What are the buckles made of?

Our buckles are made of Acetyl plastic, which is known for its durability and strength, and unlike standard nylon buckles it doesn’t absorb water (at the microscopic level) so it doesn’t crack from weather, etc. With the harness there is only one buckle on the dog, always easy to find, high on its left shoulder.

People usually ask about our buckles for two reasons – to know if it strong or if it is easy to open.

Easy to open

Our buckles have all been put them through what I call The Arthritis Test. We have had people with advanced arthritis and other strength issues work with our products to make sure that they could open.

All of our buckles are side release buckles that get opened and closed by pushing on the opposite sides  - usually with your thumb on one side and index finger on the other.


A lot of people say their dogs break the buckles. That hasn’t happened with ours. The way the buckle is placed on the harness it is not in any direct line with any pulling. So it doesn’t take the ‘hit’ like buckles on other harnesses do. You can see where it is placed and why this is so in our How It Fits video here.