The Sportso Doggo Dog Harness

The Sportso Doggo Harnesses
The Sportso Doggo in Hunter Orange
The Sportso Doggo Bright Pink
The Sportso Doggo in Lime Green
The Sportso Doggo in Solar Yellow
The Sportso Doggo in Jet Black
The Sportso Doggo in Ruby Red
The Sportso Doggo in Sapphire Blue
The Sportso Doggo in Amethyst Purple
The Sportso Doggo Harness in Forest Green
The Sportso Doggo Harness in Chocolate Silk
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Be seen in high visibility Neon colors or look sharp in luxurious Jewel Tones. Softer, smoother and more robust Satin-Finish Nylon. Includes 3M Scotchlite reflective material.

MORE CONTROL: It leads your dog from the front to give you steering. Steering means control - like a horse is led. It makes any dog walk a pleasure. Walk Your Dog With Love.

NO PULLING: Because it is not rear-attached (like a collar, choker, or old-fashioned dog harness), you don't trigger off your dog's natural "dog sled team" pulling instinct. It stops a dog from pulling. 

NO CHOKING: It is not around your dog's throat, so there is no risk to your dog's neck and so you don't hurt your dog. Dog collars and chokers are just not a friendly - or necessary - way to walk your best friend. It is time for compassion. See more about choking here.

EASY ON: You don't have to 'figure it out'; no more leg lifting dance. Just put it over your dog's head and 'click'. Easy.

COMFORT: No more hard and heavy rings, sliders, or sharp sewn areas that chafe and rub your dog. Also, because it adjusts in 360 degrees, it fits better, so it works better too.


The heart of each Sportso Doggo dog harness is Nylon webbing

  • our strongest . . . to stand up to large accelerating forces
  • lower stretch quotient than other types of webbing, because if the harness stretches it won't work
  • extreme durability to withstand constant pulling
  • satin finish
  • rich colors

The pull-points are all double reinforced: They are sewn with Industrial strength Tex 70 nylon thread-for the strength to stand up to a pulling dog, and with a high stitch-per-inch count for added resilience and durability.

To protect the dog's skin and eliminate chaffing and rubbing, the harness is engineered so all the finished ends face away from the dog, and importantly with NO hard metal rings, sliders, and inflexible doubled over and sewn webbing to touch the dog.

The leash attachment is a tough nickel-plated steel ring, 50% thicker than lightweight rings, and welded for increased strength.

For extra security the buckles are Acetyl plastic which is a strong, durable, stable material - versus nylon plastic buckles, which are prone to cracking and breaking because they are sensitive to both moisture and temperature variations.

SIZING: Fitting It Right

To totally make sure you get the right size, see the chart here with girth measurements. Girth is the measurement that goes over your dog's shoulders, right behind the front legs, and back up again. Please measure with your dog standing. Measure it as if it was the harness - not too tight, not too loose. If the measurement is at the very top of one size, then go up to the next size.

POUND Range Girth Inches KILO Range Girth cm
6-11 11-15 3-5 28-38
9-18 13-20 4-8 33-51
12-23 15-21 5-10 38-53
18-35 16-24 8-16 41-61
25-65 21-32 11-29 53-81
55-120 26-39 25-54 66-99
110-250 34-52 50-113 87-132


Reviewed by S Spivak, 07/25/2017

Best dog harness especially for very large dogs

Reviewed by Raymon- Australia, 07/25/2017

I bought one of your walking Harnesses, I like it, the dog loves it.

Reviewed by Michelle Twichell, 07/24/2017

I don't usually review products but I had to comment. I bought this dog harness about a week ago for my dog and it's the best money I have ever spent. My arms thank you!

Reviewed by M Stringer, 07/24/2017

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I've tried your dog harness, and love it. It was night and day from pulling hard to walking easily.
Thanks for the great product.

Reviewed by Wanda Dial, 07/24/2017

I received the hunter orange dog harness and collar and love the quality. Thank you so much!!! I love your products.

Reviewed by Theodore- Mobile AL, 07/23/2017

Wow! I love this dog harness! What an amazing difference it has made when walking my Boxer.

Reviewed by Paul and Remi, 07/23/2017

The Sportso dog harness worked like a charm on Remi, a Golden/mix, who has never been disciplined on lead. Where we walk we usually pass at least a dozen deer, and he would almost pull me over trying to get to them. Now he looks at them and acknowledges them, but continues on our walk. Amazing. He didn't like the harness the first day but quickly got used to it and now expects it.

