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Walk Your Dog With Love is The World's Best dog harness - It makes walking any dog a pleasure. Made in the USA, 100% Guaranteed, and ships quick ... worldwide. WOOF



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NO CHOKE: It's not around your dog's throat, so there's no risk to your dog's neck; you won't hurt your dog. Dog collars and chokers are just not a friendly - or necessary - way to walk your best friend. It's time for a change. EASY ON: Dog, and Human, friendly design makes it easy to use. No more confusion. Easy for you, easy for your dog. You don't have to 'figure it out'; no more leg lifting dance. Just put it over your dog's head and 'click'. Simple.
NO PULL: Because it is not rear-attached (like a collar, choker, or old-fashioned dog harness), you don't trigger your dog's natural "dog sled team" pulling instinct. It stops a dog from pulling. COMFORT: No more heavy rings and sliders or hard and sharp material that chafe/rub your dog. Also, Because it adjusts in 360 degrees it fits better; so it works better too.
MORE CONTROL: It leads your dog from the front to give you steering. Steering means control - like a horse is led. It makes walking any dog walk a pleasure. Walk Your Dog With Love. SAFE: It has 3M Scotchlite reflective material for nighttime safety. Be seen in a car's headlights 1000 feet away when you are walking your dog.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Made in the USA


A Word From Our Founder:

Thank you for stopping by Walk Your Dog With Love. We make the World’s Best Dog Harness and Dog Gear. Everything on this site is equipment that I made and used with my pack of 5 dogs; that I now make for you and your dogs. 

Why use a harness? I have always used harnesses on my dogs – I just hated walking them from their necks – even my best walking dogs. It just didn't feel right in my heart. Then my Vet showed me this info; walking a dog by its throat is just plain dumb.

Yes I took the idea of leading-from-the-front from people who walk horses. I asked them, 'Why do you Walk from the front? And they told me ‘Because it lets us steer!”

Duh, It's a method that has been working for 10,000 years! And the Walk Your Dog With Love front-leading dog harness was born.

Sure, my dogs still want to see squirrels, and the neighbor’s dogs and cats . . . yet with this harness I have much more control AND I am not walking my dogs from their necks. And that is worth everything!

I know you will Love it. 


Dan Merson


Unique Front-Leading, No-Choke, No-Pull, More Love Dog Harness
Dog Harnesses

Unique Front-Leading, No-Choke, No-Pull, More Love Dog Harness. It makes walking any dog a pleasure.

Walk Your Dog With Love Matching Leashes
Dog Leashes

Great dog walking leashes at a great price … because you can never have too many dog leashes! Get either a three foot Sweet Shorty or a six foot Traditional.

Walk Your Dog WIth Love Matching Collars
Dog Collars

Great dog collars at a great price! A wonderful place for your dog's name tags, license and rabies tags.

Embroidered & Personalized

Get your phone number embroidered on your dog’s collar, harness or leash. An embroidered collar is The First and Best way to keep your dog safe and to get them home fast. Our embroidered dog gear features large, easy-to-read numbers and letters for fast identification. Because your dog can’t speak. Woof!. 

Walk Your Dog With Love Zen Hipster Walking Belt
Zen Walking Belt

It is like having an extra hand to hold the leash. It makes walking any dog relaxed & easy!

Walk Your Dog With Love Vehicle Safety Belt
Vehicle Safety Belt

Call it what you like! A Dog Vehicle Safety Belt, a K9 Auto Tether, or a dog seat belt - it just makes sense to have one for your dog.

Natural Dog Care Products
Natural Dog Care Products

Our own line of all natural dog care products!

Fun Human Wear

Stuff that makes humans Happy. Hats, pins...

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