I Need To Get The Right Color, Or The Right Size Leash, Collar Or Seat Belt

Want a different Color?

Please take a look on the colors by scrolling to see them here and tell us what color you would prefer. Please note: Colors/patterns are priced by the style of dog gear:Original, Sportso Doggo and Fun & Fancy. If changing to a more expensive style you will receive a payment request for the difference. If changing to a less expensive style, you will receive a refund.

Need a different size leash?

Leashes come in 3/4 inch and 1 inch width. We recommend a 3/4 inch width for a smaller dog, under 50 pounds. The main reason is the weight of the snap-bolt. With a front-leading dog harness you want a leash with a smaller snap bolt. All Walk Your Dog With Love leashes have slightly smaller snap bolts because of this.

Leashes come in a 3 foot and a 6 foot length. 3 foot is great for more intense environments (think a crowded city sidewalk) or short leash training. the 6 foot leash is great for more relaxed walking or traditional leash training.

If the idea of having 'the right tool for the right job' makes sense, then you might consider having a leash of both lengths too.

Need a different size collar?

Collars are sized based on your dog's neck size. Please make sure to account for the 2-4 fingers extra that are needed to have a collar that is not too tight.
SIZE A: 11-16 inch neck, 3/4 inch wide material
SIZE B: 15-24 inch neck, 1 inch material
SIZE C: 18-30 inch neck, 1 inch material

If you need a custom sized collar, please contact us.

Need a different sized seat belt?

Seat belts come in 3/4 inch and 1 inch width. We recommend a 3/4 inch width for a smaller dog, under 20 pounds.

Please mail it to:
Walk Your Dog With Love
PO BOX 1484
Lanesboro, MA 01237

PLEASE INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION INSIDE THE PACKAGE please include - clearly written - your name, address, contact information, email address and  please make sure to tell us the color, size, etc you want for the replacement. Please also tell us your dog's weight and age. 

TO GET YOUR ITEMS FASTER, you can order it from the site, and then send the other item back for a refund at your convenience. If you chose this option, for your refund please send your package to the above address and please make sure you tell that you want a refund and where you made the purchase, and that you already ordered the right size. Thanks!

We use regular paper envelopes to send orders, so need for anything more special to send yours back.

Think maybe you need a custom sized gear or still have questions? Please email us