Reviewed by James H and Bully too, 07/22/2017

Hello, we want to thank so much for your help and advice, and all that your company does for dogs! The dog harness was perfect, Bully says woof and have a pawsome day.

Reviewed by Carley, 07/22/2017

I just bought this product for my dogs and walked them yesterday with it for the first time and honestly can't believe how well they walked now! I feel proud like I'm the best trainer but it's all the dog harness!!!
My Aussie walked beside me with the line loose? And the Beagle with her nose down to the ground still did that but didn't pull me? Unbelievable!! Thank you so much for designing this product, it is absolutely amazing! Now I can walk them with love instead of anger is right lol! I need hand surgery from walking these guys and pulling my thumb I wish I saw this product last year!!

Reviewed by Kathy S, 07/20/2017

I currently have 2 harnesses and 2 vehicle safety belts. I LOVE all of your products, and I frequently get compliments on them from the neighbors and vets. I like the quality of the products and how easy they are to use.

Reviewed by Heather Hanson, 07/20/2017

Just finished up my walk with the new Sportso Doggo dog harness -in pink, of course! We have tried Everything AND THIS WAS BY FAR THE BEST PURCHASE! Ginger, our 15 mos golden retriever just never learned how to walk nice- always pulling, very erratic and quite frankly not fun at all to walk with. This harness has changed the game. Walk was perfect! I just can't believe it. Thank you, I do love walking my dog! Highly rec'd this product! You will NOT be disappointed!

Reviewed by Jim, Bobbie and Jax - Storrs, CT, 07/20/2017

I have to admit, we were skeptical. We have a six year old Siberian Husky whose job it is to pull. It was work to walk him. We figured it couldn't hurt to try one of your dog harnesses. We got it in the mail the next day! We watched your video on how to fit it and went out for our daily walk. He didn't pull at all!! He is like a new dog! So happy with this product!

Reviewed by Dan Cooksey, 07/19/2017

I have never seen a product work as well as this does. We put it on our 4 1/2 month old Golden Retriever puppy and it has dramatically changed our walks. She walks much more relaxed and, when I need to correct her, I can do so with very little pressure. The stress has gone completely out of our walks for both of us. Thanks for a great dog harness design.

Reviewed by Martha and Asia in Boise, Idaho, 07/19/2017

I ordered a lovely Chocolate Silk Sportso dog harness.
I wanted to let you know that after a few very very very simple adjustments we went on our test walk today.
It still needs a bit of tweaking but she did not act like the same dog.
We just went around the block but that sold me even more. Especially when we came upon a bird carcass and I was able to get her away from it. She is very prey oriented as she is a terrier mix.
Thank you for designing such a common sense, easy to use and adjust product. Hugs

Reviewed by Katrina in MO, 07/19/2017

I used my dog harnesses on my 2 dogs today for the first time. Just a little info on what type breed I have, 82lb Alaskan Malamute, and 90lb Siberian Husky. Both big pullers. Used to use a pinch collar, which I hated, tried your harness. Best walk I've ever had with my babies! Thanks so much!

Reviewed by Marc Fisher, 07/19/2017

Fantastic!! Thanks for an awesome product and Great Customer service. I found someone to gift the dog harness to & I'll be ordering another in the morning. Thanks again.

Reviewed by Sue Hull, 07/19/2017

I want to tell you how happy I am with your dog harness. I have a young Schnauzer who was almost pulling my arms out of their sockets. I was really skeptical that it would work, but there was an instantaneous improvement. On our walks the last few days, people have been complimenting me on my well behaved dog!

Reviewed by Nigel and Daisy, 07/17/2017

Daisy says "thank you" for her Hunter Orange leash and collar to match her dog harness. It really stands out well and great with the reflective tabs as the nights drawing in

Reviewed by Jeep Hawk, 07/17/2017

Thanx so much. We have loved the WYDWL dog harness since the day it arrived. Sunny is a strong puller. Plus, she wheezes and sounds like she's choking herself, but she won't stop pulling if she gets excited. In the great fox incident, her harness held enough so that both Sunny and my elbow weren't harmed. I really can't walk her without it.

