Customers Love Us DECEMBER 19 2017

4.92 out of 5 stars


Really thrilled with this harness. I have rheumatoid arthritis and taking Ellie (our 11 month old Cockapoo) for walks was getting harder and more painful on my back as she is a puller. The difference on the first use of this harness was nothing short of remarkable as the pulling stopped immediately and now walks are a pleasure. Wish I had ordered one sooner.

Janet Bowring, UK 12/19/2017

 My dog is very large, polite on the leash, but strong. She is comfortable in this harness as it is built for her size. It is great quality and has held up well. I like the wider material and bigger latch.

PS, Tempe AZ 12/19/2017

 We have a 100 lb lab that used to drag me down the road. I’ve tried several leashes and YOURS is the only one that works. Thank you so much!!

Nicole Jones, Warrenton, VA 12/19/2017

 Lola used to weigh 94# but is now a svelte 84# girl who loves squirrels. She will be 6 next month. I hated using a prong collar. Your harness works better and is a much much safer choice!!!!

Ilyse, Urbana IL 12/19/2017

 I am amazed at the difference that this harness has made! It really does all that it says and makes walking my dogs easier and so much more enjoyable. I originally bought a sportso harness, and it is great. I decided to try the NEO the next time I ordered and it’s even better. With the harness and leash all in one, I think it fits a little better and it definitely is lighter which I think makes my dogs more responsive to my movements. I have absolutely nothing bad to say, great product, great customer service!

Kamille, Atchison KS 12/18/2017

 Thank you so much for sending my new harness so fast! I was able to walk my dog Layla today without her trying to run away. I will tell all my dog loving friends about your great customer service.

Pam W, Stanley NC 12/18/2017

Lost our first wydwlove harness about 10 days ago. Walks aren’t the same without it. Glad to have a replacement. The hot pink should Increase visibility on our Charlotte’s jet black coat. We appreciate your product. I carry your card in my wallet to share with others. Thank you again for your excellent product.

Linda S Louisville KY 12/18/2017

 This makes walking our 120 lb Lab and our 65 lb Lab a pleasure!

C Marie 12/17/2017

 This harness really works. We've had one for about 3 years and love it.

Sheryl F 12/17/2017

 We enjoy the 'no pull' way of walking. Love our Walk Your Dog with Love leash and harness!!

K Ashbrook, Glenolden PA 12/17/2017

 Love the front lead!! Works great with my Boxer puppy!

Janet K 12/16/2017

 This harness and the short leash I purchased from you was a lifesaver. I can finally enjoy walking my Pit mix and also going for runs with her. Great product!

R Klein, Mahwah NJ 12/16/2017

 Nice design and product. 

N. Dauernheim 12/15/2017

 Excellent product - your pet will be enjoyable to walk, mine just puts his head into the harness, I click and we are good to go!!

Joyce D 12/14/2017

You have a great product!

Robert O’brien, Vienna VA 12/14/2017

 The BEST WAY YO WALK your dog!!!! Makes training to heel after only a couple of walks!!! I wouldn't use any other way to walk my dogs no matter what size.

Sharon S. NC 12/13/2017

It Makes Sense! I love my harness that holds my Rudy from the chest! It keeps him under my control 100%

B. O’Neil Surprise AZ 12/13/2017

 I bought the sport harness and leash and my dog is suddenly a miracle to walk.

J Lemoine, Exeter NH 12/12/2017

 Wanted to saw how AWESOME your extra thick embroidered harnesses and matching collars are for my 2 pups!! EXCELLENT QUALITY!

Tanya M, Bryan TX 12/12/2017

 Using the harness has provided relief for everyone involved in daily walks.

Kristin F, Sacramento, CA 12/12/2017

My Gordon Setter loves his new harness, it’s the only harness that works for his walking!

C Dorr, Moline IL 12/12/2017

 First and foremost CAN NOT live without my harness for our "Big Bruno" Bernese mountain dog. Since he's been 8 weeks old this has been the only harness used and has never disappointed!! I need to give a big "shout out" for the great customer service received when I had a question on replacement /upgrade needed for Bruno. Going above and beyond by not just replying to an email but was personally called to remedy my situation. It's what "customer service" is all about and will always recommend your products/company and will forever be a loyal customer!!!

Cathy Johnson, Petoskey MI 12/11/2017

 I absolutely love this harness, totally takes care of our young golden retriever.

P Bauhaus, Pacific Grove CA 12/11/2017

 Wow! This harness works! My husband was skeptical, and after one walk with our dog, he is a believer. The harness is well made, easy to use, and works!!

