Rescues Love Us

Why do we love these harnesses? Because they rock. They make dogs who don't look promising as adoption candidates because they are unruly on a leash suddenly look amazing. They do it all without causing the dog the slightest bit of discomfort.

Anyone who has been advised to use a prong collar to teach their dog to walk nicely on a leash may now officially toss the medieval torture device in the dumpster. Get a Walk with Love Harness. There's no need to be dragged from Point A to Point B by your Saint Bernard. Do the dogs a favor and tell your friends.

Jean Harrison -Founder, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

 I wanted to write to you to thank you for your continued support of the NJSPCA and our mission to fight animal cruelty in New Jersey.  Your continued sponsorship is greatly appreciated and everyone who has purchased your harness and contacted us, are very pleased.  Without support from people and companies like yours we could not continue our mission. 

We are often approached by companies who offer pet products looking for endorsements.  We are prudent in deciding who we partner with and I am very pleased that we partnered with you and your company.  You offer a quality product that works and you have continued to support our mission.

Captain Rick Yocum, NJSPCA - Badge #8, Law Enforcement Division

I love this product and recommend it to everyone that adopts a dog from PAWS New England. It is the most humane and easy way to walk you best pal.

Kit Reardon - Adoption Coordinator, PAWS New England, MA

It is a total pleasure working with you. We have used so many walking tools in the past and we love your system. It really makes sense. Thanks again.

Eric Bellows, Pack Ethic Rescue, NY

I use my harness every single day and its working great. It has made A HUGE difference on Fiona, a Samoyed, who was a pulling machine.I also use the harness every day for Cami, my Samoyed mix, who is a major puller. Now she's actually good and walks by my side.

I took my 75-pound Great Pyr mix to a charity dog walk and got a lot of comments about how such a small person (I'm 5'1") could walk such a big dog so easily. Thanks for a great product!

I hope more rescues will take advantage of your free fundraising program. Thanks for your commitment to helping homeless animals.

Susan Daffron, National Association Of Pet Rescue Professionals

I met you last year at the pet show in Hartford CT. I was amazed that your product seemed to work so effortlessly.

Les Archer- Chief Animal Control Officer, Towns of New Hartford and Barkhamsted, CT

A couple of years ago we were contacted by Dan Merson at "Walk Your Dog with Love". He offered to send us a couple of his "Walk Your Dog with Love" front-leading harnesses to see if we thought they were effective.

Long story short, we now use the "Walk Your Dog with Love" harness regularly, and we also provide an easily set up link on our website so people who wish to buy their own harness can do so with a single click, AND BEST OF ALL, HE SENDS US A PERCENTAGE OF THE SALE AND WE DON'T HAVE TO DO A THING!

Marie Brockway, Manager, Springfield Humane Society, VT

Howdy Dan!!! HART has used your harnesses and they have been wonderful. I think this is fantastic what you are doing for rescues with your product.

Meg, HART Homeless Animal Rescue Team, VA

I am very pleased with the harness. In addition, I applaud you for your willingness to help the rescues with their work. I am part of a program for shelter and rescue dogs with behavior problems called "Diamonds in the Rrruff." Our Diamonds love the comfort and we love the decreased pulling. Good work!!!!!!

I love the harness and will use it to replace the Easy Walk harness.

Lisa Berkenstock BS, CVT, CPDT, My Pets Teacher, PA

10/29/09 Thanks for the harnesses. I used one on Saturday . . . Amazing! My Coon hound Sammy my was confused because he kept trying to pull . . . but couldn't

Sammy is the English Coonhound I was telling you about at the Expo in Hartford, Sam (Short for Sampson) he is a big time puller, he just wants to go, go, go but with the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness on, he hardly tries at all. If he does, I just give a very slight tug on the leash to correct him and he's good to go! We used to use a head collar (Halti) and it also worked well but he hated it, he spent more time trying to get it off his face which was probably why he didn't pull when he had it on.

11/7/09 I Finally got to try the harnesses on some of the shelter dogs, I tried it on out biggest boy, Toby a huge Rottie/German Shorthaired Pointer mix who is a puller and on Keira, a 7 year old Sharpei and they worked quite well.

5/19/10 Your harness are really a great help. Thanks again!

Craig Zacarelli, The Animal Haven, CT

We've been using the harness and we do prefer it to the Easy Walk harness.