Reviewed by Barry G in Philly, 07/17/2017

Thanks. Both Harpo and his human love the dog harness we bought. Thanks for that

Reviewed by Connie and Jim, 07/17/2017

We have received your dog harness for our Goldendoodle. I would like to ask what kind of magic potion you put in it to make it work instantly. We have tried several other devices and never got the results we have with your harness. Thank you!!

Reviewed by The Smedleys ON Canada, 07/16/2017

My 82 yr old mother and I are so happy with our dog harness we bought for Daisy our Boston Terrier. She walks good now without the pulling. It was money well spent. I have told my friends about it.

Reviewed by Diane D, 07/16/2017

I greatly appreciate your taking care of me!
BTW this is the one of the greatest dog harnesses out there!!

Reviewed by Jean from Taupo Bay of Plenty, 07/16/2017

Hello from NZ lovely people this tremendous dog harness arrived today, our little dog Button is a changed girl.
A very sincere and grateful thank-you.
Our daughter who has two Maltese arrives tomorrow night for the weekend I can only imagine the orders she and her friends at Google will send.

Reviewed by Kathleen B, 07/15/2017

Oh you have no idea how much we appreciate this chew guarantee. We had the dog harness for about a week or so and have absolutely loved it! ALL of us--humans and Doberman who thinks she is a human. She broke records for being the most walked dog in the neighborhood no doubt!! Then it was left on her and sadness has filled out house. I just hopped online to finally order another and happened to click on the guarantee link. OH THANK YOU!!! It was not really in our budget to buy another one but we were going to anyway because seriously this harness is the BEST!!! The problem is now we can't walk our dog because seriously that poker collar was the worst!!! How did we ever use it for that long???
All this to say, thank you for creating this awesomeness. We are singing your praises to anyone who will listen. :)

Reviewed by Lisa Manz, 07/15/2017

Just wanted to let you know that we absolutely LOVE our new harness and leash!!! I have a Lab/Pit mix weighing 55 lbs. We previously used the Thunder leash for her aggressive pulling, sadly she was able to snap the metal hook on the Thunder Leash twice!!! That's when I found your company online and opted to try your product. I have to admit I was a little hesitant, as we have tried so many different leashes and harnesses that have failed us. Your product, hands down.....THE BEST we've tried thus far! Worth the money, love the bright pink, love how easy it was to adjust and use. Customer service was excellent, and super fast shipping!! Thank you, thank you for all of your help and this great product! I will be sure to highly recommend your company!

Reviewed by Toni A, 07/13/2017

Just wanted to let you know that my 1 1/2-year old rescue was almost impossible to walk before I discovered your dog harness. I’ve tried (and he’s
destroyed) at least 4 previous ones, but this halter has turned Sammy into a fantastic walking companion. No more pulling, tugging or attempts to escape.
He walks calmly and happily just ahead (he is, after all, a border collie who thinks he knows everything).

Reviewed by Lionel Parent, 07/13/2017

so true ! I put it on my 13 month old German Shepherd.. The pulling stopped IMMEDIATELY ! Solved all of my problems ! Great product !

Reviewed by Sue S Avon, IN, 07/13/2017

This is the first dog harness I have ever found to fit my Coton de Tulear properly. The hook in the front really does gently stop pulling. Buy this!!!

Reviewed by Teresa, Las Vegas NV, 07/13/2017

I bought this dog harness for Bucky & it does work. Usually he walks me or drags me around, but the harness stopped all that tugging & pulling. Great product.

Reviewed by Lyn UK, 07/12/2017

I just want to say the service you provide is second to none. My new dog harness arrived today, within a week of ordering it and my dog walks so much better with it. Thank you again.

Reviewed by Victoria in WV, 07/10/2017

Absolutely the best training tool I've ever tried! NO learning curve what so ever. I've been working with my 102 lb Great Dane/ Lab mix since I adopted him five years ago without much progress. The very first time I put this harness on him he responded beautifully, no more pulling whatever. Amazing! I'm very involved with my local shelter and immediately called to tell them about your products, hopefully fewer dogs will be returned for having bad leash habits now. They are recommending your products to ALL adoption parents of dogs. Bless you for inventing such a fantastic product.

