Get outside, take a long walk or hike with your best dog friend!

I took this video using a walking belt. Because it is like having a third hand, I got to hold the camera, and not the dogs. And it let's you relax on the walk - because your legs and body take the pulling, not your arms and back. I never walk without a Zen Hipster Walking Belt.  


Yes, it is THAT TIME OF YEAR. It is time to get out and take those really long walks or hikes with your dog! You know you want to do it too. 

And your dog will love you for it!

We are very lucky, where we live it is totally beautiful and we have tons of trails and places to  sniff and snout right literally 'in our backyard'

And lots of places to get muddy. VERY muddy; Teddy seems to attract mud! 

This particular walk is at Mount Greylock, which is the highest peak in Massachusetts. It has endless trails and things to see. The Appalachian Trail passes through Mount Greylock. We weren't at the top today; we were walking on the CCC Dynamite Trail.

We all love to walk. We do it everyday, great weather, icky weather, rain, snow, sleet, MUD. No, not when it 100 degrees out or -20 either. And because our business is Walk Your Dog With Love we get to declare our daily long walks as "Research" or "Team Building Exercises" . . . and often they are!