/2016

 Love it very much for our two Deutsche Doggen girls

Barbel Rosner 6/30/2016

 Works good for my dog.

Akrailman 6/29/2016

 My easily excitable husky was really difficult to hold on to with all the rest of the harnesses I had purchased in the past. For some reason this harness keeps her in line. It tugs on her in the right places when she tries to leap or run ahead of me. Now my 10 year daughter can even walk her. I had a little trouble figuring out how to put the harness on. We watched the YouTube videos twice before realizing I was doing it wrong. Definetely worth the money and it's harmless to the dog when they walk or pull.

Monica Grogan 6/27/2016

 Works great! My dog has stopped pulling and it also helps him stay safe, due to wrapping around him both in the front and around the back. Super easy to put on and take off.

Mishell Hashmi 6/27/2016

   My 9 yr old Granddaughter can now walk her 100 plus golden doodle easily

Kathleen Manning 6/26/2016

   Best lead ever!!

Sharon Unwin 6/26/2016

 I’ve tried several harnesses with my large 3 month old puppy and none fit well or worked. It was a complete transformation with the first few steps with your harness and very easy to fit it properly. Excellent product. I just ordered another one for my adult corgi.

Caryn Caratelli 6/26/2016

   I love this hanress for both my dogs, makes walking fun again.

Dee S 6/25/2016

 I can vouch for this harness. It is the best! No more issues on walks with it!

Linda Buccieri-Mango 6/24/2016

 I love mine! My Dog has gained a lot of confidence since we started using it.

Lisa Nichols 6/22/2016

 I have them for both of my setters and they have been a godsend.   

Patricia Meehan Lerch 6/22/2016

 I love using this on our little dog. She is an enthusiastic puller while on walks and this cuts down on the power of her pull. My son didn't like it, no idea why (maybe because it is bright pink haha). Oh well, can't please everyone. I will walk the dog myself, since it is no longer a dreaded chore!

Joan V 6/22/2016

 Delivered today! I want to thank you, not only for the quality products, which are SOLID and well-made, but for the superb service, education, training to get the best service with the products. It's a joy to be able to buy AMERICAN and get the kind of service/product we seldom see anymore. I appreciate the way you do business.

Dave James 6/22/2016

 I liked it because it stopped my Husky and and Bull Mastiff from pulling. It works as the advertisement states.

Larry C 6/21/2016

 We can take walks again! Works great for my strong boy, what a difference a harness/lead can make, Thank You!

Cathy Carter 6/21/2016

 Received the harness last Friday. It works beautifully. Not sure if my dog totally loves it, but he's not into harnesses in general. That being said, he has not pulled/lunged on leash since using it. Thank you!!!

Mariel Gomez 6/21/2016

 Please send me some business cards so I can share your awesome harness with friends!                                                                    
Dawn Hovie 6/19/2016

 Thank you very much, I've used your harnesses for a few years now, I've tried others but yours are the only ones that really work with my dogs, they both walk perfectly when wearing them 

Paul Watts 6/18/2016

 I have just placed my second order for another of your fantastic Harnesses for my second dog Alfie (rescue) it has worked wonders with my other dog Barney! and believe me I have spent hundreds of pounds on various 'stop pulling leads and harnesses! Walking now is pleasurable, the harness stops the pulling, and my dog looks comfortable! Thank You so much.                                                                                                                                 
Debra Fox 6/18/2016

Takes some getting used to but my dog has arthritis in neck so this is much better solution than collar. Recommending to others.

Henry Bell 6/17/2016

 This product works exactly like they say! My dog would not walk with me on a leash until I got this one. My 5 month old puppy chewed it off when I wasn't looking. They sent me a replacement at no charge (just had to pay for shipping) so that was good. Finally a company that lives up to its product!

Janeen M 6/15/2016

The harness I bought for my 10 lbs. little dog on your website solved the “pulling problem”.  It is better than any other harness I have tried. What relief! Thank you so much.  

Judith Lehel 6/15/2016 

 Because of this harness the dog is a doll in every way. I can’t say enough about this. I am so grateful!  You have done a great deed!

Anna Krieger 6/13/2016

 You should change the name of your product to Miracle Harness! We have a 1.5 year old 90 lb. Gordon Setter, who was a nightmare to walk with a choke chain. With your harness he is a different dog and a pleasure to walk. Thank you, your harness is a game changer.

 Paula Doherty 6/13/2016

 I've shared info about the harness with others--we are so happy with ours. Best harness EVER!!

 Jack and Ashley 6/12/2016 

 I already see the big difference in walking the pup. today Rascal is going to his training class with his new harness. I am sure other owners will be asking about the harness and I will hand out your cards. thanks so much for making it a pleasure to take puppy for walks now. Rascal is happy too,,"no more choking” 

Louise Hodge 6/12/2016

This one fits perfect! Adjusted very easily! My 12.5 lbs. MinPoo/Terrier/Mix does not and can not step out of the harness like the two I used. The front leash feature does make some difference, but not totally. He would pull like a sled dog with the style on the back of the shoulders though. Very pleased with product.This is the third harness I am buying because the other two didn't work that well. One other harness came with my dog and that one didn't work either.

Perri 6/12/2016

 This is a great front leading harness that discourages pulling. It doesn't have and restrictive points that cause redness and sores. I would recommend this one over another harness called the "easy walk" harness system.

Irish Folly 6/11/2016

 Thank you so much for such a great product! I used the harness today for the first time and it worked perfectly. Thank you! I have recommended it to a friend and will pass it on to others, as well. :) 

Sarah Larson 6/11/2016

 Excellent Harness. This is the first front-leading harness I have tried and am very happy with it. This harness is well made, light weight and easy to adjust. I was extremely surprised how this harness significantly reduced the pulling by my young husky. He used to pull so strongly that I fell several times. Now he doesn't have the control, I do. Also love that it is made in the USA.

Sassydog 6/10/2016

 Amazing! Works just like the video and stopped the pulling immediately! LOVE this harness!

Roberta Washburn 6/8/2016

 Couldn't believe that is actually works. The 80 pound puppy really can't pull me anymore. I would recommend to anyone starting out with a puppy so they can get used to it.

Kim 6/8/2016

 I don't usually leave feedback but wow, this harness is TRULY amazing. I bought one for my pug who was a total pain on the leash before we discovered this harness. I was SO impressed that I bought one for my parents' 70 lb lab mix who pulled so badly, it was a nightmare. For the first time in 7 years they can take him on walks. This is a miracle.

Amanda Fennell 6/8/2016

 We love your harness! "Summer" was already on a harness as I like you, don't agree with things round dogs neck! She had grown out of her previous one and after lots of searching on the internet I found you. I couldn't believe it when I went to our local dog park and there were two dogs wearing your harness and they highly recommended them, so I ordered. Just need to get Summer to stop biting the leash now   

Elaine Doe 6/8/2016

 I received this harness this morning… !  It's great, I love it!  thanks for the extra business cards, I will pass them to my doggie friends. All the best to you in your business, I love supporting the "little guys"! 

Linda Hutchinson 6/7/2016

 YES! I really like this harness! It's simple to adjust. It's really easy to put on and take off! My almost 2 year old dog walks the best with this harness!

Karin 6/7/2016

 These are great. I use a double leash and now I am not drug around by my fur babies.

Vickie A 6/5/2016

 This harness is awesome! I would highly recommend it. My youngest Golden would drag me while on leash even with a halti. I got this harness and just like magic he was walking beside me like a gentleman.

Donna Nayman 6/4/2016

Love the harness. My wife finally can walk our Lab without me once in a while without being dragged down the street. Makes walking enjoyable.

George G Miller 6/4/2016

 I purchased this harness a few days ago and tried it and I LOVE IT!!! Our 5 year old Rottweiller Hera is a very strong puller. As soon as I used it, she followed my lead. My husband was very skeptic about this but as soon as he tried it, he was amazed that it worked and was very easy to put on. Thank you for inventing this wonderful harness!   

 Joanna Agcaoili 6/4/2016

 This is my second one. The front lead really allows you to steer your dog.

Denis Goulet 6/4/2016

 IT  WORKS !!! I adjusted the straps over the shoulders after watching the videos again. OMG, she never once tried biting the harness or leash!!!!! AND no pulling like before                                                                                                                                       
Mary Perricotti 6/2/2016

 I was pleased from the first walk with my young doodle who is a pulling maniac. It it easy to take on and off and is lightweight. It is such a pleasure not to get pulled around.

Lana B 6/2/2016

Great for running with your dog!

Sam Best 6/1/2016

 This product works phenomenally well. My dog, although very well behaved, pushes a lot when she knows we are going to have some play time or when we are walking around a park; which it is a tremendous inconvenience sometimes. Not anymore!!!!!! She does not pull at all when she is wearing this collar. My dog walker told me that she also noticed the improvement of all dogs using this type of leash.

Bella 6/1/2016

 This harness is INCREDIBLE!! My dog always pulled and tried to run around while on a collar leash. He's very strong and actually pulled me down twice. Since both of us were unhappy, I bought the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness after viewing their video. This harness worked the second I put it on him! Never pulls or tries to run! Needless to say we are BOTH happy... He's like a brand new dog!! Not sure how it works, but it does!

J Coscia 6/1/2016

 Finally one that works!. I have a 80 pound retriever that would pull me the whole time on a walk. I have been trying for 2 years to train him. Nothing worked until I got this collar. It worked the first time I used it. My dog actually walks with me now. It is such a joy to take a walk every night for me and the other dogs.

Mary Habermanon 6/1/2016

 We have a Labradoodle who pulls badly. So far we have used a soft Vest-Harness and that kept her from choking, but didn't help with the excessive pulling. This harness works fantastic. We put it on, took her for a walk and she didn't pull. Not once!! She walked right next to us, or slightly in front of us the whole time.
Highly recommended

Sabine M 5/30/2016

 I have tried harnesses before with my 50 lb pointer/spaniel mix, but it was always a production trying to get the thing on my dog. Trying to get loops around his legs while he wiggles around with excitement became so stressful that I never used it. My dog loves to walk but he is strong and pulls every time we step outside. This harness went onto the dog so easily, right over the head. Even better though, it worked INSTANTLY. My dog and I had the first relaxed walk in years with no pulling. It's amazing. We now live off a busy street and I don't have to worry about him pulling near the road. It has been a total game changer, and as such, we walk more and walk for longer periods of time. My dog and I are both much happier!

Natalie 5/29/2016

 I have had the walk your dog with love harness for a year and it has never failed me. It works amazing! You guys have turned my once fearful crazy dog into a confident lady that gets excited to try new things with her harness. Thank you thank you thank you!   

 Meagan 5/29/2016

 I have two very strong Alaskan Malamutes. They are both tremendously strong pullers. They need LOTS of exercise. (Malamutes are known as "freight dogs" for a reason!) I liked to walk both the 11 year old and the puppy (1 year old now) together. This soon became impossible. The pup weighs 100 pounds and had no problem literally dragging me down the street. I came across reviews of this harness in a Google search, and decided to give it a try. For the first time I was able to walk both dogs together with no problems...on the very first try! Honestly. This thing works! Really, though, the pup cannot pull with the same force, so I'm optimistic.

Julie Ann Woods 5/28/2016

 My dog recently had disc surgery and I needed a no pull harness that was comfortable. After trying several harness, I decided to try the Walk our Dog with Love. It is just what I needed to keep him from pulling but in a gentle way to avoid additional stress on his spine. Pulling is no longer a problem, my dog likes the harness and I don't stress that he will hurt himself while walking.

Amazon Customer 5/27/2016

 I have recommended this harness to so many friends and dog walkers I meet! I know at least six of them have brought them on my recommendation! Fantastic lead! And service. Thank you! 

Sharon Bradly 5/25/2016

 Just wanted to share that our dog Molly and we totally enjoy your product.  Thanks”

Steve Simon 5/25/2016

 Night and Day difference! I can now walk my 1.5 yo lab/boxer mix without her ripping my arm out! Love it!

Traci Heiser 5/24/2016

Thanks for sending so quickly, these have transformed my dogs and made my walks with them much more enjoyable. The colour is lovely. I will be purchasing spares soon. Just for the record I have a Bull Mastiff, Border Collie and a Cavashon. Best thing I have bought for them. 

Michelle 5/22/2016

 We have tried every type of collar/harness for our poodle mix. He pulled no matter how much money we spent! We got this harness with the lead on the front of the harness. What a difference. He simply does NOT pull. Our walks are relaxing and fun for both of us. He likes it! We love it! Thank you for this simple, brilliant idea!

Jewel Graner 5/22/2016

 Works great! I have 125 pound German Shepherd who LOVES to pull on his leash. I can keep him in control with this easy-to-put on harness. I told my friends about it and they ordered one and they love it, too!

Sharon 5/20/2016

 When we got our rescue golden he walked fine on a leash hooked to his collar - until he wanted to meet another dog. Then he would pull so hard he choked himself. We tried another harness but it was bulky and hard to adjust and did not give us the control we needed. For about the same cost, the Walk Your Dog With Love harness cured the pulling immediately. Plus it is easy to adjust, goes on/off with one click, and looks nice. Thank you!

RTW 5/19/2016

 This seemingly unassuming harness really does make a big difference on our walks with our 40 pound labradoodle pup. My husband walks him a few miles everyday and described this as a "game changer." It was funny since he was super skeptical of it when I suggested he put it on our dog. I'd definitely recommend it.

K D 5/18/2016

 Perfect training tool my dog ignores choke collar and this really helped get my dog under control.

Brandon Hill 5/16/2016

 Oh my gosh! Thank You! We have finally found a dog harness that works. Easy to put on our large dog, and NO MORE PULLING...yay! My husband and I were desperate, as we are getting older and were having a hard time walking Linus due to his pulling. You have fixed our problem. Happy dog owners and happy dog! Will highly recommend your product to our friends and family.

Catherine Banovac 5/16/2016

 Before I ordered the product I read the reviews and thought well ok let's order it. I was skeptical at first but honestly the very first walk we walked and we weren't dragged down the sidewalk like usual. The dogs had to get used to this type of harness but I can actually walk our golden retriever and yellow lab, both 100 lbs. And have the handle of the leash in 2 fingers. That's the truth! We are amazed how well this harness works! We will always use this product!!!!! 5 stars from me!!!!

Deb Jones 5/16/2016

 I ordered the "Walk Your Dog with Love Harness" for dogs weighing 25-65 pounds. Baron is an over-sized Sheltie weighing about 40 pounds, and I walk him twice a day with it with absolutely no chafing. If you have a dog in that weight range, I would suggest buying that particular harness as it can be adjusted to fit. You will have to "play" with it as it has several adjustments, but mine fits Baron like it was tailor-made for him. I am very, very pleased with this product as Baron would pull to the point I was afraid he was going to strangle himself, but there is absolutely no pulling now. I am not sure why it works so well, but it does!!!! 

Berta L 5/15/2016

 Bought this because we had another harness that was starting to rub the fur off of the shoulder area that the straps lay upon. Not the case with this harness! It's annoying to have to adjust it after every walk, but it's worth it knowing that it's gotta be more comfortable for her. Provides much better control than a collar without hurting the dog. Love the fun colors too!

Jamie K 5/12/2016

 BEST PRODUCT EVER! This is THE solution for preventing pulling. It's comfortable for the dogs and makes walking a big strong dog a dream.

KL Zimmerman 5/12/2016

 I have purchased countless collars, leashes, harnesses etc for my two pulling dogs. One even went through a $500 training course.. Ha!. This harness works very well. The Beagle/dachshund still tries to pull somewhat but the harness turns him in the direction of the leash so he is not nearly as successful. My Border/Aussie does very well with this harness. I am so glad that I found this product. I was tired of being pulled around the neighborhood.

