Trainers Love Us

I am running a private puppy class for one of my clients and the puppies from her dog’s litter. It is really sweet, I made sure to equip them all with the bright harnesses I recently purchased.  These harnesses are simply magical!

Angela Marler, Loving Canine Transformations

I just wanted to let you know that many of my clients are purchasing your harness. Julie just bought one for Karma, her 5 yr. old English Mastiff. I am dog sitting her for a week and I am so thankful that she took my advice. I don't think Karma has been walked a lot. She responds very well to the harness. Julie also mentioned how helpful you were and she liked speaking with you personally.

Ann Barnes, Adventures with Ann, Dog Training & Walking

I am a nationally recognized and published dog trainer and writer as well as pet product spokesperson and on-camera pet expert and have purchased quite a few harnesses over time from you. I like yours for the smaller dogs since your main competition (Easy Walk) has very thin straps for smaller harnesses that are not as comfortable for the dog and the clasps are small and hard to work, especially for older hands. 

Amy Robinson, Drool School

I use walk your dog with love harnesses everyday in group classes, private lessons and with rescue work. Fabulous products, seriously!!

Callie Loyd, trainer- Such a Good Dog, Huntsville AL

I use this with my own dog and we use them to walk some if the harder to walk shelter dogs and I recommend this to every one of my dog training clients! Best harness ever. Very easy to use, highly adjustable.

Rita Schrecongost, Dog Training-101, Islip NY 

I Love your harness. I recommend it all the time.

Wendy Young, Progressive Dog Training, PA

I'm just writing to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I work with a lot of hard-to-fit dogs and they have all done well with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness. No resizing, no rubbing and easy to use.

I love the harness and will use it to replace the Easy Walk harness.

Lisa Berkenstock - CVT, CPDT, My Pets Teacher, PA

11/3/10 I am constantly recommending front-clip harnesses to my clients so if I am pleased with your product you will certainly get business from us.

12/8/10 I would like to place a wholesale order for the following products . . .

Katherine Ostiguy, KPA-CTP, AKC CGC Evaluator, APDT Member, Spring Forth Dog Services MA

I have ordered this harness for many of my clients. I taught my own dog to walk on a slip lead and he is an excellent walker. I often bring him to Hampton Beach NH on Friday afternoon and evenings. He sometimes gets a little nervous when the noise picks up and starts to pull. I had been switching him over to a "Halti" to stop his pulling and it works well, but he hates "the thing on his nose". Last Friday, I decided to give the "Walk Your Dog With Love Harness" a try. It worked great! Just as well as the "Halti". I decided to get him a "Walk Your Dog With Love Harness" of his own. Thank you again for making such a great product. 

Paula J Mears ABCDT - Certified Dog Trainer

I recommend the harness to all my clients! It is a big help with the walking exercise they need to do to as a part of becoming pack leaders. Besides being effective and kinder to the dog, the harness is the easiest to adjust, put on, and take off.

Phil The Dog Listener Manchester CT 

Love these harnesses! We teach all of our Puppies loose leash walking and beginner obedience on a WYDWL harness. Thanks for making such a great product!

Mo Welch Pawsitive Steps AZ - mobility assistance dogs.

We have used so many walking tools in the past and we love your system. It really makes sense.

Eric Bellows of Pack Ethic Rescue, Rescue Ink's Halfway Home Sanctuary, NY

I have used them on client dogs and they love them

Dorothy O'Connor, Canine Concepts, MA

I have been around dogs, working with and training them for over 35 years. What I really like is the ease of putting this harness on, and the results. I teach all shapes, sizes, ages. I am always trying to use what is best for the dogs and their owners to achieve the results they are looking for

Gale Waas, Owner and Head Trainer Happy Tails K-9 Training Center, NY

 I am sold on the harness. I've already started taking names and orders. Thanks!

Siree Shindle, The Country Kennel, Inc. MD

Great harnesses!

Paula Clegg, Obedience Training Club of Greater Lansing, MI

Yes, I do like the harness. I talk about your harness as being my favorite. I use my harness everyday on my Golden.

Jane Young Owner Foxfield Dog Training MA


Deb Bodger, Pet Partners, Tauranga, New Zealand

It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday at the Pet Expo. I was impressed with your product as I walked through the crowd test driving it. I have excellent communication with my dog and you made it better.

Pete Marciano Bark Busters, PA

I am an ABC certified dog trainer and my business is Sirius Dog Training. I do private training in people's homes. Isis is a greyhound weighing 70 pounds. She has a lot of pulling power. I must say I am pretty impressed with it. We have been using the Easy Walk Harness for quite some time now. Your harness is much less confusing and very easy to use. I also like the reflective areas for night time walking- especially now the days are so much shorter. Isis seems very comfortable with it as well. I will definitely recommend it to my clients.

Tumeria Langlois ABCDT, Maynard MA 

I very seldom see a new training product that I feel deserves attention but yours is different. I am so thrilled to have found you and your harness

Jean Owen, NJ Fix My Dog, NJ

I had the opportunity to try the Walk your Dog with Love harness with two dogs that were 'pullers', in both cases it worked immediately. This is a product that works, I recommend it without hesitation.

Dan Cartwright, Napa Good Dog, Napa, CA

As a dog trainer, I am always looking for the best training equipment to use with my clients. The dog training school I attended over a decade ago used pinch collars, choke chains and force to train dogs. I started out using these methods but have moved on to using less harsh methods. Nobody wants to jerk and force their dog, and neither do I. I've tried many, many harnesses with little luck. It's difficult to figure out how to put them on correctly. The size is never quite right. My clients are confused with how to put it on their dog, so they never take them off the dog. In most cases, the dog figures out how to get out of the harness - which can sometimes be dangerous. A big problem too is that they can still pull. T

My dog is a rescue. He is strong and low to the ground with an unusual body type. He is also an escape artist when it comes to harnesses, and they never seem to fit him right. As a result, he is my go to when I try a different style harness to see if it will really work. I am thrilled to say that your harness is the first one I've been used that works well with my dog, and I absolutely love it. He likes it too. I have been using it with my dog for several weeks now. The fact that I don't have to measure my dog and figure out which harness will fit correctly made knowing which one to order easy. There's just the piece that goes over the head. No stepping into one side then the other, etc. It's easy to put on. If you adjust it exactly like demonstrated in the video, it's simple to do, and the harness is effective. He has not gotten out of the harness once it's was fitted correctly, and he does not pull. He just stops and looks at me if I stop walking. If I need to move him quickly, I can pull gently, and he comes. He can't pull me the way he used to.

As part of my training program, I provide the leashes and collars because I want my clients to use the best and most effective equipment. I would like to know if there is a discount you provide for trainers and professionals working with rescue dogs. Most of my work is with rescues, and it can get costly to keep purchasing these harnesses for them. I want to provide the best equipment when I train. Thank you for your excellent work and for designing the best harness ever!

Doreen Rossi, Angel Paw Dog Training