How To Return Your Purchase For A Refund


If it’s a matter of getting the right size, style or color, please email us before returning anything. Email us here
If it's a matter of something broken, please go here before returning anything

We know you didn't buy your Walk Your Dog With Love just to return it. We know that you want the great results Walk Your Dog With Love has provided for other dogs and their people worldwide. The good news is most issues are easy to resolve, please see the troubleshooting info below.

This is especially important if the alternative is a collar or choker - because those are just not friendly, safe, compassionate . . . or necessary ways to walk our best friends. Not one single Veterinarian  that we know says walking a dog by its neck is a good idea, Yet hundreds and hundreds of Vet's we know say it is a Bad idea, even for a dog that walks well. Please click the image to see what our Vet Council has provided us about the reality of how a dog's neck is constructed and the issues that can occur. Issues that Vets see everyday. 

If your issue isn't below please email us so we can help you figure it out, it might be simpler than you think!

Is it a fitting and adjusting issue? Please review how to fit and adjust the harness here. Click here to see the instruction video  
Is it a comfort issue? With hundreds of thousands of happy dogs, this should not be an issue. Click Please go here for remedies
Is it a Houdini/escape issue? That should never happen. See how to remedy that here
Ooops, my dog chewed it! Click here Chew Relief

Refund Policy and how to get a refund

  • Refunds are provided for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • Refunds are limited to the amount paid for the item (not shipping/handling or taxes).
  • Refunds are issued to the original form of payment (i.e. the exact credit card used; cash purchases get a check).
  • Refunds are provided for new/like new items in sellable condition. Used or dog soiled items are by definition not in sellable condition. Even cleaned and inspected, returned items can’t be restocked because of product security, health, and safety reasons. This is comparable to not taking returns for open food or worn bathing suits and underwear.
  • Returns that don’t meet the criteria cannot be refunded.
  • Refunds are not issued for embroidered items.
  • Refunds are issued back to the source that they came from, i.e. if a credit card was used, the refund will only be issued to that card; it can’t be put on another card, nor can a check be issued. 
  • Refunds can only be issued for items purchased directly from Walk Your Dog With Love.
  • Due to the nature of how credit cards and banks work, refunds might not post to your account for an entire billing cycle. Returns and refunds are usually processed once a week.
  • A copy of this email must be included inside the package, along with the name and email address on the order.

Send Returns and Refunds to:
Walk Your Dog With Love
Returns/Refunds Department
PO BOX 125
You must include inside the package: 
- A copy of this email must be included inside the package, along with the name and email address on the order
- If you purchased it at a show, please tell us which show, your first and last name, and your mailing address