Reviewed by Amy, 07/10/2017

I have had this dog harness for well over a year and it is the best walking tool I have ever tried. My dog walks great on it with minimal training and it is easy on and easy off, which is important when your dog can't hold still. 10/10 would recommend

Reviewed by Eileen P, 07/01/2017

I just purchased your harness for my brother's 4 and a half year old 85 lb Golden Retriever who was a nightmare to walk. Brogan was a constant puller and would lunge so bad he would often bring me down, and I became afraid to walk him. Well I received your dog harness on Friday and was going for a visit on Saturday. I immediately put the harness on Brogan and was shocked at how he stayed at my side. I thought there would be a learning curve, but Brogan loved the harness immediately. No more pulling or lunging and we can all enjoy our now much longer walks thanks to your product. I am shocked and so thankful. Brogan says thanks too! E

Reviewed by Echo Duva-Sprague, 06/29/2017

Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe how fast you responded. I'm amazed and very thankful!
Your harness is the best!!!! I love the one I have and it is still in great shape after using it for 5 years daily. I adopted another shelter dog and bought one of the cheap harness' from the store and it is so awful - I am so frustrated trying to figure out how to get it on her, I'm tired before I get out the door.
I should have ordered Walk Your Dog with Love harness right away.
I also have my friend talked into getting one for her 165 pound Great Dane - I was so happy to share the link when I saw that you had added them for bigger dogs! Woof woof = thank you
Very impressive product and awesome customer service. Echo

Reviewed by Neil C UK, 06/22/2017

I have to say that the dog harness does do what it is supposed to do. We are going to school for that right after the first of the year.
I was skeptical at first, but it is a great tool.

Reviewed by Carol Paul, 06/22/2017

I'm a one year old 54 lb adopted pit bull, terrier, hound mix. My new family got me one of your harnesses and it's so awesome!! I like it so much they are getting me a fun and fancy one and a new collar too! I love my new family and we both love your products! Thanks for caring so much :) ~ Chewbacca

Reviewed by Colleen & Chica, 06/22/2017

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this dog harness! It works so fantastic! Our little furbaby has been an aggressive puller since the day we brought her home from the shelter seven years ago! Not anymore! I am blown away at how well this works! It's like magic! She has never had a playful meeting with any other animal. I feel bad that she has no friends. Maybe, just maybe, she will make a friend some day! The change in her behavior has been that awesome. And right after I put this harness on her the very first time! How does a harness make such a big change so fast?? I am blown away!!

Reviewed by Lenore, 06/19/2017

I received the dog harness yesterday and just got back from a 2 mile walk and we both loved it.Thanks (I have been looking for a dog harness that would fit her for many years. She is a Dachshund and is hard to fit. Lenore

Reviewed by Phyliss-GA, 06/12/2017

We LOVE your harnesses!! And so many Great Dane owners ask me where we get them- they fit great and don't rub. Gunner and Sophie use them daily! Even our 5 yr old granddaughter can walk the Danes with these harnesses on!

Reviewed by K. L. Berkeley CA, 06/11/2017

It works!!! My standard poodle feels no need to pull - with no adjustment period. Period.

Reviewed by Raven- Sedona AZ, 06/08/2017

All my questions are answered and thank you for being so kind

I look forward to these leads as my animals are adorable but they do not know how to walk on traditional harnesses

We three will have a much better time if this works for them

Blessings and Wolf Wolf Wolf

Reviewed by Alex A, PA, 06/07/2017

You have a wonderful product, the quality is excellent and it's so Doggie friendly. I bought one for my Lab puppy. She just grew out of it so I'm getting her a new one. This is so much better than the Easy Walk, which impedes their forward motion. Thanks again for a wonderful product 🤗

Reviewed by Mollie, Santa Ynez CA, 06/06/2017

Just want to say, after trying many styles of harnesses that were suppose to correct pulling, this is the first product that does what it says! Our dog Cecil has pulled like a maniac for 6 years, now walking is enjoyable, basically corrected himself and my husband could hardly believe it😊
Also I have a Girl Scout troop that is always interested in contributing in a positive way to our local shelters, would love information on your program for dog rescues and your product. Thanks so much, Mollie H

Reviewed by Barry from Arizona, 06/05/2017

We have a young mixed breed dog, part pit bull, part Basenji, part Tasmanian Devil. Getting her to stop pulling on her leash has been a real challenge, so I was most delighted when we tried your harness! It has worked wonders with our beast/dog and she is walking so much better already. Thanks for a really swell product!

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