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  I hated taking my year old boxer(50 lbs) for a walk. Really, she took me for a walk. I weigh 105. She pulled me for two miles. All muscle.. now, after I got this harness, I look forward to our walks.

Linda P 10/19/2017

  I just received my harness and tried it out with my dog Sam. It is the best product!! I have a neck injury that causes chronic pain and a 60# border collie mix that chases everything that moves. I’ve tried several different products on him and training but yours is the only one that passed the test of seeing a squirrel run past and not getting my neck hurt. Thank you. Best value ever

Debbie Curtis 10/18/2016

  Best Harness especially for very large dog

Sue Bottch 10/17/2017

  This has been awesome for our dog Leo! What a difference!

Lori Pratt 10/17/2017

 I absolutely love your product. My girl had gotten off her old harness and I am happy with the security and ease with how your harness works. The clip is so much better! My daughter liked it so much she purchased one for her pup. I recommend it to everyone. And I love the bright colors and reflector strips too!

Anne Lalonde 10/16/2017

  Love mine

T M Woodstock 10/16/2017

  This harness works great!! I have tried lots of things for my Rottie and he definitely is much easier to walk now.

Lisa Weber 10/15/2017

  We have this for our Golden mix and it works. Our Golden was a rescue and never given any leash training. This has worked wonders for us. PS - he’s 86 lbs.

Marilynn Magnus Martin 10/15/2017

  Awesome harness. Love walking Hazel now. Thanks!

J Holloway 10/15/2017

 Just received our second one a few days ago. Went to the "sport" model and like it so much. Our Lexie has gotten so used to it, she gets upset when we take it off! Although she still pulls (being a very strong Pittie), she doesn't pull us off our feet anymore and is a pleasure to walk. Thank you.

Marian L 10/14/2017

Love my harnesses. I have the NEO for both my Aussies.

B Peckham 10/14/2017

This is THE best. Recommend it to every dog owner I see. Wish I had free samples to hand out!

Rick Paul 10/13/2017

  I no longer have to pull my Lab off the path when another dog approaches. He would pull so hard and lunge to play with other dogs as they passed, it was all I could do to hang on to him. I was skeptical when I first saw this product...but it is a lifesaver. I LOVE walking my dog now. Thank you!!!

Beth Bolen 10/13/2017

  I have this harness it's brilliant.

E Jones, UK 10/13/2017

I bought one of these a few weeks ago and the transformation was unbelievable. Thank you for this product! My dog is calmer on the leash and NEVER pulls; he didn't even try pulling, which was not what I expected.. He used to be a handful and a safety risk. And unlike other harness types, this one is so easy to put on and take off. Worth EVERY penny!

Keith Lucas, Ireland 10/12/2017

  I have this for my Bernese Mountain Dog and he is like a different dog now!!! Absolutely love this and would highly recommend it for all dog lovers

Shannon Z 10/12/2017

  The Walk Your Dog With Love harness has changed our walks with our Olde English Bulldoggie! We had tried numerous harness varieties as well as choker chain collar and the collar that pokes into the dogs neck if he pulls. Nothing worked well. This harness is like magic and our strong guy walks right by our side, every single time!

K lewis Hatler 10/12/2017

  We have used this product now for two growth sizes with our current 6 month old English Creme Golden Retriever. I am happy with it and it has helped some, but Carson still pulls in his excitement to see people and new places. Not sure what else to do except keep training…

Sandy Wyman 10/11/2017

  I tried what you suggested for fitting Gracie and the harness works great. My friend purchased one from you last week. And she'll be purchasing two more from you soon for her other dogs. Thanks Again for all your help!!!!!

Michele and Gracie 10/11/17

  We bought this for our for Cocoa , a rescue dog. He was 11 when we got him, he is now 13. He is a “Deer” Chihuahua. The harness is the PERFECT THING to be genial and protecting at the same time.... Buy it !!

Lancer R 10/10/17

  Just walked my 12 year rescue Lurcher ANNABELLA on Jazz's new harness and lead. She was a little confused at first as to why her 'pull' was ineffective, but then relaxed into a beautiful pace lead by me. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Feel a third purchase coming on!

G Adams, UK 10/10/17

  I have this harness for my English lab who is a puller & she walks really good w/ it on -- a different dog -- I highly recommend it!

Laurel Anne M 10/10/17

  We got one today for our Yorkie. She always pulls when taking her for walks. About 5 minutes after putting harness on her she stopped pulling and walked between us for the rest of the day. Love it!

Kaliope Allen 10/9/17

  Received our harness today! Posted a pic of your business card on my FaceBook because I know that this product works. Bringing your business cards with me to my vet next week. He really needs to start recommending this harness for his clients!

Dana B Alaska 10/9/17

Thank You so very much!!  It has been a pleasure doing business with you...Both times I have placed an order it has been processed in record time.  Sasha still pulls but nothing like she did before I started using the Walk Your Dog With Love harness.  Nikkie stopped pulling at all.  They just turned a year old in September so I hope they continue to do better and better. Thank You again!     

Teresa, Sasha and Nikkie 10/9/2017

Some fab walks, so much more enjoyable, with the harness. I have one 😀

Christine Spear 10/9/2017

  My German Shepherd Jemma was very excitable. This was fantastic. My boyfriend even walks her now!!!

Melanie Head 10/8/2017

  Best best best harness ever!

M S Medoff  10/08/2017

Just wanted to let you know I know have the harness and it is amazing! I don’t know why or how it works but my French bulldog has gone from constantly pulling to not pulling at all. I shall be telling everyone about it

Mrs J Brandon 10/8/2017

  I just bought 2 of these for my Husky /Whippet and Shepherd /Bernese mountain dog. I love them!

Debbie S 10/7/2017

The ONLY WAY TO WALK YOUR BIG DOG !!!! Not on the neck, not on the back but under the chest. Works!

Judith Conigliaro 10/7/2017

  I just purchased this harness at the Big E. I'm not really sure was on a total whim. I was very skeptical to say the least. I LOVE THIS HARNESS!!! I've purchased similar ones, but for some reason this one works. I no longer feel like my arm is going to become dislocated or that my coffee is going to spill all over me. I barely have to hold on to the leash. Unlike the death grip with prior collars or harnesses. If you need a spokeswoman... Give me a call 😉 I'M A BELIEVER.... WORTH EVERY PENNY AND THEN SOME♥️

Terri Sheridan 10/7/2017

  We just got one of these for our Boston Terrier mix yesterday. It really makes a difference in the way Skye walks. She used to pull and just be all over the place. We put this harness on her and she walks right by our side - doesn't jump or pull. Great product! I'm going to tell every dog lover I know!

Linda Ketchum  10/7/2017

  Hi, I'm Oliver and am a Newfie. My mommy promised she would never give up on me (I've been a handful from the get-go) and she hasn't. I thank my lucky paws. The big truck was coming weekly with packages addressed to me. Each time I got so excited I drooled all over the place. Then when mommy opened the boxes I became sad. Just another collar, harness, or walking aid of some kind, but, occasionally it was a box of treats and toys from Chewy. My mommy swore she would never buy another walking device EVER! The only thing that made her feel a tad better is that she was able to donate the zillion she had given up on. day, she saw the advertising from "Walk Your Dog With Love, and once again said "this is LAST time EVER!!! It actually was her last time, even though I was as stubborn as could be and she gave up on it within a week or two. Then, just today, she sat me down and said "Oliver, I love you more than life and I always will, but I'm feeling a little sad. All I've wanted since the day we got you was go on walks, take rides to the park, and have you in the car with me whenever possible". I knew she was sad because eyes were leaking again. I'm know almost 1.5 years old, and I've been working with a private trainer and I'm slowly catching on. Remember I am a Newfoundland and most of us are slow, lazy and STUBBORN! Just about an hour ago she approached me with the last walking device she ever bought and I knew what I had to do. Mommy put on my harness that has been put away for 6 months and I was a true gentleman. I cooperated and when she nervously took me outside I didn't make her trip or fall down!!! She smothered me with hugs and kisses and we were both so excited and happy that I dribbled. She said she almost did too. I'm writing to you to thank you for making THE WORLDS BEST DOG HARNESS ever!!!! It is the last one she ever bought and the only one she didn't donate. Maybe now she'll stop calling me her "Hairy Monster".

Oliver and Mommy 10/7/2017

  I received my walk your dog with love halter after doing a lot of research. My husband told me "it won't work!" Well guess what. He took our whippet for a walk this morning and came back saying unbelievable! I would never have believed that it worked if I hadn't seen it for myself. He now b believes in this great harness. Thanks

Diane Carroll 10/6/2017

  Amazing! Amazing! My 70 lb. Sammie, Gus, and I used the harness this morning. It was the most pleasant walk ever. He didn't pull, and there were no problems. I couldn't believe it. He had begun to pull all the time whether or not there was a distraction. not anymore!

Sandra K 10/6/2017

  All my dogs have one... they're great!

Margaret Michael 10/5/2017

  Just had our first walk with our new harness I have a 3 year old Staffordshire Terrier who is extremely enthusiastic on walks and I have tried many products to try and improve our walking experience, from the gentle leader to the easy walk, to a prong/pinch collar. We've taken him to many training classes (Where he behaves beautifully but comes home and is right back to his old tricks!) This harness was wonderful, he walked like an angel, or at least like my 1 year old bulldog mix who is always good. I could easily walk both of them together while he was wearing the harness! Thank you for your wonderful design! It fits very well and was super easy to adjust!"

D Sheridan 10/5/2017

  Was so excited to find a harness made in the USA!!!! I will be sure to pass on the word!!!!

Angela Cammarn 10/4/2017

  Thanks for your email and the supporting videos. I understand now what you meant by "scooching"!!! Everything is working well and I'm really impressed!!!! I feel like my dog is also enjoying our walk more! Thank you for the good job!!!

Vera Terzopoulou 10/4/2017

  I am in love with this harness and have stated before how fantastic I think it is. I have a rescue Golden Retriever that came to me at 1.5 years old and 0 least training. It was almost immediate the difference and within 3 days he walks like a show dog on lead.  I've never used a harness on a dog before but I see many similar and they are still plugging away on the lead. Obviously they are not using this one! I suspect many are thinking they could just go to the local Big Box pet store and find this but there is something very different. Thank you in advance and I also do a lot of camping and I'm constantly asked how I walk an 85-pound dog so calmly with a big smile on his face. 

P Bax 10/4/2017

  I love the sport harness. Hazel responded beautifully. It is now a pleasure to take her out. No yanking or pulling. This works!

Jan and Hazel 10/3/2017

  I use the harness on my well-trained dog, but could NOT work with shelter dogs without it. I use it with a short lead for leverage.

Hannah, Ocala 10/3/2017

  Thank you we are walking great more pulling😀love it

Elke L 10/2/2017

  I'm quite impressed... good design and affordable too!! Kudos :)

Carla Neubert Benoist 10/2/2017

  I have two of these. They really do work!

Terri Dolan 10/1/2017

  Really works. No more pulling from my Newoodle-90lb Newfoundland Poodle mix

Joan Ditges 10/1/2017

  Woof, woof from me and Chica!  ;)  Just to let you know my 4 yr old Chihuahua, Chica, is walking fine on her new harness.  We are both relieved of the constant pulling and tugging from all her other harnesses.

R Mullhausen 10/1/2017

  The NEO harness-leash has arrived in the meantime, and Turtle (my dog 10lb female puppy shitzu-bichon mix) and I love it! we tried it out right away of course :) It's great! I will be ordering a second one in short in neon pink. The harness fits perfectly (not too snug not too loose), the leash is light and most importantly Turtle no longer has a heavy metal karabiner hook dangling between her legs. No more tangled leash feet. I can tell, she does not feel constricted by a leash, which makes "loose-leash walking" so much easier. I can highly recommend this combined harness/leash to all dog owners, who have dogs with shorter legs or a light body weight that don't want to weigh their dog down with clunky leash paraphernalia... its very light... Wishing you continued success with your harnesses. I can promise that I will be heavily promoting it in my "hood". It makes a difference!

A van Winterfeldt 10/1/2017

The Best I ever seen my dog always pulled me. Now its like she walking me no pulling Its Wonderful                                   
Linda Santore  9/30/2017

This is the best harness I've ever used. Now I can walk our big strong dog easily because it works! Another bonus is it is far easier to put on than any other harness. Thank you for inventing this!

A Westing NH 9/30/2017

This product works pretty good.I have a Great Pyrenees, and walking her has become a pleasant experience so far.Only had it for 3 days, but so far, so good.

Ed Bero 9/30/2017

The last Original harness we purchased was well worth the price and lasted 9+ years.

Julie Alle 9/30/2017

  We have just received our two dog harnesses and we love them!

D Strickland 9/30/2017

  Received the harnesses today- - they are super well made, colors are great & the stitching colors are perfect with the harness colors. Now I need to view the videos. Thanx 🤗. Rosebud & Reese will be the hit of the neighborhood.

C Cullen 9/29/2017

 Love these dog harnesses- that's what I use for my Holly girl!

Carolyn Hall 9/29/2017

  I love love love this harness! it is nice and sturdy for my Mastiff male, he is not a huge puller but he has better manners walking with this dog harness. People comment what a good boy he is and it makes me so proud. I had the regular one which was awesome too, but went for the Broad Band because it seemed more hefty. It is really good quality and well made and nice smooth material. It is a really pretty blue color. People ask me about it wherever we go

Pat CT 9/29/2017

Best harness ever                                                                                                                                                         
Judy Hausler 9/29/2017

  We received our harnesses and the NEO style is perfect! Of course we walked the dogs asap; fit and function were everything as advertised! Thank you for a wonderful product!

Sueann B 9/29/2017

  We previously purchased one of these harnesses for our American Bull Dog / Bull Dog Mix. It was a life saver. This harness is the best for control and comfort!

