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Dog Talk: Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness reviews

My name is Danielle, I met you at the Vet in July.  I purchased the harness for my dog Emma.  We are using it, and her pulling has decreased greatly!  I was telling my friend at work about this and she wants to order one for her dog.  Thanks for your help! 



06/07/2017 at 12:19:41 PM

We have always had hunting hounds. We don't hunt; but, live in great wooded area with wonderful ranger roads and trails. I grew up in farmlands where coonhounds were always kept and I learned to love the breed. Our dogs have all been adopted and had bench and hunting awards prior to adoption. (We adopt abandoned and older dogs.) I purchased your dog harness to cut back on the strenuous pulling when these dogs "strike" on an animal trail or try to protect us while standing up on their back legs when an aggressive dog has on occasion entered our yard and come after me. Leading these dogs at the front is not in their nature they like to walk in front to pick up a trail. I find that with your harness, I am able to at least walk my Bluetick Coonhound by my side so she knows she is not on a hunting trip.

She was a young dog thrown out of a car on a highway; picked up by the following car and taken to the shelter where we adopted her. She has had some hunting training and I find that when I give her some slack to explore the plants and she "strikes" on a trail; a loud "stop" by me is sufficient to bring her back to control by my side. My neighbors have remarked how well she now walks with me by my side. And, I have no fear of being pulled to the ground and drug along a trail. Just want you to know that even diligent hunting dogs can utilize this wonderful harness without harm to their necks or to their owners.


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