My Dog Chewed It!

Sorry to hear this. Directions for replacement are below.

At least your dog has good taste…or at least the harness tastes good!

If this is a problem-unauthorized doggy chewing of various things-try Bitter Apple, it is an old fashioned anti-chew spray that some dogs don't like…and some dogs do. You can get it at most pet supply stores. Spray it on things that the dog may chew - the corner of a cabinet, a chair leg, sneakers…a dog harness. If that doesn't work, try some Bitter Lime. A woman who works in a rescue said Vicks Vap-O-Rub works well too.

Our Original harness is made from a light on the dog yet heavy-duty polypropylene material that needs about 1200 lbs of pulling force to break. That is 12 big Rottweiler's all pulling in the same direction. The Sporto Doggo harness is 3800 pound test nylon!

Similar to a seatbelt, which is designed to stand up to strong forces, the harness can stand a lot of pulling and tugging, yet it cannot stand up to doggy teeth, which can chew through bones. And wood. And tin cans. And TV remotes. All sorts of things!

Unlike a seatbelt, it is something the dog is wearing. Clothing is not something dogs are used to, so some try to get it off, others are just curious and they check it out with their mouth and teeth. So take it off your dog when it is not being walked. And put it someplace your dog can't get to it.

And it takes but a second!

So Yes, take it off your dog when it is not being walked. . . And put it someplace your dog can't get to it.

Some anti-chewing tips

You might want to go to your hardware store or Home Depot and get about 7 feet of a thick rope. At Home Depot they have a blue and white striped rope in the Tool Corral. Tie a big handle in either end and then let your dog chew the middle while you hold the handles. Better than the dog chewing the harness or the leash! And that way instead of saying 'NO', you are directing it to something more acceptable.

And if your dog just likes to chew things, a great - and cheap - chew toy is a plastic bottle. Please remove the cap, label and the plastic ring from the neck before you let Fido at it. Take it away from the dog before it is ripped to shreds that the dog can eat/swallow.

Speaking about that, frozen baby carrots are another nice thing - especially in the summer.

Also try giving your pup a good hard bone - like a beef bone or an elk antler. Not the compressed rawhide or pork bones, dogs chew those right up.

Some more anti-chewing tips include a spray bottle or water gun - don't let the dog know you are using it. Give your pooch a quick squirt on the rear-end when it is starting to chew - it is supposed to be like the Voice of Dog. That might help to distract your pup. Also try a soda can with a few pennies in it (quarters if you are feeling extravagant). Give the can a shake to serve as a distraction. Don't let the dog know it is you in this case either.

While the guarantee doesn't cover wear and tear like chewing, we are happy to help you get a fast, one time chewing replacement … and at a deep discount. Simply email 
- a clear photo of the item’s label
- a clear photo or two of the chew
- your name and the furry culprit’s name
- tell us you want the Chew Relief discount

You'll then receive an email with a unique Chew Relief coupon code. Easy.

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