Caryn M 5/11/2016

 This gentle harness works well with large dogs.

Steve Oakley 5/9/2016

 I love this product! My dog is so enjoyable to walk now. I also love that this product is made in OUR COUNTRY!

Linda C 5/7/2016

 Just received my harness, it's a wonderful product, my dog cannot pull, and is happy because he has nothing across his muzzle. Unlike other harnesses i have tried, he cannot lean into it. Makes walking a better experience for us both. Thank you so much, will recommend to friends. 

Jackie Longman 5/7/2016

 I already have one of your harnesses, which both my dog and I love. Thanks again.

Linda GG 5/3/2016

 Your product works like a charm! I have told a few folks about the harness that have ordered it from you that love it also! I will continue to spread the news about your wonderful harness/miracle walker!

Rey Laurel 5/3/2016

 I can't thank you enough for this great product. The fit is perfect and walking my bulldog is now a pleasure!! Thanks again. It is the perfect harness. I will never use anything else. 

Mary Supp 5/2/2016

 Thank you so much. I will tell the world about your excellent customer service.

Michelle King 5/2/2016 

 Finally something that works! The first one that worked with my Golden Retriever. No other collar we tried could get her to stop pulling.

Tracy 5/2/2016

 Great for a young dog that pulls.

NC Pups 4/30/2016!! Absolutely perfect!! Would highly recommend to all dog walkers out there!!

G Schlegel 4/30/2016

 This harness did stop my puppy from pulling very hard, but she still pulls a little bit. She is a mixture of large breeds and is very strong for her puppy size, which is 25 lb at 4.5 months. So far she hasn't been able to slip out of it, so I have to give stars for that. She did repeatedly slip out of a harness that I got at a local shop, even when I had it tightly on her. I had the vet check it was on correctly, and it was. So at least she hasn't escaped the "walk you dog with love" harness. The harness seems equally durable to the one I got locally and more reflective.

L Morales 4/30/2016

 The first one worked so well that I am ordering another for my other dog. I did follow the suggestions in your videos and they really helped. Thanks so much. I can now enjoy our walks without fear of being accidentally injured due to my dog's pulling, jumping. Dogs do not seem to mind it either!                                                                                                                                         
Janice P TX 4/30/2016

 Much nicer for my short necked husky mix than the prong collar we use on her now. Jury still out though on how effective it is to stop her from pulling. But it is secure, and she can't slip out of it!! Much better than the gentle leaders that I always was insecure using.

Luv to Read 4/28/2016

 Amazing!!!! "Cecelia" and I went for a walk this evening, and it was our best walk ever!!!!! Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Sue Wildley 4/27/2016

 I just want to say thank you very much for your very quick service and for the harness. Our dog has walked for 5miles without pulling us once. It works!”                                                                                                                                                                      
Marian 4/25/2016

 This collar works great. We've tried many harnesses. This is THE one!!!

E Graham 4/25/2016

 What a great harness! It took awhile to get it on my hound dog -- as he is a bit over 90 lbs but I love the fact that he no longer pulls me around. Aloha Nui Loa

Marsha D 4/24/2016

 It solved our problem - we tried everything but our puppy would still pull This is the perfect lead

Angelina Moore 4/23/2016

 Just wanted to let you know the second harness came today.  After watching the video, I put it on him and we took a short walk, since he was already tired, but we had no problems!  I had to adjust the harness a couple of times to get it right, and then he let me put it on no problem.  The walk really went well.  He didn't mind the harness at all, but did look a little surprised when it redirected him.  I'm really excited about having him walk WITH me instead of dragging me behind.  Thank you so much, I honestly didn't believe it would make so much difference.  For once I'm glad to say I was wrong, it makes all the difference.  We are BOTH happy about this purchase!  Anyone having a problem with a "pulling" dog, should absolutely get this harness.   

 K Thomas 4/23/2016

 Wow! Your product is amazing! I have an Argentine Dogo. While very we'll behaved, he was impossible for me to control on a leash. I just took him for an EXTREMELY pleasant and stress free walk! No pulling. No tugging! I will highly recommend this product!! 

                                                                                         Roberta Esposito 4/23/2016

 Thanks so much. Came so fast.  Love the product.                                                                        

Stephen J 4/22/2016

 I have a doodle that is a stubborn "puller". I used to get angry at constantly reminding her to heel, or use a correction collar that didn't feel "organic" in our interaction... Our walks with her were a little obnoxious.
I was confused when I first got the harness - they always look so complicated and I really couldn't figure out which way to put it on. The video link made it so simple I felt silly I hadn't figured it out on my own. It is as simple as putting the dog's head through the triangle and clipping the harness. Voila. But the video makes it easy to understand which way to hold the harness to put it on in the first place... Everyone needs a little helping nudge here and there right?!. Anyway, from the very first walk she stopped pulling. The next day, I had a changed dog. She still likes to walk ahead of me but at the slightest leash pressure she pauses before resuming walking. Doesn't even look back or anything, just waits a beat. No more frustration, no more tugging, not more nothing. I even resumed using the leash splitter and having her harness attached to one side and my other (non pulling) dog to the other. Walks are a pleasure again!!!! YAY and thanks!

L Gaudet 4/22/2016

 Thanks for the excellent service and feedback from you and your company. I’m looking forward to walk with Compass and his special harness and to demonstrate it on dogs whose owners complain that they are pulling when walking. Hugs from South Africa                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Naomi Pretorius 4/20/2016

 I haven't been able to walk my dog without getting pulled over nearly her entire life. This is an AMAZING product and anyone who has difficulty with their dog pulling is taking zero risk when purchasing this because it truly works. I had tried everything and given up on being able to walk my dog, so happy!

K C 4/20/2016

 The harness is excellent. Went for a very happy walk as soon as I had finished adjusting it, which was easy. Thank you very much.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Mrs. Helen Macleod 4/19/2016

 I love the harness.  Thank you for a good product and good customer service.

Maryjo Dell’Orto 4/19/2016

 We use the harnesses for our border collies in England and they are very good, do you sell them in pet shops in the USA or only from this web site? we have a friend going to the US soon and wondered if they could get 2 there and bring them back to keep as spares for the future, we now wouldn't want to use any other type. Thanks                                                                                   
Shirley Watts 4/19/2016

 Why do you just embroider names and phone numbers? Why don’t you offer flowers or hearts embroidered on the harness? I want to add a little style to Peachy’s harness.

Isador, Yakima WA 4/19/2016

 Just received collar today- walked our 7 month old cocker spaniel at lunch- Awesome!!  Worked just as advertised!!  Most pleasurable walk we have had with Cooper!!

Ken Daves 4/19/2016

 Thanks received it today put on my husky and what a great item this is no more arm wrenching it is fantastic 

Elizabeth Irvine 4/19/2016

 Just to say thanks for such good service. I have returned from holiday and the package was waiting for me as promised. Betty loves her new harness and walks much better. She will be testing it out many times in the next few weeks. 

Anita Rowley 4/15/2016

We love our WYDWL harnesses.  We have two dogs one 60 lbs and one 70 lbs.  The dogs took to the harness right away.  They walk much better, no pulling and we have more control.  My husband said our walks are much more enjoyable since getting the harnesses.  Thank you for inventing this product.  We will recommend the harness to everyone we know.

Patricia Trinkle 4/15/2016

 These harnesses look amazing and we esp loved all the tutorials that went with.   Thanks so very much. I love it when the guy kisses the dog, so heartwarming!

Lisa Cockrell  4/13/2016

 Absolutely…this product is Awesome !!! These products "Fix" so many issues owners have with their dogs. Whether they are aware of these issues or not..pulling and yelling at your dog is not fun for you or your dog. That is not what a Best Walk should be.. I wish everyone would watch the videos and be as happy as I and my two dogs, Petey and Buddy are with the "Best Walk Ever "since using this "Awesome Harness" Thanks to Walk Your Dog With Love products. I am going to get my 14 lb "Buddy: a harness and Petey and him a new leash soon!

Judy F 4/13/2016

 Very good people to deal with and am very happy with harness.

Judy Hockelberg 4/13/2106

 Your harnesses work wonderfully well.

Suzanne Phillips 4/12/2016

Just had to tell you that it is now a joy to walk my dog. What a difference!  I actually look forward to taking the dog for a walk!    

Laura Piskac 4/9/2016

 I have a 9 and half pound Schnauzer with a strong chase and hunt drive. Dottie constantly pulled no matter what, which made walking such a chore. We have tried every kind of harness, all front lead harnesses and special collars for correcting her/us. I sought out information on what I could do personally to fix this. Nothing worked for us. She is a very obedient dog in every other area. She know how to walk with you off lease and stay right beside you. She comes to you in a split second when called. Off leash is not safe in the city I wanted a safe control of her with both of us happy. I initially hesitated on my purchase feeling defeated by my past purchases. The local pet store were getting frustrated with all of my returns. But with Walk Your Dog With Love's 100% guarantee I bought the 6-11 pound size it fits her perfectly with no doubled strap bulkiness. This harness is so streamlined with no bulk. All others were so heavy chunky-bulky for her. She is a new dog and a joy to walk. She is so happy walking now without all the frustration of wanting to pull to be one step ahead of me. She learned on our first walk how to walk peacefully beside me and be happy. She is so excited to put the harness on. We now walk several miles a day together. It was always so heart breaking leaving her at home when I would go without her. Now she gets to be and do what a dog loves to do. We are both healthier and happier for it!

Mary Borntreger 4/8/2016

 I just received my package and I am very pleased with everything. I received it in a timely manner and the easy to read and view instructions. I immediately took my little dog for a walk and he did not pull, choke or looked uncomfortable. I am super happy with this product and I am very impressed. Thank you for making my dogs walk enjoyable!! 

Julie 4/5/2016

 I just wanted to say that this was *incredibly* effective in helping my puppy to stop pulling and choking himself (which only made him even more anxious and driven to pull away!). It wasn't even 15 minutes, and he - and our walks - was transformed. Thank you for a great product and really quick delivery.                                                                                                                                 
Bill Moynihan 4/5/2016

 Very very pleased with the new harness and from you for my pug it's working perfectly and fit perfectly! Thank you.

Marguerite Longoria 4/5/2016

 We just received the replacement harness today. Thank you so much for caring. I wish more companies were more animal loving like yours. Again thank you, we love her dearly. She is a year old and she is an American Stafford Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog.

Steven Cardinali 4/4/2016

 I just wanted to let you know that the harness I bought for my boyfriend's 90 pound dog totally works. The dog walker thanks me every time she sees me. Thank you so much.                                                 

Lois Rubin 4/1/2016 

 I bought the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness and the Zen Belt both for my house and my camper. Those are WONDERFUL products. I never want to be without them. I adopted a very strong 2 years old large dog and it helps so much in walking him. Thank you!     

Elfi Gilford 3/31/2016

 This is the best money I've ever spent. Really helped my dog stop pulling on walks!

Alison Still 3/29/2016

 I can't believe what a difference a HARNESS has made in my life! After reading the reviews about this product I decided to buy it and try it to see if it really lives up to it's claims. The very first time I put the harness on my dogs and took them out for a walk I could tell almost instantly that it was all TRUE! It was like I was walking different dogs! Even our older female Golden mix, who was a royal PAIN to walk on a leash - always pulling to the point of choking herself out - was a DREAM! My excited Aussies were so much FUN to walk - and I wasn't constantly correcting with the "NO TUG" command all the way! I honestly couldn't believe it! I took video and sent it to my entire family, and they were in shock too. It was seriously like we had NEW DOGS!! I don't know what the science is that makes this thing work, but it does! Seriously. It's just that AMAZING!

Dea Lyn 3/28/2016

 I do love it! It is my second one. I keep ordering them as my German Shepherd keeps growing. Thank goodness for the puppy club discount. I can walk her so much easier with it. I love the fact that it doesn't choke her.

Norma 3/27/2016

 I just purchased these harnesses for my two crazy girls and we just completed our first walk. I cannot tell you how long it has been since we've had an enjoyable walk due to their constant pulling. Today was amazing! I have tried another front leading harness, but the clip was right in her arm pit and made it very uncomfortable for her. Your product is so much better! Thank you! 

Brandie 3/26/2016

  Loving the new harness. Genuinely, it has changed our lives!

Paul Metcalfe 3/25/2016

 Awesome harness. Stopped our dog from pulling immediately. Crazy. She now walks by my side with no tension on the leash. Love it. Our first walk she got fixated on a cat and lunged, only to be stopped and look up at me. The turn allowed her to snap out of the fixation and focus on me, which was just what we needed. She proceeded to whine since that was all she could do and that allowed me to correct her as well. Perfect dog training. The chocolate brown harness perfectly blends in with her coloring too. Thank you so much for creating this product! Makes happy safe walks for owner and our little girl.

Lightworker 3/25/2016

 Shared and ordered a second harness for our newly adopted BFDR alumnus, Lenny (who we adore!)! We have been using this harness since we saw BFDR recommend it a few months ago and we really like it for our Saint Bernard :)Thanks again for all you do!

Samantha Dozier 3/25/2016

 I have 4 of these for my dogs. Love them! They work awesome!

Julie Moody Solito 3/24/2016

 I bought one for Redd a few weeks ago; it's great! He stopped pulling immediately, and walks are now more pleasant for both of us. I've been recommending them to people with dogs who pull.

Anne Thomas 3/23/2016

 This harness has been the best way to enjoy a pleasant walk with our husky, even when squirrels dart past. The hipster belt they have has been helpful for added security. We only put it on for walks and she comes right to me if she hears or sees me pick it up.

Pamela Ann 3/23/2016

 Just felt we should drop you an email to say how amazing your product is. We have a young black working Cocker called Bess, who has always pulled on her lead, bless her. This harness has stopped it completely and she walks beautifully now. It's a pleasure to walk her. Thank you so much. 

Rhona Dickson 3/22/2016

 Very happy with this harness! We were training our 5-month old Lab puppy with a standard harness with the hook on the back. He pulled like crazy and training him not to jump up on people was difficult. I've never liked the idea of using "gentle leaders" encasing muzzles; those dogs look so unhappy and restricted; they control because a dog's muzzle is extremely sensitive so of course they don't fight it! This front hooking harness is not only great for controlling his pulling while walking but also restricts his jumping up; all with no chance of causing pain. Very well-made and the red is very nice and bright. It also has plenty of room for him to grow which is nice and easy to put on and adjust as he grows.

Liz 3/22/2016

 Your product is so wonderful, you probably don't need reviews.  This design is so obvious for the comfort of the pet, I do not understand why there are so many products out there with multi-constricting layers of impossible-to-put-feet-in fabric.
Glad you figured it out first, Dan, and that you can rescue every stray and not be late for work.  Continues success.

Judy 3/21/2016

 I received this product much quicker than anticipated and it has completely solved the problem of my dog who pulled so much that I wasn't enjoying my walks with her. I have immediately ordered another harness for my other dog as the first has worked so well. I have also posted about your product on a Facebook dog group as it has proven to be so successful. I am delighted that I risked the money on such a useful product, many, many thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Melissa Bryant 3/21/2016

 I was able to use my new walk your dog with love leash today. What a difference!!!!! Thru most of our walk I didn't realize my collie was on the other end of the leash at all. The leash + clasp are so lightweight compared to my leather+brass clip. Thank you soooooo much for your fine products.                                                                                                                                    
Nancy Kacer  3/18/2016

 I have a 108 LB Lab and she was just pulling all over until I got this!!

