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Puppy Promise   

Because so many of our customers have Puppies we have a Puppy Promise. That means that as your dog grows, the next size up harness is just half-price. Simply email us at that time and tell us what size your dog needs.

We have the Puppy Promise because we don’t want money to stand in your way of you getting the right sized harness for your sweetie right now.

- Getting off a dog's neck for walking is super important – even for the best walking dogs in the world (which pups are not!) You can see why here

- Walk Your Dog With Love dog harnesses are great for training – they communicate what you want the dog to do, not vice-versa like collars/chokers and rear attached harnesses. Trainers worldwide recommend them.

Getting the right size is easy - What is your dog’s weight?! That’s all you need to know to get the right size harness. Yet, for fine tuning, you can also size by measurement: use your dog's WAG (Weight, Age, Girth) to determine the best size. See how we measure Girth here If you have any questions, please email us your dog’s WAG so that we can assist you.


























Chew Relief   

Chew Happens! No worries. If your dog chews their harness (or leash, or collar, or seat belt) let's get you another one right away. You will get a replacement for just the price of shipping. No need to send the chewed one back either. Simply email us your contact information, a photo of the damage and tell us what happened and we'll send you the instructions. Easy.

BUT FIRST! If you have a chewy doggy, here are some tips: 

Anti-chew: Try spraying the harness with Bitter Apple or Lime or some other form of bitter yuck spray. Some dogs don't like it  . . . and some dogs do. You can get it at most pet supply stores.

Prevent: Take the harness off your dog when it is not being walked. And also put it someplace your dog can't get to. A harness is something the dog is wearing. Clothing is not something dogs are used to, so some dogs try to get it off, others are just curious and they check it out with their mouth and teeth. 

It often takes a second to damage a harness (what we call a THI - a Tooth And Harness interaction), especially with younger dogs, Sometimes a dog can simply 'slice' it with their teeth. 

Redirect: This is a better thing than having your dog chew its harness or leash. Get about 7 feet of a thick rope at your hardware store. At Home Depot they have a blue and white striped rope in the Tool Corral. Tie a big handle in either end and then let your  have at it in the middle while you hold the handles. This way instead of saying 'NO', you are directing it to something more acceptable. 

Distract: Get a spray bottle or water gun and give your pooch a quick squirt on the rear-end when it starts to chew. Don't let the dog know you are using it.- it is supposed to be like the Voice of Dog. That might help to distract your pup. Also try a soda can with a few pennies in it and give the can a shake to serve as a distraction. Don't let the dog know it is you in this case either. 



































Dog or Human Damaged   

We understand that "Things Happen". Things like...Uggg the dog chewed it, or Owww I stepped on the buckle and it cracked, or Ooof the leash got caught in the car door ... Yup, Things Happen. No worries! We want to help you Walk Your Dog With Love as soon as possible. You will get a replacement for just the price of shipping. In most cases, there is no need to send the damaged one back either. Simply start by emailing us your contact information, a photo of the damage and tell us what happened. Easy.




































Dieter's Special   

We totally support a fit and trim dog (and humans too!). This means that if your dog has lost so much weight that its first harness doesn't fit any more, No Worries, the next size down is just half-price. The same is true if your dog has a health problem that causes weight lose or gain. Simply email us your contact information and tell us all about it.

Getting the right size is easy - What is your dog’s weight? That’s all you need to know to get the right size harness. For fine tuning you can also size by measurement, see how here

If you have any questions, please email us your dog’s WAG (Weight, Age, Girth) so we can assist you.






























Broken Anything   

Did something break? Ugggg. If a Manufacturer's Defects happens, you are covered. In most cases, there is no need to send the damaged one back either.

Simply start by emailing us your contact information, tell us what happened and send us a photo of the damage so we can determine if it is a manufacturer's defect. Easy.


























Express Exchange   

Did you make an Ooops and order the wrong size? Did your dog tell you it doesn't like the Color harness you got them? Would you rather one of our softer styles? Do you want something embroidered? We will happily exchange your gear for what you or your dog really want.

To start an exchange, simply email us your order information, what you would like to do, your dog's weight and age, and if it is a harness tell us your dog's Girrth as we measure it. Easy.


































