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The Sportso Doggo Dog Harness

The Sportso Doggo Harnesses
The Sportso Doggo in Hunter Orange
The Sportso Doggo Bright Pink
The Sportso Doggo in Lime Green
The Sportso Doggo in Solar Yellow
The Sportso Doggo in Jet Black
The Sportso Doggo in Ruby Red
The Sportso Doggo in Sapphire Blue
The Sportso Doggo in Amethyst Purple
The Sportso Doggo Harness in Forest Green
The Sportso Doggo Harness in Chocolate Silk
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The Best-Selling Front-Leading dog harness. Since 2006. Front-Leading for more control. Easy to use, Dog (and human) Friendly Design with no heavy hardware - so it's sweet on your dog. Soft, smooth super strong Satin-Finish 3800 lb. test nylon material that’s comfy for your dog. Lustrous colors that look great. 3M Reflective Material™ for extra nighttime safety. An International Pet Product News "Product of the Year". Size guide below. 

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The Best-Selling Front-Leading dog harness. Since 2006. Front-Leading for more control. Easy to use, Dog (and human) Friendly Design with no heavy hardware - so it's sweet on your dog. Soft, smooth super strong Satin-Finish 3800 lb. test nylon material that’s comfy for your dog. Lustrous colors that look great. 3M Reflective Material™ for extra nighttime safety. An International Pet Product News "Product of the Year".

MORE CONTROL: It leads your dog from the front to give you steering. Steering means control - like a horse is led. It makes any dog walk a pleasure. Walk Your Dog With Love.

NO PULLING: Because it is not rear-attached (like a collar, choker, or old-fashioned dog harness), you don't trigger off your dog's natural "dog sled team" pulling instinct. It stops a dog from pulling. 

NO CHOKING: It is not around your dog's throat, so there is no risk to your dog's neck and so you don't hurt your dog. Dog collars and chokers are just not a friendly - or necessary - way to walk your best friend. It is time for compassion. See more about choking here.

EASY ON: You don't have to 'figure it out'; no more leg lifting dance. Just put it over your dog's head and 'click'. Easy.

COMFORT: No more hard and heavy rings, sliders, or sharp sewn areas that chafe and rub your dog. Also, because it adjusts in 360 degrees, it fits better, so it works better too.


The heart of each Sportso Doggo dog harness is Nylon webbing

  • our strongest . . . to stand up to large accelerating forces
  • lower stretch quotient than other types of webbing, because if the harness stretches it won't work
  • extreme durability to withstand constant pulling
  • satin finish
  • rich colors

The pull-points are all double reinforced: They are sewn with Industrial strength Tex 70 nylon thread-for the strength to stand up to a pulling dog, and with a high stitch-per-inch count for added resilience and durability.

To protect the dog's skin and eliminate chaffing and rubbing, the harness is engineered so all the finished ends face away from the dog, and importantly with NO hard metal rings, sliders, and inflexible doubled over and sewn webbing to touch the dog.

The leash attachment is a tough nickel-plated steel ring, 50% thicker than lightweight rings, and welded for increased strength.

For extra security the buckles are Acetyl plastic which is a strong, durable, stable material - versus nylon plastic buckles, which are prone to cracking and breaking because they are sensitive to both moisture and temperature variations.

Fitting It Right

Getting the right size is easy. It can usually be done just by knowing  your dog's approximate weight.

YET, to totally make sure you get the right size, see the Girth measurement chart below. Girth is the measurement that goes over your dog's shoulders, right behind the front legs, and back up again. Like the red arrow shows. 

Please measure with your dog standing. Measure it as if it was the harness - not too tight, not too loose.

If your dog can fit in two size harnesses, we usually prefer the bigger dog in the smaller harness. If the measurement is at the very top of one size, then go up to the next size. If you still have sizing questions please email us your dog’s WAG (Weight, Age, Girth as described above and in the picture) and we will help you.

If you have a puppy, we have a Puppy Promise, where the next size up is just half price. Yes, even if you have a Great Dane.

Girth Chart
Teddy Shows How To Measure Girth


Reviewed by Hannah a, 03/07/2022

We've had a miracle with this harness! No kidding. For 4 years we've never once had an enjoyable walk with our dog. They pull, they pull me over, drag me, the leash would cut into my hand. Seriously, after 1 sec. with this new harness somehow the dogs innately knew how to walk. This morning I even had to look down to see if I still had the dog in the leash he was walking so nicely. I don't understand how they knew what was different, but it really was a miracle! Thank you so much for inventing this!

Reviewed by G L, 07/13/2020

I purchased the original harness and was so impressed about the simple quality and the difference it made with my large dog pulling that I also purchased the sportso harness which was a little softer material. I love them both. Thank you from my dog and myself for making walking easier !

Reviewed by Louise D, 07/07/2020

This harness is excellent!!! Teddy my Labrador is a puller, I was unable to control him with a normal collar or a traditional harness where the lead attaches at the dogs shoulders. I could just about manage him with a halti but it hurt his face and he fought it all the way. Another dog walker suggested a walk your dog with love harness as it worked for their dog. I ordered it but wasn’t expecting much success as Teddy is so strong. I put the harness on him yesterday and I hardly know there’s a dog on the end of the lead! He’s so happy to be free of the halti, he doesn’t pull at all! Walks were an ordeal and a chore as he used to pull my arm nearly out of its socket but not any more! It’s amazing, I will recommend this harness to everyone and I look forward to lots of happy, stress-free walks with Teddy in the future!

Reviewed by Meagan S, 04/18/2020

This is the only type of harness Link loves to wear. She has a long history of fear aggression, and being able to find a harness that keeps you out of the bite zone (She's a korean jindo so her bites seriously suck!) is really difficult. I still remember the first time we got her this harness, which was four years ago. I think I was more scared then she was to put it on her, but with the ability to put it over her head, readjust the size to her fit AND have it be a front lead, this was a godsend. Over the years I've bought a few of these, mostly because I want her in a new color. This never rubs for her and in the beginning she had to wear it all the time until we both were able to trust each other enough to put on and off. I can definitely say I'd recommend this harness to anyone. IT WORKS! I also love the hipster belt too!

Reviewed by Marianna M, 01/15/2020

Until I purchased this harness I was no longer to walk my dog. Reason is, he's about 70 lbs and has a big chest. Now I can walk him everyday with no problems whatsoever. Even when other dogs approach I have my dog in control. I highly recommend this product and have actually recommended it to others that I have seen walking their dogs.

Reviewed by Karin L, 12/11/2019

We've used your harnesses for a number of years and LOVE them! I think I've referred a number of friends & strangers to your site - they are so easy to use!

Reviewed by K, 11/25/2019

Our dear old Misty had the soft & sweet embroidered & it worked so well for her 💓 This sort of harness, with its level of comfortableness & quality just isn’t available in Australia. We will soon be welcoming a rescue puppy into our lives, she is a German shepherd x Kelpie x Rottweiler, and we are going to be getting her one of your harnesses. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your attention to detail in your response, you addressed all my questions, excellent customer service. Thank you & I hope you have a wonderful day.

Reviewed by K, 11/25/2019

Darcy’s harness arrived yesterday just as I was leaving the house! We used it this morning after a few minor adjustments and the walk was PULL FREE!!! I am 72 and have osteoporosis in my spine and I am always concerned about falling. Thank you so much for all your help and I will let all my ‘doggie’ friends know how wonderful your dog harness is.

Reviewed by Paula N, 11/12/2019

I bought this harness a few years ago for our other dog, Cutie. I love it and it works so well! No more pulling, and getting almost knocked to the ground when Cutie would be pulling so hard as with a traditional harness. I'm so glad you had your logo on Cutie's harness! I went right to your website and ordered a harness for our other dog, Vinny. Love your harness! Thank you!

Reviewed by Anna C, 11/03/2019

Murphy and I love the hunter orange leash and sports doggo harness

Reviewed by Amanda S, 08/21/2019

We do love these harnesses!

Reviewed by Sheila A, 05/22/2019

This is my third purchase. I am so pleased with this wonderful harness that I have referred you to my family and friends, whom have also purchased your harnesses. An excellent produce at an affordable price.

Reviewed by John A, 05/13/2019

I have used a Gentle leader and a Gentle harness for my 85 pound Bernedoodle. That harness just didn't fit him correct. I found the Walk Your Dog With Love fits him best. He is better behaved and walks with me better with the harness.. Also their customer service is very good. I am very pleased and highly recommend them.

Reviewed by Paula M, 04/30/2019

This was amazing! On our first walk, a big difference was noticed. I can now walk my 76 pound furbaby without fear of him pulling so hard that I would fall. Thank you! We had a Pug Life harness and he'd pull so hard, it sounded like he had breathing problems. I love it!

Reviewed by Carrie D, 03/24/2019

The Sportso harnesses have been a game changer for our easily-excited puppies! We are so impressed by your customer service and generous replacement policies. Thank you for making our walks so enjoyable!

Reviewed by Michelle B, 01/08/2019

Our dog, Connor, is a 9 month old lab mix. He is energetic and strong. I had been using a top-attach harness for our daily walks. The larger he grew, the stronger he became. It was becoming difficult to reinforce good walking form---when he reached 60 pounds, it was all I could do to hold onto the leash with two hands. Training was difficult, and I didn't want to resort to a choke or pinch collar.
I heard about the Walk Your Dog With Love harness during the Stephanie Miller show and decided to give it a try. What a game changer! Once I got the fit right, it was a night and day difference. He now walks nicely without forging and pulling. At first, he would start to forge ahead, but the pressure of the harness on his chest would turn him toward me. After a few walks he has made a habit of walking by my side with a loose leash! Now we can enjoy our walks and I can focus on praising and reinforcing his good behavior, and that's really the way I want to train. It's also super easy to put on, no more rolling and bucking puppy to struggle with while picking up paws and fastening buckles like a cowboy in a calf roping competition. 100% recommend.