Susan Stalb 9/28/2017

  The first time I walked Willow with just a collar and leash, I knew I would need something more effective, hence the search ending with buying the Broadband Big Dog harness from you. I have put a lot of money into pets, and that was the best $45.00 I ever spent. I'm really glad you have a chew replacement program, and it will never be in her solo sights again. She responds beautifully in this harness. What a superior training aid

Liz Sadler 9/28/2017

  I am a big believer in your harness. I have two large dogs that pulled all the time and then spent the cash for your harnesses. They are wonderful! They can still pull a bit, but not like they used to. I am now a professional dog walker and I recommend your product to my clients all the time. They are amazed at the difference after I show them the benefits of using the harness. I've had clients that have used pinch collars thinking those would work and then I tried your harness on them and poof - no pulling - totally different dog. I LOVE THE WALKYOURDOGWITHLOVE.COM HARNESS!

B Piltaver, IL 9/27/2017

  I hesitantly purchased the all in one NEO harness and please let me tell you why. I have a challenging 2 year old Husky mix who likes to pull. I wasn't initially comfortable spending 50$ on a harness when nothing else seemed to work. I have tried leashes, harnesses, and even gone to the expense of a personal trainer. The problem I have is that my husky mix pup thinks he should pull me (as he breed does) but I have Multiple Sclerosis and my legs do not have the strength to hold him back. I was at the point of finding him a new home. Until...I found this leash. The very first night we followed instructions given and I was able to walk with him with no pulling. He followed my lead and after a short walk I literally walked back to my house in tears. It was so easy I could only cry because it has been so hard in the past. I cannot believe how easy it was. I give so much credit to the person who designed this because it is allowing me to exercise my dog along with myself. I am now able to walk him on my own with no fear of him escaping from me or of me falling down. I can't explain what freedom this simple harness has offered me. Thank you so much for creating this harness!!

Lisa Jo Girdley 9/27/2017

  I have tried every kind of harness and leash system on the market, from Wacky Walk r to you name it. Nothing helped my dogs to stop pulling. I even took them to training. This harness instantly stopped my dogs from pulling and tugging! I could not believe it! Very rarely have I found products that actually meet and exceed what they say they do. This product met and exceeded my expectations and is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone that has stress, anxiety and frustrations with their dog pulling on a walk.

Brian M 9/26/2017

I do alot of camping.I have been asked and given the web address to many when they ask. i show the difference with this harness, and with other harnesses or no harness.I walk a 90 lb year old black lab. This is my second I gave the 1st to my daughters dog when we out grew ours and plan to order another.

Deby Sue 9/262017

 I purchased a harness from you guys up at the Big E about 2 years ago maybe three. I took it home and the harness has been great - both my German Shepherd Ranger and I love it. Ranger is a service dog so I take her all over the place to stores or the park or even doctor's appointments and the harness is phenomenal. I would like to send you some pictures of Ranger with your harness on - her vest so you can clearly see the harness and a picture of the harness after 3 years it looks pretty much as it did when I got it !

Joe Tomaso 9/25/2017

After much research, I ordered the Walk Your Dog With Love NEO harness system this week. Hot pink for my Sugar Cookie - so everyone stops calling her - him. Customer Service was very helpful redeeming my gift certificate. Great turn around time too.

Cookie W 9/24/2017

  Walk your dog with love harnesses are everything they claim it is. My Alaska Shepherd responded the very 1st walk. Now walking her is a pleasure.

Joseph Daniels 9/23/2017

As a professional dog walker this is the ONLY harness I recommend to my clients!!!
Thank you so much for making my already Pawesome job even better!!                                                                     
Suzan Hurtuk 9/23/2017

  This is a GREAT product! It really works!

Christine C-D 9/23/2017

  Bought one many years back at a county fair. It worked as soon as I put it on my dog. Amazing. Unfortunately, it got smelly after awhile. I just ordered another this morning. Decided to give it another try because I know that this harness works. Can't wait to start enjoying walks again.

Donna B 9/22/2017

  It works!!! My standard poodle feels no need to pull - with no adjustment period. Period.

KL Berkeley Canada 9/22/2017

All my questions are answered and thank you for being so kind I look forward to these leads as my animals are adorable but they do not know how to walk on traditional harnesses We three will have a much better time if this works for them Blessings and Woof Woof Woof

Raven, Sedona AZ 9/22/2017

  I would recommend this product to anyone with a strong hyperactive dog. I have a young Husky who I am very wary about with harnesses as her strength can usually easily snap them. But this harness has changed my way of thinking when walking her. It has helped me grow a strong relationship with my dog as i now enjoy walking her

Tracey H 9/22/2017

Just wanted to let you know I have received my harness and it fits perfectly. I can't thank you enough for all your help with sizing etc. I tell everyone with a dog about this so hopefully they will buy from you.

Jaqueline MacFadyn 9/22/2017

  This style of harness is the only way I can walk both of my dogs at the same time. Together outweigh me by 40 pounds and are powerful pullers. Not a problem anymore

Katheryn Savaria 9/22/2017

 Just received mine Love it. I thought I was walking a different dog. 👍

T Williams 9/21/2017

  I gave my last card out today. Will be calling for more. I love  ❤️  this harness & highly recommend. I love  ❤️  this harness & highly recommend.

T Hutchinson 9/20/2017

  Our 3 pups LOVE these

Shevaun W 9/20/2017

  Just got mine last week and my baby girl and i both love it. She really responds well now.

D Joseph 9/20/2017

  I am back to walking my dog instead of him walking me! Got a rescue 70 lb Golden Retriever and one month later ended up with a broken bone leg and hip. He tugged and I did not dare walk him to attempt to train him. Bought this harness for my friend to use in teaching him to walk better. Hardly any training needed at all and today I am pleased to say I walked my Walter. ( who now weighs almost 90 pounds is he is 2 years old) and he remained always by my side with a loose leash hanging with this harness! I should work for this company as I believe in it so much!!

Penny Bax 9/20/2017

  I love this my dogs walk so good now

 Kim Mazzafro 9/20/2017

This was like night and day with my Lab Pit mix. He still tugs every now and then, but with this harness I have much more control than other brands I've tried (even the gentle lead brand)

C Fradette 9/20/2017

  They really are great for great big dogs!!!

J Hinson, Texas 9/20/2017

  I love your product! The best harness for our dog Rosie! I was dog sitting my mother in law's dog and very much disliked her harness. So I ordered her a Walk your dog with love.

Amy and Rosie 9/20/2017

  I was advised to check out your harnesses by friends of ours who knew of our pulling struggles with our lab. Whilst apprehensive about ordering from the UK, I decided it was worth a punt to stop her pulling so bad. The harness arrived no more than 8 days later! I am so impressed by how my darling girl no longer pulls on our walks. It is such a simple yet incredibly effective system! Now whenever we are out and we meet a dog I tell the owners all about you and you're fabulous harnesses! I am such a fan and advocate of your harnesses now it's honestly the best £30 I've ever spent! Thank you so much!!!!

Becky Sims UK 9/20/2017

  First walk I've enjoyed with my dog in over a year! 
I have walked her nightly and can't break the pulling. 
This harness was magic! I did not actually believe it would make that big of a difference! 
And no stress on her - beautiful! Thank you! It's well worth the money 
A'nna Jurich 9/19/2017

I love this harness! It is great

Patrice Corrigan 9/18/2017

  This style of harness is the only way I can walk both of my dogs at the same time. Together outweigh me by 40 pounds and are powerful pullers. Not a problem anymore

Katheryn S USA 9/17/2017

  Love mine for my 85 lb lab!!

Lucy Levy 9/17/2017

  I bought the Sport model and I also debated the price but it was honestly worth it and totally effective in giving me control of my dog when I need too … I also just use it when walking and take it off him otherwise

S W Patterson 9/17/2017

This works great, my English Setter does not pull me when walking and that is the truth

Vikki Williams 9/16/2017

  These harnesses work like a champ! I was able to have an enjoyable walk with both my dogs at the same time! My fur babies were easier to control when other dogs walked by. Love these harnesses!!

Mitchelle Schroader 9/16/2017

  I have two of these harnesses and love them. One I use for my 68lb standard poodle who walked well with the gentle leader but he hated it. I felt horrible when he would walk away or act like he didn't want to walk. This harness has made walk time so much more enjoyable! He now doesn't hesitate when I say "let's go for a walk". The other harness I use for my 38lb standard poodle who walks well with a collar but will often jump and twirl so I worried about hurting her neck. She walks great on this harness and I no longer have to worry about her neck. These harnesses are east to take on and off. Fabulous product! I will be buying more colors!

Lin Doyle 9/15/2017

  Best dog harnesses Ever

Corky and Baxter 9/15/2017

  It Really Works!! I'm The Boss With This Harness. Mikey Is Not Big He Is Pekinese/King Caviler Mix But When I Adopted Him, I Was Told He Had Been Abused. Later I Found Out He Has ADHD, And Severe Night Terror's So When We Walk He Can Pull Me Over, He Digs In Like He's Pulling A Wagon Up A Hill. And I Fall. But This Harness Is So Amazing I Just Pull Very Lightly And He Turns Around Like It Was His Idea!! So Grateful, He Is My Love❤ And My Sheltie Loves Him. He Is A Snuggle Bug In The House. But Outside He Becomes Devil Dog. So Thanks For Saving My Arm, My Ribs, And My Safety 

J Parker 9/15/2017

  Baylee and I both love her harness :)

Cindy Coleman 9/15/2017

  Just got one and it's great

Carron Smith 9/15/2017

  Great product!! Buying another one for my other dog!!

Lisa Segelbacher 9/14/2017

  Walking two medium to large sized dogs, and only one of me was a tough job before these harnesses. I've tried the gentle leaders (over the muzzle type) walking harnesses previously, but this stresses the dogs out so much, you can't even enjoy the walk. Once we got our new Walk Your Dog With Love Harnesses on and adjusted just right, we were off and walking happily with no tugging! My pups ask me for walk time every evening, no muss, no fuss, no stress. We are working on sitting still long enough to click in on, but it's still great. Highly recommended!

B Joyce 9/14/2017

  When I was a trainer I recommended this to all my customers!

Leslie Orton 9/14/2017

  I have received my Harness and I must say it works perfectly. It was always a struggle to walk Harley as he would always pull me and walking him was an effort. I am proud to say he no longer pulls me and the Harness works fantastically. It is an absolute pleasure to walk now. I can also take my other dog Cara who is only 11 months. It is so exciting to be able to walk them both now as I used to have to leave her at home and it was really sad. I will be letting all my friends and FB friends know about your product and how fantastic it is and works perfectly. Once again thank you so much and making this product.

Jenny E, New South Wales 9/14/2017

  Love mine! My dog was impossible to take for a walk. We both wound up hating it. Now, it's awesome! I was skeptical at first, but this is the real deal. Absolutely works!!!

Melisa M Chance 9/14/2017

  I have one of these for my husky and it works like a charm. Love it

C Tofani 9/14/2017

  I can vouch for this harness. It is the best! No more issues on walks with it!

L Mango 9/13/2017

  My Dog has gained a lot of confidence since we started using this dog harness.

Lisa N 9/13/2017

  I have a 7yr old chocolate lab girl called Bailey. I have tried lots and lots of leads, harnesses, I even borrowed a choker to try and stop her from pulling. I heard about your harness, bought it (harness, collar, lead) all in rainbow colours. I cannot believe the change. It is now a pleasure to take my girl out. I recently took a short video of us out a walk and uploaded it to Facebook and to two Labrador groups. People went crazy - think I have possibly increased your orders in Scotland and the rest of the UK in the last 24 hours - I hope so!!

Pauline Gilfillan 9/13/2017

  WOW! Me and my husband used these harnesses for the first time on our 2 German Rottweilers this morning. BEST WALK EVER!! Our male dog (Rex) was a bad bad puller and I was always worried he would end up breaking his neck (or mine) as he is a big dog pulling me. But today he walked very good and happy instead of choking and stressed, I couldn't believe it. He didn't struggle when putting the harness on him, although I was sure he would because he would always jump and go crazy when we tried to put a collar on him, but this harness is like magic! I am going to recommend this harness to my family and friends who have dogs, because today was the beginning of many many happy and loving walking experiences with my dogs. THANK YOU!!!

Amanda 9/12/2017

We recently purchased two of your harnesses for our 70 lb. dogs. Hurricane Harvey hit and I had to be rescued by boat with the dogs who were wearing them. I could not have done this without those harnesses. Thank you.

Rhonda T, Texas 9/12/2017

Got one of these dog harnesses--it's wonderful, no more pulling and fussy diva-dog is fine with it

P Doolittle 9/12/2017

  I couldn't be happier that I found & ordered a dog harness from this do a lot of great things. Thank you.

KC Weeki 9/12/2017

  I have had my harness for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I got the one that has the attached leash- the NEO dog harness- which is great. My 90 pound German Shepherd no longer pulls me around. She walks calmly at my side . I am elderly with severe arthritis so this is definitely what I needed and my dog likes it also. I can't thank you enough for making it possible for me to enjoy taking my dog for a walk.

Margie B 9/11/2017

Marvelous loves his harness!

Rene R and Marv  9/11/2017

Cisco thanks you for the printed instructions that enabled “Mom” to get my new harness on!! My problem was I was making it far too complicated!!!  Once on – what a game changer. Thank you so much. Only thing is now I have to climb hills under my own steam. No longer getting pulled up hill! This is such a hit in our house that yesterday my husband borrowed it to use on his dog. I suspect there will soon be another order from our house.  

Debra and Cisco 9/10/2017

   I do love this harness design, it works great for my Papillon, but it is too big on my tiny teacup Yorkie and i wish you had smaller sizes for him

Jackie V Ireland 9/10/2017   

  I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! A great investment!!!

Deanna J, Santa Fe NM 9/9/2017

  Hi! I just received our new harness this afternoon. Walked my 85 lb GSD already, and WOW what a difference!!!! He looked a little confused at first, but he / we got the hang of the right vs left side. He didn't pull my shoulder out when someone passed by on a bike!!! He didn't try to take me down for the neighborhood squirrels either!!!! One slight correction with the leash, and he happily kept going! (Who's dog is this!!??) We only tried it once so far, but I am amazed! Hoping it continues, and no more pinch collar for my baby!!! Thank you for making an incredible product!!!