Peggy McGee, Brookline Lab Rescue, MA

It was great seeing you again at the Super Pet Expo in Edison over the weekend. Chloe is my new pup, a Cane Corso rescued in Piscataway NJ. She is 6 months old and 75 pounds of energy. This was her first Community Services event and the harness immediately improved my ability to handle her in the large crowds and numerous dogs.

Thank you again for all that you do to support the NJSPCA and our fight against animal cruelty here in New Jersey.

Captain Rick Yocum NJSPCA, NJ

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your incredibly generous support of Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. It is so rare where we find a produce that really works, like the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness, and gives back to the rescue community. We encourage all our adopters to invest in your harnesses!

We are proud to be a partner of yours!

Mirah Horowitz, Executive Director, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, Washington DC

It was such a pleasure to meet you today! I was able to get one of my puppy mill rescue dogs to walk on the leash for the first time with your harness!

Sandra Pollack, Puppy Mill Awareness, PA

We have used the harnesses with our hard to control dogs at clinics and they have worked great, we love them.

Lynn Holcomb, Peppertree Rescue Inc., NY

12/13/09 Maiden voyage with Zoey was very successful.

12/15/09 Tried the harness on a second dog (agreeable but completely uneducated) today, excellent success. Good work!

Judith Piper, Old Dog Haven, WA

I used the harness you gave me on a dog that was frightened and would not walk on a leash . . . it worked really well! She got adopted by a nice family that wanted to get a special needs dog and had worked with a frightened dog in the past, so I gave them the harness to keep.

Emma Kobes, Animal Lifesavers, NJ

Thanks also for the harness for Puppy Gunny, our newest rescue. It's a great idea - makes perfect sense.

Cyndi Kucera, Second Chance Boxer Rescue, ME

Just got done walking the GSD with the new harness. Love them. Spreading the word already about them.

Heidi Garrity, Warren Animal Shelter, RI

Hobbs is our 77 lb. boy who is the wild child. Folks said they ordered or were ordering. I think they felt if it could control Hobbs, it would certainly work for them - LOL!

Marcy Setter, Pit Bull Rescue Central, MO

Our folks love your harness

Glenda Pearsall, Westie Rescue Inc, VA

Bacio looks a lot less "ferocious" in the Walk Your Dog With Love harness than in the Gentle Leader. I LOVE the harness on LEXI!!!"

Jennifer DeFrank, City Pitties, NY

I have been using the harnesses and love them! I showed them to a trainer friend of mine and she loves them also.

Crystal Litteral, A Buddy For Life, DE

Sarah and I met you at the Women's Expo in Stamford. We are Officers with the Stratford Animal Rescue Society. My dog who pulls a lot walks really nice on the harness.

Beth Herde, STARS Stratford Animal Rescue Society, CT

Hello, As an avid dog lover and volunteer with a pit bull rescue group, I must admit I have become somewhat of a product junkie when it comes to my dogs I recently purchased your harnesses for my four pit bulls and I love them! Instantly no pulling! I write a column for about pit bulls and I would like to do a review of your product. My articles are published at Please let me know what you think. Thanks


Barbara Karolchyk, DC Pit Bull Examiner, Bully Paws Pit Bull Patriots, VA

I own Storm, a 2-yr old Husky, and Major, a 4 month old Husky, and am a volunteer with TOTTSHR (Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue). I was introduced to WYDWL harness at the 2010 Pet Expo in King of Prussia, PA.

What an immediate difference! I use the harness now everyday for my walks and only Storm gets the workout now! When I work at events with the rescue group there are dozens of people who are always looking for a walking harness. I'd love to get information on how TOTTSHR can carry your harness and share them with the public.

Dianne Altieri, Tails Of The Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue, PA

Hi Dan, We have met several times at different events and I personally use your harnesses on both my dogs. I just started up a new Boxer Dog Rescue in the New England area and my partners use your harnesses as well.

Kelly Taylor, The Boxer Rescue Inc, MA

I tested the harness on one of my worst pullers and it worked great. I also tested in on one of our foster dogs and he too is much easier to walk.

Jennifer O'Donnell, Sweet Bark Pit Bull Rescue, PA

The harness works great! Will be happy to promote it on my website! Thanks!

Elaine Bloom, Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue Inc, NY

Love the harnesses- they work very well.

Debra Stone, West Jerseys Volunteers For Animals, NJ