Reviewed by Angie A, 01/07/2019

Best harness ever! Walking a 71 pound Goldendoodle can be challenging and we own a plethora of harnesses, collars and leads. I bought WYDWL harness after my daughter recommended it and wasn't expecting a huge difference. Took our first walk with it yesterday and O M G what a difference!!!! Frankie was a different dog with this harness! NO more hanging on for dear life! We encountered several dogs along the way and Frankie was a gentleman the entire time. We even recommended it to another dog owner we met with a young, energetic doodle of his own! Super easy to put on, even too easy as I kept thinking "it can't be that easy". Great quality halter and matching lead. Wish I'd gone with the brighter color because the jewel tones are gorgeous in person. 100% recommend!!!

Reviewed by Susan W, 01/07/2019

I cannot believe how wonderful this harness is! I have tried other harnesses with no luck, but this one...Wow. I have a 6 year old German Shepard, Brutus, who I adore, but when we go for a walk he will bolt and lunge if he sees another dog or God forbid, a cat. This harness seems to keep him calm. I have walked him a half dozen times since receiving this harness and Brutus hasn't pulled on the leash once. I am so glad I heard your commercial on the well spent!

Reviewed by Lynne N, 12/27/2018

We love the Sportso Harness and it works tremendously with our 9 month old grand-dog, Hope! Your product, customer service and team are exceptional. Kudos to all of you!

Reviewed by Sean M, 12/19/2018

This harness is awesome. I got mine yesterday and walked my dog with it right away. I felt like I was walking a toy poodle instead of a 90 pound Doberman. Amazing.

Reviewed by Marissa G, 12/13/2018

I love this harness and company. I have a mini Aussie who is out of control, and I got the sportso doggo harness and it controls his crazy need for herding and playing with other dogs when we are walking and on the road! Thank you walk your dog with love!!

Reviewed by Koren R, 12/13/2018

My daughter adopted a dog in May, he is 60+ pounds and she is 110! He was pulling her and causing her to fall a few times while walking because he was not trained well on a leash. The harness we got from you guys is amazing!! She has total control walking him now and she enjoys walks instead of dreading taking him out! Thank goodness I found this product for her! Thank you!

Reviewed by Tracey C, 12/04/2018

We got our new harness today and I can hardly believe the difference. Thank you for creating an easy to put on comfortable, harness that keeps my dog from running after crazy things!

Reviewed by Jeffrey J, 11/25/2018

We have an American Staffordshire Terrier (in the family of Pitt Bulls). 55 pounds of determined muscle that was brutal to take out on the leash. We were looking at harnesses and when I saw this one, I was skeptical. I didn't think there was any way that would work on my dog. When my wife saw it on the table when she got home, she told me to return it. "It has a plastic buckle and it won't hold him." Then again, the video made it look pretty easy so I took a chance. WOW! Hard to believe it's the same dog. He walks at a calm pace and you would swear that he's been professionally trained. Even when he starts to pull away, light resistance on the leash and he drops back into place. When I picked up the pace to a jog, I thought sure that would be his green light to take off. Surprisingly, he kept pace with me without pulling away. I'm a believer. I'm a fan. I'm a customer for life. I will spread the word.

Reviewed by Marc C, 11/24/2018

Just got back from my first walk with the new harness. My guy is strong and has been a total pain in the butt to walk. Typically I drive him to an off leash park, so I don’t have to walk him. He was a perfect gentleman with the harness. We just had the nicest walk ever! I don’t know if it will be the same for you, but this was a game changer with zero effort on my part. 100% would recommend this to anyone tired of being dragged through your walks.

Reviewed by Elizabeth K, 11/19/2018

I love this harness! It makes walking my St. Bernard easy. She is about 88 lbs right now, but will grow to be bigger. She doesn’t pull at all with this harness. I feel much better with this than a regular collar where she could choke if she pulls. Thank you so much for developing this great product!!!!!!

Reviewed by michael e, 10/31/2018

Prompt delivery, put on our Bichon Frise took for a walk no pulling didn’t quite believe harness would work but we are converts now. Thank you- happy walking from now on.

Reviewed by Nancy M, 10/27/2018

I have tried so many different “no pull” harnesses/products. Walk your Dog with Love is the only one that works! I was so amazed I told my sister. Both our dogs immediately walked without pulling. Cookie and I Love Walk Your Dog with Love!! So does my sister & her dog. Highly recommend

Reviewed by Geri R, 10/20/2018

I have posted about the company on Facebook and will continue to do so, as well as recommend the company to all my dog friends in person.

Reviewed by Gillianne A, 10/17/2018

Love your Sportso Orange. The best by far!

Reviewed by deb s, 10/01/2018

These harnesses are the BEST!

Reviewed by Diana W, 09/27/2018

Just received the Sportso harness and matching leash. I was so excited to try it out I quickly and easily adjusted the harness with the great instructions to a link on how to adjust it. My Maltipoo who only weighs in at 9.5 lbs.but has a big chest area from under her body. At first, I thought it was too small but after seeing the helpful link provided inside my package it was a perfect fit!! I took Bela out for a walk and she was extremely calm, walking at my side as if she had gone to training school. She was not pacing ahead of me as before with her other harness I had bought at the big box store, and really seemed to enjoy her walk as much as me. Thank God for this simple technique, and now we both can enjoy the walk especially with the cooler weather coming. I really wish that I had purchased this months ago when I first saw the video on my google searches but I decided to wait. So glad on my purchase. I will now buy again for my daughter's pup. This company truly knows the dog sizing and it fits perfect!! Wish that I could have uploaded a picture of her wearing it to show how perfect it fit and mostly how cute she looks in it. Thanks again for such a great product.

Reviewed by Casimira V, 09/24/2018

Paisley loves her harness so much that we're getting her new little brother the same one! It really helps with the pulling and I feel so much more at ease knowing there are no rings on their sides pinching their skin. Thank you for such a great product!!

Reviewed by thomas d, 08/28/2018

We have a massive collection of harnesses and collars we've bought for Rocky, our Boston Terrier, but nothing was quite right until we found Walk Your Dog with Love. The no-choke harness has been a revelation. It's easy to put on, with no complaints from Rocky (a minor miracle in itself), and daily walks have become a pleasure. Rocky is easily controlled, and pulling is a thing of the past. On top of all this, the red harness looks great on him. I want to say a word or two about customer service. When we bought the original harness, it didn't quite fit properly, since Rocky is right on the cusp size-wise, a bit too big for a small and a bit too small for a medium. When we contacted Walk Your Dog with Love and explained our problem, the customer service rep walked us through the sizing issue to ensure that we were adjusting the harness correctly, and when we established that adjusting wasn't the solution, she offered to replace the harness with a customized size--problem solved! This is a great company that truly cares about our pets. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Reviewed by Calvin A, 08/27/2018

I was somewhat skeptical about the no pull claim to this harness but I bought 1 for my Tucker and was simply amazed that with little to no effort he walks so much easier on this than he did on the regular collar the pulling stopped immediately. makes walking him so much more enjoyable!

Reviewed by Susie C, 08/20/2018

What a relief! I just adopted a 75 lb Golden Doodle and it was a challenge for me to walk him if we encountered another dog or human and to keep control. I am a 66 year young female and don't have as much strength as I use to. Received the harness and watched the video for the fit and off we went. It was wonderful. We did encounter a dog and a human and it was so easy to control my Bentley. Love this! Definitely will be bragging about this to my friends.

Reviewed by Michelle T, 08/16/2018

First bought one at the Big E (state fair for New England) for a 70+ pound Golden rescue that pulled like crazy. This thing was amazing - almost instantly we could walk this dog with little pressure or grip at all on the leash! We have since bought 4 additional harnesses (2 new dogs who are smaller and the need to put the extra harnesses at a second location.) We can't walk our 2 new 45 lb rescue puppies without the harness - they pull way too hard! LOVE LOVE LOVE these harnesses. And love the customer service even more! Our latest rescue, a black lab (first non-golden we've owned) has garnered herself the title "black ninja pup" b/c she has managed to chew not one but two harnesses - once while wearing it and I turned my back for 5 minutes! Cannot say enough about this product and this company!!

Reviewed by emma f, 08/04/2018

I bought one of these harnesses for my 75lb Shepherd mix two years ago and have loved it!! Very durable and makes walking a breeze. We got a mutt puppy 6 months ago whose collar worked fine for a while, but who has gotten unexpectedly stout and strong for a lil guy. It was time to invest in another harness, so I’m happy to buy another from Walk Your Dog With Love!

Reviewed by Kaye H, 07/29/2018

Just returned from our first walk with the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness. My husband asked me how it went and I replied, " It is a miracle. " We got our Rescue, Reacher, 5 years ago; he had been badly beaten and chained up for two years. As a result, his muzzle is very tender and he has collapsed cartilage in his esophagus which causes him to cough with any pressure on his chest. We tried every harness I could find; none worked, so we ended up with a Gentle Leader as a last resort, even though it hurt his face. (I take my dogs to the mountain as often as possible so they can run free, but some days we have to walk in the neighborhood. Then we come home and massage Reacher's face because it is sore.) He was so happy today; it was like he was free! He walked right by my side and never pulled! Reacher and I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful harness. (And yes, he is named after the Jack Reacher character in Lee Child's books because he is such a survivor.)

Reviewed by Larry S, 07/28/2018

Thank you so much for your personalized service. This just confirms my belief in your product! And my husband, who tends to be a tough customer to sell, has seen the benefits of using your harness on our pet versus other harnesses. I look forward to working with your company on future purchases for our beloved pet, Sallie.

Reviewed by Lyndi , 07/12/2018

We have a schnauzer mix puppy that we rescued about a month ago, around 5 months old. He was a nightmare to walk! He pulled everywhere like crazy, zigged and zagged back and forth in your walking path, and had a tendency to randomly take off at a sprint in any direction. He also has a very long and lean build, including his neck - traditional collars and harnesses seemed to be really hurting his neck as he would frequently stop to choke and hack while on walks. This harness has helped us a lot! He still doesn’t walk perfectly by any means, but he does pull less and is way easier to control when he does pull. He completely spins around when he takes off at a sprint, which gets him into shape real quick! The choking has stopped, which makes me feel much better!

