These harnesses are an amazing management tool!

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 I purchased 2 of these harnesses for my 2 Australian Shepherds, to help my son and husband safely walk these two high drive, competition partners during the two YEARS I was unable to manage walks, thanks to two total knee replacement surgeries and their associated rehab times. Though both of my dogs are extremely well trained partners that are NEVER permitted to walk with me anywhere BUT correct heel position (as part of their more than a decade of training), these requirements are not part of their walks with the rest of my family. Before my first surgery, I bought the harnesses and taught my family how to use them....and taught my dogs how to help put them on, and take them off, so everyone knew what to expect when I was replaced as the primary dog walker in the family. As a judge and trainer of both competition dogs, as well as family pets, leash pulling is the potentially most dangerous problem for anyone with a dog weighing more than 20 lbs. Any dog larger than this, can and will out-pull its human, which can have disastrous consequences. Teaching a dog proper heeling, with a totally loose leash - or no leash at all - is the single competition skill that takes literally hundreds and thousands of hours of practice to master. When you see a dog and handler team that have perfected this skill, it is breathtakingly beautiful. However, most dog owners do not have the time to devote hundreds of hours to practice this skill.....they need to get out there with the dog, safely, for potty breaks and neighborhood walks, immediately if not sooner! As such, these harnesses are an amazing MANAGEMENT tool, helping any owner keep safe control over the dog, for those day to day pleasures as a dog owner. In pet manners training classes, I have frequently recommended the Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses to students needing safe control of their dogs, for those day to day addition to teaching the dog proper loose leash heeling. BOTH skills are useful. BOTH need practice! And for quite a few folks, a no pull harness prevents broken hips, jammed and scraped wrists, and rotator cuff injuries. In my own family, using the harnesses meant my dogs kept in excellent condition on safe walks with other family members, when I was I post operative recovery and not permitted to risk any kind of fall or loss of balance. HIGHLY recommended! ~ Mamafirebird



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