P Lagana 9/9/2017

  Just got your harness and leash in the mailbox. Watched your videos. Put it on my dog, Baylee, and out we went. She behaved like an angel. NO pulling, running, crouching and barking... I am so happy. I actually enjoyed walking her... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for creating this. I am so grateful that I found you on the internet.....

Shelley L 9/8/2017

  I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the harness - Humphrey, in his typical Cocker manner, still always wants to be up front, but with the harness, he's just so much easier to manage. I've had a few people remark on it already, so am spreading the good word! Kind regards and woofs!

Jayne & Humphrey in Germany 9/8/2017

   I have this dog harness and like it a lot.

Betsy R Denmark 9/8/2017 

  Anxiously awaiting arrival of our new harness. Been using them for years. Love this model and have tried many others. Love the no-pull concept.

M Virtue 9/6/2017

  Hard to believe the hundreds of 5 star reviews - UNTIL you put it on your dog. You then think it won't work. SURPRISE - it does. My young boisterous black Labrador walked calmly beside me almost right away. I was astounded and so was he. I'm sure he was trying to say - I like this !! He has now progressed to the wider sports one as he is a big lad and it is such a pleasure to walk with him and I know he will behave when we walk along the road. I have recommended to several owners I have met on my walks. One time - meeting a couple trying to walk a very unruly Labrador straining on a choke lead - they apologised for her behaviour. I offered them my 'harness'. They said they had tried everything - !! I put it on her and her owner gently led her away. Again not believing it was possible. They have one of their own now and I meet them occasionally- she is very well behaved now. There are several others now ' walking their dogs with love' now. I gave the first one I bought to my local vet. They commented on how good it I was to see my Kylo walking gently beside me. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY WALKS SO STRESS FREE. So simple and amazing - it is worth it's weight in gold!!

Eileen H, Scotland 9/6/2017

  Thanks so much for your products! Our newly adopted 3 yr old pit bull is being transformed with this dog harness. We all love it!

Marshall Family 9/5/2017

  Hi just received our new harness today and had our first walk this evening and WOW what a massive difference 100% better really enjoyed my walk with our dog, before it was nightmare with her pulling and dragging us all over.

Darren Beanie, UK  9/5/2017

  Thank you! This is our third purchase. Bought first one at the NYS fair. Love this for our big strong Boxer!

J VanDorp. NY 9/4/2017

  I am so impressed with how quickly my miniature Schnauzer has become a joy to walk after one walking session with this magical harness. All training has been more effective. He is a 10 month old puppy and very strong. No more fighting with him for control. Thanks so much!

Jan Hull 9/4/2017

  I love these, now have two for both my giant dogs. I would prefer them them in leather with metal buckles as I think they would look really smart.

Miss T Bowden, UK 9/4/2017

This harness is incredible...absolutely love it. I was struggling to walk my two dogs...actually they were walking me! I purchased these harnesses and it was a game changer. When they initially started to pull, the front clip would turn them around and they quickly learned that pulling was not taking them where they wanted to go. Yesterday, as I was preparing to walk, one of my gems chewed the harness in eager anticipation of our walk while I was getting ready...I had to resort to an old back clip harness which was a tugging nightmare. I just went on the website to order another one and learned that they will replace a chewed harness...amazing!! This company stands behind their product!

Carol Anton 9/3/2017

  Wow, I've never seen customer service this good, ever. :) Thank you so much. I will tell all my friends about your company. I bought one of your harnesses for my big lovable Golden Doodle, and it is the only product that actually keeps her from pulling, and I've tried many other products over the years. Thank you for making such a great product!!

Casey in Cali 9/3/2017

 These things really work. We walked our dog for eight years, everyday fighting and struggling with him. Not anymore!!

A Meinke 9/2/2017

It works for both of my German Shepherd's!

Robin Beal 9/2/2017

  Best harness on the market, no more pulling, as it clips in the front, and at least with dogs, they can't pull out like they did with previous harnesses. Plus they come in sizes ranged by weight, every other type of harness I have ever had adjusted with the buckle right under the dogs's "arm pit".

Judy Tatro 9/1/2017

  Thank you so much for the prompt and efficient way my issue was dealt with. These days you rarely get a reply to emails let alone such good after sales service. My daughter was so pleased that I was able to get her dog a harness as well. I will recommend your company to friends and family. Thank you again.

Cynthia Morris 9/1/2017

  I love this dog harness!! I can finally walk my dog without her pulling and choking herself!!

T K Goewey 9/1/2017

  I bought one a week or so ago and finally had the chance to try it today. IT works!!!! My 1 year old lab who usually pulls a lot was so calm on his walk this morning and he didn't pull once!! So now I'm buying 2 more for my other dogs.”

Susan C, Texas 8/31/2017

 I have no words for how grateful we are to have found your company. The harness we bought is a miracle! We have a 3 yr. old rescue dog that we adore, but he had no idea how to walk on a leash. And he is strong! I have recently had some surgeries and could not chance walking him. Your amazing harness changed all that! I walk him with ease! Keep changing the world, one dog at a time! :)

R Frisch 8/31/2017

 NO CHOKE • NO PULL • MORE LOVE Says it all! The NEO All-In-One Wonder gives you the best of both worlds with a dog harness with the leash built right in. By joining the harness and leash into one there is no additional weight for my pet (Jax) or for me. Our walks are a lot more enjoyable and Jax walks calmly alongside us. Quality was the first thought for this product and the 3M Scotchlite reflective material is great for walking at night. So happy we found!

J Berman- NY 8/31/2017

 Received your harness and was immediately amazed how it worked so well . Dog no longer pulled and was more calm . Love your product  

D Branson 8/30/2017

  I LOVE the harness and so does my dog. Switched from another front-hook harness that kept falling down and off. Yours is far superior and easier to put on, as well. Thank you! 

P T Doolin 8/30/2017

  Our obedience trainer recommended your harness & hands out your card to all her clients. Our previous Sheltie was a Houdini when it came to conventional collars & we had to resort to a choke chain to control his flight risk. We’re happy that your harness offers a superior alternative, and we can see a significant difference to a conventional harness or collar when walking our Sheltie puppy. He’s not a puller, but he stays at our side more these days.

Michelle P 8/30/2017

  I received my harness late last week and I feel like I have had a new pup since. I have handed out the 3 business cards that were included and been raving to my neighbors about your product. They in turn have been complimenting me on how nice it is to walk with me and Bentley now that he is not pulling me or choking himself. You have a great product here and I happy to know that they are made in the US! I have had my pup since October and WISH that I came across your product way sooner. I am getting compliments from strangers on how well behaved Bentley is for being/looking like a pup. I will continue to try and sell your product to any and all dog owners that I know for you. or you. This harness INSTANTLY transformed my 11 month old pup into a great walking dog and I believe that his disposition has changed as well. I can't believe how much better he is, everyone sees it, and I cant brag enough.

P Morgan 8/29/2017

  After having tried many "anti-pull" devices on my dogs over the years I can honestly say these are by far the best. Fantastic customer service too, a big thank you to all concerned.

Rosemary Love 8/29/2017

  Woof, woof from me and Chica! ;) Just to let you know my 4 yr old Chihuahua, Chica, is walking fine on her new harness. We are both relieved of the constant pulling and tugging from all her other harnesses. Thanks again for this great new harness.

Robyn and Chica 8/28/2017

  My dog loves this harness, Great product!!!

Chandler M 8/28/2017

  I am so happy that I decided to get this harness for Gypsy. I knew being a local company, who treats pets like the family members they are, that I wasn't going to regret it. I cannot express my gratitude to you and your company. PS this harness is magical! My baby girl never pulls anymore and loves her harness. She does a little dance every time i take it out to put it on her.

Asley Rising 8/27/2017

  Nothing compares 🐾😊 to this dog harness

Priscilla P 8/26/2017

  I am pleased with Maggie's harness. I've used it 2 times and it was nice she wasn't choking from her choke chains. She heels so much better which equals happy dog and owner. I plan to show it to my vet and leave her your card.

Crissy Neville 8/26/2017

  I have the BroadBand harness , I use it and I  Love it.

C Freeman 8/26/2017

  I can finally walk my Golden! She's 7 yrs young!

L. A. Temple 8/25/2017

Good concept- Harness works as advertised- my dog is walking not pulling. But if it came in a red white blue or patriotic pattern i would like it better. Boring colors.

Bob Malik NY USA 8/25/2017

  I have four of them for my four dogs. Love them.

B Hill 8/24/2017

  We have been walking our dog, Coco, for the past week using her new dog harness. The changes in her walking behaviour are nothing short of miraculous! Most of the dogs from other testimonials on your website were dogs who pulled ahead on their leash. Our dog never pulled ahead, but was what I call a "reluctant walker". She would stay behind and sniff every blade of grass. Some days, you felt as if you were almost having to drag her around the block on her walks. With her new harness, she walks smartly alongside us. Such a change!

Brent and Coco 08/24/2017

  We have thing! Big dogs don't pull anymore. I couldn't walk my dogs without these.

Martha C. 8/24/2017

I'm pleased to advise that my puppy's harness arrived yesterday and we used it for the first time this morning. Yesterday, our walk was very stressful. My husband and I took Molly (our 7 month old Border Collie) on a long walk (1 hour) and she pulled on the lead the entire time. My husband and I are in good health, but we had to take it in turns to walk Molly as our arms were dropping off trying to keep her walking to heel. I should mention we have owned dogs all our lives, both before and after we married (44 years married) and in particular Border Collies, so we are experienced owners. Today was an entirely different affair and although Molly pulled a little, she walked to heel and our walk was far more pleasurable. Because neither my husband and I were stressed, that transferred to Molly too and we all really enjoyed our walk. As Molly is only 7 months old, we still have lots of training to do, including training to walk to heel without the harness, but at least now her walks are seen as fun rather than constant checking. Anyway, suffice to say on our first outing we were happy with the harness's performance.....happy dog, happy owners! We have never used a harness before and still believe owners need to train their dogs not to pull using a normal lead, but for the sake of our sanity and Molly's happiness, this harness is excellent. So thank you very much.

Patricia and Molly 8/23/2017

  Lllllove ur product, thank you for making my life w multiple furbabies so much easier.

Amy Zen 8/23/2017

Use this dog harness for my Golden Retriever...amazing results. Highly recommend.

Janet G. 8/22/2017

  I want to thank you for making your dog harness. Before I had your harness my two dogs would pull so hard on their leashes I was having pain in my hip and I was afraid I would no longer be able to take them for a walk. The first time I took them for a walk using their harnesses they no longer pulled on their leashes. It is a pleasure to walk them now. It is great to buy a product that does what it says it will do. Thanks again

Larry Fox 8/22/2017

  I have a 2 year old French bulldog that loves to pull, however I'm am finding that it is causing issues with her acid reflux, so off went the collar and on went the search for a dog harness that fits little "Fat Chance" correctly. I have tried many and finally gave up and made my own makeshift harness in the meantime. Finally I came across your site and I purchased a red one for my Fatty Patty! I love the concept and am adjusting as she has been wearing it. Thank you!

Malia 8/22/2017

I bought one of your dog harnesses for my dog (a Staffie x American bulldog) because she is a puller of arms out of sockets!!!! It has worked wonders. No more sore shoulders and neck for me and I assume no more sore neck for her. Thanks a million times .

Pam Wilson 8/21/2017

  My girl wore her dog harness today on our walk. No pulling!!😊😊

G Dudley 8/20/2017

  My pup still tries to pull when we pass certain dogs BUT it does not jerk me and I have control AND it does not choke her. My hope is she eventually realizes she gets nowhere and gives it up. Best dog harness and I have tried several.

Anne W 8/20/2017

  This is THE BEST thing ever! I can walk my pulling machine w/ my pinky now!! 🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️ Great dog harness!!

Linda C 8/20/2017

We purchased two dog harnesses for our Irish Terriers as they were pulling a lot and our shoulders were becoming painful. These new harnesses are simply amazing. We had tried everything over several years so we're delighted to discover your harness. Well done for coming up with a brilliant idea. Thank you.

Tony in Cambridge England 8/20/2017

  Thankyou for the prompt delivery of Harley's new dog harness and lead- excellent quality and it has stopped Harley pulling and made walks much more enjoyable have given your cards to family and friends, again thankyou, we will defiantly come to you for any more doggie needs

Ron in Darby GB 8/19/2017

  ...Loving the dog the harness and now find that my dog/puppy walks perfectly is more than happy and no longer pulls me every way but which. Thank you so much for your customer care and wonderful service...

P Potter 8/19/2017

  Don't know why anyone would not fall in love with this dog harness! Obviously haven't tried it. Works great with our pulling 80 lb Basset. LOVE IT. This is the 1st harness to work with her!

Natalie 8/18/2017

  I bought one for my Morkie. I had been using a prong collar on him so he wouldn't go after other dogs. This dog harness is fabulous and he likes it! So easy to put on 👍

Lori A 8/18/2017

  Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new dog harness I just bought for my new dog. Great quality and great price! I purchased one from you last year for my other dog, what a pleasurable difference it has made in our long walks .

Ocean Lover 8/18/2017

Wow! I just got my dog harness and leash and after a few minor adjustments (great video, BTW) it fits my guy perfectly. Just walked him around the house a bit with it, but already there's a huge difference. He's a feisty little Min Pin mix with a pull that makes me suspect he's crossed with a Clydesdale, but in your harness he walks just as calmly as a lamb. I couldn't be happier!

Gina Furmomma 8/18/2017

  My sweet boy Murphy loves his new WALK With LOVE dog HARNESS

Murphy the Dog 8/17/2017

  Just purchased this dog harness for our 4 yr old Terrier "puppy". He seems to be more behaved during his walks - so far so good.

D Roundtree 8/16/2017

  Thank you. My dogs and I are so pleased with them that I've just promoted your dog harnesses on my Facebook page. Now the winter of our discontent is made glorious summer by the sun of ''!

Tricia B 8/16/2017

  It works miracles! No more tugging!