Reviewed by Frank Z, 06/26/2018

Love the harnesses, the difference in my dogs is remarkable.

Reviewed by John G, 06/21/2018

I was very conflicted about the size for a slightly plump Yorkie. I ordered the 12-23 and then panicked and left a message for customer service. Erin called quickly and we discussed my concerns. Bottom line, she solved my problem and I am a very happy customer with a harness that really works.

Reviewed by Bob B, 06/17/2018

Got the harness...Easy to adjust, works well.
Simple and elegant design.

Reviewed by Adam S, 06/14/2018

This is a great product. Easy to fit, easy to put on, and works great to limit pulling. Also, the customer service here is wonderful. Quick responses with every question or concern!

Reviewed by lisa a, 06/14/2018

You would think a 30 lb little Beagle/Jack Russell mix would be easy to control - but certainly not when he gets on a scent while hiking in the woods - he is very powerful with intent to hunt !! This harness has saved me from sore hands and given me a much more pleasant hiking experience with him! Really great design, and so easy to slip on! Most difficult was getting the right fit and adjustment, but the instructions helped a lot and the end result couldn't be any better! Fabulous!

Reviewed by JENNIFER O, 06/11/2018

Recently purchased one of these because my 80# yellow Lab is awful on a leash. Pulls the whole time (and yes, she’s been to a reputable trainer who suggested one of these btw). With the first use she was a whole new dog. Walks are enjoyable again. Can’t recommend this product enough!!

Reviewed by Teresa D, 06/10/2018

Best harness ever. Wish I knew about it with my first Vizsla who uses the gentle leader. Love this harness.

Reviewed by Kenneth H, 06/07/2018

The new harness and leash is great!
QUALITY seems to be so much better.

Reviewed by Sarah Y, 06/02/2018

This is an amazing harness and we are buying a 2nd for when one is soaking from a mud puddle play session! (We already have 2 of your collars for this reason!) We get a lot of comments from dog owners on the harness and always recommend Walk Your Dog with Love. It works beautifully, is well made, and your customer service is outstanding. We are looking forward to trying out your tick repellent.

Reviewed by Janice A, 05/29/2018

Intelligently designed, thoughtful materials and immediate change with my nose driven, cat and bird chasing, playful clown. First, I followed instructions for introduction to his new harness. Now, our walks are truly pleasurable. I was astonished that even "no", means "No." We are both smiling, literally smiling. Thank you for your ingenuity !!

Reviewed by Kelly S, 05/21/2018

So far this has been great- wishing i had it 7 years ago!

Reviewed by Amanda G, 05/12/2018

We hyped one of your harnesses today! Only thing I'll walk one of my dogs with!

Reviewed by Barbara H, 04/28/2018

After trying everything (trainers, collars, harnesses) this harness transformed my active puller Lagotto Romagnolo into a relaxed walker. Worked from the 1st walk!

Reviewed by Ellen S, 04/23/2018

What a great company to work with. My puppy outgrew her harness and I was able to take advantage of their Puppy Promise guarantee. I love the harness. It is so easy to get on and off. My puppy is an aggressive puller. I still have a problem with her pulling but it is so much easier to get her back into control. I would highly recommend this harness. Love the product love the customer service.

Reviewed by Michele S, 04/17/2018

Just received my WYDWL harness this week. Already improving and so much easier to use than the other brand! Thank you.

Reviewed by Jacqueline S, 04/14/2018

Love your harnesses! Was just going to order 1 for my foster dog then saw the special :) Lucky us! Thank you!

Reviewed by Maria M, 04/11/2018

I did order a harness and it works great w/ my dog Sandy. He was a puller, and now walks more relaxed. He's a small dog but stocky, it was exhausting for me. Good buy for him. thank you!

Reviewed by Lori P, 04/10/2018

Leo loves his and such a better walker now!

Reviewed by Sheila R, 04/09/2018

Your harness is the best in the world. We've chewed through many brands but yours is easy to fit, comfortable on my dog and is made of very durable materials. Thank you for a great product!!

Reviewed by Karen B, 04/07/2018

Excellent! From the moment I put this on my 18 month old cattle dog the pulling completely stopped! Great product!

Reviewed by Anne R, 04/07/2018

We bought our first Walk Your Dog With Love harness in 2010. Yep, 8 years ago. They're super-durable. Best. Dog. Walking. Gear. Ever.

Reviewed by Elizabeth H, 04/03/2018

I just walked our Penny with her new harness, and the change in her was INSTANTANEOUS! She was a puller, and now she's a complete joy to walk! Thank you for the great harness.

Reviewed by Loveit B, 04/02/2018

Thank you so much. I love the harness. I bought my first one a few months ago and it worked great so when I got my second rescue dog I wanted one for him as well. Great product, great customer service

Reviewed by Suzanne S, 03/28/2018

Best purchase ever for my pup!

Reviewed by Heather H, 03/27/2018

Hands down this is the best system EVER!

Reviewed by Linda M, 03/25/2018

I just got my harness, works great as i have a 4 yr old Husky and if you ever walked a husky you know how they pull. I took him 3 times already, no pulling! It was a wonderful relaxing walk.

Reviewed by Lori C, 03/24/2018

I can't believe it took me this long to try this harness! I walk my two dogs at the same time; my 45-pound heeler mix is a nightmare to walk since her strong prey drive has her pulling constantly, tracking the scent of rabbits and squirrels. My 70-pound lab is easier to walk but with their old harnesses they were definitely walking me, or pulling me, often in two different directions. I can't tell you how often I was asked "who's walking who?" The first day I put their new harnesses on them was amazing because we actually walked instead of me walking super fast to keep up with prey-drive girl pulling. Every once in a while they may smell something and pull in a particular direction but with a gentle tug I can get them back on track. I really can't believe the difference these harnesses make; I'm kind of sad my arms aren't getting the resistance exercise they were with my old harnesses :)

Reviewed by Mary-Ann O, 03/22/2018

I’ve tried so many harnesses, collars, etc. this works the best on my 80 pound, strong Lab.

Reviewed by Carol B, 03/22/2018

I have a five year old golden retriever that has pulled me around my neighborhood on walks for years! I have tried every method and device known to man and finally settled on the gentle leader. She still pulls with it, pants, and head bobs all the time which I attribute to anxiety. Anyway, I saw your ad and decided to give your harness a try. OMG!! It's a miracle! Last night we took our first walk using it without any pulling! No panting and no head bobbing! I can't thank you enough for your wonderful product. I am looking forward to many more years of peaceful walking and I will be ordering for my other dogs as well. Thanks so much!

Reviewed by Ailey B, 03/20/2018

Highly recommend! Walking our Terrier mix is soooo much easier. The pulling is extremely better and I have way more control.

Reviewed by MICHAEL G, 03/18/2018

Wonderful harness. Easiest walk with the dog first time I put it on. Very very pleased with this harness.

Reviewed by Robin P, 03/17/2018

I have ordered other things from your company and have enjoyed them; and have appreciated the quality,ease of use and the effort put into the products for the dog's comfort and safety. But I must say I am so surprised and grateful that you and your company would do this special order. I believe customer service is a very important part of a company and yours , like your products are top-notched! Thank you so much. The neon green is going to look great on his chocolate coat.

Reviewed by Nancy G, 03/15/2018

The new harness fits Nina like a charm! She's very touchy about having anything around her belly because she had a huge tumor removed, but she doesn't mind the "Walk your Dog with Love" harness and doesn't flinch when I put it on. Thank you again!

Reviewed by Jason S, 03/13/2018

What can I say but... it works!

Reviewed by bettina B, 03/06/2018

I have to say that I have 2 English labs who drag me all over the place. I have spent hundreds of dollars on harnesses. Just hooked the boys up to their new harnesses and not a single pull. Not sure why they work so well as I have had other one similar to this one in the past. love the items.

Reviewed by Karen L, 02/27/2018

Awesome. Truly can not believe how quickly my ox pulling 80 lb golden adjusted to the new harness. Within in 5 minutes we were both walking from tree to tree, not him dragging me from tree to tree. We even saw someone with a pulling young black lab who commented how well behaved my dog was. I tried to tell him that my dog used to pull like his until the new harness. I do not think he believed me. Just wish I had bought the harness sooner.

Reviewed by Steven R, 02/25/2018

Just walked my dog (90 lb Golden)...he is very strong, as he grew up in country and I never would clip him. Have had to use a choke collar on him (which I hated doing) and that still didn't work well, a friend wanted to use a shock collar, somehow that got I guess his neck got strong, as he would chase almost everything and just had a near constant pull unless he had been walked several miles. Now, the pulling is almost totally absent, he starts and then stops, unless he sees an animal, but he's still easier to control. GREAT HARNESS...I love not having to choke the heck out of him and he walks. I hope this effect lasts...

Reviewed by Tamara B, 02/21/2018

I was initially wondering if this harness was going to really make my 72 lb lab/pointer not pull. I thought about it 48 hours and looked at the site twice before buying. I can't think of a time when my money was so well spent! I actually look forward to walking my dog now. I've tried a few different devices designed to make dog walking a pleasure, and this is the first one that's actually worked.

Reviewed by Teresa R, 02/19/2018

Walking our 50 lb. Basset hound and 90 chocolate Lab has been challenging. Everything we tried they had more power to pull us. Finally we found the solution that works for both dogs. Walk Your Dog With Love gives the power to the owner. It just takes a gentle correction to have control over where we walk and how fast we walk. No more pulling us along. We love our new harness!

