Eugenia’s Vizsla Pack

Eugenia Thornton a trainer from Delaware USA keeps us updated with fun photos of her continuously growing Vizsla pack.

2 year old Vizsla Gabby &  95 year old Human Dolly.   

“This is Gabby with my 95 year old mother.  NEVER could Mom walk Gabby without the WYDWL Harness.  NEVER.  It would have been a chariot race to the nearest bush or tree before.  LOL 4/26/2012” 

That is Eugenia’s 95 year old mother Dolly, walking hard to handle Gabby.  Gabby is a bone fide dyed-in-the-wool bird chasing machine. Eugenia sent us this photo of her mom as ‘proof’ that the harness can tame even a wild child.

That's Gabby, looking almost pre-historic, bounding through the water. And while Dolly is Eugenia’s Mom! Pretty Mickey is Gabby’s Mom. 12/29/2011


"3 month old Vizsla puppy Dolly (the dog) joins a walk in support of local law enforcement on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2015 in Camden Delaware wearing her sportso doggo harness.  The harness didn’t restrict her from engaging in puppy kisses with new friends and exchanging crime solving secrets with McGruff the Crime Dog, but it did allow Mom to keep her under control in a large crowd of walkers without stress.  Dolly was the first girl born in her litter making her forever “pink girl” and therefore fully authorized to wear the brightest pink she can find for the rest of her life.  Sportso Doggo fits the bill…the collar, leash and harness would only fit her personality better if it had glitter on it!  McGruff, who is obviously a Vizsla as well, was a bit jealous of Dolly’s snazzy outfit.  Dolly later “took a bite out of crime” by attacking McGuff’s  fuzzy feet.  E.T. 9/30/2015”


"Thought you would like to see your harness at work during hunt training. That's Becky looking at the bird and that's Mickey looking back at her mom. 8/30/2012"

"Here is my 22 month old Dolly (aka “pink girl” in her litter) sporting the sportso doggo harness while doing Therapy Dog work for Paws for People.  We were at the library at Wesley College in Dover, helping the students “de-stress” during exam week.  I wouldn’t dare try to do any therapy work without the collar as while wearing it, she never tries anything.  In pic 2, the pizza has arrived and the kids are eating pizza and cookies.  Were she in just her collar, she would have been in their laps. 4/26/2017"