Tess 3/16/2016

 Your product is amazing , I have been telling everyone that they should buy one. I give the website, tell them to check it out. Plus like I mentioned when I bought it,"IT IS MADE IN THE USA, THE USA"     THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Larry 3/15/2016

 Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new harness and my dog loves it too.  He walks like a gentleman.  No pulling.                                                                                                                                                
Carolyn Nickels 3/13/2016

 Thanks for your very prompt delivery. Our 11 month old Golden Retriever, “Rufus” has been a big challenge to us, we have tried everything to stop him pulling to no avail!   Your harness has been immediately successful, he is a dream on his lead now. 

David Hayes 3/11/2016

 I had to say how amazing your harness is! I have 2 German Shepherds and I would never dream walking them together but now with your harness I can. You have changed my life! Thank you so much.

Amy McMenemy 3/11/2016

 I have just received your harness, and I have to say it's changed my life,!!!! It's fantastic, and it really works, no pulling anymore, thank you so much

Tina Howard-Jones 3/10/2016

 I have a harness from your company but needed a new one. Ours is 4 years old. Can't walk my husky without it.

Nancy Marchand 3/9/2016

The harness fits great! Thank you.                                                                                                   

Grace 3/6/2016

 I got a 9 month old Pitt/Boxer that is very stout! Thanks now we walk & I ain't getting jerked around. I have recommended to friends with strong dogs. I will order again soon he's still growing!                       

Tom McLeod 3/5/2016

 I am so happy to have bought this is a miracle it really works on are 95 pound Golden I wish I had bought it sooner because he use to drag you ever and now he can't... love it.

Linda Bick 3/5/2016

 Baron is an older rescue dog that was never socialized as a young dog. He is never truly comfortable on our walk which he needs for his health, and I frequently felt we appeared to be participants in the Iditarod. All that pressure on his throat bothered me; so I am ecstatic over this harness as it works like a charm. Baron will never truly enjoy our daily outing, but he walks along nicely now without pulling and appears more secure than previously. (And this is not that he is overcoming his fear simply by repetition as I have had him for over two years now!) I think this is a great harness!

Berta L 3/4/2016

 I will spread the word about these great harnesses and your awesome customer service!!           

Verified Customer 3/3/2016

 I don't usually review products, but i have to say I am so pleasantly surprised not only how well your product works, but how well it has held up. My wife and i purchased the harness for our bulldog/basset hound mix and find it to be an awesome harness. We were advised by our vet to not use a traditional collar with her because the way she pulled she could damage her throat. When we showed the vet the WYDWL harness she said it was perfect, but had never heard of it. She now pulls significantly less and even our son can walk our 50lb. beast of a puppy. Our little pup grew and grew so we ended up buying another, and we couldn't be happier. Our vet has told a few other owners about the harness as well. Great product!                                                                             
Ian Thomas 2/29/2016

 My girls love the harnesses...and so do I! We are good advertisement because I walk them together on one leash and attract a lot of attention due to how well they walk. That is only thanks to the harness. What a great idea and one that really works!!

Gaylen 2/28/2016

 Definite improvement. Very easy to get on/off.

Stacy Foster 2/28/2016

 I have a one year-old Jack Russell-Boxer mix. She is extremely active and energetic and quite frankly... a nightmare to walk. I have used the gentle leader leash, which is quite effective in that the dog never pulled. However, my dog HATED having the loop over her nose and often scraped her face on the sidewalk in an attempt to remove it. I took her for her first walk with this harness and Success! She had enough freedom to wander a bit and sniff, yet at all times I had complete control of her. While passing another dog, I shortened my hold on the leash and she followed right along next to me. There was no excessive pulling or struggling. The best part? There is absolutely no strain on her neck. My dog, in the past, has pulled so hard on a traditional neck collar that she has nearly choked herself unconscious and pulled my arm out it's socket. All in all I am confident that this harness will be just we have been looking for - a leash system that allows both human and dog to enjoy their walks.

Jackie 2/27/2016

 I just received Gizmo's new collar. Made a few adjustments and took him out for his after dinner walk. What a difference. For a small doggie he has a lot of pull strength but with this collar, walking will be a breeze now. Thank you for making this available. 

Allyson Cimilluca 2/23/2016

 I've walked strong pulling dogs for more years than I care to mention. Odin my young German Shepherd is the worst ever. I stumbled on your innovative harness whilst (not optimistically) searching for alternatives to traditional 'chokes' and rear attached harnesses. Bought one (without much hope) just bought another because it is superb! An excellent product...prompt service...and all around winner. Well done - I am happily recommending to anyone who'll listen.                                                                                                                                         
Mike H 2/23/2016

 Love the harnesses I bought and step-daughter loves the walking waist thing also.   Big unruly dog though.  Like my little shiatzu better who LOOOOOVEs to walk me.                                                                                                   
 Rae Dene Bryson 2/22/2016

 Love this! We have a rather ornery rescue that is quite the puller on the leash, she will choke herself or yank your arm out of socket. I was skeptical this would work but was quite suprised at how much easier she is to walk! Yes she still pulls, however it is to a minimum and is getting better all the time! Great product!

Stephanie Rhoades 2/22/2016

 Great product strong and durable. Simple but safe. Lies below him thyroid so no pressure there! Much more controllable.

Karma 2/21/2016

 Thank you! We have one old harness from you & have another dog (both hounds). They pull me like crazy and your harness is simple to use. Have tried others, too complicated.

Kathleen McCarthy 2/19/2016

 This product works nice it helps my puppy not to pull me as much. It doesn't eliminate all his pulling but helps a ton and I'm sure he will get over the pulling some day just takes some time and training. I would really recommend this product,also the shipping was nice came here earlier then what I thought it would be. The harness fits him good so the chart is right.

Heather 2/17/2016

 I absolutely love this harness. It works like a dream with my pit bull mix.

Tina Cuzzort 2/16/2016 

 The best on the market!

Ann Dargis 2/15/2016

 Very good harness, strong & dependable!

M Castle 2/14/2016

 Received our harness today... and it is wonderful. I can now walk Darcy our dog  an American Staffy without her pulling me... thank you so much

Linda Dremel 2/14/2016

 I am 82. My physician wants me to walk at least for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. A 65 pound pitbull makes this requirement very, very risky to meet. I have received your collar and first used it today. Excellent results - thank you very much. Please inform all elderly who should walk but don't because of the dog to give your collar a chance - they will thank you (both human and canine) as well.

J.W. Weitzell 2/14/2016

 Attractive, brightly colored, well-constructed, harness, leash and collar perform just as advertised. I have two (2) Samoyed pups (8 & 4 months). The older of the two (2) proved to be high strung and was a challenge to walk despite employing all behavioral intervention appropriately. With the purchase of and utilization of the Walk Your Dog With Love products, she (older Samoyed) now is effectively structurally managed and our walks are both under greater control and far more enjoyable. I strongly urge prospective purchasers to access this product if you find that your dog does not respond to verbal prompts readily, pulls you along while walking them, and/or if you desire to enjoy your time with your dog substantially more.

Steve Cohen 2/13/2016

 My dog is a young lab pointer cross and is quite a strong puller. She walked without pulling from day one. Love the lead                                                                                                                                                            
Patrick Stocking 2/10/2016

 I am so thrilled that I got this, Rufus and i have very enjoyable walks now. I can't began to tell you the difference it has made. On our walks when I see a person walking their dog and it is pulling I just have to tell about our walk a dog with love harness..we love it                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Michele MacKellar: 2/10/2016

 Love. Easy to put on, Works like a charm. Once you show people how to use it, they also love it too.

Amanda R 2/9/2016

 Absolutely brilliant ! my Lilly loves it                                                                                                 

Andy Leonard 2/4/2016

 This fits my dog and it helps us walk her!!! NO neck pulling she seems calmer with it.

Diane B 2/1/2016

 Your product is a miracle worker. My Lab pulled my powerlifter husband around the block but the first day we tried the leash, Gunner did not pull one time. This is the best money I ever spent. Thank you so much!!! 

Melanie 1/29/2016

 This is the 4th harness I've tried with my rescue dog and by far my favorite. Our first harness was a standard back-attach harness, which he managed to get out of by backing up quickly! The next 2 we went to front-clip harnesses (like this is) and that is SO much better for reducing the amount of pulling, however both of those harnesses had hooks or buckles that ended up rubbing sores or pulling out his hair over time. It got to the point where the dog would run away in fear when I pulled out the harness. The Walk Your Dog With Love harness is great- very simple in design, no unnecessary adjustment buckles, super easy to put on, and still limits pulling. I got the sports edition orange and it is well made, very sturdy, and the bright color and reflective spots make it easier to see a black dog at dusk. The best part is no more chasing him around to get the harness on when it's time for a walk! Highly recommend this harness!

Amy Custer 1/26/2016

 Jogger friendly harness. Great with the reflector option if you live anywhere urban, very worth it. Love this, gives me more control and comfort when jogging with my dog.

Lunabear 1/22/2016

 Just wanted to let you know we received the rest of our order today and we are very pleased with your products. The packaging was great. Thanks so much. Will highly recommend  your products.

Donna Reeves 1/9/2016

 Best ever for my tugging Springer! I actually enjoy walking her now and believe she likes our walks even more now.

Sandra McD 1/6/2016

 I wanted to let you know that I tried the harness for the first time this morning, and I felt like the "Dog Whisperer" "mastering the walk" with my crazy girl, Hope (60 lbs.).I have had nothing but problems with regular and martingale collars. She loves to slip out of them and have me chase her through the neighborhood!!! Plus, at times, she gets overcome by this strange sense of urgency and pulls me right along. Thanks to your harness , this morning she did neither. I am ever so grateful and will recommend your product to every dog owner I know.

Andrea Ortiz-Soto 1/5/2016

 Just got Faith a harness from this company and she doesn`t pull any more - can`t believe it, very impressed, to anyone with a pully dog, buy one

Jill Dodds 1/5/2016

 Big Fluffy Dog Rescue has recommended you for years and I just got 4 of your harnesses -- and they work great! We walked all 4 of our rescue dogs last night together. At one point my kids got tired of holding the leashes so I walked our two 80lb dogs together in one hand and our 25lb puppy in the other with no problem. That would have never happened before, EVER. Our other dog is a Giant Schnauzer and Dachshund mix. She basically looks like a Giant Dachshund -- all Dachshund but GIANT. Anyway, she has a strange body shape, long with short stubby legs. She and I just walked 2.5 miles and it was the most pleasant walk I have ever had with her. So I wanted to thank you. These harnesses are amazing. Prompt service too. I just ordered these the other day and they got here yesterday, in the middle of the holidays. Wow. That was impressive itself.

Niki Alvey 1/2/2016

 Hands down the best product I've ever used to control a dog while walking! Turned leash walks from something to be avoided into a real pleasure. Comfortable for the dogs, sturdy and well made. With these harnesses I can walk two strong Labrador retrievers and have loose leashes and comfortable arms. A wonderful product!

K L Zimmerman 1/2/2016

Love the harness. Bought your leashes too. For our big dog we use our old leash still because it has a handle also toward the bottom to grip and hold him close when necessary. Btw our big dog does not care for the harness because he was used to having his way. Now we lead him and it is so much better.

Tanya McCowan 12/31/2015

 My husband and I are very happy with our purchase of the WYDWL harness. Pros: Less tugging; easy, one-time adjustment; easy put on/take off, even on a wiggly dog; great reflective strips. "Cons": Makes carrying 5-foot-long sticks more difficult. Our dog is quite proud of his stick-wrestling skills and is mildly bummed about that. Some background: We tried the Halti and other harnesses with previous dogs with no luck. The Halti required too much patience and training consistency for me. Fiddich is a beagle/yorkie mix (translation: hunter) and we live in a town with more than its share of squirrels. Fidd does tend to tug, which is more of a concern now that we’re on the far side of 55 and likely to break a bone if we fall. Consequently, we were using a training (i.e., choke) collar prior to this purchase and feeling both sad and guilty when Fidd would yank hard enough to induce coughing.

CSS 12/30/2015

 Me and my husband just wanted to let you know that we really love the harness.  Our dog lets us put it on without any problems and he doesn't pull anymore. Thank you

Ann 12/29/2015

 Significantly cut down on pulling by my 90# lab.

Christa N 12/28/2015

 WOW!!! What a great product and shipping could not have been faster!  My dog and myself are very happy!

Rosemary Britton 12/28/2015

 Thank you so much for the wonderful harness! I love it!

Danielle & Titus 12/28/2015

 Thank goodness we found your Walk My Dog With LOVE harness. We ordered her a nice girly pink one, she was a bit of a big girl, 95 lbs, and people seemed afraid of her so we though pink would help her look sweeter, she was an absolute softy. As soon as your harness arrived we fitted it and took her out. OH MY WORD...what a difference, within minutes she was walking like a princess, we had so many lovely walks. We took her back to the shelter to show them how well she was doing, they couldn't believe how gentle she walked. We are soon to adopt another big dog who pulls like a train, he has been returned to the shelter twice already as people say they can’t walk him. One of your harnesses is already on its way to us. We are looking forward to the moment it slips over his head and we all set off on a great day out together. You are a genius and you make lots of dogs lives so much better. We tell everyone about your product, we hope that one day collars become a thing of the distant past as your Walk My Dog with Love harness should be the only choice.

Caroline & Simon, England  12/27/2015

 We received our harness yesterday - an early Christmas present for George our rescue dog.  This was by far the best walk we've ever had!  I found myself slowing down to test it out (George likes to pull and go fast).  Every time I would slow down he would slow down, no tugging at all, what a pleasant walk we had!
Thank you very much for this wonderful product!

Pam Williams 12/23/2015

 Dog loves it too. After getting the unit adjusted so that it did not slide off the dog (same issue with prior harnesses) this harness seems to perform very well. It's so light weight, but strong, that my 50 lb Golden Retriever puppy (will grow to 100 lbs) likes it. She is much more "frisky" as the harness seem to give her more freedom, at least she thinks so, but I can control her much better than the prior harnesses that latched the Lead above her shoulders. I bought Walk Your Dog With Love- Sports Edition... because the harnesses available at PetSmart are insecure and the dog can easily slide out if she pulls rearward (this occurred twice in emergencies), even though they were correctly adjusted. So far I haven't had any difficulty with this harness, but it's only been a week, so I'll report later how well it performs over time and added weight.

Thule 12/22/2015

 I would recommend this product to anyone with a strong hyperactive dog. I have a young Husky who I am very wary about with harnesses as her strength can usually easily snap them. But this harness has changed my way of thinking when walking her. It has helped me grow a strong relationship with my dog as i now enjoy walking her and don’t end up down banks and up hills!!!

Tracey 12/22/2015

 Love these harnesses!!!!!!! I got one for a 3 yr old that was in a training class and after using it for a few weeks. I got another larger one for an older 10 yr old lab mix that has arthritis and some trouble walking. Put the harness on and she instantly had a better time walking. She can easily walk at her own pace with no pulling on her and watching her face you can see she is enjoying her walks much more and finishes up the walk much less tired and more relaxed and ready to go again. So simple and easy to put on. I gave these a heart felt review to our dog trainer who now recommends them and had me put on a demo of the harness in the last class and to our vets as the one and only harness for walking a dog. Just got car seat belt clips for both dogs and will only use these harnesses in the car because if you have to stop quickly they will safely hold a dog in place and who wants their dog to be held in place by a collar around their neck and risk choking them?

Scott Leibold 12/18/2015

 Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new collar I just bought for my dog. Great quality and great price! I purchased from you a harness last year for my dog, what a pleasurable difference it has made in our long walks 

Gin 12/17/2015

 Just received my new harness.  Delivered very quickly all the way from the US to the UK.  Fitted it to Luke very easily, and took him out for a quick test flight round the block.  He's only 9 months old and he does pull quite a lot.  With your harness on he seems glued to my leg.  No pull at all!  We're off down the pub tonight for a full 1 mile each way test (and a full couple of pints!), and I'm very optimistic. Thank you very much for an excellent product, excellent value and excellent service.  Lots of recommendations coming your way from me.