Reviewed by Barbara P, 02/17/2018

I have been using your harness system for well over ten years now. I absolutely love them and now, as a professional dog walker, I recommend them to my clients all the time, especially when they have a dog that pulls. I have two big dogs of my own that I use them on, in fact, I took their harnesses and use them for my dog walks, and bought them new ones.

Reviewed by Anonymous, 02/15/2018

This new harness is a total game changer for me and the dog.... we have had northern breed dogs for over 25 years, and this harness is great.... nice for me nice for the dog... Pretty much able to walk the dog with a couple of fingers!!!

Reviewed by Anonymous, 02/13/2018

The change in the dog while walking is unbelievable, it’s now more of a pleasure to take him out. Excellent product.

Reviewed by K B, 02/12/2018

I bought this harness and it really does make walking our dog easier. Instead of pulling on the leash to get her to walk beside me, she moves towards me without hesitation now. Easier to control too. our dog is not aggressive, just nosey and wants to go everywhere, sniff everywhere. Now, she stays at my side most of the time, just have to give a little tug and she comes right to the side.

Reviewed by J R, 02/11/2018

My Mr. Murphy had one of these harnesses. I loved it! I had saved your card that shipped with the harness. I am adopting Tucker and he will be with me next Saturday! I have to purchase one of these in his size because he dislikes his collar that the foster mom is using....well, I don't have to...your harness is a must for walking a dog! Thank you for creating such a fabulous product!

Reviewed by Linda, R, 02/10/2018

Bought one for my lab best thing I have ever bought wouldn’t be without this!

Reviewed by Gail L, 02/08/2018

Thank you for making this, my arms are already better!!!!!!

Reviewed by Candace L, 02/07/2018

I ordered a Walk Your Dog with Love for my 90 plus beautiful lab mix dog. We have tried Easy Harness, SENSE-ation Harness. Both worked "okay" but neither was perfect. They rode up on her neck or chafed her "armpits". I thought I would try WYD harness, IT IS PERFECT!! We just went for an hour long walk/run, it stayed in place and I (and Maggie) are thrilled we finally have the perfect harness for my perfect puppy!

Reviewed by Rebecca E, 02/05/2018

Our Goldendoodle puppy is 6 months old. I have been walking him everyday for 3-4 miles for the past few months. The harness, which attached at the top, I was using hurt my shoulder and there was so much pulling to keep him by my side, I came home worn out.
With the Walk your Dog with Love harness, I cannot believe how well behaved and easy it is to walk our puppy. Having him sit by my side, when people and other dogs approach, is so much easier.
I have to admit, I hesitated to order this product because it seemed expensive. It is worth the price! This is the real deal, folks! And I love that it is made in the USA! Love walking my dog!

Reviewed by J C, 02/03/2018

Just took my boxer Rousey for a 2 mile walk....first time in 6 months. As she grew it was impossible for me to take her as I was not strong enough to control her. Walk your dog with love has made it possible to walk her again. Best money I ever spent and I get to spend time outside with my pup again!

Reviewed by Sharon N, 02/02/2018

I just purchased a harness for my dog and it is amazing!! I actually want to and am able to walk my dog now! great, great product

Reviewed by Holly, V, 01/31/2018

I ordered one for my puppy. On our first walk with it we happened to be out with my mom and her dog. She begged me to order one for her.

Reviewed by Patti, F, 01/30/2018

Never wrote a review before, but these harnesses are fantastic. I used to get pulled over by two strong dogs when they were wearing traditional harnesses. Now, I can control them- no pulling or lunging- they even passed the “staying-put-with-deer-running-by-them” test. Thanks for a great product.

Reviewed by C S, 01/26/2018

I bought this harness for my 60 pound Goldendoodle. Every other harness or collar I tried on him he just pulled me down the road. This harness is truly remarkable he walks next to my side now and even when we go running he’s not pulling me down the road. I love it and highly recommend it! Thank you!!

Reviewed by Kevin C, 01/25/2018

Callie and our family love your harnesses & They Are Pawfect!

Reviewed by K R, 01/24/2018

I just received mine a couple of days ago. I bought the harness for my 6 month old jack Russell after only a couple of minutes she would sit and allow me to put her harness on and walked like a pro! it was so easy to fit my puppy and she did great learning how to walk with a leash! Thank you for making this easy system! And its made in America. Also bought the seat belt safety strap. Just watch the 1 minute videos before using. Very simple to put on and adjust. I can’t say enough. My order was shipped the very day I placed my order and arrived within a couple of days. Awesome. Try it you will not regret it.

Reviewed by Gayle B, 01/21/2018

Best purchase ever....we have a 94# Labradoodle who is a good guy, but not so much fun to walk. He is amazing with this harness and we have tried everything...highly recommend!!!

Reviewed by Josephine C, 01/19/2018

Thank you Walk Your Dog With Love - World's Best Dog Harness we bought 3 of your no choke harnesses! As a puppy parent I’m very pleased with your Products! And I highly recommend you to my friends and family! Thank you very much!

Reviewed by M A, 01/18/2018

This harness really does work. I bought 2 of them. My dogs used to pull but now I can walk them both at the same time without pulling. The walks are relaxing.

Reviewed by Suzanne S, 01/17/2018

Best purchase! Changed my life walking my pup!

Reviewed by Juliet J, 01/14/2018

Our Lab Lulu pulled so hard when we first got her from the shelter at age 4, she would drag me down the street. I tried other types of harnesses and collars, and the only thing that worked was a prong collar. It helped, but I felt like I was torturing poor Lulu. Then I found you folks, and our whole world changed. We all love her new harness, and with the tether, it keeps her safe in the car as well. Thank you so much, from Lulu and her entire family!

Reviewed by Carol B, 01/12/2018

I was given this sport harness as a gift several years ago and it still looks like new. We use it every day, and I cannot even imagine how I could walk my dog without it. I will never go back to a regular harness. It is easy to use and easy for my dog, comfortable and simple. I recommend it to everyone I see walking with a collar.

Reviewed by Rochelle, B, 01/11/2018

We LOVE this harness and it works like a charm on Gilmore. He is a 2 year old Wheaten puppy and is a sled dog!! This harness helps us to walk with LOVE!!

Reviewed by P J, 01/10/2018

JJ is a 70 pound lab and I love using this harness. I Am impressed with your service and will continue to recommend WalkYourDogwithLove harnesses

Reviewed by Margaret T, 01/09/2018

Harness is so easy and hassle-free to put on the wiggly little critter. Plus i think it’s comfortable for her to wear.

Reviewed by Louise R, 01/08/2018

I have done rescue & fostering for over 40 years. Mainly with BCSPCA (in British Columbia, Canada). Now I do Forever Home, 2 dogs. The 2 litter mates, I have now, are 70 lbs each, Sis & Brother. Started training in the Harness with lead and extension for waist. After years of training with collars, I am so comfortable and feel better about my dogs care. The halters are terrific. Could not do without them. Two trained dogs on the waist attachment: hands free is such a bonus.

Reviewed by Sara T, 01/06/2018

Best thing we ever bought for our 75 pound black lab, Abi. It made all the difference in walking her from the first day. Have had it four years and it still looks and works like new. EVERY dog should have one!

Reviewed by Pam a, 01/04/2018

The lovely pink halter i ordered for Daisy Mae has been delivered. It's such a good fit and so easy to put on an excited and wriggling puppy. My other dogs walk beautifully on their halters and soon I will be able to take them all out together. I will always recommend your great products to other dog owners and I have handed out your cards to a lot of people.

Reviewed by K K, 01/02/2018

My girl Vivian has been sporting her new bright green harness and is getting so many compliments! We love WYDWL!

Reviewed by Phil F, 01/01/2018

This has been a fantastic product and the best harness we've had in 6 years.

Reviewed by B G, 12/30/2017

The BEST harness!! I have 2 English cream golden retrievers and they pulled me off my feet until I got these!! Now we just enjoy nice walks, even with distractions and other dogs or people

Reviewed by Carol, S, 12/29/2017

After trying numerous harnesses with little success, I decided to try this one on my very happy eager boy who loves our adventure walks. I can't even express what a difference this harness made on day one! I HIGHLY recommend this harness..

Reviewed by Trish i, 12/28/2017

Love this harness- My pit mix walks great with it.

Reviewed by Pam W, 12/26/2017

I already have one of your harnesses for my dog Teddy (a Staffie) and find it very good. I have some disabilities, and found your harness has made walking my older dogs so much easier than traditional methods, so much easier on my shoulders and neck.

Reviewed by P S, 12/24/2017

Best harness along with the "Zen hipster"--my rescue walks like a champ now!

Reviewed by Norma M, 12/23/2017

I love the walk your dog with love harness and have recommended it to my friends who have dogs that love to pull. My Golden Retriever has a easy walk front harness that is ready to be replaced and I will definitely be betting her a WYDWL harness!

Reviewed by L A, 12/22/2017

Thank you so much. I received the replacement harness. Your speedy response and attention to guarantee means so much to us. While I was waiting for the replacement, I had to use our old style harness. What a difference in comparison! There's no turning back after the success we've had with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness. It really works. We'll be sure to recommend your products to our friends and family.

Reviewed by G P, 12/20/2017

This is the only harness/leash we use with our bull terrier, Rosie, who loves to chase rabbits. Easy to put on and fits her body perfectly. She’s 45 lbs.

Reviewed by Jeff, C, 12/20/2017

We bought this for our 65 lb Husky - FANTASTIC - can't brag on it enough

Reviewed by Ilyse, U, 12/19/2017

Lola used to weigh 94# but is now a svelte 84# girl who loves squirrels. She will be 6 next month. I hated using a prong collar. Your harness works better and is a much much safer choice!!!!

Reviewed by Linda S, 12/18/2017

Lost our first wydwlove harness about 10 days ago. Walks aren’t the same without it. Glad to have a replacement. The hot pink should Increase visibility on our Charlotte’s jet black coat. We appreciate your product. I carry your card in my wallet to share with others. Thank you again for your excellent product.

Reviewed by Sheryl F, 12/17/2017

This harness really works. We've had one for about 3 years and love it.

