With Love: The Teddy Project

Close your eyes and imagine a better world. Now open them and help make that world.  

Teddy is the dog that started Walk Your Dog With Love (read about him here). He was about Action. Creating Change. Love. The Teddy Project is in his memory, to continue the legacy he started. The legacy of making a difference to the world – yes, even for humans. Yet starting with how we treat our non-human friends; those that are all around us. Below the photo are some of the programs that The Teddy Project does. Take part in one. Or tell people about them. Be Love. Share The Love.  

Teddy moving to make a difference

The Media Pledge SHOW what Love looks like. Advertisers and other media content providers are helping  Change The Culture by never showing a dog being walked with a collar. It's so simple to do, yet with such a huge impact on Compassion. If we can't treat a dog With Love, how can we treat each other With Love?

The No Choke Challenge Walk Your Dog With Love sponsors The No Choke Challenge in communities across the world. It is a simple idea: people trade in their prong, choker and shock collars, and get a Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness instead.

Incentivized Compassion A unique cooperation between insurance companies, homeowners, municipalities and schools working together to lower costs, educate and increase the quality of life for both humans and animals. 

Emergency Funding Things happen, and we can help, immediately - with our 2 minute to set up and no-paperwork fundraising program.

Harness & Dog Gear - or $ - Raiser (Organization) Your rescue/shelter, animal organization, or other good cause can use our free-to-use program year around. 

Harness & Dog Gear - or $ - Raiser (Individual) You & your friends can help your favorite rescue/shelter, animal organization, or other good cause with our free-to-use program.