Dave Wright and Lukie Dog 12/15/2015

 The Worlds Best Dog Harness is indeed that! Teddy Bear (23 pound standard Dachshund) and I just took our first walk with the new harness. For the first walk ever there was no pull. It works!

Gary Lindsey, Texas 12/14/2015

 Just received the harness and the dog is responding favorably. Thank you very much for your prompt service in sending my order.

John Thompson 12/12/2015

 Amazing…My Pitbull, who is a strong puller, stopped the tug-of -war instantly the first time I put the harness on. Very easy on and easy off. Well thought out. No more danger to her neck. And No, I'm not being paid to say this. It works.

Barry Carpenter  12/11/2015

 Holly Elizabeth loves her walk your dog with love harness. She got it in pretty blue. She doesn't pull Mommy around the yard any more.

Cathy from Indiana 12/10/2015

 Rubble did not fight putting on the harness.  His expression is "now what"? So far so good.  Thanks!

Jean 12/9/2015

 Stella- my Great Pyrenees loves her no pull harness from you! At 80 lbs and only 8 1/2 months- it is reassuring to know this actually works! Thanks!

Bridget 12/9/2015

 Great, well made, made in the USA.

Amanda Roule 12/6/2015

 Thank you for your quick shipping and wonderful product! I have had many collars and harnesses for this dog, none with any luck. I love this one, making our lives so much happier!

Rita Durkin 12/4/2015

 Thanks for the great service.  Who needs drones when I ordered on Tuesday afternoon and it was in my mailbox the next morning! Great walk today to boot.

Jen Picard 12/3/2015

 The new harness is working out great!

Troy Rice 12/1/2015

 Lily's new harness came today!  The new harness is a nice upgrade - I will purchase this one when I'm ready to purchase more!  Thank you for making it easy to walk all 4 dogs at one time! I just came back from a good walk with three of the pups- it was wonderful to be able to walk all of them at once without losing an arm- and even though our resident fox walked by us… Lily didn't do her "crazy dog" when she knew who held the reins!

Nancy Gordan 11/30/2015

 This is an amazing walking harness for pullers.

 Ann Dargis 11/27/2015

 I have a boxer and I'm 66 years old and I have found your harness amazing as I have arthritis. I have told so many people how great they are. One lady I told has her new harness on her dog and she is so pleased, I have just ordered a second one and will continue to spread the word to everyone I meet.

Coral Atkins 11/25/2015

 Hi- Working, living, teaching & bonding with my K9 companions for 45 years I've seen and experienced many types of equipment available for dogs. Never have I seen and used such a wonderful, humane, strong, light weight and comfortable fit as WalkYourDogWithLove My heartfelt thank you from me and all my K9 Kids!

Michele Sanfilippo 11/25/2015

 My boyfriend and I just recently rescued/adopted 2 lab/ hound litter mates (brothers) Cooper and Hunter. They are absolutely wonderful amazing loving boys. At only 7 months old and spending the first 5 months of their life in a shelter and being petrified of everything they would have complete meltdowns on the leash. It broke my heart to not give them both the right amount of exercise because of their intense leash walking problems. I ordered your harness for both my boys and all I can say is THANK YOU!!! Both my boys, and now myself included, love walks! My once shy and scared puppies are now confidently walking our neighborhood with their puppy heads held high. I cannot thank you enough for creating such a product! From the bottom of my heart thank you for helping my boys be the confident amazing boys that I always knew they could be! 

Heather Melone 11/24/2015

 First use, our dogs stopped pulling when going on our daily walks. Easy to put on and adjust. The colors we chose were exactly as they appear on Amazon. Only wish we had purchased these sooner!

W Barbour 11/21/2015

 Your front lead harness is absolutely amazing! Shared this post, love your products and thank you for stopping my dog from pulling us down the street.

Claire Merrison 11/21/2015

 Best fitting harness I have found!

June Wilson 11/20/2015

 Wow!!! Got the harness and was able to test it out with Quincy. Typically, his first several minutes of the walk he is pulling like a maniac until he finally settles in. Today, on our 10 minute jaunt, he was calm and alert from the get-go, no pulling! He was as good as he is with his gentle leader (the snout thingies), but he likes the harness, whereas he does NOT like the gentle leader. We don't like the gentle leader because he didn't, plus we don't like people thinking it's a muzzle and therefore being scared of him. So excited, thank you!

Kathy Sellitti 11/18/2015

 Bought the Purple and after having it for a few months, it is great. Now she is comfortable with it and no more elbow slipping! Color is nice and bright. Took us a bit of getting used to, but overall a nice stylish product.

Amber Cicardo 11/18/2015

 So I've just walked my dog in the harness and it was amazing! It took all the stress out of lead walking my 3 dogs (including one older, slow one and one young, very strong one) and transformed it into an enjoyable experience. That is surely the best $ I have ever spent!!

Gilly Burgess 11/17/2015

 I received my harness and short lead and I can honestly say it is the best product I have ever purchased for my dog. I have a 56 lb Staffordshire Bull Terrier and he is all muscle and as strong as an ox! He regularly pulls on his old harness but within 5 minutes of being on your product he learned to walk almost to heel! I would say that within the next two weeks he will be used to the new harness and pulling will be a thing of the past. My wife is finding it easier but the proof of the pudding will be when she takes over the exercise duties while I am away. I would also say that I would now be happy to let my small Grandson and Grand-daughter walk him in perfect safety.

Pete Bradley 11/17/2015

 I have your harness and I love it for Maddie--as soon as she sees me pick it up she gets very excited. I talk with people about the harness and why it's better for the dog, and I give out your card to them. Thanks so much and keep on making your wonderful product

Cathy Gaupel 11/14/2015

 Used the Zen Walking Belt for 3-1/2 weeks road trip traveling with my Jack Russel Terrier. A Blessing to have, JRT is a runner, I secured him with Zen belt before stepping out of vehicle. I use a cane, No Worry about accidentally dropping or letting go of his leash. Every Senior dog owner will benefit having this security for their pet.

Marilyn Rand- Fisher 11/11/2015

 Love It- Daisy pulls less and my 80 year old mother likes walking her now as she feels she has more control over Daisy. She’s a schnauzer mix 33 lbs. This harness is easy to put on and go. It really seems that we have more control than we did using traditional harnesses.

Diane Duffy 11/11/2015

 Best harness ever! These are great, they just make sense. It's keeping my Jack Russell Terrier in line (amazing!). I've purchased three so far. Nice videos can be watched at the manufacturer's website.

M Michael 10/22/2015

 The videos were almost too good to be true, but being desperate, I took a chance on this harness. I'm glad I did. Instead of pulling like a sled dog, she now walks along side pretty well. Just a little tug back to me and she instantly responds. I'd buy this again.

Keeps 10/19/2015

It has helped me a great deal as my dog no longer pulls nearly as much.

Angela Kwiatkowski 10/18/2015

 Makes the walks much nicer...Zeus is not Choking himself and i have great control  on him. He’s Deaf... so training in general takes a little extra Effort and some creative Hand signals and body language. Thanks ... we will be buying more and I have already suggested your leash to at least a dozen Dog owners. Great product Zeus thanks you for better walks.

Tim Lamont 10/18/2015

 Just wanted to let you know my dogs and I love these harnesses. I walk them all together (4) everyday and they walk beautifully beside me. No pulling or foolishness anymore.

Debbie Riley 10/17/2015

 The harness seems to be helping greatly for the dog we had that is/was a puller.  I love that! She seems to be gaining confidence with each walk. The others seem very comfortable also:). Even those I had zero issues with, will be walked in this harness now. I think it's a great idea and if we can help people get out and enjoy walking their dogs, that's awesome!  It's a great thing that you've done, helping people take better care of the pups!  Kudos!!!

Lorette Vanourny, Deafinitely Dogs! 10/10/2015

 I LOVE the two harnesses my girls have! I have never walked my crazies w/just a collar in their whole lives, I think it's cruel.  I was glad to get rid of the girls "clunkers".  The old back attached harnesses weigh a ton comparably.  It was awesome to throw them in a box!  You have the best product on the market!!!

Lorraine Monroe 10/9/2015

 We got our first two harnesses for our dogs after dog sitting for a doggie that has had one for a few years. Once we tried it we were hooked. These are wonderful!!

Deb Jones Bachrach 10/6/2015

 I have your product for my other two dogs and I always highly recommend these to friends and family and direct them to your website. I will continue to do so. Thanks for your help and your attention to detail. Also for your care and concern for our beloved dogs and what you are accomplishing with this product

Chris Iellamo 10/6/2015

We have been using this harness for about a year now and love it! We keep the leash clipped to the harness so we can just hook the harness onto the dog and go. My German Shepherd is about 75 lbs and this harness gives a lot of control and, in my opinion, more safety because it seems much less likely to fail like a collar could. It definitely helped with pulling on the leash, but nothing helps as much as training and practice.

Alex 10/5/2015

 Thank you for speedy delivery it works I have one arm back in its socket. Great harness! I have one for each of our dogs!!!

Susan Brown Johnson 10/4/2015

 It is wonderful and effective........worked immediately!

Carol Brooks 10/2/2015

 Met you at the Big E... received harness in mail today...ONE walk ..that’s all it took. thank you

Lauren Rose 9/30/2015

 This harness is amazing!  It makes such a difference for me walking (and no pulling) my dog, Pepper. I also ordered one for my son's Lab. Thank you!

Cheryl Cohen 9/30/2015

 They work great for our beagle. The first time out, no learning curve.

Emma Phaneuf 9/30/2015

Our 3 month old Vizsla puppy Dolly joins a walk in support of local law enforcement on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2015 wearing her Sportso Doggo harness.  The harness didn’t restrict her from engaging in puppy kisses with new friends and exchanging crime solving secrets with McGruff the Crime Dog, but it did allow Mom to keep her under control in a large crowd of walkers without stress.  Dolly was the first girl born in her litter making her forever “pink girl” and therefore fully authorized to wear the brightest pink she can find for the rest of her life.  Sportso Doggo fits the bill…the collar, leash and harness would only fit her personality better if it had glitter on it!  McGruff, who is obviously a Vizsla as well, was a bit jealous of Dolly’s snazzy outfit.  Dolly later “took a bite out of crime” by attacking McGruff’s  feet.

Gene Thornton 9/30/2015

 Harness arrived and just walked Dora to post a letter. Great success. Thank you.

Rosanna Fogel 9/29/2015

 This harness works great for my Schnauzer and training on loose leash walking. It has really made a big difference. It also worked to calm her down when I had a workman in the house.

Penny Pietrowski 9/28/2015

 I have previously ordered two of your harnesses, which are working great for both my German Shepherd and my Afghan Hound. Thanks so much!

Laurie Farrance  9/27/2015

 We just received our harness and shorty leash for our one-year-old Golden Retriever, Odin. It took about 30 seconds to fit and adjust and we were off. IMMEDIATELY I could tell a difference. He didn't pull, he was easier to control and "steer" and I did not have to correct him verbally even once. It was totally intuitive -- like two friends walking together. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I just found out I am expecting our fourth child and I was worried about walking Odin in the ice and snow this winter -- I just knew he would pull me off my feet. Now, I am much more confident that we will be just fine. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This design is genius.

Anita Veyera 9/26/2015

 Thank you for our harness. It makes walking our dog so much easier for us and our dog.

Jim Nolan 9/26/2015

 The harness is amazing! Thanks for a great product.

Myra DeNapoli 9/25/2015

 This has worked out very, very good. Our newly adopted adult dog had no previous experience on a leash and therefore pulled very hard against the choker collar we began with. After some web research we decided to try this product. She does not mind wearing it, and is responding very well to its restraint, without hurting herself.

A A Henderson 9/25/2015

 We LOVE the new harness. It is the solution we have been searching for since we adopted Lana. I was very surprised and pleased with how quickly I received the harness. I really did want to express our gratitude for your great product. 

Ashley Shea 9/23/2015

 Worth It !! Very effective! No more being dragged around the block. Easy to adjust size and does NOT need to be resized like some harnesses.

Pen Name 9/18/2015

 This harness is awesome!!

Cindy R. Cook 9/17/2015

 I am so relieved I found your company!!  I can't begin to tell you how much happiness is in my exhausted heart and pulled muscles! I will be ordering two more, so all three monsters can have one!!  I cannot WAIT to walk all three of them in your wonderful harnesses all at the same time.  If one dog under control gave me this much peace.... I can only imagine how sublime it will be! YOU ROCK!!!!  I will be forever grateful.

Lorraine Monroe 9/17/2015

 The 'no pull ' harness is just magical! I had stopped walking my Airedale (husband had to do it all!) because she just about pulled me off my feet. But no longer. Long walk tonight, she' s all snuggled up fast asleep and I've got a very contented Gin and Tonic! Thank you so much from Denby Dale (UK)

Janet Depledge 09/15/2015

 Love this, has done wonders for my doggy walks.

Ann Madden 9/15/2015

 After reading many positive comments I bought this for my young Cockapoo, Molly. We have just come back home from a wonderful, happy no pulling walk. I absolutely love this harness, and we only came in because of the very hot weather and thunder. I have tried other harnesses and mostly Molly is very good but she does get distracted by dogs or children who are across the road and she would pull towards them as she wanted to play. One day she started choking and this is when I bought the "walk your dog with love harness" and I am so glad I did. I can seriously recommend this product.

Anthea R Close 9/15/2015

 I received the new harness and it is absolutely, perfect! No Houdini dog any longer.  And Claudio my other lab fits into the larger harness as well as Molly does into the smaller one  : ) Everyone is happy now, especially me. You’ve developed a wonderful product.

Kathy Fiscina 9/13/2015

 The harness is well made. It has helped some with pulling. Will keep working on it. My dog tolerates it better than a traditional harness.

Bully McGruff 9/12/2015

 I bought this as a last resort for a friend's 1 year old, 50 lb GoldenDoodle that I frequently walk. Previously I dreaded walking her. After reluctantly buying the harness, I watched the video to put it on her. It was pretty simple. I loved that there was no training process necessary to use it. Now I enjoy walking her and my relationship with my friend has been saved. This harness is really great! It's a great product and I will be buying one for my dog.

Jill 9/9/2015

 This harness is a miracle! First walk this morning and not one second of pulling and choking. Thank you so much!

Eileen Flanigan 9/9/2015

 Thank you so much, we didn’t believe our husky cross would ever stop pulling we had tried everything, but thanks to your harness it’s a joy to walk her instead of a nightmare.

Linda Geary 9/9/2015

 No more pulling! This harness makes a huge difference in how my dogs walk with me. Because the hook for the leash attaches to the ring is on the chest it guides my pups to walk alongside side me

Belinda Z 9/7/2015

 This is a great harness. My large Cockerpoo pulled very badly and I couldn’t train him out of it. In the harness he doesn't pull at all. He walks and runs with me very happily but best of all he is proud of himself and has regained all his early puppy shelf confidence. He holds his head high and his tail is always waggy on his walk.

James Underwood- Winchester Hampshire UK 9/6/2015

 I am going to sing praises to your products.  I have a new rescue dog that is a little more active and untrained than I expected.  The Zen walking method is much better and Shane and I both love the harness.

Alice W Hoover 9/4/2015

 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for eliminating the step-into feature of other harnesses. When the dog is squirming and ready to go (sometimes at 5:00 in the morning) your harness can't be beat! Holly is a beagle rescue who has been with us 1 month. Her former life is unknown but she certainly has it made from here on.

Kathy and Jim Lupini 9/3/2015

 Got the harness today, and I must say -- without trying to swell your head -- it is absolutely brilliant in its simplicity, quality and effectiveness.  I will sing your praises from the rooftops, should one of my doggie people friends ask where I got it.