Pam Harper Meyer 8/15/2017

  I just want to thank you for your very prompt delivery of my dogs leash ,collar and harness. Roxy is a Goldie and weighs 100 lbs. The dog harness fits like a glove. She doesn't even notice that its on her. I needed something like this as she is shy and needs to be led around. I have tries others and by far this is the BEST. I thank you and so does Roxy.

Philip J and Roxy 8/15/2017

  This dog harness is working wonders with my Eurasier boy! My new 4 yr rescue boy Jazz is definitely more Chow like, stubborn strong and determinedly fixated! I have been to emergency room after being pulled through the air onto my shoulder! Also if he doesn't want to go in a certain direction, he backs up and rotates, spinning me into the road more than a few times. I understand I need to learn to handle him also, but this harness helps me manage his behavior. He now knows I am in control and even tests it but soon concedes. We are enjoying wonderful walks together and both our confidence is growing. Thank you very much for designing it!

Gillianne 8/15/2017

  I ordered this dog harness for my Husky pup, Dakota. Between puppy energy and his strength, I had major problems controlling the pulling. The Walk Your Dog With Love harness is fantastic. Dakota stopped pulling on the first walk! This truly is the World's Best Dog Harness. Thank you! Our walks are much more enjoyable for both of us! I highly recommend this harness for every dog owner.

Dottie and Dakota 8/15/2017

  Bella's Bright Pink dog harness is fantastic! She is a different dog! I am disabled and my dogs have not been for a walk in over three years. I have been very upset over this. And Gus and I REALLY need to be walking for our health and well being. Thank you for a wonderful, life changing product!!

Susan Gus and Bella 8/14/2017

  Best dog harness ever! It's true! I'm 63 yrs old and have 2 Chow mix rescues that almost killed me lunging after a squirrel. With the Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses, if they try to lunge, they're pulled into me. These harnesses are the absolute best for my dogs and for me. Thank you!!

Donna G. Ocala Florida 08/13/2017

  Just a quick note to say thank you. Firstly I could not believe how quickly our dog harness arrived. I ordered it on Sunday night and I had landed on our doormat here in Limerick Ireland on Friday morning. Secondly, this is simply the best harness ever. We have a beautiful but strong Pointer Collie mix and she is too strong for my elderly parents to walk. This has all instantly changed with the Walkyourdogwithlove harness. They are now loving their walks together.

Alona, Limerick Ireland 8/12/2017

  Want to say that I love the dog harness. It is very easy to put on and my dog is not bothered by it at all. And the leash is great.

Nancy S. Sterling Mass 8/12/2017

  I picked the dog harness up from the Post Office, adjusted and put it on Bugsy. I know a lot about "lightness" when teaching mules how to "give" whether it be a mouth piece (bit) or a slight pressure on the mule's shoulder blade to "teach" him to pick up his hoof --- Lightness is "key". THIS IS LIGHTNESS TO A DOG! WONDERFUL!! I LOVE IT!! I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH!! Thank you So Much!!

Sharon and Bugsy, Paulden AZ 8/11/2017

  Omg! Your dog harnesses changed our lives!! I have 4 rescues, (2 shelties & 2 bichons) two are scared and timid and 2 are aggressive and very brave. I just took my first walk with two at a time and actually feel like I got exercise and NOT just my arms from the pulling! Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

D. Steen Texas 8/10/2017

I love the dog harness. Another thing that's great about it is that it's soooo easy to put on. Just one click. I'm a pet sitter, and some other harnesses my clients have take me awhile and there's a lot of trial and error putting them on. WYDWL is so easy :)

G G 8/10/2017

  We use this dog harness! Works great with our 130 pound Irish Wolfhound puppy.

M Foster 8/10/2017

  It works very well with our 30 lb Doodle. No pulling and comfortable walk with the doggie. I recommend this dog harness for sure.. Thanks

Jenny Rose 8/9/2017

I have passed out your cards and told all my neighbors about the dog harness and leash. And, I tell others and show it at the Vet's office. Hope this gives you some orders. 5 Woofs to you!

Joyce in PA 8/9/2017

  Daisy and I love your Walkyourdogwithlove harness, no more pulling she's like a totally trained dog now so thank you for making this dog harness.

Chris and Daisy 8/8/2017

  I have this dog harness for my Lab it does not get twisted up works great and much easier to control her...

Evelyn H 8/7/2017

  This dog harness is the only way I can walk my Saluki without her walking me 😊

Katie B 8/7/2017

These dog harnesses have solved many problems with my 3 Schnauzers!

Susie in Sioux Falls 8/7/17

Thank you so much for inventing this dog harness. I have a Lab-Hound-Pit Bull mix who loves to pull, run and lunge towards any animal it sees or smells. To say the least, walking her has not been a pleasant experience since we got her three years ago. We have tried all kinds of harnesses and leashes and have had very little success. The most popular ones are up around the neck and throat, but Stella still pulls and strangles herself with these. Now, with this new harness- I have complete control over her and where she can and cannot go. She still pulls some but I still have control over her and that is so key to me. She is a big and strong dog and I am a shorter person, so for me to feel confident and in control of the walk, makes walking my dog a much more pleasant experience. I would recommend this product to anyone else having issues walking their dogs due to pulling. I feel so much better and actually want to get out there to walk her now!

Leilani Brown 8/6/2017

 Your products are the Best ever! We are so glad you are here. Thanks.

Barbara and Jesse 8/5/2017

  I have had several of these for our three fur babies. They work great. I have a little rescue mix that just gets so excited. These dog harnesses are great :)

Phyliss T 8/5/2017

  I love the dog harness, vehicle safety belt and leash that I purchased recently. Your "Walk your Dog with Love" gear would make a great gift. I see a lot of people in my neighborhood walking the family dog "dog sled style." I'll be spreading the word about your great products!

S Weeks, NC 8/5/2017

The dog harness fits perfectly! I adjusted it for his summer wardrobe (t-shirts) and there is plenty of room for his winter attire of sweaters and a coat. I also got a new collar and leash. Not only is this a great, quality product, but your attentiveness and over the top customer service is the best I think I have ever experienced. I have already recommended you to many others and will continue to do so

Dar Kelly 8/4/2017

  I have it, use it, love it! Great dog harness!

Lisa J 8/4/2017

  This dog harness is awesome!

Danee and Daisy 8/3/2017

  I'm not sure why or how, but it works great. Our 1 yr old rescue was always tugging, like a sled dog. This dog harness just seems to do away with that pulling!😃

Mary Jo and Barney 8/3/2017

  I had used a harness purchased from a pet store, and my 3 month old puppy hated it so much, we would have to hold him down to get it on him. Then he would lay down and not get up because he was so upset. I nearly gave up on him ever walking on a leash. Then I looked on your Web site and purchased the walk my dog with love harness. We didn't have hold him down to get it on him and he loves his walks. Thank you for the dog harness, I recommend it to all dog owners.

Irene in Utah 8/2/2017

  Love buying from another USA company! Your dog harness works so great we got one for our other dog. I didn't think she pulled till our other dog stopped!

Patty D -Bedford, MA 8/2/2017

  I’m loving the dog harness – what a wonderful product! Who needs to train their dog to walk well when you have one of these beauties!!

Tania- Queensland, Australia 8/1/2017

I just wanted to say how happy I am with your dog harness. Are you sure there no magic woven into your product!!! I have a beautiful, good-natured rescued Lab cross with German short haired pointer, I have had him for 2 of his 8 years on this Earth, I had given up on lead training and spent a fortune on harnesses and head halties, to no avail as each seemed like somewhat of a personal challenge to Ash, I had even embraced this by embarking on canicross and park run with Ash (yes, perhaps it's cheating having a 43 kg dog dragging you around the course!). As soon as I put the walk your dog with love harness Ash was so different, no more pulling, aching back or arms, a truly wonderful product.

Sue Hardy 8/1/2017

I recently adopted a 110 lb, 7 year old German Shepherd. When we tried to walk him he would pull and he would go crazy when he saw other animals, so when I saw your ad I figured I give it a try -what a difference it made! He no longer pulls and when he sees other animals a simple tug and he is controlled- he is now a pleasure to walk. BEST PRODUCT EVER-THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PRODUCT I'LL RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE I KNOW

Frank, New Jersey 7/31/2017

  I am really impressed. Yes! no more sore shoulder as the dog harness really works. I have to keep looking to see if my dog is on the end of the lead. Thank you soon much.

S Frankiln, Surrey UK 7/31/2017

  We received your harness 3 days ago -WOW! About 2.5 years ago we adopted an abandoned, wonderful 4-years-old Husky-Malamute mix, Sasha. She is so perfect as she just can be - but as almost all Huskies, she too, loves dragging & pulling... even us...We purchased first some collars but we stopped using those after some weeks for we didn't want she to be hurt. Then we purchased plenty of harnesses of which she escaped pretty easily. Last we purchased for her a tailor-made no-escape harness - it worked & we were relieved that she can't escape but she pulled & pulled & pulled... towards other dogs, cats, smells, sometimes even without any apparent reason... So we went training & training & training... Coaches, lessons, dog psychologists one after one... But to train a Husky not to pull against her nature... well, it didn't give much result, of course. So you can get a glimpse how glad I became when I saw a Youtube video about WYDWL harness - it instantly made sense - I just wish I would know about it much before! I do not have words to tell you how glad & satisfied & pleased we all are! No more dragging, no more pulling, no more tug-of-war, no more pain in arms... = your harness !

Magdalena,  Sweden 7/30/2017

  I swear by this harness. My Goldendoodle pulls like a sled dog using a collar or regular harness. But with a front lead harness the more she pulls the more she is pulled slightly to the side. Pulling is totally a thing of the past. I've been through 5 or 6 of these because, apparently they taste good and Bella has chewed them up!!!! The fact that I keep replacing them is a pretty good testimony

Bart Moore 7/29/2017

I ordered the dog harness for my grand dog in NY. It works perfectly. I've told several people about the harness. Stopped Spencer in his tracks, and he was starting to hurt my shoulder when I visit him in NY.

Carolyn and Spencer 7/28/2017

  Benson is a mix dog of Pit Bull, Boxer and mutt. He is 7 months old and weighs approx. 35 lbs and full of energy. I have better control with his walking with my new front harness and I know take it off each and every time we go inside. Easy to do. Again Thank you for the great invention of the front lead dog harness and for the customer service. Have a great day.

Kathie V and Benson 7/28/2017

   I am so pleased with the dog harnesses I bought for our dogs. Walking with 2 dogs pulling was never an easy thing and while I was hopeful, I was skeptical. The change was instant! I love walking the dogs now!!! Now I'm off to buy the Zen Walking Belt!

Sam, SK Canada 7/27/2017

  We absolutely love your team, company and product. A guarantee like yours is hard to find and a product like yours is even harder. Both our dogs have your dog harnesses, color coded for their genders of course (wife insisted  ) We recommend your product to all our furry family member owning friends. Keep up the great work.

C Martin 7/27/2017

I just got this dog harness for my 30 lb puppy. It is helpful in our walking training.

Lynda, Sandwich Mass 7/25/2017

  I love this dog harness for my dog. Works great. My dog weight: 78 lbs.

B Snyder, Florida USA 7/25/2017

  I have these dog harnesses for two of my dogs and they work amazing.

Deb, Kennewick Washington 7/25/2017

  I Had to tell you what a wonderful product your dog harness is. I have a 106 lb. male Malmute and 56 lb. female Husky. I cannot tell you how much my walking experience is with this harness. I fell off a ladder about a year and one-half ago and fractured my pelvis and I have not been able to walk them until I received your harnesses. Both of my fur babies pull like they are in the Iditarod. This harness has been a lifesaver. I have total control over both of them when we walk, no pulling, and all three of us are enjoying our walks. Thank you.

Vickie H 7/24/2017

  Your dog harness is a blessing in that I am not "choking" my dog. 95% of the time our walk is the TV perfect version. It's just 2 houses that have attack dogs that we can not walk past. I figure she's being protective because other dogs we pass she pays no attention. After several leashes, collars and harnesses, yours is the perfect one for my pup. Safer for me and so much nicer she isn't choking. And just for laughs, her "job" as she is an Aussie is to keep squirrels off mom's bird feeders. A job she does well. On walks she doesn't care. Thanks again for an excellent product. One I recommend to all my friends  

Ann, David and Bell 7/24/2017

  I cannot believe the difference in my dog! He is so well behaved in this dog harness, it is astonishing. Thank you!

C Dennis 7/23/2017

  Happy it! Also love the dog harnesses that I got for my two very happy Mini Dachshunds...impossible to find one that fits over the huge chest bone until now and it is wonderful, can't say enough good things!

Linda O 7/23/2017

Got one for my Lab puppy when she started getting strong & pulling toward people & other dog walkers. The dog harness has been life changing 👍🏻

Judy H  7/22/2017

 I have that dog harness, it works the best

Monika Mcnamara 7/22/2017

  It's a freakin' miracle! Carl's first walk in his new dog harness this evening was perfect. 180 degree difference.

Pricilla in Texas 7/21/2017

  It really works!

 Nancy Rivers 7/21/2017

  I am in love with the dog harnesses that I’ve ordered from Walk Your Dog With Love. Thanks to you, dog walking is a dream come true (especially when you are walking a 100 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog)

Susan and Rocky 7/21/2017

  We absolutely LOVE,LOVE, LOVE !!! the dog harness & it is the best investment that any dog owner can make.

Jamie and Raven 7/20/2017

  I've bought 3 total harnesses for various dogs and LOVE them! We got a new one is for smaller guests that come to our house. Glad you've expanded and happy for your success.

Aimee, Stratford CT 7/20/2017

  I was skeptical...But now I'm not. This dog harness is magical! My Husky walks have been transformed.

Jana, Dublin Ireland 7/19/2017

  I recently purchased a dog harness for my Golden Retriever and used it for the first time yesterday. Immediate results; no pulling. I am amazed. Thank you so much!