Reviewed by R K, 12/16/2017

This harness and the short leash I purchased from you was a lifesaver. I can finally enjoy walking my Pit mix and also going for runs with her. Great product!

Reviewed by Sharon S, 12/13/2017

The BEST WAY YO WALK your dog!!!! Makes training to heel after only a couple of walks!!! I wouldn't use any other way to walk my dogs no matter what size

Reviewed by J L, 12/12/2017

I bought the sport harness and leash and my dog is suddenly a miracle to walk

Reviewed by Gwen B, 12/10/2017

Wow! This harness works! My husband was skeptical, and after one walk with our dog, he is a believer. The harness is well made, easy to use, and works!!

Reviewed by Michele M, 12/09/2017

This is the second harness I’ve tried for our 3 yr old Australian Shepherd rescue. She’s 55# and all over the place. It’s made a huge difference! Taking the stress out of daily walks is helping with training all around. Thank you!

Reviewed by Laura, P, 12/09/2017

We have been so happy with this harness, I can't live without it.

Reviewed by Lee, M, 12/04/2017

We have a 70 lb Weimaraner and she has been pulling with every harness EXCEPT this one!! I have a bad back and I am thrilled to be able to walk her without being dragged around my neighborhood!!

Reviewed by S E, 12/02/2017

Just tried out my new harness on my high strung little schnauzer/pug mix...and NO pulling. Of course she still screeches with excitement for the first part of the walk, but the final leg was absolute bliss. Thanks for this great harness, I truly did not think I would ever enjoy taking Ms. Gabby out ever again.

Reviewed by R S, 12/01/2017

I have one of these halters for my puppy and love it so much, I have to have one each for my other dogs. Makes walking a PLEASURE – what a great idea and thank you so much for this creation. I will be sure to pass it on to my dog friends!!

Reviewed by P T, 12/01/2017

I got Charles one of these. I like it and it does not choke him.

Reviewed by Michelle A, 11/29/2017


Reviewed by Marilyn i, 11/27/2017

Just received the harness and the change was instant!

Reviewed by D G, 11/26/2017

Best harness for dogs that just love to walk YOU!

Reviewed by Margie B, 11/24/2017

Love this harness I have a 90 lb German Shepherd and she walks wonderfully on this harness. I also might say I am 77 years old and before I got the harness I could not safely walk her. Also their customer service is the best I have ever seen in a company. I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by Brigett, L, 11/21/2017

Not only does this totally work and I now enjoy walking my dog but the customer service is excellent. I was super impressed.

Reviewed by Michelle S, 11/21/2017

I have two golden retrievers and these harnesses and leads are great for them. They are very easy to control and redirect when lunging for squirrels (or blowing leaves)! I still struggle walking them together, but it’s getting easier. Thanks for a great USA made product!

Reviewed by Holly, E, 11/20/2017

I have used my new harness for the past two days and all I can say is wow! This makes our walks fun and comfortable for both my pup and me. Great product!

Reviewed by Steph, E, 11/19/2017

I just got my harness yesterday! And my chocolate lab Roxy has never walked like this. I’ve tried all harnesses. And we were using the prong collar bc she wouldn’t listen. It’s amazing!!! Thank you so much I’m glad I found you guys!!

Reviewed by Valerie P, 11/12/2017

Best. Harness. Ever.

Reviewed by Azure F, 11/11/2017

Hey, it's a game changer. WOW!

Reviewed by S S, 11/09/2017

Your dog harnesses are the best- absolutely no pulling from my 2 Labs now

Reviewed by C K, 11/09/2017

Really love this harness, the change was instant, never had such an enjoyable walk with my dog before this

Reviewed by Melissa W, 11/08/2017

We have a 70 pound Pitbull and our first walk with the Sportso harness was a significant improvement. From the moment we left the house, there was no pulling or tension on the leash. The harness is easy to adjust and simple to put on (thanks for the helpful video). Awesome product, well made (love the bright color and reflective stripes). I will definitely recommend to others.

Reviewed by Tim F, 11/08/2017

We have just been for our first walk with Nellie wearing her what a transformation !!! No pulling and a lovely walk. What an excellent product and amazing service and fitting instructions. We will be buying another one as a spare.

Reviewed by Lee a, 11/08/2017

Amazed at how well Dexter was on his first walk with this yesterday! I didn’t have to drop everything, grab his harness, and plant my feet when he wanted to say hi to neighbors. My back is very grateful!

Reviewed by Ernie W, 11/07/2017

My dog Memphis and I love this harness! Anyone who needs a harness, collar, leash or other dog products by them from Walk Your Dog With Love and you won't be disappointed!

Reviewed by K N, 11/06/2017

I just love your product! Getting a second one as a backup- I won't walk my dog without it. Thank you so!!

Reviewed by C B, 11/02/2017

I bought one of these a few weeks ago for one of my dogs to try. It works so well I bought another one for my other dog. Its easy to put on and remove and comes in so many beautiful colors. I bought the solar yellow ones so they will be seen by cars when we walk. Thank you for inventing this. It really does work. My dog walks much more gently when I use it. No more pulling!

Reviewed by Sue B, 11/01/2017

I cannot believe that this harness could make such a difference to walking my 2 Labradors. It took them 10 mins to get used to it and after that no more pulling and much better behavior than walking them with a collar can’t recommend them highly enough 🐶😀🐶

Reviewed by Sydney V, 10/31/2017

Love my harness. My 60 pound poodle loves everyone and everything. This makes controlling her much easier, as does your wonderful walking belt.

Reviewed by Carly T, 10/30/2017

I am a dog walker, I use it and I love it.

Reviewed by Joan S, 10/29/2017

Love ours for our three rescued hunting dogs.

Reviewed by Jamie c, 10/28/2017

I am a customer who needed a lot convincing that this harness would work. All I can say now is: Wow, it is a miracle. It works wonderfully and our walks are a real joy now. Thanks!

Reviewed by D M, 10/26/2017

Just purchased because we welcomed a second rescue dog to our family. Walking two was not an enjoyable experience but that has completely changed with these harnesses. Money very well spent and many many thanks!

Reviewed by Cassie S, 10/26/2017

Just bought two for my two German Shepherds after talking with my trainer who had nothing but good things to say.

Reviewed by M M, 10/25/2017

I have this leash. Works great Buddy and I are both happier!

Reviewed by B G, 10/23/2017

I can finally walk my dog around the neighborhood by myself lol! And it's life-time guaranteed! We've had it a couple weeks and I'm so happy! Thank you!

Reviewed by Michele R, 10/20/2017

We have had our harness and leash for about a week now - WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! We LOVE IT!! Our 1 year old 90 lb Lab walks like a true gentleman - wish we had bought it when we first brought him home!! I highly recommend this 🙂

Reviewed by Linda P, 10/19/2017

I hated taking my year old boxer(50 lbs) for a walk. Really, she took me for a walk. I weigh 105. She pulled me for two miles. All muscle.. now, after I got this harness, I look forward to our walks.

Reviewed by Lori P, 10/17/2017

This has been awesome for our dog Leo! What a difference!

Reviewed by Marian L, 10/15/2017

Just received our second one a few days ago. Went to the "sport" model and like it so much. Our Lexie has gotten so used to it, she gets upset when we take it off! Although she still pulls (being a very strong Pittie), she doesn't pull us off our feet anymore and is a pleasure to walk. Thank you.

Reviewed by Beth B, 10/14/2017

I no longer have to pull my Lab off the path when another dog approaches. He would pull so hard and lunge to play with other dogs as they passed, it was all I could do to hang on to him. I was skeptical when I first saw this product...but it is a lifesaver. I LOVE walking my dog now. Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Sandy W, 10/13/2017

We have used this product now for two growth sizes with our current 6 month old English Creme Golden Retriever. I am happy with it and it has helped some, but Carson still pulls in his excitement to see people and new places. Not sure what else to do except keep training.

Reviewed by Kaliope A, 10/10/2017

We got one today for our Yorkie. She always pulls when taking her for walks. About 5 minutes after putting harness on her she stopped pulling and walked between us for the rest of the day. Love it!

Reviewed by Terri S, 10/08/2017

I just purchased this harness at the Big E. I'm not really sure was on a total whim. I was very skeptical to say the least. I LOVE THIS HARNESS!!! I've purchased similar ones, but for some reason this one works. I no longer feel like my arm is going to become dislocated or that my coffee is going to spill all over me. I barely have to hold on to the leash. Unlike the death grip with prior collars or harnesses. If you need a spokeswoman... Give me a call 😉 I'M A BELIEVER.... WORTH EVERY PENNY AND THEN SOME♥️

Reviewed by Margaret M, 10/04/2017

All my dogs have one... they're great!

Reviewed by Jan a, 10/03/2017

I love the sport harness. Hazel responded beautifully. It is now a pleasure to take her out. No yanking or pulling. This works!

Reviewed by A W, 10/01/2017

This is the best harness I've ever used. Now I can walk our big strong dog easily because it works! Another bonus is it is far easier to put on than any other harness. Thank you for inventing this!

Reviewed by Carolyn H, 09/28/2017

Love these dog harnesses- that's what I use for my Holly girl!

Reviewed by B P, 09/26/2017

I am a big believer in your harness. I have two large dogs that pulled all the time and then spent the cash for your harnesses. They are wonderful! They can still pull a bit, but not like they used to. I am now a professional dog walker and I recommend your product to my clients all the time. They are amazed at the difference after I show them the benefits of using the harness. I've had clients that have used pinch collars thinking those would work and then I tried your harness on them and poof - no pulling - totally different dog. I LOVE THE WALKYOURDOGWITHLOVE.COM HARNESS!

Reviewed by Joe T, 09/24/2017

I purchased a harness from you guys up at the Big E about 2 years ago maybe three. I took it home and the harness has been great - both my German Shepherd Ranger and I love it. Ranger is a service dog so I take her all over the place to stores or the park or even doctor's appointments and the harness is phenomenal. I would like to send you some pictures of Ranger with your harness on - her vest so you can clearly see the harness and a picture of the harness after 3 years it looks pretty much as it did when I got it !

