How To Order A Soft & Sweet

The Soft & Sweet is a special harness designed to solve a problem for dogs that chafe when they wear anything.  Yet, for most dogs, The Sportso style harness will also be a great option. Here’s why this is important to know:

Why we make the Soft & Sweet
The Soft & Sweet harness is meant to solve a problem for dog’s that chafe when they wear anything.

Soft & Sweets are made from a special technical polyester material that has a fabric feel, yet with a neoprene-like softness and pliability. Thus, they are a bit sweeter on the dog than our standard harnesses, especially in those sensitive chafing areas. They are also custom made for each individual dog to help ensure an even better fit. That’s why we ask for your dog’s WAG: Weight, Age and Girth.

They also come with our hallmark 360° Universal Adjustment that makes our traditional harnesses more comfy in the first place (more on that in a moment).

The ‘downside’ of the Soft & Sweet is that we have a very limited supply of this material, and it’s no longer manufactured (if it is, we can’t find it). Because of this limited supply, we like to reserve it for dogs that really REALLY need it. Thus, the Soft & Sweet is really more of a ‘medical’ solution than a fashion statement.

Also, because of the limited selection, there is only one color for our 3/4 inch wide smaller dog harnesses, and 3 colors for the 1-inch wide medium & big dog harnesses (see below).

Why dog’s chafe
Outside of just being a super-sensitive dog, there are two main reasons dogs chafe:

Poor Harness Design. Most harnesses have tons of hardware, tons of webbing, and tons of adjustments that are hard to figure out. Worse are the many areas of folded over and sewn material; those are hard and stiff, and thus relentless chafe dogs. Small dog harnesses usually have very narrow material, which ‘bites’ a dog. Not Good.

Worse still, it’s hard to get most of these harnesses to fit the dog’s body properly. So many adjustments. Which is why those contraptions cause even more chafing. Again, Not Good.

Human Behavior issues. The way a human interacts with their dog when it is wearing a harness can cause a lot of chafing. Humans pull and tug and fidget for no reason. See more about this here The ‘good’ thing about this is that most people – once made aware – usually can change their behavior so that their dog is comfortable.

The Walk Your Dog With Love difference
All Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses are:
- "Less Is More" designed; with less hardware and less webbing (it’s just two pieces of material)
- incredibly easy to adjust
- designed to provide 360° adjustability (see here They adjust for the dog’s Front, Body, and Girth. This means they fit dogs of all shapes and sizes…better.

A better fitting harness is more comfy. And it’s also more effective.

The Sportso Alternative
With all this said, your dog might not need anything more "special" than our soft, smooth, and robust Nylon material, which is featured in the Sportso, NEO and BroadBand harnesses. They also have the 360° adjustability that the Soft & Sweet has. Sportos come in 6 vibrant colors, The NEO in 5 colors and The BroadBand in 4 - plus you can also get matching leashes and collars. They can also be embroidered. See them here 

You can also get the Sportso style custom made if the dog is ‘in-between’ sizes, which can help to fine tune the fit. Contact us if interested

Soft & Sweet harnesses are custom made, so they aren't eligible for coupons and are non-refundable. If you feel that a Soft & Sweet is for your dog versus a Sportso, NEO or BroadBand, please:
1) Get your dog's WAG: Weight, Age and Girth - as show below. Soft & Sweet harnesses are made for dogs approximately 6-120 pounds/Girth 11-39 inches.
2) Click here order the harness. This price includes shipping/handling. Enter this information on that page: THIS IS FOR A SOFT & SWEET HARNESS. MY DOG'S WAG IS: X POUNDS/ X AGE / X INCH GIRTH. I WANT COLOR X 

For dog up to 30 pounds or a 21-22 inches girth, the harness is the 3/4 wide HeartBeat pattern
For dogs over 30 pounds please tell us which of the 1-inch patterns you would like: Mochaccino or Cadet Blue

If you have an English Bulldog, please tell us that too (they're the one dog that breaks the mold)

Measure Girth
Girth is the measurement that goes over your dog's shoulders, right behind the front legs, and back up again. Like the red arrow shows. 

Please measure with your dog standing. Measure it as if it was the harness - not too tight, not too loose.