Puppy Promise

Got a puppy? We offer the next size up at a deep discount with our Puppy Promise!  

Because so many of our customers have Puppies we have a Puppy Promise; as your dog grows, the next size up harness is deeply discounted. Yes, even if you have a Great Dane!

Why We Have A Puppy Promise:
- We don’t’ want you walking your dog by its throat. Ever. This is so important to us that we’re willing to offer a deep discount on the next size harness. This saves you from having to use the ‘money’ argument, saying “I’ll wait until the dog is fully grown before I get it a harness”…. and then proceed to walk your dog from its throat until then. The Puppy Promise makes it so money won’t stand in the way of getting off your sweetie’s neck….Now. Getting off a dog’s neck is vital – even for a ‘good’ walking dog (which pups are not.😉). You can see why we say that here, it’s what our vet showed us.

- It allows you the get the right size, right now, and not try to straddle two sizes. A right size harness means better results and your dog will be more comfortable. Plus, your pup deserves the best from the start. It’s Win-Win-Woof for everyone.

- Walk Your Dog With Love dog harnesses are great for training. Which is what a lot of people do with their pups. Trainers worldwide recommend them because it makes training more effective. Our harness helps to communicate what you want the dog to do, not vice-versa (like collars/chokers and rear attached harnesses).

- It’s our form of a Loyalty Program; we want you to stay with Walk Your Dog With Love through your dog’s entire life. It’s meant for consecutive purchases; we don’t want you to switch harnesses mid-stream as your puppy grows. If you’re buying a harness every few months (or every few weeks with a bigger, faster growing dog), we’d like it to be ours. 😊

To be considered for the Puppy Promise your dog must still be … a puppy! For most dogs, puppyhood is somewhere between newborn and 12-14 months (for our petite dog friends ) and newborn and 24-30 months for our big and huge dog friends (like an English Mastiff or Great Dane). Note: The Promise isn’t intended for dogs that maybe have gotten a little chubby because Grandma thinks Love looks like big snacks…

To be eligible for the Puppy Promise please get the next size as soon as your dog starts to outgrow the smaller one, not 6 weeks or 6 months later.

Simply email us:
- a clear photo of the size label on the harness you have now
- a recent photo of your awesome dog in the harness
- your full name, and your dog’s name
- your dog's WAG (Weight, Age, Girth as we measure it  - see the illustration and info below
- In the subject line write Puppy Promise Please!

If your dog fits the Puppy criteria, you’ll be emailed a unique Puppy Promise coupon code. Easy.

Chew Relief Program for Puppies Too

We know that puppies chew (older dogs too!) so we have a Chew Relief program, in case your sweetie decides that the harness tastes good and it needs to be replaced.

Fitting It Right

Getting the right size is easy. It can usually be done just by knowing  your dog's approximate weight.

YET, to totally make sure you get the right size, see the Girth measurement chart below. Girth is the measurement that goes over your dog's shoulders, right behind the front legs, and back up again. Like the red arrow shows. 

Please measure with your dog standing. Measure it as if it was the harness - not too tight, not too loose.

If your dog can fit in two size harnesses, we usually prefer the bigger dog in the smaller harness. If the measurement is at the very top of one size, then go up to the next size. If you still have sizing questions please email us your dog’s WAG (Weight, Age, Girth as described above and in the picture) and we will help you.

Girth Chart
Teddy Shows How To Measure Girth

Getting the right style is easy too.

Pick from several styles of our original award-winning front-leading No-Choke, No-Pull, All Love dog harness. Or get a Simple Back attached harness; whatever’s best for you and your dog. Have questions on how it works? Click Here. WOOF NOW!

Walk Your Dog With Love Unique Front-Leading, No-Choke, No-Pull, More Love Dog Harness
The Original Dog Harness

Our basic (Not-So-Basic!) dog harness. Dog Friendly Engineering means less hardware so it’s lighter, more comfy on our dogs and super easy to put on. It has 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material™ for safety and 20 stitches per inch and Box X tacking for extreme durability.


