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Big fluffy dog rescue great pyreneesYou Love Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. We Love Big Fluffy Dog Rescue.

Big Fluffy LOVES our dog harnesses*. If you buy a harness (or anything else) YOU save 15% & BFDR gets half the money.

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*We've been working with Big Fluffy Dogs since 2014. That's when Jean Harrison, the Director of Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, posted on Facebook "Why do we love these harnesses? Because they rock. They make dogs who don't look promising as adoption candidates because they are unruly on a leash suddenly look amazing"

Walk Your Dog With Love is The Original No-Choke, No-Pull, More Love dog harness. It's saved thousands of dogs' lives. With your help it will save many more. 

Back in 2014, our first BFDR fundraiser raised almost $2000 in one day. Since then we've helped BFDR raise thousands of $$$$$ and provided hundreds & hundreds of harnesses for BFDR's foster dogs.

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What BFDR and their Followers (your friends) have to say about Walk Your Dog With Love

♥ Jean's first post. Facebook. Aug 23 2014

Fans, every day, someone emails wanting us to post their product. 99.9% of these requests we decline, even (and sometimes, especially) those that offer cash for the post. It will be the proverbial cold day in hell before we start pole dancing for corporate sponsors. We most definitely don't roll that way here*.

That said, there are some awesome products out there we totally love and we want people to know about them because they help dogs. These are products we're not getting paid to endorse. Let's talk about one.

When we had our adoption event last month, our intrepid leader, Elizabeth Zaccaro, stepped in dozens of times to help people get control of their bouncing dogs. Dogs that pull on leashes and drag their humans around are dogs that are hard to adopt. She spent the day fitting dogs like that with harnesses made by Walk Your Dog with Love. 

Why do we love these harnesses? Because they rock. They make dogs who don't look promising as adoption candidates because they are unruly on a leash suddenly look amazing. They do it all without causing the dog the slightest bit of discomfort. Anyone who has been advised to use a prong collar to teach their dog to walk nicely on a leash may now officially toss the medieval torture device in the dumpster. Get a Walk with Love Harness. There's no need to be dragged from Point A to Point B by your Saint Bernard. Do the dogs a favor and tell your friends. 

*This might be why we are poor, but I'll take poor with integrity over less poor but a sell out.


BFDR Followers (see all the reviews here)
Heather Honiss Salsich: We just got one for Maggie to support BFDR and she's like a new dog. We are beyond impressed.

Kristin Conway: These are awesome! I have one for my 165 lb. Newf and walking her is much easier!

Lorri Pilarski Yeingst: I was very hesitant to order this. There are less expensive harnesses at pet stores. My husband told me to just order it and not worry about the price since it's better than the others. So, I placed the order and we tried it out. I was shocked at how great it works. Jack doesn't pull at all. We had such a pleasant walk.

If you are leery about ordering it, don't be. Get it. You won't regret it. Plus BFDR benefits from your order which is pretty awesome.

Marie Banick Gadell: I have one, great while we needed it for training!

Shirley Marsh: I purchased one for my Leonberger... It works.... Love it... Highly recommended!!!

Holly Sisk: I bought one from them a year ago for my GoldenDoodle. Love it!

Judy Moeller: I just received 2 in mail. Was taking my dogs for a walk. I quickly opened the bag and put them on!! Wished I would have bought them sooner! Love it!

Laurie Sensiblis: "I've had one of these for Bacchus, my Pyr, since he got to be about 70 pounds (he's now 6 and 100 pounds). These harnesses are great, made in Massachusetts and I love that they will donate one to BFDR! Time to get Bacchus a new harness!"

Jacqueline Award: Best there is. Been using this for 2 yrs. 

Samantha Dozier: Shared and ordered a second harness for our newly adopted BFDR alumnus, Lenny (who we adore!)!

We have been using this harness since we saw you recommend it a few months ago and we really like it for our Saint Bernard :)Thanks again for all you do!

Julie Moody Solito: I have 4 of these for my dogs. Love them! They work awesome!

Anne Thomas: I bought one for Redd a few weeks ago; it's great! He stopped pulling immediately, and walks are now more pleasant for both of us. I've been recommending them to people with dogs who pull.

Pamela Ann: This harness has been the best way to enjoy a pleasant walk with our husky, even when squirrels dart past. The hipster belt they have has been helpful for added security. We only put it on for walks and she comes right to me if she hears or sees me pick it up.

Shari Harrison Smith: I use this on one of mine it works great no pulling

Pamela Guiduli Nash: Love these!! Had a prong collar for my first lab on the advice of a "great trainer" and it was horrid!!! Can't believe anyone would recommend or even make them!!! These harnesses are wonderful!

Shannon Broughton: I just got this for my Boxer. Awesome.


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