Buyer's Guide and How To Fit & Adjust The Harness

Woof! Thank You for checking out Walk Your Dog With Love. (If you're just looking to review how to fit and adjust the harness ...go here)

Here’s some information about A) how the harness works and B) getting the right size, so you can Walk Your Dog With Love.
- To get a better idea of how the harness works please check out the main video
- For a written and illustrated explanation please click here

What to expect
- Some dogs respond very well to not being pulled on – for those the harness is a miracle. - Other dogs will still be attracted to squirrels, leaves, shadows, the neighbor’s dog, who knows what . . . For these dogs the fact that we have more control is the blessing. Not that our dogs are less enthusiastic or less passionate, just that we have more control. See what we mean here; it's Teddy, the dog that Walk Your Dog With Love was invented for. In the two videos on this page you can see that he was - and still is - a Golden Wacko-Loco. Sure, he is trying to get ahead, yet the harness provides more control.

Why use a harness at all?
The main reason that we use a harness is NOT for training – it’s so we’re not around our dog's neck when walking. It’s more than the compassionate choice, it’s a good thing even for a ‘good’ dog. Veterinarians hate dogs being walked from their necks, see why here

There are other important benefits
In addition to results, many customers also appreciate a) how easy it is to put on, b) that it has 3M Scotchlite reflective material and c) that it’s made in the USA of all USA sourced material. See thousands of reviews here


Getting the right size harness is easy, all you need to know is your dog’s Weight. Yet, if you email us with your dog’s WAG: Weight, Age, Girth as described here, we’ll help you choose the best size. 
For most dog's fur types we recommend the nylon Sportso,NEO and BroadBand because they are softer, smoother, and thus more comfy for your dog than The Original. Plus, they are 3 times stronger and have more lustrous colors…which humans like too. You can see the different styles here.

Since we’re chatting
Check out these 2 customer fav’s (in addition to the harnesses 😉), you might like them too:
A collar embroidered with your cell phone number.  It’s easy to read ID. Who wants to put their face near a lost & scared dog’s toothy snout…to read a teeny tag with even teenier text?
The Zen Hipster Walking Belt  It’s like having a third hand. Plus, it makes it easier to handle our close-to-the-ground, 4-paw-drive dogs.

Most orders are shipped within 24 hours, often even less. We look forward to helping you Walk Your Dog With Love.

Woof = Love!


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