Fun Human Wear

Stuff that makes humans Happy. Hats, pins...


Get a Walk Your Dog With Love hat for whether you are 'just’ on a dog walk, having a Night Out On The Town or doing anything in between. Made of comfy cotton twill, they are likely to become one of your favorite hats. One Size Fits Most.


What is better than bling? DOG BLING! Walk Your Dog With Love's pins are fun ways to say I LOVE DOGS but in an understated way. Wear it on your coat, put it on your knap sack, display it on your hat...where ever you want to let Your Dog Flag Fly.

Best Quality, Made in USA, Cloisonné style pins that you will be glad to wear. WOOF!

Poop Bag Holders

Go in style with a Walk Your Dog With Love poop bag holder. Clip it to your belt loop, leash, or even let Fido carry it. Holds 4 standard poop bags or 2 supermarket size bags: Made of 3800 pound test nylon with a quick release carabiner so you can attach it most anywhere. 

Key Rings

Do you call it a Key Chains, Key Rings, Key Fobs or Key Keeper?  Whatever its name, if you are going to be walking your dog, you probably will need your house or car keys, and there is no better place to keep them than on a key fob from Walk Your Dog With Love. Comes in a 3" Teeny and an 11" Deep Pockets version


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