Dog Safety Tips

You might know all about these dog safety tips. But someone you know ... doesn't know. Some things that seem like 'common sense' apparently aren't so common - or else dogs wouldn't be hurt and killed every year by people who 'don't know'.  And other things aren't really so common - for instance you might know about not giving your dog chocolate...yet you had to learn that somewhere - like a notice like this. So please share these pages with your friends on your social media pages or via email, etc. (copy the URL's) or print out copies of the PDF and post it where it will do the most good.

Dogs, Cars and Heat




Dogs, Cars and Heat

Of course, when it is over 50 degrees out, a car will get very hot. Over 70, really, you are going to leave in the car? Your Best Friend? it is not just about a dog dying. It is about it them suffering. "Just 5 minutes" is just 5 minutes to many. Just don't leave your dog in a car  when it is warm out.

And if your dog doesn't die, it simply might have brain damage, or dehdyration or other issues. You will never know. 

A car is a greenhouse -with a metal roof. What are people thinking when they leave their dogs in a car. 

This was filmed just after we made the first protytpe.


July 4th and Fireworks

Talk about a bull in a china shop!

Ringo is sweet and loving 2 year old Bulldog. Really sweet and REALLY loving. Just try to stop this 55 pounds of tail wagging in a stubby Mack truck body from kissing your face and jumping on you. All traction, Ringo is a hard pulling Super Happy Dog.

So how in the world can Antonia, his 9 year old mistress, hug him, let alone walk him? Watch and see!


Brodie and Teisha 0:38

Brodie is a fun and active one and a half year old Australian Sheep Dog mix. His job is to run after sheep all day; he is high energy all the way. Even his four young human brothers and sisters can’t seem to tire him out!

Romping like a maniac in the yard is one thing, taking a walk is another. There, Brodie is what is what they politely call “a handful”.

See Brodie walking like the gentleman he is and hear what his Mom thinks about the Walk Your Dog With Love harness.


Dempsey & Rocky 0:56

Dempsey and Rocky are…two BIG Boxers of course!

See their owner walking them both with one hand with the Walk Your Dog Love dog harness while a little dog tries to start trouble!

Their owners now think the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness is a knockout!




Sarge and Joe 0:52

Sarge is a handsome German Shepherd…who likes to pull. Joe, is his skeptical Dad…who doesn't like to be pulled.

Joe took Sarge for a Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness test drive. Here are the results.

By the way, Sarge and Joe support Eleventh Hour Rescue dog rescue - check them out here





Ted Parson of the AKC Eastern Dog Club, MA 0:40

Ted knows dogs. He's from The Eastern Dog Club.

He also knows his 50 lb Brittany - an active and athletic dog. His loved to pull.

Pull, Pull, PULL! Hear what Ted has to say about how the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness made an immediate difference.

As the jingle says, "No Need to Pull, No Need To Tug, Walk Your Dog With Love!"


Max and Emily 0:56

Max, as in Maximum!

Max is a 7-month-old 62 lbs pit bull sweetie. Walking this growing baby has been a challenge, especially for Emily, his just as sweet 10-year-old girl.

Hear Emily tells us how she can now walk Max, and that "it is easy."






Serena 0:26

This is a very short story about Serena, the not so serene doggie.

Her mom thinks the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness "works like a charm"

Enough woofed.





Mojo and Linda 0:52

Mojo is a 6 month old Weimaraner- active is an understatement…to say the least.

Linda is a professional dog trainer from Massachusetts. She was using the Easy Walk dog harness…until she discovered the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness.

Here she tells us why she switched




Otto the Great Dane and Lois 1:57

Otto the Great Dane is a whole lotta lovin; 150 lbs of it to be exact.

Lois his mom loves him, yet didn't like the way he walked. She used to use a Halti snout lead on him. She is now in love with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness. There is a lot to love about it too!

Otto is a rescue from Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

Go there and get a whole lot of love


Zidan and Tyler 0:59

Zidan is a lot of muscle packed into a very small space – he is a 160 lb French Mastiff.

Tyler, a pretty strong guy himself, could only walk Zidan with an evil pincher prong collar…until now.

Now Tyler is walking his best friend with a Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness. Woof!



Drake and Mike 0:36

Drake is a puppy – you can tell he is young by how white his teeth are.

And you can tell he is fun, exuberant and rambunctious by the look in his eyes!

Mike says he “absolutely loves” the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness. Why? Mike says it is because it is the first time he has felt in control.

That is why it is the World’s best dog harness!

Woof Puppy, Woof!


Hannah Doberman Pinscher and Louise 1:00

Hannah is a beautiful Dobi.

Her mom, Louise, used to think that the only way she could control her Pinscher was with a pincher prong collar.

Fortunately, she discovered the Walk Your Dog With Love front-leading, chest-attached dog harness. Now Louise says that Hannah “is not pulling at all”. And, importantly, that Hannah "is comfortable - those prongs aren’t comfortable!"

We woof when we can help a dog and its human.


Cody 0:45

Cody is a Giant Alaskan Malamute. He is bred to pull!

Cody happens to be an especially big sled dog; he weighs about 160 lbs. His owner says that before using the Walk Your Dog With Love front leading dog harness he was “getting a workout”. No doubt.

Now Cody doesn’t pull and the harness “makes walking a lot easier”.


Lily the Greyhound and Sandy 1:14

Lily is a Greyhound. They like to chase rabbits. Squirrels too. Cats too. Birds too. Just about anything.

Sandy say Lily loves to pull. She also says the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness is "Amazing” and “A miracle”.

We blush.

Lily is a rescue sweetie from Greyhound Friends. Get your greyhounds at

Go get ‘em Woofwoofwoofwoof!


Stella 0:46

Stella is just a cute and furry puppy. At a year-and-a-half-old her mommy wishes she would act just a little bit more grown up…perhaps a little less jumping!

Mom says:

  • She loves the harness
  • Thinks it’s great
  • Likes how easy it is to put on
  • Feels it fits Stella nicely

Sounds like a win for everyone!


Sassy and Theresa 0:38

Sassy is short. Short, cute and strong.

Theresa, her mom, says with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness that Sassy is “now following me. It is wonderful, I love it!”

Yeah! That’s the way to walk! Woof!


Cooper and Cathy 0:39

Cooper is a cute puppy. A strong one too.

Mom used to use a prong collar on her.

Cathy now says Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness “works very well”. And she doesn’t have to feel guilty about using the prong collar (nor risk neck damage!).

Thank Dog for that!


Gus the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Terry 1:04

Gus is a 15 month-old, 95 lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback that is in great shape. That’s a big puppy.

Terry, his Pa, answers my question, then answers another customer’s question.

Terry is happy. Gus is not pulling anymore. No more yanked shoulders.

Terry says “It’s very good, it’s very nice”



Annie the German Shepherd rescue and Pat 1:00

Annie is a German Shepherd rescue from Virginia German Shepherd Rescue .

Pat says about the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness “We had problems with her pulling before, but that is not a problem anymore.

See Annie walking like the sweetie she is. Let’s rescue some rescues!


Petunia the Pit Bull and Heidi 1:30

Petunia is a 7 month old, 51 lb sweet Pit Bull. Heidi recently adopted her from People for Animals in New Jersey.

Young and strong, Petunia USED to be a handful, pulling Heidi all over the place. NOW, with the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness "she is not pulling", it is "a complete change".

Be like Heidi, adopt a Pit Bull like Petunia today!


A Walking Medley! 2:53

See the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness in action in a variety of situations, even three big dogs being walked at once!

Hear what dog owners, a vet's office manager and a professional dog handler have to say about the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness