Ava, In Memoriam 2014 - March 20, 2018

(photos below)

Spring has come and sweet Ava has gone. She was 14.

We are sending out our deepest heartfelt thoughts of Love to Jill, and the rest of her pack, at the passing of the sweet spirit Ava. Much Love to Ava as she continues her soul journey.

For the last two weeks poor Ava could not hold food down, and was rapidly losing weight and dehydrating. The veterinarian also confirmed that her systems were shutting down and that she likely had kidney and heart failure. This rapid decline capped off Ava’s already precarious health condition which included arthritis, no teeth, failing eyesight, probably deaf and with a very sensitive/delicate gastro-intestinal system. 

What Does Love Really Looks Like? In this case Love looked like doing the right thing by Ava. And that was to relieve her suffering. Now. It was not a matter of If Ava was dying, but When; which is both a blessing and a curse. Jill knew that Ava’s earth-bound body was rapidly failing, and that there is nothing romantic about starving to death and letting ‘nature take its course’. Jill opted to give her kind girl the Dignity of a rapid passing. That is Love.

The reason this hurts so much, is because it was So Good. The pain is so large because of all the great memories, and the Joy that Ava brought to those around her.


Ava was a Papillion. And a cute one too. And FLUFFY! She had a shy personality, and liked her alone time and her secret hiding spots. She would be social... but on her own terms. 

Ava, and Emma (another adopted Papillion) and Jill (their human) came into Walk Your Dog With Love’s life in 2008. Jill joined us as our Production Manager and Head Seamstress. Soon after, Ave and Emma were both put to work; they were the Muses and the models for our smaller size harnesses.

Jill now handles customer service and data management. As with all of our furry friends, Ava and Emma also worked in Research and Development, tirelessly testing all of our new product ideas before they were released.

Jill rescued Ava from a ‘breeding farm’ (all different kinds of dogs, and other animals too), when Ava was about 4. Life was very rough there. By the time Jill rescued her, Ava was a very anxious dog, with meek personality and chronic nervous diarrhea.

Jill nursed her back to health with good food, good exercise and Great Love. Finally able to be her true self, Ava became a great spirit, more outgoing, and a wonderful companion. A Happy Dog. 

In 2011 Ava and Emma were joined by a big sister Carmella, another rescue. In 2015 they expanded their family to include Chloe (a Pug Mix), a brood of chickens and a couple of rescued guinea pigs. 

Ava was pretty independent, yet was always happy to perform. When asked nicely, she would dance or spin around in circles on her hind legs, everyone would clap! And despite the coiffed ‘toy dog’ stereotype, Ava was a tomboy: she would run in the forest, splash through puddles and happily come home with dirt, sticks and leaves in her fur.

Because she was so shy, it was also hard to get a good photo of her, without her hiding her face, or putting her ears down; somehow she knew that the camera was out and clicking. The first pictures are from when Ava was younger, the last - with the snow - are more recent. 

Ava, we miss you!