How To Apply An Ounce Of Prevention

Directions for use:

An Ounce of Prevention's easy droplet applicator bottles let you apply it exactly where you need it. This means there is no more wasted spray. It also means no more getting repellent in your dog’s sensitive eyes,nose and mouth. Nor yours. 

Simply tip the bottle on your finger and then gently rub the oil on your dog's fur. Apply as needed. A little goes a long way!

Even though it is made of oils, it goes on 'dry'.

If you can smell it, it's still working.


  • DO NOT apply to your dog’s eyes, nose, mouth, or inside their ears, genitals, anus, open wounds or mucous membranes. Do not apply to irritated areas. Please always take care with essential oils near pregnant dogs, humans or other animals.
  • As with anything you are putting on your dog or yourself, apply to a small area first.
  • A dog's nose is 400 times more sensitive than ours, so please consider this when applying the oil to your dog. If possible apply it to your dog outside – or go outside soon (even if your are in a car) – so that it doesn’t overwhelm your dog.
  • Use it alone, or as part of a more comprehensive tick and flea prevention program.
  • Also please note it is NOT meant for cats. Essential oils are NOT suitable for your cat’s sensitive skin!