Reviewed by Joseph D, 09/23/2017

Walk your dog with love harnesses are everything they claim it is. My Alaska shepherd responded the very 1st walk. Now walking her is a pleasure.

Reviewed by Shevaun W, 09/21/2017

Our 3 pups LOVE these

Reviewed by Penny B, 09/20/2017

I am back to walking my dog instead of him walking me! Got a rescue 70 lb Golden Retriever and one month later ended up with a broken bone leg and hip. He tugged and I did not dare walk him to attempt to train him. Bought this harness for my friend to use in teaching him to walk better. Hardly any training needed at all and today I am pleased to say I walked my Walter. ( who now weighs almost 90 pounds is he is 2 years old) and he remained always by my side with a loose leash hanging with this harness! I should work for this company as I believe in it so much!!

Reviewed by Jennifer S, 09/19/2017

I just received our walk with love harness. With 3 huskies now (our youngest is nearly 3 months) walking was becoming a nightmare with our middle child. At nearly 70lbs he knows his directions and basic commands but at the drop of a hat would pull as though I were a Mack truck or a sled lol I feel like I am walking a brand new dog! He is a DELIGHT to walk now! Instantly upon using your ingenious product!! I have just ordered one for our oldest and when our youngest is closer to her full grown size we will be picking her one up as well! I also ordered one for my mom who has a 80lbs plus lab horse and can walk him with zero issues. I know this isn't the right avenue to write a review but THANK YOU!!!!!!

Reviewed by R M, 09/14/2017

I just found another huge plus in your harnesses. My Doberman has had to take to her bed with an injured back. To get her outside her front end needs support. By putting her harness on, which doesn't need her legs manipulated, like other harnesses, I can support her front end comfortably for her without hauling her up by the collar. Brilliant !

Reviewed by P L, 09/09/2017

Hi! I just received our new harness this afternoon. Walked my 85 lb GSD already, and WOW what a difference!!!! He looked a little confused at first, but he / we got the hang of the right vs left side. He didn't pull my shoulder out when someone passed by on a bike!!! He didn't try to take me down for the neighborhood squirrels either!!!! One slight correction with the leash, and he happily kept going! (Who's dog is this!!??) We only tried it once so far, but I am amazed! Hoping it continues, and no more pinch collar for my baby!!! Thank you for making an incredible product!!!

Reviewed by M V, 09/07/2017

Anxiously awaiting arrival of our new harness. Been using it for years. Love this model and have tried many others. Love the no-pull concept

Reviewed by J V, 09/05/2017

Thank you! This is our third purchase. Bought first one at the NYS fair. Love this for our big strong Boxer!

Reviewed by Casey i, 09/03/2017

Wow, I've never seen customer service this good, ever. :) Thank you so much. I will tell all my friends about your company. I bought one of your harnesses for my big lovable Golden Doodle, and it is the only product that actually keeps her from pulling, and I've tried many other products over the years. Thank you for making such a great product!!

Reviewed by Judy T, 09/03/2017

Best harness on the market, no more pulling, as it clips in the front, and at least with dogs, they can't pull out like they did with previous harnesses. Plus they come in sizes ranged by weight, every other type of harness I have ever had adjusted with the buckle right under the dogs's "arm pit".

Reviewed by Susan C, 08/31/2017

I bought one a week or so ago and finally had the chance to try it today. IT works!!!! My 1 year old lab who usually pulls a lot was so calm on his walk this morning and he didn't pull once!! So now I'm buying 2 more for my other dogs.

Reviewed by Ashley R, 08/29/2017

I am so happy that I decided to get this harness for Gypsy. I knew being a local company, who treats pets like the family members they are, that I wasn't going to regret it. I cannot express my gratitude to you and your company.
PS this harness is magical! My baby girl never pulls anymore and loves her harness. She does a little dance every time i take it out to put it on her.

Reviewed by P M, 08/29/2017

I received my harness late last week and I feel like I have had a new pup since. I have handed out the 3 business cards that were included and been raving to my neighbors about your product. They in turn have been complimenting me on how nice it is to walk with me and Bentley now that he is not pulling me or choking himself. You have a great product here and I happy to know that they are made in the US! I have had my pup since October and WISH that I came across your product way sooner. I am getting compliments from strangers on how well behaved Bentley is for being/looking like a pup. I will continue to try and sell your product to any and all dog owners that I know for you. or you. This harness INSTANTLY transformed my 11 month old pup into a great walking dog and I believe that his disposition has changed as well. I can't believe how much better he is, everyone sees it, and I cant brag enough.

Reviewed by P T, 08/29/2017

I LOVE the harness and so does my dog. Switched from another front-hook harness that kept falling down and off. Yours is far superior and easier to put on, as well. Thank you!

Reviewed by Crissy N, 08/26/2017

I am pleased with Maggie's harness. I've used it 2 times and it was nice she wasn't choking from her choke chains. She heels so much better which equals happy dog and owner.I plan to show it to my vet and leave her your card.

Reviewed by D Y, 08/26/2017

We could not be happier with the harness for our dog! She walks beautifully with it on, without pulling or yanking the leash. This is in great contrast to her prior walking skills, which included running after every bird, squirrel, leaf, and small moving object that she saw. She is a 25-pound terrier mix, so you can imagine that her instinct to chase and hunt is very strong. On the Walk Your Dog With Love harness, however, she is DELIGHTFUL to walk!! Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

Reviewed by Niki A, 08/25/2017

Hi, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue has recommended you for years and I just got 4 of your harnesses -- and they work great! We walked all 4 of our rescue dogs last night together. At one point my kids got tired of holding the leashes so I walked our two 80 lb dogs together in one hand and our 25 lb puppy in the other with no problem. That would have never happened before, EVER. Our other dog is a Giant Schnauzer and Dachshund mix. She basically looks like a Giant Dachshund -- all Dachshund but GIANT. Anyway, she has a strange body shape, long with short stubby legs. I watched the fitting video you have and my husband and I played around with it and fit her. She and I just walked 2.5 miles and it was the most pleasant walk I have ever had with her. So I wanted to thank you. These harnesses are amazing. Prompt service too. I just ordered these the other day and they got here yesterday, in the middle of the holidays. Wow. That was impressive itself. So thanks very much,

Reviewed by Larry F, 08/25/2017

I want to thank you for making your dog harness. Before I had your harness my two dogs would pull so hard on their leashes I was having pain in my hip and I was afraid I would no longer be able to take them for a walk. The first time I took them for a walk using their harnesses they no longer pulled on their leashes. It is a pleasure to walk them now. It is great to buy a product that does what it says it will do. Thanks again

Reviewed by Anne W, 08/23/2017

My pup still tries to pull when we pass certain dogs BUT it does not jerk me and I have control AND it does not choke her. My hope is she eventually realizes she gets nowhere and gives it up. Best dog harness and I have tried several

Reviewed by Pam W, 08/23/2017

I bought one of your dog harnesses for my dog (a Staffie x American bulldog) because she is a puller of arms out of sockets!!!! It has worked wonders.
No more sore shoulders and neck for me and I assume no more sore neck for her. Thanks a million times .

Reviewed by Tony- C, 08/21/2017

We purchased two dog harnesses for our Irish Terriers as they were pulling a lot and our shoulders were becoming painful.
These new harnesses are simply amazing. We had tried everything over several years so we're delighted to discover your harness. Well done for coming up with a brilliant idea.
Thank you.

Reviewed by Natalie i, 08/20/2017

Don't know why anyone would not fall in love with this dog harness! Obviously haven't tried it. Works great with our pulling 80 lb Basset. LOVE IT. This is the 1st harness to work with her!

Reviewed by Ocean L, 08/20/2017

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new dog harness I just bought for my new dog. Great quality and great price! I purchased one from you last year for my other dog, what a pleasurable difference it has made in our long walks .

Reviewed by Philip J, 08/19/2017

I just want to thank you for your very prompt delivery of my dogs leash ,collar and harness. Roxy is a Goldie and weighs 100 lbs. The dog harness fits like a glove. She doesn't even notice that its on her. I needed something like this as she is shy and needs to be led around. I have tries others and by far this is the BEST. I thank you and so does Roxy.

Reviewed by Dotty a, 08/19/2017

I ordered this dog harness for my Husky pup, Dakota. Between puppy energy and his strength, I had major problems controlling the pulling. The Walk Your Dog With Love harness is fantastic. Dakota stopped pulling on the first walk! This truly is the World's Best Dog Harness. Thank you! Our walks are much more enjoyable for both of us! I highly recommend this harness for every dog owner.

Reviewed by Susan, G, 08/17/2017

Bella's Bright Pink dog harness is fantastic! She is a different dog! I am disabled and my dogs have not been for a walk in over three years. I have been very upset over this. And Gus and I REALLY need to be walking for our health and well being. Thank you for a wonderful, life changing product!!

Reviewed by Donna G, 08/17/2017

Best dog harness ever! It's true! I'm 63 yrs old and have 2 Chow mix rescues that almost killed me lunging after a squirrel. With the Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses, if they try to lunge, they're pulled into me. These harnesses are the absolute best for my dogs and for me. Thank you!!

Reviewed by Alona, L, 08/17/2017

Just a quick note to say thank you. Firstly I could not believe how quickly our dog harness arrived. I ordered it on Sunday night and I had landed on our doormat here in Limerick Ireland on Friday morning. Secondly, this is simply the best harness ever. We have a beautiful but strong Pointer Collie mix and she is too strong for my elderly parents to walk. This has all instantly changed with the Walkyourdogwithlove harness. They are now loving their walks together. Many thanks, Alona

Reviewed by M F, 08/15/2017

We use this dog harness! Works great with our 130 pound Irish Wolfhound puppy.