5 Star Confidence   

Buying something on the internet - sight unseen - requires Trust. Manufacturers make claims, yet does what they are selling really work? Sure, you watched the video and 'get' how it works, but will it work on your dog? Check out the opinions and experiences of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people  Good, Bad or Indifferent. Read the reviews here then make up your own mind. 

Of course, the only way to really decide is to try it yourself. That is why we offer an Unconditional Test Drive - get a harness and try it - it you don't like it, simply mail it back for a refund. If you Love it, please tell your friends!







































OMD! (Oh My Dog!) did your dog have a Stinky Meeting with a Skunk? Peee-uuuu!  While that's no fun for your dog, and your dog might smell for days, we can help you get a non-stinky harness quick, and at a super deep discount. (Noooo, we don't want the old one back!) No worries, You're covered. Simply contact us , send us a photo of the harness with the label showing (and a picture of your your dog if you want), tell us your dog's weight and tell us the Stinky Story. 






















































Lost or Stolen Coverage   

Oh No! Did you forget your harness at the hotel or place you rented while you were on vacation? Did your dog take a *swim in the ocean or run throught the forest and come back without the harness? Can't find the harness anywhere? Contact us and tell us all about it, the more detail the better (exactly what happened, the hotel's name, where you where, etc). We will get right back to you with help to get you a replacement quick!

*If your dog is off-leash, please take off the harness. There are many reasons for this - most of them for your dog's safety. Worse than losing a harness, is losing a dog because it gets caught on something and can't get loose in a forest or in the water or anywhere. Or having your dog get tangled up in the harness and hurting itself. 











































































New Product Beta Testing   

How do our new products get from the drawing board to your dog? First we do extensive testing on everything we make. All of our products go through many miles of testing - hundreds of miles with dogs of many sizes and shapes. The next step is to have to do Beta Testing - and that is where you come in. Often we will ask our customers to help us with feedback on brand new ideas. One of the perks of being a Walk Your Dog With Love customer is that you might be invited to join us in product testing. 






























































































Very Important Snout   

As a Very Important Snout customer, you'll get first notice of new products and access to our promotions, discounts, coupons and savings. This is a great way to get special deals, and it is always nice to be able to pass on a great deal to your friends. If you are one of our Affiliates, it is a great way to pass on savings to your constituency.




















































































Free-To-Use Fundraising Program   

This is a very exciting opportunity to help raise funds for your organization. We work with dog shelters and other dog related causes in order to help them raise funds. Fundraisers are free to use and have no commitment. We would love to help your cause raise some money. Please contact us for more information. 

























































































Wholesale Pricing   

Wouldn't it be great to get Walk Your Dog With Love from your trainer, or to support your local shelter, or from your favorite pet supply store or dog walker?  Well, you can! Please have them contact us for our Dog Professional program










































































Tier One Customer Service   

Tier 1 Customer Service means that you have special rapid access to Customer Service. You get that when you purchase directly from our site. Tier One Customer Service operates 7 days a week, morning, noon and night.  You can contact us either via email or by phone. You will get an award winning level of customer service from people who are trained on all aspects of our company and products, and who speak conversational English. Our customer service is located in Lanesboro, Massachusetts.


















































































































































Unconditional Test Drive   

The only way to know if Walk Your Dog With Love Dog gear works ... is to try it. Sure, a friend might have suggested us, and they might love it. Yet the real test is how it works with you, and your dog. This means you can try the harness for as long as you need to make sure that your gear is doing what you want.

If it isn’t we will do everything we can to help you have the experience you expect. And if you end up not liking it, to give you your money back.Based on customer feedback from hundreds of thousands of customers, things people and their dogs are looking for include:

  • Safer walks because you are off of your dog’s neck while walking
  • Less strain on your arms, shoulders and back
  • More control of your dog, not perfection, yet more control
  • An easy to put an & take off harness
  • A light and ‘gentle on your dog’ harness versus one with tons of hardware and stiff webbing
  • A product handcrafted by USA workers of all USA material
  • Benefits like Chew Relief and Puppy Promise






























Rapid Refund

Nothing stinks more than having to struggle with a company to return something and then having to wait for a refund. So, once we receive an item for refund, we issue a rapid refund within a few days, not weeks.

If the purchase was made with a credit card, we initiate a refund back to that credit card.

You will also get an email about it when that happens, so you don’t have to wonder ‘did they get my package’. Click here for returns info. If we do have to part ways, we would like it be as friends.





























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