Peggy B 7/19/2017

  We could not be happier with the harness for our dog! She walks beautifully with it on, without pulling or yanking the leash. This is in great contrast to her prior walking skills, which included running after every bird, squirrel, leaf, and small moving object that she saw. She is a 25-pound terrier mix, so you can imagine that her instinct to chase and hunt is very strong. On the Walk Your Dog With Love harness, however, she is DELIGHTFUL to walk!! Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

Deb Yesu 7/19/2017

   I have this dog harness, I'm very satisfied

Michel P, QC Canada 7/18/2017

  Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with this dog harness. My 30+ kg Standard Poodle for 6 years has pulled when walking. Have tried numerous walking harnesses over the years. Her NEO all in one harness/lead arrived today. I fitted according to video and oh my goodness, success first walk. So happy with this item that I've just ordered a second one for my other Standard Poodle. She's ok with any walking aid, but I want them both to have the comfort of your harness. I am 70 years old and often balked at walking 60+ kg of dogs due to one of them continually pulling. We've just had a great 2 km walk and I now have an ex puller !! So much better for both of us. I'm totally gobsmacked at how this worked as you advertised. Tomorrows walk, here we come ! 😀 Many thanks

Mo, Queensland Australia 7/17/2017

  Just got my new dog harness today and I'm a bit shocked at how well it works! I did have to watch the video again while adjusting it on her but once I did that it was easy. I was worried that once you pull on the front it would open up by the arm area and she could slip out of it but that was not the case. Properly tightened across the belly she can't get an arm out. Oddly enough she seemed very calm as if she enjoyed it. I'm going to put it to the test and walk another dog with her and see how it performs when there is competition :)

KR 7/15/2017

Thank you so much for your quick service. Not only do you make the Best Dog Harness, you have the Best Service.

Deb, Kennewick WA 7/15/2017

Works fantastic with my 115 pound mix. The dog harness works for my GSD too.

Carrie 7/14/2017

  I received my order today and am very pleased it came with the "go to video instructions " card. When I first ordered it I didn't understand any of the videos on your website. I've set it up and we've had a practice walk around the paddock. It's really great the way she responds to the dog harness. So thanks heaps.

JR, Auckland, NZ 7/14/2017

  Thank you so much for my harness. I am so pleased with the speed and service received from you. All my friends here in Britain now know about you as this is the best dog harness ever.

Stephanie, GB 7/13/2017

Love all your products! The dog harness saved my shoulder and Jesse walks a "Happy walk"

Barb E 7/13/2017

  Thank you! We have one old harness from you& have another dog (both hounds ). They pull me like crazy and your harness is simple to use. Have tried others, too complicated . My husband says it's like a different dog!  Strong scents out there today but with some fine tuning on Leroy's harness, I think I am a dog walker again!   🐶🐶 thanks

Kathleen Mccarthy 7/12/2017

  Thanks so much. I just received my harness, immediately watched the "how-to fit" video and my recently rescued Shepherd and I went for the best walk we've ever had! Immediate results! Wow! Thanks again!

Deb White 7/10/2017

  I am part of a German Shepherd Pack Group on Facebook. I shared your harness to all my GSD friends! I hope you receive the orders your amazing product deserves!  I had to say how amazing your harness is! I have 2 German Shepherds and I would never dream walking them together but now with your harness I can. You have changed my life!

Rose Hasel 7/8/2017

  Amazing!!!! "Cecelia" and I went for a walk this evening, and it was our best walk ever!!!!!

Sue Wildey 7/8/2017

  The first one worked so well that I am ordering another for my other dog. I did follow the suggestions in your videos and they really helped. Thanks so much. I can now enjoy our walks without fear of being accidentally injured due to my dog's pulling, jumping. Dogs do not seem to mind it either!

Jan Pichler 7/6/2017

  I just want to thank you for your product. The results just after the first use were amazing. You folks ROCK!!.

John Doty 7/3/2017

  WOW, what a remarkable difference it was, I can honestly say it was a pure pleasure to walk the dog, She is an 18 month old Border Collie and whilst only 16 kg / 35 pounds she is strong, with her old harness I feel now that she wanted something to pull against. Thank-you so much I am still at odds to understand how it can/does make such a huge difference

Rick Stewart 6/30/2017

  I have to say that we are so satisfied with harness. We walk our Mr. Bond with more love now. Mr. Bond says Woof to you :)

Teena Havrda 6/29/2017

  Ok I’m sold.  I squeezed our older dog into the size I just purchased for the puppy to grow into and it was the best walk the 3 of us ever had.  I just ordered the correct size for the older dog.  No Houdini and everyone (mostly me!) enjoyed the walk. Thanks for the personal attention.  I hope your company does very well.

Marie Lawrence 6/29/2017

  We are delighted with the harness / it makes a huge difference to our walks with our 7 month old German shepherd - he is a rescue dog & so far hasn't had much socialization & training so this really helps. Will be very happy to highly recommend your product - worth waiting for!!

Verina Weaver  6/27/2017

  Wow what a fantastic harness stopped my St Bernard pulling instantly

Carl Wyat 6/24/2017

  I have 2 and they are the best! No pulling and super easy to put on.

Alicia Salvato 6/21/2017

  I have one of your harnesses and I love it.  

Mary Sue Hermann 6/19/2017

  Eli walks nicely, his walking is much improved; there has been no pulling like he was doing before. Thank you for a good product.

Susan McIntosh 6/15/2017

  Carl likes his new harness! (And I wont use anything else now!!) I really really love em and  like really fancy products while walking my pupper ;)

 Alicia Holmes 6/14/2017

  I love the harnesses i got for my girls! It's so much easier to walk all three now!"

Abby Howell  6/12/2017

I like the minimalist aspect of this harness and that it does not interfere with the dogs' shoulder motion-when appropriate, my dogs walk off leash, but there are times when i need a good harness

Mollly Moffat 6/10/2017

  Love your collar! First walk was amazing! Thank you"

Amber JM 6/7/2017

Just bought a second harness because the first one made such a difference in walking my boxer. No more straining, coughing, and lunging. Thank you!

Tom E Winter Springs Florida 6/5/2017

  I wanted to tell what great success I had walking my Siberian Huskey with the harness on the FIRST WALK. You have a customer for as long as I have dogs !!!!!

 Lucille Dodson 6/1/2017

  Thanks - the harness for Baby arrived yesterday (Thursday) here in Spain.  Went for first walk with it this morning and it is great.  I have ordered the next size down online just now because it is a bit on the generous side, but will continue to use what we have till the new one arrives, then will probably give the original to a friend or the local dog rescue centre - we are knee deep in strays here, especially after Christmas.In the meantime will be showing it off to anyone who will listen.  Photos to follow, as if you didn't have enough!

Terry & a very grateful Kathy 5/31/2017

  It's amazing!  I just got my harnesses today and went for our first walk.  I couldn't believe the difference.  My 2 year old Australian Labradoodle, Zoey was getting more and more difficult to walk, she pulled so hard.  First time out, she was a different dog. She walked with me perfectly!  Thank You so much!  Now, she and her baby sister Dayz and I are going to really enjoy our walks every night!

Gina, Dayz & Zoey, Hillsboro, OR 5/23/2017

  Amazing, simply amazing! Glad I took a chance with this, it's a life changer now walking with our year n a half old 80lb. bulldog/pit-bull mix, walks have become much more fun and enjoyable for everyone! .. Thank you!!!

Ariel Mae Ragen 5/12/2017

  I have purchased this for my own dog so know what a great product it is.  We were leaving his former harness on all the time because he fought so hard whenever we tried to put it on.  Now he just sticks out his head and we slip it right on.  It has been wonderful.

Randy Lamb 5/2/2017

   We needed a harness in each car so just ordered our second. Thanks for making such a GREAT product!

Donna Trebert 4/2/2017

  I bought two for my JRT's who used to run after anything that moved whilst on an ordinary harness, and choke themselves when out wearing just a collar and lead. From the first time we went out, this harness worked like magic. After the first pull, they just stopped! Happy dogs = happy owner

Michelle Cox 3/11/2017

  I love it. It is magical. I have a St Bernard, 122 pound'o'pulling, yet not with your harness. Thank You

Steve Magee  Seattle WA, USA  3/1/2017

  Bought ur harness at the pet expo in Edison.  i love it! works great.  My Frenchie is happy wearing it and he doesnt even try to pull me now. thank you so much!"

Altaira C 2/18/2017

Hi! I bought one of your harnesses last fall at the Yankee Peddler craft show in West Springfield, MA.  Loved it, but made the mistake of keeping it on our big naughty pup, a Golden Doodle, while having a friend to lunch. Our dog chewed it in two! I won't leave it on him again unsupervised! I'm tugged all over without it! I bark about it to everyone I know with a dog! Can’t wait to get my new one….

Cindy White 1/4/2017

  We got our Siberian puppy one of these harnesses last spring. She was a handful then. She is even more of a handful now that she is almost fully grown. We took advantage of your VERY cool half-price puppy promise and just got her the next size up. She rocks it in her bright pink. We LOVE walk your dog with LOVE! Spreading the word on all our social media pages.

Matt S 12/7/2016

 OMG ! No pulling at all on the very first trial! This may be the single best purchase in my recent life. I hope it's forever and not because my Luna felt something different on this first trial. Please, if everyone who reads this helps spread the word about this amazing harness, untold numbers of dog owners will not give up on their dogs, as I was seriously thinking of doing. I would give the WYDWL harness 11 stars out of five if their website had feedback with ratings !!! Thank you so much. My life (and Luna's, too) will be so much easier, less stressful, AND less dangerous.

Actual harness buyer, Karen 12/7/2016

 Getting ready to order my second harness. What a difference this made on my lab puppy. But now I need a bigger size. Great product.

Debbie 11/24/2016

 I purchased one of these harnesses for my one year old Husky who LOVES to pull my arms off. I have to say, WOW! It's like they took my dog and replaced it with another who's better behaved on the leash. She still likes to pull when she sees squirrels, but what dog wouldn't? When we are just walking she is perfect, and if she isn't, I can easily get her back on track when I need to.

Lynn 10/31/2016

 I have a 4 year old LabraDoodle, medium sized, who always pulled when I took him for a walk. I had tried everything and basically had just given up. My 2 year old small LabraDoodle does not pull anymore. The harness is like a miracle. I have a harness for each dog and it has totally changed how I view walking them every day. I also realized how much the pulling had strained my back and now it is a pleasure to walk both dogs. They both love walks so now when I get the harness out they wait patiently for me to put it on. I only wish I had tried the harness a lot sooner!!!!

Andrea 10/31/2016

 My Springer Spaniel is 3 years old and we have never been able to enjoy a walk with her, as she would just drag us around, even though we have tried many gadgets on the market.  Within 20 minutes of having her in the Walk Your Dog With Love harness, she was walking like a 'normal' dog. I say normal as she has recently been assessed, by an animal behaviourist, to have Autism, so life is quite confusing for her. Wearing a collar for her to pull and half choke herself was very stressful for her and she would regularly snarl at people and passing dogs.  Her mood is far better since using your harness and she has actually gone up to another dog whilst out on a walk and 'sniffed'.  We are thrilled with this change in behaviour with her.  She will never act as other dogs do, but she is a happier dog walking with us now and that makes us happy too. Thank you for aiding the harmony of our household.

Chris Edmunds, UK 10/14/2016

  I have purchased your walk your dog collar and want to tell you that I love it.  I’m so glad that I made the purchase!                                                                                                                                                                      
Jessica Campo 9/13/2016

 Love the harness. I NEED it for my big puppy.  It is great. Thanks for a super product.                                                                                                                                                                    
Carol Miller 9/13/2016

 I am super happy with the fun and fancy harness. I have 2 pups one is 75 lbs. and my little girl is 45 lbs. This harness is like having power steering, also the material is sturdy and soft on them and your hands. Where ever I go we get compliments and people ask for the website. Great product!!!

Tanya Andersen 9/12/2016

 Just wanted to tell you that I just ordered my second harness from you for my new rescue and it makes walking TWO dogs a breeze. Love this product!                                                                                                                           
Kathleen 9/9/2016

 Thanks for the instructions. It really helped. Used harness last weekend. Best Harness Ever! Woof to You!                                                                                                                                                                               
John Dunn 9/9/2016

 Jazz Got her New Purple Harness Today!!!! She looks good in purple & its her 3rd size. Love the puppy promise                                                                                                                                                                                
Tom M 9/7/2016

 I do love the harness and have told several people about how great they are! Thanks for selling such a great product and standing by it.  I love the fact that it is made is the USA, which is what I look for in all products                      
Chris Saloio 9/6/2016

 Really love those harnesses and my 2 labs are enjoying the walks even more now and it is not a game of tug o war with them.                                                                                                                                                              
Steve Klein 9/1/2016

  My order arrived this morning for my 4 dogs, and they all fit. I am  very pleased indeed. It's amazing how quickly my dogs got used to it. Very simple concept but very effective.

Allan Grieff 9/1/2016

 Fantastic can't believe it's in the UK all ready, we have bought it as we are rescuing a German x husky, but tried it on our German shepherd it was gob smacking can't believe how good it is ,lots of thanks

Timothy 8/31/2016

 We have just purchased your stop pulling harness and the first walk this morning with our dog wearing his new harness was at last a pleasure and not a chore. He still has a couple of other issues but if the pulling stops we can work on them next. I just wanted to say thanks for a great product that does what it says it does. Brilliant thank you.

Colin Burgess 8/30/2016

  We have just been for our first walk with nellie wearing her what a transformation !!! No pulling and a lovely walk. We will be fine tuning over the next few days but what an excellent product and amazing service and fitting instructions. We will be buying another one as a spare.”

Tim Freer 8/27/2016

 The harness stopped my 90 pound hound dog from pulling. What a relief

Lois Rubin 8/27/2016

 These dog leads changed my life

Tina Jones 8/26/2016

 You have yet another highly satisfied customer. The harness has transformed our leash-walking and leash-running with Hank.  He's happy, we're happy, because Hank has an outlet for his energy.  It's a win all the way around. So thank you! 

Terri Taylor 8/24/2016

 My 3 dogs all wear the "Walk your Dog With Love" Harnesses, and we can all walk at one time instead of two at a time, thanks to you and your harness!!”