Mitchell P Reiser 9/2/2015

 Thank you so much for these harnesses! I can now walk both of my Pitbull/Boxers at the same time... something I was not able to do before because of pulling problems with the shoulder ring harnesses I used to use. I can now look forward to afternoon walks with Gunner and Atlas. Also, thank you for a fully American product. Thanks again!

Kate 9/1/2015

 Okay - it worked! Thanks!  We really like the harness and recommend it to friends.

Betty Steinbock 8/28/2015

 I received my new harness and I wanted to thank you for your incredible customer service. I received a reply to my email a couple of hours after I sent it and my harness was sent the next day. Your service is truly appreciated.

Lynnette Hackett 8/28/2015

 I was desperate so I ordered it thinking it probably won't work but it Does!! Thankyou!!!

JoAnne Pedersen 8/25/2015

 I watched the video and it worked for us. Love the harness

Cathy Hesterberg 8/24/2015

 I just received two harnesses for my irascible shelter dogs who think they are on an Iditarod team. I've tried everything. Nothing worked. Until these. It made an immediate difference and has turned walk time into a pleasant experience for all of us. Thank you for providing something so effective, and so easy to get in and out of.

Bonnie Luria 8/24/2015

 Love it. It took a couple adjustments but it works so much better. No more pulling my shoulder out of the socket or hurting my Back. Thank you. 

Erik Knudson 8/24/2015

 Just wanted to say that I adore this harness! It works so well, I'm starting to buy more for my dogsitting business. No worries, I love showing it off to all my clients and hope more people will learn about this amazing product! Thank you again for helping me walk my dogs with love

Meagan 8/22/2015

 BEST harness ever. Before, my 60 lb. Std Poodle charged at squirrels. With WYDWL, the instant she senses the front piece on her chest, she stops. No more lunging, pulling, or chasing. She looks, but now ignores critters. My 6-yr old granddaughter can walk her w/o incident. AMAZING. Don’t hesitate to invest in this ingenious harness that keeps you "Alpha" by circumventing dogs' instinct to pull.

Jean Armitage 8/20/2015
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 I have started to take my dog to training at Pet Co. The Trainer LOVES the harness and would like a flyer for the room so she can recommend them. She says its the best one she has seen yet!! Also watch for my order for my new pup.

Faith McCormack 8/19/2015

 These harnesses are an amazing MANAGEMENT tool, helping any owner keep safe control over the dog, for those day to day pleasures as a dog owner. In pet manners training classes, I have frequently recommended the Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses to students needing safe control of their dogs, for those day to day addition to teaching the dog proper loose leash heeling. HIGHLY recommended!

Mama Firebird 8/19/2015

 This harness is like night and day. my Boxer always pulled me on walks. I did a test walk today and he walked right by my side. I was amazed. thank you for the great product and super fast shipping

Jon Karbowski 8/15/2015

 The harness & collar came in & they're perfect!!!

Marisa Puskarz 8/13/2015

 Received it today and it is wonderful!  We love it!  Thank you so much!

Cleora and Max 8/12/2015

 They have made our walks enjoyable for the dogs and us.

Shelley Boham-Hilt  8/9/2015

 I bought your harness almost a year ago and like it very much.  I don't know of any other product who would even help let alone get back to me as fast as you did with any solution.  Kudos for a fine product with excellent customer service. Your product is the only one that lasted, could control him and is simple to use.  People actually stop me to ask where I got it. Talk about backing your product, which is all that is advertised and more I don't know how to thank you for all your efforts except to say my experience with your company is more than excellent. Thank you so much for your time, consideration and kindness.  Your customer service has to be ranked #1. 

Chris Kidd 8/8/2015   

 My girls seem to be adjusting well in the transition from the gentle leader to the harness. They really seem to enjoy walking with their new harness.

Tracie Ruggles 8/7/2015

 I must say my dog love these harnesses - have two already. So wanted to get a spare in case we have any misshaps. I look forward to receiving the new harness and trying out the walking belt. 

Rachel D Boden 8/6/2015

 I've had this harness for approximately 1 year now. It works better than the others in terms of not becoming loose. I'm able to walk my dog with the leash loose and it's very pleasant. I'm giving it 5 stars because it didn't loosen over time as the other harnesses.

Lawanda King 8/3/2015

 I have spread the word to so many people in the South Florida area about WYDWL products. I can finally call my puppy by her real name - ANGEL

Lisa and Angel 7/24/2015

 We have just received the harness and first time on our dog she has instantly stopped pulling. It's so simple yet it's absolutely brilliant. 

Keith Crosby 7/24/2015

I am thrilled with the new harness. I love the way the dog responds when being walked from the front as opposed to me being pulled.  Great product. 

Michele O'Dea 7/23/2015

 Am very impressed with your products and website. I use the original harness with the walking belt, and my dog no longer pulls. Walks are much more enjoyable because we walk at MY pace, not at my dog's pace. No more achy shoulders either. Your customer service is both excellent and personal.

Rich Snider, Newton MA 7/22/2015

 You went above & beyond for me & my fur baby! So appreciated! Will highly recommend you to anyone I know that has a dog!   

Jill Raschke 7/21/2015

 Got'em, tried'em, They work!!! Thank you, thank you  THANK YOU!!

Marcia MacLaine   7/20/2015

 Love the Walk your dog with Love. Put it on and that's all. Walking perfect no pulling. Very happy with it!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Linda Foucher 7/9/2015

 I have just received your Walk Your Dog with love harness and instantly - and I mean instantly Jack 35lb Labradoodle went from a man on a mission when on lead to this passive ambling pooch right beside me. I`m not religious but God bless you!! Now walkies is something we can both look forward to. I`ll certainly recommend your harness to anyone and everyone

Jann Barry 07/09/2015

 I have spread the word about your product line. It really made a huge difference for my puppy. I have already spread the word out handing out all the cards that came with the harness.

Lisa Teebagy and Angie 7/8/2015


Sandra Gore 7/6/2015

 My harnesses (3) just arrived today...with no prior training, I tried them on my two big Labs and my very frisky Siberian Husky. I have a 3 way leash and was able to walk all three with slack on my leash! That NEVER happened before! They would all be pulling in different directions!

LorriAnn 7/6/2015

 I want to thank you for the harness for my Yorkiepoo. It works great and she can't escape from this one.

 Judy Bell 7/4/2015

 I just wanted to let you know that your harness saved my life! We have a one year old Husky; as you may know, they are sled dogs. We have tried any and every harness and flexi leash (flexi is horrid for Huskies). It was getting difficult to control her. She always pulled and pulled until I took a very bad fall. I magically found your website and watched your video and of course I bought yet another harness. It is the best investment I have made thus far! Walking Sofie is a pleasure and she seems to be more relaxed as well! So I purchased two more - one for Sofie and one for a friend. Many thanks for caring about dogs and their companions! Sincerely,

Maria Santamaria 7/3/2015

 I wanted to thank you for the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever received on any site or product. That alone will make me a repeat customer!

Lisa Searls 7/3/2015

 I want to say how very much I love your harness, collar,  two leashes, and seat belt that I ordered from you in May. I couldn’t be happier with them. And the pink color looks so good on Willow. You have fantastic dog walking accessories. Thank you so much.

Dawna Marie Winkler 7/2/2015

 This actually works well. I have a large young dog that pulls badly. I have used Halti's in the past with success but dogs usually don't like them on their face. This harness gave good leverage to control her and she didn't mind it at all.

Mrs L 7/2/2015

 You guys ARE the best. I look forward to getting the new harness.

Cher Stillo 7/1/2015

 Ok! It helped a lot. yes, it is my second wydwl harness

 Breno Araujo 6/29/2015

 These products are the best!!! My puppy was all over the place but not anymore! The car belt was awesome.

Bridget Haley 6/26/2015

 Received my harness that i ordered on Sunday. I walked both my big dogs with the new harness and it was the best walk i ever had! I am so thrilled! also your customer service was great. Thanks again. I will be tell all my friends about this product!  

Pat O'Neil 6/25/2015

 I love your products, your company, your philosophy and I so appreciate how you do business. I feel that companies like yours are few and far between these days. It's a pleasure working with you. 

Lauren Berlamino  6/24/2015

 Our is pack using and loving your great product!

Chrissy G 6/20/2015

 I have just walked Stanley using your harness for the first time and I really am amazed!! After having continually having my shoulder wrenched out of its socket for the 6 years I've been walking him...this morning was like a beautiful dream! The moment I attached the lead I sensed a change...all of a sudden, immediate co-operation from my darling Mutt! Hooray ...I most certainly post this info onto Facebook and spread the word. I'll be putting in an order for an extra one. Genius!!

Louise B, Hereford, England 6/19/2015

 Having spent 7 long years being told off my by owner...being half throttled by various collar and leads… being tugged and contorted into different positions for fitting various harnesses……..I finally get it!  No more pulling! I can now see the sense in walking nicely….my owner is happy…I don’t cough and choke….I am no longer totally embarrassed when I meet my friends wearing some weird and awkward contraption and can now strut my stuff in my comfortable and colourful harness. Springer Spaniels can learn to walk nicely on their leads!!

Magic Madge from London 6/19/2015

 I can’t believe how much better this harness works than the attach-in-front harness I was using. Raffi doesn’t even mind when I put it on. In the last four mornings he only really pulled hard once when he saw a cat and that didn’t last long. Thank you so much for inventing something that works so well. It makes for a much happier walk.

Ellen Gray 6/16/2015

 Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm almost 8 months pregnant and just can't walk fast enough anymore and the pulling is more than I can handle. Elbie, our 65 lb Lab, and I just took our first two walks with her new harness. It's an actual miracle. She didn't all! Best $30 I have ever spent.

Anjuli Tohan Bodyk 6/15/2015

 Amazing, simply amazing! Glad I took a chance with this, it's a life changer now walking with our year n a half old 80lb. bulldog/pit-bull mix, walks have become much more fun and enjoyable for everyone! .. Thank you!!!

Ariel Mae Ragan 6/12/2015

 So far the harness has worked very well...I think my German Shepherd pup falls in line with your dog Teddy...she is not quite 5 months old and is enthusiastic about everything!  However the harness does give more control, which I'm thankful for. 

Cindi Spear 6/12/2015


D.A. HIRST 6/12/2015

 The harness arrived this morning, amazing delivery, would recommend you to anyone, your service is brilliant.

Amanda Lambert 6/9/2015

 We truly appreciate your help and love your product. It has made a tremendous difference in our dog walking experience.

Susan O'neil 6/8/2015

 We love our WYDWL original Harness! 

Michelle Levitsky   6/7/2015

 Wow! Thank you so much. By day three he was walking like a friend, a buddy.  the harness is a loose fit which is so not like others. He actually wants me to put it on as part of his daily costume.  wears it all day even if we aren’t on leash, which is great because when I need to put him on leash he stops and lets me.  Thank you very much for the simple yet wonderful creation of love. it is so worth the investment.

Jas Marlin   6/5/2015

 It arrived last night and is great. My neighbour was so impressed that we are ordering one for her dog Thank you again

 Nicolette Quoting 6/5/2015

 Just want to say thank you. The collar arrived today and fits fine. Have used it twice and seems to work great. Even my other half said it's very good, which are two words not normally in his vocabulary so thanks 

Jennie Newark 6/2/2015

 Arrived this morning. Thank you. She is now walking lovely again.
Paula Thorne  6/2/2015

 I received Nugget's harness on Thursday. Our first walk was phenomenal! No pulling! No lunging! My little 12 lb Chiweenie walked so quietly, looking around like "what just happened??" I've been working with her to stop chasing cars -- so far the harness has really helped. Thank you so much!!

Jan Wagner 5/31/2015

 Thank you much for standing behind your product.  I would definitely recommend it to others.

Sherry Strahan 5/31/2015

 I have just bought this and it is FANTASTIC!  I have a 4 month Cocker Spaniel and I am just back from a walk with no sore hands. Brilliant .....

Carol Kelly 5/29/2015

 Best thing I got my puppy! It really works 

B H 5/28/2015

 This really is the best harness I’ve found for our puppy Massimo.  Thanks also for all the info, I’ve told my fellow dog owner friends about how great your harness and your company is!

Tracy Martini 5/28/2015

 Sjogrens has his harness for years now - we love it! He now has a adopted new sister that will be getting one of her very own :) Also recommended your fabulous harness to my neighbor & he's FINALLY ordered two for his kids! No more collars & pulling for him. Thank you for a great, easy, and caring product that helps us, and gives back.

Marcela Villagra  5/25/2015

 Recently purchased two for my two Labs does this product work yes it does Wow what a difference great piece of kit thanks from my two dogs and my shoulders.

Hugh Kennedy  5/24/2015

 Thanks for everything. Love the harness. Looks great on Brady James.

Jeff Little 5/22/2015

 Here is the miracle harness!

Kate Dunn Scott 5/21/2015

 Our dog trainer recommended these for our dog who is a terrible puller. These are so easy to use, adjustable and the material adjusts nicely to our dogs body. He almost instantly stopped pulling, it has made walking so much easier for us.

EJK 5/21/2015

 Casey and I tried this harness out for the first time today. I was despairing that we could enjoy a simple walk around town as he's over excitable and lunges at dogs and people he wants to say hello to and always wants to walk ahead, despite knowing how to walk to heel. He looked as amazed as I was how easy and pleasurable it can be to go for a stroll.

Kim Cunningham 5/22/2015

  Buddy wears the WYDWL lead and it helps us so much.

Patricia Byrnes 5/21/2015

 Gimli walks beautifully with your product.  I love it .... really does help with the pulling. 

Denny Creighton 5/19/2015

 My Vivian is a therapy dog, and since we bought your wonderful harness, she is always a dream to walk. My sister bought the harness and seat belt from you after she saw how well Vivian did with hers. Thanks for the great product.

Mona Gillman   5/19/2015

 I am very pleased that you just didn't sell me a product and say ok went above and beyond to give me ways to have a love for our furry friends....mikey and I thank you so much. 

Lisa Amodeo  5/19/2015

 Ailbe, our rescue Irish Setter, just loves his harness – and so do we! 

Sue Ricketts   5/19/2015

 These products are brilliant, dog friendly, easy to use, light, easy to carry when not in use. I have now got three dog harnesses, two leashes so i can leave a set at My Office. SUPERB PRODUCT

Bob Parker, UK 5/19/2015

 I'm obsessed with my new harness. My dog walks so much nicer with it, he doesn't pull. I wish I got it 4 years ago when I got him. Thank you for making a great product.

 Allie Kuzmanovich  5/18/2015

 This harness is the best I have found to walk my dog without him slipping out or feeling confined.  He is very strong - weight approximately 90 lbs.  I just ordered 2 more last week for my rescue group.

Jennifer Umbright   5/18/2015

 What an amazing product. My 18 month old Irish Setter is lively to say the least and has pulled me over a number of times. I used this product for the first time this morning and I must say it is incredible. She did not pull me once and I enjoyed the stroll too! I look forward to many years of gentle strolls - Thanks a million

Colin Sage 5/15/2015

 Have been using the harnesses a week with my 2 large dogs. They work great, allows the dog freedom to enjoy the walk without losing the control or pulling. No tangling no tripping enjoyable walk for all three of us.

Sandra Harvey 5/13/2015

 I really think these harnesses are the very best, for them and me.  They are quite calm when we take our walks, and seem very comfortable. 

Kristina Herold  5/11/2015

 My dog loves her harness-we have the Sporto doggo one. Has been holding up great. 

Andrea 5/11/2015

 I bought the harness for my rescue boxer puppy a couple months ago and I love it. He's afraid of loud noises and sudden movements and has a tendency to bolt when in a bad situation. This harness keeps me in control of him. He's much more calm and an absolute joy to walk now. I truly believe he enjoys our walks because he feels safe. I shopped around before I purchased this harness and I'm glad I did. We love it!

