My Dog Still Pulls

You got the harness, and hoped that it would solve your dog pulling problem. Yet your dog still pulls.

We know that you want the great results Walk Your Dog With Love has provided for dogs and their people worldwide. Especially if the alternative is a collar or choker - those are not compassionate, friendly, safe . . . or necessary ways to walk our best friends. You can see why here So we hope that you and your dog are open to giving it a good old college try.

What results to expect:
We need to create a distinction about how the harness works.
- Some dogs respond very well to not being pulled on - for those the harness is a miracle.
- For other dogs, they will still be attracted to squirrels, leaves, shadows, the neighbor's dog, who knows what . . . For these dogs the fact that we have more control is the blessing. Not that our dogs are less enthusiastic or less passionate, just that we have more control.

Click here to see Teddy, the dog who the harness was originally invented for, in two videos, filmed years apart. He is still a Golden Wacko-Loco, you can see him trying to get ahead, yet we have more control. The fact that he is still a wild-man is what we love most about him!

Yes, your dog will still look at cats and it will still try to chase squirrels . . . yet you will have a much better handle on it.

Remembering what it is about.
To emphasize how the harness works, try this experiment:

  • First, review the info video here. It demonstrates the 'steering'.
  • Next, attach your leash snapbolt to the webbing on the back of the harness - between the shoulders. Right, you are going to turn the harness into a rear-attached harness. Like a Dog sled is set up, or a Seeing Eye For The Blind Dog, or a drug sniffing hound dog . . .
  • Now, take a walk. Has the pulling increased? Certainly notice how there is no possibility of 'steering'.

Are there other important benefits
Many customers also appreciate a) how easy it is to put on, b) that it has the 3M Scotchlite reflective material and, of course, c) that they are not around their dog's neck, so there is no chance to choke their best friend . . . it is the safe, compassionate, and friendly choice. A good thing even for a 'good' dog. And an even more necessary thing for a pulling dog.

Sometimes the right adjustment can make all the difference. As can having a harness that is the right size.

Has it been fitted correctly?
Please take a moment to make sure the harness is a) adjusted correctly and b) put on your doggie correctly. Please watch the video below. (This is not the sales/info video)

  • Please note the "scooching" for proper fit.
  • Please note the 'gap' we mention, that is perfectly normal too. Yes, the material, and your dog are flexible - it is not supposed to fit like spandex.
  • We believe snug, yet not tight. You should be able to get 2-4 fingers underneath the harness by the reflective material - as seen in the video.
You also might need to adjust the harness a few times to get it "just right".
  • Once you find where you like it, customize it further by "setting" it as described in the video. Now you have a dog harness tailored just for your dog!



Is the harness the right size?
To totally make sure you get the right size, see the chart here with girth measurements. Girth is the measurment that goes over your dog's shoulders, right behind the front legs, and back up again. Please remember the harness needs to be a little bigger than your dog's actual girth.
United States   International
POUND Range Girth Inches KILO Range Girth cm
6-11 11-15 3-5 28-38
9-18 13-20 4-8 33-51
12-23 15-21 5-10 38-53
18-35 16-24 8-16 41-61
25-65 21-32 11-29 53-81
55-120 26-39 25-54 66-99
110-250 34-52 50-113 87-132



United States   International
POUND Range Girth Inches KILO Range Girth cm
80-160 32-44 36-72 80-112
110-250 36-52 50-113 91-132


Please mail it to:
Walk Your Dog With Love
PO BOX 1484
Lanesboro, MA 01237

PLEASE INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION INSIDE THE PACKAGE please include - clearly written - your name, address, contact information, email address and for correct sizing, please make sure to tell us the size you want and how much your dog weighs and its age.

TO GET YOUR HARNESS FASTER, you can order it from the site, and then send the first harness back for a refund at your convenience.
If you chose this option, for your refund, please send your harness to the above address and please make sure you tell that you want a refund and where you made the purchase, and that you already ordered the right size. Thanks!

We use regular paper envelopes to send the harnesses, so need for anything more special to send it back.

Still have questions? Please email us at


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