Nancy Gordon 8/23/2016

 I got my NEO yesterday and it didn’t take an entire walkover for me to know this is the perfect leash for my older (20 month old) dog. It completely solves the problem I have had with every front lead harness I’ve used and it does it perfectly because it’s the Walk Your Dog…. harness. No metal, no weight. My dog runs when she sees a harness, partly because all the adjustments required on the other two I tried just wore her out. Also I think the weight of all the rings was too much to ask. I’m already seeing her, and it’s been less than 24 hours, warming up to this harness. 

Ben Sturgill 8/23/2016

 Got my harnesses today and absolutely love them!! Liberty was more relaxed on the leash and it didn't take long till she stopped pulling. I am sure we have more work to do, have to undo 3 years of pulling. Rebel loved hers! She didn't stop to itch near as much with the other harness I used. She still needs training, but seemed more relaxed and enjoyed herself more.

Bridgett P 8/22/2016

 What a fantastic product you sell! We bought the harnesses for our dogs, and they are brilliant - no pulling and a much calmer experience walking to the park!

Emma Harrison 8/21/2016

 I have just purchased one of your harnesses, (received it Saturday) and have only used it for 4 days and it is brilliant, stopped my dog in his tracks, especially as he is a very strong dog I would recommend this harness to anyone well worth every penny and thank you for getting it here so quick only took 5 days. Many thanks

Gloria Sapstead 8/18/2016



 I got Murphy's harness last Saturday. It is amazing. He loves it, I love it. No more choke. Thank you for this great harness.

Debra Golden 8/17/2016

  I used the harness for the 1st time and what a difference. it was a pleasure to walk my best mate. Thank you so much for a great product

Kathy Cashion 8/17/2016

 After buying two of your harnesses for my Boston Terriers walking them no longer raises my blood pressure!

Glenda Pederson 8/14/2017

 We use one of these harnesses on our dog. It is AMAZING! No pulling,tugging,yanking etc. Would highly recommend to everyone!

M Batty  8/14/2016

  This morning I took a long, loose leash walk with my very muscular and lean powerhouse of a mutt and for the first time it was a joy with our new harness. THANK YOU for developing this product. You have changed our walks for good. 

Amy Lyon 8/12/2016

 Harness arrived this am. After prelim adjustment, I walked toward Mazie expecting her to bolt which has been standard procedure. Instead, she stood still while I slipped yours on and adjusted. Pretty darn good!”

Herb G 8/11/2016

 We have golden retriever who has been a nightmare on the lead. We saw the harness on the Internet, bought one and have just started using it. OMG! What a difference! No pulling or yanking. He now walks with us quite sedately. Thankyou a million times over! Whoever said bought of this deserves a medal. Sheer magic

 Mary   8/11/2016

 I am so glad I tried your harness! Walking my dog (a very large and strong golden doodle) is so much easier and so much more enjoyable. Just putting the harness on him seems to calm him. He still occasionally "tries" to pull with the harness, but can't do it! Love it and am ordering another one just to have as a back up!

Beth Kaufman 8/8/2016

 Hey dog owners! I am fairly certain that I am not the only dog owner who rescued a good dog with the intention of walking every day. My rescue German Shepard is a big guy at 110 pounds and his head comes to my hip. He is an excitedly curious boy and pulls and bolts in both excitement and fear. I have balance issues, so a tug of war often ended with me on the ground. On the advice of a friend, and with great skepticism I ordered a harness from "Walk your Dog with Love." I am beyond thrilled. In my opinion every dog who leaves a shelter with an adopted family should have one of these. Most dogs end up in a shelter for "behavioral issues." This harness makes walking my large, excited "fight or flight" boy a relaxing stroll. If you want a calm, relaxed, canine walking companion - do yourself a favor and get this harness

Jan Babbitt 8/7/2016

 I just ordered another walk your dog with love harness . I bought the first 1 a week ago for my 1 yr.old yorkie-poo . It is a true miracle harness. Although she is only 14 lbs. walking her in the park was anything but enjoyable. Now, she is attentive and obebient. I just ordered the 2nd one for our 10lb. jack-Chi, I LOVE THIS HARNESS,and so does Gracie.I cant wait to get the one for JJ. THANKYOU,THANKYOU, THANKYOU

Janet Borganski 8/3/2016

 I just ordered another walk your dog with love harness. I bought the first 1 a week ago for my 1 yr.old yorkie-poo . It is a true miracle harness. Although she is only 14 lbs. walking her in the park was anything but enjoyable. Now, she is attentive and obedient. I just ordered the 2nd one for our 10lb. jack-Chi, I LOVE THIS HARNESS,and so does Gracie.I cant wait to get the one for JJ. THANKYOU,THANKYOU, THANKYOU”

Janet Boganski 8/1/2016



 Definitely magical--no more Houdini dog with your great harness!

A Shea 7/30/2016

 Just want to say Thanks! Ordered my harness, and it arrived today..great service. I walked my Terrier tonight and he was relaxed and we were both comfortable. Nice harness!

Bev & Jimeny 7/28/2016

 Both harnesses received on Monday and were put to use almost immediately.  After having tried many "anti-pull" devices on my dogs over the years I can honestly say these are by far the best.  Fantastic customer service too, a big thank you to all concerned.

Rosemary Pickles 7/28/2016

 LOVE this harness!  It really works!  Thanks so much for a great product - quality, easy fit, pricing, free & quick shipping .... all good!  Great company!

J Schenk 7/25/2016

 Thank thank you this harness changed my and my dogs life tried many others but didn't work now we can really walk our dog with love buy it cause it works! ! Thank goodness I took a chance on this one

Tracey 7/24/2016

 I have made several orders from your company as I really like your product.I placed an order for our newest dog this morning . Your videos were very helpful. I use your collar, harness,  seat belt and the zen belt as well,  The zen belt is great when you are walking two dogs and than add a cane to the mix!

Carol Richards 7/19/2016

 Just received your harness a couple days ago, and so far I am really impressed. Big improvement in my dog walking experience!

Judy 7/6/2016

  I really like this harness and also the fact that it's made in the USA.   We are going to be adopting another dog soon and I plan on getting all the products from your company including 2 seat harnesses. 

Lisa Pfeffer 7/5/2016

 It's the Miracle Harness! I have a 105 lb Lab who I could not walk because he's too big and strong for me to handle. I can't even take him to the vet by myself because he's hyper and wants to be all over everyone. I didn't have a lot of hope, but figured I didn't have much to lose when I ordered this harness. It came today, we tried it out. And IT WORKS!!! He didn't try to pull me into the neighbors yard to see their barking dogs. I was able to easily keep him out of the horse poop on the road (Amish country here) I am so impressed/ This thing is worth it's weight in gold. Thank you!!!

Tami 7/5/2016

 The harness is a great product!

Lesley Crawford 7/1/2016

 Love it very much for our two Deutsche Doggen girls

Barbel Rosner 6/30/2016

  My 9 yr old Granddaughter can now walk her 100 plus golden doodle easily

Kathleen Manning 6/26/2016

  Best lead ever!!

Sharon Unwin 6/26/2016

 I’ve tried several harnesses with my large 3 month old puppy and none fit well or worked. It was a complete transformation with the first few steps with your harness and very easy to fit it properly. Excellent product. I just ordered another one for my adult corgi.

Caryn Caratelli 6/26/2016

  I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! A great investment!!!

Deanna J. Seyarto 6/25/2016

 I can vouch for this harness. It is the best! No more issues on walks with it!

Linda Buccieri-Mango 6/24/2017

 I love mine! My Dog has gained a lot of confidence since we started using it.

Lisa Nichols 6/21/2016

 I have them for both of my setters and they have been a godsend.                                                                                                                  
Patricia Meehan Lerch 6/22/2016

 Delivered today! I want to thank you, not only for the quality products, which are SOLID and well-made, but for the superb service, education, training to get the best service with the products. It's a joy to be able to buy AMERICAN and get the kind of service/product we seldom see anymore. I appreciate the way you do business.

Dave James 6/22/2016

  Received the harness last Friday. It works beautifully. Not sure if my dog totally loves it, but he's not into harnesses in general. That being said, he has not pulled/lunged on leash since using it. Thank you!!!                                                                                             
Mariel Gomez 6/21/2016

 Please send me some business cards so I can share your awesome harness with friends!                                                                    
Dawn Hovie 6/19/2016

 Thank you very much, I've used your harnesses for a few years now, I've tried others but yours are the only ones that really work with my dogs, they both walk perfectly when wearing them                                                                                                                          
Paul Watts 6/18/2016

 I have just placed my second order for another of your fantastic Harnesses for my second dog Alfie (rescue) it has worked wonders with my other dog Barney! and believe me I have spent hundreds of pounds on various 'stop pulling leads and harnesses! Walking now is pleasurable, the harness stops the pulling, and my dog looks comfortable! Thank You so much.                                                                                                                                 
Debra Fox 6/18/2016

 The harness I bought for my 10 lbs. little dog on your website solved the “pulling problem”.  It is better than any other harness I have tried. What relief! Thank you so much.  

Judith Lehel 6/15/2016 

 Because of this harness the dog is a doll in every way. I can’t say enough about this. I am so grateful!  You have done a great deed!

Anna Krieger 6/13/2017

 You should change the name of your product to Miracle Harness! We have a 1.5 year old 90 lb. Gordon Setter, who was a nightmare to walk with a choke chain. With your harness he is a different dog and a pleasure to walk. Thank you, your harness is a game changer.

 Paula Doherty 6/13/2016

 I've shared info about the harness with others--we are so happy with ours. Best harness EVER!!                                                     
 Jack and Ashley 6/12/2016 

 I already see the big difference in walking the pup. today Rascal is going to his training class with his new harness. I am sure other owners will be asking about the harness and I will hand out your cards. thanks so much for making it a pleasure to take puppy for walks now. Rascal is happy too,,"no more choking”                                                                                                                                
Louise Hodge 6/12/2016

 Thank you so much for such a great product! I used the harness today for the first time and it worked perfectly. Thank you! I have recommended it to a friend and will pass it on to others, as well. :) 

Sarah Larson 6/11/2016

 We love your harness! "Summer" was already on a harness as I like you, don't agree with things round dogs neck! She had grown out of her previous one and after lots of searching on the internet I found you. I couldn't believe it when I went to our local dog park and there were two dogs wearing your harness and they highly recommended them, so I ordered. Just need to get Summer to stop biting the leash now                                                                                                                                                                     
Elaine Doe 6/8/2016

 I received this harness this morning… !  It's great, I love it!  thanks for the extra business cards, I will pass them to my doggie friends. All the best to you in your business, I love supporting the "little guys"!                                                                       
Linda Hutchinson 6/7/2016

 I purchased this harness a few days ago and tried it and I LOVE IT!!! Our 5 year old Rottweiller Hera is a very strong puller. As soon as I used it, she followed my lead. My husband was very skeptic about this but as soon as he tried it, he was amazed that it worked and was very easy to put on. Thank you for inventing this wonderful harness!   

Joanna Agcaoili 6/4/2016

 IT  WORKS !!! I adjusted the straps over the shoulders after watching the videos again. OMG, she never once tried biting the harness or leash!!!!! AND no pulling like before                                                                                                                                       
Mary Perricotti 6/2/2016

 I have had the walk your dog with love harness for a year and it has never failed me. It works amazing! You guys have turned my once fearful crazy dog into a confident lady that gets excited to try new things with her harness. Thank you thank you thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Meagan 5/29/2016

 I have recommended this harness to so many friends and dog walkers I meet! I know at least six of them have brought them on my recommendation! Fantastic lead! And service. Thank you!                                                                                                               
Sharon Bradly 5/25/2016

4Just wanted to share that our dog Molly and we totally enjoy your product.  Thanks”

Steve Simon 5/25/2016

Thanks for sending so quickly, these have transformed my dogs and made my walks with them much more enjoyable. The colour is lovely. I will be purchasing spares soon. Just for the record I have a Bull Mastiff, Border Collie and a Cavashon. Best thing I have bought for them.                                                                                                                                                                
Michelle 5/22/2016

 We have tried every type of collar/harness for our poodle mix. He pulled no matter how much money we spent! We got this harness with the lead on the front of the harness. What a difference. He simply does NOT pull. Our walks are relaxing and fun for both of us. He likes it! We love it! Thank you for this simple, brilliant idea!

Jewel Graner 5/22/2016

 When we got our rescue golden he walked fine on a leash hooked to his collar - until he wanted to meet another dog. Then he would pull so hard he choked himself. We tried another harness but it was bulky and hard to adjust and did not give us the control we needed. For about the same cost, the Walk Your Dog With Love harness cured the pulling immediately. Plus it is easy to adjust, goes on/off with one click, and looks nice. Thank you!

RTW 5/19/2016

 Oh my gosh! Thank You! We have finally found a dog harness that works. Easy to put on our large dog, and NO MORE PULLING...yay! My husband and I were desperate, as we are getting older and were having a hard time walking Linus due to his pulling. You have fixed our problem. Happy dog owners and happy dog! Will highly recommend your product to our friends and family.                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Catherine Banovac 5/16/2016

 Just received my harness, it's a wonderful product, my dog cannot pull, and is happy because he has nothing across his muzzle. Unlike other harnesses i have tried, he cannot lean into it. Makes walking a better experience for us both. Thank you so much, will recommend to friends.                                                                                                                                                             
Jackie Longman 5/7/2016

 I already have one of your harnesses, which both my dog and I love. Thanks again.                                                                          
 Linda GG 5/3/2016

 Your product works like a charm! I have told a few folks about the harness that have ordered it from you that love it also! I will continue to spread the news about your wonderful harness/miracle walker!

