Laura gives it two paws up and two hands up!!

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Dog Talk: Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness reviews

We just received the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness today and we give it two paws up and two hands up!!

We ordered it on Monday and it came today! Not only is the harness made with love it is great quality! Nice reflective squares and not too wide straps that are easy to adjust and put on.

I thought it was going to be complicated but it was very easy and stress free to do! Great design!! Now on to the main reason why we purchased the WYDWL passed the test! Our 8 month old Austalian Cattle Dog/Husky mix walked so nice in the harness I swear he was prancing and felt confident in it! I was barely holding onto the leash and it felt like I wasn't even walking my pup! I highly, highly recommended this harness to anyone with a dog.

Well done WYDWL!! You guys truly hit the nail on the head when it comes to harness design and quality and I can't wait (neither can my pup) to try other products that you have! Thank you! 


Robin Cartledge

05/15/2018 at 04:23:13 PM

This is an AMAZING harness! I bought the Broadband Big Dog harness for my one year old Newfoundland after reading all the positive reviews and success stories folks have had with their dogs’ walking issues. Axl is 115 pounds, a lovable pup who always wants to ‘do the right thing’ whether walking, playing with his canine and feline siblings, greeting strangers, etc. Our problem wasn’t with his constant pulling but was with sudden lunges and straining iniated by encountering his biggest fears: bicycles, skateboards or golf carts, triggering his fight or flight impulse. From the very first time walking Axl with this halter it has been bliss! He is so confident and relaxed, making me more so as well....I’ve been using this halter for two months now and we usually walk a minimum if 4-5 days a week - problem eliminated. Now these encounters are not even noteworthy; we let them pass on by without incident or even better, he gets to meet the nice people attached to his former foes. I’m a 63 yr old woman, 5’ 2” tall and 105# so if we’ve had this kind of success chances are others will also. Thank you thank you!

Kathy Cole

05/25/2018 at 09:32:45 AM

Ordered the harness on Monday and it arrived on Thursday! Today was my trial run with my very exuberant 16 month old beagle, Maggie Mae, who has a nose like a bloodhound. She is notoriously terrible on a walk. Tugging, pulling, constantly darting in and around my feet this direction and that. Her favorite thing to go crazy over are squirrels...and I think our neighbor has more than usual. My previously injured back couldn't take anymore of the constant pulling. Every day this week my neighbor has commented that she is "taking me for a walk". Last evening I watched the video on how to adjust it to her body and how to train her in it... today our morning power struggle turned into a really nice walk! We covered twice the ground in the same amount of time we usually walk. We still have some tweaking on behaviors but I am confident that this harness will do the trick after a few more walks and training sessions. Thanks for helping me gain my role as "lead dog" back. This harness is a game changer.