Your invention has completely turned our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel into a ultimate joy to walk.  Immediately his pulling and obsession to be the leader has stopped.  We are very happy with the results

Dave Arrighi  10/7/2008

  I bought one of your harnesses at the Big E and our dog loves it. We can't believe the difference. We want to buy another one as a gift for our little nephew. He is a miniature Dachsund/Yorkie mix who weighs only 8 lbs. He loves to walk and loves to pull!!!

Gail Orsi 09-28-2008

  I am SO happy with your product and I cannot wait to get the new one soon! Thank you so much and I look forward to receiving the harness.THANKS again!

Whitney Kouvaris  9/26/2008

  We loved using  this harness with our dog Hunter.  It was working out great!

Ronald Ganoe   9/23/2008

 I liked the way the harness worked, but neither my dog nor my husband liked walking with it.

Joan, Mount Laurel NJ 9/22/2008

  Just wanted to let you know that I got in some practice with the harness and it worked great. My sister dog Kobie, who she uses a choke chain to walk b/c shes hard to control, was very calm and easy to lead when in the harness- and she looked good in purple! 

Silvana  9/10/2008

  As a dog trainer I occasionally get an owner who just can't manage to get their dog to stop pulling hard on the leash while going for a walk. Recently I had the opportunity to try the Walk your Dog with Love harness with two dogs that were 'pullers', in both cases it worked immediately. This is a product that works, I recommend it without hesitation.

Dan Cartwright   8/29/2008

  Your walk your dog with love harness is a dream and aptly named!    My Lab and Aussie shepherd are hardly ever on a leash because we live in a rural area so they have never really practiced good on-leash behavior.  I used to dread having to put a leash on them, knowing I'd be pulled like crazy by my energetic pack.  The harness allows us to walk calmly together and opens up more opportunities for me to take them to places where dogs have to be on a leash, like the Farmer's Market or Country Fairs.  By the way, I had tried another brand before, but the fit wasn't nearly as good. Bravo and Ruff!

Annie Brody- Camp Unleashed  8/25/2008

  Tried a harness am amazed its working really well. I am really surprised, for the price of the harness , if I can get control of the dog it is wonderful. It was amazing, he did not pull. Normally he pulls to see the dog next door, and he didn’t,. it is unbelievable!  It is the easiest harness I ever put on in my life. It is huge for rescue dogs. Finally, we had our first two normal walks!

Eileen Chanin of Calling All Dogs 8/13/2008

  You are not going to believe this butmy nutty Gumpy is walking almost on a heal with the harness. He was even able to walk through times Square without a problem

Aimee  8/7/2008

  We walked the dogs last night.  The leash worked "okay" for Zelda.  She is stubborn and would pull.  The leash worked great for Guesee.  It was amazing the difference.  I was glad I tried it with both dogs. My husband said the leash worked like how he used to lead his horse around. I figured that you might understand what he means by that.

Pat Plowman 

  I like it, it is a great idea

Dennis Blackman, Keizer OR 

  I love that harness. my 60 lb son can now walk my 45 Husky!   

Susie from Little Paws Dog Shop  

  Your harness does not help for my Pug who has severe arthritis in his back legs.

Catherine Odessa, TX 

 I loooove how much they help me walk my pulling clients! Mine has lasted most likely 9 years of that's when I bought my first one off you

The Healthy Dog Walker Cahris Mahney Australi

  I received the harnesses today. Thank you. They are adorable and not "froufrou" as you said. I tried it on one of my pups and it was easy to get on. I will show them to Marilyn this weekend and tell her about your company.

Heidi Walker  

  The police department brought us a beautiful, sweet golden on Tuesday, he could not get her in the building.  She was stressing, pulling, jumping, and tugging like a fish on a line, until she finally flopped on the ground.  Poor dear.  So....I got out the magic harness, and "poof" she trotted right in behind us.  Albeit she was not happy to be here, but at least her stress coming in through the door, was reduced to zero and she wasn't freaking out. 

Marie Brockway, Springfield Humane Society 

  I find your product unique in that it naturally puts the dog in the correct position for a walk. With traditional harnesses the dog will pull your weight forward like a sled dog! Since many dogs are bred to pull, the dog thinks he is only doing his job when you place a traditional harness on him. I don’t like the “Haltie” type harnesses that go over the dog’s head. These look like muzzles and most dogs feel they are being punished when you put these on, not to mention that I find them odd looking. Your harness solves the “pulling” problem in a without embarrassing you or your dog. I have attended many trade shows and have not found a better product.  Another benefit to the dog owner is that it is simple to use and doesn’t cost a ton of money. Dog owners often spend big bucks for training when a simple device like this could help solve their problem. I look forward to using mine with Guinness (78 lbs) and telling other people about this harness.

Anne Gormely   

   I’ve been using the harness that I purchased from you at the trade show in Baltimore, for our Sheepdog with cancer/brain tumor.  With the pull being in front of the dog, it is just an incredible boost to sick or aged dogs that slow, may be slightly disoriented, etc.  It’s just enough to help them keep moving, and it gives them the person in front as a lead.  It’s made a big difference for us with Barley so far

Teena – PON Times Magazine 6/18/2008

  I met you at a dog show in W. Springfield & my friend purchased one of your harnesses.  We think they're great & I have recommended to several people.  I work at a luxury boarding facility in CT and we are interested in retailing your harnesses

Pam Paws Pet Resort & Spa 6/5/2008

  It really was easy – can you say - It is the easiest harness I ever put on Marley  - or easiest big dog harness I ever put on? 

