Embroidered & Personalized Dog Gear

Get your phone number (or anything else you want) embroidered on your dog’s gear.

Your embroidered dog gear starts off with our most popular Sportso Doggo style collars, leashes and harnesses. Sportos are softer, smoother and more robust than our Original, they are also our strongest material, a 3800 pound test Satin-Finish Nylon that you and your dog will love.

These are then individually customized for you and your dog with large, easy-to-read, great looking, and permanent stitching.

Sportso Doggo gear comes in 10 colors: 4 high visibility Neon colors (like Hunter Orange) and 6 luxurious Jewel Tones. For your personalized message, choose from 6 thread colors.

Embroidered Sportso Doggo Dog Collar

A phone number embroidered on your dog's collar is The First Way and The Best Way to keep your dog safe and to get them home fast.

Easy to read large numbers and letters for fast identification. Because your dog can’t speak. WOOF!

Embroidered Sportso Doggo Dog Harness

Get your phone number on your dog’s harness. Or get something practical (Service Dog, Therapy Dog, your dog's name) or fun (Best Dog Ever!) if you already have a personlized collar.

Like the collar, an embroidered harness can be the The First and Best way to keep your dog safe and to get them home fast if they every get loose during a walk.

Easy to read large numbers and letters for fast identification. Because your dog can’t speak.


Embroidered Sportso Doggo Dog Leash

Get your phone number, your dog's name, or something practical (Service Dog, Therapy Dog) or something fun (Cutest Dog Ever!) embroidered on your dog’s leash.

An embroidered leash can be for work, safety or fun. Easy to read large numbers and letters.




A Word From Our Founder:

Thank you for stopping by Walk Your Dog With Love. We make the World’s Best Dog Harness and Dog Gear. Everything on the site is stuff that I made and used with my pack of 5 dogs; that I now make for you and your dogs. 

I have always used harnesses on my dogs – I just hated walking them from their necks – even my best walking dogs. It just didn't feel right in my heart. And my Vet showed me some things that validated this even more – you can see why by clicking here. Sure, my dogs still want to see a squirrels, and the neighbor’s dogs and cats . . . yet I have much more control AND I am not walking them from their necks. And that is worth everything!

I took the idea of leading from the front from people who walk horses. I asked them, 'Why do you Walk from the front? And they told me ‘Because it lets us steer!”

Duh! And the Walk Your Dog With Love front-leading dog harness was born!  I know you will love it.


Dan Merson


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Welcome to Walk Your Dog With Love. We make The World's Best Dog Harness. It stops a dog's pulling and gives you more control. It is also easy to put on, doesn't choke your dog ("no choke") and it is safe and comfortable for your dog. 

And Hey! Thanks for coming by our free shipping page. Free shipping on your order is great. Yet please act now, because thus offer ends tonight.

You saw our ad for walk your dog with love world's best dog harness. We like to think we are indeed the world's best dog harness because dog owners love us, dog trainers love us, Veterinarians love us, dog sitters love us. The reason that they love our dog harness is because it is a no choke dog harness. It is also a no pull dog harness. It stops a dog from pulling and it stops a dog from tugging on a leash.  

No one wants to walk their dog by their neck. A dog collar is not a good way to walk our dog. Walking a dog with a dog choke a chain is not a good idea either and certainly a dog prong collar or a dog pincher collar is not a good way to walk our best friend. You can see why we say that here

So, Thank you for coming to the website of Whether you call it a dog harness or a dog halter or a dog lead this is the best dog equipment for you and your dog.

Caesar Milan likes front leading dog collars. Victoria Stillwell loves front clipped dog harnesses. Front leading dog harnesses are the way to go.  

If you have a German Shepherd dog that you want to walk, then you want to use our easy to use dog harness. If you have a pitbull that you want to stop pulling, then you want to use our gentle positive reinforcement training dog halter. To go to our main page site, simply go here:

No one wants to choke their dog. Lots of people want a no-choke dog harness. This is the no choke dog harness that you've been looking for.  To see why you don't want to choke your dog and to see what could go wrong by walking your dog by its throat, click here.  To see what dog trainers and dog obedience experts say about our dog harness, click here.

We have orange dog harnesses, green dog harnesses, blue dog harnesses, red dog harnesses, pink dog harnesses and purple dog harnesses.  You can choose between 21 different colors of dog harnesses. You can also get a small dog harness, a medium dog harness, a large dog harness. or a dog harness in any size that will fit your dog.  Click here to see the dog harnesses.

What do you call your dog? A Canine. A puppy dog? a puppie dog. A K9? WOOF!

Get Off Your Dog's Neck with Walk Your Dog With Love Dog Harnesses. No Choke, Stops Pulling & Gives Control. Easy On, Safe/Comfortable. Made in USA.