Coupon Code Information

Every now and then Walk Your Dog WIth Love provides a coupon code, promotional code or a discount code. The best way to get these codes is to be on our mailing list - so if you aren't - please email us and say you want to be on our promotional email list.

These promotions are intended to be fun and to raise awareness to new products. These coupons change regularly and expire. Expired coupons are no longer valid after their last set date. Only one coupon can be used at a time. 

(If you use code GIVE2TEDDY, instead of your coupon code, that amount will go to The Teddy Project - our program that provides free dog gear to needy shelter and rescue dogs.)


How to input coupon code:

Coupon Codes are input on the view cart screen just above the checkout button as shown below: 

Coupon Codes can also be input on the shipping/billing page as shown below: