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Insomniac Reviews

Review of the Walk Your Dog With Love harness.



Max & Me Review

Walk Your Dog With No Pull Harness Review Max and I show you a No Pull Harness made right here in America!

Lara Phillips Review Review

Walk Your Dog With Love Dog Harness Review


Mrs. Ginger and Her Dog! Review

Finally after 2 years I have found a way to stop my dog pulling, so I'm sharing with you this wonderful product. This will help explain how to use it to stop your dog pulling but also to stop using a collar because of the damage it can cause.

Walk Your Dog With Love Demo, Collar Comparison

Walk your dog with love. My new favourite harness!

Walk your dog with love harness starring Blaze

Nix Hardy's Walk Your Dog With Love Dog Harness Review

Front Clasp Harness Attach Review

The correct way to attach a front clasp harness from Walk Your Dog With Love, with trainer Amy Robinson

Teaching an 11-week old Puppy to Wear a Harness and walk with you

In less than 5 minutes I fit an 11 week old puppy with a Walk Your Dog with Love Harness and teach her how to accept the harness and walk by my side.

Genius Golden retriever pup in no-pull harness

Gracie astonishes top trainer Amy Robinson with her fast learning abilities in the Walk Your Dog With Love front clasp harness.

WYDWL Harness Review

Kodi and Molly walking with the Walk Your Dog with Love harnesses.

K9 Kindness

K9 Kindness Choker Amnesty at NC State Vet School.

K9 Kindness

K9 Kindness Choker Amnesty at Animal Protection Society dog walk.

Shannon and Haywood's Review

Amazon review Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness with Shannon and Haywood

Anthem Show Review

Anthem show Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness

Dog Encounter

Dog encounter with Walk Your Dog With Love harness.

Doris Vaterlaus Review

Das WWL Geschirr - Walk Your Dog with Love Freude an gemeinsamen Spaziergängen... dem einfachsten Geschirr der Welt. Kein Stress beim Spazieren sondern gehen an der losen Leine. Sie führen Ihren Hund von vorne und ihr Hund zieht nicht. Einfach anzupassen.

Dog Product Reviews early 2012

I review some of my favourite products of 2012.

Walking blaze and skyla on the wydwl harnesses

Not the best vid but heres me walking blaze and skyla with 1 hand on the wydwl harnesses - something ive not been able 2 do since skyla was about 5 months old (shes nearly 2 now) ull have 2 ignore her abit in this shes not used to walking so close inbetween me and blaze but that walk was possibly 1 of the easiest walks ive ever had (taken at around 6pm so dark sorry).

WYDWL Review
Walking With Bengy and Tara

Bengy and Tara with their new "Walk your dog with love" harnesses.