Thank you so much for this back-saving, no choke dog harness

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Dog Talk: Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness reviews, The Training Benefits of our chest-attached dog harness

Had to write again and give you an update on my dog training and use of the “no choke collar”.  Feel free to use this testimonial on your website. Thank you so much for this back-saving and easy to train no choke collar.

Winnie should have been called “Wylie Coyote”.  She is a very high energy bulldog and super strong at 56 lbs.  I always tease about how she must have some antelope in her!   When walking on a regular leash she would tug and pull me all over the neighborhood and it was a strain on my back, neck, and shoulders.   She would at times, without notice, take off at a 90 degree angle and pull me sideways, and once, actually pulled me off my feet to the ground.

The first trip out the door with the Walk Your Dog With Love - no choke dog harness did the trick.  Every time she tried to run “off course” it would pull her sideways and stop her.  She quickly learned to walk down the sidewalk in a straight line at a reasonable speed or beside me (depending on how much leash she was given).  I have also learned how to use the leash like a horse rein and do not even have to “tug” to correct her direction.  She actually “self-adjusts” when she wanders off because it puts her off balance.  In an emergency situation, she can be tugged a little and it will almost turn her in a circle, therefore avoiding danger…like going into the street.  The slightest tug strait backward and a verbal “heal” stops her in her tracks.  Of course, always folloed by positive affirmation when she does the right thing!  This is the best training tool I have ever found.  She stands still and lets me put the no choke collar on her because it is fast and easy On-Off.   I used to have to chase her around the house or bait her with treats to get her to put the old harness and getup on.

Now, to take this a step further, prior to the leash training, I would have NEVER dreamed of letting her off-leash because she can be a runner at times.  Used to joke if she got loose, she would be in Egypt in 5 minutes.  Using the training techniques you offered and taking control of the walks has allowed me to train her to “come” by giving her a unique, breath in/out whistle.  Two nights in a row now, she has been allowed off the leash for the last leg home, and if she wanders too far, and then hears the whistle, she comes back and walks closer to me and does not run off.  Would I do this in a crowd or in a rabbit cage…not yet, but we are making great strides.  Our first bulldog walks off leash and sticks with us.   Winnie has always been a little jealous, and wanted to walk off leash, but didn’t know how.  I am fairly confident now that soon we will be able to take them both for a walk together off-leash.

I am now a firm believer that if a dog is not confused about the directions the owner is giving, they are more than willing to learn and listen.  After all, sometimes it is the owner that needs to be trained…then the owner can give clear and understandable directions to their furry friend and BOTH parties are happier and more satisfied with their walks.  With the right tools, my opinion is that any dog is trainable.  Winnie appeared to be out of control, but it was not her fault.  She was actually confused on what her owner wanted her to do.  The no choke collar has allowed me to give Winnie clear instructions with the slightest movement of the leash without pulling on her or choking her.  Now that we are on the same page and understand expectations and commands better,  It is much more relaxing for both of us.  Winne does not have to wonder what to do and is free to simply have fun on our walks without being confused the whole way. ~Judy Plano TX