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“My Springer Spaniel is 3 years old and we have never been able to enjoy a walk with her, as she would just drag us around, even though we have tried many gadgets on the market.  Within 20 minutes of having her in the Walk Your Dog With Love harness, she was walking like a 'normal' dog. I say normal as she has recently been assessed, by an animal behaviourist, to have Autism, so life is quite confusing for her. Wearing a collar for her to pull and half choke herself was very stressful for her and she would regularly snarl at people and passing dogs.  Her mood is far better since using your harness and she has actually gone up to another dog whilst out on a walk and 'sniffed'.  We are thrilled with this change in behaviour with her.  She will never act as other dogs do, but she is a happier dog walking with us now and that makes us happy too. Thank you for aiding the harmony of our household.”

Chris Edmunds, UK

"I love the harness! It is very easy to use, and Georgia walks much better with it. I have tried other harnesses and collars in the past, but this does seem to work best. I recommend it to all my friends. Thanks for a great invention!"

Robyn Anton, Pound Ridge NY

The best thing about it is that Sparky walks as well with it as with the "Gentle Leader," but he likes your harness a lot better because there isn't that uncomfortable strap over his mouth

Marian Steinberg, White Plains NY

The harness can take the tug-of-war out of your relationship with your dog, and can make your unruly dog a pleasure to walk! Using your dog’s natural responses, the harness minimizes the training required to promote good behavior, and behavioral issues are the most common reasons that dogs wind up in shelters. The harness is cleverly designed to be easy to put on your dog, further enhancing its usefulness. Good dogs deserve to be great dogs, and the harness can help them to realize their potential. 

Douglas G. Aspros, D.V.M. Director of Bond Animal Hospital, Elmsford NY
Director of the National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
Member of the College of Veterinary Medicine Advisory Council
Member of the Cornell Council

Two Paws Up! What a brilliant invention. This is the harness to get if your dog pulls or tugs while you walk. I highly recommend it. In fact, it is so easy to put on and to use that I recommend it even if your dog doesn’t pull or tug!

Marc Morrone
Ask Marc, the Petkeeper
Martha Stewart Living Radio

The harness makes a dreaded walk become a more enjoyable one. Shirley walks so much nicer without the pulling.

Emily LeBeau
Manager, Shaker Hill Pet Resort
Pittsfield MA

Murphy loves his new harness. It took him about 30 seconds to get used to it. He says it's much better than that thing that went across his nose

Lee Johnson, Longmont, CO

I use the harness for Max my Great Dane and especially for Juma, my excitable Lab. It works great. I like the way it prevents him from pulling. Example: yesterday at PetCo I had complete control of him despite all the distractions.

Jim Sisto, North Adams MA

Without the harness, it is very hard, because Ringo goes around me, he pulls. With the harness its better to hold him, I can pull him away from the cars and other dogs. It’s easier that way.

Antonia Arnzen, 9 years old, Scarsdale NY

Finn and Dawson (Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs) are definitely easier to walk now. I put Finn's harness on and it helps him settle. I've told several people about the harnesses and that I'm much happier with them than with others that I've tried.

Virginia O'Rorke, Williamstown MA

The harness works well with Emma, she walks so much better now, and with minimal pulling. I suggested it to a friend and she bought it for her Boxer and says that it works well! I am happy with the product!

Danielle Akota, Greenwich CT

Amazing! The harness works very well. It worked immediately. The moment I put it on Chloe she responded and stopped pulling. Now my wife can easily walk her.

Dr. Howard Lerner, Springfield MA

The harness has worked really well. Ginger, our pug, had a habit of trying to pull back and she could slip almost any harness but not yours. Now she is much easier to walk with.

Matthew Dyson, Sheffield MA

We LOVE our Walk Your Dog With Love harness and tell everyone about it.

Linda Haley, Williamstown, MA

Thanks again for a wonderful product !!!! .

Kim, Joe, and Sarge Baton Hopatcong, NJ

I very seldom see a new training product that I feel deserves attention but yours is different. I am so thrilled to have found you and your harness

Jean Owen, NJ Fix My Dog

I bought one for my dog and it is working out wonderfully.

Linda Fountain, Middleboro, MA

Just to let you know, I bought your harness sat at the Springfield show. Today was the first time in months I was able to take my dog on a very enjoyable walk. No pulling, jumping in the air, biting the lead. Thank you! Now he won't be a house to dog pen dog and get the needed exercise he needs.

Renie Integlia, Bethel, CT

The harnesses have been a godsend. The day they came we took both dogs out for a long walk. What a difference. After a bit of time they stopped pulling completely and walked along beside us. Since they did not pull at all there was no strain on my neck like before. It was so nice to be able to take the dogs out for a walk again without being in pain. One funny thing that happened that I never thought would, is that a few days after the harnesses arrived I had to take both Maggie and Skippy out at the same time -something I would never do before because Maggie would start a fight with Skippy. But not this time! I was able to keep them under control and one dog on each side of me. I was shocked! We have been using the harnesses every day. It really has made it so I can go back to having outside fun with the dogs once again. I also discovered that they fit nicely under the dogs coats without having to make adjustments. I have told so many people about the harnesses. They can't believe that a simple harness can work so well. I have even taken it off one dog to show that in fact it does work as well as it does. Thank you once again.

Lanie Burcisk, Welland Ontario

I received the harness today and it works great - my dog and I love it and couldn't be happier - we'll be sure to spread the word about your product!!! Thanks again!!.

Karen Astrolis, Kent, CT

Great harnesses!!

Paula Clegg, Obedience Training Club of Greater Lansing, MI

I received the harness last night and used it to take the dog for a walk. I was amazed at the attitude of my dog. She stayed right at my side.

Marc Caron, Windsor, CT

I am writing to say that your invention has completely turned our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel into a ultimate joy to walk. Immediately his pulling and obsession to be the leader has stopped. We are very happy with the results.

Dave Arrighi, Southampton, MA

I've been using the harness every day for Cami, my Samoyed mix, who is a major puller. She's actually good and walks by my side. I took my 75-pound Great Pyr mix to a charity dog walk and got a lot of comments about how such a small person (I'm 5'1") could walk such a big dog so easily. Thanks for a great product!

Susan Daffron, President
National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals
Sandpoint, ID

I am SO happy with your product!

Whitney Kouvaris, Amherst, MA

We love using it with our dog Hunter. It is working out great

Ronald Ganoe, Colchester, CT

The harness worked great. My sister’s dog Kobie, who she uses a choke chain to walk because she’s hard to control, was very calm and easy to lead when in the harness- and she looked good in purple!

Silvana Porfilio, Springfield, MA

I had the opportunity to try the Walk your Dog with Love harness with two dogs that were 'pullers', in both cases it worked immediately. This is a product that works, I recommend it without hesitation."

Dan Cartwright,
Napa Good Dog, Napa, CA

Your Walk Your Dog With Lovedog harness is a dream and aptly named! My Lab and Aussie shepherd are hardly ever on a leash because we live in a rural area so they have never really practiced good on-leash behavior. I used to dread having to put a leash on them, knowing I'd be pulled like crazy by my energetic pack.

The Walk Your Dog With Love harness allows us to walk calmly together and opens up more opportunities for me to take them to places where dogs have to be on a leash, like the Farmer's Market or Country Fairs. By the way, I had tried another brand before, but the fit wasn't nearly as good. Bravo and Ruff!

Annie Brody, Founder/Director
Camp Unleashed
West Stockbridge, MA

Danny, my son, enjoys walking Maggie May so much more now. He has so much more control. Thank you so much for creating this harness!!!

Jane Lamb, Becket, MA


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