The Snout To Tail Guarantee

Contact us for Customer Service. Your purchase is consent to these terms:

This guarantee supersedes all other information however obtained, e.g. on the website, from a representative verbally or by email, via marketing material, advertisements, signage, etc.

Manufacturer Defects
Products are 100% guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship for 1 year from date of original purchase. Your exclusive remedy is replacement. Workmanship defects are defined as something we control during our crafting process. They are a) loose or undone sewing at webbing connection points and b) hardware on a brand-new item that is either missing, has been put on wrong, or that doesn't operate. Contact us before returning any items

Orders that are cancelled before shipping will be refunded entirely. Please contact us promptly for any order cancellations. After an item has been shipped it can be returned following our Refunds/Returns policy. Canceled embroidered items or other custom items (e.g., back-attached, leash by the foot, Soft & Sweet harnesses, items customized at the customer’s request) that are made yet not shipped are not eligible for a refund. The cost of shipping will be refunded on those items.

Refunds are provided for 1 year from date of purchase. Refunds are limited to the amount paid for the item (not shipping/handling or taxes). Refunds are issued to the original form of payment (i.e. the exact credit card used; cash purchases get a check). Refunds are subject to a restocking feeRefunds are provided for new/like new items in sellable condition. Used or dog soiled items are by definition not in sellable condition. Even cleaned and inspected, returned items can’t be restocked because of product security, health, and safety reasons. This is comparable to not taking returns for open food or worn bathing suits and underwear. Returns that don’t meet the criteria cannot be refunded. Refunds are not issued for custom-made items (i.e. embroidered, special order, non-stock, and custom made). Refunds can only be issued for items purchased directly from Walk Your Dog With Love. Refunds are issued back to the source that they came from, i.e. if a credit card was used, the refund will only be issued to that card; it can’t be put on another card, nor can a check be issued. Contact us before returning any items.

Here are some of the main ways we determine “new/like new”: Harnesses that show visual signs of use including dog hair, dander, discoloration, marks, damaged reflective material, and/or a dog or other smells aren’t refunded. We also know what a new/like new harness looks like - and what it doesn’t look like; for example, a new harness has a certain sheen and the fabric lays absolutely flat.

Exchanges/Replacement for wrong size, color or style 
To get a right size, color or style, contact us within 30 days of purchase for how to a) purchase what you want and b) return the the other item for a refund, as per the refund policy. Items we send in error (our oops) will be replaced at no charge. Contact us before returning any items

Custom items
Custom items (e.g. emboidered, leash-by-the-foot, back-attached, items custom made specifically for your dog by arrangement with us), retired colors or styles made for you, etc. can not be returned, refunded or exchanged. 

Purpose & Performance
Our Promise is ‘No-Choke. No-Pull. More Love’ The sole (and soul) purpose of the harness is No-Choke. The harness ‘Works’ (fulfills its purpose) when a dog is not being walked by its throat/neck. For us this also means More Love. Fitness for any other use or purpose is disclaimed. No Pull describes not walking a dog with a collar or back attached harness; it does not imply Performance. Walking a dog with a collar or back-attached harness creates oppositional behavior, it promotes pulling; front-leading doesn’t.

Chew Replacement
Uggg. Chew Happens. Dogs will be dogs. Even though Chews are wear and tear, our one-time courtesy program allows for 1 replacement harness at a discount, for 1 year after purchase. See the program details (and ways to avoid Chews in the first place) here

Puppy Promise Discount
Got a pup who has outgrown its harness? Get the next size up at a discount. Go here to see how to how.

Dieter's Special
Got a dog that’s gone from chubby to svelte? Or that no longer fits the harness because of medical issues? Get the next size down at a discount Go here to see how 

Wear and Tear
Wear and tear isn’t covered. Like brakes on a car or and soles on shoes, dog gear is always ‘working’; it takes a lot of abuse (pulling, biting, play) and in many different environments, circumstances and situations. Thus, only Manufacturer Defects are covered; everything else is considered wear and tear. This includes (but isn’t limited to) dog chews, broken hardware, human or dog caused damage/accidents, rips, frays and tears, etc.

Customer Service
Most issues not covered by this guarantee are easy to resolve, so you can Walk Your Dog With Love. For example:
correct fitting
houdini Dog/escape issue
pulling dog
it ripped/tore

Contact us for other issues and before returning any items. Like dogs, we only respond to  a positive, collaborative approach; purchasers are expected to share details and work to resolve issues.

