About Our Motto


Can a company have two Mottos? We do.

Our mottos are about what the dog harness is engineered to do – to help you lead…with Love. They are also the guiding principles for our actions. The idea behind the company is more than just to make harnesses and pay our mortgage. The main idea is to change lives, to save lives, and to positively influence communities across the country.

It is also why we provide our harnesses to dog rescues for free, and why we are Made in the USA of USA sourced materials.

Here is a horrible statistic: 8 million companion animals are needlessly put to death a year. Many of these are shelter dogs, there because their owners found them "unmanageable".

Dogs bark and bite, and sniff and pull, growl, jump and tug. They also need a lot of attention. Positive attention. Sadly, many humans forget this when they get a dog. Then they "discover" these facts and lament their "unmanageable" dog.

And because their dog is hard to walk, it's walked less. And Less. And the dog becomes more and more unmanageable. Dogs who are walked less often, often end up in a shelter, "surrendered". Abandoned.  

We can turn the tide and save some of these dogs. If walking your dog is easier, your relationship with it will improve. Easier outside the house leads to easier inside the house. Using the dog harness we can help more dogs stay in the homes they come from.

It's Time To Lead, Inspire Love!