April 1, 2015: Teddy dog is 13 years old . . . and acts like a 13 months old!

Teddy is Walk Your Dog With Love’s Spokes Dog. And the harness's co-inventor.

Happy Birthday Teddy. You can see by Teddy's energy that he is more like a 13 month old. It is us preparing to go for a walk. And it will explain why I decided that this sweet stray dog’s birthday is April Fool’s Day – because he is still the Court Jester, smart and all about Fun. In Love With Life.

When Teddy he came into my life as a 1 year old he made walking distinctly hellish. HELLISH! I was desperate to find a way to walk him. A kind way. I would not walk him with a collar or choker. I wanted to do it in a force free and friendly way, a positive reinforcement way. And Viola, several years later, the Walk Your Dog With Love front-leading dog harness.

Yes, Teddy is still a Golden Wacko-Loco, yet walking him with the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness that he invented is much more fun for the both of us. His less crazy pack mates are happy too, because they never wanted to be walked from their necks either.

Click the video below to see Teddy in 2006. It is the same scenario – us preparing to go for a walk.  It is a video I made just after I built the prototype Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness. Teddy is 9 years younger . . and just as “Enthusiastic” .