Reviewed by Jenny R, 08/15/2017

It works very well with our 30 lb Doodle. No pulling and comfortable walk with the doggie. I recommend this dog harness for sure.. Thanks

Reviewed by Chris a, 08/14/2017

Daisy and I love your Walkyourdogwithlove harness, no more pulling she's like a totally trained dog now so thank you for making this dog harness

Reviewed by Katie B, 08/14/2017

This dog harness is the only way I can walk my Saluki without her walking me 😊

Reviewed by Siouxsie a, 08/14/2017

These dog harnesses have solved many problems with my 3 Schnauzers!
~Susie and the pack in Sioux Falls

Reviewed by Phyliss T, 08/12/2017

I have had several of these for our three fur babies. They work great. I have a little rescue mix that just gets so excited. These dog harnesses are great :)

Reviewed by S W, 08/12/2017

I love the dog harness, vehicle safety belt and leash that I purchased recently. Your "Walk your Dog with Love" gear would make a great gift. I see a lot of people in my neighborhood walking the family dog "dog sled style." I'll be spreading the word about your great products!

Reviewed by Dar K, 08/11/2017

The dog harness fits perfectly! I adjusted it for his summer wardrobe (t-shirts) and there is plenty of room for his winter attire of sweaters and a coat. I also got a new collar and leash.
Not only is this a great, quality product, but your attentiveness and over the top customer service is the best I think I have ever experienced. I have already recommended you to many others and will continue to do so

Reviewed by Lisa J, 08/11/2017

I have it, use it, love it! Great dog harness!

Reviewed by Danee a, 08/11/2017

This dog harness is awesome!

Reviewed by Tania- Q, 08/10/2017

I’m loving the dog harness – what a wonderful product! Who needs to train their dog to walk well when you have one of these beauties!!

Reviewed by S F, 08/07/2017

I am really impressed. Yes! no more sore shoulder as the dog harness really works. I have to keep looking to see if my dog is on the end of the lead. Thank you soon much.

Reviewed by Kathie V, 08/06/2017

Benson is a mix dog of Pit Bull, Boxer and mutt. He is 7 months old and weighs approx. 35 lbs and full of energy. I have better control with his walking with my new front harness and I know take
it off each and every time we go inside. Easy to do. Again Thank you for the great invention of the front lead dog
harness and for the customer service. Have a great day.

Reviewed by C M, 08/06/2017

We absolutely love your team, company and product. A guarantee like yours is hard to find and a product like yours is even harder. Both our dogs have your dog harnesses, color coded for their genders of course (wife insisted :-) )

We recommend your product to all our furry family member owning friends. Keep up the great work.

Reviewed by Lynda, S, 08/05/2017

I just got this dog harness for my 30 lb puppy. It is helpful in our walking training.

Reviewed by Ann, D, 08/03/2017

Your dog harness is a blessing in that I am not "choking" my dog. 95% of the time our walk is the TV perfect version. It's just 2 houses that have attack dogs that we can not walk past. I figure she's being protective because other dogs we pass she pays no attention. After several leashes, collars and harnesses, yours is the perfect one for my pup. Safer for me and so much nicer she isn't choking. And just for laughs, her "job" as she is an Aussie is to keep squirrels off mom's bird feeders. A job she does well. On walks she doesn't care. Thanks again for an excellent product. One I recommend to all my friends.

Reviewed by C D, 08/03/2017

I cannot believe the difference in my dog! He is so well behaved in this dog harness, it is astonishing. Thank you!

Reviewed by Pricilla i, 08/03/2017

It's a freakin' miracle! Carl's first walk in his new dog harness this evening was perfect. 180 degree difference

Reviewed by Jamie a, 08/02/2017

We absolutely LOVE,LOVE, LOVE !!! the dog harness & it is the best investment that any dog owner can make.

Reviewed by Jana, D, 08/02/2017

I was skeptical...But now I'm not. This dog harness is magical! My Husky walks have been transformed.

Reviewed by K R, 08/01/2017

Just got my new dog harness today and I'm a bit shocked at how well it works! I did have to watch the video again while adjusting it on her but once I did that it was easy. I was worried that once you pull on the front it would open up by the arm area and she could slip out of it but that was not the case. Properly tightened across the belly she can't get an arm out. Oddly enough she seemed very calm as if she enjoyed it. I'm going to put it to the test and walk another dog with her and see how it performs when there is competition :)

Reviewed by Carrie , 08/01/2017

Works fantastic with my 115 pound mix. The dog harness works for my GSD too.

Reviewed by JR A, 08/01/2017

I received my order today and am very pleased it came with the "go to video instructions " card. When I first ordered it I didn't understand any of the videos on your website.
I've set it up and we've had a practice walk around the paddock. It's really great the way she responds to the dog harness. So thanks heaps.

Reviewed by Stephanie, G, 07/31/2017

Thank you so much for my harness. I am so pleased with the speed and service received from you.
All my friends here in Britain now know about you as this is the best dog harness ever .

Reviewed by Flo S, 07/30/2017

I've received the dog harnesses and they are working really well, thank you 😊
After trying 5 different harnesses in the past without any change and a million snacks & treats trying to get them trained to not pull, I am amazed at how good these are, thank you! Both of my dogs seem to be happier too as they can snuffle and sniff without having their faces yanked backwards with head harnesses.

Reviewed by K C, 07/28/2017

I couldn't be happier that I found & ordered a dog harness from this do a lot of great things. Thank you.

Reviewed by B H, 07/26/2017

I ordered a harness for Baby Doe after watching her choke by pulling her leash/collar and that is how I found your site. Baby Doe is a 30 pound Whippet mix with that deep Greyhound chest and skinny body. Your dog harness fits perfectly! The last harness I purchased was from PetSmart, they fitted it to her and I was walking her down a side street and I turned around to look at her and saw I was just walking a "harness." Baby Doe was across the street, sniffing the ground, but keeping one eye on me. She is my trained mobility Service Dog. LOL, I looked around to see if anyone was watching me walk a harness, I felt like a fool.

Baby Doe kept the Red Harness/Leash and gave the Blue Harness/Leash to our neighbor's 11 month old Yellow Lab that is very unruly. I think the harness will be of great help to the 24 year old guardians. I also suggested they take the dog for training. I do not think they know a whole lot about dogs, but I don't like seeing them pull the dog on the collar/leash.

Thank you again so very much

Reviewed by Cheryl C, 07/26/2017

We bought Mr. B another one!! Love, love, love the first dog harness we bought! And of course it had to be purple - Go DAWGS!

Reviewed by S S, 07/25/2017

Best dog harness especially for very large dogs

Reviewed by Raymon- A, 07/25/2017

I bought one of your walking Harnesses, I like it, the dog loves it.

Reviewed by Michelle T, 07/24/2017

I don't usually review products but I had to comment. I bought this dog harness about a week ago for my dog and it's the best money I have ever spent. My arms thank you!

Reviewed by M S, 07/24/2017

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I've tried your dog harness, and love it. It was night and day from pulling hard to walking easily.
Thanks for the great product.

Reviewed by Wanda D, 07/24/2017

I received the hunter orange dog harness and collar and love the quality. Thank you so much!!! I love your products.

Reviewed by Theodore- M, 07/23/2017

Wow! I love this dog harness! What an amazing difference it has made when walking my Boxer.

Reviewed by Paul a, 07/23/2017

The Sportso dog harness worked like a charm on Remi, a Golden/mix, who has never been disciplined on lead. Where we walk we usually pass at least a dozen deer, and he would almost pull me over trying to get to them. Now he looks at them and acknowledges them, but continues on our walk. Amazing. He didn't like the harness the first day but quickly got used to it and now expects it.

Reviewed by James H, 07/22/2017

Hello, we want to thank so much for your help and advice, and all that your company does for dogs! The dog harness was perfect, Bully says woof and have a pawsome day.

Reviewed by Carley , 07/22/2017

I just bought this product for my dogs and walked them yesterday with it for the first time and honestly can't believe how well they walked now! I feel proud like I'm the best trainer but it's all the dog harness!!!
My Aussie walked beside me with the line loose? And the Beagle with her nose down to the ground still did that but didn't pull me? Unbelievable!! Thank you so much for designing this product, it is absolutely amazing! Now I can walk them with love instead of anger is right lol! I need hand surgery from walking these guys and pulling my thumb I wish I saw this product last year!!

Reviewed by Kathy S, 07/20/2017

I currently have 2 harnesses and 2 vehicle safety belts. I LOVE all of your products, and I frequently get compliments on them from the neighbors and vets. I like the quality of the products and how easy they are to use.

Reviewed by Heather H, 07/20/2017

Just finished up my walk with the new Sportso Doggo dog harness -in pink, of course! We have tried Everything AND THIS WAS BY FAR THE BEST PURCHASE! Ginger, our 15 mos golden retriever just never learned how to walk nice- always pulling, very erratic and quite frankly not fun at all to walk with. This harness has changed the game. Walk was perfect! I just can't believe it. Thank you, I do love walking my dog! Highly rec'd this product! You will NOT be disappointed!

Reviewed by Jim, B, 07/20/2017

I have to admit, we were skeptical. We have a six year old Siberian Husky whose job it is to pull. It was work to walk him. We figured it couldn't hurt to try one of your dog harnesses. We got it in the mail the next day! We watched your video on how to fit it and went out for our daily walk. He didn't pull at all!! He is like a new dog! So happy with this product!

Reviewed by Dan C, 07/19/2017

I have never seen a product work as well as this does. We put it on our 4 1/2 month old Golden Retriever puppy and it has dramatically changed our walks. She walks much more relaxed and, when I need to correct her, I can do so with very little pressure. The stress has gone completely out of our walks for both of us. Thanks for a great dog harness design.