Rey Laurel 5/3/2016

 I can't thank you enough for this great product. The fit is perfect and walking my bulldog is now a pleasure!! Thanks again. It is the perfect harness. I will never use anything else.                                                                                                                              
Mary Supp 5/2/2016

 Thank you so much. I will tell the world about your excellent customer service.                                                                                
Michelle King 5/2/2016 

 The first one worked so well that I am ordering another for my other dog. I did follow the suggestions in your videos and they really helped. Thanks so much. I can now enjoy our walks without fear of being accidentally injured due to my dog's pulling, jumping. Dogs do not seem to mind it either!                                                                                                                                         
Janice P TX 4/30/2016

 Amazing!!!! "Cecelia" and I went for a walk this evening, and it was our best walk ever!!!!! Thank you                                                
Sue Wildley 4/27/2016

 I just want to say thank you very much for your very quick service and for the harness. Our dog has walked for 5miles without pulling us once. It works!”                                                                                                                                                                      
Marian 4/25/2016

 Just wanted to let you know the second harness came today.  After watching the video, I put it on him and we took a short walk, since he was already tired, but we had no problems!  I had to adjust the harness a couple of times to get it right, and then he let me put it on no problem.  The walk really went well.  He didn't mind the harness at all, but did look a little surprised when it redirected him.  I'm really excited about having him walk WITH me instead of dragging me behind.  Thank you so much, I honestly didn't believe it would make so much difference.  For once I'm glad to say I was wrong, it makes all the difference.  We are BOTH happy about this purchase!  Anyone having a problem with a "pulling" dog, should absolutely get this harness.   

 K Thomas 4/23/2016

 Wow! Your product is amazing! I have an Argentine Dogo. While very we'll behaved, he was impossible for me to control on a leash. I just took him for an EXTREMELY pleasant and stress free walk! No pulling. No tugging! I will highly recommend this product!!                                                                                                                                                                                               
Roberta Esposito 4/23/2016

 Thanks so much. Came so fast.  Love the product.                                                                                                      
Stephen J 4/22/2016

 Thanks for the excellent service and feedback from you and your company. I’m looking forward to walk with Compass and his special harness and to demonstrate it on dogs whose owners complain that they are pulling when walking. Hugs from South Africa                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Naomi Pretorius 4/20/2016

 The harness is excellent. Went for a very happy walk as soon as I had finished adjusting it, which was easy. Thank you very much.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Mrs. Helen Macleod 4/19/2016

 I love the harness.  Thank you for a good product and good customer service.                                                                                            
Maryjo Dell’Orto 4/19/2016

 We use the harnesses for our border collies in England and they are very good, do you sell them in pet shops in the USA or only from this web site? we have a friend going to the US soon and wondered if they could get 2 there and bring them back to keep as spares for the future, we now wouldn't want to use any other type. Thanks                                                                                   
Shirley Watts 4/19/2016

 Just received collar today- walked our 7 month old cocker spaniel at lunch- Awesome!!  Worked just as advertised!!  Most pleasurable walk we have had with Cooper!!

Ken Daves 4/19/2016

 Thanks received it today put on my husky and what a great item this is no more arm wrenching it is fantastic 

Elizabeth Irvine 4/19/2016

 Just to say thanks for such good service. I have returned from holiday and the package was waiting for me as promised. Betty loves her new harness and walks much better. She will be testing it out many times in the next few weeks.                                       
Anita Rowley 4/15/2016

 These harnesses look amazing and we esp loved all the tutorials that went with.   Thanks so very much. I love it when the guy kisses the dog, so heartwarming!

Lisa Cockrell  4/13/2016

 Absolutely…this product is Awesome !!! These products "Fix" so many issues owners have with their dogs. Whether they are aware of these issues or not..pulling and yelling at your dog is not fun for you or your dog. That is not what a Best Walk should be.. I wish everyone would watch the videos and be as happy as I and my two dogs, Petey and Buddy are with the "Best Walk Ever "since using this "Awesome Harness" Thanks to Walk Your Dog With Love products. I am going to get my 14 lb "Buddy: a harness and Petey and him a new leash soon!                                                                                                                                    
Judy F 4/13/2016

 Very good people to deal with and am very happy with harness.                                                                                                        
Judy Hockelberg 4/13/2106

 Your harnesses work wonderfully well                                                                                                                                                   
Suzanne Phillips 4/12/2016

Just had to tell you that it is now a joy to walk my dog. What a difference!  I actually look forward to taking the dog for a walk!    

Laura Piskac 4/9/2016

 I just received my package and I am very pleased with everything. I received it in a timely manner and the easy to read and view instructions. I immediately took my little dog for a walk and he did not pull, choke or looked uncomfortable. I am super happy with this product and I am very impressed. Thank you for making my dogs walk enjoyable!!                                                                       
Julie 4/5/2016

 I just wanted to say that this was *incredibly* effective in helping my puppy to stop pulling and choking himself (which only made him even more anxious and driven to pull away!). It wasn't even 15 minutes, and he - and our walks - was transformed. Thank you for a great product and really quick delivery.                                                                                                                                 
Bill Moynihan 4/5/2016

 Very very pleased with the new harness and from you for my pug it's working perfectly and fit perfectly! Thank you.                       
Marguerite Longoria 4/5/2016

 Dear company, we just received the replacement harness today. Thank you so much for caring. I wish more companies were more animal loving like yours. Again thank you, we love her dearly. She is a year old and she is an American Stafford Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog.                                                                                                                                                                                     
Steven Cardinali 4/4/2016

 I just wanted to let you know that the harness I bought for my boyfriend's 90 pound dog totally works. The dog walker thanks me every time she sees me. Thank you so much.                                                                                                                                     
 Lois Rubin 4/1/2016 

 I bought the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness and the Zen Belt both for my house and my camper. Those are WONDERFUL products. I never want to be without them. I adopted a very strong 2 years old large dog and it helps so much in walking him. Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                             
Elfi Gilford 3/31/2016

 I just purchased these harnesses for my two crazy girls and we just completed our first walk. I cannot tell you how long it has been since we've had an enjoyable walk due to their constant pulling. Today was amazing! I have tried another front leading harness, but the clip was right in her arm pit and made it very uncomfortable for her. Your product is so much better! Thank you!    
Brandie 3/26/2016

  Loving the new harness. Genuinely, it has changed our lives!                                                                                                                                                            
Paul Metcalfe 3/25/2016

 Just felt we should drop you an email to say how amazing your product is. We have a young black working Cocker called Bess, who has always pulled on her lead, bless her. This harness has stopped it completely and she walks beautifully now. It's a pleasure to walk her. Thank you so much. 

Rhona Dickson 3/22/2016

 Your product is so wonderful, you probably don't need reviews.  This design is so obvious for the comfort of the pet, I do not understand why there are so many products out there with multi-constricting layers of impossible-to-put-feet-in fabric.
Glad you figured it out first, Dan, and that you can rescue every stray and not be late for work.  Continues success.

Judy 3/21/2016

 I received this product much quicker than anticipated and it has completely solved the problem of my dog who pulled so much that I wasn't enjoying my walks with her. I have immediately ordered another harness for my other dog as the first has worked so well. I have also posted about your product on a Facebook dog group as it has proven to be so successful. I am delighted that I risked the money on such a useful product, many, many thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Melissa Bryant 3/21/2016

 I was able to use my new walk your dog with love leash today. What a difference!!!!! Thru most of our walk I didn't realize my collie was on the other end of the leash at all. The leash + clasp are so lightweight compared to my leather+brass clip. Thank you soooooo much for your fine products.                                                                                                                                    
Nancy Kacer  3/18/2016

 Your product is amazing , I have been telling everyone that they should buy one. I give the website, tell them to check it out. Plus like I mentioned when I bought it,"IT IS MADE IN THE USA, THE USA"     THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Larry 3/15/2016

 Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new harness and my dog loves it too.  He walks like a gentleman.  No pulling.                                                                                                                                                
Carolyn Nickels 3/13/2016

 Thanks for your very prompt delivery. Our 11 month old Golden Retriever, “Rufus” has been a big challenge to us, we have tried everything to stop him pulling to no avail!   Your harness has been immediately successful, he is a dream on his lead now. 

David Hayes 3/11/2016

 I had to say how amazing your harness is! I have 2 German Shepherds and I would never dream walking them together but now with your harness I can. You have changed my life! Thank you so much.

Amy McMenemy 3/11/2016

 I have just received your harness, and I have to say it's changed my life,!!!! It's fantastic, and it really works, no pulling anymore, thank you so much

Tina Howard-Jones 3/10/2016

 I have a harness from your company but needed a new one. Ours is 4 years old. Can't walk my husky without it                                 
Nancy Marchand 3/9/2016

The harness fits great! Thank you.                                                                                                                                                            
Grace 3/6/2016

 I got a 9 month old Pitt/Boxer that is very stout! Thanks now we walk & I ain't getting jerked around. I have recommended to friends with strong dogs. I will order again soon he's still growing!                                                                                                      
Tom McLeod 3/5/2016

 I will spread the word about these great harnesses and your awesome customer service!!                                                                   
Verified Customer 3/3/2016

 I don't usually review products, but i have to say I am so pleasantly surprised not only how well your product works, but how well it has held up. My wife and i purchased the harness for our bulldog/basset hound mix and find it to be an awesome harness. We were advised by our vet to not use a traditional collar with her because the way she pulled she could damage her throat. When we showed the vet the WYDWL harness she said it was perfect, but had never heard of it. She now pulls significantly less and even our son can walk our 50lb. beast of a puppy. Our little pup grew and grew so we ended up buying another, and we couldn't be happier. Our vet has told a few other owners about the harness as well. Great product!                                                                             
Ian Thomas 2/29/2016

 My girls love the harnesses...and so do I! We are good advertisement because I walk them together on one leash and attract a lot of attention due to how well they walk. That is only thanks to the harness. What a great idea and one that really works!!

Gaylen 2/28/2016

 I just received Gizmo's new collar. Made a few adjustments and took him out for his after dinner walk. What a difference. For a small doggie he has a lot of pull strength but with this collar, walking will be a breeze now. Thank you for making this available. 

Allyson Cimilluca 2/23/2016

 I've walked strong pulling dogs for more years than I care to mention. Odin my young German Shepherd is the worst ever. I stumbled on your innovative harness whilst (not optimistically) searching for alternatives to traditional 'chokes' and rear attached harnesses. Bought one (without much hope) just bought another because it is superb! An excellent product...prompt service...and all around winner. Well done - I am happily recommending to anyone who'll listen.                                                                                                                                         
Mike H 2/23/2016

 Love the harnesses I bought and step-daughter loves the walking waist thing also.   Big unruly dog though.  Like my little shiatzu better who LOOOOOVEs to walk me.                                                                                                   
 Rae Dene Bryson 2/22/2016

 Thank you! We have one old harness from you & have another dog (both hounds). They pull me like crazy and your harness is simple to use. Have tried others, too complicated.                                                                                                                                    
Kathleen McCarthy 2/19/2016

 Hi, I absolutely love this harness. It works like a dream with my pit bull mix.                                                                                       
Tina Cuzzort 2/16/2016 

 The best on the market!                                                                                                                                                                        
Ann Dargis 2/15/2016

 Received our harness today... and it is wonderful. I can now walk Darcy our dog  an American Staffy without her pulling me... thank you so much
Linda Dremel 2/14/2016

 I am 82. My physician wants me to walk at least for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. A 65 pound pitbull makes this requirement very, very risky to meet. I have received your collar and first used it today. Excellent results - thank you very much. Please inform all elderly who should walk but don't because of the dog to give your collar a chance - they will thank you (both human and canine) as well.”                                                                                                                                                                                                
J.W. Weitzell 2/14/2016

 My dog is a young lab pointer cross and is quite a strong puller. She walked without pulling from day one. Love the lead                                                                                                                                                            
Patrick Stocking 2/10/2016

 I am so thrilled that I got this, Rufus and i have very enjoyable walks now. I can't began to tell you the difference it has made. On our walks when I see a person walking their dog and it is pulling I just have to tell about our walk a dog with love harness..we love it                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Michele MacKellar: 2/10/2016

 Absolutely brilliant ! my Lilly loves it                                                                                                                                                      
Andy Leonard: 2/4/2016

 Your product is a miracle worker. My Lab pulled my powerlifter husband around the block but the first day we tried the leash, Gunner did not pull one time. This is the best money I ever spent. Thank you so much!!!                                                                     
 Melanie 1/29/2016

 I would recommend this product to anyone with a strong hyperactive dog. I have a young Husky who I am very wary about with harnesses as her strength can usually easily snap them. But this harness has changed my way of thinking when walking her. It has helped me grow a strong relationship with my dog as i now enjoy walking her and dont end up down bankings and up hills!!!

Tracey 12/22/2015

 Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new collar I just bought for my dog. Great quality and great price! I purchased from you a harness last year for my dog, what a pleasurable difference it has made in our long walks 

Gin 12/17/2015

  Just received my new harness.  Delivered very quickly all the way from the US to the UK.  Fitted it to Luke very easily, and took him out for a quick test flight round the block.  He's only 9 months old and he does pull quite a lot.  With your harness on he seems glued to my leg.  No pull at all!  We're off down the pub tonight for a full 1 mile each way test (and a full couple of pints!), and I'm very optimistic. Thank you very much for an excellent product, excellent value and excellent service.  Lots of recommendations coming your way from me.

Dave Wright and Lukie Dog 12/15/2015

 Zen Walking Belt Used for 3-1/2 weeks road trip traveling with my Jack Russel Terrier. A Blessing to have, JRT is a runner, I secured him with Zen belt before stepping out of vehicle. I use a cane, No Worry about accidentally dropping or letting go of his leash. Every Senior dog owner will benefit having this security for their pet.

Marilyn Rand- Fisher  11/11/2015

 I bought this as a last resort for a friend's 1 year old, 50 lb GoldenDoodle that I frequently walk. Previously I dreaded walking her. After reluctantly buying the harness, I watched the video to put it on her. It was pretty simple. I loved that there was no training process necessary to use it. Now I enjoy walking her and my relationship with my friend has been saved. This harness is really great! It's a great product and I will be buying one for my dog.

Jill 9/9/2015

 These harnesses are an amazing MANAGEMENT tool, helping any owner keep safe control over the dog, for those day to day pleasures as a dog owner. In pet manners training classes, I have frequently recommended the Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses to students needing safe control of their dogs, for those day to day addition to teaching the dog proper loose leash heeling. HIGHLY recommended!

