Why No Choke

(Check out sweet Bella in her collar below)

Knowledge is Power

Our Veterinarians Advisory Council knows that most people don't even get to hear about the anatomical, neurological, respiratory, and glandular medical problems that happen to dogs walked by their throats … until it happens to their dog. And then it’s too late.

One vet says she’d be rich if she had a penny for every client who said, “But my dog walks well, how could this have happened to my baby?” You can find thousands of articles by vets about this on line. 

The anatomy of a dog’s throat (our throats too) simply isn’t designed for this kind of activity. They are soft and fuzzy on the outside, yet crunchy and fragile on the inside (see below). The vets are talking about: flat collars, rolled collars, show collars, choker collars, prong collars and pincher collars... (See our article about your dog and prong collars here)

The good news is that it’s all 100% avoidable

Which saves dogs from needlessly hurting and humans from needlessly spending money

Outside of just plain Compassion for our Best Friends, using a well designed harness is a simple and inexpensive way to avoid tragedy. Caution thought, many poorly designed dog harnesses still pull on a dog’s neck (what are they thinking?). Walk Your Dog With Love dog harnesses are not around a dog’s neck and don’t pull on their throat.