Our Newfie puppies walk calmly past kids and dogs which they never did before!

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Dog Talk: Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness reviews, The Training Benefits of our chest-attached dog harness

We ordered two WYDWL dog harnesses for our Newfie puppies who are around 65kg and 55kg and who were difficult to control on walks due to their sheer strength, weight and puppy mentality. I was sceptical about whether your harnesses would work or not but these are quite honestly the best find ever! The pups calmed as soon as the harnesses were put on and walked beautifully with them from the word "go"! They will still pull gently to go and sniff at something but are so much easier to pull away now. They also walk calmly past kids and dogs which they did not do before.
Even if they get excited by another dog across the road and want to get to it, we are able to hold them back, before we would have been dragged acrosss the road with them! Not sure how it does it, but your harness is amazing and now makes our walks enjoyable and calm. If it can do this with two Newfoundland pups, it can work for any dog. I would thoroughly recommend your harness to anyone, and have been telling everyone on our recent walks! Thank you so much - brilliant product! Y Johnston - Scotland, UK


Joyce n Lolly

08/20/2017 at 09:30:14 AM

Walk Your Dog With Love has made a huge difference in the walks I have with Lolly. She hits the pavement with one agenda - to GO! She is only 13 lbs, but her enthusiasm for being on the go far exceeds my ability to keep up with her.
This dog harness has made the walks much easier for me. She still has the energy, but she doesn't pull as much. I tried other manufacturers’ models, but none of them fit quite right. She was either able to get out of them easily or they hampered her walking in some way. Part of the trick to this harness is the fit. Following the instructions to make sure it was adjusted correctly made it work. Thank you for this opportunity to give feedback.