Gwen Bennett 12/10/2017

 Best harness I've been able to find anywhere!!

SMB, Driftwood TX 12/10/2017

This harness worked instantly on my 2 dogs. As soon as the dog starts to pull it instantly turns them sideways so they get it straightaway. I would recommend.

Rachel, Great Britain 12/9/2017

 We have been so happy with this harness, I can't live without it.

Laura, Paso Robles, CA 12/9/2017

 We have a 6 mo old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy that we’ve been trying to leash-train for 4.5 of her 6 months. She’s very energetic, super cute (and knows it), and very willful. She learns verbal commands rather easily but has been a terror on the leash since day one. We had our 1st walk in her new WYDWL harness today and the difference is almost unbelievable. She’s still very energetic, but quickly realized she’d have a better time if she walked along with me until I gave her a “break” command. The walk was a breeze, and I can now look forward to them with pleasant anticipation instead of dread. More fun for our puppy, too! GREAT PRODUCT.

Carmelita Britton, Sackets Harbor NY  12/9/2017

This is the second harness I’ve tried for our 3 yr old Australian Shepherd rescue. She’s 55# and all over the place. It’s made a huge difference! Taking the stress out of daily walks is helping with training all around. Thank you!

Michele Miller, Baltimore MD 12/9/2017

 I have one and love how easy it is to walk my dog.

Kathi Dennis 12/8/17

 These really work! made walking Loki MUCH better!

Betty Nelson, Somers MT 12/7/17

 I recommend the harness to all my clients! It is a big help with the walking exercise they need to do to as a part of becoming pack leaders. Besides being effective and kinder to the dog, the harness is the easiest to adjust, put on, and take off.

Phil The Dog Listener Manchester CT 12/7/2017

 This made a great difference for me and my dog! Walking so much easier!

Linda H, North Providence RI 12/7/17

 It was exactly 1 week ago that I made my order from Sweden & today I already received it!!! How did you do that? It’s wow amazing! It was my 2nd purchase from you & I am completely pleased with everything I bought! Top quality, super nice & simply the very best harness! Of course I share you everywhere we go - it is not that difficult as most people knows our Sasha here: how it WAS to walk with her without & how it IS walking her with your harness... they ask if it is the same dog. Again, thank you so immensely for your wonderful products & service!

Magdalena, Lerberget Sweden 12/6/2017

 I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! A great investment!!!

Deanna, San Diego CA 12/6/2017

 I have 3 dogs- (3 harnesses, car safety belt & waist belt) - YOU ARE AWESOME ‼️ It's so much easier to walk them with the belt so I have 2 free hands to keep them untangled.

S Spates, Salem MA 12/5/2017

 I've got a " Walk your dog with Love" harness for my dog, best harness I've ever seen.

Audrey May, Essex GB 12/5/2017

The fact that you can have the harness pretty loose--and still have it stay on the dog and work so well--is a fabulous feature!! My gigantic fluff ball (Great Pyrenees) won't tolerate anything tight--he chews himself out of it or sits down and refuses to budge. I made your harness nice and comfy for him -- and he walks easily with me, and no longer tries to escape by twisting around and backing up and all that silliness--because he just can't get out of it!! Best design ever.

E Denny Florence MA 12/5/2017

 We have a 70 lb Weimaraner and she has been pulling with every harness EXCEPT this one!! I have a bad back and I am thrilled to be able to walk her without being dragged around my neighborhood!!

Lee, Missouri City TX 12/4/2017

We just got this harness last week. Absolutely love it. My Lab is much happier with this harness than the our gentle leader!!!

S Ryan Hatboro PA 12/4/2017

Works better than any other I have tried.

R. Heede, Parkville MD 12/3/2017

 Just tried out my new harness on my high strung little schnauzer/pug mix...and NO pulling. Of course she still screeches with excitement for the first part of the walk, but the final leg was absolute bliss. Thanks for this great harness, I truly did not think I would ever enjoy taking Ms. Gabby out ever again.

S Ellis, Billings MT 12/2/2017

 This harness is incredible. My dog is no longer pulling me and choking himself on our walks, and I have control of him and where we go. It is a totally different experience walking him now. Brilliant! Thank you thank you!

Christina, Sugar Land TX 12/2/2017

 My English Golden pulled like she was in the Iditarod. She needed this harness to understand what the walk was all about. Now she heels with no leash. My son's dog is a puller. Put this harness on him and he was perfect before we got to the end of the driveway. Great harness! Fits better than some others on the market too.