Jill Walls 5/10/2015

 The order was delivered yesterday. Went for a LOVELY walk last night Thank you!!!! 

Carla Reinowski  5/8/2015

 I adopted an American Pit Bull rescue, who was horribly abused for 4 years. We love the harness collar and safety belt. Just letting you know that with patients and lots of love many things can change for a dog like this girl. Thank you for having a great product that can help with dogs who have suffered abuse.

Bonnie Scheinhaus   5/7/2015

 I think your harnesses are great and I have recommended them to all of my friends. I have particularly found this out in the last few days as Dolly has been a nightmare walking without it.

Daniela Benson 5/5/2015

 My 6 year old Golden Retriever was basically a good walker but in the last few months starting pulling, getting stubborn and not behaving as well. I considered getting a harness for a while but as a puppy she hated the one I had. All she did was roll when I put it on. Well, I am so glad I spent the money because she is like a new dog. No more problems and so well behaved! Best thing I did!

Kay McGinnis 5/5/2015

 Ridiculous it is so good. I laughed out loud the first time I used this harness, I could not believe my eyes... It really works!!

William G 5/5/2015

 Had a great first walk with Princess today! 

Leona McCann 5/4/2015

 This harness has changed my dog. Walking Zeke was a nightmare for me because if how he would pull and drag me the whole way, I received his new harness and walked him today (not expecting much, to be quite honest) but WOW we had the best walk since we rescued him last year!! He is a completely different dog to walk now.

Cathy Waffle   5/2/2015

 I have one, love it. 

Misty Dawn 5/1/2015

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the harness and lead. In saying that, I'm extremely satisfied with your product, as there's NO PULLING and constant choking - Hurray! She is a pleasure to walk, and I love the way she naturally walks beside me as if she is not on a lead, and I don't have to endure a battle of 'tug of war' all the way down the street!   

Catherine Davidson   5/1/2015

 We received our harnesses and we are very pleased.

Jennifer Webb  4/30/2015

 OMG! No training, no 'getting used to it', no hassle. Instantaneous well-behaved dogs. Astonishing! Magic! Walk one, yard one, immediately, perfect. I was told that was what to expect. Didn't believe it. I do now!!! Thanks!

Rich Smith   04/28/2015

 I highly recommend the WYDWL harness for training Dane babies

M Welch 4/28/2015

 Waaahooooooo! After using your product I have invented the "MTI" (The McClelland Tug Index...) My wife and I agree that Darby was about a 90 on the MTI scale meaning 90% of the time, she was tugging uncomfortably (for us...didn't seem to bother her).We both agree that Darby is now less than a 5 on the MTI.  Yesterday the two girls flushed four rabbits on our walk through a suburban landscape and while they went to the end of the leash in pursuit, they didn't "dig in" with a "LET ME AT IT!" attitude like they used to. Dondi is a larger, stronger girl (60 pounds of muscle) and she is probably a 2 on the MTI. Walking has become more very pleasurable!  Best wishes on great success for your product.

McClelland Family 4/25/2015

 Works great on our two small dogs. 

Susan B Johnson 4/25/2015

 I got them!  They are fabulous.  The first leashes that have helped me control my doggies without pulling on their necks...which always worried me.  They seem perfectly comfortable in them.  Its magic.  Thank you for your creativity.  

Kristina Herold   4/25/2015

 Love love love this product and so does my dog. 

Staci L 4/24/2015

 Many of my friends use this product on my recommendation. They all love it!

Karen Swan Bodiford   4/23/2015

 I bought your harness not knowing how well it would work. I bought it for a friend who has a Samoyed. I just received a call from her tonight, and she was shocked at how well this harness worked. I felt so happy to know that she is walking her dog instead of the other way around. I felt bad that she was having such a difficult time taking Tucker for walks. She was blown away at how well it worked. The first time she could walk her dog without him pulling her. She was so happy and amazed because she has bought so many other products before and none helped. Thank you so much. I just had to let you know how happy you made my friends life, walking her dog.

Linda Horn 04/23/2015

Hi just to tell you how absolutely amazed and so pleased I am with your dog harness. I have a 13 month old Labrador bitch and she is so lovely and good for everything except walking on the lead. I have spent a lot of money trying to find a (miracle) cure, hurrah!!!!  I have found it. I walked my dog this morning and she was a different dog. She didn't pull at all and was really happy with the harness on. In fact on the way home I could walk both my dogs with the leads in one hand. Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

Jean Perry   4/22/2015

 I'm pleased to say I was amazed the difference it made to our walks. The pulling has drastically changed. We are so pleased as now it means I no longer have straining dogs pulling me all the time.  Awesome

A very happy customer Lyn Fawkes 4/22/2015

 A big bark and paws up for a great product! 

Fred Smith  4/21/2015

 I just bought one! Works great!

Greg Greeley 4/21/2015

 Several years ago, we met you at Tufts Veterinary Hospital, which was treating your dog and my Irish wolfhound, Max. You gave us one of your harnesses, but we almost never used it because Max was a mellow boy and stayed close by as we walked him on abandoned dirt roads in the woods. Last year, we lost Max and acquired Merial, a female IW puppy. As mellow as Max was, Merial is wild. We had been walking her with a choke collar and the experience was miserable for both of us. She pulled constantly, gasping for air and dragging us down the road non-stop. We remembered your harness and tried it, and found that walking Merial was transformed from painful to pleasure. She no longer pulls or gasps for air, and we no longer finish the walk exhausted. I totally recommend your harness. Thank you so much for your excellent product.

John O'Connor 4/21/2015

 This is a great harness! Bought one a couple of months ago for my Springer and it has improved our walks, no more dragging me like a sled dog. I just purchased another one for a second Springer I adopted. This dog is seven years old and has never walked on a leash. Second day out and she has taken quite well to it. I had someone ask me about it at my vet's today. I showed them the harness and told them to look you up on the web.

E Hofmann 4/20/2015

 Gem is 62 lbs and fully grown now.  She gets very excited when I pull the harness out for our walks. This weekend I was in a trout fishing tournament and brought Gem to the awards ceremony.  We showed up with a conventional collar/leash and she was tugging and skittish.  I immediately switched to the WYDWL harness.  After I explained to people that the harness was not 'on wrong' I started getting comments about the immediate change in Gem's behavior. No more tugging, no apprehension, she started approaching people with a curious manner and allowing them to pat her.  Quite a few people commented on how well it works.  Anyhow, I just wanted to send you some positive feedback.  I did direct a couple people to your website as well.

 Lisa & Gem 4/20/2015

 I was very skeptical about the harness we recently purchased from you ...however I used the harness on my 37 kg black lab (big build) and for the first time I managed to go for a walk with the dog (usually dog pulls me on walk and I break world records for walking quickest mile!) we were both much more relaxed and I have been promoting your product to everyone. The lunging and behaviour has improved and Fergus (my lab) has also started behaving better. Walking is a pleasure not an ordeal.

Vivianne Hawthorne  04/19/2015

 I have 3 of these, they are great!

Janetta Taylor 4/18/2015

 This is the best invention EVER! I've tried them all, and from the 1st second out the door I felt a huge was amazing and changed my life as I take my dogs our everyday. Me (and my dogs) THANK YOU! No more choking, pinching painful collars that did not work at all, just hurt my loves! Yay!

Char Hakes 04/18/2015

 Love my dog harness. The customer service was outstanding and extremely fast!! It’s the only harness my family will use. Thanks so much!!!!

Cindi Anthony Lerner 4/17/2015

 I found you on the web. I am not a dog professional just a dog lover. I received your product yesterday and my dog JR has anxiety so he pulls a lot when we walk and with the new leash he walked like the best dog ever.

Beth Wade 4/17/2015

 Excellent customer service...thank you SO much!  We love your harnesses!  

Sarah Franklin   4/16/2015

I’ve got one of these for my Husky and yes they do work

Kat Penticost   4/16/2015

 I have already purchased one of your harnesses for my German Shepherd, and it works beautifully!

Laurie Farrance   4/15/2015

 I love this harness and I must say it works no more pulling.

 Tracey Atling 4/15/2015

 Love this harness. It doesn't loosen and cleans easily. 

Nadia Jaber 4/14/2015

 I have an 11 pound Chi who pulls with the conventional harness, so I ordered yours. Wow, what a change!!! She saw deer and pulled for a nano second and that was it!!! I am telling my Vet all about it!

Susan Johnson 4/14/2015

 I love the new harness, it's great. I’ve got jack Russell when I took him out he all ways pulling me and now he don't now iv tried this new harness its save my arms. I will recommend a friend to get one too.

Amanda Wise in England 04/14/2015

 Thank you so much for giving me my life back!! I have 3 dogs, all rescued with varying degrees of sanity ;-). The oldest has a collapsing trachea, the middle dog Cosi, has OCD, and the youngest, who we call 'Chorizo' is a crazy, lunatic sausage shaped dog. I have, until this morning, been doing 2 walks in the morning because crazy, lunatic dog is too much to handle with the other 2 dogs, and is fairly saintly when walked on her own. Well alleluia to you this morning! We purchased 3 harnesses, and I even put Chorizo on a split lead with Cosi. I had a peaceful, enjoyable walk with all 3 dogs in the beautiful Irish countryside. Thank you X a million!!

Danette Milne  Kilkenny, Ireland  4/14/2015

Love the harness!  Bodhi is still a work in progress when it comes to loose leash...some days are good, other days he wants to walk a few steps ahead.  He is not consider a major puller in my opinion, rather just having a hard time staying focused for a relaxed heel position.  He is young a and a Doberman at that.  I am very pleased with your product.

Jon and Zoe Sonoda  4/11/2015

 The harness works like magic on my Border collie who used to pull me everywhere. It's a miracle - thank you!

Linda Laddin 04/09/2015

 Thank you for the best harness ever! Walking my 55lb 8month old Bordoodle is now a pleasure. Previously he had pulled me off my feet! So glad I found out about you!

Catherine Mackay 04/09/2015

 I received my order today and very pleased with your products, particularly the harness. I’m totally amazed with the simplicity and effectiveness of your products.

Agnes Lawson 4/9/2015

 Fabulous harness!!!! 

Joanne Goldman 4/8/2015

 We were going to buy another one as these harnesses are excellent. Every dog walker we see whose dog is pulling we recommend the walk your dog with love harness, they are just brilliant!

Paul Watts  4/8/2015

 Worked great all day. Even when he tore after seagulls... u rock.
EJ and Brownie 4/8/2015

 WONDERFUL your harness arrived this morning and Sophie and I did our first walk with it, now my shoulder can be put back in place, absolutely no pulling, a Miracle!

Nigel Readings   04/08/2015

 Our lives are heavenly once again. My dog thanks you so much too, now he doesnt have to wear the spikey collar.

Emily Attanasio 4/8/2015

 I just can’t tell you how much I love this harness. I hated walking my Jack Russell Remmington. I tried every type collar and head halter. The first time I used this NO PULLING, I didn't have to train him it just worked. I'm going to get another one for my other Jack and recommend it to friends with pulling dogs.

Nancy Holmes 4/5/2015

 Great product and amazing company. My dogs love walking in their harnesses

Angela Mawyer 4/4/2015

 Great harness. We are happy that delivery to Luxembourg was possible. It's the best front leading harness we tried. Very light but strong. And a lady-like colour in purple.

Daniele 4/3/2015

 This is the ONLY harness that controlled my Cairn Terriers' pulling. It really works!

Debbie Minkle  4/3/2015

 Brilliant harness

Ann Loughton  4/3/2015

 This dog harness is great it really does work and makes a difference Me and my dogs love them

Tracey A  4/3/2015

 We recently purchased this for our elderly Sheltie because I did not want to continue to strangle him. I love the harness and he cannot slip his leash any more.

Patricia Clements 3/31/2015

 Walk your dog with love leash really and truly works. My dog is so unruly when I walk him .with this no pull leash I can control him, I am 100% happy. The company is good to deal with. I had a question before I purchased the leash and they responded immediately. I did received this within several days and didn't have to wait for weeks.

Sandi Kendall 3/17/2015

 Excellent customer service for one of the best harness' available. I am a professional dog trainer and have had a tremendous amount of success with this harness. Like any tool it is is only as good as the user and there are some tricks that come from experience. Size is very important and critical for adjustment to maintain a proper fit. Compared to others I have used this one is a breeze. If you are having trouble check out the Youtube video on how to adjust or give this company a call, they are always willing to help.

Jay Krause 3/9/2015

 Works as advertised. If our dog could vote he would give it five stars.

Nana 3/1/2015

 I use this on one of mine it works great no pulling.

Shari Harrison Smith 2/27/2015

 Love these!! Had a prong collar for my first lab on the advice of a "great trainer" and it was horrid!!! Can't believe anyone would recommend or even make them!!! These harnesses are wonderful!

Pamela Guiduli Nash 2/25/2015

 I just got this for my Boxer. Awesome.

Shannon Broughton 2/22/2015

 I have used the harness now for about two weeks on our crazies, and I have to say it works very well. Our big guy (55 lbs. boxer male) used to pull like mad just with a collar, even with constant training. With a Gentle Leader, he was still pulling, and trying to paw it off. With the WYDWL, he is trying to pull, but gives up quickly, and is absolutely easy to handle when passing by the neighborhood dogs and cats.  It works like a charm

Sven Brill, Switzerland 2/15/2015

 I recorded it on my phone as I walked him (a first) and posted it on my fb as friends wanted to know if it really did work and it definitely does. Anyone with a pulling dog should definitely skip the rest and try this harness first. It will save them a lot of time and money

Ginette and Scoobie 2/8/2015

 The new harnesses arrived in today's mail. AWESOME!! Big thanks from me and from our Pyrs

Keith Lowry 2/4/2015

 I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE the idea of using the car strap with your harness. It is such a simple device but so perfect when driving with my dog in the car. She doesn't mind a bit having the strap attached to her as we travel because she can still "check in" with me in between the front seats without causing me to drive off the road with distraction! Thanks for that invention!

 Lynn Smolarkiewicz  2/2/2015

It has been AWESOME!! It was just an adjustment period for her trying to figure out why she couldn't pull me any more lol. No more pulling! I enjoy our walks now :) Thank you for this awesome product!

K Schumaker 1/16/2015

Bought two, love them, so do my dogs. Great Harness.

Dan B 12/10/2014

 For my Aussies, this harness made the difference between remaining in the family home without injuring family members on walks by pulling, or being returned to the shelter. It takes a long time to TRAIN a dog not to pull on leash; this tool can help bridge the time gap as the dog learns proper walking behavior, without pulling. They both get very excited when the harnesses come off the hooks on the back of the garage door - because that means it's time to WALK!!

Pat Pierce 11/25/2014

 This is the BEST harness in the world- it is Dakota approved! I highly recommend to all pet parents who have a furry pal that takes you for a walk and pulls you down the street LOL!!! 

Deb Corcoran 11/19/2014

 Love it, only way to walk a dog.

Patti Phelps 11/9/2014

 I nearly cried myself -as now I will be able to exercise my dog properly. He was gaining a lot of weight as he wouldn't walk but a few steps and preferred just sniffing to walking and I was getting very worried about his weight/ health. Now he is trotting. He is still stopping suddenly and refusing to move every now and then, but then he will start trotting again, so its a question of him and me getting used to the new harness. however, it is 100% better than before. Once he is used to it, I can see us taking much longer walks benefitting both his health and mine!! It was so lovely to see him trotting along with a smile on his face, just like a regular dog. To think that a simple correct harness can bring so much joy to both dog and owner!!