Eileen C 5/28/2008

  Boy, you sure got a winner!!!! While my dog, Lucca, an 8 year old Viszla loved to treat me like his "pull toy," when we went for not very many walks, things are different now!  He doesn't pull -- he may tug some, but once I give him a check, he relaxes and I have much more control when we're encountering another dog -- I can't thank you enough.  I've used other types of restraints, specifically the one that crosses over the dog's snout -- it wasn't as effective.Thanks for coming up with this harness and putting together a really convincing website. 

Kathleen Piaggesi  5/27/2008

  I can personally attest to how effective the harness is.  Thus far in its use in fairly low level arousal situations, Trumbull shows little of his kangaroo hopping.  It will be interesting to see how he does when we return to his orthopedic this coming Friday.  Thanks so much for this grand management tool.

 Judy Bard  5/7/2008

  The harness has been great. Emmitt is much easier for Julia (my dog walker) to walk now. I appreciate it, very much, as does Julia.
James Sweener 4/30/2008

   I'm giving the harness a test drive with some different client dogs. I'll let you know what I think and if I'm interested in ordering. The first dog I tried did really well on it - an Old English Bulldog. I'm having a client (70 plus years) and her pit bull giving it a go this week.

Jill  Paws of Nature 4/20/2008

  We found a new harness that we LOVE and i want to share it with everyone. We will be recommending this harness to all future puppy owners.

Pindy & Peggy  4/7/2008

  Max is doing great with his new harness. I am recommending it to everyone and I'm sure that orders are going to start coming in from my friends and family.

Shelia Crouss 04/02/2008

  The harness has worked really well, our Female Pug had a habit of trying to pull back and she could slip almost any harness but not yours.  Now she is much easier to walk with and we are hoping the 2nd harness will work just as well for "Kiwi" our other pug.

Matt 3/23/2008

  The dogs are definitely easier to walk now.  I put Finn's harness on when he was too wild with a small child and it helped him settle. I've told several people about the harnesses and that I'm much happier with them than with others that I've tried.

Virginia O 3/21/2008

  Two Paws Up! Your Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness is excellent. This is the harness to get if your dog pulls or tugs while you walk. I highly recommend it. In fact, it is so easy to put on and to use that I recommend it even if your dog doesn’t pull or tug! What a brilliant invention. It works wonderfully and it looks great.

Marc Marrone 3/5/2008

  My dog Shirley is doing great. I don't have to walk her on a leash much but when I do and I use the harness it makes a dreaded walk become a more enjoyable one. She walks so much nicer without the dreaded pulling.

Emily 2/20/2008

  Murphy loves his new harness.  It took him about 30 seconds to get used to it.  He says it's much better than that thing that went across his nose.

 Lee Johnson 2/13/2008

 This is Pickles McGinley and I don’t like the harness.  As a dog I don’t mind telling you that I have lost my pulling power and I just don’t like not being in control when out walking. I liked it better when I walked my human, not the other way around.

Pickles, Castlebar, Ireland 1/3/2008

  I feel that the harness works well with my dog.  He walks so much better now, and with minimal pulling.  I suggested this to a friend and she bought it for her boxer and says that it works good.  My neighbor also inquired about it.  I am happy with the product!


  We are enjoying the harness.  The best thing about it is that Sparky walks as well with it as with the "gentle leader," but he likes your harness a lot better because there isn't that uncomfortable strap over his mouth.

Marian Steinberg  

  Yes I love the harness especially for my excitable Lab. I like the way it prevents him from pulling. Ex. yesterday at Petco I had complete control of him despite all the distractions.

Lanie and Jim 

  The harness can take the tug-of-war out of your relationship with your dog, and can make your unruly dog a pleasure to walk! Using your dog’s natural responses, the harness minimizes the training required to promote good behavior, and behavioral issues are the most common reasons that dogs wind up in shelters. It is cleverly designed to be easy to put on your dog, further enhancing its usefulness. Great dogs deserve to be good dogs, and the Walk Your Dog With Love can help them to realize their potential.

Douglas G. Aspros, D.V.M. 

 I am the Head Trainer of Michael's Pack Dog Training located in Mineola, NY. I have been using your harness since I first graduated Animal Behavior College in 2015 and have been recommending them to all of my clients since. I am purchasing this one to replace the same one I've been using for my dog after over 5 years of use. Simple wear and tear is the only reason for replacement!

Philip Smith, Mineola NY

  We are using our harness my little dog, it is perfect.  It took some getting used to for her, but now she walks great. 

 Kristin Bartdoziej 

  I love the harness. It is very easy to use, and my dog walks much better with it. i have tried other collars in the past, but this does seem to work best. I would recommend it to all my friends. Thanks for a great invention

Robyn A

  I purchased the harness for my dog Emma.  We are using it, and her pulling has decreased greatly!  I was telling my friend at work about this and she wants to order one for her dog

Danielle Zykoff 


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