Manufacturer Defect?

Our products are 100% guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship for 1 year from date of original purchase. Your exclusive remedy is replacement. Workmanship defects are defined as something we control during our crafting process. They are a) loose or undone sewing at webbing connection points and b) hardware on a brand-new item that is either missing, has been put on wrong, or that doesn't operate. For everything else (rips, nips, cuts, cracks, tears, frays, fails, etc.) see either:

  • Chew Relief Chew Happens. Our most basic material is 3800 lb. test, it doesn't rip, tear, fray or break unless a dog's teeth are involved. The same can be said for most cracked or broken hardware
  • Dog/Human Damaged Dog and humans can also cause other issues - like when a dog scratches at the material, or a buckle is stepped on by a human, or it gets cracked by a closing car door, etc. 

If you think you have a manufacturer's defect please email us the following information so we can determine if it is a manufacturer's defect or not. If it is, we will happily replace your harness or other dog gear so you can continue to Walk Your Dog With Love.

In your email please include ALL this information:

  • Two clear photos of the damage: 1 close up, 1 close up from a different angle
  • 1 clear photo of the entire item
  • 1 clear photo of the label
  • your name, full shipping address, and telephone number
  • email address
  • the weight of your dog
  • the age of your dog
  • what is the item, and its size and color (harnesses have a label with the size on it)
  • describe the issue as best you can, and how it happened - if you know
  • where you got the item (on our website, at on online store, at a brick&mortar store, from your trainer/vet, at a show...)

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