Reviewed by Martha a, 07/19/2017

I ordered a lovely Chocolate Silk Sportso dog harness.
I wanted to let you know that after a few very very very simple adjustments we went on our test walk today.
It still needs a bit of tweaking but she did not act like the same dog.
We just went around the block but that sold me even more. Especially when we came upon a bird carcass and I was able to get her away from it. She is very prey oriented as she is a terrier mix.
Thank you for designing such a common sense, easy to use and adjust product. Hugs

Reviewed by Katrina i, 07/19/2017

I used my dog harnesses on my 2 dogs today for the first time. Just a little info on what type breed I have, 82lb Alaskan Malamute, and 90lb Siberian Husky. Both big pullers. Used to use a pinch collar, which I hated, tried your harness. Best walk I've ever had with my babies! Thanks so much!

Reviewed by Marc F, 07/19/2017

Fantastic!! Thanks for an awesome product and Great Customer service. I found someone to gift the dog harness to & I'll be ordering another in the morning. Thanks again.

Reviewed by Sue H, 07/19/2017

I want to tell you how happy I am with your dog harness. I have a young Schnauzer who was almost pulling my arms out of their sockets. I was really skeptical that it would work, but there was an instantaneous improvement. On our walks the last few days, people have been complimenting me on my well behaved dog!

Reviewed by Nigel a, 07/17/2017

Daisy says "thank you" for her Hunter Orange leash and collar to match her dog harness. It really stands out well and great with the reflective tabs as the nights drawing in

Reviewed by Jeep H, 07/17/2017

Thanx so much. We have loved the WYDWL dog harness since the day it arrived. Sunny is a strong puller. Plus, she wheezes and sounds like she's choking herself, but she won't stop pulling if she gets excited. In the great fox incident, her harness held enough so that both Sunny and my elbow weren't harmed. I really can't walk her without it.

Reviewed by Barry G, 07/17/2017

Thanks. Both Harpo and his human love the dog harness we bought. Thanks for that

Reviewed by Connie a, 07/17/2017

We have received your dog harness for our Goldendoodle. I would like to ask what kind of magic potion you put in it to make it work instantly. We have tried several other devices and never got the results we have with your harness. Thank you!!

Reviewed by The S, 07/16/2017

My 82 yr old mother and I are so happy with our dog harness we bought for Daisy our Boston Terrier. She walks good now without the pulling. It was money well spent. I have told my friends about it.

Reviewed by Diane D, 07/16/2017

I greatly appreciate your taking care of me!
BTW this is the one of the greatest dog harnesses out there!!

Reviewed by Jean f, 07/16/2017

Hello from NZ lovely people this tremendous dog harness arrived today, our little dog Button is a changed girl.
A very sincere and grateful thank-you.
Our daughter who has two Maltese arrives tomorrow night for the weekend I can only imagine the orders she and her friends at Google will send.

Reviewed by Kathleen B, 07/15/2017

Oh you have no idea how much we appreciate this chew guarantee. We had the dog harness for about a week or so and have absolutely loved it! ALL of us--humans and Doberman who thinks she is a human. She broke records for being the most walked dog in the neighborhood no doubt!! Then it was left on her and sadness has filled out house. I just hopped online to finally order another and happened to click on the guarantee link. OH THANK YOU!!! It was not really in our budget to buy another one but we were going to anyway because seriously this harness is the BEST!!! The problem is now we can't walk our dog because seriously that poker collar was the worst!!! How did we ever use it for that long???
All this to say, thank you for creating this awesomeness. We are singing your praises to anyone who will listen. :)

Reviewed by Lisa M, 07/15/2017

Just wanted to let you know that we absolutely LOVE our new harness and leash!!! I have a Lab/Pit mix weighing 55 lbs. We previously used the Thunder leash for her aggressive pulling, sadly she was able to snap the metal hook on the Thunder Leash twice!!! That's when I found your company online and opted to try your product. I have to admit I was a little hesitant, as we have tried so many different leashes and harnesses that have failed us. Your product, hands down.....THE BEST we've tried thus far! Worth the money, love the bright pink, love how easy it was to adjust and use. Customer service was excellent, and super fast shipping!! Thank you, thank you for all of your help and this great product! I will be sure to highly recommend your company!

Reviewed by Toni A, 07/13/2017

Just wanted to let you know that my 1 1/2-year old rescue was almost impossible to walk before I discovered your dog harness. I’ve tried (and he’s
destroyed) at least 4 previous ones, but this halter has turned Sammy into a fantastic walking companion. No more pulling, tugging or attempts to escape.
He walks calmly and happily just ahead (he is, after all, a border collie who thinks he knows everything).

Reviewed by Lionel P, 07/13/2017

so true ! I put it on my 13 month old German Shepherd.. The pulling stopped IMMEDIATELY ! Solved all of my problems ! Great product !

Reviewed by Sue S, 07/13/2017

This is the first dog harness I have ever found to fit my Coton de Tulear properly. The hook in the front really does gently stop pulling. Buy this!!!

Reviewed by Teresa, L, 07/13/2017

I bought this dog harness for Bucky & it does work. Usually he walks me or drags me around, but the harness stopped all that tugging & pulling. Great product.

Reviewed by Lyn U, 07/12/2017

I just want to say the service you provide is second to none. My new dog harness arrived today, within a week of ordering it and my dog walks so much better with it. Thank you again.

Reviewed by Victoria i, 07/10/2017

Absolutely the best training tool I've ever tried! NO learning curve what so ever. I've been working with my 102 lb Great Dane/ Lab mix since I adopted him five years ago without much progress. The very first time I put this harness on him he responded beautifully, no more pulling whatever. Amazing! I'm very involved with my local shelter and immediately called to tell them about your products, hopefully fewer dogs will be returned for having bad leash habits now. They are recommending your products to ALL adoption parents of dogs. Bless you for inventing such a fantastic product.

Reviewed by Amy , 07/10/2017

I have had this dog harness for well over a year and it is the best walking tool I have ever tried. My dog walks great on it with minimal training and it is easy on and easy off, which is important when your dog can't hold still. 10/10 would recommend

Reviewed by Eileen P, 07/01/2017

I just purchased your harness for my brother's 4 and a half year old 85 lb Golden Retriever who was a nightmare to walk. Brogan was a constant puller and would lunge so bad he would often bring me down, and I became afraid to walk him. Well I received your dog harness on Friday and was going for a visit on Saturday. I immediately put the harness on Brogan and was shocked at how he stayed at my side. I thought there would be a learning curve, but Brogan loved the harness immediately. No more pulling or lunging and we can all enjoy our now much longer walks thanks to your product. I am shocked and so thankful. Brogan says thanks too! E

Reviewed by Echo D, 06/29/2017

Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe how fast you responded. I'm amazed and very thankful!
Your harness is the best!!!! I love the one I have and it is still in great shape after using it for 5 years daily. I adopted another shelter dog and bought one of the cheap harness' from the store and it is so awful - I am so frustrated trying to figure out how to get it on her, I'm tired before I get out the door.
I should have ordered Walk Your Dog with Love harness right away.
I also have my friend talked into getting one for her 165 pound Great Dane - I was so happy to share the link when I saw that you had added them for bigger dogs! Woof woof = thank you
Very impressive product and awesome customer service. Echo

Reviewed by Neil C, 06/22/2017

I have to say that the dog harness does do what it is supposed to do. We are going to school for that right after the first of the year.
I was skeptical at first, but it is a great tool.

Reviewed by Carol P, 06/22/2017

I'm a one year old 54 lb adopted pit bull, terrier, hound mix. My new family got me one of your harnesses and it's so awesome!! I like it so much they are getting me a fun and fancy one and a new collar too! I love my new family and we both love your products! Thanks for caring so much :) ~ Chewbacca

Reviewed by Colleen &, 06/22/2017

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this dog harness! It works so fantastic! Our little furbaby has been an aggressive puller since the day we brought her home from the shelter seven years ago! Not anymore! I am blown away at how well this works! It's like magic! She has never had a playful meeting with any other animal. I feel bad that she has no friends. Maybe, just maybe, she will make a friend some day! The change in her behavior has been that awesome. And right after I put this harness on her the very first time! How does a harness make such a big change so fast?? I am blown away!!

Reviewed by Lenore , 06/19/2017

I received the dog harness yesterday and just got back from a 2 mile walk and we both loved it.Thanks (I have been looking for a dog harness that would fit her for many years. She is a Dachshund and is hard to fit. Lenore

Reviewed by Phyliss-GA , 06/12/2017

We LOVE your harnesses!! And so many Great Dane owners ask me where we get them- they fit great and don't rub. Gunner and Sophie use them daily! Even our 5 yr old granddaughter can walk the Danes with these harnesses on!

Reviewed by K. L, 06/11/2017

It works!!! My standard poodle feels no need to pull - with no adjustment period. Period.

Reviewed by Raven- S, 06/08/2017

All my questions are answered and thank you for being so kind
I look forward to these leads as my animals are adorable but they do not know how to walk on traditional harnesses
We three will have a much better time if this works for them. Blessings and Woof woof woof

Reviewed by Alex A, 06/07/2017

You have a wonderful product, the quality is excellent and it's so Doggie friendly. I bought one for my Lab puppy. She just grew out of it so I'm getting her a new one. This is so much better than the Easy Walk, which impedes their forward motion. Thanks again for a wonderful product 🤗

Reviewed by Mollie, S, 06/06/2017

Just want to say, after trying many styles of harnesses that were suppose to correct pulling, this is the first product that does what it says! Our dog Cecil has pulled like a maniac for 6 years, now walking is enjoyable, basically corrected himself and my husband could hardly believe it😊
Also I have a Girl Scout troop that is always interested in contributing in a positive way to our local shelters, would love information on your program for dog rescues and your product. Thanks so much, Mollie H

Reviewed by Barry f, 06/05/2017

We have a young mixed breed dog, part pit bull, part Basenji, part Tasmanian Devil. Getting her to stop pulling on her leash has been a real challenge, so I was most delighted when we tried your harness! It has worked wonders with our beast/dog and she is walking so much better already. Thanks for a really swell product!

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