About Our Founder

Ok, I admit it, I love animals. Dogs, cats too, rabbits, horses, birds, ferrets…

Yet, for my entire life, dogs have been a defining passion. In practically every picture of me as a little kid I am petting a dog, usually one much bigger than me.

On my first visit to the dog pound, my Dad asked me "which one" of the wriggling pack of fur, puppy tails and sharp white baby teeth I wanted. Upset beyond words, The Answer my brain shouted was "ALL OF THEM, ALL OF THEM", but I knew that wouldn't be. So, voice in my throat, I pointed to the gentle soul that had picked me. We named her Echo, after the mythological fairy nymph.

There must be an animal magnet inside of me because strays always find me. As a kid I missed many classes searching for a stray dog's owner. As an adult, it was more of the same. How many times did I call the boss to tell them "I'm going to be a little late" because I had just spotted a stray scampering down the middle of the street.

This instinct – a passion to help good dogs stay in good homes, and to help place rescue dogs in good homes…permanently – drove the creation of the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness.

Now I don't have to explain to the boss that I am chasing a stray dog!

Dan Merson, Founder