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What You get with the Snout to Tail Guarantee

  • Puppy Promise: No animal, let alone our Best Friend, should be walked by its neck. That's why we offer half-price on all harnesses as your puppy grows from one size to the next. Yes, even if it's a Great Dane. Simply contact us at that time.
  • Chew Relief: If your dog finds our products delicious, don't worry! Chew happens. No problem, You are covered.
    Click here for some advice on a chewy dog.
  • Broken Anything: Did something break? Oops? You're covered! We stand behind our high quality products which are all made in the USA. 
  • Dieter's Special. We support Healthy Dogs (and human too!) If your dog goes on a diet and loses so much weight that the old harness doesn't fit... contact us for the next size down for just half-price. 
  • ExpressExchange™: Got the wrong Size, Color or Style? Your dog doesn't fit or is too small? We can send you a different Size, Color or Style. Hakkuna Matta! No worries, you're covered.
  • New Product Introduction. Be the first on the block to know about new products. Maybe even Beta test them.
  • Very Important Snout. Get great discounts on all things Walk Your Dog With Love.
  • Wholesale Pricing for your favorite rescue or dog organizations is just an email away.
  • Free to Use Fundraising Programs. You can support your favorite Shelter, Therapy Pet, or other animal organization
  • Tier 1 Customer Service: Dedicated exclusive rapid response customer service team available through phone or email. 24 hour response but often in minutes.