Most Critical Reviews

 I thought this was made out of leather. With a name like Xena, we need leather and nothing else will do.

Laura, Bozman MT 4/15/2009

Good concept- Harness works as advertised- my dog is walking not pulling. But if it came in a red white blue or patriotic pattern i would like it better. Boring colors.

Bob Malik NY USA 8/25/2017

 Even though you have the Zen Walking Belt, I wish you had something that would go around my waist and be the leash too. 

Alex, Hot Springs SD 8/19/2017

 I like your products, but I want my harness embroidered. Why don’t you guys offer embroidery?

Ken Medford, OR 7/28/2017

 Your website autofilled my old address and it was shipped there. Now I have to wait becuase it was returned to sender.

Denise P, Mitchell SD 8/2/2012

 I don’t like your harness. Louise had an operation on her right side and the buckle sits right where the scar is. You said the buckle is not in-line with the pulling. But it does not help me either way.

Devon Carlsbad, NM 11/30/2011

 Your harness does not help for my Pug who has severe arthritis in his back legs.

Catherine Odessa, TX 7/11/2008

 I love your harness for my two young dogs, but you don’t make anything that helps my old dog Jack with his back end problems.

Margaret, Bismarck ND 11/23/2017

 Though the harness is great, the package you mailed the harness in was sure beaten up when it arrived at my house.

Gina Sheridan, WY 11/11/2017

  We have used this product now for two growth sizes with our current 6 month old English Creme Golden Retriever. I am happy with it and it has helped some, but Carson still pulls in his excitement to see people and new places. Not sure what else to do except keep training…

Sandy Wyman 10/11/2017

   I do love this harness design, it works great for my Papillon, but it is too big on my tiny teacup Yorkie and i wish you had smaller sizes for him

Jackie V Ireland 9/10/2017   

 Why do you just embroider names and phone numbers? Why don’t you offer flowers or hearts embroidered on the harness? I want to add a little style to Peachy’s harness.

Isador, Yakima WA 4/19/2016

 I do like the concept, and it helps my dog walk better. But why can’t you bling it out for me? I don’t see why you can’t attach some rhinestones.

Hattie L 11/17/2010