Geraldine Mccarthur 11/1/2014

 I took my dog for a walk now and the pulling is almost negligible in contrast to me being dragged down the street - thank you! I still need to teach her to walk behind me though, because the moment she is behind me she stops dead in her tracks like a stubborn donkey! :-)

Vicky Boshoff   10/29/2014

 This is the best harness I have ever purchased. I have a Chihuahua that thinks he is a sled dog. Also a 1 year old grandson that wants to hold the leash when walking. Now he can. This harness eliminated the pulling without any pressure on my furbaby's neck at all. So no choking. I absolutely love it.

Tina Weeks 10/12/2014

 Extremely happy with the harness. Very high quality. Strap does not slip in the adjustment clips and stays where we fitted it. Our dog used to run full speed and not stop until the leash ran out, so she hurt her neck. She no longer runs full speed, and it is easier to control her when she starts jumping and barking. There is never any pressure on her neck, now. We are so glad we bought the harness. We also bought a 2nd one for our other dog, not to correct behavior, but just to take the strain off his neck.

Jackie Greenfield 9/28/2014

 We want to thank everyone at Walk Your Dog With Love!!! They hooked us up with a great alternative to the easywalk harnesses and yesterday, sold us our new seatbeats for our pups! I'm thinking about buying the walking belt next!

N Scoffone 9/28/2014

 We are enjoying walking our dogs again because of your product.  We got two harnesses last week at the Big E and we're loving them!

The Conery Family   9/27/2014

 Didn't have high expectations for this as we've tried about every other kind of collar even the prong which I didn't like at all even though he did walk better with it, but only out of fear ! easy walk harness causes irritation behind front legs if he pulls, again pain an fear, a modified choker-Bret Michaels- soft collar with a section of choker chain did nothing -- our dog Max is a Pit very strong puller so we didn't expect much, this is a very light weight harness an don't look like much, but boy were we surprised ! at first he tried to pull some but due to low front hook when he did it would turn him in direction of leash, or he had no traction, He walks well with this an we have control--- We highly recommend it !!

Francis E McQuade 9/27/2014

 Have just bought 2 of these harness's ....we have a 10 year old English Springer ( hyper mad Springer) & a 1 year old Cavachon...... the results were instant unbelievable sheer bliss we still can't believe it!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for your great invention

Linda Forth 9/25/2014

 Bought a non pull harness and we are half way there can walk with a slack lead nearly the whole walk, thanks, a great product.                                                                                                                                         

David Lee 9/25/2014

 Gizmo trying his new harness we bought at the Big E! Buzzy has used his for years! Thanks for making a great product!!

Lynn Silver 9/24/2014

 Love the walking belt-if ever you are hiring part time sales associates, please keep me in mind.        

Bette-Ann 9/23/2014

 The best harness if you want to walk your dog without them pulling!!! Tried 3 others and this in the only one that worked for my whippet/cattle dog mix. Just make sure to get the right size for your dog.

Christy Anderson 9/21/2014

 If you're looking for a great harness that will make walking your dog a pleasure, you've come to the right place. Not only will you see immediate results, you'll also be dealing with a company that backs its products 100%. Customer service is outstanding and I couldn't be happier!                                      

Beth Gelda  9/18/2014

 I just received my harness for my 80 lb lab and got it on her very easily, adjusted it and off we went down the street - oh what a difference and she really likes it as there's absolutely no pressure on her throat - it turns her gently and acts as a reminder not to pull. Thank you - finally something that works without hurting my dog yet keeping her under control and safe!!!                                                

Linda Tonn   9/18/2014 

 The harness arrived yesterday - very fast service. It fits perfectly and works great, no more pulling. 

Andrew Mills  9/18/2014

 Since Daisy began wearing your harness, she has been so much better behaved while being walked. It had been a struggle before (with the harness that latches behind the shoulders); the improvement was immediate. You stand behind your products and were very helpful in making suggestions to control an aggressive chewer, and I am thoroughly pleased with how quickly you responded to my emails and requests. This is the best customer service I've ever experienced. I tell everyone to check out your site and how pleased we are with both the harness and your commitment to stand behind your merchandise!  

Beth H from Kendall Park, NJ 9/16/2014

 I am very impressed with your harness, I was skeptical at first since trying so many different no pull items none of which worked and the gentle leader was the worst of all (due to scraping of my dogs nose raw!). I have 2 APBT's my smallest @ 39lbs and 3yrs old is the worst at walking how she managed to pass all her training classes and the GCC test is still a mystery! My boy is awesome walks great when walked without his sister. I just received the first harness and went for a walk with my girl and it worked perfectly! I just ordered one for the boy as well so I can walk them together in peace.

Iris Alvarez   9/15/2014   

 I just want to say a huge thank you to whoever designed this harness. It arrive today and on our first walk out sky my Lab actually managed a walk without pulling or having a fight with her head harness ! Which we no longer need all thanks to this fabulous harness which by the way is idiot proof! It truly does what it says on the label.

Carolyn lee   9/15/2014 

 Your dog walks great with the harness.

Lois Johnson 9/8/2014

 I have one of these harnesses and I love it.

Mary Sue Hermann   9/8/2014

 This is a great product. It was so easy to adjust, put on my dog and it fits my dog great. After putting it on him the first time, the difference was like night and day. He walked right by my side never pulling once. If he tried to walk ahead of me, just a little pressure on the lease and he stopped and waited for me.

Jerry Salles 9/8/2014

 I received the Harness and it is much easier walking my Ridgeback mix youngster. Mac seems to like his Harness too!                                                                                                                                               

Shirley Guy   9/7/2014

 Love your products!!!!

Linda Clifford 9/4/2014

 Still loving the harness and belt! I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, so a lot of burning in my arms and blood flow problems, this will help so much on walks! Sometimes my arms burn from just holding a leash very lightly. 

Nicky Soares   8/31/2014

A miracle! We tried it today and with no effort, Millie is now well-behaved on leash, although I do give her some slack and let her wander some of the time.   It is VERY easy to put on and I love the reflective tape and that I can write her name in indelible marker on the part that goes over her back.  I wish you offered embroidery. Such a simple device, such great results.  

Chris Lazarus  8/30/2014

 I am astonished by the change in our dog while out walking. We have a Cavalier King Charles who would always pull on a collar and an ordinary harness, but since using your harness he is completely under control and he seems much more relaxed.                                

C Langley, South Wales, UK 8/28/2014

 Great harness, our dog immediately walked better!

Lauren 8/27/2014

 Product speaks for itself. I have tried many but nothing close to your product. Just need to spread the words. I will do my bit.   Your product and customer service are excellent!                                              

Prabu Serumadar  8/27/2014 

 I received the harness early last week in the mail.  It is working a treat already on my dog, which is much appreciated.    

Heather & Dean Powrie  8/27/2014

 This is "the" most amazing harness! It is magical! Dakota my 6 yr old (aka still a puppy, lol) wore this on his maiden voyage to Nantucket, I thought I was with a different dog, no jumping, "0" pulling, he was a complete dream to walk. I recommend this harness to any pet parent whose dog is a puller....I am still in "awe" as to what a difference it made! Dakota is very furry, so it is a bit hard to see the harness...And as a sidebar, the customer service and product knowledge is awesome. :)             

Deborah C  8/26/2014                                                                              

 I love this harness. I have a Chihuahua mix who is a horrible walker. Walks were miserable with him but since we put him in this harness we haven't had a problem. It does everything you said it would and because it slips over his head we have no problem getting it on and off. We just ordered a second one for our other dog. I am so glad I found this harness!                         

Leanne Peterson   8/25/2014

 Wow!  What a nice surprise.  These harnesses were recommended by a dog trainer as I had difficulty finding a "front loading" harness that fit a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  I use this harness to walk my reactive Cardi.  I really like it for the pup too.

Nancy Bunin   8/22/2014

 We have just received this harness, and would like to say that we have a happy dog and owners as this harness has made a great difference.  Indy feels secure and happy when she walks now.                                                                                                                                                          

Mrs Fay Grose   8/20/2014

  So far the harness is working great!! It's like walking a different dog she is not pulling at all

Mariann Dupont   8/19/2014  

 The harness fit my French bulldog great and has stopped his pulling immediately! My Frenchie should be a model or your harness! Pulling problem for him, solved. How nice to walk him without being walked.  Much more relaxing.                                                                                                                                            

Joan Semborski   8/18/2014

 Golden retrievers are high energy. I walk my dog daily and Your harness has saved my shoulders and wrists.  

Thomas Mancik   8/18/2014

 Thank you for making such wonderful products!

Samuel Butler Barrons   8/16/2014

 Fabulous harness for my 75 lb Irish setter. It is soft and no metal rings so he is comfortable. He accepts it totally and heels quietly next to me. Best harness ever for walking with your dog. It is so much easier to put on than other types of harnesses. I just slip it over her head and clip it under her left front leg. We walk an average of 3 miles per day.

Luv T Chai 8/14/2014

 I’m loving the harness! Thank you for your patience and help in getting me through the transition stage of a new gadget. That is what it was about for me! So happy I will not need to worry about Cooper's little neck again! You are right! I was able to fit the harness...the harness is soooo simple to put on. and there is no more chafing.  Cooper says "thank you:)"

Carolann Westrox   8/12/2014

 I purchased a harness from you at the Cornhill festival. I was worried that it might not fit her. I was wrong! Not only does it fit my little Houdini, but it works fabulously.

Kim Hardies   8/11/2014

 I recently ordered one of your harnesses and we received it shortly after. We have used it with our Labrador (Bailey) and I have to say that I am amazed with the results. Thank you so much for inventing the answer to ours and many other dog owners walking nightmares. We will past on the effectiveness of this harness to our dog loving friends.

Gainer family and Bailey the Lab. Manchester, England, UK 8/9/2014

 I have purchased 3 harnesses from you … and they are great.  Me and my dog Brandi are a walking advertisement for it.  It’s makes my morning runs with her great.

Lori M Lachnicht   8/6/2014

 This harness has been life changing! So easy to put on and no more pulling! He wasn't too bad before but now it's a joy!

Joan Casby 8/6/2014

 We absolutely love our two harnesses! Our 80lb Shepherd/Dane mix was a "puller" and now she's a joy to walk with because we have all the control now when we're walking!

M Flynn 8/6/2014

 I have bought a few of your harnesses on line - never walk my dog without it. I also bought them for my daughter's dogs because I found it so good.

Kay Harding, UK  8/6/2014

 We brought a harness last year at the Rochester Park Avenue Fest, for ours Staffy who was a nightmare on a lead, he now enjoys his walks wearing the harness what a turnaround.

Jason H 8/6/2014

 Very comfortable for the pups and great control for their humans ;) Really love this product!

M Welch 8/3/2014

 The harness is fantastic I can't believe how something so simple works so well :-) It is one I would most definitely recommend to my friends.

Taylor Maid   8/2/2014   

 It's like I'm walking a different dog. Thanks. Bluto appreciates it too.

Denis Goulet   8/1/2014

  Alice and Berkley... Love their harnesses :)

Barbara B Ward 7/28/2014

 Romney traveled with us this past weekend when we went camping in Dubois, Wyoming. The harness and auto safety belt worked great, especially when I had to stop suddenly on the highway. He only gently bumped my car seat when this occurred, instead of being thrown forward. Thanks Walk Your Dog With Love for helping to keep our dog safe when we travel.

Tim Nelson 7/28/2014

 We have a new Husky named Scout and I just ordered another harness and leash for him.  The products we ordered for our first Husky are great, so thought we would do it again. 

Tom and Monica Pirring   7/24/2014

 Best money I ever spent, the harness works wonderful!

Jeanne Szymborski   7/14/2014

 Was so excited to find a harness made in the USA!!!! I will be sure to pass on the word!!!!

Angela Cammarn 7/22/2014

Just did our first walk with the new harness. He still has to learn to walk nicely but what a difference without the pulling. Charlie is a 75-pound black lab who is very strong but i can now walk him myself and work towards a nice walk. Before i was so busy trying to keep him from pulling me down that i could not help him learn nice manners! I am looking forward to frequent walks and rapid improvement. Charlie wants to please and that will definitely help. So glad we met you at the Corn Hill festival in Rochester!

Cynthia Smith 7/15/2014

 My Harness arrived! I love the bright shocking pink Harness! Most importantly, our first time out , on our 1 hour exercise walk, Buttercup caught on immediately! Honestly, I was shocked because she was so used to "walking" me! To me, this is a miracle product! I did see all of your video's but thought there would be a training period! None what -so -ever! I took a video of us during our walk and sent it to my husband and children! We are all happy now, including Buttercup! No more pulled ligaments, and sore neck and no more complaining from me!

 Arden Katz   7/14/2014

 1st walk with Stella on her new harness that we bought at Corn Hill Arts festival. I had a healthy skepticism but WOW! I have a new dog! no pulling from the very first second! I am not kidding people. This harness has made a much happier dog and doggie parents!

Judy Hull 7/13/2014

 The harness was immediately effective for us. Our puppy, who used to pull and make herself wheeze, walks happily by our side now.                                                                                                                              

Jolie Drury 7/12/2014

 The harness is awesome. It is like walking a different dog. 

Pam Kempski  7/11/2014

 We are very happy with the harness!

Barbara Murphy 7/11/2014

We received the harness and so far so good! My girl Meadow is definitely one to chase squirrels and blowing leaves but I seem to have more control which is a good thing.

Nicole Brunetti   7/11/2014

 George's harness arrived a couple of days ago and he loves it… I love it - it's perfect - he is still naughty but he can't pull so badly although he sometimes tries and it's so much better - he enjoys it far more than his original harness - it's much, much nicer walking him and he is so much easier to control until I can hold him to calm him down.

Dinah Greek   7/10/2014

 It's amazing!  I just got my harnesses today and went for our first walk.  I couldn't believe the difference.  My 2 year old Australian Labradoodle, Zoey was getting more and more difficult to walk, she pulled so hard.  First time out, she was a different dog. She walked with me perfectly!  Thank You so much!  Now, she and her baby sister Dayz and I are going to really enjoy our walks every night! 

Gina Brooks 7/9/2014

 My Frenchie has a large chest. All the harnesses from the pet stores I needed a large to fit him comfortably, but that made the width too wide. I wanted his brindle coloring to show through. Walk your dog took his measurements and made a harness that fit him but also narrow webbing. I could not have been happier. Your customer service and follow up was world class... I recommend them highly.

Micky P 7/9/2014

 Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I was finally able to walk my dogs! I have a 1 year old Great Pyrenees and 7 month old yellow lab, who are both full of energy.. With just their collars they choked themselves and I tried lots of different harnesses with no success, no matter what they pulled me all around! I couldn't even get a couple steps out of my house without almost falling down! I saw these in an ad and thought.. I have to try these!! I got them in the mail yesterday and immediately put them on to test them out. It was a miracle! I almost cried I was so happy! I could finally go for a walk with my best friends! You could charge 5x the amount and I would still buy them!

E Rice 7/8/2014

 I just wanted to say my collar arrived as promised and fits perfect.  I continue to be impressed with your customer service and will continue to promote your product whenever I can.  Thank you                         

Lisa Pomakoy  7/7/2014

 We just received the harness and Although she still pulls when there is another dog around (she is blind and really wants to get close to any dog to play)I am no longer choking her. Thanks for your assistance.

Kathleen Timmins   7/6/2014

 Just bought the harness today -Love it!    

Fran Collins   7/5/2014

 Immediate improvement from the get go. The Collie is a typical puller which this harness basically stops painlessly and with no argument. The Boxer is a bouncer and thrasher. So impressed so far and have already had several friends asking about your harnesses which I am happy to recommend. Thank you so much, kinder, easier, more positive walks than we've managed since I've had both dogs. :)

C Harvey 7/4/2014

 After 8 years Katie and I are both enjoying our walks. NO more struggling for control. Best regards from two completely satisfied customers. 