This guarantee only applies to items purchased directly from Walk Your Dog With Love and only to the original purchaser or gift recipient. Keep the sales receipt as proof of purchase is required to make a claim. You’re responsible for all costs of returning an item. All liability is limited to the amount of the purchase. The guarantee doesn’t apply to items already processed under this guarantee. It doesn’t apply to use not in conformity with the video and printed directions. We exclude all claims for special, incidental, and consequential damages caused by breach of express or implied guarantee/warranty.

Implied Warrantee
Every implied and explicit warranty, including any statutory warranty or conditions of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is disclaimed, except to the extent prohibited by law, in which case such warranty or condition is limited to the duration of this written warranty.

Your purchase or acquisition of one of our products, either on line or through any other means (including but not limited to: at a show, from one of our vendors, at a store, on line at another site, as a gift, as a give away) is Express Consent that you agree to our terms and conditions as spelled out on this page and the pages this page links to including but not limited to: our Guarantee, notes on certain product pages referencing item’s refundability, and email contacts between us that might referring to the conditions for purchasing, e.g., any custom item.

Our Big Print Bottom Line Isn’t it silly we have to say all this for the purchase of a simple dog harness? You need to be OK with the fact that you really aren’t ‘covered’ for anything. Buying our gear includes the risk you might not like it, and you’ll be ‘stuck’ owning it. Yet, since 2006, hundreds of thousands of people have bought and Love our harnesses. Go here to see 1000’s (literally) of reviews, odds are you’ll probably Love it too. If you don’t love it, then sell it at a tag sale, give it to a friend or donate it to your local dog shelter (our favorite choice).


About Our Guarantee
Years ago we realized that our guarantee couldn’t cover the almost infinite contingencies and expectations created by millions of dogs, with millions of human, and millions of circumstances. You’d be surprised to find what some people expect (*see below) from two pieces of webbing sewn together in a pretty cool way. It’s just a dog harness, not a panacea. So we designed the guarantee around best practices from many industries, to be a little old fashioned (in a good way) and to answer the question “what would we want if we were customers”. Thus the guarantee covers ‘Big Things’ like manufacturer defects and also provides industry-leading benefits like a Puppy Promise and Chew Relief. If you find you’re ‘uncovered’, our in-house, dog loving, and knowledgeable customer service department will do it’s best to help you Walk Your Dog With Love.

You’d be surprised to know what people want dog gear to do!
Some people want it to be all things to all dogs. Like a Swiss Army knife, that also gets Wi-Fi, makes coffee, and does the dishes. Others want it to be perfect for their one particular situation. Interestingly, humans have shoes for every occasion (running, walking, dress, work, snow, comfy, slippers) and even a knife for every occasion (steak, butter, carving, 4 sizes for cooking, pocket-knives, and a variety of scissors). Yet they want this one harness to serve every need. Sure, we do offer different versions of our front-leading harness, and even a back-attached harness, yet they can only ‘do’ what they do. And the one thing that every harness we offer does is give you a way to walk your dog, not by its neck. Crazy as it seems, not every harness can say this, as many harnesses still pull on a dog’s neck. Go figure.

Here are just a few of the things people ‘want’ our dog gear to do:
Walking, running, jogging, hiking, biking, for a dog that pulls, for a dog that just stands there, for a dog that jumps on people, for a dog that wants to chase cars, as a replacement for training, for a thin dog, for a fat dog, for a big dog, for a small dog, for a ‘specially shaped dog’, for a active dog, for a couch potato, for an aggressive dog, for a passive dog, for a dog who loves people but hates other dogs, for a dog that loves dogs but hates people, for a dog that doesn’t like men, for a PTSD therapy dog, for an medical alert dog, for a physical support dog, on a tie out, in a car, in a boat, in an RV, on a flat leash, on a rope leash, on a retractable lead, with a coupler, on a walking belt, with a 30 foot rope, with a thin leash, with a thick leash, off leash in a forest, off leash in a town, attached to a baby carriage, on a city sidewalk, on a dirt road, by the ocean, on a beach, on a sand dune, in the ocean, in a pond, in a stream, in the rain, in the snow, in the heat, in the cold, in a dog park, in an airplane, at a dog show, walked by a child, walked by an adult, walked by a person with a cane, walked by a person with a walker, walked by a neighbor, walked by a friend, walked by a dog walker, at the groomer, at the vet, on a dog that never gets a bath, on a dog that gets a shampoo once a week, on a dog with 3 legs, on a dog with 2 legs, on a dog with medical condition X, Y or Z …