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Our Bichon free pulled and choked himself on a collar. Your front lead harness stopped him from pulling straight away! I have told many dog owners to use it and all have been amazed by it. Thank you, we love walking our dog now.

Joanne, Montclair, NJ

We have 2 harnesses for our other dogs that we got from our old dog trainer and LOVED them so getting more for our new dogs.

Cheryl Hoogstad, Lake Hughes, CA

Last year you made a harness for Palmer with a back attachment. It works perfectly and with the Zen walking belt. It is a joy to take him for walks. Thank you once again for your kindness and willingness to find a solution for my strong puller.

Cindy Neil, Pittsburg, PA

Love your products!

Mice Bucci, Venice Beach, CA

I've been using these harness for years on my Brittanys.

Shelley Witkin, Davidson NC

Maggie (my beautiful dog) has 3 harnesses and leashes. The harnesses were specially made to fit her because she needed additional length in the front. We just got our harness/ leash " all in one" and I am thrilled because I can adjust it to fit her!! I highly recommend Walk Your Dog With Love because they are the best!! Thank you for caring about my " furbaby"!!! We will be ordering more to match her wardrobe.

Candace L, Pensacola, FL

We just love our new harness!!! Thank you so much for the upgrade! The thicker fabric is way better for our fuzzy buddy… Thank you so much again!

Catherine White, Long Beach, CA

Wow! I had to write to you to say THANK YOU!! We have 2 rescues-husky/Shepherd mixes that have LOTS of energy and are constantly lunging on walks. I was at the mercy of my husband because I couldn't handle both dogs on a walk by myself due to their pulling. Now I can comfortably walk both dogs this is life changing-thank you!!

Gina F Toledo, Ohio

It has almost been a year since I purchased my harness, it was used First, for my wedding last October (our dog was the flower girl and we needed her to match the bridesmaids!) We love it!

Brittany Blumer, Gaithersburg, MD

I recommend WYDWL to lots of folks as not only is the product good quality it works too. I was recommended to you by a fellow dog walker who saw me struggling to hang onto my 70-80lb Labrador puppy (15 months now) I tried head harnesses and although they worked he hated them & constantly try to remove them. With your harness he is a lot more controllable and I tell everyone I meet who have similar problems about them. My dog trainer who came over from America herself about 5 years ago hadn’t heard of your products but was very interested to see them. Thanks again

Ian Copping & Merlin, Nottingham GB

I am pleased with the collar in that it helps me control my dog much better than any other harness or collar.

Christina K. Petrlik-Siegel, Berlin, MD

All of the harnesses I have gotten from you all are perfect and we love each one (about 6 so far we have a great pyranees, husky, and a dachshund).

Adam Eric Salinas, San Marcos, TX

I LOVE these and so do my Huskies. They feel right at home in their 'walk your dog with love' harness. This is the second set I have bought. Not that the first has worn out yet. Just like to have an extra for emergencies.)

Yarrow Pallo, Santa Ynez, CA

This is our 4th harness from you & we are very pleased, these are absolutely very best!

Magdalena & family, Aliso Viejo, CA

Your products are sturdy, well made and attractive.

Sharon Dodd, Carlisle, PA

This is our fourth dog who will be using the harness and we have been so grateful for them for over 7 years.

Susan Florczak, Denver CO

When they said this harness would fit up to 250 lb dog, I was skeptical. My st. is 212 and I have yet to find one. I ordered it Oct 1, 20 and it arrived today, Oct 6th and I live in south Florida, so that was amazing in itself. The harness fit was no less than perfect with room to spare and the adjustments were easy. If that weren't enough, he no longer pulls but stays to my side or in back of me so far. To my astonishment, this harness was everything it was advertised to be and nothing less. Now he will be safe when we travel with him also. Will highly recommend to anyone. Thank you so much.

Robert, Naples, Fl

I just purchased the Sportso for Sweetie. My last dog also used one of your harnesses and I tell people all the time how great they are. I am sure I will not be disappointed when the next one arrives.

Deb Hansen, Arvada, CO

This is my second order. These harnesses are wonderful!! I love them and my dogs love them. I have 2 boxers and with their deep chests, they can be hard to fit. I've been using these for 8 years. I walk my dogs every single day. Easy to put on and take off. Can't wait to get our new ones!!

Jill Walls, Virginia Beach, VA

I loved my Walk Your Dog With Love harness. Even I could walk him without being dragged—what a pleasure.

Anne, New Mexico


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