Gay, Bellaire MI 12/2/2017

 Just received Hudson’s new harness and I am thrilled that it works. OMG I am annoyed with myself that I waited 8 years to find something other than a pinch collar to walk my super friendly, puppy-like, strong Great Dane. He was so good that I can’t believe it. He is 8 years old and finally found something that I can control him in case an animal runs by or anything that might excite him. I am shouting to all my friends on Facebook. Thank you for the BEST harness for dogs.

Janet T, Florida 12/2/2017

I have one of these halters for my puppy and love it so much, I have to have one each for my other dogs. Makes walking a PLEASURE – what a great idea and thank you so much for this creation. I will be sure to pass it on to my dog friends!!

R S Phoenix, AZ 12/1/2017

 It makes buying a Walk Your Dog With Love harness even better knowing you have the back up of such a great guarantee. Many thanks for your excellent service and speedy replies to emails

Denise Lee, UK 12/1/2017

 Stopped the pulling on my great-grand dog Golden Doodle. This is the only harness I use. Also washes well in the washing machine.

Brenda, Knoxville, TN 12/1/2017

 We love love love these harnesses!!

T Flood 12/1/2017

 We now have a harness for both of our dogs and it has made a tremendous difference in our walks. I now walk them instead of them walking me! This picture just made me question if I’d been placing it on them correctly- thanks for reply!

Jonna B, Oklahoma City, OK 12/1/2017

I got Charles one of these. I like it and it does not choke him.

P Thomas, Greenville SC 12/1/2017

 Love this harness! i have a 85 lb Lab and she walks great on this! need to get one for our Springer who pulls harder than our Lab

L K Melbourne FL 11/30/2017

Works even for my houdini 30# dog, Lucy.

Eileen Ewing 11/30/2017

 I love this harness for my huskies! Best ever.

Lisa Purdy 11/30/17


Michelle A, NJ 11/29/2017

 After Soph pulled so hard on our old leash my husband had to have hand surgery, we decided enough was enough. We bought the no pull harness with matching leash and are so happy. We think Soph is happier too because she no longer uses all her energy clawing her way down the trail. We would highly recommend this harness.

D D 11/29/2017

 Best dog harness ever ..for both owner and dog!

J Davy New Zealand 11/29/2017

Love my harnesses. I have the "one" for both my Aussies.

Brigitt, Hayden CO 11/28/2017

I bought one of your harnesses when I first had my rescue dog two years ago. Shimmy was unwalkable on lead and very overweight. The harness was an instant hit and she was walking properly in a very short time. My problem now is that she is now the right weight and the harness is much too big and unusable. I was offered a Dieter’s Special discount for a new one.

Anita P, Great Britain 11/27/2017

 I have this harness for my Pitbull and it is awesome.

Deborah J, Standish ME 11/27/2017

 This is a great harness and I highly recommend it. My son's beagle would pull and strain and it was awful walking her. I got her the harness and right away I was in control and walking Lola was sooo much better. I got one for my Golden Retriever, Summer, as well! Great product!

Karen, Milford CT 11/27/2017

 Just received the harness and the change was instant!

Marilyn in Maryland 11/27/2019

 I use it for my dog who is large breed and have recommended it for others with large breeds. They have also been using it and it is great. I also walk dogs and have passed it on to some of my owners, some of which have purchased, too.

TES, Dedham, MA 11/26/2017

Best harness for dogs that just love to walk YOU!

D Gann, Ocala FL 11/26/2017

  We have a 17 week old Golden Retriever who hates walking on the lead, he pulls, chews the lead, sits down etc. We bought a walk your dog with love harness- what a difference. He still wants to hold the lead but he doesn’t pull any more and we really enjoy taking him out now. Would not believe the difference this has made to all of us. Thank you so much

Eliza Bond, Great Britain 11/26/2017

 This harness is GREAT! Very easy to adjust and fit, light weight and super easy to put on and remove! Very well designed and constructed too! No more uncomfortable or injurious walking apparatus on my dog! She LOVES it! Their quick email advice and recommendations to my questions concerning sizing were spot on the money. I also purchased their Safety Belt, as I hated having my dog unsecured in the vehicle. The headrests in my truck are one-piece with the seats, so I hook the belt from her harness to the upper shoulder belt tether at the door post. She can move around and even lie down, but she won't be flying into the dash/windshield/me in the event of an accident! It also prevents her from moving over to my seat when left alone in the vehicle, which is an added bonus! Simple, but very effective. Thank you for producing these fine pet products, and doing so in the USA, from USA materials! I sincerely hope you get rich from your efforts! The only negative here? "WHY didn't I think of this?"

