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You can never be overdressed! Put some extra Fun or Fancy into your walks with a great patterns. Includes 3M Scotchlite reflective material. These are limited editons, so get one now … as these sweet designs change all the time. 

MORE CONTROL: It leads your dog from the front to give you steering. Steering means control - like a horse is led. It makes any dog walk a pleasure. Walk Your Dog With Love.

NO PULLING: Because it is not rear-attached (like a collar, choker, or old-fashioned dog harness), you don't trigger off your dog's natural "dog sled team" pulling instinct. It stops a dog from pulling. 

NO CHOKING: It is not around your dog's throat, so there is no risk to your dog's neck and so you don't hurt your dog. Dog collars and chokers are just not a friendly - or necessary - way to walk your best friend. It is time for compassion. See more about choking here.

EASY ON: You don't have to 'figure it out'; no more leg lifting dance. Just put it over your dog's head and 'click'. Easy.

COMFORT: No more hard and heavy rings, sliders, or sharp sewn areas that chafe and rub your dog. Also, because it adjusts in 360 degrees, it fits better, so it works better too.


The Fun & Fancy dog harness is made from high quality webbing, which varies by pattern.

The pull-points are all double reinforced: They are sewn with Industrial strength Tex 70 nylon thread-for the strength to stand up to a pulling dog, and with a high stitch-per-inch count for added resilience and durability.

To protect the dog's skin and eliminate chaffing and rubbing, the harness is engineered so all the finished ends face away from the dog, and importantly with NO hard metal rings, sliders, and inflexible doubled over and sewn webbing to touch the dog.

The leash attachment is a tough nickel-plated steel ring, 50% thicker than lightweight rings, and welded for increased strength.

For extra security the buckles are Acetyl plastic which is a strong, durable, stable material - versus nylon plastic buckles, which are prone to cracking and breaking because they are sensitive to both moisture and temperature variations.

As a reminder, the Fun & Fancy are limited edition designs and can sell out quickly!

Reviewed by Teresa BC Canada, 07/25/2017

So many thanks for your prompt service!
We absolutely love the dog harnesses and leashes that we have purchased.

Reviewed by Beth in Georgia, 07/25/2017

We have a dog harness that works and that we can get on in a second...FiNALLY! Trainer had us using worked, but I hated using it. Tried other harness...didn't work and soooo hard to get on. Hubby and I can't say enough! Our 4 month Aussie is so good...I fractured a rib and there is no pain for me or Journey!!

Reviewed by John K, PA, 07/20/2017

I have tried a number of harnesses on my Chocolate Lab with no success. Most of them rubbed him so badly I stopped using them. Then we tried a dog harness from Walk Your Dog With Love and what a difference. No rubbing under his front legs and best of all no pulling around other people or other dogs. Great Harness!!!

Reviewed by Kianna and Cadet, 07/19/2017

Cadet loves using her beautiful new dog harness!
She says "Trying out my new Walk Your Dog With Love Harness! I'm excited to start using it in my puppy training because it allows my pawrents to steer and lead me from the front instead of pulling me from behind."

Reviewed by H Johnson, UK, 07/16/2017

Thank you so very much for your understanding, kindness and generosity. I love your dog harnesses and so do my puppies. Their quality is excellent and safe in every way. I have just ordered the bigger harness for my sweet puppy. We have a rescue shelter nearby who will greatly appreciate the smaller one I bought. Thanks again so very much

Reviewed by Joe P, 07/11/2017

I have used this dog harness for years but recently got this one made of nicer, softer material. My dog has really good manners thanks to the design, and looks very handsome (and he knows it) in the Mocha brown harness. Matching leash tops it all off. The nice get-up seems to make him seem more approachable (friendly) in public, which is great for improving the Bully Breed reputation. I get to say "Good Boy" a lot more thanks to this product.

Reviewed by Marie and Bluebelle, 06/29/2017

Hello lovelys...Bluebelle and I are so very happy with our dog works beautifully...i shall be singing it's praises to everyone...Kind regards
Marie and Bluebelle xxx

Reviewed by Holly from Michigan, 06/06/2017

I received the dog harness a couple of weeks ago - and it is the BEST ever! My cocker, Chipper, is a tugger - ALWAYS wanting to be out front, taking the lead and heading everywhere. With this harness I have complete control and a stress-free walk! The hands-free walking belt is a fantastic addition to our walk. THANK YOU so much for providing such a wonderful product!

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Fitting It Right

To totally make sure you get the right size, see the chart here with girth measurements. Girth is the measurement that goes over your dog's shoulders, right behind the front legs, and back up again. Please measure with your dog standing. Measure it as if it was the harness - not too tight, not too loose. If the measurement is at the very top of one size, then go up to the next size.

POUND Range Girth Inches KILO Range Girth cm
6-11 11-15 3-5 28-38
9-18 13-20 4-8 33-51
12-23 15-21 5-10 38-53
18-35 16-24 8-16 41-61
25-65 21-32 11-29 53-81
55-120 26-39 25-54 66-99
110-250 34-52 50-113 87-132



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