Lynn L Stafford 7/4/2014

 Bought one for my boxer almost a year ago and it is totally amazing. Thanx again for an awesome harness!                                                                                                

Tim Hutchins 7/3/2014

 I know you are not the Deutsche Post, but they sure did number on the package.

Sabine, Witten Germany 7/3/2014

 I had a potential client visit for vetting to stay with us at Woofs and Walks Dog Holiday/ Boarding Home. Their dog, Zara, is a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with another strong breed, so was pulling like crazy on the between shoulder harness. Once she'd calmed down, I asked to demonstrate WYDWL! They were amazed, especially when I had her doing STOP and WAIT, as I negotiated our outdoor steps in the garden, and she walked beside me on short lead, and how I was able to control her when she did pull. So I let them buy the demonstrator! They went off happy.  All the best.

Catrina Wakefield 7/3/2014

 I think this company is amazing! They gave so much help regarding Elsa's harness to assure it's fit and comfort for her. They’re willingness to custom make a 'plus size' by adding a couple inches for the girth (the chest was perfect with enough room to grow into if she does get any bigger) . I have always been thrilled with the product, recommending it to everyone I know that could use it for their pooch, but now they have exceeded my satisfaction by going over and above !                                                                                                      

Kim Campbell 7/3/2014

 Huey and Bonita have had their harnesses for about a week and from the first day, walks were a whole new pleasant experience, but it gets better. Tonight for the first time I used the harnesses with my special leash for walking next to me while I ride my bike. Both dogs ran with me successfully tonight. Its great exercise for all of us. It's going to be a great summer. I never dreamed I would get Bonita to this wonderful place and here we are. Hooray!

Kathleen Burton 7/2/2014

 I just wanted to let you know that we received Shabbadoo's new harness last week.  She is a daschund/chi mix who has always been a puller.  For her size, it is surprising how strong she is!  Her new WalkYourDogWithLove harness has changed our lives.  Walking is finally a pleasure instead of a tug of war match. I have already recommended your harnesses to two other dog families.  Great idea and great product!  Thank you!

Susanne Newman 6/30/20

 I am very pleased with your harness. My pit bull was impossible to walk on a leash & now even I can walk her! Thank you so much, I wish you continued success with your products.

Angelette Bond 6/26/2014

 After 4 half years of struggling with a large fit Labrador, the harness is like a magic wand has been waved. God only knows how this harness is so effective. Thank you so much for your informative website. A very satisfied customer.

Louise Rooker, U K   6/24/2014

 This is the best set up I have ever tried to keep my dog from pulling me all over the place. I have a 135 pound Akita and with this harness it is like I am walking a puppy. I find it way better than the head harness by far. I also find that my dog enjoys this on him rather than getting pulled around by the head! If you are looking for something to walk your dog and have control I really recommend this!!

Candace 6/24/2014

 This harness is really amazing. Before I purchased this harness at the lilac festival in Rochester, my dog Bella would pull me around like she was my owner!! She is a very strong 75 pound black lab and once I put that harness on I was amazed. I was not in control and there was hardly any pulling. I am extremely happy that I bought this, I have told everyone to buy this harness and 2 of my friends have bought them already and love it too! Thank you for making such an amazing product and thank you for changing the way I walk my dog. Your company should feel amazing about this product because it really did change me and my dogs walking experience! And she looks great in the hot pink!

Alexandrea Underwood  6/22/2014

 I am a volunteer with Big Fluffy Dog Rescue and everyone is singing your praises!!! Just did a dog transport using your lead/harness and it was amazing...

Cheryl Ruf  6/19/2014

 Omg this harness really does work. Used it for the 1st time today I must admit I was a bit unsure that it would work but took the plunge after see the videos and reviews for the 1st time I enjoyed our dog work and my arms where not pulled out I'm now looking forward to our next work thank you soooo much will be telling everyone in the UK about your great harnesses

Tracey A 6/19/2014

 This is the absolute BEST dog walking harness on the market. Extremely well made, durable, and adjusts beautifully. My Goldendoodle has broken 7 bones in my body by pulling me down. Now I can walk him without fear of falling again. Excellent product and workmanship. I'm placing a second order today: I never want to be without the wonderful harness, collar, and 3 ft. leash. Thank you so very much.   

Susan Johnston   6/18/2014    

 I have a Malamute puppy that thinks every time we go for a walk he's the lead dog on the sled team. He's grown enough that I can't control him with just a leash. This harness has done wonders to correct that. He no longer pulls on our walks. It's like a different dog. It worked so well that when I do put his regular leash on him, he stays right next to me instead of trying to pull me down the street.

Tara Voldness 6/18/2014

 This is simply the best harness EVER! We swear it is "enchanted" every time we use it. Such a simple design, durable, comfortable and effective. My dog Murphy and my entire family thanks you! I am going to grab 2 more (one as a back up and one as a gift).

Katie Hallett   6/17/2014

 You were so right! I am ordering the hipster belt! That is amazing!!  I was wondering if anyone had come up with that yet.  I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, so a lot of burning in my arms and traps and blood flow probs, this will help so much on walks! Sometimes my arms burn from just holding a leash very lightly. 

N Soares 6/15/2014

Ever since I got my first original harness from you for my girl Duchess, I've seen a real humane and kind solution and difference in her pulling and tugging.  It doesn't solve the problem (dog training is a must), but it has certainly minimized difficulties walking her.  Obedience lessons are currently underway.

Chris Spisto   6/12/2014

 Received my harness really quickly, so thanks for the brilliant service! My dog, Amber, a Flat coat Retriever was most grateful to be rid of her Gentle Leader head collar! She used to try to hide whenever we went walking- she hated it that much, but now with your fabulous harness, she is stood ready to go out & lets me clip the harness on without any problem. So thank you once again for providing such a marvelous service & a truly exceptional harness.

John Frankton   6/7/2014

 I just wanted to let you know that the harness for Luna, my Miniature Doberman Pinscher arrived and wow.. even on an extendable lead she walks like a normal dog and not a crazy pulling choking machine! Very impressed with the product and as I said before, when i open my shop I will be in contact about stocking these harnesses for sure :)

Lucy Breytenbach   6/7/2014

 Thank you ..thank you ...thank you.. this harness is awesome. It is so easy to put on and it really works! What a difference.

Noreen Brooder   6/6/2014

 Thank you for bringing such joy to our walks! I am so happy that I stumbled upon your website. It was truly fate. I wanted to say...the reason that I chose your harness for our Macy is because she has always been such a much energy and such a brisk walker. I tried many things.... Long story short, she is a different dog on our walks with her new Love harness! Now Diesel on the other hand, has always been so studious and business-like with his walk. A perfect walker, if I may say so! But your website expounded on the chiropractic factor...what a typical collar can potentially do to the dog's alignment and so forth. That hit home! I knew we had to get a Love harness for Diesel, too! Thank you for the best customer service I have experienced in a long time! (Ever?!)

Darcie Grager 6/5/2014

 Item shipped promptly and seems to be of very high quality. Sturdy construction. For just going for a walk- this device can't be beat.

MaruSkipper 6/4/2014

 Beau, my 4 year old Bochi responded immediately today, when his new harness arrived here in the UK. I was impressed that he showed no sign of discomfort whatsoever, and still enjoyed his walk.

Tony Butler 6/4/2014

 Awesome Harness! Using on our 7 month old JRT who is Mr. Busy Man his name is Seppi and he loves to walk with his Harness and it is absolutely the best one we have had.

Marilyn Martin 6/2/2014

 Captain is rocking the new miracle harness that keeps him on 4 paws!

Christine Mae   6/1/2014

 We adopted our boxer from a rescue group last week and in the first few days of walking her, all she wanted to do was pull. I had the leash attached to a traditional dog collar because from past experience with choke collars, I didn't want to go that route. The pulling was so bad that neither my wife or 9 yr old son were able to walk her. It was very frustrating and tiring to walk her and try to train her to walk properly. I saw your product on the rescue site's website. I figured "it might help". I wasn't expecting that the VERY FIRST TIME that I put the harness on her, that she COMPLETELY stopped pulling. I can literally hold the leash with one finger now.  I was expecting that maybe it would take a few weeks to get her walking without pulling. Never did I think it would happen INSTANTLY. I used to think that my new grill was the best money I've ever spent, but this harness tops it. It's great to be able to take longer more enjoyable walks now and also have my wife and son be able to walk our dog with no problem now. Thank you!

James Maguire 5/31/2014

 I just received my harness today. I fitted it on Kobi and took him for a test run around the block. I seriously couldn't believe the difference. Normally we return from a walk with my shoulder almost dislocated from his pulling. This time I could hold the lead with 2 fingers. I think I will now be as excited as Kobi about the W word. I was a skeptic, but you truly delivered on this product. Thank you for saving my sanity and shoulder joints!

Lorraine Fullwood   5/30/2014

 We are so happy with our purchase of 2 Sportso Doggo Harnesses and Leashes The difference in walking with our dogs is unbelievable. They simply walk next to us, no tugging, no dog sledding. It is such a pleasure to walk them now. Thank you so much for a great product that's easy to use and comfortable.

Susan Bertness   5/29/2014

 I took both of my doggies for a walk with their new harnesses and i have to say we all enjoyed the walk for a change, no pulling and roaming all over the trail. Thanks for the great idea.

Dianne Robinson-Mistich   5/28/2014

 I have never seen my dog behave so well on a leash. No practice or training time required. I put it on he tried to pull and STOPPED dead in his tracks! I love it! No more hurting his neck, or my hand :)

Samantha   5/23/2014

 Just brought one of my dog's harnesses into training class this morning. One of my students has been having a great deal of trouble with her rescue, and other gadgets we tried did not work. We put my Magic's harness on Dolly, and the handler was totally gobsmacked by how well it worked for them! It was the first time since Dolly joined her family, that she was able to walk nicely on leash, and concentrate on her class work, rather than dragging her poor person around like a piece of farm equipment. The owner took a photo of Dolly in Magic's bright green harness, and I'm willing to bet she ordered one as soon as she got home to her computer.

Pat Pierce   5/22/2014

 I am Maddie, a rescued Cockeranian in Michigan!! PS My mom purchased a lovely purple WYDWL harness and matching leash. I don't pull her around anymore and I give her a great exercise routine at the perfect pace!!

Maddie and Mom (Lisa Hines)   5/22/2014

 I received my harness and used it today on my 27 kg female dog called Clio and it worked fantastically.. Thank you so much. Walking Clio is enjoyable now and no more pulling me over.

Anita Tiley-Gough  5/22/2014

 I just wanted to thank you for the great harness. I'm disabled, I use a power wheelchair. I can only use my right hand and arm I am training my 7.5 month-old 53 LB. Aussie/Lab puppy to be my Assistance (Service) dog. He is very energetic, spirited, and still growing. A martingale or limited slip collar is not enough. He's a puller. Not a gentle leader kind of dog. I was looking online for alternative solutions for his pulling. I found your harness. I was very happy that it was made in America. I also liked that it went over his head, there was only 1 buckle to fasten, and reflective areas. I was very hopeful but skeptical. He doesn't mind having it on. He rarely pulls anymore and jumps up a lot less. With your harness and his leash attached to my chair, He walks comfortably at my side WITHOUT forging ahead. I still have a lot of training ahead. The Walk Your Dog With Love Harness is a true blessing:-)

Jodi Van Kampen    5/21/2014

 Our rescue Frenchie Pit mix Macey is a strong girl who seemed to almost feed off and pull more being held back with the other harness from dogs and cars. She would lunge at pigeons or cats and jerk me. Your harness has changed our walks and she is become less motivated to lunge because she knows she'll be turned sideways and therefore not in hunting stance. Thank you so much. In going to recommend your harness to everyone. 

Lauren Connors   5/21/2014

 It may have taken 7 years, but I am so very glad that this rescue dog can finally enjoy his walks. It really is amazing! Thank you so much!                                                      

Susanne Decree 5/20/2014

 This is the best harness. So easy to put on and off. I walked my cousin's Golden retriever today and I thought he would break my arms. I went to my car and got my dog's Walk Your Dog With Love harness. I put it on her dog and it was a miracle. He walked so nice, right away. No pulling at all! My cousin is ordering one today.                                                  

Cathy Pettigrew   5/19/2014

The harnesses are brilliant, no more pulling.

Stewart Elcomb   5/19/2014

 The No-Pull Front Attachment harness is very simple to put on my dog and it fits good! It did stop my dog from pulling compared to using a regular (back) harness. I was really surprised how effective it was on pulling. I hook my leash to it's front ring as well as their regular collar ring which helps the leash from dragging and tangling with my dog's front feet, I was pleased with my purchase of this product.

Rosalie 5/13/2014

My dog Lucy loves it. Prior to using this harness I was using a nylon collar with a martingale chain. I felt I had control of her although she would of course tug on the leash. I love the harness. It's amazing that something so lightweight works better for a dog of her size. She is more confident and obedient, and I feel I have great control of her.

Bethy and Lucy 5/9/2014

 So far so good.  Eli’s walking is much improved; there has been no pulling like he was doing before.  I took Eli for a longer walk today and he got compliments for his behavior.  I am very pleased so far with this harness. Thank you for a good product.                                               

Susan McIntosh  4/24/2014

 The Walk Your Dog With Love harness is great - it also introduced me to positive training.  We'd already had two lessons with the shelter trainer who was trying to convince me to do sharp leash corrections and fit her with a chain collar because she was 'so wild'.  After visiting your site I had a completely different perspective on the training: those leash corrections were needlessly violent.  Thanks!                 

Scott M. Cores   4/20/2014

 A massive, massive thank you for revolutionizing our walks with our Italian Spinone, Bella. I can't believe how easy it is now walking her with the harness on. Our walks are a great pleasure, and so much safer and stable. So easy to order, and for it to arrive here in in 7 days. Exactly as it says on your website, so easy to put on and no pulling. Brilliant. Thank you, thank you. Delighted! Telling everyone about it.

The Hydes, Gloucestershire, UK 4/17/2014

 Although I was desperately looking for an alternative to the harness I was using, I was skeptical that this lead would really make a difference.  In all seriousness though, it resolved all of my dog's behavioral issues while on walks (jumping, pulling, speeding and stopping without warning) in a matter of minutes.  My 10 year old was unable to walk our dog because she didn't have the strength to manage her with a traditional harness (clip on the back).  She now manages our Pit bull with ease.  I'm passing the word about your great invention! 

Lauren Neves 4/16/2014

 I LOVE this harness. I tried another brand and it did not work. This worked instantly. I just ordered another one so I can have one at home and one at our place at the beach. You solved my pulling problem. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

Barbara Fridinger  4/15/2014

 Love their front fastening harness - Morgan walks well with it.   

Kay Harding   4/14/2014

 My dog is really walking so much better. 

Kathy Cancell   4/13/2014

 We have a very feisty Labrador who is just over 7 years old and has never walked nicely by my side, ever.  We had a harness before, but it enabled her to pull strongly as it was fastened from the back. After coming home from walking her, our arms which held the lead were much longer than the other arm!!!! Since buying your harness and lead we have absolutely no trouble walking her and she obediently goes where we want her to go. Heaven.  No tug of war anymore. Thank you for inventing such a Wonderful Product!                                                           

Wendy L 4/9/2014

 Just received my harnesses today, first time I have walked my Staffy without being dragged. What a pleasure! THANK U :)                                                                                                      

Donna Finocchiaro   4/9/2014

 I have just received the harness and had to try it out right away. It is a work of genius: simple to adjust for the correct fit, easy to put on and most importantly of all it works!! My 3 year old GSD/Irish Setter cross has always been a pain (literally) to walk, pulling all the time and then