Rob Frye Kingston WA 11/25/2017

 I Love Walk Your Dog With Love! Wonderful results with my dog Oki, 11 months small mixed breed. Walking is a pleasure and he seems very comfortable and calmer...well made too.

Gail, New South Wales, Australia 11/24/2017

It really saves your shoulder!

D Ley 11/24/2017

 Love this harness I have a 90 lb German Shepherd and she walks wonderfully on this harness. I also might say I am 77 years old and before I got the harness I could not safely walk her. Also their customer service is the best I have ever seen in a company. I highly recommend them.

Margie B, Lacenter WA 11/24/2017

 We got that harness for Khalee last week. It really makes a difference walking her!!

G Shanahan 11/23/2017

 We have a 70 lb Weimaraner and she has been pulling with every harness EXCEPT this one!! I have a bad back and I am thrilled to be able to walk her without being dragged around my neighborhood!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

L Eosso 11/23/2017

 I have this training, no adjustment period for the dog...I put it on him and walked without him thing I ever purchased for my crazy wild child doggy...thanks for an incredible product! My dog is 48lbs with long legs and lanky body...and found his fit by weight.

P Haws, Charleston, MO 11/22/2017

I have a German Shepherd that used to hate walking her because she would pull me everywhere but after I got her the walk your dog with love she’s an entirely different dog. She doesn’t pull anymore she’s perfect at walking right by my side.

Cathy, Topeka KS 11/21/2017

 I never would have believed it fully until I experienced it with my own eyes when I was walking my 90lb American Bull Dog. Wow! It worked from the first try.

Mary P 11/21/2017

 Not only does this totally work and I now enjoy walking my dog but the customer service is excellent. I was super impressed.

Brigett, Louisville KY 11/21/2017

 I have two golden retrievers and these harnesses and leads are great for them. They are very easy to control and redirect when lunging for squirrels (or blowing leaves)! I still struggle walking them together, but it’s getting easier. Thanks for a great USA made product!

Michelle S Dearborn, MI 11/20/2017

 This harness is the best thing ever. ELIMINATES her pulling!

A Marin, Eden Prairie MN 11/20/2017

 I have been with my Bart since puppyhood. He is a 150 lb teenager that has been impossible to walk. Bought the WalkYourDogWithLove harness and leash and what a relief! We can walk and I am in control. Thank you for being so kind to me when I called. You have a great product and I will spread the word!

JNA, San Bernadino, CA 11/20/2017

 I have used my new harness for the past two days and all I can say is wow! This makes our walks fun and comfortable for both my pup and me. Great product!

Holly, Eastlake OH 11/20/2017

 I used mine for the 1st time today and it was great!!!

D Rhodes, Maryland 11/20/2017

 This is an amazing product. My 110 pound GSD was always pulling so hard that he gave me a tennis elbow! Since using this product, he walks nicely at my side. It has made our walks a pleasure!!

L Parker, Las Vegas NV 11/19/2017

 I just got my harness yesterday! And my chocolate lab Roxy has never walked like this. I’ve tried all harnesses. And we were using the prong collar bc she wouldn’t listen. It’s amazing!!! Thank you so much I’m glad I found you guys!!

Steph, East Greenville, PA 11/19/2017

 I have used my new harness for the past two days and all I can say is wow! This makes our walks fun and comfortable for both my pup and me. Great product!

Holly A, Eastlake OH 11/18/2017

 Imagine if you will...5 years of struggle, tug of war, patience evaporating every time it was walk time...or the confusion my dog felt whenever her route and mine differed! I have an entire dog box filled with halters, videos and clappers..none which have worked to allow my dog or I to have a calm, peaceful walk together. Whalaa!!..along comes your harness! I have almost been in tears of joy as I guide her...and I also believe, she is pretty excited too! PLUS..I now like taking her for much longer walks as we can BOTH enjoy them. Giving you all lots of kisses! I fell sooooo thankful I didn't give up and finally found the one product that entirely changed "the walking routine" for my dog and I.

Bree G, Florida 11/18/2017

 Pepper looks so much more comfortable and move so much more freely than other harnesses. I have shared your website with the rescue community where I adopted her. There are many pits/pit mixes who have odd proportions, like my girl, and find it difficult to properly fit for a gentle harness. These dogs are strong and playful which makes it hard to sometimes walk them. I was so impressed by your service and continued support and of course your product that I had to share.

Stacy and Pepper, New Jersey 11/17/2017