Rita dog is 4 on June 28 2015. Happy Birthday!

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Rita is 4, and is of course, MORE BEAUTIFUL than ever! Which is why she is in such demand for TV, Movies and Modeling!

Rita began her puppyhood as a stray, and yet quickly became known for her talents on the silver screen. Her first starring role was in Vehicle Safety Belt, and she has since gone on to great international fame. 

Here she is on recent photo shoot, modeling Walk Your Dog With Love's new Rainbow harness. And the timing couldn't be better considering the recent Marriage ruling; she is a great supporter of equal rights for all. 

Which shows you that Rita is more than just a pretty snout. She is also smart, sweet, thoughtful and very playful! Which is a winning combination.

See her as she demonstrates her strong modeling sense, and then in a lighter moment, as she mixes it up with the world famous Teddy. Now THAT is success, going from zero to hanging out with Teddy, in just 4 short years! Two such strong doganality's together is almost too much for the camera to take in! Teddy was filming Forest Green, another new harness color.