Why No Choke

Outside of just plain Compassion, here are 10+ important reasons we don't want to walk a dog with a Choker, Prong, Pincher or even a flat collar. Yes, even if your dog is the best loose leash walking dog in the world!

The information below comes from our Veterinary Council, a group of over 100 vets. It is emergencies and pain they see every day, 365 days a year. They know that most people never hear about these things… until it’s too late. The problems they point out don’t just happen to dogs that pull and tug, they happen to all dogs.

Not walking a dog by its neck is a simple, and inexpensive, way to avoid these tragedies. That means using a harness that isn’t around a dog’s neck (some are). It’s why we wear seat belts when we’re in a car, because it’s an easy way, and a no cost way, to avoid being hurt in accident. When we drive a car we don’t plan on having an accident. Yet accidents happen. Walking a dog by its neck is planning an accident for our Best Friend. It’s totally unnecessary too.

Many people aren’t even aware or haven’t thought about these anatomical, neurological, respiratory, glandular, etc. problems - though their vets and veterinary surgeons think a lot about them. The great news is that 97% of people who learn about these heartbreaks instantly ‘understand’, and never walk their dogs from the neck again.



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