Fit Review/Troubleshooting For Success

This is just a short review of some important things to know when adjusting your Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness. Following these steps will usually easily resolve many issues.

If this is the first time you have seen this info it will be very helpful. If you have already seen it, please read it and watch the video again, as it reviews important points, yet with a bit more emphasis on certain areas. We know you want the great results Walk Your Dog With Love has provided for people and their dogs since 2006.

And we definitely want your dog walking in a harness because collars and chokers are just not a safe, compassionate or friendly way to be walked. You can see why we say this here.

And we definitely want you walking your dog with a Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness because it is the simplest easiest and most effective harness on the market.


Fitting The Harness
Please take a moment to make sure the harness is a) adjusted correctly and b) put on your doggie correctly. Please watch the video below . . . even if you have seen it before.

  • Please note the "Scooch & Set" for proper fit. This is very important.
  • Once you find where you like the slidy side,  "set" it as described in the video. Now your harness is custom-tailored for your dog.
  • We want it "right" not "tight". Right means snug, 2-4 fingers can fit under the harness at the shoulder (where the reflective material is). See this on the video.
  • Because the harness pulls from one side, it 'bows' and 'gaps', and it doesn't look even. This is normal, and how it is meant to look.
  • The 'gap', when the harness 'bows' out, is part of the design. Don't tighten the harness because of it. The material, and your dog, are flexible; it isn't supposed to fit like skin-tight spandex.
  • You also might need to adjust it a few times to get it "just right".

It should fit approximately like it does on Teddy, the blond dog in the photo below



Is the harness the right size?
Let’s make sure you have the right size harness to begin with. Your dog’s weight should be in the range the label on the harness shows. If it is not, no worries, we will help make it right (sometimes people order the wrong size and sometimes we send the wrong size).

To make sure have the right size, see the chart here with girth measurements. Girth is the measurement that goes over your dog's shoulders, right behind the front legs, and back up again. Please measure with your dog standing. Measure it as if it was the harness - not too tight, not too loose. If your dog measures at the very top of one size, then go up to the next size harness.


United States   International
POUND Range Girth Inches KILO Range Girth cm
6-11 11-15 3-5 28-38
9-18 13-20 4-8 33-51
12-23 15-21 5-10 38-53
18-35 16-24 8-16 41-61
25-65 21-32 11-29 53-81
55-120 26-39 25-54 66-99
110-250 34-52 50-113 87-132



United States   International
POUND Range Girth Inches KILO Range Girth cm
80-160 32-44 36-72 80-112
110-250 36-52 50-113 91-132

What results to expect

We need to create a distinction about how the harness works.

- Some dogs respond very well to not being pulled on - for those the harness is a miracle.
- For other dogs, they will still be attracted to squirrels, leaves, shadows, the neighbor's dog, who knows what . . . For these dogs the fact that we have more control is the blessing. Not that our dogs are less enthusiastic or less passionate, just that we have more control. You can see this here on the site; it is Teddy, who the harness was invented for. In the two videos on this page, you can see that he was - and still is - a Golden Wacko-Loco. Sure, he is trying to get ahead, yet the harness provides more control.

Many customers also appreciate a) how easy it is to put on, b) that it has the 3M Scotchlite reflective material and, of course, c) that they are not around their dog's neck, so there is no chance to choke their best friend . . . it is the compassionate choice. A good thing even for a 'good' dog. And an even more necessary thing for a pulling dog, you can see why we say that here.

Many people aren’t even aware or haven’t thought about these anatomical, neurological, respiratory, glandular, etc. problems - though their vets and veterinary surgeons have thought a lot about them. The great news is that 97% of people who learn about these issues instantly ‘understand’, and never walk their dogs from the neck again.

Please mail it to:
Walk Your Dog With Love
PO BOX 1484
Lanesboro, MA 01237

PLEASE INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION INSIDE THE PACKAGE please include - clearly written - your name, address, contact information, email address and for correct sizing, please make sure to tell us the size you want and how much your dog weighs, its age, and its Girth as shown above.

TO GET YOUR HARNESS FASTER, you can order it from the site, and then send the first harness back for a refund at your convenience. If you chose this option, for your refund please send your harness to the above address and please make sure you tell that you want a refund and where you made the purchase, and that you already ordered the right size. Thanks!

We use regular paper envelopes to send the harnesses, so need for anything more special to send it back.


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