Labor Day Appeal To Share The Love

Happy Labor Day Fellow Workers. We need your help.

It’s so upsetting to be sending out a similar ‘appeal’ as we did last Labor Day... when covid was ‘new'. Yet here we are. This last year hasn’t been easy for anyone. In fact - as you know - it's been a struggle. Please grab a cup of coffee, read this, and then share it with your friends. Because THAT'S the help we need. Thank You.

As we celebrate & honor Workers everywhere, it’s absolutely critical - if you are able - to continue to support small, American Handcrafters that make products like Walk Your Dog With Love. Like many of you, we've had our ability to earn a living come to a complete standstill. With no real hope of being able to continue any time soon. For instance, we used to meet many of you at events (fairs, expo’s etc.). Those events … canceled.

Sure, we tried advertising. We poured money into the economy. Sure, Goggle, Facebook, Instagram, and the ‘professionals’ we hired to help us advertise, they all profited… but it didn’t help us. So now, Word Of Mouth (and Snout) are all we have left. Which is fine, because that's how most of you heard about our business in the first place. From a friend, a relative, a co-worker, a neighbor, in a online blog or forum, from your trainer or dog walker...

Just tell your friends about us

Despite our name - Walk Your Dog With Love - and even with great business principles, savings, planning and everything in between, we can't run on just Love. Now we need your help to Share The Love. So we can still be here tomorrow, when you need us.

We want to work. We like to work
We hate that our business in STILL being killed by covid.
One lost event at a time. One lost customer at a time.

The current covid environment continues to kill people and destroy the livelihoods of many of our friends and fellow businesses. Regular people who work. Like you and me. Some of these businesses have pivoted but many have not made the cut. Ironically, tons of businesses have Help Wanted signs out… but yet can’t find anyone to work. So odd.

As we head into the Fall and Winter, it feels like this dire/impossible situation will become somehow even more awful. We appreciate those of you who have supported us this whole time, we are more grateful than you might ever realize. Thank You from our families at Walk Your Dog With Love.

Yes, somehow, we are still here. And we continue to bring you The World’s Best Dog Harness and Dog Gear. How are we doing it? With your help. Which isn’t necessarily buying something. But it will take a few minutes and a concerted effort, if you like what we do and want to get on board.

We are asking for 1 simple thing from you, our most dedicated fans, our supporters, our family of customers.
Simply post to your social media, tell your friends about


Become our Vice-President of Marketing! Want some business cards to pass out? Just email us with your address and put SHARE THE LOVE CARDS in the subject. Thanks!

Tell your favorite pet supply store, trainer, dog walker and shelter about us. Sure, we can contact them... but they actually know you. So You telling them about us is a much better approach. Talk to the boss there - suggesting us to the person checking you out won't help. Let them know we have special programs for these dog professionals.

It's about the neck. Yes, people Love chocolate, wine or beer… yet NO ONE loves walking their dog by its neck. And veterinarians HATE it. Even the best walking dog benefits from not being walked by its neck. Once people learn what their Veterinarians know click here -  they never want to walk their dogs by the neck again. Weirdly enough, a lot of harnesses still pull on a dog’s neck. Not so with Walk Your Dog With Love. So please share this info too. When you scroll down on that page you'll see the videos results a trainer sent us from a few No-Choke Challenges we sponsored. Careful though, it might make you want to cry... with happiness!

One of the big dog stories out of covid is the number of dogs being adopted. Unfortunately, that’s a nice story, yet not the full truth. Dogs, and other animals continue to be abandoned at alarming rates. And like making Sourdough bread during covid quickly lost its luster for many people, many adopted animals have also lost their luster as the ‘fun’ of adopting wears off... and the reality sets in. That's why we have set up The Teddy Project. The Teddy Project has some of the new programs we are working on, including a great new way you can help your favorite rescue …from the comfort of your couch. I hope you’ll check it out. It is powerful stuff.

Please share that info too.
All Together (although apart) we'll make a difference

Social Media. Please follow us on Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE, if you are not already. We really attempt to keep our Social Platforms social and fun without pandering overtly or begging you to buy something weekly. If you want to buy, you know where we are.

The great thing about all of this is that you don't have to buy anything to really help us out. Just tell your friends. Worldwide. Because we ship there.

We don't plan on going anywhere, we just really need your support. Same great gear, same great service, same great company, just a slightly different way to Walk Your Dog With Love.


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