Bella is 17 May 22 2015

Happy Birthday Bella! Bella is 17 on May 22, 2015. That is 119 in human years! She is healthy, and mostly happy. Watch the video below to see her life now. 

Bees work.
Bella snoozes.
Life is good.

What more is there to life than Laying In The Garden, on a nice Spring Day, protected from The Sun, napping under a Cherry Tree, while the bees harvest pollen above you. Pass It On.

Bella's full name is Bella Agapanthus. She is sweet (THE Sweetest!!!) and cuddly. And she seen and done a lot of things in her 17 years. She 'stays in shape' with an assisted spin around the property, walking almost .07 of a mile every day! She also gets a weekly tune up which includes an acupuncture/chiropractic session. She eats what ever she wants . . . which really means that she has become super picky, and that one never knows what she will eat from one day to the next. So her meals are a smorgasbord.

And YES, she does a lot of snoozing . . . while her brother and sister run around like nuts, barking at invisible squirrels. Some things are better left to the young ones. 

I met Bella when she was about 5 years old. She was a stray, wandering around a vacant airforce base in California. I always wish I had known her as a pup, how cute she must have been. Even now I just want to squeeze her all the time!

Bella has always walked like The Best Dog In The World; like she was out of a movie. Yet I never would put anything on her neck to walk her. How could I do that to somebody I say I Love? I never want to look back, after it is too late, and wish I had treated my friend differently. I figure if Dogs are Man's Best Friends, then we should treat them that way. Bella  is the poster girl for our No Choke campaign, you can see her work below.