Jean A. and Her Granddaughter

BEST harness ever.

Before, my 60 lb. Standard Poodle charged at squirrels. With WYDWL, the instant she senses the front piece on her chest, she stops. No more lunging, pulling, or chasing. She looks, but now ignores critters. My 6-yr old granddaughter can walk her without incident. AMAZING. Dont hesitate to invest in this ingenious harness that keeps you "Alpha" by circumventing dogs' instinct to pull."


Phoebe is the white Standard, Pearl is the blue. My 6 year old granddaughter is strong, but if Phoebe truly started to charge after a squirrel, there would be nothing my gdaughter could do but let go.  Since using this harness, Phoebe walks along side without a hiccup.

Yesterday, we walked downtown to the Post Office; the 6 year old walked our "squirrel hound" 6 blocks there and back, even taking Pearl from time to time -- crossing streets, squirrels, those hideous Canadian geese, cats, other dogs, bikes, motorcycles, whatever…

Notice Phoebe's head, she is ALWAYS looking for critters…. BUT no matter what, Phoebe just walked along the whole way.  My granddaughters were so pleased with themselves and I am Really happy!

Jean A.