Mama Firebird 8/19/2015

 These products are brilliant, dog friendly, easy to use, light, easy to carry when not in use. I have now got three dog harnesses, two leashes so i can leave a set at My Office. SUPERB PRODUCT

Bob Parker, UK 5/19/2015

The best thing about it is that Sparky walks as well with it as with the "Gentle Leader," but he likes your harness a lot better because there isn't that uncomfortable strap over his mouth

Marian Steinberg, White Plains NY 1/27/2014

  The harness makes a dreaded walk become a more enjoyable one. Shirley walks so much nicer without the pulling.

Emily LeBeau 11/23/2010

  I use the harness for Max my Great Dane and especially for Juma, my excitable Lab. It works great. I like the way it prevents him from pulling. Example: yesterday at PetCo I had complete control of him despite all the distractions.

Jim Sisto, North Adams MA 9/22/2010

Without the harness, it is very hard, because Ringo goes around me, he pulls. With the harness its better to hold him, I can pull him away from the cars and other dogs. It’s easier that way.

Antonia Arnzen, 9 years old, Scarsdale NY 7/30/2010

 The harness works well with Emma, she walks so much better now, and with minimal pulling. I suggested it to a friend and she bought it for her Boxer and says that it works well! I am happy with the product!

Danielle Akota, Greenwich CT

  Amazing! The harness works very well. It worked immediately. The moment I put it on Chloe she responded and stopped pulling. Now my wife can easily walk her.

Dr. Howard Lerner, Springfield MA

The harness has worked really well. Ginger, our pug, had a habit of trying to pull back and she could slip almost any harness but not yours. Now she is much easier to walk with.

Matthew Dyson, Sheffield MA

  We LOVE our Walk Your Dog With Love harness and tell everyone about it.

Linda Haley, Williamstown, MA

  I bought one for my dog and it is working out wonderfully.

Linda Fountain, Middleboro, MA

  I received the harness today and it works great - my dog and I love it and couldn't be happier - we'll be sure to spread the word about your product!!! Thanks again!!.

Karen Astrolis, Kent, CT

  Great harnesses!!

Paula Clegg, Obedience Training Club of Greater Lansing, MI

  I've been using the harness every day for Cami, my Samoyed mix, who is a major puller. She's actually good and walks by my side. I took my 75-pound Great Pyr mix to a charity dog walk and got a lot of comments about how such a small person (I'm 5'1") could walk such a big dog so easily. Thanks for a great product!

Susan Daffron, President
National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals
Sandpoint, ID 

  We LOVE our WYDWL harness & tell everyone about it...

Linda Haley  12/22/2008

  We bought your harness for Sarge our German Shepherd.  In fact you video taped Joe and Sarge after we tested your harness by walking him through the show. In the meantime I have a few people who will probably be ordering your harness after our praise and demonstrations.  Thanks again for a wonderful product !!!!

Kim, Joe, and Sarge Baton   12/21/2008

  We would like to order more harnesses for our training center.  We are quite pleased with how they work and the ease of showing the owners how to use. 

Cathy- Tails U Win  12/10/2008

  I very seldom see a new training product that I feel deserves attention but yours is different.  I am so thrilled to have found you and your harness.  I have sold two since I got home and they LOVE them~~ I would be happy to talk to the rescue programs I am with to get them on board with your incredible product! 

Jean Owen - NJ Fix My Dog    12/8/2008

Thank you, I have just ordered a harness.  I previously bought one for my dog and it is working out wonderfully. 

Linda Fountain   12/3/2008

  I bought your harness and today was the first time in months I was able to take my dog on a very enjoyable walk. No pulling, jumping in the air, biting the lead. Thank you! Now he will get the exercise he needs. 

Renie Integlia   11-24-2008

The harnesses have been a godsend. The day they came we took both dogs out for a long walk. What a difference. After a bit of time they stopped pulling completely and walked along beside us. Since they did not pull at all there was no strain on my neck like before. It was so nice to be able to take the dogs out for a walk again without being in pain.  It really has made it so I can go back to having outside fun with the dogs once again. I also discovered that they fit nicely under the dogs coats without having to make adjustments.
I have told so many people about the harnesses. They can't believe that a simple harness can work so well. I have even taken it off one dog to show that in fact it does work as well as it does. 
Thank you once again.

Lanie Burcisk  11/22/2008

Thank You for sending me a harness, i received it today and it works great - my dog and i love it and couldn't be happier - we'll be sure to spread the word about your product!!! Thanks again!!

Take Care!

Karen K  11/12/2008

  I received the harness last night and used it to take the dog for a walk. I was amazed at the attitude of my dog. She stayed right at my side.                                                                                                            
Mark Caron   10/16/2008

  Your invention has completely turned our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel into a ultimate joy to walk.  Immediately his pulling and obsession to be the leader has stopped.  We are very happy with the results. Thank you for a great product.

Dave Arrighi   10/7/2008


   I  bought one of your harnesses at the Big E and our dog loves it. We can't believe the difference. We want to buy another one as a gift but our little nephew is a miniature Dachsund/Yorkie mix who weighs only 8 lbs. Is there a smaller size or would the petite fit him? He loves to walk and loves to pull!!!

  Gail Orsi   09/28/2008

  I am SO happy with your product and I cannot wait to get the new one soon! Thank you so much and I look forward to receiving the harness.

Whitney Kouvaris   9/26/2008

 I got in some practice with the harness and it worked great. My sister dog Kobie, who she uses a choke chain to walk b/c shes hard to control, was very calm and easy to lead when in the harness- and she looked good in purple!                                                                                                                                                                    
Silvana  9/22/2008

  We love using it with our dog Hunter. It is working out great

Ronald Ganoe, Colchester, CT 9/2/2008

  As a dog trainer I occasionally get an owner who just can't manage to get their dog to stop pulling hard on the leash while going for a walk. Recently I had the opportunity to try the Walk your Dog with Love harness with two dogs that were 'pullers', in both cases it worked immediately. This is a product that works, I recommend it without hesitation.

Dan Cartwright, Good Dog! Dog Training   8/29/2008

  Your harness is a dream and aptly named!    My Lab and Aussie shepherd are hardly ever on a leash because we live in a rural area so they have never really practiced good on-leash behavior.  I used to dread having to put a leash on them, knowing I'd be pulled like crazy by my energetic pack.  The harness allows us to walk calmly together and opens up more opportunities for me to take them to places where dogs have to be on a leash, like the Farmer's Market or Country Fairs.  By the way, I had tried another brand before, but the fit wasn't nearly as good. Bravo and Ruff!

Annie Brody,  Camp Unleashed  8/25/2008

Tried a harness -am amazed- its working really well. Is this really working? I thought or is it my imagination!!  I am really surprised, for the price of the harness , if I can get control of the dog it is wonderful. It was amazing, he did not pull. Normally he pulls to see the dog next door, and he didn’t,. it is unbelievable!  It is the easiest harness I ever put on in my life. Finally, we had our first two normal walks!"

Eileen Chanin of Calling All Dogs 8/13/2008

You are not going to believe this but Gumpy is walking almost on a heal with the harness. He was even able to walk through times Square without a problem.                                                                                                             
Aimee in NYC  8/7/2008

  I like it, it is a great idea

Dennis Blackman Keizer OR  7/29/2008

 I love that harness. my 60 lb son can now walk my 45 husky! 

Susie from Little Paws Dog Shop , Palmyra PA  7/28/2008

I received the harnesses today. They are adorable. I tried it on one of my pups and it was easy to get on. I will show them to my boss this weekend and tell her about your company.

Heidi Walker,  Save A Yorkie Rescue 7/8/2008

  The police department brought us a beautiful, sweet Golden, we could not get her in the building.  She was stressing, pulling, jumping, and tugging like a fish on a line, until she finally flopped on the ground.  Poor dear.  So....I got out the magic harness, and "poof" she trotted right in behind us.  Albeit she was not happy to be here, but at least her stress coming in through the door, was reduced to zero and she wasn't freaking out. 

Marie Brockway, Manager Springfield Humane Society 7/3/2008

  I just wanted to let you know how great your harness is!!!! My son thanks you so much. We have Maggie May a Leopard Cur Hound a year and a half old and very high strung. She would drag my son around. My sister told me about your harnesses, and bought one for us. It is unbelievable the difference in Maggie’s walking. (yes she does walk now) Thank you soooo much.

Jane Lamb 7/02/2008

  My dog Guinness is about 78 lbs. I find your product unique in that it naturally puts the dog in the correct position for a walk. With traditional harnesses the dog will pull your weight forward like a sled dog! Since many dogs are bred to pull, the dog thinks he is only doing his job when you place a traditional harness on him. Your harness solves the “pulling” problem in a without embarrassing you or your dog. I have attended many trade shows and have not found a better product.Another benefit to the dog owner is that it is simple to use and doesn’t cost a ton of money. Dog owners often spend big bucks for training when a simple device like this could solve their problem.I look forward to using mine with Guinness and telling other people about this harness.

Anne Gormely  7/2/2008

  I’ve been using the harness for our elderly Sheepdog. With the pull being in front of the dog, it is just an incredible boost to sick or aged dogs that slow, may be slightly disoriented, etc.  It’s just enough to help them keep moving, and it gives them the person in front as a lead.  It’s made a big difference for us with Barley so far, and it made me think about post surgical dogs and other health problems.  Vets all sell leashes etc. but this type of yours would actually be therapeutic and therefore a great product for them to market for you.  This soft type that we have would not even bother stitches or painful areas on the dog.

Teena – PON Times Magazine  6/18/2008             

  I met you at a dog show in W. Springfield & my friend purchased one of your harnesses.  We think they're great & I have recommended to several people.  I work at a luxury boarding facility in CT and we are interested in retailing your harnesses

Pam,  Paws Pet Resort & Spa  6/5/2008

   Boy, you sure got a winner!!!!
While my dog, Lucca, an 8 year old Viszla loved to treat me like his "pull toy," when we went for not very many walks, things are different now!  I have much more control when we're encountering another dog -- I can't thank you enough.  I've used other types of restraints, specifically the one that crosses over the dog's snout -- it wasn't as effective and I was concerned that if used a lot it would change the hair line on his face. Just so that you know, I found out about you and your harness in Pet Gazette, probably at least a year ago, and at the time I thought I could still train Lucca to stop pulling, but gave up and dug out the article I had clipped and filed in his folder.  I should have ordered it right then and there, but I'm as stubborn as Lucca is  --   in many ways, we're a matched pair. Thanks for coming up with this.

Kathleen Piaggesi   5/27/2008

 I can personally attest to how effective the harness is.  Thus far in its use in fairly low level arousal situations, Trumbull shows little of his kangaroo hopping.  It will be interesting to see how he does when we return to his orthopod for a recheck this coming Friday.  Thanks so much for this grand management tool.

Judy Bard 5/7/2008

The harness has been great. Emmitt is much easier for Julia to walk now. I appreciate it, very much, as does Julia.

Julia and James Sweener  4/30/2008

  I'm giving the harness a test drive with some different client dogs. The first dog I tried did really well on it - an Old English bulldog. I'm having a client (70 plus years) and her pit bull giving it a go
this week.                                                                                                                                                                     
Jill Haley Rose, Trainer at Paws of Nature 4/15/2008

We  found a new harness that we LOVE and i wanted to share it with you. We will be recommending this harness to all future puppy owners.

Dorinda Ostermann  4/7/2008

Max is doing great with his new harness. I am recommending it to everyone and I'm sure that orders are going to start coming in from my friends and family.

Shelia Crouss  04/02/2008

  Just want to say we received the harnesses and today we had our first chance to try walking the dogs, they worked well.  I was impressed with the design and for their first time using the harnesses, the dogs adjusted well and pulling was decreased. 

Betty Sartori  3/29/2008

  The 1st harness has worked really well, Ginger had a habit of trying to pull back and she could slip almost any harness but not yours.  Now she is much easier to walk with and we are hoping the 2nd harness will work just as well for "Kiwi" our other pug.

Matt 3/23/2008

  They're definitely easier to walk now.  I put Finn's harness on when he was too wild with a small child and it helped him settle.I've told several people about the harnesses and that I'm much happier with them than with others that I've tried.

Virginia O’Rorke 3/21/2008

  Two Paws Up! Your Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness is excellent. This is the harness to get if your dog pulls or tugs while you walk. I highly recommend it. In fact, it is so easy to put on and to use that I recommend it even if your dog doesn’t pull or tug! What a brilliant invention. It works wonderfully and it looks great.

Marc Marrone 3/5/2008

  My dog Shirley is doing great. I don't have to walk her on a leash much but when I do and I use the harness it makes a dreaded walk become a more enjoyable one. She walks so much nicer without the dreaded pulling.

Emily, Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital 2/15/2008

  Murphy loves his new harness.  It took him about 30 seconds to get used to it.  He says it's much better than that thing that went across his nose.  

Lee Johnson 2/13/2008

  The best thing about the harness is that Sparky walks as well with it as with the "gentle leader," but he likes your harness a lot better because there isn't that uncomfortable strap over his mouth.

Marian Steinberg  10/26/2007

  I like the way it prevents my dog from pulling. Ex. yesterday at Petco I had complete control of him despite all the distractions.

Jim and Lanie 10/26/2007

  The harness can take the tug-of-war out of your relationship with your dog, and can make your unruly dog a pleasure to walk! Using your dog’s natural responses, the harness minimizes the training required to promote good behavior, and behavioral issues are the most common reasons that dogs wind up in shelters. The harness is cleverly designed to be easy to put on your dog, further enhancing its usefulness. Good dogs deserve to be great dogs, and the harness can help them to realize their potential. 

Douglas G. Aspros, D.V.M.  10/24/2007

  I love the harness! It is very easy to use, and Georgia walks much better with it. I have tried other harnesses and collars in the past, but this does seem to work best. I recommend it to all my friends. Thanks for a great invention!

Robyn Anton, Pound Ridge NY  10/22/2007

  I met you at the Vet in July.  I purchased the harness for my dog Emma.  We are using it, and her pulling has decreased greatly!  I was telling my friend at work about this and she wants to order one for her dog Danielle Zykoff  8/7/2007

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