Unconditional Snout To Tail Guarantee


What did you get inside the package?

No Choke – why is this so important

No Pull – what does this mean?
Dogs will always pull
What to expect
This is a better way of walking

More Love – not made in china, handmade in Berkshires
Work w/ rescues
Mission based manufacturer
Every purchase you make makes a differ for dogs – not only for your dog getting off their neck, but for all dogs

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About the Harness

Scematic that explains each part of the harness

Snout To Tail Guarantee

  • Unconditional Test Drive. We know it works, yet you don't. So get one and try it. If you don't fall in love with it, simply return it. It is that easy.
  • Puppy Promise. If your dog out grows it the next size up is just half-price. Yes, even if you have a Great Dane. 
  • Chew Relief. Dog chewed it - no worries - you are covered!
  • Dog or Human Damaged. Like the Chew Relief, no worries, you are covered.
  • Broken Anything. If something breaks, we take care of it for you.
  • Dieter's Special. If your dog loses weight (hurray!), the next size down is just half-price.
  • ExpressExchange™: Ordered the wrong Size, Color or Style? Your dog doesn't fit it or is too small/too big? We can send you a different Size, Color or Style. Hakuna Matata! No worries, you're covered. We'll even make you a custom sized one if needed. 
  • 5 Star Confidence: Read hundreds, and hundreds and hundreds of reviews before making a decision. 
  • Skunk! Did a skunk spray your dog and their harness? No problem!
  • Lost or Stolen? Did you misplace your harness? Let us know!
  • New Product Introduction. Be the first on the block to know about new products. Maybe even Beta test them.
  • Very Important Snout. Get great discounts on all things Walk Your Dog With Love.
  • Free to Use Fundraising Programs. You can support your favorite Shelter, Therapy Pet, or other animal organization. Just email us about our easy to use program. 
  • Wholesale Pricing for your favorite rescue or dog organizations is just an email away.
  • Tier 1 Customer Service. Exclusive rapid response customer support. Most issues resolved in hours. Includes dedicated manufacturer's customer service line and email support with direct access to Presidential Response Care. 
  • Rapid Refund. As noted above, if there is an issue that can't be resolved, you will get a hassle-free and fast refunds, back to the account you made your purchase with.

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