The Sportso Doggo Harnesses
The Sportso Doggo Dog Harness

Our most popular dog harness. It has everything The Original dog harness has PLUS it’s made our Satin-Finish Nylon which is softer, smoother (thus more comfy), more robust and over 3X stronger. You and your dog will love it.

Click here for embroidery 

The NEO All-In-Wonder Dog Harness

Our award winning Sportso dog harness BUT... with the 6-foot leash built right in. It’s the lightest and most responsive front-leading dog harness ever. With no heavy snap bolt to weigh the front of the harness down or bonk your dog’s legs - it’s a great thing… even better.

Click here for embroidery 

The Broadband Harness
The Broadband Big Dog Harness

Finally, a dog harness designed to fit our BIG DOG friends. It’s our award winning Sportso but BIGGER. Supersized by 50% to fit your large dog’s body better. It’s metal front slider and 5700 lb. test material are a perfect match for your big dog's extra strength.

Click here for embroidery 

The Broadband NEO All-In-Wonder Dog Harness

Our award winning BroadBand for BIG DOGS combined with our NEO All-In-One design ... with the 6 foot leash built right in. Now, that’s the way to walk.

Click here for embroidery 

The Soft & Sweet Harnesses
The Soft & Sweet Dog Harness

The perfect choice for our sensitive skinned or ‘fur-challenged’ friends. It’s the front design of our other harnesses - yet made with our softest material yet (like it has padding built right in). Sometimes we just need a hug.

The Sportso Doggo Harnesses
Embroidered Dog Harnesses

The Sportso, NEO, or BroadBand styles, individually customized for your dog with LARGE, EASY TO READ, great looking, and permanent stitching. Get your phone number (or anything else) embroidered on your collars, leashes and harnesses.

The Sportso Doggo Harnesses
The Simple Back Attached Harness

Great for easy to handle dogs and when back-attached makes more sense (tracking, nose-work, jogging, mountain hiking, bad rear legs...). It’s the same comfy & strong Satin Finish nylon as our Sportso, and the ‘no step through’ easy-on design. 




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NO CHOKE: It's not around your dog's throat, so there's no risk to your dog's neck; you won't hurt your dog. Dog collars and chokers are just not a friendly - or necessary - way to walk your best friend. It's time for a change. EASY ON: Dog, and Human, friendly design makes it easy to use. No more confusion. Easy for you, easy for your dog. You don't have to 'figure it out'; no more leg lifting dance. Just put it over your dog's head and 'click'. Simple.
NO PULL: Because it is not rear-attached (like a collar, choker, or old-fashioned dog harness), you don't trigger your dog's natural "dog sled team" pulling instinct. It stops a dog from pulling. COMFORT: No more heavy rings and sliders or hard and sharp material that chafe/rub your dog. Also, Because it adjusts in 360 degrees it fits better; so it works better too.
MORE CONTROL: It leads your dog from the front to give you steering. Steering means control - like a horse is led. It makes walking any dog walk a pleasure. Walk Your Dog With Love. SAFE: It has 3M Scotchlite reflective material for nighttime safety. Be seen in a car's headlights 1000 feet away when you are walking your dog.

100% Guaranteed - Made in the USA


A Word From Our Founder:

Thanks for stopping by Walk Your Dog With Love. We make the World’s Best Dog Harnesses and Dog Gear. Everything on the site is gear that I made and used with my pack of 5 dogs; that I now make for you and your dogs. 

I've always used harnesses on my dogs – I hated walking them from their necks – even my best walking dogs. It just didn't feel right in my heart. And my Vet showed me info that validated this from a medical point of view -  learn what vets know here. Sure, my dogs still want to see a squirrels, and the neighbor’s dogs and cats . . . yet I have much more control AND I'm not walking them from their throats. And that's worth everything!

In 2005, I asked a horse loving friend, 'Why do you Walk your horses from the front? And they told me ‘Because it lets us steer...and hooking up from the back just makes animals want to pull more”.

Of Course! And the Walk Your Dog With Love front-leading dog harness was born! I know you'll love it.


Dan Merson