The Teddy Rescue Project. Harness Donation


The Teddy Rescue Project donation program is our free-to-use harness or fundraising program that lets you easily make an impact for your favorite animal cause. We’ve been helping organziations get dog gear & funds since 2006. It’s more than just our way to ‘give back’, it’s actually the very reason for our existence. Learn more about Teddy, the legendary rescue dog who the harness was originally invented for here.

A unique and totally wonderful thing about the program is that - in addition to the harness being a great premium – the harness also directly lowers dog abandonment and increases retention. No other fundraiser can say this. As you know, many dogs are abandoned because they are ‘hard to handle’; our harness changes that by making dogs easier to handle. Simply.

- Shelters & Rescues testify that our harnesses make ‘unadoptable’ dogs adoptable
- It’s a favorite of Trainers because it is Simpler, Easier & More Effective than other harnesses
- It stops people from abandoning their dogs in the first place. You can check out thousands of reviews here
- We've been helping Rescue & Shelters, big and small, since 2006, see some of them here

The Teddy Rescue Project donation program works via social media, blogs posts, email and word of mouth. It contributes matching dog gear or 50% of the purchases to your cause; if someone buys $80 worth of products, the cause gets $40. Period. The program is financially transparent; you see real time reporting on your online Account Dashboard. We handle shipping, admin, inventory, payments and customer service. You focus on connecting with your Supporters, we do the rest.

Because we ship worldwide you can raise funds from people across the world. The fundraiser also improves with age; the more you run it, the more successful it is - as original purchasers spread the word - and come back for more themselves. Due the nature of Social Media  - and how humans operate  - most organizations post about the program at least once every 3 weeks.

- The program only works if you do
- Promote. Promote. Promote.
- Don’t rely on the ‘magic’ of Social Media alone, also get a dedicated ‘Circle of Friends’ to regularly promote this on their social media too. The bigger the circle, the bigger the success.
- Promote this every 3 weeks. Successful campaigns need repetition & continuity. Humans only respond after they see things 5-6 times.
- Purchasers tell their friends, who will purchase. This become a continuous harness/money stream
- In your posts, Speak From The Heart; that’s what moves people to action